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"Can you hear the joyful noises of your park?"

I like to start out saying that I never been more impressed with a sequel than this. I would like to start out by saying this: ''If you are thinking of buying this game, but unsure, just go buy it and don't waste your time reading this.'' If you are still not convinced by my last statement, here I go...

I popped the disk in and started to install. The music that it plays during install is amazing. Its only the sound of the crowd inside an amusement park, with the merry go round in the background and the clicks of a chain carrying a roller coaster train to the big drop. This is when I thought to myself. Man, I love this game.

Roller Coaster Tycoon changed the gaming industry. Developers started to pump out tycoon games like there was no tomorrow, but nothing lived up to the grand daddy of tycoon games, until now. This is nothing more but an all in one expansion pack. It includes all previous versions and then some. It includes many things that many roller coaster tycoon fans will enjoy and it eliminated some annoying things that we all had to go through in the original.

Lets talk about its plethora of features. It added a few dozen new rides, categorized them more neatly, added more scenery, categorized them more neatly, added more music, added new scenarios, added a scenario designer, roller coaster designer, and several more fun and exciting features that guarantee satisfaction.

This sequel basically takes the original, adds more stuff, polishes it up real nice, and puts it on the shelf. This time around, they made scenery more involved than the last. You are now able to save entire scenery layouts to a ride instead of just the ride itself. You can also add signs and some other cool scenery objects to your rides to make it look more ''real''.

Have you dreamed about making a park with unlimited money and large amounts of land? Well, they included a scenario designer which allows you to build that large chunk of property with lots and lots of money into an amusement park with barely any problems.

The graphics haven't changed much, but I really don't mind at all. I'm sort of glad they didn't alter the graphics. They look practically the same and perfect as always.

The sound is wonderful. Yet again, did not change from the original. If your like me though, those original sounds good enough. The joyful noises of the crowd, the rides making noises, the occasional throw up or the flush of the toilet, such a well done job. It really makes you feel like your in an amusement park!

You will play this for a long time. If you never played the original, then you can guarantee you will be occupied for months or years. So easy to learn, and so fun to play. Endless amounts of park managing and ride building. However, if you played the original, you will check out the new features, and probably play through the scenarios, but most likely won't be too hooked on it.

I love this game, I love the original also. You most likely too. I gave it a 9/10 because it has everything a video game should have. Why not perfect then? Well, it still has something missing. I don't know what though. They mostly fixed everything I disliked about the original. Nothings perfect, so it deserves the 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/21/02, Updated 10/21/02

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