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    Ghost Guide by Mayko

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    Ghost Master - Ghost guide
    Version 0.5 (06/29/2003)
    By Mayko (chipxe@hotmail.com) - Copyright 2003 Johannes Borresen
    Intended for any platform version of Ghost Master - Written with the PC-Version
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This document may not be reproduced and/or altered for other than private use
    unless written permission by the author has been given.
    To avoid confusion the following sites have been given permission to post this
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    If you see this FAQ posted anywhere else please email me.
    This quide is intended to help people aquire the trapped spirits in all the
    levels of Ghost Master. Depending on how far you read on each spirit, more
    spoilers will be given on how to free them of their specific torment. First
    hints, then theoretical action, and finally the complete method to freeing
    This is NOT a mission guide, as so many others have belittled me by complaining
    about, it's simply a guide to give actual methods on how to get the seperate
    ghosts. If the certain ghost happens to be the goal of the mission, I will not
    give a walkthrough to that mission, but I will, however, point out a few things
    that I think are important.
    0.5 (06/29/2003( - Incredible, how many things I have a bad habit of...
                       forgetting. Duely noted, many things have been fixed.
    0.4c (06/14/2003)- Tidbits...
    0.4b (06/05/2003)- In my eagerness to write this guide I've completely
                       forgotten to update the _actual_ verison number. Apart from
                       this I've added a few things. Sorry about the severe
    0.4 (06/05/2003) - Several touch-ups and extra methods added here and there.
    0.3 (06/04/2003) - A few typos were fixed as well as a tactic added for getting
                       the cook into the room with Fingers in Deadfellas
                       (Thanks Devistater). "Phantom of the Operating room" almost
                       complete! "Full Mortal Jacket" added.
    0.2 (06/02/2003) - Added first three levels of Act III. "Phantom of the
                       Operating Room" still missing. Dumb mistake with the
                       "unique" codes has been fixed.
    0.1 (05/30/2003) - First relase. All ghosts up to Act III except "Phantom of
                       the Operating Room" covered.
    1.) How to use this guide
    2.) Introduction (Useful info, nothing about me... I promise... really!)
    3.) General hints and rundown of methods.
    4.) Freeing the ghosts
            a.) Haunting 101                        H101
                    - Weatherwitch                  H1011/FP&B3
            b.) Weird Séance                        WSNC
                    - Lucky                         WSNC1
                    - Terroreyes                    WSNC2
                    - Wendel                        WSNC3
            c.) The Calamityville Horror            CLHR
                    - Maxine Factor                 CLHR1
                    - Arclight                      CLHR2
                    - Static                        CLHR3
            d.) Summoners not included              SNNC
                    - Moonscream                    SNNC1
                    - Whisperwind                   SNNC2
                    - Raindancer                    SNNC3
            e.) Deadfellas                          LEFD
                    - Fingers                       LEFD1
                    - Knuckles                      LEFD2
                    - Flash Jordan                  LEFD3
                    - Wavemaster                    LEFD4
            f.) The Unusual Suspects                TUNS
                    - Electrospasm                  TUNS1
                    - Blue Murder                   TUNS2
                    - (Banzai)                      TUNS3
            g.) Facepacks & Broomsticks             FP&B
                    - Firetail                      FP&B1
                    - Hogwash                       FP&B2
                    - Weatherwitch (Second chance)  FP&B3/H1011
                    - Tricia                        FP&B4
            h.) Poultrygeist                        PGEI
                    - Static (Second chance)        PGEI1
                    - Arclight (Second chanc)       PGEI2
                    - Maxine Factor (Second chance) PGEI3
                    - Hardboiled                    PGEI4
            i.) The Blair Wisp Project              TBWP
                    - Moonscream (Second chance)    TBWP1
                    - Darkling                      TBWP2
                    - Sparkle                       TBWP3
                    - Blair Wisp                    TBWP4
            j.) Phantom of the Oprating Room        GTOR
                    - Harriet                       GTOR1
                    - Brigit                        GTOR2
                    - Daydreamer                    GTOR3
            k.) Spooky Hollow                       SPKY
                    - Dragoon                       SPKY1
                    - Black Crow                    SPKY2
                    - (Storm Talon)                 SPKY3
                    - (Scarecrow)                   SPKY4
            l.) Ghostbreakers                       GBRK
                    - Banzai and Windwalker         GBRK1
            m.) Full Mortal Jacket                  FUMJ
                    - Wisahejak                     FUMJ1
    5.) Credits
            It's pretty simple, but just to make sure I'll tell you what those
    strange codes to the right of the contents are.
            The codes are unique and you can only find them in two places in this
    guide, either in the table of contents, or their corresponding chapters. It's
    an easy way to jump through the document. For example you would like to check
    out "Nonexistant" who had the code "NXTNT", you would just search for "NXTNT"
    and go directly to the right chapter. On the other hand if you searched for
    "Nonexistant" you might find several hits throughout the guide.
            Otherwise, it's just up to reading the single chapters, in the
    old-fashioned way.
            I was trying to find some guides for Ghost Master myself here on
            GameFAQS (Well, I was checking the whole 'net), and saw that there were
            no guides for this great game at all, only a lousy +4 trainer. So I
            decided to write one myself.
            A few things I'd like to let you know:
            - This is my first guide, so don't hold any grudges against me :-)
            - The guide isn't complete and, like Windows, it will never be perfect,
              but I will try to put as much relevant and good information into it
              as possible. Any suggestions are welcome to my e-mail at
              chipxe@hotmail.com with the subject header "Ghost Master - Ghost
              Guide". I get a _LOT_ of junk mail, so if the subject is anything
              else I will delete it.
