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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mosey Down

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    NightFire FAQ/Walkthrough
    Copyright 2003 Chris Miller
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademarks and copyright holders.
    1.0 - Introduction
    2.0 - Characters
        2.1 - Allies
        2.2 - Enemies
    3.0 - Weapons
        3.1 - Pistols
        3.2 - Machine Guns
        3.3 - Specialized Weapons
        3.4 - Explosive Devices
    4.0 - Gadgets
    5.0 - Strategy
        5.1 - Weapon Choice
        5.2 - Confronting Enemies
        5.3 - Ammo & Armour
    6.0 - Missions
        6.1 - Rendezvous
        6.2 - Airfield Ambush
        6.3 - Uninvited Guests **NOT COMPLETE**
        6.4 - Phoenix Rising
        6.5 - Hidden Agenda
        6.6 - High Treason     **NOT COMPLETE**
        6.7 - Island Getaway   **NOT COMPLETE**
        6.8 - Zero Minus       **NOT COMPLETE**
        6.9 - Reentry
    7.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
    8.0 - Contact & Version History
    SECTION 1.0: Introduction
    It's been over a year since NightFire was released for the PC, but people still
    seem to be seeking help for it.  Since I hadn't found any walkthroughs
    dedicated solely to the PC version, I decided to write one myself. This
    particular FAQ focuses on the hardest difficulty, 00 Agent.  You can ignore
    many of the game tips within if you're playing on Operative or Agent, since you
    can generally just blast through levels with no problem on the easier
    SECTION 2.0: Characters
    James Bond is back with his usual array of beautiful women and fiendish
    SECTION 2.1: Allies
    Dominique Paradis
    This French agent is working undercover as Drake's assistant and provides you
    with information on his activities.  She plays a bigger role in the console
    versions (in a level that never made it to the PC), thus explaining Bond's
    surprise at seeing her in Drake's castle.
    Zoe Nightshade
    We first met Zoe in Agent Under Fire, the prequel to NightFire.  She's back
    once again to aid you in stealing the guidance module.  She has a tattoo that
    is visible with the x-ray specs.
    Alura McCall
    This Autralian agent is the game's primary Bond girl.  After she saves you from
    the Phoenix Tower you repay the favour by saving her from Drake's island.  Her
    sniper skills are useful in the jungle.
    SECTION 2.2: Enemies
    Rafael Drake
    The charismatic CEO of Phoenix International.  He appears to be doing the world
    a favour by decommissioning nuclear missiles, but he has other plans for
    Armitage Rook
    Rook is Drake's henchmen.  His face is scarred from the helicopter crash in the
    first mission.  Suffice it to say he blames Bond and is out for revenge.
    Alexander Mayhew
    When Mayhew finds out that Drake plans to kill him for losing the guidance
    module, Mayhew offers information to MI6 in exchange for protection -
    protection in the form of James Bond.
    Makiko Hayashi
    Kiko works as Mayhew's bodyguard until his untimely demise.  She likes leather.
    And ninjas.
    SECTION 3.0: Weapons
    Your inventory in NightFire more closely resembles that of Half-Life than of
    its Bond predecessors, such as GoldenEye and The World Is Not Enough.  The
    weapons are less varied here, but ammunition is usually plentiful.
    SECTION 3.1: Pistols
    The pistols are actually quite powerful in this game.  Unlike the machine guns,
    they all fire with pinpoint accuracy.
    Wolfram P2K (Rating: Good)
    A 16-round pistol that can be fitted with a silencer.  Its rate of fire is a
    bit slow though, so use the Kowloon if you have it.
    Kowloon Type 40 (Rating: Great)
    Another 16-round pistol.  It fires faster, so choose it over the Wolfram.
    Raptor Magnum (Rating: Fair)
    A powerful 9-round magnum.  It's the slowest of all the pistols, so don't
    bother using it against large groups of enemies.
    SECTION 3.2: Machine Guns
    Machine guns fire pretty wildly in NightFire, but they're useful when facing a
    large number of guards.
    Storm M9-32 (Rating: Poor)
    A 32-round uzi that comes in silenced and non-silenced forms.  Only useful at
    close range.
    Suisse SG5 Commando (Rating: Good)
    A 30-round machine gun that appears in earlier levels.  It's only useful at
    close range or if you use the secondary feature, sniper mode.
    Munitions Belga PDW90 (Rating: Great)
    A fairly accurate 50-round machine gun that appears in later levels.  It's the
    only worthwhile machine gun, and can be used at medium range.
    SECTION 3.3: Specialized Weapons
    Here is the alternative weaponry that doesn't fit into the other categories.
    Frinesi Automatic 12 (Rating: Good)
    An 8-round shotgun that's pretty ineffective on primary mode.  Secondary mode,
    which delivers a large blast, is recommended if you want to use this.
