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"Design a park. Manage your park. Do whatever it takes to make the greatest theme park in the world!"


Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 really lets you see what happens when you build your very own theme park. Everything that happens here depends on you. There are unlimited varieties of things to do. Get this as soon as you can! An interactive theme park awaits you!

Game-play: 10/10

It's not easy making a theme park. Choose between easy parks, challenging parks, or Six Flags parks that actually exist. There are more types of parks to choose from, but any park is just cool.

So you select a park. Each park lets you start out with a whole bunch of cash, some pre-built buildings/paths, and some other things. The most important thing is building paths. People will only walk on the paths and your buildings must face them. Goals vary between different maps. On the bottom left, you see your money, park rating, and the number of guests (people). You must keep your park rating up at a certain level on some parks.

Now, you need to provide everything people need. Restrooms, food, drinks, souvenirs, maps, umbrellas, etc. You can choose from these tiny buildings that sell different items to people. When you select one, a window pops up with an arrow on the bottom. With this, you can rotate your buildings. You must rotate it so that it faces the path-way. If you make a hot dog stand, the place where people retrieve their hot dogs must be facing a path.

You have food, but people are going to eventually want to drink something. You must build some buildings that sell drinks. Also, build different varieties of food stands so you can add some more choices for people to pick.

They have food. They have drinks. They are going to need some restrooms. If you don't have food, drinks, or restrooms, guests are going to complain and your park rating will go down. Nobody can die of hunger, but people can die.

This would not be a theme park without rides. There are roller coasters, "gentle" rides, thrilling rides, and water rides. Gentle rides are not very fun, but they are not very intense or cause to much nausea. If rides are too intense, certain people won't ride on it. If rides cause too much nausea, people might throw up in your park or won't ride it. You can check it out yourself.

Roller coasters. Just what everyone likes. You can choose some pre-built coasters. Yes. You can do that OR you can make your own as long as you have cash. Make your roller coasters loop, have high drops, twist, turn, anything. Almost anything. If you really want to increase popularity, you should put some cameras in there. Before you even test your work on people, test it out without them. If the excitement rating is high, your guests will have a fun time, but be warned, however, that if rides are not intense enough, nobody will want to come. Balance your intensity.

Now that you have created some roller coasters, you are going to need to make some gentle rides for those who don't like very intense rides.

Not everyone will endure nausea. You will need to make some first aid rooms for sick people to recover. If they take hurl in the paths, you need to hire some people to clean it up.

You will need employees. All of the buildings and rides come with them, but they can't fix rides. In order to clean up some puke, you must hire handymen. They can clean things up and mow the grass. Hire mechanics to fix rides. Hire a security guard to patrol your park. Then hire entertainers for last. They keep guests happy. You can have unlimited employees. If you hire too much, you will have to pay them a lot.

Your guests are going to get tired at some point. Make a bench for them to sit down in. Of course, you are going to need some trash cans. People will litter and your park rating will go down. Use handymen to clean up the paths.

You are going to need some scenery. There are many different types of extra designs to put up in your park. Put up some nice designs to increase your park rating.

It just sounds so good. Right? You will run out of money faster than you think. Borrow money from the bank or wait for people to buy stuff. So realistic. Hey. You can even advertise your park!

Getting bored of playing? Make your own map. Set the rules. You are done.

There is enough room for tragedy. Your roller coasters might break and if you miss-calculated something, your roller coaster can crash. People can die this way and this will really lower your park rating.

Sound: 9/10

You will hear people shouting, chatting, and screaming! You can even hear a toilet flush. A theme park is never quiet and your park should not either. Another cool thing is that every ride can be equipped with some music. There are lots of things to listen to. You will hear the same things over and over again, but it really brings the theme park alive.

Graphics: 8.75/10

You can't see the faces really well, but you can see the people doing what they would do at a park. They will just be wearing a simple shirt that comes in different colors. There are many designs to choose from when building a ride. You can even make the ride entrances look different. Change that entrance from a plain entrance to an igloo entrance or a space entrance. As long as it fits your style, you will be happy.

Controls: 10/10

You will be using the mouse throughout the entire game. Yeah. That is pretty much it. To make things go smoother, some keys on the keyboard can be used as "shortcut" keys so you can do something else without using the mouse. Even though that it is great, you will find yourself using the mouse a lot more than the shortcut keys.

The good, the bad, and the ugly:

The good:
- Making your own roller coasters.
- How real this is.
- The many varieties of rides and buildings.
- The many things you see on the screen.
- Designing maps.
- Using the paths, adding scenery, and all the little stuff like benches and trash cans.
- Employees.

The bad:

- There seems to be nothing bad about this.

The ugly:

- There seems to be nothing ugly about this.

Overall: 10/10

If you really like building stuff, buy this. You will play this forever and you will never see everything, because you make it "anything".

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/13/04

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