"At least its true to the original..."

Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 -- Wait, you're joking...This is a sequel?

Graphics - 3

The same as RCT 1. They are not much to look at, but the 2D with sprites works for the game. You can rotate the camera in increments of ninety degrees, so you aren't completely disillusioned by the graphics in a complex park. The game does a good job and making you be able to plan your roller-coaster and pathways well. I really think this is not too bad; however, graphics today are amazing and this does not compare to many PC games such as Black and White or Final Fantasy XI in the graphics department. This also is not a key part of the game, so its not justice to this game to bank its score solely onto the graphics.

Sound - 4

The same as RCT 1. You hear the crowd scream going down a hill in a roller coaster, laugh after the end, the sound of weather and the sound of money when people buy stuff. Not really descriptive. You may have theme music on your rides also. The feature of music is not the most optimal and you may find yourself pulling out your hair if you are one without much music tolerance. I would suggest to mute it and play some of your own music. Yeah, its that droning. The music is not necessary, so I don't feel is should play a key role.

Scenarios - 4

About the same as RCT 1. Get certain number of people with this park rating. Get this park value. There are only about 2 of them that are actually different and more exciting. It really feels as if you drone on with different backdrops. Parks seem as if they look the same when you go from one to another and the game turns more monotonous as the fiscal years drone on. It is very repetitious unless you find something to do. I found myself torturing my employees with water (Drown, not drowning, drown, not drowning, etc.).

Rides - 3

Wow, guess what? A lot of the same! There are a few different ones, but nothing special. I don't find the rides as a redeeming quality. You may have fun putting these in, but they do barely nothing and attribute not excitement to the player.

Difficulty - 7

Much more difficult than RCT 1. The park entrance can be set or park rides; however, you do not choose. This restricts your freedom and gets quite annoying at times. Although it does this, it also adds a spin to the financial issues of RCT 2 (Yay! A difference!). So, the game becomes a greater force when you must stretch your budget to add that new roller-coaster or knock in some extra visitors for the deadline approaching. You might find it a lot more annoying than a new aspect of the game as I did after the newness wore off. It gets annoying on the park entrance places as there is no incentive for making huge roller-coasters, except minor attention.

Roller-Coasters - 6

A wider variety. So, this isn't part of an expansion pack because? Well, that may not have a reason, but it seems to look better and the themes of the new roller-coasters seem to help and make the game have a new face to an extent.

Themes - 4

Minor improvements. It can be saved to the roller-coaster...yay! It looks better, not saying much though...

Replay - 3

I really don't think it maintains this quality because the scenarios continue on and on and then when you finish, you really want it to be finished. Not cool..

Overall - 34/80 --> 4/10

Seriously, it should be only an expansion pack. But what can we do. They like money and Hasbro Interactive certainly ended up with mine. The cost isn't too high, so if you were obsessed with the first one and still like it, then you would be able to embrace this one maybe.

Rent or buy?

I would support a rental, but I am not quite sure about a buying of the game; however, PC games are hard to come by when renting.

Happy Gaming!

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 05/09/04

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