    Seamaster UP44
    This weapon is not in the game, despite what the manual says.
    Winter Covert Sniper (Rating: Good)
    A 10-round sniper rifle that usually kills with a torso shot.  Switching
    between zooms takes time though, so be careful.
    Militek Mark 6 Multi Grenade Launcher (Rating: Fair)
    A 6-round grenade launcher.  Secondary mode is a timed grenade, which you
    probably won't want to use.  Note that the grenade launcher doesn't always kill
    enemies, even if they're standing close to the explosion.
    AT-420 Sentinel (Rating: Poor)
    A 4-round rocket launcher that rarely nails its target.  Although it
    obliterates any enemy it hits, the rockets are slow and are more likely to
    damage you if you aren't careful.  Secondary mode lets you guide the rocket,
    but this is even more dangerous since you can't move while controlling it.
    Phoenix International Experimental Laser Rifle (Rating: Good)
    A recharging laser gun that you get in the 5th and 9th levels.  The sight is
    off though.  It fires below and to the right of where you're aiming, so keep
    this is mind when using it.
    Phoenix International X6 Annihilator (Rating: Bad)
    A 100-round chaingun.  It's horribly inaccurate and takes a second to warm up
    before firing.  Use it on Operative if you want some fun, but avoid it on the
    harder difficulties.
    SECTION 3.4: Explosive Devices
    None of these are particularly useful.  Since NightFire doesn't have weapon
    hotkeys, you may want to avoid picking these up so as to make cycling through
    weapons easier.
    Fragmentation Grenade (Rating: Poor)
    You have a capacity of 10 grenades.  Guards will usually run when they see one.
    Skip these - just shoot your enemies instead.
    Laser Tripmine (Rating: Poor)
    These can be set to either laser- or proximity-detonation.  Again, it's just
    easier to use a gun.
    Flashbang Grenade (Rating: Bad)
    Grenades that temporarily stun whoever looks at the explosion.  Enemies will
    still fire while stunned though.
    SECTION 4.0: Gadgets
    Can be used to temporarily knock out an enemy.  Not very useful, since your
    punches are quicker.  Recharges automatically.
    Laser Watch
    Necessary for cutting through locks and clasps.  Recharges automatically.
    Cellphone Grapple
    Whenever you see a metal grapple point, you can use your cell to pull yourself
    up to it.
    Dart Pen
    Fires tranquilizer darts.  The only time you need to resort to this is in the
    first mission, when you're at the party with no weapons.
    Needed to crack electronic keypads.  If you use the right-mouse button to
    activate it, it'll skip over the animation.
    Micro Camera
    Only used a few times.  If you're having a hard time photographing the ladies
    at the party, download the patch.
    Has night vision, x-ray, and infrared modes.  Useful for seeing in the dark,
    seeing through walls/clothing, and spotting invisible lasers.
    You occasionally use this to hack into computers.  Like the decryptor, if you
    use the right-mouse button to activate it, it'll skip over the animation.
    Phoenix Ronin
    Very important to have at certain points, such as the blast pit in Zero Minus
    or while fighting the armoured van in High Treason.
    SECTION 5.0: Strategy
    The manual contains some hints on NightFire, but here's a few more.
    SECTION 5.1: Weapon Choice
    You can only carry 4 weapons at a time, not including explosive devices and
    gadgets.  In missions 1, 2, 4, and 9, this isn't a problem.  In the others,
    it's critical that you choose the proper arsenal.  As I take you through each
    mission, I'll tell you when it's time to drop a weapon and pick up another.
    SECTION 5.2: Confronting Enemies
    On 00 Agent, enemy fire does heaps of damage.  If you're currently undetected
    and you know from past experience that a guard is up ahead, the best thing to
    do is to slowly peek around corners until you see a little bit of the guy's
    head.  It goes without saying that head shots are optimal.  A sniper rifle is
    the best for this, but pistols and the Suisse are good too.  If you've been
    detected by the enemy, the best thing to do is to wait around the corner for
    them to come to you.
    NightFire has a dynamic music system, so if you're spotted by an enemy, the
    music will become faster.  Use this to your advantage.
    SECTION 5.3: Ammo & Armour
    Ammo is usually in good supply, but on 00 Agent you'll need to watch your
    armour level.  Before entering a new area from which you cannot return (the
    one-way elevators in Zero Minus are a good example), it's best to collect
    everything you can find in your present area before continuing on.
    There are two types of armour.  The first is bulletproof vests, which restore
    all of your health.  The second is armour plates, which restore 3-4 sections of
    your health on Operative and 2-3 sections of your health on 00 Agent.
