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Nine is a number that you want to se on a review, but it is not a ten. Many people love to, but you should not, crash rides. Thou I have to admit, it is fun with no one on the rides. If you remember, Roller Coaster Tycoon one was a hit, but the expansions were not as good. There were ''Real'' Parks but not a lot. An improvement is the Six Flags Parks. They showed us the true meaning of have a park that existed in real life. They also chose a good bunch of five, not three, parks that really exist. But that is not what a review is for so I will stop talking about the Six Flags parks.

Let us break the game into pieces (not break the CD!!) and see what the game is like...

Gameplay 9.5/10
It was better than the original but still not perfect. Then again, no game is perfect! Plus this game has Six Flags, but... they could make more in the expansion pack coming soon. The new coasters were awesome so... that jacks it up to a 10. Even though there are many glitches (which you just have to go to the message board to find) this game is really good.

Graphics 9/10
To the naked eye they might look the same as the first addition but look a bit closer. There are no more rough edges!! And all the other 3D theme park games are too hard to see. (example Sim Theme Park) So this game deserves an nine.

Sound 7/10
All except the sappy, boring beginning theme is fine. Without that theme, it would be a 9/10. Also this wonderful game would be a ten if the theme was better. It isn't usual that one tiny game in the game can cause one point difference.

Story 11/10
A lot of people think that there is no story, but you have objective, which is outstanding and many educational skills are in the game like math and science.

BUY or rent
Buy if you loved the first one and rent if you like the topic but want to try it out and avoid if you hate E rated games

let's do the math
10 gameplay
9 graphic
7 sound
11 story

9/10 is the final

You may have different opinions but this is what I think of the wonderful game we call Roller Coaster Tycoon II

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/03, Updated 03/10/03

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