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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Palador

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 12/19/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    007: Nightfire FAQ (NGC, PS2, XboX) by Palador
    Copyright 2002
    Table of Contents
    I. History and Version
    II. Characters
    III. Weapons & Gadgets
    IV. Scoring
    V. Single Player Walkthrough (w/Bond Moves and 007 Icon locations)
    VI. Multiplayer Mode
    VII. Cheats & Codes
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    IX. Thanks, Credit, and Legal
    I.  History and Version
    Version 0.6  This is the first version of this FAQ.  It has most everything but
    all of the Single Player mission walkthroughs.
    Version 0.7  Added walkthroughs for Double Cross, Night Shift, and a partial
    for Chain Reaction.  Also added Mayhew's name (I can't believe I missed that),
    and I added a clarification for the Grapple.  Apparently some people thought
    that upgrade is the grapple when all it really is that the grapple can go a
    longer range.
    Version 0.9  Added walkthroughs, for Chain Reaction, Phoenix Fire, Deep
    Descent, Island Infiltration, and Countdown.  All that's left is to add the 007
    Icons for Countdown and Equinox.  Also added a Frequently Added Questions to
    this FAQ/Walkthrough.  Also made a few corrections in this FAQ that has been
    brought to my attention.
    Version 1.0 Completed walkthrough.  Has all Bond moves and all 007 icon
    locations.  This FAQ is now full and complete.  I won't say that I'll not add
    more in the future, but this FAQ has all the information needed to complete
    this game and unlock everything.  If anybody has any questions, feel free to
    email me.
    Version 1.01 Made some minor corrections on a few errors that I noticed.  Teach
    me to proofread BEFORE sending in.  Ah well...
    Version 1.1  Made a few more corrections.  Apparently, I got confused with
    Agent Under Fire when writing this FAQ.
    II. Characters
    Bond...James Bond - The hero of this flick.  You should know him well, and
    perhaps even better since Pierce Brosnan
    recently appeared in "Die Another Day".  This is an Agent for the British
    Secret Service, better known as Mi6.  He is
    currently investigating Phoenix Industries about a certain satellite.
    Dominque Paradis- She is a French Intelligence agent.  Bond helped her stop
    international terrorists from detonating a nuclear bomb
    on New Year's Eve, and then she turns around and infiltrate's Drake's
    organization.  She was acting as Drake's girlfriend.
    Raphael Drake - Head of Phoenix Industries.  He's the bad guy of the game and
    you'll see him alot.
    Alexander Mayhew - Security advisor for Phoenix Industries.  He holds certain
    files about a program called, "Nightfire".  He dies early in the game.
    Armitage Rook - Drake's bodyguard.  He's the main henchman, and Bond will fight
    him several times in order to get to Drake.
    Alura McCall- Austrialian Intelligence agent.  She comes out to help Bond
    halfway through the game.
    Makiko Hayashi- Mayhew's personal bodyguard.  She betrays   and has him killed.
     She commands a troop of ninjas.
    Zoe Nightshade - Yes, that's her from Agent Under Fire.  She is an agent for
    the CIA, and is investigating a certain theft
    of some guidance controls.
    III. Weapons & Gadgets
    PP7 - The traditional Bond gun.  This gun comes with Bond at the start of
    nearly every stage.  This gun has rather good
    accuracy, and perhaps best used to get headshots and single kill shots.  In
    terms of overall power, however, it is on the
    weak side.  The alternate fire is the silencer.  When equipped, it can fire
    shots that will not alert guards.  It can be
    upgraded to a golden version, which is more powerful.
    P2K - The gun that replaces PP7.  Basically, a more powerful version of the
    PP7, but this one has a laser sight on it, which
    increases accuracy.  This gun can too be upgraded to a golden version.
    Kowloon Type 40 - A somewhat powerful hand gun.  This gun can be found on the
    early stages by most of the guards.  The Alternate Fire on this weapon is a
    burst mode which causes the gun to fire three rounds at once rather than just
    Raptor Magnum - A powerful hand gun.  This gun is found on the latter stages.
    This is a powerful gun and can knock normal enemies down in one or two hits.
    The Alternate Fire is the laser sight, which gives increases accuracy.  The
    Alternate Fire does not work on all stages.
    Deutsche M9K - A powerful sub machine gun.  This gun can be found on most
    stages on enemies.  This gun has a silencer attached to it, which prevents
    enemies from hearing the gun from firing.
    Storm M32 - A sub machine gun.  This gun fires quickly and has a large clip,
    but rather inaccurate, especially when fired for more than a few seconds.  The
    Alternate Fire switches it to Semi mode, which only fires a single shot when
    the fire button is pressed.
    SG5 Commando - A powerful Assault rifle.  This gun is a standard mainstay of
    the Phoenix Army.  It has a laser sight and a scope, so it can be fired pretty
    accurately.  The alternate fire switches it to burst mode which fires only
    three shots per button press.
    AIMS-20 - A powerful weapons system.  This gun has an electronic sight with
    infrared, and is highly accurate and powerful.  This gun fires grenades as its
    alternate fire.
    Frinesi Automatic 12 - A shotgun.  This gun fires several several bullets all
    at once.  This gun is great at close range, but inaccurate over distances.  Its
    Alternate Fire switches it to Automatic mode, which allows the shotgun to fire
    continuosly when the fire button is pressed, but at a cost of power and
    Covert Sniper Rifle - A sniper rifle with a silencer.  The sniper rifle can
    kill almost any opponent with one shot, and with a silencer attached, it will
    not alert other guards to Bond's presense.
    Tactical Sniper Rifle - A sniper rifle without a silencer.  Same as the Covert
    Sniper Rifle, but without a silencer.
    Militek Mark 6 MGL - A grenade launcher.  This gun shoots out grenades at
    enemies, which detonate upon contact.  The Alternate Fire causes the grenades
    to delay several seconds before exploding.
    AT-420 Sentinel - A rocket launcher.  This launcher shoots out guidance
    missiles.  When fired, it switches to the missile's point of view, which allows
    Bond to control the missile in any direction he needs it to go.  The Alternate
    Fire just fires a missile in whatever direction Bond is pointing at.
    AT 600 Scorpion - A rocket launcher.  This launcher fires missiles that are
    attracted to heat.  When fired, it will go to wherever enemies are and follow
    them around until it explodes.  The Alternate fire just fires missiles straight
    wherever Bond is pointing at.
    Phoenix Samurai - A laser cannon.  This is an extremely powerful laser cannon,
    and the most powerful weapon in the game.  This weapon requires no ammo, and
    just a few seconds between shots to cool down.  It can kill most anything in
    one or two hits.  It can overheat, and if it does, it won't be able to be fired
    again for a few seconds.  The Alternate fire is an overload attack.  For this
    attack to work, the laser must be completely cooled down.  After several
    seconds of charging, it fires a big laser burst, which causes splash damage
    after contact with anything.  This causes the laser to overheat right after
    firing, so it can only be used once every few seconds.
    Frag Grenade - A grenade.  This grenade causes explosion damage after being
    thrown.  It will delay after a few seconds.  This is good for enemies that are
    clustered close together.
    Smoke Grenade - A grenade.  This grenade produces smoke, which hinders enemies
    from aiming at Bond.  Enemies have a hard time hitting Bond after a smoke
    grenade is thrown.
    Stun Grenade- A grenade.  This grenade produces a bright flash that stuns all
    enemies near it.  Be careful not to look in the direction of the grenade as it
    explodes, otherwise, Bond will be blind and the screen will go white after a
    few seconds.  This does not affect Ninjas.
    Satchel Charge - An explosive.  Set the timer to 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds, and
    then stick it to something.  After the timer runs out, it explodes.  This is
    good for destroying obsticles.
    Remote Mine - An explosive.  Set this on any wall and then switch to Alternate
    Fire to trigger them.  This is good for setting up traps for enemies coming to
    attack Bond.
    Laser Trip Bomb - An explosive.  Set this on a wall, and a laser beam shoots
    out from it.  Anything that crosses the laser is damaged by the explosion.
