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"A great continuation from a great original."

The rides are the same. The graphics don't look different. SHOCK! HORROR!! It should be an expansion pack, not a sequel. Or so say many who have played this game. Not me.

First off, the largest reason it'd be a sequel is because of the Infogrames factor, in place of Hasbro Interactive.

Secondly, so it looks and plays the same. It could have been an expansion. They might have made the right decision in making it a sequel. Who cares? It's still a great game anyway.

Story - N/A
I've always found it odd how some people think every game needs a defined story behind it. The motivation to finish this game [well, the scenarios] comes not from a story, but from satisfaction of completing the designated goals.

Graphics - 10
The graphics format suits this game perfectly. The game is bright, colourful, and Sawyer and co made the right decision by keeping, in the main, the same graphics engine, as it's just the right style for the game. The objects, stores and rides - new and old - are nothing short of spectacular, with immaculate detail embedded into each ride and each store, from the moving parts to the brick walls of stalls and whatnot. No need for fancy 3D graphics here, it would just take the emphasis away from the gameplay which is where the game is best. So often recently we've seen many games on PS2, GCN, XBox and even PC, N64 and PSone which have dazzling graphics but are let down hugely by poor gameplay. The graphics in this are great enough, while not shifting the emphasis from the gameplay.

Sound - 9
Another real feature of the game, without taking precedence over the gameplay. Excellent sound used throughout the game, particularly the ride music. The only reason for a lost point here is, while I hate to compare it to the original, the opening screen song from the first, which was brilliant and catchy, has been changed to something that doesn't stand out too much. Not much of a problem though, considering you shouldn't really be on that screen for too long a period at a time...;)

Gameplay - 10
The standout of this game. Everything is brilliantly placed, except possibly for the money window and the two seperate sections for the inventions, but all windows are smooth and easy to use. A huge array of scenery, stalls and rides makes this game truly memorable and you wanting to come back for more. The scenario editor allows for an infinite number of scenarios and challenges to be made, so if you're just a beginner, you can set slightly easier tasks, but if you're a seasoned RCT player, you can set more challenging ones, and keep raising the standard. The only {small) gripe I have is that you can only make them pay for entrance or pay-per-ride at one time, not both, and it is pre-defined. I always charged a small fee for rides. Although, this does make you spend money wiser which in the end makes it even more rewarding when you build all those rollercoasters you originally couldn't afford. The wages for the staff are also set higher, although this time the option for the handymen to ''mow lawn'' is not automatically on when you hire them; it was tedious having a large park hiring a large amount of them at once going through them all... The scenario editor is very very simple to use, and although it can be tedious making smooth hills or whatnot, that has come to be expected. It certainly adds a new dimension to the game.

Replayability - 10
The scenario editor gives this area the full marks.

Total score of 10. (I do these reviews starting with 10 for each section, and usually take off one point or half a point for any gripes I might have)

+ Graphics
+ Sound
+ Scenario Editor
+ Suitable for all ages and abilities, especially with the scenario editor
+ more rides, stalls etc

- Small loading times for some lower-end computers

Recommendation: Buy it, particularly if you haven't tried the first one and its expansions. This has all that and much, much more.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/27/02, Updated 12/27/02

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