            - The levels may not be listed in the same order you were doing them,
              just so you know :-)
            - Rants and Raves are welcome, but only on the suggestive basis, I'm
              not intending to take sh## from anyone, so please don't.
            - Any relevant questions not in the guide are welcome to my e-mail.
              Credits will be given. The same goes for more correct information
              or alternative strategies.
            - If I've copied material from someone else (I'm not going to... but
              just in case ;-) please tell me, and we will come to an agreement,
              either by giving credit or removing the copied information.
            - Any gameplay related questions about Ghost Master (Really!) are
              welcome, and I'll try to answer them the best I can. You could also
              check the forums on Http://www.ghostmaster.net they might have
              something as well.
            This chapter is to give you some general hints and guidelines if you're
            close to giving up the challenge and check out the guide. These are
            some general pointers as to solving the puzzles.
            Always listen closely to what the spirits tell you. They have two
            things to say. An introduction and general description of their problem
            the first time you talk to them, and a rundown of their when you talk
            to them a second time.
            They'll either tell you directly what they want, or tell you something
            "random" about their current existance. For instance, Lucky doesn't
            have a problem about being bound to the pinball table, UNLESS THE FRAT
            BOYS WIN AND "ZAP POOR LUCKY". Don't worry about being mean to a spirit
            they don't take it personally.
            a.) Haunting 101 *H101*
                    I. Weatherwitch (First floor, near the bathroom) *H1011*
                            Tells you she's stuck in that "electric broomstick" aka
                            vacuum cleaner. She wants to get out of it somehow.
                            She needs to get out of it, but you can't affect the
                            vacuum cleaner directly, since she is already bound to
                            it. Perhaps you can affect it indirectly with another
                            METHOD: Put a spirit with affinity for electrical
                                    fetters onto either ghettoblaster in the same
                                    area, and use a power which makes electrical
                                    things go haywire/malfunction.
                            STRATEGY: Cogjammer is good for this and you have him
                                      from the start of the game. Put him on a
                                      ghettoblaster and have him use Wild & Crazy.
            b.) Weird Séance *WSNC*
                    I. Lucky (Pinball machine on the first floor) *WSNC1*
                            Lucky's story is a sad one, being killed by a short
                            "ZAP!" just because some frat guy started winning the
                            game. Anyway, she's feeling great and warm "As long as
                            machine doesn't zap poor Lucky"... hmm.
                            Lucky is actually feeling very good where she is, but
                            we really want her to join us, right? Of course we do
                            :-) So in order to get her with us is simply to make
                            the machine zap her... but she is already occupying it
                            and she doesn't really have that kind of powers...
                            METHOD: You need to turn the frat boys' luck when they
                                    are playing, so they start winning and thus
                                    zapping Lucky.
                            STRATEGY: Incidentally (yeah, right... incidentally)
                                      Lucky has these powers (Her name is Lucky,
                                      call that obvious, lol). The one you need is
                                      "Charm". Order her to only use that the plasm
                                      band she is set to, and set her to "Charm"
                                      when one of the frat boys comes over to play.
                                      dongio8 suggests simply placing another
                                      electrical ghost in the room and have them
                                      rough up the electrical fetters a bit. Static
                                      and Sparkstorm seem to work well...
                    II. Terroreyes (Glass jar on the first floor)  *WSNC2*
                            I have no idea what happened to this poor soul...
                            person... thing, but he feels kind of trapped in his
                            small glass jar, and would really like to be freed from
                            Well he obviously has a problem with his _glass_ jar, I
                            wonder what would break it... lifting, telekinesis? Nah
                            it's too heavy... but perhaps shattering the glass
                            METHOD: You need a spirit with a very high-picthed
                                    sound-power to break the glass jar.
                            STRATEGY: Place Aether outside the window and set her
                                      plasm band to "Shattering Song". Just wait
                                      and see the effect afterwards.
                    III. Wendel (Located in a room on the top floor)  *WSNC3*
                            A sad story for the sad existance which is Wendel.
                            Apparently the fraternity leader, Ted Gable, had some
                            stunt set up for Wendel, and he was stupid, or perhaps
                            desperate enough to do it... proved to be suicide...
                            literally. He's really got it in for Ted Gable and
                            would love to see him run.
                            Well, you need to make him run for his life... be
                            scared... a nice open-and-shut case.
                            METHOD: Of course it would help to use something
                                    against Ted Gable, which he is particularly
                                    afraid of... I wonder what it is.
                            STRATEGY: Ted Gable is afraid of fire, but that early
                                      on it's difficult to find a spirit with those
            c.) The Calamityville Horror *CLHR*
    		NOTE! You might not be able to get all three spirits in the
                          the same try, since freeing each ghost almost
                          automatically also shows the mortals a corpse, and you
                          only need two out of three corpses to finish the level.
                          If this happens just finish the level and try it again
                          through the High Scare list. Of course you get a much
                          bigger reward for freeing all three ghosts in the same
                    I. Maxine Factor (Top floor, in a dark room...) *CLHR1*
                            I never like door-to-door salesmen (or women as the
                            case was), but the thought of killing them never
                            occurred to me, especially not if it makes them stay
                            forever. This is Max Facto, I mean Maxine Factor's
                            dilemma. This, and the fact that she is itching to tes
                            her product on some of the females in the house.