    This is also good for setting traps for enemies.
    Stunner - This gadget can be used to stun enemies.  However, it does take
    several seconds for the enemies to be stunned, and they can recover.  The
    upgraded version allows for a greater range, and has a bigger charge.
    Laser - This gadget is used to melt certain objects, such as locks and hinges.
    The upgraded version melts things faster, and has a greater charge.
    Grapple - This allows Bond to latch on to something (usually a hook) and move
    up in the world.  This can only be used in certain situations which the grapple
    icon will appear on top.  The upgrade is in the Multiplayer mode, which allows
    the Grapple to be used on almost any surface.  Please note that the upgrade is
    that the grapple in Multiplayer Mode is that it has a longer range.  The
    grapple can be used in Multiplayer regardless if the upgrade is unlocked or
    Micro-Camera - This camera allows Bond to take pictures of things, as well as
    do a bit of scouting around without being exposed.  The upgraded version allows
    for a greater zoom, as well as having a green box appear around any enemy in
    the camera.  This green box can go through walls, so it can be an invaluable
    scouting tool.
    Decryptor - Used to open locked doors.  Just point and click on the lock, and
    after a few seconds, the door opens.  The upgraded version unlocks the doors
    Q-Worm - A worm designed by R to go into any system and pull out anything.
    This is not really important for playing the missions, but rather used as a
    mission objective.
    Shaver - This is more of a triggered Stun Grenade.  Throw one, use Alternate
    fire to pull out the trigger, and then press it when an enemy needs to be
    Phoenix Ronin - This is a briefcase gatling gun.  Just put it down in a
    hallway, and it will shoot anything that moves in front of it.  Just be careful
    not to move in front of it.  It can be picked up and reloaded, and it can be
    damaged and destroyed.  Press fire to switch to the Phoenix Ronin point of view
    mode, and then Bond can control the Phoenix Ronin.
    Korsakov K5 - This is a dart gun.  Used to knock out guards without killing
    them.  The upgraded version knocks guards out indefinately.
    V.E. Glasses - These glasses have two modes.  The first mode is Night Vision
    mode.  Used to see things in the dark easier, but don't use this in lighted
    areas, as it makes things too bright to see.  The other mode is infrared mode,
    which allows Bond to see enemies through walls.  Use the Glasses Button to
    switch between modes, and normal view.
    IV. Scoring
    Unlike Agent Under Fire, this game is not based off of any score.  The basis of
    the scoring is simple addition.
    Bond Moves - In all stages, there are certain "special" moves that Bond can
    perform.  These can range from taking out an enemy in a certain way to using a
    gadget in a certain way.  These are set, and finding them is key to getting a
    high score.  When a Bond Move is scored, a short tone will play as well as the
    007 Icon flashing on top of the screen.
    Enemies Dispatched - Based on a set number, it is the number of enemies killed
    with actual weapons.  The closer to the goal,
    the higher the score.  If the number of dispatched is equal to or greater than
    the goal, then the maximuim score is awarded.
    Enemies Subdued - Based on a set number, it is the number of enemies defeated
    with fists rather than guns.  Please note that
    stunned enemies (either through stun grenades or the stunner) are not
    "defeated" and they will get back up again.  A great
    way to build up this score is to stun an enemy, walk up to him, and then punch
    him.  As before, the closer to the goal, the
    higher the score.  If the number subdued is equal to or greater than the goal,
    then the maximuim score is awarded.
    Enemies Surrendered - Based on a set number, it is the number of enemies that
    Bond causes to surrender.  To cause an enemy
    to surrender, find an enemy that isn't aware of Bond.  Pull out a firearm and
    sneak up behind him.  He will then notice Bond
    behind him, drop his weapon, and raise his hands.  A surrender point is then
    earned.  Please note that a surrendered enemy
    should be considered as a stunned enemy.  If Bond moves away from the
    surrendered enemy, then the enemy will pull out a
    second firearm, and must be dispatched or defeated.  Some stages it isn't
    possible to cause an enemy to surrender, and thus
    the goal will be 0.  The closer to the goal, the higher the score.  If the
    number should equal to or be greater than the
    goal, then the maximuim score is awarded.
    Stealth Bonus - This is a score based on the number of enemies that detects
    Bond.  Especially in stages where stealth is
    required, there is a score that is based on how many times Bond is detected.
    Each time an enemy detects Bond, a point is
    added.  In every stage, there is a maximuim of points that will be earned
    before the score drops.  Once this maximuim has
    been reached, the score drops.  If the points are less than the goal, the
    maximuim score is awarded.
    Accuracy Rating - This is based on the number of shots that hit an enemy
    divided by the number of shots fired.  Please note that efficency is not a
    factor here, so Bond can shoot an enemy 20 times, it will not effect his score
    as long as all 20 shots hit.  Machine guns hurt this score.  To score maximuim,
    every shot must hit an enemy.
    Health Remaining - Health is based off of 100.  Each time Bond loses health,
    this score drops.  It does not take into
    account armor, but armor does protect health.
    Time - This is simply how fast Bond completes the stage in total.  There is a
    goal that Bond can complete the stage in.
    This goal is the maximuim time allowed for a maximuim score.  If the stage is
    completed under the goal, then the maximuim
    score is awarded, and for every second above the goal, the score drops by a
    certain percentage.
    007 Bonus - After earning a Gold Medal in a stage, Bond can replay the mission
    again, but this time to find all of the 007
    icons hidden throughout the stage.  If Bond finds all of the 007 icons, a bonus
    score of 50,000 is added to the to the
    subtotal.  If Bond fails to find all of the 007 icons, then the bonus is not
    Difficulty Bonus - This is a multiplyer based on the difficulty bonus of the
    mission played.  This score is added AFTER the
    subtotal has been added up.  If Bond completes the stage in Operative mode,
    then no Bonus is added.  If Bond completes the
    stage in Agent mode, then a 1x modifier is added.  If Bond completes the stage
    in 00 Agent mode, then a 2x modifier is
    added.  To illustrate, if Bond completes a stage in 00 Agent mode with a
    subtotal of 30,000, then Bond would be awarded
    60,000 for the difficulty bonus (30,000 x 2) which then is added to the 30,000
    making the total 90,000 (30,000 + 60,000).
    V.  Single Player Walkthrough
    In this walkthrough, I will not be specific as to enemy locations, as levels do
    differ in difficulty level.  Some of the differences do include the following.
    On lower difficulty levels, there will be less enemies while on higher
    difficulty levels there will be more enemies.
    Enemies take more shots
    Enemies do more damage.
    On some stages, the enemy is actually upgraded!
    Tips and hints are given in Operative level, while on Agent and 00 Agent, there
    are no tips and hints.
    Mainly because of the first point, I will not write up enemy locations, but
    rather, give a general walkthrough that should allow anyone to get through the
    level.  I can only give information, but not skill.
    1- Paris Prelude - This is the stage that loads up when first playing a game
    (or using a code name for the very first time).
    On Operative, this stage is pretty much just a simple walkthrough where Bond
    has very little control of the game, and button
    presses flash on the screen.  Press the button at the proper time and the stage
    plays itself.  On Agent and 00 Agent, Bond
    is in complete control of the game.
    The game starts with Bond in a helicopter following a car driven by Dominique.
    There are several bad guys following her,
    and Bond must stop them or Dominique will die.   There will be a series of
    three cars that Bond must shoot in order to stop.
    There are several ways to stop the cars, such as shooting the shooter, shooting
    the hood, shooting the tires, or shooting
    the gas tank near the back.  All of them will stop the car and save Dominique.
    At one point, the helicopter will move to
    change scenes with the cars coming towards Bond.  As before, shoot the black
    car chasing Dominique with the same sort of
    technique.  The chase then turns into a construction site with two cars chasing
    Dominique, and Dominique jumping up a ramp.
    Shoot the chain holding the ramp up and end the scene.  After an intense action
    sequence, the scene changes once more to a
    driving scene.