    SECTION 6.0: Missions
    SECTION 6.1: Rendezvous
    o Breach the security perimeter of Drake's castle
    o Enter Drake's castle and infiltrate the party
    o Rendezvous with CIA agent, maintain party guest cover
    o Acquire your Q-Gadgets from the undercover waiter
    o Mayhew's female bodyguard is in attendance - photograph every woman
    o Recover the stolen briefcase containing the guidance module
    o Rescue Agent Nightshade and escape the castle with the guidance module
    SECRETS   : 2
    When the mission starts, you'll parachute onto a watchtower.  Turn to your
    right and shoot the guard in the watchtower opposite of you.  Then take out the
    guard that's patrolling below.  Now turn to the other side and shoot the two
    guards in the other watchtower.  From here, there are two routes you take can
    take to enter the castle.
    Route #1: The Bond Way
    From the tower you start at, hop onto the truck as it drives under the bridge.
    When you get close to the main gate, blast away at the two guards.  The truck
    will take you into the castle, thus giving you the first BOND MOVE.  The rest
    of the walkthrough assumes that you take the next route, so only take this
    option if you're familiar with the level.
    Route #2: The Stealthy Way
    This method is safer and you'll take less enemy fire.  Start by taking the
    stairs down the watchtower.  Run up the hill to the next watchtower and cut the
    lock on the door with your watch laser.  Go up the stairs, across the little
    bridge, and climb the stairs to the roof of the tower where there's a wire you
    can use to climb across.  Simply stand under the wire and press the Use key.
    Watch out for the fray in the centre which is shooting sparks.  When you get
    across, follow the snow path until you reach a balcony with a grapple point.
    Use your cell phone to get up and enter the castle.
    Once inside, climb the stairs to the turret at the top of the castle.  Kill the
    guard, take the sniper rifle, and shoot the two guards operating the
    searchlights down below.  Run down to the ground floor and go outside.  Right
    above you is a balcony with a guard and another searchlight.  Make sure you
    kill him.  Run across to the end of the courtyard and you'll find a long
    balcony with a patrolling guard.
    BOND MOVE 2/2: There's a generator in the area.  Shut it off.  This is only
    useful if you take Route #1, since you're coming from the opposite direction of
    the searchlights.
    SECRET 1/2: There's a grapple point on the balcony where the guard was
    patrolling.  Use your cellphone to pull yourself up, where you'll find some
    grenades and armour.
    Continue past the generator to the next area where the truck is parked.
    There's two patrolling guards.  Beyond the truck is another guard and some
    armour if you need it.  To the left of the large metal gate is a fountain and
    past that is a building with two guards and a power switch.  Kill them (you can
    shoot the first guard through the window), hit the switch to unlock the
    security door, and run back to the turret building.  Instead of climbing the
    stairs though, turn right after entering the building and go through the
    padlocked door you've just unlocked.  This area has a patrolling guard plus two
    more guards operating balcony searchlights.  Kill them, using your infrared
    specs if necessary, and climb the stairs to trigger a cut scene.
    Once inside Drake's castle, head to the party room.  Go down to where the
    guests are, speak to the waiter to get your gadgets, and use your camera to
    take pictures of all four women.  If you're having trouble with the camera,
    download the patch.  Once this is done, Rook will move away from the doorway he
    was blocking.  Go through it to the library.  After the cut scene, climb the
    spiral staircase and head to the next area, the museum.  It contains 4 castle
    guards.  Dispatch them with your dart pen (keep your distance and hopefully
    they won't notice you), take their guns, and continue to the next area, the
    gallery.  A guard is patrolling the lower level of the gallery.  Kill him and
    walk across the rafters to the other side.
    SECRET 2/2: The painting to the left of the fireplace contains a hidden safe.
    Open the painting, cut the safe's lock with your watch laser, and take the
    grenades inside.  There's nothing you do can do with the secret documents,
    despite what M suggests.
    The next area contains a cut scene in which Zoe is captured by security.  After
    it ends, throw some grenades down into the dining room and you'll take out a
    guard or two if you're lucky.  Then run down the stairs and kill any remaining
    guards.  Beyond the dining room is another guard, followed by a staircase which
    leads to the gondola station.  The station has four more guards who shoot at
    you from behind crates.  Try using your Kowloon to snipe their heads.  Zoe is
    waiting in the gondola for you.  You'll have to turn on the power to the
    gondola first.  Don't forget to take the bulletproof vest, ammo, and rocket
    launcher before leaving.  Shortly after the gondola departs from the station,
    it will stop and two guards will rush out and shoot at you.  Take them out with
    your Kowloon.
    BOSS - HELICOPTER:  Now Rook and his men will attack your gondola with in their
    helicopter.  On Operative and Agent, you can safely take them out with your uzi
    without taking too much damage.  On 00 Agent, you'll want to use your rocket
    launcher to take out the helicopter as quickly as possible.  WARNING: BE
    you aim where the helicopter is going, not where it currently is, because the
    rockets are slow.  After a few hits, it'll crash and you'll pass the mission.