                            Well, she wants to test her product on one of the
                            women in the house... pretty easy, right? Just get them
                            to check out the beauty box Maxine is trapped to. Hmm,
                            it seems the most easily described problems are often
                            the most difficult to solve.
                            METHOD: Since the door to Maxine's room is boarded up
                                    you can't rely on coincidence to make the
                                    people come into the room. You'll have to
                                    attract their attention to the room, or perhaps
                                    some of the things in the room... _intriguing_.
                            STRATEGY: Luckily, Maxine has the ability to intrigue
                                      people. Do that while one of the women in the
                                      house are upstairs on the same floor, and
                                      they will enter the room, check the beauty
                                      box AND see the corpse. If you accidentally
                                      only intrigue men into the room, you'll only
                                      get the bonus of them seeing the corpse, not
                                      freeing Maxine.
                    II. Arclight (Basement, behind a wall.) *CLHR2*
                            Came to fix the boiler, took a cup of tea as well. One
                            of the two killed him, I wonder which. Either way, he
                            can posess someone and get out of his mess, only
                            problem is the wall which he can't pass through.
                            Well, if the wall is the problems, all we have to do is
                            break it, right? Well... turn it to rubble in any way.
                            Say... what has a habit of turning cities to dust and
                            rubble within relatively short while? And even when the
                            wall is down you still need someone close to possess...
                            METHOD: Well, the wall-breaking act is easy. You need
                                    some form of earthquake to make it fall.
                                    Finding a victim to possess is something.
                                    Maybe someone will come down to check out the
                            STRATEGY: Use a spirit like Stonewall and his tremor
                                      power to make a brick fall out. At some point
                                      (I think it's scripted) a repairman will come
                                      by, and check out the basement. He should
                                      check the wall himself, and thus push another
                                      two or three bricks himself. Arclight will
                                      take care of the rest himself.
                    III. Static (Roof... well, the chimney and antenna) *CLHR3*
                            I'm not an expert, but I'm pretty sure that a full
                            stomach and serious electrocution has pretty gross
                            results... anyway, that's about what happened to poor
                            Static, and now his bones are stuck in the chimney. He
                            promises to help you if you can get his bones out.
                            Get his bones out... big deal... have someone stomp
                            them through the chimney... oh yeah... we don't have
                            any physical manifestations to use... okay, have
                            something shake it down the chimney.
                            METHOD: You'll need to push/shake/force/pull the bones
                                    down through the chimney. I'll give you a hint:
                                    It's a two-stage process.
                            STRATEGY: Okay, it's a two-stage process, and extremely
                                      quickly over with. Use tremble/quake
                                      (Stonewall) while bound to the roof, and
                                      then a telekinetic power (Kinesis with Boo or
                                      TK Storm with Whirlweird) near the fireplace
                                      in the room with the piano and stereo (not
                                      the room with the television). You can also
                                      use Tremble in the living room to get the
                                      same effect (After you've shaken the bones
                                      loose from the top, of course). A third way
                                      to get the bones out of the second stage is
                                      to cool down the room with Ice Breath or
                                      Bitter Cold. The mortals will then light the
                                      fireplace, but since the bones are stuck
                                      there, the room will fill with smoke and they
                                      will call a handyman to check it out. He
                                      will then check out the chimney and take out
                                      the bones. (Thanks to Karzon for this one)
            d.) Summoners not Included *SNNC*
                    I. Moonscream (The basement *must be uncovered*) *SNNC1*
                            Hm, she must really be a pain to be with. What other
                            reasons would the good (good... no way!) professor have
                            to kill his wife? Anyway, she wants to show the mortals
                            the truth, whatever that may be...
                            The truth, the truth... I don't think that's the clue.
                            "Show", perhaps, is a much more sensible thing to do...
                            METHOD: Well, show Moonscream to mortals to show them
                                    what the truth actually is? Yeah, that sounds
                            STRATEGY: In order for the mortals to come even close
                                      to Moonscream they have to be able to get to
                                      the basement. Then you just have to use
                                      Moonscream's Spooky Surprise power. I suggest
                                      you use it against the professor though,
                                      since we don't want to risk scaring away the
                                      three targets, do we now?
                    II. Whisperwind (Dreamcatcher in the hallway) *SNNC2*
                            All we know is that this poor thing has been trapped
                            within the dreamcatcher and wants to be released.
                            To release him from the dreamcatcher... release,
                            however that may be done
                            METHOD: I don't know much about those things, but I'd
                                    wager that destroying it would be a very good
                                    solution to freeing Whisperwind.
                            STRATEGY: Use a powerful high-pitched power, such as
                                      Shattering Song (Aether)... that's it.
                                      You can also do both Gusts and Gathering Winds
                                      at the same time.
                    III. Raindancer (The toilet... 'nuff said) *SNNC3*
                            Somehow Raindancer got stuck in the toilet, and she
                            (he?) could really use a good flushing (No pun
                            intended) to be set free.
                            Flush the toilet... always flush the toilet after use.
                            Can't really see anything stopping the people from
                            using the toilet as frequently as they do... do you?
                            METHOD: Okay, so something is stopping the people from
                                    doing their thing. Damn bees... what could
                                    shake them out of their fortress?
                            STRATEGY: Literally shake them out, use Quake or
                                      Tremble (Stonewall) to shake the beehive to
                                      the ground, leaving the toilet open for use.