    Bond is now driving his trademark Vanquish.  At first, there are two enemies
    driving behind Bond.  Press the proper button to activate his smoke screen, and
    lose them.  Turn right and the van with the bomb will appear, but a truck will
    block the way.  Go straight ahead through a mall of sorts, and at the end will
    be two cars.  Use the two wheel feature to move between them.  Time it just
    right so that Bond will be on two wheels just as he's passing the two cars.
    Turn left and a car will pull out ahead.  Shoot the car with missiles and head
    to the right into an alleyway.  At the end of the alleyway, another car will
    pull out.  Shoot it with missiles and it will also explode.  Move to the right
    through a park and keep driving down.  Head left and the prompt for the
    Q-Booster will appear.  Use it and jump over an incomplete bridge to follow the
    van.  Don't shoot the van with missiles, but shoot it with the Q-Pulse when the
    prompt appears.  When the Van is hit with the Q-Pulse, the mission ends.
    Please note that the tutorial plays again if this mission is played on
    Operative level, but on Agent and 00 Agent, full control is granted.
    Bond Moves-
    1) Shoot the lead car chasing Dominique in the tires.
    2) Shoot the car chasing Dominique in the tires.
    3) Shoot the car chasing Dominique in the tires.
    4) Shoot the car chasing Dominique in the tires.  (Yes, you can do this three
    5) Use the Q-Smoke gadget to lose the two cars chasing Bond.
    6) Use the Two Wheel gadget to get past the two cars at the end of the mall.
    7) Use the Q-Booster to get over the bridge.
    007 Icons- Please note that all 007 icons are in the second (Vanquish) part.
    1) Off to the right on the first curve
    2) Above the Moving van that blocks the way
    3) Floating in mid-air in the park
    4) Off to the left after the bridge jump chasing after the van.
    Bronze Medal Award - Dominique Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Skin - Jaws
    Gold Medal Award - Missile Upgrade: This allows the Vanquish to fire 4 missiles
    at once instead of two.  This is only available in two stages.
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Renard
    2 - The Exchange
    This is the first First Person Shooter (FPS) stage in the game.  Bond starts
    out on top of a gate, and from there, he can go several ways.  The easy way
    would be to wait for the truck that is coming up the road to pass under the
    gate, and have Bond jump from the truck.  From there, ride it until it enters
    the Castle Courtyard.  Another way is to go down the stairs and go behind the
    guard.  Bond can make the guard surrender by approaching him from the rear with
    the gun drawn.  From there, Bond can go up the path, shooting anything in his
    way to the gates and approach it with full action, or he can choose a more
    stealthy route by going down the ravine to the right, and then after following
    it around, use the Q-Grapple to go up the wall at the end.  From there, follow
    the path to the left around the castle wall.  Be careful not to slip down, as
    it can hurt Bond.  Eventually, Bond will come to a rope.  Jump up to grab the
    rope and go hand over hand to the other side.  After following the road down a
    bit, Bond will come to a ledge which he will have to wall crawl past.  However,
    he will have to pass a couple of windows with a couple of guards patrolling
    past them.  If the guards see Bond, they will sound the alarm which will
    trigger more guards to come out and attack Bond.  The trick in getting past
    this is waiting for the guards to pass the window and then making the way past
    them.  If Bond makes it pass without them seeing, then he will be able to
    continue without having to deal with guards in the area (and score a Bond Move
    in the process).  Continue down to a third ledge which will require the
    Q-Grapple to cross.  Move across and then follow the path to a hole in a wall.
    Go up the stairs and go through the door to the next area.
    The second area starting point will depend on how Bond completed the first
    area.  If Bond went through the front gates, either by truck or on foot, he
    will start near the front gates and will have to manuever his way to the
    castle.  However, if he used the stealth route and entered in by the side door,
    he will be pratically at the castle.  If he used the stealth route, go down the
    passage way to a door to the left.  Go down the stairs to a courtyard.  Be
    quick and move across the courtyard as the lights come on.  If Bond is quick
    enough, he can make it across without the guards seeing him.  He can also shoot
    out the lights if he feels so inclined.  Go to the left to the castle doors.
    If Bond went through the front gates, he will have a much longer route to go.
    If Bond came in by foot, he will be at the front gates with a couple of guards
    patrolling.  If Bond came in via truck, he will start by the truck, which is to
    the right of the front gates.  I will be writing this walkthrough as if Bond
    came in by truck.  At the very start, a guard will be talking with the driver
    and then walk down the cellar.  If Bond is stealthy enough, he can sneak up to
    the guard and make him surrender.  Bond can go down the cellar for some
    goodies, but he has to turn around and move down to the front part of the
    courtyard.  He'll see two guards talking to each other.  He can sneak past, or
    he can shoot them.  If he shoots and kills one, it will alert the other.
    Personally, I prefer to knock the guards out.  Go through the door way to the
    right on the platform that the two guards were on to find a guard standing at a
    fountain.  Bond can sneak up behind this guard and make him surrender.  Shoot
    the guard through the window and go into the room to find armor, some bullets,
    and a circuit breaker.  Open the box and use the Q-Lazer to cut the green wire.
     Go back out and go to the right into a small corridor with snipers on top.  Go
    right, and right again into another courtyard (This is where the stealth route
    would have met up with).  Go to the left to the castle doors to end the stage.
    Please note that this is my fastest way of completing the stage, and not the
    only way.  In fact, feel free to explore a bit further and kill more guards to
    increase the score.
    In the next stage, Bond joins a party to visit Dominique, Zoe, and Drake.
    There's nothing really at this point in the game except for a few cutscenes, so
    enjoy the party and have a good look at the guests ;).  Move to the right and
    follow the red carpet to a room full of guests.  Move across the room through a
    door to reach the main lobby.  Go to the left, up the stairs and through a door
    to the left to trigger the first cutscene.  After the cutscene go back through
    the door and down the stairs.  Take the second left and go through a second
    door to trigger the second cutscene.  At this point, Bond pulls out his gun.
    Go back to the main lobby and head to the right through the arch that was
    guarded.  At this point, guards will start to attack Bond, so feel free to
    shoot back as they appear.  Go into a big room filled with guards (I prefer to
    lead them back into the corridor and shoot them as they go through), and
    through the door on the other side.  Go up the stairs and through the door to
    the right, followed by go immediately to the door on the right to end the
    At the fourth stage, move down the corridor to trigger another cutscene.  After
    the cutscene, Bond can jump down to fight the guards, or he can go through the
    window.  I suggest going through the window.  After jumping through the window,
    Bond will see two guards on the next roof along with a zip line.  I'd suggest
    shooting the two guards before using the zip line.  Go across the zip line and
    jump down from the roof.  Go through the big steel doors ahead and go up the
    stairs and go to the door on the right.  Open the small grey box on the wall,
    stand back, and use the Q-Laser to open the door.  Go in, use the Laser on the
    two hinges on the safe, and grab the briefcase and rocket launcher.  After
    that, head back down the stairs, through the doors, and go through the other
    set of doors.  Head through the small hallway, down the stairs to the right, to
    the trolley hanger.  Go into the trolley where Zoe is at, and the trolley will
    start to move.  After going halfway, the trolley stops and a helicopter
    appears.  Use the AT-420 Sentinel to shoot the helicopter down, and the stage
    will end.
    Bond Moves-
    1) Jumping into the truck, and riding it to the very end.  (Please note that if
    this Bond move is done, then #2 can't be done)
    2) Moving past the windows without being detected by the guards. (Please note
    that if this Bond Move is done, then #1 can't be done)
    3) Using the Zip line to go to the other roof.
    007 Icons-
    1) In the Back where the truck starts
    2) Near Crates at the bottom of the ravine
    3) At the end of the corridor if going into the second part via secret way.
    (It's still there if you go through the front doors)
    4) Behind some barrels in the wine cellar
    5) In the Library
    6) In front of the fireplace in the banquet hall where Drake was speaking with
    his guests
    7) Outside of the window after the meeting with Drake and his goons.
    8) In a room below the cable car.
    Bronze Medal Award - Zoe Nightshade card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Skin - Oddjob
    Gold Medal Award - Golden PP7: A more powerful version of the PP7.  This does
    more damage and has a nice golden shine to it.