    SECTION 6.2: Airfield Ambush
    o  Avoid security detection
    o  Disable the security searchlights
    o  Subdue the investigating guard to obtain a Level 1 Security Pass Key
    o  Infiltrate the Flight Control Tower
    o  Enter the Main Control Room of the Flight Control Tower
    o  Subdue or eliminate the tower personnel using any means necessary
    o  Destroy the flight control tower communication and radar consoles
    o  Obtain a sniper rifle and cover Agent Nightshade in the Freight Yard
    o  Determine the status of the aircraft in the Secondary Aircraft Hangar
    o  Reach the Radar Tower vantage point eliminating any enemy resistance
    o  Protect Agent Nightshade as she prepares the aircraft for take off
    o  Protect the taxiing aircraft piloted by Agent Nightshade
    o  Escape in the aircraft
    SECRETS   : 5
    When the level starts, wait for Zoe to run to the other building.  Now run to
    the fence on your right, turn left and follow the building around, turning left
    past the searchlight.  You'll see a big green smoking box with a lock on it.
    Cut the lock with your watch laser and shut down the generator.  From your
    current position, you should see two guards standing on top of the building.
    Shoot them both.
    SECRET 1/5: Use your cellphone to reach the grapple point on the antenna near
    where the left-most guard was standing.  You'll get ammo and a sniper rifle.
    YOU WILL FAIL THE MISSION.  Walk along the roof and jump onto the lower
    building.  Then jump down onto one of the green boxes and run back to where Zoe
    is waiting.  While she's talking, check out the control tower in the distance.
    There's a guard standing on the catwalk.  Use your sniper rifle on him.
    There's another guard walking around the catwalk as well.  Don't forget to
    shoot him too.  After a while a guard will come out to fix the sabotaged
    generator.  Hide behind the green box you started at and wait for him to pass
    by.  Shoot him and take his key.  He's very good at spotting you, so make sure
    you stay hidden until he's well out of the freight yard area or the other
    guards will be alerted.  Now face the courtyard, run to the building on your
    left, and use the key on the front door.  Inside the building, duck under the
    camera to your right and shoot the guard taking a drink from the fountain.
    Ducking straight under cameras is an excellent way to avoid them.
    SECRET 2/5: In the office to the left of the fountain, there's a Kowloon in the
    desk drawer.
    SECRET 3/5: Go through the door near the first camera and head through the
    offices.  Take a right when you come out and you'll find a utility closet.
    Inside is a bag of ammo.
    From the utility closet, go right, climb the stairs (watch out for the camera),
    and walk up to the left-most window.  A guard is standing inside.  Shoot him
    and enter the room.  To your right is another guard.  Kill him, go up to the
    desk and take his pass key.  There's a vest there as well, but you may want to
    save it.  Now go down the opposite set of stairs.  Duck under the camera and
    when it turns away from the padlocked door, run up to the door, use the pass
    key to unlock it, and dash inside.
    BOND MOVE 1/1: Look up.  You'll see a grapple point.  Use your cellphone to
    reach the top.  Make sure to move forward as you let go of the grapple so that
    you'll catch the ledge.  Otherwise you may fall to your death.
    Wait for Zoe to turn off the cameras.  Then climb the final flight of stairs to
    the control room, where three guards are waiting.  It's best to throw a grenade
    or two into the control room before you enter.  Kill whoever's left and shoot
    out all the computer screens.  A cut scene will begin and Zoe will start her
    escape.  When it ends, leave the control room and use the door one level down
    to access the catwalk.  Take out your sniper rifle and and immediately shoot
    the guards on the roofs.  On the easier difficulty settings, Zoe can take tons
    of bullets before going down.  On the 00 Agent, you'll have to be quick or
    she's toast.  The only advice I can give is to memorize where all the guards
    appear so you can quickly take care of them as soon as they appear.  You may
    want to consider using the Kowloon once the guards start appearing closer to
    you.  It has a faster rate of fire.  WARNING: AVOID SHOOTING THE EXPLOSIVE
    YOU THE MISSION.  Once Zoe has reached safety, run back down the stairs to the
    ground floor, which has been overrun by guards.  Shoot your way back to the
    SECRET 4/5: When you're back in the freight yard, go to the other side where
    two trucks are parked.  There is a locked chest in the back of one of them.
    Open it and you'll find another Kowloon and some ammo inside.
    Go to the left-most door of the building you're at.  A guard will come out as
    you get near.  Shoot him, enter the building, open the next door, and shoot the
    guard hiding behind the crates.  His fellow guards will rush to the area.  Stay
    in the doorway and let them come to you.  Once you dispatch them, enter the
    warehouse.  Make use of explosive barrels if you see a guard standing next to
    some.  Make your way through the warehouse.  If you go through the offices, you
    can find some ammo and armour.  Go through the stacks of crates and crawl
    through the big pipes using the duck key.