                                      At some point the summoners should feel like
                                      using it, you'll see.
            e.) Deadfellas *LEFD*
                    I. Fingers (Near the piano, opposite the casino.) *LEFD1*
                            Let's skip the cheesy comments about his voice and his
                            name, and go straight to his story. Fingers was killed
                            when he accidentally played the Don's least favourite
                            tune one night, and the only thing that keeps him from
                            the un-life (Yeah, that's right. They call it un-life
                            Ghost Master... don't ask) is that tune... the problem
                            is he has forgotten it...
                            Well, I guess he needs to remember it... we can't
                            whistle it to him, but perhaps someone else on the boat
                            can? There are a few people.
                            METHOD: You need to get one of the whistling people to
                                    pass into the room Fingers is in, then he will
                                    remember. You might try drawing their attention
                            STRATEGY: To be honest, I'm at a loss here. Every time
                                      I've succeeded in freeing Fingers it has been
                                      pure luck. One certain thing, though: The
                                      right person is the cook... sinister tone...
                                      and very ironic...
                                      (Anyone with a solid tactic are more than
                                      welcome to write me)
                                      (Strategy by Devistater)
                                      First, raise his belief as much as possible.
                                      Using stuff Strange Behavior on electrical
                                      system helps increase that belief, also Rain,
                                      Fog and Flower Power should increase it. It
                                      seems that mortals with high belief try to
                                      avoid rooms with ghosts. So keep a ghost or
                                      two in his bedroom and the kitchen, doing
                                      small things to keep him on the move, and he
                                      should eventually enter the piano room (at
                                      least it increases the chances of it...).
                                      You could also use stuff like insane
                                      invitation since he has a small amount of
                                      madness, but if he's close enough to be
                                      affected by that he's close enough to wander
                                      in there on his own.
                    II. Knuckles (The Casino, behind the croupier) *LEFD2*
                            Knuckles was just an ordinary (Well, one of the better,
                            but still) gangster, wasting his money in his boss'
                            casino, when he revealed the croupier, Eddie Venus, to
                            be cheating. This lead to his demise as Eddie drew a
                            gun pretty quickly. Knuckles just wants to see Eddie
                            feel like a loser.
                            Feel like a loser... shouldn't be too hard. Scaring him
                            away? Humiliating him? Killing?! Nah, probably a bit
                            more down to earth.
                            METHOD: You need to make Eddie lose big time to one of
                                    the other passengers. He's normally really
                                    lucky so you will have to do something about
                            STRATEGY: Use Jinx against Eddie. Several spirits have
                                      this power. Jinxing him isn't enough, he'll
                                      have to actually lose while playing with
                                      someone at the craps table.
                                      It also seems possible to use luckstorm
                                      on Eddie and the one he's playing against.
                                      Apparently it reverses the luck effect.
                    III. Flash Jordan (The Don's bedroom) *LEFD3*
                            Flash wanted to expose the Don during one of his
                            meetings, when she had to hide. Ironically, her hiding
                            place turned turned out to be her doom as well...
                            Flash is willing to help you if you can bust her urn.
                            Bust the urn, that can only mean one thing... to bust,
                            to smash, to crush... anything that would turn it to
                            more than two pieces.
                            METHOD: You will need a spirit capable of directly or
                                    indirectly affecting the urn so it will be
                            STRATEGY: The urn is very tough to break and you'll
                                      need to give it a good beating before it
                                      breaks. Two good ways to do it:
                                      1.) Use Wavemaster's Hailstorm power (If
                                          you've released him, that is). It
                                          destroys the urn instantly.
                                      2.) Use Tremor powers. You can combine
                                          Stonewall and Fingers (Bound to the plant
                                          and Bed. Of course you'll need to have
                                          freed Fingers for this). Thanks to Kaevad
                                          for this second method.
                                      3.) It just keeps raining in with strategies.
                                          Use haunted hail in the room and a big
                                          fish should eventually crush the urn.
                    IV. Wavemaster (Bottom of the hull, near the engine) *LEFD4*
                            Wavemaster is stuck with the bilge water lying in the
                            bottom of the hull. He'd really appreciate it if you
                            could clean it out.
                            Puncturing might be going a bit too far in this case,
                            and it probably wouldn't have the desired effect...
                            We don't have any spirits who can remove water,
                            although some of them do have the opposite effect. I
                            wonder if the mortals keep a check on their water
                            METHOD: Somehow you need to make a mortal operate the
                                    bilge pump, since the spirits powers won't have
                                    the desired effects.
                            STRATEGY: Have an electrical spirit such as Cogjammer
                                      mess up the fusebox in the bottom of the hull
                                      and someone should come down to check it.
                                      When they come down to check it use flood or
                                      Rain with Raindancer. Ther mortal should see
                                      the water flowing and go over to the bilge
                                      pump and operate it.
            f.) The Unusual Suspects *TUNS*
                    I. Electrospasm (Basement, room beside the stairs) *TUNS1*
                            He was the last person to be fried in the chair in that
                            precinct, and from the pickaxe in the switch I'd guess
                            they hadn't planned on turning it off right away. He
                            claims to have a lot of juice, but no where to let it
                            Lots of juice... he must be itching to blow it all...
                            but since he's that high level it's pretty costly (200)
                            to make him blast juice around... any other
                            METHOD: You need an electrically minded spirit to fry
                                    or mess with Electrospasm's chair and the
                                    switch in the room.
                            STRATEGY: Put Cogjammer on the switch and have him do
                                      Wild & Crazy that should do it... I haven't
                                      had any good results with frying the
                                      instruments, I just said that to guide you
                                      off the track :-))
                                      Okay, dongio8 suggests flooding the room with
                                      Raindancer, and using Spark in the room,
                                      Electrospasm has that power.