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Baron Samedi
    3 - Alpine Escape
    This level is a rail mission, where Bond is pretty much stationary, with Zoe
    driving a snowmobile at the same time.  There's no real trick behind this
    mission, just shoot enemies as they appear.
    The mission begins with Zoe trying to start the snowmobile.  As she's trying to
    start it, snow guards will come out and shoot at the two.  Feel free to shoot
    back while Zoe is starting the snowmobile.  Just be careful, however, to avoid
    shooting the barrels, as they will cause damage if shot.  After several waves
    of enemies coming from all directions, Zoe finally starts the snowmobile, and
    the hanger explodes.
    In this mission there are two types of enemies, depending on the difficulty
    level.  The first type are the regular snowmobile guards, and they can be
    defeated by simply shooting the man (or the snowmobile, but that takes more
    bullets).  The other type is the super snowmobile guards who drives the
    snowmobiles that Bond is in.  The best way to take care of them is to shoot the
    driver.  Bond can also shoot the man at the gun to stop him from firing.
    The snowmobile passes a shack to the right (shoot the barrels to defeat the two
    guards near it), followed by a tower straight ahead (shoot the barrels at the
    base of the tower to defeat everyone there and score a Bond move at the same
    time).  After a short cutscene of escaping a truck and car, Zoe and Bond
    continue driving down the snow path.  After fighting a few snowmobiles, an
    underpass will come up with a tunnel under it.  Shoot the grate covering the
    tunnel and move on.  Right after that, a snowmobile will try to play "chicken"
    with Bond and Zoe.  Either let him past, or destroy him, but either way, he's
    not much of a threat.  I use the rockets to defeat him.  After a few more
    guards and driving against a wall, Bond and Zoe will come to a closing gate.
    There are three ways to get past this.  First is to shoot the flashing green
    light to the left of the gate.  Second is to shoot the gate itself with
    rockets, which will cause it to shatter.  Third is to simply wait.  If enough
    time passes while at the gates, then a helicopter will come and shoot the
    gates.  After getting past the gates, a helicopter will start shooting at Bond.
     Not much can be done about this at this point, so just sit back and watch what
    happens.  Bond and Zoe will pass through a hotel, and the chase continues.  A
    few more snowmobiles will attack Bond and Zoe, and after taking care of them,
    the stage will end.
    Bond Moves -
    1) Shoot the flashing green light at the top of the gondola (causing it to fall
    on a couple of guards)
    2) Shoot the flashing green light on the big gas tank when guards appear near
    3) Shooting the barrels at the base of the tower.
    4) Shooting the grate before going through it.
    5) Shooting the flashing green light next to the big gates.
    007 Icons -
    1) Shoot the barrels before passing the shed
    2) Defeat the snowmobile heading right towards Bond
    3) Shoot both rocket launcher guards on top of the gates
    Bronze Medal Award- Military Snowmobile Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Scenario - Assassination
    Gold Medal Award - MP Mode - Grapple
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Max Zorin
    4 - Enemies Vanquished
    This stage is a pure racing stage.  The special part about this stage is that
    there's a time limit to this!  So, Bond can't really play around with this
    stage.  This is also a good stage to try some of the codes below.
    Bond starts out on the road with the timer above.  After some enemies, a cop
    will pull out behind Bond.  Don't let him stop you, but use the smokescreen to
    get him off of Bond's tail.  If Bond shoots him, the mission will end.  This is
    true for any cop car.  After driving down the road, and facing off some
    enemies, the road will go left.  But, there will be some stairs to go up on.
    Go up the stairs to the right as it's faster and easier (and score some armor
    in the process).  Moving down and after fighting more enemies, a second cop
    will appear behind Bond.  As like the first cop, use the smokescreen to lose
    him and continue to fly down the road.  Bond will go through a tunnel after
    that, with a cop blockade ahead.  Veer to the right into a snow path to avoid
    the blockade.  Going down the path (and jumping over the blockade), Bond will
    drive down a frozen river.  Be careful as traction is poor on the slippery ice.
     After driving down the icy river, Bond will arrive at a frozen lake, and
    Helicopters and snowmobiles will appear.  Defeat all enemies to finish the
    Bond Moves -
    1) Lose the first cop using smoke screen.
    2) Go up the stairs and jump over into the courtyard
    3) Use the smokescreen to lose the second cop.
    007 Icons -
    1) Off to the left of the main road before the stairway shortcut
    2) Go through the stairway shortcut
    3) In Mid air above the icy river
    4) To the left of the island in the middle of the river.
    5) Behind the island to the left on the frozen lake.
    Bronze Medal Award - Vanquish Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Skin - Scaramanga
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Camera: This allows Bond to zoom in further.  On
    top of that, any enemies will appear with green rectangle around them.
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - May Day
    5 - Double Cross
    This stage is half stealth and half action.  The enemies here are the Yakuza
    guards, which are a little tougher than the Alpine guards Bond faced earlier.
    They also have a variety of weapons from the Storm 32 to the Firensi Automatic
    Shotgun.  Just be on guard as the stage progresses through.
    Bond starts in Mayhew's room with Yakuza literally jumping in.  Just shoot them
    and lead Mayhew to the hall way to the left.  Bond should go right, but he can
    go to the left to pick up armor.  However, if he does get the armor, be on the
    look out for Yakuza that will come out and attack.  When Bond approaches the
    door to the right, several Yakuza will confront him.  Shoot them all down and
    go to the right, shooting any Yakuza that stand in the way (and guarding Mayhew
    from injury at the same time).  Go through the door and go down the hallway,
    fighting more Yakuza.  Go to a room to the left and kill anyone in the way of
    Mayhew from reaching the secret panel to the bunker.  Follow Mayhew into the
    bunker to end the stage.
    In the next part, Mayhew gives Bond some directions.  First, find the missing
    data.  Second, destroy Mayhew's computer.  Third, rescue any of the Gesha girls
    that are held as hostages.  This part is really split into two parts.  The
    stage begins in Mayhew's bunker.  Pick up the armor if needed, and then jump
    through the grate to a ladder.  Climb the ladder to go to a big outdoor area
    that is riddled with Yakuza.  Move to the left behind a rock to sneak up behind
    a Yakuza.  Make him surrender and punch him out.  There are several more Yakuza
    guards, so take care of them and move on.  Under the gong is a secret area
    where Bond can pick up ammo for his PP7 and a sniper rifle.  Go back into the
    water and head towards a hole under the building.  Follow the passageway to the
    second left where a ladder is.  Go up the ladder and through the grate to find
    a group of Yakuza holding a Gesha hostage.  Shoot down the Yakuza to free the
    Gesha (And watch her kiss him in thanks.  ^.~) and move on.  Head out the door
    and to the left to get to the next area.  In this area, there are several more
    Yakuza in the outdoor area.  The one to look out for is the one with the sniper
    rifle.  Shoot all of the Yakuza and then make way to the building in the
    center.  There are two ways into the building.  One way is a door which is all
    the way around on the other side from which Bond entered into the area.  The
    other is by going hand over hand across the wire.  Jump on the rocks, and then
    jump on the wire to get across.  Shoot the balls first, though, and don't cross
    when the wire is sparking.  Wait for it to finish sparking, and then make way
    across.  Once across, find the laptop and shoot it, and go through another door
    way to a hallway.  Bond will now find himself in a kitchen/dining area.
    Continue in the direction till he hits the very end, turn left, and shoot the
    Yakuza through the screen.  This should free the hostage in the kitchen, and
    enable Bond to leave the area.  Go through the big door to the right to leave
    the area.  Feel free, though, to kill any remaining enemies before leaving.