    SECRET 5/5: You can climb up one of the little crates near the pipes.  From
    here you can jump over the pipes, hopping from stack to stack.  When you reach
    the metal office roof, do a duck jump (jump and press duck in midair) in order
    to make the jump.  Follow the metal roof and jump down into the fenced-off
    area, where you'll find weapons, ammo, and armour.
    Just past the pipes is a door that leads to another crate yard filled with
    guards.  It's dark, so put on your glasses.  Once you've killed everyone, go
    through the door on the far side of the yard (or go back and pick up some
    armour if you need any).  Kill the guard waiting for you and go through the
    next door.  A cut scene will start.  After it ends, it will be your job to
    protect Zoe as she readies the airplane.  To your right is a radar tower.  Use
    your sniper rifle to kill the guards and run over to the tower.  Although the
    obvious thing to do is to protect Zoe from the tower, it's dangerous and will
    probably get either you or her killed if you're playing on 00 Agent.  So as
    soon as you climb the first set of stairs and your objectives are updated, run
    right back to the door you came from.  Guards will start pouring out of the
    door, so mow them down before they get to Zoe and the plane.  They won't shoot
    at you until they get out into the open, so stand in the doorway and kill them
    before they get past you.  There's 8 or so, and once you eliminate them, just
    wait until Zoe gets the plane going.  Once she's out on the runway, run up to
    the plane as it taxis to complete the mission.
    SECTION 6.3: Uninvited Guests
    o Escort Mayhew to the hidden bunker
    o Destroy the computer in Mayhew's office
    o Retrieve the code key from the bedroom safe
    o Rescue the hostage in the Front Carpark
    o Rescue the hostage in the Bathhouse
    o Rescue the hostage in the Main Garden Viewing Pavilion
    o Rescue the hostage in the Library
    o Rescue the hostage in the Servant Quarters
    o Return to Mayhew in the Bunker
    o Eliminate Yakuza Assassin
    SECRETS   : 5
    Detailed walkthrough coming soon.
    SECTION 6.4: Phoenix Rising
    o Remain undetected
    o Steal the NightFire data from the Terminal Computer
    o Activate main tower elevators
    o Upload Q-Worm to Administrator's Computer
    o Upload Q-Worm to Accounting Executive's computer
    o Upload Q-Worm to Elevator Control Computer
    o Use magnetic grapples to scale glass surface of building
    o Upload Q-Worm to Mayhew's computer
    o Bug Executive Meeting Room
    o Bug Drake's Penthouse Office
    SECRETS   : 3
    This is a stealth level, so you'll need to avoid security guards, cameras, and
    invisible lasers.  It's not as hard as it sounds.  Security guards (whom you
    aren't allowed to kill) can be taken out with punches, your dart pen, or your
    keychain stunner.  I suggest using your fists for the most part and perhaps the
    dart pen for long-range.  Make sure you dispatch them before they sound the
    alarm (and there are alarms everywhere).  Cameras can be avoided simply by
    peeking around corners and waiting for them to turn away from you.  Standing
    under cameras is another way to avoid them.  Invisible lasers appear later on
    in the level.  You can spot them with your infrared specs.
    When the level starts, knock out the guard walking away from you and turn the
    corner.  Two more guards will be talking near the elevator.  Use your dart pen
    on them.  Around the elevator is a yellow-suited technician.  Knock him out.
    Although it only takes a single punch to take out guards on the easiest
    difficulty, it takes four hits on the hardest.  A good tactic is to let loose a
    volley of punches and then step back before they zap you with their taser.
    Then go in for more punches.
    SECRET 1/3:  Near the technician is a white van.  Inside its open door are some
    flashbang grenades.
    Go up the stairs to the next level.  You'll find yourself on the main floor.
    To your left are two guards walking along.  Take them out and continue the way
    they were walking.
    BOND MOVE 1/4: When you reach the grand lobby, look up.  There's a wraparound
    balcony with a grapple point.  You your cellphone to get up and punch the guard
    standing at the top.
    SECRET 2/3: Run around to the far side of the balcony.  There's a Kowloon plus
    another guard.
    Jump down from the balcony and head down to the front entrance.  The guard at
    the desk is sleeping, so you can take his key.  There's another guard
    patrolling the area, but he usually doesn't see you.  Head back to the grand
    lobby.  You'll notice a big black window along one side.  Behind it is a guard
    and a motion sensor.  Don't walk near it or you'll be spotted and fail the
    mission.  There's also a door to the right of the window.  Head to the door
    (going around to avoid the window) and open it with the key.  Knock out the
    guard inside and use your decryptor on the console.  Don't worry about the
    motion sensor.  It only spots people outside the window.  Now head back to the
    elevators near where you entered the floor.  If you do all this quickly enough,
    you should reach the elevator before the first pair of guards wakes up.
