Art DirectorBen Talstoshev
ArtistPaul Coad
ArtistMichael Cooper
ArtistLuke Dickson
ArtistStuart MacKenzie
ArtistSzymon Mienik
ArtistSonia Tyndale
Executive ProducerGreg Siegele
Game DesignKim Forrest
Game DesignDavid Hewitt
Lead ArtistDavid Todd
Lead ProgrammerChris Bevan
Music & Sound DesignChris Tennent
ProducerRobin Potanin
Producer/ArtistPaul Murray
ProgrammerTim Auld
ProgrammerDerek Long
ProgrammerRichard Sim
ProgrammerMartin Valigursky
Programmer/Music & Sound DesignRoland Peddie
Technical Director/ProgrammerRichard Harrison


Data and credits for this game contributed by Mookiethebold.

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