    In the third stage, Bond continues his quest to free all the hostages, get the
    missing data, and get back in one piece.  Bond starts out in a plaza area.  Go
    to the left and through a doorway.   Ahead should be a Yakuza goon unaware of
    Bond.  Sneak up behind him and make him surrender.  Turn around and move a bit
    to the left.  In this room, the dragon safe is to the left, but don't bother
    with it for now.  Instead, move into the dark bedroom and catch another Yakuza
    by surprise.  Make him surrender, and then turn around.  There will be a
    picture on the wall.  Quietly activate the picture to unlock a secret door, and
    then go through the secret door just to the left of the picture.  Using
    stealth, go to the other side to catch a group of Yakuza.  Shoot the closest
    one in the head, and then throw a stun grenade to dispose of the rest.  Once
    the area is cleared, go back through the secret door to the dragon safe.  Plant
    a shaver grenade first, then activate the safe and get the missing data.  Two
    Yakuza will attack Bond at this point, so activate the grenade shaver (make
    sure they're near it first) and then take care of business.  Go back through
    the secret door and continue on through to the courtyard area.  As Bond goes
    into the courtyard area, a cutscene with a sniper taking aim at Bond will play.
     Get out of the way and return fire.  After that, move immediately to the door
    to the left, and then look right.  Shoot the Yakuza guarding a hostage and move
    on to the right.  As Bond makes his way through the area, watch out for girls
    running out with Yakuza chasing them.  Never let a girl get between Bond and a
    Yakuza, lest the Yakuza "accidently" shoot a girl and causing a mission fail.
    Continue through several rooms, Bond will end up in front of a big wooden door
    with a symbol similar to the one Bond went through the last stage.  Go through
    the door to end the stage and move to the next stage, but feel free to get the
    armor in the rafters first.
    In this last stage, Bond will fight a ninja.  The best way I've found to
    dispatch the ninja is to use the Firensi shotgun and put it on automatic.  The
    ninja will jump around constantly while firing a sub machine gun at Bond.
    Frequently, he will drop stun grenades which will make the screen completely
    white for several seconds.  And if he gets up close to Bond, he will slash at
    Bond with his sword which does major damage.  Once the ninja has been defeated,
    the mission ends.
    Bond Moves -
    1) Go through the underwater route to reach the hostage in the spa.
    2) Go hand over hand on the wire to where the computer is.
    3) Shoot a yakuza guarding the hostage in the kitchen through the screen.
    007 Icons -
    1) From start, head right and around to find a 007 icon hidden in the corner.
    2) On the top level above where the secret panel to the bunker is.
    3) By the gong in the second area.
    4) To the right of the sniper.
    5) Behind a screen in the dining room area.
    6) On the other balcony from where the second sniper is at.  Bond will have to
    cross the beam from the balcony that is accessible from the room where the
    first hostage was at.
    7) In the room on the opposite side where a Gesha and Yakuza will run out from.
    Bronze Medal Award - Mayhew Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Scenario - Uplink
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Sniper Rifle
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Xenia Onatopp
    6 - Night Shift
    This stage is almost pure stealth.  Bond cannot shoot any of the guards, but he
    can stun them, punch them, or shoot them with the dart gun.  Personally, I
    prefer to punch them.  If the guards are shot or sound the alarm, the mission
    is failed.
    The game starts with Bond coming out from under the truck in the parking
    garage.  From there, Bond can either go through a door and up some stairs to
    the lobby, or he could take the elevator up to the lobby.  Personally, I'd
    suggest the elevator, as Bond will meet less guards that way, and makes it less
    likely to meet up with any guards.  After going into the lobby, head to the
    right towards the security room.  Once inside the security room, grab the armor
    there, and then hit both computers.  One will turn the infrared lasers off,
    while the other will open the elevators to move up to the next level.  Leave
    the room and go to the now open elevator to move up to the next level.
    From there, Bond will have to find several computers in order to move to the
    next level.  If a guards sees him, Bond will have a few seconds to subdue the
    guard before he reaches for an alarm.  The first computer Bond needs is in 70A.
     This computer will have a green screen, and it will give Bond the access code
    to unlock the door that blocks the first half of this level.  The next computer
    Bond needs to see is in 70E.  The computer is in the back, and here, Bond needs
    to use the Q-Worm in order to leave the level (It's an objective).  Go through
    the door using the access code or use the Decryptor.  Go forward to the door at
    the end to find a server room.  The computer here with the green screen will
    give Bond the access code to get to the security room on this floor.  Go back
    out and to the left.  Follow the hallway down and to the right is another
    locked door.  Use the Decryptor or use the access code to get in, and then use
    the two monitors to turn off the lasers and open the elevator to the next area.
     Go out and take the next left.  Follow the hallway down and to the right is
    the door that will end the stage.
    The next stage starts outside of the building.  Head to the right, and follow
    the rooftop to an elevator.  Jump on top of the elevator and ride it to the
    top.  When it stops, ahead will be a grate.  Go through the grate and follow
    the vent to a supply closet.  Head to the left to the lobby.  Go across the
    lobby, avoiding the camera beams, to a wooden door (The one on the left).  Go
    through a door to find a locked door.  Use the Decryptor on the the lock to
    open the door and go through to an office.  In the office will be a computer to
    use the Q-Worm.  Use the Q-Worm, (feel free to pick up the Scorpion launcher
    next to it), and then go back to the lobby.  In the back is a big metal door.
    Use the lock (don't need to use the Q-Decryptor) and open the door.  When the
    cylnder risess, use the computer that appears to get the files, and quickly get
    out of there.  Guards will start appearing, so take care of them quickly and
    head to the metal door on the right.  After a short cutscene, Bond will be on
    the top of the roof.  A helicopter with a whole slew of guards will be there,
    so move quickly.  Dispose them for points, but make way for the helicopter
    sitting on the pad.  Grab the parachute and jump off the roof to finish the
    Bond Moves -
    1) Reach the location of the Nightfire files
    2) Destroy the Helicopter that is flying around.
    007 Icons -
    1) In an enclove in the garage (straight ahead).
    2) In the welcome area of the lobby.
    3) On the skybridge.
    4) In a cubicle in office 70C.
    5) Darkened corridor right before leaving the stage.
    6) In the boardroom.
    7) On the opposite side of the roof (The one with all of the guards).
    Bronze Medal Award - Kiko Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Scenario - Team King of the Hill
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade: P2K
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Christmas Jones
    7 - Chain Reaction
    In the next stage, it's mostly about aiming.  Most of the enemies there are
    elite guards armed with sniper rifles, so it's important that Bond takes the
    enemies out before they take him out.  Stay low to avoid fire, and use the
    camera if there's trouble finding enemies.
    The mission starts out with Bond on the roof of a warehouse.  There are two
    ways down, so take either way to go down.  In the warehouse are several guards,
    so take them out with the sniper rifle.  Move down to the second level and take
    a picture with the Micro-Camera and move down to the bottom and to the right to
    exit the building.  Go either way, but at this point, there are many guards
    armed with sniper rifles.  The moment that one is shot, or one sees Bond, all
    of them will be aware of where Bond is and will start shooting at him.  And
    they do alot of damage, so be careful.  At the center of the area is a still
    forklift.  Jump on top of it and use the Grapple to get on top of one of the
    white towers.  Move to the right and then go hand over hand to the next tower.
    Go right and do the same to get to the next tower, and then the same to get to
    the door to the building.  Open the door to the warehouse, and shoot any
    enemies inside.  Go down to the second level and move around to the girder that
    is leaning.  Go up the girder to reach the third level.  Go out to the door on
    the left to finish the level.
    In the next level, Bond starts outdoors with several enemies attacking Bond.
    Kill all enemies, and then make way to the ground.  Jump on top of the forklift
    and then Grapple up to the top of the crane.  Climb up the ladder and then go
    hand over hand to the other crane.  Make sure that all enemies are defeated
    before going across, or they'll shoot Bond to shreds.  Once on the other crane,
    use the instrument panel to make the crane move, and then go on the crane to
    reach the door.  Go into the door and move to the right.  Use the instrument
    panel to make another crane to move.  Continue moving to the right and go down
    the stairs.  Wait for the platform to move under the grapple point, and then
    grapple up to the platform.  Move to the right and when the platform reaches
    another walkway, jump on the walkway.  Take a photograph of the laser and then
    use the laser to kill enemies and blast the door on the far end down.  Once the
    blast door has been blasted, go into the door and move quickly to the end of
    the hallway to end the mission.