    The next floor contains cameras and invisible lasers.  If you ever see a set of
    three vertical grey squares on a wall, it means there's lasers there.  Don't
    walk through it or you'll trip the alarm.  When you leave the elevator, go to
    your right and turn left.  A guard is walking along, so punch him before he
    runs for the alarm.  Follow the bend around and enter the door to the offices.
    Make your way through out into the hallway again.  Another guard is patrolling.
    Knock him out, but don't let the camera see his body.  If you wish, use your
    x-ray glasses to watch him through the wall until he's away from the camera.
    Then open the door to punch him.  Go around the corner past the server room and
    through the kitchen, avoiding the other cameras.  When you leave the kitchen,
    go through the door on your left.  There's a set of darts on the desk in one of
    the offices if you need them.  Go through the offices until you reach the
    administrator's desk.  Plant the Q-Worm in his computer and go back out the way
    you came.  Past the kitchen is a large veranda overlooking all the floors
    below.  There's a guard patrolling, as well as another camera.
    BOND MOVE 2/4: Hanging from the ceiling of the veranda room are two large
    circular structures.  They have grapple points which you can use to avoid the
    Go through the large room, dispatch the guard in the next hallway, and head
    over to the accounting executive's office.  Plant a Q-Worm in his computer and
    head around the corner to the security room.  Inside is a guard and a console
    that you must use your decryptor on.  This will shut off the invisible lasers.
    You're now free to take the stairs down to the maintenence level.  Once on the
    maintenence level, you'll see a yellow-suited technician in the room ahead of
    you.  Punch him out.
    SECRET 3/3: To the right of where you enter the maintenence level is a supply
    room.  In it is a locked cabinet.  Use your watch laser to open it and you'll
    find some weapons, ammo, and armour.
    Now enter the big power generator room.  Make sure your Wolfram is silenced.
    As soon as you enter you'll see that one of the generators has an open panel.
    Shoot at the instruments inside and the generator will break down.  Run around
    the perimeter of the room, hugging the wall.  The technicians will be
    distracted by the broken generator.  You'll come to another set of stairs.
    Climb up them and go through the door.
    BOND MOVE 3/4: As soon as you go through the door, you'll see a locked fuse box
    to your left.  Open it with your watch laser and shoot/punch the inside to
    knock out the power.
    Go left and through the two doors.  You'll enter the control room.  Knock out
    the guard and plant the Q-Worm into his computer.  Now head back out and
    continue down the hallway.  Two guards will approach, but it'll be dark, so
    you'll have an easy time knocking them out.  Go through the door at the end and
    then through the next door to exit onto the building's terrace.
    Your next task involves scaling the side of the building.  Kill the Yakuza
    guard and run over to the right side of the elevator to begin the climbing
    sequence.  You move very slowly with the magnetic grapples, so plan your moves
    before you climb.  Don't be too ambitious or you'll be caught.  Make sure the
    guards are far away from the window before you go.  Also note that each window
    has a grey strip near the bottom.  As long as you're under the strip, you're
    safe from the guards spotting you.  You can watch the guards from there.  There
    are five floors of windows in total and when you get to the top you'll enter
    the building again.
    Once inside, head to Mayhew's office (there's some armour there if you're low
    on health) and plant the Q-Worm.  Then go to the terminal room, open the first
    door and crack the second door's lock with your decryptor.  Go up to the
    terminal and steal the data.  As soon as you do, guards will be alerted to the
    area.  This is the trickiest part of the mission, because you can't peek from
    behind the terminal room doors and snipe at the guards.  For some reason they
    can shoot through the edges of the door while you cannot.  Your best hope is to
    just be aggressive and take them out as quickly as possible with your machine
    gun's sniper mode.  There's more guards off to the left near the meeting room.
    Bug the meeting room and head up the stairwell to the roof.
    BOND MOVE 4/4: In Drake's penthouse is a keypad.  Use it to open a weaponry
    room filled with ammo and a rocket launcher (currently locked behind a
    Once in the penthouse, bug Drake's desk and rush outside for the last obstacle
    of the mission.
    BOSS - HELICOPTER: The helicopter won't fire on you until it rises from under
    the helipad for the second time (after about 15 seconds).  So get out into the
    open and fire at it non-stop with your Kowloon while you have the chance.
    After that, keep inside the doors and peek out at the helicopter.  When it's
    turned away from you, come out and fire at it.  Avoid the missiles it fires,
    and don't stand near the weaponry room, because it will blow up towards the end
    of the fight.  When it blows up, you can snatch the rocket launcher if you
    want.  Personally, I would stick to the Kowloon or the machine gun.  When you
    deal the helicopter enough damage, it'll crash and you'll pass the mission.