                    II. Blue Murder (Opposite the evidence room, basement) *TUNS2*
                            She was out doing a mission but was backstabbed by
                            another officer. She wants to know who it was, and she
                            wants to get her revenge on them. All she knows is that
                            it's a cop in the station, and he's probably going to
                            make a mistake somewhere.
                            Well, we've got quite a lot of cops to deal with on the
                            station... and how do we expose them? Would they try to
                            hurt the station in other ways? Or just abuse his
                            rights as an officer?
                            METHOD: You need to wait for a certain cop to expose
                                    himself, but he might not be able to do that
                                    if someone else is blocking his way... and
                                    when you've found him, how do you get him to
                                    Blue Murder?
                            STRATEGY: The bent cop is Detective Norman Franz, and
                                      try several times to get into the evidence
                                      room but be stopped by the guarding officer
                                      there. You'll need to scare that man off by
                                      any means necessary. Then Franz will reveal
                                      himself by stealing some money from the
                                      evidence room. Afterwards you can either use
                                      Terroreyes' Intrigue, Blue Murder's Obsession
                                      or hope for good luck with Hidden Maze. All
                                      he needs to do is enter the room for the
                                      scripted sequence to start.
                                      It is also possible to expose the culprit by
                                      finding his unconsious fears. Bind Hypnos to
                                      the cop who keeps falling asleep and have her
                                      sleepwalk around the station until you get
                                      the chance to use one of Hypnos' powers to
                                      find Detective Norman Franz' fears.
                    III. (Banzai) (Plant in the reception) *TUNS3*
                            Actually this is a secret way of getting Banzai early,
                            normally you would get the chance later, in the level
                            "Ghostbreakers", but this is much easier. Bind
                            Stonewall to the plant in the reception and Banzai will
                            appear a few moments after and join you. (Thanks to
                            Micko1888 from the GhostMaster.net forums for this one.
            g.) Facepacks & Broomsticks *FP&B*
                    NOTE! Just a precaution. I highly suggest you keep a close eye
                          with your spirits' activites, since the witches are ready
                          to banish you at any time. You can gain a temporary
                          protection, and cancel theirs, by places spirits of each
                          element in the protection circle together with Firetail.
                          The circle will break after a while, but hey, If you
                          can't use it, no one can >:-)
                    I. Firetail (Protection circle in basement) *FP&B1*
                            Firetail was summoned for use in the witches'
                            protection circle. They "forgot" to extuingish the
                            ceremonial flame, so Firetail can't return to the
                            dimensions beyond, or whatever they have back there.
                            So now he's just enjoying the warmth of the flame,
                            biding his time.
                            So... how do we get him to join us? Hmm, perhaps it's
                            not as much a question of releasing him of the flame,
                            rather than perhaps fulfilling what he is a part of?
                            METHOD: You need to complete the protection cirlce...
                                    perhaps the summoning of Firetail was
                            STRATEGY: By filling out the three remaining items with
                                      spirits you will complete a protection circle
                                      not for the witches, but for you. It is only
                                      temporary, and will only last a short time
                                      then disperse, but Firetail will join you
                                      none the less.
                                      It is also enough to just bind Raindancer to
                                      the water fetter and then use Rain to put out
                                      the fire.
                    II. Hogwash (In a pumpkin outlooking the garden) *FP&B2*
                            Hogwash was just a nice hamster when his accidental
                            death came far too early. He was bodysurfing when
                            things went a little... static. Anyway, he's got a
                            bother with the Jack-O-lantern that he's now trapped
                            to. What to do, what to do...
                            He mentions he needs an electric gadget in order to
                            be freed... well, how do we move the electric stuff
                            inside? Or perhaps someone has something of use to us?
                            Hey, maybe there are other possibilites as well...
                            METHOD: You need a fetter which Hogwash can bind
                                    himself to, and you need it out on the veranda
                                    with him. There are several possibilites.
                            STRATEGY: There's a guy walking around with headphones.
                                      Either lure (or scare...) him out to,
                                      or past, the veranda so Hogwash can be freed.
                                      Alternatively you can use a spirit who can
                                      make ethereal gifts (Tricia is one of them)
                                      and then hope the mortals will bring the gift
                                      out to the veranda sooner or later (they have
                                      a bad habit of dropping what they are
                                      carrying when frightened).
                                      Actually you just need something electrical
                                      to _step_ onto the veranda. If you bind
                                      another electrical spirit to something in the
                                      living room and have them use surge, you will
                                      electrocute anyone in the room. A short while
                                      afterwards those mortals will be static and
                                      thus act as electrical fetters. Just make
                                      them static and scare them onto the veranda.
                    III. Weatherwitch (Second chance) *FP&B3*
                            Check the section with Weatherwitch in the first level,
                            Haunting 101. If you got her the first time she won't
                            appear unless you're using a Time Gate (Revisit through
                            the High Scare)
                            She can be freed using the Quake power (You didn't have
                            this in the start of the game) to free her, but doing
                            this will destroy the water fetter downstairs,
                            effectively removing your chances of freeing Firetail
                            if you haven't done so already.
                    IV. Tricia (Upstairs, in a mirror in the toilet) *FP&B4*
                            Tricia was unlucky enough to be at the top of a falling
                            pyramid (Cheerleader thing... tsk tsk) and now she's
                            practicing other skills, those of copying people.
                            Unfotunately she can't really make that whole "clone"
                            thing work, but perhaps if she could find someone with
                            something easier to clone.