    Bond Moves -
    1) At the start of the mission, go into the grate that is covered.  Use the
    laser on the hinges to make the cover to fall off.
    2) Use the grapple timed in such a way that Bond lands on the moving platform.
    007 Icons -
    1) Top of the forklift in the first building
    2) Inside the generator in the hanger with the ronin gun.
    3) On the left catwalk in the hanger.  Grapple to the roof of the second
    building, and then use the zip line to reach the catwalk.
    4) Behind the generator in the second building.
    5) In the room with the three shot out windows.
    6) On the beam accessible by the moving platform.
    7) In the room to the right of the laser.  It's on the second level behind some
    Bronze Medal Award - Rook Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Skin - Wai Lin
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Dart Gun
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Goldfinger
    8 - Phoenix Fire
    This stage is the complete opposite of Night Shift.  Instead of going from the
    bottom to the top, Bond is going from the top on down to the bottom. Instead of
    relying on stealth, this stage is purely action.
    The mission starts out with Bond in the elevator and a couple of Yakuza
    shooting at him.  Go to the left, turn around, and grapple to the top of the
    elevator.  Go through the grate to the storage room (if this looks familiar,
    it's the same route Bond took in Night Shift).  Go through the door, but watch
    out for the hostage that runs between a Yakuza guard and Bond.  Go to the left
    (but feel free to stop by the boardroom on the right to pick up some armor) and
    head to the other side towards Drake's office (The same one Bond planted the
    Q-Worm virus on).  Kill anyone in the way and use the computer to get a code.
    Fight back to the lobby, head left and then right to a steel door with a keypad
    next to it.  Put in the code picked up from the computer.  More enemies will
    start to appear, so fight all the way down the stairs.  In this corridor, many
    enemies will attack Bond, so take it slowly.  While there is a time goal, there
    is no time limit.  When the bottom is reached, pick up the armor and weapons
    under the stairs, and then go through the door to end the stage.
    In the next stage, A couple of security guards will be right in front of Bond,
    so shoot them to get them out of the way.  Head left, and then when Bond
    reaches a T-intersection, look out for the Phoenix Ronin to the right.  Stick
    close to the wall to get past the Phoenix Ronin, shoot anyone there, and then
    pick up the Phoenix Ronin by moving behind it and hitting the action button.
    Continue going down the hallway where the Ronin was till Bond reaches the
    atrium with the security room windows.  There are two ways into the security
    room.  One way is the easy way, which is to simply put a satchel charge (found
    under the stairs in the previous stage) on the window and get out of the way
    till the charge blows.  And then simply jump in.  Or the hard way which is to
    continue going back to office 70E to the computer that Bond planted the Q-Worm
    on in Night Shift, and then going to the door with the code that comes from the
    computer.  Either way, Bond needs to get in the security room.  Once inside,
    use both screens (and pick up the armor).  One will open the elevators which
    lead to the exit of the stage, while the other opens the skybridge.  The easy
    way now is to head back towards where Bond came and take a left instead of a
    right.  When Bond reaches the skybridge, a helicopter will come out and attack
    Bond.  The easiest way to take care of this helicopter is to go towards one of
    the windows and place a Phoenix Ronin in front of the window.  The Ronin will
    attackt the helicopter automatically, so sit back and watch the Ronin.  After a
    few minutes, pick up and replace the Ronin to refill its ammo count, and repeat
    as many times as necessary till the helicopter explodes.  Once the helicopter
    is gone, pick up the Ronin and make way down the skybridge.  Head to the right
    and then take another right.  In the next room are a couple of guards and
    another Ronin.  Use a grenade to take care of the guards, slip past the Ronin,
    and then go to the open elevator to end the stage.
    In the next stage, Bond will be on the top of an elevator going down with
    enemies attacking him from the doors.  The easiest way through this stage is to
    crouch down with the back towards from where the enemies are coming from.
    Watch out for enemies dropping down on lines and wait out the ride.  After a
    bit, a cutscene with a couple of guards dropping a satchel charge will play.
    On the elevator a satchel charge will appear.  Use the laser on the charge to
    disable it, and continue waiting and watching.  A second satchel charge will
    drop on the elevator, so take care of it like normal.  Finally, a second
    cutscene will play, and the stage will end.
    In this last stage of the mission, Bond will be on the ground floor of the
    lobby, but there will be many enemies attack him from all directions.  Shoot
    anybody, but be aware that more enemies will continue to spawn, so do not waste
    too much time attacking, but just get out of there.  Go into the security room
    on the right and use the screen to open the door to the exit, and run quickly
    out of there to end the mission.
    Bond Moves -
    1) Go to the ledge to the left of the elevator and grapple up to the air duct.
    2) Destroy the helicopter flying around the skybridge.
    007 Icons -
    1) On the ledge to the left of the elevator
    2) In the boardroom
    3) In the dark corridor to the left of the skybridge
    4) In the cafeteria
    5) In the back cubicle of office 70A
    6) Behind a column in the lobby
    7) In the security room in the lobby
    Bronze Medal Award - Alura Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Scenario - Demolition
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Pistol
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Drake Suit
    9 - Deep Descent
    This is the first in a series of racing missions that will take Bond off road,
    underwater, and into the air.
    This missions starts Bond in a big underwater chasm.  Move forward and a
    cutscene showing a Russian sub will play.  Move towards the right to a ship
    with a hole in it (notice it says Malprave Industries).  Go through the holes
    in the ship to a rocky tunnel.  Soon after entering the tunnel, another
    cutscene showing an enemy sub retreating will play.  Move to the right tunnel
    and follow the tunnel to a big room with a series of fans.  Shoot a remote
    torpedo and guide it past the three fans to a transmission tower.  Blow up the
    tower and then go left to another tunnel.  After getting out of the tunnel,
    shoot another remote torpedo and aim it for the oxygen tanks below the enemy
    sub.  Right after the enemy sub, shoot another remote torpedo through the laser
    trap to a box on the left wall.  In the next area will be mines.  Be careful
    not to hit any of the mines, or else it will result in an instant mission fail.
     Continue moving past the mines to another laser trap.  As before, use the
    remote torpedo to hit the fuse box on the left wall, but be careful not to hit
    any of the mines.  Move past another room full of mines to a room full of
    missiles.  Here, Bond must put charges on the green glowing circles at the base
    of the missiles.  There are six of them, and when the first one is placed, a
    time limit appears.  Place all of the charges on the missiles and get past the
    two subs through the exit.  At this point, an enemy sub will run away from
    Bond, and Bond has to chase the enemy sub through the tunnels and doors.  If
    Bond destroys the sub, or loses him through a closed door, the mission fails.
    The best way to keep up with the sub and keep track of it is to equip the
    torpedoes and follow him that way.  Watch out for the mines that the enemy sub
    will drop in its attempt to lose Bond.  Once Bond follows the sub into a small
    tunnel, the objective is fulfilled and the enemy sub doesn't need to be
    followed any more.  Move to the end of the tunnel and fire a remote torpedo at
    some oxygen tanks that are above a series of three subs.  Destroy any remaining
    subs and go to the other side of the room.  Shoot another remote torpedo
    through the laser trap to hit another box on the left wall.  Go through the
    small tunnel to get to another big area with nuclear submarines all throughout
    the area.  At the end of the area is an active nuclear sub.  Sneak past or
    destroy the nuclear sub to end the area.  The easiest way to handle this is to
    not place charges at first (this prevents the timer from appearing) and to hide
    behind the subs and use remote torpedoes to destroy the nuclear sub.  Then
    place the charges and get out of there to complete the mission.
    Bond Moves -
    1) Shoot the transmission node with a homing missile from behind the fans.