    SECTION 6.5: Hidden Agenda
    o Locate and defeat Rook
    o Restore power to the service elevator
    o Gain access to the astronaut training facility
    o Take the service elevator to the basement
    o Disengage the security locks to the control rooms
    o Activate the turbines to drain the airlock
    o Drain water from the airlock
    o Acquire the space suit
    SECRETS   : 3
    You start off in the air ducts.  Put on your night vision glasses and head up
    through the duct.  There's several vents you can exit from, but we'll look at
    two in particular.
    Route #1: The Bond Way
    Like in the first mission, this method allows you to perform a Bond move, but
    you'll take lots of enemy fire.  Keep going through the duct until you come to
    a vent that drops down onto one of the big green boxes.  Cut the metal vent
    clasp with your watch laser and jump down onto the box.  After killing all the
    guards around you, grab onto the wire above you and climb over to the wall.
    Cut the clasp on the vent and climb in.  It'll take you to a room with a rocket
    launcher.  Doing this will get you the mission's only BOND MOVE, plus the first
    of three secrets.
    Route #2: The Stealthy Way
    The more sensible method, especially if you're on 00 Agent, is to follow the
    duct all the way to the end.  You'll drop out into a room with an uzi.  Outside
    are two guards and an elevator whose power you'll need to restore.
    SECRET 2/3: To your left are three lockers.  Open the middle one to find some
    Past the lockers is the large turbine room.  It's filled with quite a few
    wandering guards, plus another guard overlooking everything from the control
    room window.  Kill them all, utilizing the exploding barrels, and head around
    to the other set of stairs on the far side of the room.  Through the door is a
    hallway with a guard at the very end.  Take him out and shoot the guard around
    the first right hand turn as well.
    SECRET 3/3: If you go around the turn, enter the next room (which has two
    guards), and go into the next room after that (the control room).  You'll find
    a grate which you can open with your watch laser.  Crawl through and you'll
    find a vest on the other side.
    At the end of the hallway you'll find a right-hand door.  Inside are two guards
    and the elevator power switch.  Kill them, hit the switch and go back to the
    elevator.  As the elevator descends, keep your aim towards the left, as a guard
    is waiting there.  Kill him and switch your aim to the right to kill the other
    guard who runs out.  Now go left, kill the guard, open the electronic door, and
    kill they guy in the airlock room.  Now turn around and go back.  More guards
    will have flooded the area, so kill them.  Across from the elevator is a
    security room.  Behind the locked gate in the security room is the control room
    switch.  Open the gate with your laser and hit the switch.  To the right of the
    elevator are some barrels.  Shoot the barrels to blow up the door, and take the
    stairs up.  At the top will be two more guards.  Once you get back to the
    turbine room, you'll find that it has been overrun with even more guards.
    Quickly run down the stairs and open the door near the bottom.  There's a guard
    and a big red button that you have to press.  A good tactic is to wait in the
    doorway for guards to come to you.  That way you're not out in the open.  On
    the other side of the room is another door with another big red button.  You'll
    have to press both to drain the airlock.
    Now go back and get the space suit.  You'll lose your weapons in exchange for a
    laser gun, but as a tradeoff you'll regain all your health.  Enter the tube and
    follow through it.  You'll soon come to a large water-filled room with 4
    astronauts.  They can quickly strip you of your health on 00 Agent, so you'll
    have to be clever in taking them out.  Peeking around the corner to snipe them
    is hard, since the laser gun's sight is off.  The only simple guy to kill is
    the astronaut on the platform high above.  You can slowly move out until you
    see just his legs and shoot him that way.
    When they're dead, there's another door higher up that you can exit through.
    Your next challenge is four sets of lasers that will instantly kill you if you
    touch them.  They flicker on and off, so you'll have to swim through each one
    quickly.  The first set of lasers is the hardest, because you have to swim
    vertically.  For the other three, stand as close to them as possible before
    making your move.  If you're having trouble, save often.  Once through, follow
    the tube to your last challenge.
    BOSS - ROOK: This battle is a bit confusing, as several odd things could
    happen.  For starters, Rook could either blast upwards or start firing at you.
    If he blasts upwards it'll be harder for you, since you'll have to go out into
    the room to get him.  If he starts the battle by firing at you, you can shoot
    back at him from the safety of the tube.  If you do go out, stay on the
    platforms, or you'll be sucked down towards the fan and the fight will become
    all the more difficult.  Other than that, just aim for his head.  He's not very
    accurate, so you can stay still most of the time.  Sometimes, halfway through
    the fight, the top grating will start descending to crush you both.  You'll
    have to hurry and finish off Rook if this happens.  Other times Rook just dies
    without the grate having to descend.