                            She keeps mentioning hair... think perhaps special
                            types of hair are easier to clone than others?
                            METHOD: You need someone with the same hairstyle as
                                    Tricia to enter the bathroom so Tricia can copy
                            STRATEGY: Specifically you need to get a hold of Blair
                                      Whelchel, since her hair and Tricia's hair
                                      match (Tricia is sooo good at copying, huh?).
                                      A good method is to have a water spirit hang
                                      out in the downstairs bathroom and use Rain
                                      as to keep people out of it. Then people will
                                      be forced to use the other bathroom.
                                      Eventually, so will Blair Welchel. You can add
                                      a bit of Wild Geese to make her running around
                                      even more random (or even useful?).
            h.) Poultrygeist *PGEI*
                    I. Static (Second chance) *PGEI1*
                            Check the section with The Calamityville Horror on how
                            to aquire him. If you got him the first time, however,
                            you'll only meet him if you're doing a revisit.
                    II. Arclight (Second chance) *PGEI2*
                            Same as for Static, check back to The Calamityville
                            Horro on the necessary info.
                    III. Maxine Factor (Second chance) *PGEI3*
                            Once again, check back to the other section...
                    IV. Hardboiled (Bound to the girl) *PGEI4*
                            I TOLD YOU, CHECK BACK AT THE OTHER, hold on, sorry.
                            Okay, Hardboiled is perhaps the vengeance spirit of
                            several of the poor chickens to be killed in this old
                            slaughterhouse. None the less Hardboiled is itching to
                            be freed from his chains. He doesn't tell you much,
                            but you are told to hunt everyone away from the house,
                            and protect him, so things will probably sort
                            themselves out...
                            (A quick note: Hardboiled is a gestalt of several
                             chickens' anger, and as such he/it/they/...she can't
                             be described simply with one of the previous. I've
                             chosen "he" for the simplicity of it, so please bear
                             with me... thanks to crovax for putting this
                             particular torment on me ;-)
                            METHOD: Things probably will sort themselves out, so
                                    just concentrate on the different mission
                            STRATEGY: The only beef in this level is when the
                                      oracle and the ghostbreaker come to the house
                                      since they are both dangerous to your spirits
                                      as well as Hardboiled. If they get to him,
                                      you lose the mission. Here's an ironic tip:
                                      the oracle is afraid of blood. Keep in mind
                                      that using Hardboiled will expose him/her/it
                                      to the oracle and you will risk him being
                                      banished, thus causing you to lose the
                                      mission. I've found that loud noises
                                      (Cacophony) has a powerful effect on the
                                      oracle as well.
                                      By putting a ghost like Clatterclaws near the
                                      phone you can prevent people from calling the
                                      Oracle, but the ghostbreaker will show up no
                                      matter what. (Thanks to crovax)
            i.) The Blair Wisp Project *TBWP*
                    I. Moonscream (Second chance) *TBWP1*
                            Refer back to Summoners Not Included in order to know
                            how to get her...
                    II. (Darkling) *TBWP2*
                            The whole point with this mission is Darkling, so...
                            The three need to complete the ritual, perhaps
                            something can help them on their way?
                            METHOD: The three mortals need to go to the Darkling
                                    and redo the ritual.
                            STRATEGY: You need to finish this mission to free the
                                      Darkling, "simple" as that. Refer to a
                                      walkthrough or mission guide for more on
                                      (A lot of people have been asking me how to
                                       turn over the tree, so I'll quickly write
                    III. Sparkle (Campground to the south) *TBWP3*
                            Sparkle was warming himself by the flame when it was
                            extinguished and he was trapped. He yearns to feel the
                            warmth again, and if you can do that he will join you.
                            Hmm, light the fire... simple enough, but how?
                            METHOD: Since Sparkle has taken the only fire fetter
                                    you'll have to find another way to get fire or
                                    warmth that way.
                            STRATEGY: There are several ways to do this part. The
                                      easy way is to bind Firetail to one of their
                                      cameras and wait for them to search the
                                      campgrounds. Alternatively, you can bind two
                                      spirits with Ice Breath to the bear traps to
                                      the southeast of the lake and island. This
                                      will make things pretty cold and the mortals
                                      will seek to warm themselves by the fire.
                    IV. Blair Wisp (The island in the middle of the lake) *TBWP4*
                            The trouble with wisps is that they very much enjoy to
                            be looked upon by mortals, but a particularl hard or
                            vicious stare can incapacitate or even kill them. This
                            is presumably what happened to the Blair Wisp, the case
                            of a mortal being a mean witch. He just wants to be
                            looked upon again, but the witch has prevented this
                            with a curse.
                            Hm, so he has to be looked upon... but that curse will
                            have to be lifted first...
                            METHOD: You'll have to remove the curse from the
                                    island, and actually that curse is pretty
                                    obvious. Afterwards you must get the mortals
                                    close enough to the Blair Wisp for him to show
                                    himself to them.
                            STRATEGY: Use a spirit with a powerful wind power, like
                                      Weatherwitch and her gust in combination with
                                      Aether and her Gathering Winds power. I think
                                      You can use Storm Talon and his Typhoon power
                                      as well. Afterwards, use Blair Wisp's
                                      Hypnotic Image power in order to draw the
                                      mortals close to him. Then use his Strange
                                      Vision power to show him to them and frighten
                                      them back again.
            j.) Phantom of the Operating Room *GTOR*
                    I. Harriet (In one of the wards, bound to kid) *GTOR1*
                            Who ever knew that ghosts came in such... interesting
                            varieties? Harriet is even one of those sentimental
                            types, that's why she's hanging onto the kid, who's
                            lost his bunny toy. And the only way to make him stop
                            crying is to get that back to him.
