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"We fight for freedom, This is too free."

The first version was a turning point, but this one isn't quite as good. There is WAY too many rides that stretch the limit. I highly doubt that half of these rides even exist in real life. A tommy gun ride, Nice Idea, not Practical. Same with a double deck Carousel and a double deck observation tower. How is that supposed to fit 28+ people in it? This is what I think of it:

Graphics/ 8-10/ The graphics are better than in the first one, but the guests are not very well shown, and sometimes the entrances to tunnels and rides that go through tunnels sometimes screw up and other places on rides screw up. It's the little things.

Rides/ 7-10/ Like I said about some rides being unpractical, This is a big problem. Also I don't get why the tiny things make guests not like rides: too expensive, even with a low price, too intense, not intense enough. All rides would get business in real life. What about gentle rides that go bankrupt when a single thrill ride is installed. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!

Scenarios/ 6-10/ Where too start...So many scenarios that repeat the same old crap. So many guests at a certain time with a park rating of at least so and so...I am sick of seeing this so many times. And this so called "great idea" where you have to keep your park rating above 700 at all times! They also have the nerve to close your park if this stupid demand is not met! It does nothing but distract you and other small things distract you also. I find that some features make beating this too easy. I just can't scrape up enough time to beat these easy scenarios.

Overall/ 7-10/ It could have been way better. I think that this was just thoughtlessly put together for two things: publicity, and money.

The six flags parks are hard to beat because guests are morons unlike the people that actually are there and have been there don't get lost on big pieces of tarmac and don't abandon rides that are not as thrilling as others and don't litter as much and barf all over my beautiful pathways and vandalize in front of other people.

I like how many roller coasters there is because they are the rides that actually make money. Also how many thrill rides there is because they also make money. And how many other features there is like scenario editor, roller coaster designer and saving parks as scenarios.

I did like some pieces of this game and disliked others. But I still think that it could be better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/06/08

Game Release: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (US, 10/15/02)

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