Review by chickenman77

Reviewed: 07/14/08

Nice game for any Roller Coaster Tycoon fan.

Roller Coaster Tycoon is a series that makes you the manager of a roller coaster park. What do you do? Well, you make roller coasters and rides to make your customers happy. But it isn't that simple. You have to do many things to please them. Some people may like gentle rides, such as a ferris wheel. Others like extreme rides like a free fall. Others just love roller coasters. Of course you need food and drinks and info booths and bathrooms and more. How you manage to do this all is the factor to determine whether or not your roller coaster park is good or not.

This game comes with scenarios that add more challenge to this game other than just having to make a roller coaster park. You may need to get 1,500 guests by October Year four, keep your park rating above 700 until October Year four(Yes they love October) and other things. But how can you get those guests? Well, you can make a coaster, and then advertise it! Advertising is something that Roller Coaster Tycoon has never failed to have. Need more guests? Advertise! And, you can have different advertisements. You can have half off entrance into the park, free entrance into the park, half off on food, and much more. And don't forget the pricing. Pleasing guests matters a lot on pricing. Expensive hot dogs? Guests won't buy it. So, if you have prices at where they should be, guests will be happier. But don't fall into their trap of putting way too cheap, or you won't make a profit! Sounds difficult? It gets more difficult. Money is what runs the world, and also your park. If you need money, take a loan. But if you know anything about financing, you would know that taking out loans doesn't just give you money, it makes you pay money too. The rides cost money, too, of course, so don't go crazy by adding 60 rides and be surprised you are in the red. You need to monitor your gainings and losings in your financing as well. If you are losing money, try to fix it, so that you are gaining money, so people won't leave your park.

Sounds hard? It sort of is. But lets not focus on financing now. Lets just focus on the game. The game comes packed with tons of rides for your guests. You have transportation rides, so you can get from one side of your park to the other. You have trains, monorails, and chairlifts. Then you have gentle rides. These are rides that are generally slow and if kids were in this game, they would probably go on these types of rides. Its rides that aren't intense at all. Then you have what everyone is looking forward to- the roller coasters! You have the classic roller coasters from Six Flags like Goliath or Titan or Texas Giant. Then you have game-made roller coasters, and the option to make your own! Making one, of course, isn't that easy. Then you have trill rides. Those rides are intense and very intense guests will love them. Things like Roto-drops (or free falls), Motion 3D Films, and Spinning rides. Then you have water rides. These rides usually end up with the people getting wet. Things like log flumes and river rafts are available. With those varieties, you can build your dream park!

Sounds fun? It should be. This game focuses on strategy of making a dream park, or completing the scenario. Overall this game is just great.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (US, 10/15/02)

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