                            Well, get back his bunny toy, no biggy... but who has
                            METHOD: Okay... it's another kid who's got the bunny
                                    toy, I'll tell you that, but where he is and
                                    how to get the toy to Harriet... well...
                            STRATEGY: The other kid is Kevin Caulkin (Home Alone
                                      spoof) and he hangs everywhere in the
                                      hospital. Give him a few good scares to raise
                                      his belief and is on the brink of turning
                                      tail and running. Then wait for him to get to
                                      the second floor and give him the final blow.
                                      Wait for someone else to pick it up. Use
                                      Harriet's Ethereal Gift power to summon a
                                      generic fetter and bind Blue Murder to it.
                                      Now use Blue Murder's Obsession power (make
                                      sure the one with the toy is still on the
                                      same floor) and everyone on the floor should
                                      come running (Or walking... however people
                                      mindlessly walk towards an object). The
                                      person with the toy should either give the
                                      toy to the poor kid, or you just scare the
                                      living daylights out of them with Blue Murder
                                      and her scaring powers. As soon as the bunny
                                      toy is on the floor the kid will go and pick
                                      it up.
                                      ALTERNATIVE: Djang suggests cloning Kevin by
                                      binding Tricia to the mirror in the toilet.
                                      She may need to use her cloning power twice,
                                      but the original Kevin should faint and the
                                      clone should pick up the doll and return it.
                    II. Brigit (In the basement...) *GTOR2*
                            She was going to be married to a man she loved dearly
                            and for some reason she was driven in to suicide. Now
                            she wants revenge on any and all non-monogomous males.
                            Hmm, let's look up monogami, and see if I spelled it
                            correctly... okay. A guy who really has a lot of
                            girlfriends/wives... hmm, and this guy has to feel the
                            wrath of Brigit?
                            METHOD: It's a doctor, and you'll have to figure out
                                    some way of making him feel the pain in
                                    relation to Brigit in the basement.
                            STRATEGY: There's a doctor with a few too many
                                      girlfriends in the hospital, Dr. Seth
                                      Greenwood. This is the guy you somehow need
                                      to get down to Brigit. You could try using
                                      combinations of Terroreyes' Hideen Maze and
                                      Blue Murder's Obsession to get people down
                                      there. Once they are there you should use
                                      Brigit's Brief Scare, that should take care
                                      of it. This is a hard one and it's all about
                                      timing. Using Wild Geese on him will make him
                                      run around more and the chances of him
                                      entering the basement. This is where Blue
                                      Murder steps in.
                    III. Daydreamer (Operating room on the 1st floor) *GTOR3*
                            Looking at the fetter he's bound to it's not hard to
                            guess how he ended up in his unconcious status. Anyway,
                            he needs to wake up, and that can only be done by a
                            loud noise.
                            Loud noise, we've got quite a few of those ghosts, huh?
                            Well, check out the different fetters available and go!
                            METHOD: You will need a ghost with a high-pitched sound
                                    power and bind it to a fetter close by (Hint...
                                    take that "fetter" thing a bit indirectly).
                            STRATEGY: Bind Moonscream to the center room and use
                                      her Cacophony power. Wait a few moments and
                                      Daydreamer should wake up.
                                      Alternative method by Chin suggests using
                                      Fingers and Suspicious Stench.
            k.) Spooky Hollow *SPKY*
                    I. Dragoon (He can be found... well... anywhere) *SPKY1*
                            Every saw the original inspiration for this level,
                            Sleepy Hollow? Well, it's basically the same story for
                            Dragoon. Soldier got lost, soldier got really lost
                            among some angry farmers, soldier's head was blown off
                            and hid far from the body. Soldier starts to haunt, but
                            is controlled by mean-minded mortal, bound by ancient
                            law. He just wants to be freed from the rules. That can
                            only be done by exposing the mortal who controls him to
                            the rest of the population.
                            Well, this exposing business... would it help to
                            destroy the windmill? Perhaps drawing him out... but of
                            course you can't expose someone who hasn't don anything
                            wrong... interesting.
                            METHOD: You need to have at least one mortal see the
                                    undeeds that are taking place in the windmill,
                                    and make sure he tells the rest of the people.
                                    That means not to let Dragoon scare them
                                    away first.
                            STRATEGY: Since the horseman is the purpose of this
                                      whole mission, I'd really recommend a mission
                                      guide for this, but here's a quick rundown:
                                      First you'll have to wait for the narrator to
                                      warn you of the happenings in the windmill,
                                      and then have Dragoon run through the
                                      village at least once. You might have to cast
                                      a constant wind power (Gust or Typhoon). At
                                      some point a random villager will come to the
                                      windmill and look through the window. You can
                                      also bind a spirit with a powerful attraction
                                      power (Obsession with Blue Murder) near the
                                      windmill to attract most of the village! As
                                      soon as the villager has seen through the
                                      window he will hurry back. Very soon
                                      afterwards Dragoon will be dispatched.
                                      You should be able to smash him off course by
                                      casting a quake power (Tremor or Quake... not
                                      100% sure if Tremor works). The point of
                                      "smashing" is a bit off, rather just knock
                                      the skull of the pedestal. If the mortal gets
                                      all the way back to the other mortals you
                                      won't have any trouble with the rest of the
                    II. Black Crow (A cabin lying down by the river) *SPKY2*
                            He was killed by the American inva... pionists, and
                            afterwards a wood cabin was built on his grave. This
                            gave him unrest, and he'd really like to see this cabin
                            fall to pieces.