    2) Shoot the oxygen tank to destroy the first enemy submarine
    3) Shoot the oxygen tanks to destroy the three submarines after the chase
    007 Icons -
    1) Inside the oil tanker
    2) Right next to the comm tower
    3) Below the 2nd laser trap box
    4) On a ledge right before the 3rd door in the sub chase
    5) Above the three subs after the sub chase
    6) On a rocky ledge right above the exit of the tunnel leading to the nuclear
    sub hanger
    Bronze Medal Award - Vanquish Sub card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Skin - Nick Nack
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Decryptor
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Elektra King
    10 - Island Inflitration
    This stage is a series of three driving stages.  In the first stage, Bond goes
    into a SUV and drives around the island disabling the various sentries that
    guard entry into Drake's fortress.  At first, go straight and then to the right
    to a small base.  Stop and wait for the gate to open, and then drive up to the
    walkway to a small inlet and download the security clearance.  Bust through the
    gate and move to the right.  Follow the road down to a gate, and use the
    security codes to open the gate.  A sentry will pop up, so stay at a distance
    and shoot it with the machine gun till it comes down.  Continue driving down
    the path, shooting anyone who gets in Bond's way.  After opening the second
    gate, another sentry will appear behind a curve.  This one is sorta hard to
    destroy, as Bond can't hit it without behind hit himself.  After destroying the
    second sentry gun, drive down the road till the third gate is reached.  After a
    few turns, there will be a secret road off to the right.  Drive that and over a
    jump to get into the volcano (and pick up some armor).  Take a left to face a
    couple of SUVs and a popped up Sentry to finish the stage.
    In the next stage, Alura and Bond take a hovercopter to fly to Drake's hideout.
     There really isn't much to this stage except to shoot anything and everything.
     Alternate between firing rockets and firing the pulse gun.  Use the rockets
    against buildings, bridges, and sentries, while using the pulse gun against
    other hovercopters and the ships.  When Bond starts the stage, M will instruct
    Bond to destroy the bridge directly ahead.  Shoot the bridge down quickly with
    a rocket salvo and move on.  Bond will face a couple of towers and sentries,
    and then he will have to destroy a second bridge with SUVs travelling on it.
    After this, Bond will face a couple of hovercopters and then dive down into a
    lake.  In this area, Bond will circle around a lake while fighting ships and
    hovercopters.  After several circles, Bond will move to a ravine and move down
    it.  After a ship, a couple of towers, and another sentry, the stage will end.
    In this final stage of the mission, Bond is shooting a giant sentry gun.  The
    gun has two firing modes.  A powerful pulse gun and a single shot blast.  It's
    important that Bond destroys the tanks as quickly as possible (preferably with
    the single shot blast) as they can do much damage to Bond.  After fighting off
    several waves of hovercopters and tanks, a sub will pop up out of the water and
    start shooting missiles at Bond.  Shoot a single shot blast at the grey
    cylander that appears near the front of the sub to destroy it, and end the
    Bond Moves -
    1) Wait for the gate to open before going into the base with the security code
    2) Take the secret path that leads to the jump
    3) Destroy the bridge that has a bunch of SUVs on it.  It's not the first one
    that M tells Bond to destroy.
    4) Shoot the gas tanks next to the first tank
    5) Shoot down a fleet of hovercopters
    6) Shoot down a fleet of hovercopters
    7) Shoot down a fleet of hovercopters
    007 Icons -
    1) Behind Bond at start on the beach
    2) Right next to where Bond gets the security code
    3) Behind the last sentry in the volcano
    4) Destroy the first tower with rockets.
    Bronze Medal Award - Ultralight Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Scenario - Protection
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Stunner
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Bond Tux
    11 - Countdown
    This stage can be one of the toughest First Person Shooter stages in the game,
    as it features tough enemies with powerful weapons.  In the first stage, Bond
    starts out in a air duct.  Jump down the grate and defeat the guard patrolling
    around.  For now, stealth is important, for if a guard sounds the alarm, they
    will almost certainly kill Bond.  Rather than going through the door, go around
    to one of the other grates on the other side.  Use the grapple to get up into
    the air duct and crawl to the left.  After a cutscene, move to the right and
    open the grate.  Shoot the guard standing there and jump into the room.  Before
    leaving the room, open the box to the left of the door.  Use the Laser to cut
    the GREEN circuit board.  Then go out the door and to the left.  Go to the door
    at the end of the hallway and to the left.  Shoot the guard standing guard
    there and then go to the circuit box on the left wall.  Open the box and cut
    the green circuit board.  Grab the armor on the other side and go out of the
    door and to the other door directly across the hall.  Using stealth, go past
    the guards (don't shoot them) and past a couple of doors, and then head left
    into another hallway.  Go all the way down the hallway, shooting anyone in the
    way, till Bond reaches the last door on the left.  Go through that door and
    stay hidden.  Go through a couple more doors, and then, when he reaches the
    hallway, take care of the guard patrolling it and then go through the door
    right across from the one he came out of.  Shoot the guard guarding it, and
    then open the box on the left and use the laser on the green circuit board.  Go
    back out and go down the hallway.  Before going all the way back and to the
    left, use the Decryptor on the door that is on the left.  Open that up, and
    then go in the room and use the decryptor on the two padlocks to unlock the
    door.  This opens up an area filled with AIMS and other ammo.  Go back to the
    hallway and move to the corridor turning left.  This triggers a cutscene, and
    ends with Bond locked in the room.  In the far back of the room are two boxes.
    Open them both and use the laser to cut the green circuit boards.  Then go to
    the front of the room and press the Action button.  This causes a series of
    explosions and then the door will open back out to the hallway.  At this point,
    all of the guards will attack Bond, and a new series of guards will attack Bond
    also.  Fight through back to the first hallway.  Once there, Rook will attack
    Bond using the Phoenix Laser.  Defeat him (I personally use explosives, but use
    whatever works) and pick up the Phoenix Laser.  Go to the big steel doorway to
    complete the section.
    The next section is a series of connected rooms.  While I won't provide a room
    for room walkthrough, as it's really simple.  At every room, a few guards will
    attack Bond, and then find the door with a green light next to it.  Before
    going into the corridor, set the laser to overload mode, then open the door,
    and then aim the laser for a laser tripbomb.  There's one in every corridor.
    Repeat this, following the path to the end.  The end appears when the door
    "Omega Sector" appears.  Feel free to use the decryptor on any door that has a
    red light next to it, as it has armor in the corridor.
    In the last section is the Omega Sector.  Bond starts in a big room with a
    bunch of guards patrolling around it.  Work up to the second level to a control
    room, shooting anyone in the way.  Once in the control room, use the small
    column near the windows to unlock the door, and then go back down to the bottom
    level.  Go through the door on the far end of the level, and after going
    through several doors, go through the door straight ahead towards a space
    shuttle to trigger a cutscene.  Bond must now quickly reach one of two rooms,
    or else the mission fails.  After the countdown is done, the door closes and
    Bond is blinded by the space shuttle launch.  After the screen clears, the
    doors will open and enemies will attack.  The best way to handle this is to use
    explosives like the Remote Mine and the Laser Tripmine to take care of them.
    After dealing with the enemies, a second countdown will occur.  Treat this as
    the first countdown and hide in the rooms to the side and wait for the
    countdown to run down and the shuttle to launch.  As before, enemies will
    attack after the doors open, so use the same tactics as before to defeat them.
    Once all the enemies have been defeated, another cutscene will play.  Once the
    cutscene is done, immediately move to the door ahead and press the button on
    the right to end the mission.
    Bond Moves -
    1) Laser all three boxes to defeat the base security system.
    007 Icons -
    1) In the air ducts above where Bond starts
    2) In a crawl space on the left side of the first crate room.
    3) In the room to the left in Silo 12D
    4) On top of the crates right before the door to Omega Sector.
    5) In the room opposite of the room with the column to unlock the door on the
    second level
    6) Beneath a shuttle
    7) Beneath a shuttle
    Bronze Medal Award - Drake Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Mode - Explosive Scenery
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Laser
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Pussy Galore
    12 - Equinox - This mission is the final confrontation against Drake.  This
    stage has three features.  First are the
    missiles to the side that must be disarmed.  These missiles can disarmed only
    when they're ready to fire.  When a missle is
    armed and ready to launch, the coupling is exposed.  The coupling is the little
    gold button surrounded by lights found at
    the base of the missiles.  When the missile is safe, the lights around the
    coupling will turn from green to red.  A second
    hazard is the laser that Drake keeps firing.  It will fire from the main lens
    to the center orbiting satellite to one of the
    side orbiting satellites, to Bond.  There is no easy way of avoiding this, and
    the only tip is keep moving.  However, Bond
    will eventually be hit.  A third hazard will be the enemies that pop out to
    fight Bond.  Just zap them with the laser as
    they come out, and they won't present themselves too much of a hazard.
