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"Pretty good game, but..."

This game is pretty good. There are some aspects of it that I am not happy with, though.

Scenarios: 5/10- Compared with the original, this game is sorely lacking in the scenario department. Running the game for the first time you can access about 15 different scenarios. This time around, you don't have to complete a scenario before you can access the next one, but with only 15 different ones why should you? The Six Flags license improved this area somewhat, but I was disappointed when Infogrames/Chris Sawyer didn't include Six Flags Great Adventure.

Graphics: 7/10- I noticed no improvement in the graphics over the original, but I probably missed something. The cool aspect of this incarnation is that the peeps will watch a ride for a while before deciding weather to go on it or not. Also, some guests will take pictures.

Sound: 10/10- This is the best part of the game. Soft music plays in the background, the same sort of music that you expect to hear at a park. You also now have a choice of 20 different tunes that a ride can play.

Building (Roller Coasters): 8/10- Another great improvement. You can now design roller coasters without worrying about terrain, what peeps think, money, etc. However, this form's strengths are also its weakness. The part I liked about the first games was the chance to tunnel. An option to tunnel in the designer would be appreciated. Also, you can save the thematics around your ride, but can't place any in the designer.

Building (Scenarios): 8/10- This is another cool addition. You can make your park as large or as small as you want, control what rides you research, and the goals of the scenario. However, you can't create a park in the middle of buisness. You have to create a scenario, run it, add all the rides, then return and convert it into a scenario. It would be better if you could skip all that hassle, but as it is it's pretty cool.

Gameplay: 5/10- Still no way to speed up or slow down time. This option would be a major boon for the game, since most of the scenarios take close to half a day to complete. More rides, stalls, etc. are cool, but no real improvement.

Replay Value: 8/10- The scenario editor increases this value dramatically. If you don't download extra scenarios very often, this game gets a 5/10. You will play the game without downloading for about 5 months, but only because the scenarios take so long to complete.

My take: If you can rent this game, do it. If you can handle the horrid pace of the game while building the rollercoaster/park that you always wanted, then buy it. For fans of the original, you will probably play this for about a couple of months and start wishing there was more.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 11/11/02, Updated 11/11/02

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