                            So many ways to do that. I'm pretty sure there are more
                            ways than one to turn that cabin into lumber.
                            METHOD: Simple, you need to destroy the cabin, and
                                    there are several ways to do this.
                            STRATEGY: Two easy methods I can think of.
                                      1.) Cast Gust and Gathering Winds (Unless
                                      you've gotten Stormtalon already, then use
                                      Typhoon), maybe also a bit of rain, and then
                                      just wait, the cabin should fall after a
                                      2.) It seems that you can also break the
                                      cabin faster by casting Tremor or Quake close
                                      to it while beforehand mentioned wind powers
                                      are on the loose.
                    III. (Stormtalon - Secret!) (Rotting tree in the lake) *SPKY3*
                            Stormtalon, Prince of The Elements, has had enough of
                            the mortals and their attempts at emulating powers
                            which only he and his fellow spirits should be messing
                            with. If you can call upon him, he will hear your call
                            and join you cause.
                            Well, Prince of The Elements... I wonder which element?
                            (Okay, this isn't much of a hint to go on, but the
                             first you hear of him isn't until you've called upon
                             him, so...)
                            METHOD: You will need to have both Stormtalons fetters
                                    blasting through the air in order to call him
                                    forth... now, which two elements?
                            STRATEGY: Stormtalon's two fetters are electricals and
                                      outside (Outside meaning mostly wind...). Use
                                      Gust and Rain while outside and lightning
                                      should strike into the rotting tree in the
                                      middle of the lake. And so Stormtalon has
                                      been freed.
                    IV. (Scarecrow - Semi-secret!) (In the fields) *SPKY4*
                            By semi-secret I mean that he doesn't show a marking
                            in the control bar/hud on the left, but you can talk to
                            him and get your hint. He starts up with some strange
                            mumbo jumbo about ravens, blood and Warhammer 40'000...
                            or was that last one just me...?
                            I guess we need to decipher the gibberish and then do
                            whatever he wants...
                            METHOD: Yes, let me tell you what he's rambling about:
                                    Blood... pouring blood... just... lot's of...
                            STRATEGY: Cast Rain and Gore in order to set this
                                      very decent spirit free. You must cast gore
                                      near him so the lake he is sitting (hanging?)
                                      by will turn red.
            l.) Ghostbreakers *GBRK*
                    I. Banzai and Windwalker (Prison cells) *GBRK1*
                            These two spirits have been take captive by the
                            Ghostbreakers and are held in place by an ESD, placed
                            in the morgue (The place where you found Blue Murder).
                            The only way to free them is either to get Banzai at an
                            earlier chance, or ot bust up the ESD.
                            Well, better get those brain cells thinking... the ESD
                            is protected by a forcefield, and the forcefield
                            generator is in the same room with the same protection.
                            I wonder if we're hinted of some weaknesses in the
                            METHOD: I'll only tell you these two things:
                                    1.) Although you (probably :-) used electrical
                                        spirits against the two first generators
                                        and the alarum, electricity is no go when
                                        first going for the ESD.
                                    2.) The ESD and generators need to stay cool in
                                        order to function!
                            STRATEGY: I assume you've already destroyed the two
                                      other generators since they are part of the
                                      mission, not part of freeing these spirits in
                                      particular. Use Surge (Or some other
                                      electrical malfunction power) on the switch
                                      with a snowflake on it in the basement by the
                                      stairs up. The air intake will change. Place
                                      Sparkle on the Ghostbreaker van outside and
                                      have him cast Inferno. The warm heat will go
                                      into the system and disable the forcefield.
                                      Do as you see fit to destroy the ESD (this is
                                      where the electrical spirits come back in!).
            m.) Full Mortal Jacket *FUMJ*
                    I. Wisakejak (Near the commander's quarters) *FUMJ1*
                            He is probably one of the oldest tricksters alive...
                            well, somewhat kicking anyway... and ever since he was
                            put under a curse that was never lifted be cause of
                            really bad luck (He was bound to a tree, only to be
                            freed when the tree went up in smoke... unfortunately
                            some indians decided to use the tree as a totem...)
                            he's really been wanting to stretch his legs again.
                            Somehow you need to flame or burn the totem he's bound
                            Well, burn the totem... not too difficult... is it?
                            METHOD: Obviously you'll need a fire spirit to burn the
                                    wood, but there is nowhere to bind one inside
                                    the room... sometimes the trapped spirits can
                                    give a helping hand too...
                            STRATEGY: Start your scaring, and when you get 240
                                      plasm use Wisakejak's "Tojan Gift" power. It
                                      will summon a gift package which any spirit
                                      can be bound to. Now you can freely bind
                                      Firetail or Arcligt to the gift and see the
                                      whole room go go up in smoke with Bonfire.
    6.) CREDITS
            ME............................... For this guide... self-loving me
            Devistater....................... For a lot of detail and extra ideas
            Sick Puppies..................... For this excellent game (Had to come)
            -*Kermit*- -*Karzon*- -*crovax*- -*Chin*- -*Kaevad*- -*dongio8*-
            -*Oktavius*-  -*Stoneskin*-  -*Hyder*-  -*Grimly2K*-  -*Basil*-
                     Hope you enjoyed this guide and found it useful!
                                      |-* Mayko *-|
    COPYRIGHT 2003 Johannes Borresen

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