    Once the last missile has been disarmed and launched, the platform will
    explode, and Drake will come out and start firing
    missiles at Bond.  Shoot him with the laser while avoiding the missiles to
    defeat him.  Be warned that there is a time limit
    to this fight, and if the fight goes on too long, then the mission will fail.
    After defeating Drake, sit back and watch
    Bond get the girl.
    Bond Moves - None
    007 Icons -
    1) In front of the giant lens where the laser comes from
    2) In front of the middle satellite
    3) To the right of the left satellite
    4) Below the front of the right platform
    5) Below the front of the left platform
    6) Below the right missile one down from the top
    7) Below the left missile one down from the top
    Bronze Medal Award - James Bond Card
    Silver Medal Award - MP Scenario - GoldenEye Strike
    Gold Medal Award - Upgrade - Sniper Rifle
    Platinuim Medal Award - MP Skin - Bond Space Suit
    VI. Multiplayer Modes
    Arena: Standard Deathmatch mode.  It's everyone against everyone else.   Shoot
    the most people to win.
    Team Arena: Team Deathmatch mode.  Everybody is on two teams.  Shoot the most
    people on the other team to win.  Beware of Friendly Fire if it's on, as it can
    subtract from a team's score if someone shoots someone else on the same team.
    Capture the Flag: To score points, go to the other team's flag and take it back
    to your own flag.
    Uplink:  There are a series of satellite dishes.  Whichever team activates a
    satellite dish starts to get points.  Control multiple satellite dishes to earn
    points for your team faster.  To control a satellite dish, just run over it.
    Top Agent:  It's everyone for themselves in this mode.  Everyone has a certain
    number of lives, and they lose a life when they get killed.  When someone loses
    all of their lives, they are out of the game.  The last agent standing wins the
    Demolition: Mi6 vs. Phoenix.  In this scenario, Mi6 is to destroy a missile
    guarded by Phoenix.  All Mi6 players have timed charges which they can use to
    blow up the missile.  Mi6 scores if the missile is destroyed, while Phoenix
    scores a point if the timer runs out before Mi6 can destroy the missile.  Teams
    are determined by skin selection (I.E. if Bond is selected as a skin, then the
    player is on the Mi6 team.  If Drake is selected as a skin, then the player is
    on the Phoenix team)
    Protection: Same as Demolition, only roles are reversed.  Mi6 is protecting a
    missile while Phoenix is out to destroy it.
    Industrial Espionage: Disks are hidden throughout the stage.  Players on both
    teams must hunt out these disks and bring them back to their base computer to
    score a point.
    GoldenEye Strike: Two pieces, a key and a crystal, are hidden in the stage.  If
    a team gets both pieces, the team scores a point and a player on the other team
    will be instantly killed.
    Assassination: There are three types of players: The Assassin, The Target, and
    The Guard.  There is only one Assassin, only one Target, and everyone else is a
    Guard.  The Assassin scores points if he kills the Target, and everyone else
    scores a point if they kill the Assassin.  Whoever kills the Assassin becomes
    the Assassin, while the Target is randomly selected among the non-Assassins.
    The Assassin is designated by the Sniper Rifle while the Target is designated
    by the Crosshairs.
    King of the Hill: In this mode, it's everyone against everyone else.  Somewhere
    on the stage is a glowing blue circle.  The object is to stand in this glowing
    blue circle for as long as possible while preventing everyone else from
    standing in the blue circle.
    Team King of the Hill: Same as King of the Hill, only this time everyone is on
    two teams.  The more members of the team in the glowing blue circle, the faster
    points are scored for the game.
    VII. Cheats and Codes
    There is a Code Menu where a player can enter cheat codes to unlock something.
    To unlock something, just put in the proper
    code.  You will not get a confirmation that the code worked however.
    Stage Unlocks
    Alpine Escape - POWDER
    Enemies Vanquished - TRACTION
    Double Cross - BONSAI
    Nightshift - HIGHRISE
    Chain Reaction - MELTDOWN
    Phoenix Fire - FLAME
    Deep Descent - AQUA
    Island Inflitration - PARADISE
    Countdown - BLASTOFF
    Equinox - VACUUM
    All Stages - PASSPORT
    Single Player Upgrades
    Golden PP7 - AU PP7
    Grapple - LIFTOFF
    Camera - SHUTTER
    Rifle Scope - SCOPE
    P2K - P2000
    Dartgun - SLEEPY
    Golden P2K - AU P2K
    Decryptor - SESAME
    Stunner - ZAP
    Laser - PHOTON
    Rifle Clip - MAGAZINE
    Vanquish Missiles - LAUNCH
    All Upgrades - Q LAB
    Bonus Skins
    Oddjob - BOWLER
    Bond Tuxedo - BLACKTIE
    Wai Lin - MARTIAL
    Nick Nack - BITESIZE
    Scaramanga - ASSASSIN
    Jaws - DENTAL
    Drake Suit - NUMBER 1
    Baron Samedi - VOODOO
    Xenia Onatopp - JANUS
    Goldfinger - MIDAS
    Mayday - BADGIRL
    Elektra King - SLICK
    Christmas Jones - NUCLEAR
    Pussy Galore - CIRCUS
    Renard - HEADCASE
    Max Zorin - BLIMP
    Bond Spacesuit - ZERO G
    All Skins - PARTY
    Scenario: Assassination - TARGET
    Scenario: Uplink - TRANSMIT
    Scenario: Team King of the Hill - TEAMWORK
    Scenario: Demolition - TNT
    Scenario: Protection - GUARDIAN
    Scenario: Goldeneye Strike - ORBIT
    Mode: Explosive Scenery - BOOM
    All Scenarios - GAMEROOM
    There are also certain cheats that can be activated in Racing Mode.  This is
    done by pressing Start, holding down the Left
    trigger (L1 for PS2), press the button sequence, and then release the left
    trigger.  If done right, the game will give a
    tone (not to mention it'll be painfully obvious).
    Cheat              XBox                NGC                 PS2
    ---------          ------              ------              ------
    Frantic            XYBYX               BYXBYX              STOSTO
    Trails             XBBX                BXXB                SOOS
    Race in Alps       BBXXY               XXBBY               OOSST
    SUV in Alps        XBYXY               BXYBY               SOTST
    Double Armor       BYXBB               XYBXX               STOSS
    Triple Armor       BYXBBB              XYBXXX              STOSSS
    Quad Armor         BYXBBBB             XYBXXXX             STOSSSS
    Super Bullets      BBBB                XXXX                OOOO
    Berserker          XYYXYB              BYYBYX              STTSTO
    VIII. Frequently Asked Questions
    These are questions that I've seen asked frequently asked on both the message
    boards and to me via email.
    Q: How do I use the Decryptor?
    A: Point the crosshairs at the keypad, and then hold down the fire button.
    Once all four numbers are displayed, and the keypad light changes from red to
    green, then the door is unlocked.
    Q: Where do I put in the cheat codes?
    A: First select Codenames, then select a code name (or make one), and then the
    first option is Secret Unlocks.  Once there, just put in a cheat code and move
    from there.
    IX. Thanks, Credits, and Legal
    Thanks goes out to EA and Eurocom for making such an awesome game.
    Thanks goes out to GameFAQs for putting this up.
    Me for writing this.
    EA and Eurocom for making and producing this game
    GameFaqs for publishing this FAQ and Walkthrough
    Comments, questions, concerns?  Write me at w.douglas@eudoramail.com
    FAQ Copyright 2002.  This FAQ may not be reproduced or distrobuted without my
    express permission.

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