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"A sequel that should have been an expansion pack. Doesn't deserve to be a separate game."

Three years ago, Chris Sawyer made a game called Roller Coaster Tycoon. The game had sold millions, and became one of the best PC games of that time. This, people, is it's anticipated sequal. However, it seems unchanged.

It has changed a bit. You get lots of new features. New roller coaster types, stalls, scenery, and many other things. One cool thing is the Park Map Editor. you can decide which kind of scenario is in your park, decide which rides you want to be featured for the park, decide how much money you owe the bank and more. Definitely the best feature in this game. Lots of roller coasters are from the Six Flags Parks. Another cool thing. The scenarios are also really cool, and some take place in Six Flags Parks! And a roller coaster designer is put into the game so you can build all you want without paying anything.

Now, the flipside. The graphics are probably the biggest disappointment in this game. The graphics are the exactly the same as the first RCT game three years ago. Absolutely nothing has changed in the visuals. The sounds are a little different, but most of it is the same too. There aren't as many scenarios as the original(without the expansion packs), and guests mostly say the same crap from the original. Not always. They say some different things sometimes. Landscaping tools is a bit awkward too, and it costs money if you mess up.

Graphics: 7/10

The graphics in RCT2 are wholly unchanged. They looked good to begin with, but it's been 3 long years since the first game(not including expansion packs). The graphics should have been changed during that time. And there are still some slowdown problems when there is too much happening on the computer screen.

Sound: 5/10

Another thing that is the same. Some of the game's music has changed (like the intro music), but most of the music for rides during gameplay is the same. People screaming on roller coasters are the same too.

Control: 9/10

They are exactly the same as the first game. This is actually a good thing though. Landscaping tools are awkward, but everything else is easy to use.

Gameplay: 8/10

While the game had tons of new features, they didn't please me very well. New Six Flags roller coasters were good for the game, and other types of rides and food stalls were new. The new roller coaster designer and park editor are great to use. Just...not much has changed, so this is like RCT1, pretty much the same.

Replayability: 7/10

With the park editor and the roller coaster designer, you can get quite busy making your own parks' scenarios, ride features, and other stuff. While it is fun doing so, it seems that it gets kinda old once you accomplish a great park you made up. The rollercoaster designer can always keep you busy.


+Lots of new features
+New Six Flags rides and scenery
+Roller Coaster Designer and Map Editor


-Outdated Graphics and sounds
-Not much has changed
-Awkward Landscaping Tools

Final Thoughts

This is definitely for the hardcore Roller Coaster Tycoon Fans. If you aren't a huge fan of it, but liked the original, you oughta stick with that and skip this title. This is good for a fan, not good if you aren't a fan. For me, this kinda disappointed me since this is the same as the original, with new rides and scenery. This wasn't a surprise for me at all. That's why I give this a 7 out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/20/03, Updated 06/20/03

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