    SECTION 6.6: High Treason
    o Destroy the Phoenix Transport Vans
    o Escape the tower alive
    o Cripple the Phoenix computer network
    o Destroy the servers in the server room
    o Destroy the servers on the accounting floor
    o Find and acquire the explosive charges
    SECRETS   : 2
    Detailed walkthrough coming soon.
    SECTION 6.7: Island Getaway
    o Find and rescue Alura
    o Gain entry into the caves
    o Gain entry into the island base
    o Locate and acquire explosives
    o Place explosives beneath missile gantry
    o Plant Q-Worm into missile launch computer
    o Locate electronic counter measure (ECM) buildings
    o Disable all electronic counter measures (ECM)
    o Reach Drake's island base
    o Plant explosives on all bridge supports
    SECRETS   : 4
    Detailed walkthrough coming soon.
    SECTION 6.8: Zero Minus
    o Breach the security perimeter of missile decommissioning facility
    o Obtain photographic evidence of missile reassembly
    o Disable active missile silos
    o Find and capture Drake
    o Infiltrate Shuttle Bay
    o Escape From Blast Pit
    o Stop Kiko from Boarding the Shuttle
    SECRETS   : 1
    Detailed walkthrough coming soon.
    SECTION 6.9: Reentry
    o Find and disarm nuclear missiles
    o Disarm Missile 1
    o Disarm Missile 2
    o Disarm Missile 3
    o Disarm Missile 4
    o Find and eliminate Drake
    o Find escape pod
    SECRETS   : 0
    There's no armour on this level, so try to get the drop on your enemies by
    aiming for their heads.  When you begin, open the door and kill the guard on
    the elevator.  If you remember my speech about the laser gun, you'll remember
    that you have to aim above and to the left of your targets if you want to hit
    them.  Climb the barrels on the left and jump across to the recharge station.
    This gives you three boosts that allow you to jump very high.  Hold your Jump
    key to activate it, and leap to the elevator above you.  The next area contains
    three guards.  They won't shoot at you until they run to their positions, so
    kill them as they run.  To the right is the missile chamber.
    In the missile chamber you'll need to open the defusals for each missile, press
    the two switches to open the deactivation button, and deactivate each one.
    Guards will shoot at you from the lookout rooms, which can be a pain.  The best
    thing to do is to open the defusal on the first rocket and boost jump up.  From
    there, shoot away at all the guards until they stop bothering you.  Then you
    can concentrate on disarming the nukes.  You'll have plenty of time, and if you
    run out of boosts, there's another recharger in the area below.  When you've
    disarmed all four, head through the door that opens up and move into the final
    BOSS - DRAKE: Strafe to the right and shoot the guard on the left.  Then strafe
    to the left and take out the other guard before concentrating on Drake.  My
    best advice is to always keep firing at him.  If you stop, he'll unleash balls
    of energy at you, which are very hard to dodge.  You don't even have to
    constantly hit him to keep him on his toes.  At the very least shoot in his
    general direction.  Be careful of the other doors on the left and right sides
    of the room.  They contain a few guards, who come out during the fight.  You'll
    want to take care of them as quickly as possible, but don't take your eyes off
    Drake for too long.  Oh, and don't stand next to the oxygen tubes.  They
    explode, but you can use this to your advantage.  After enough shots from your
    laser gun, Drake will die and the space station will begin to collapse.  Run to
    the escape pod past the right-hand door.  Congratulations, you've won the game!
    SECTION 7.0: Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Where can I get the patch?
    A: The patch, which fixes some of NightFire's bugs and adds extra multiplayer
    levels, can be found at
    Q: I'm having trouble controlling Bond.  Any advice?
    A: Your best bet is to play around with the mouse sensitivity in Options.  You
    may also want to use a lower screen resolution if the game is jerky.
    Q: How do I jump through an open window/onto a crate?
    A: In cases like these you need to perform a duck jump.  As you jump, hold the
    duck key (the default is Ctrl).
    Q: What's with that extra video in the NightFire movies folder?
    A: If you go through the video directory, you'll notice a Mission 6 cut scene
    in which Bond bodychecks a guard through the glass elevator, followed by more
    guards planting dynamite and blowing up a chunk of the Phoenix building.  It's
    pretty cool, but it was never used in the game, as far as I know.
    Q: This guard won't die when I shoot him.  He just stands there.
    A: If this happens, a grenade should take care of him.
    Q: Why does my ammo count disappear?
    A: It's a glitch, but you can restore it by cycling to the next weapon and
    cycling back.  This can happen when you load a saved game or enter a new area.
    SECTION 8.0: Contact & Version History
    You can contact me at stoned_basilisk@hotmail.com if you have any questions or
    comments.  If you use AIM, my screen name is DoctorScorpius.
    Version 0.5 - Finished the character, weapon, gadget, strategy, and FAQ
    sections, along with walkthroughs for missions 1, 2, 4, 5, and 9.

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