"Good game, great concept"

Savage, a game that is not known very well to the public, however it is an excellent put together game, and S2 games tried to combine 3 elements of gameplay into one. Was it successful? Yes it was. With the exception of very basic forms of these elements and dull gameplay at times, is what bogged this game down.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics aren't exactly the best graphics ever, and a lot of games can pack much more into the great PCs out there. Commander mode has some decent graphics as well, but games like WarCraft III surpass it. In third person and first-person, the graphics are much more detailed, but still don't compare to some other modern games.

Story 8/10
While there is no single player in this game which would have been fun of it did, it still has a story that you create. Humans are no longer the dominate race, and it's a struggle between humans and beasts a like for control over the planet. Can you lead your team to victory? Only the Savage survive!

Controls 9/10
The controls are quite smooth and responsive. The aim system in first person mode isn't that great, but it gets the job done. Most of the game is actually done by the mouse. The only thing you are using the keyboard for is movement.

Gameplay 8/10
As stated in the title, Savage has an amazing concept, but the far shot was off. Savage is a real-time strategy, first person shooter and a third person game all in one. Confusing? Yes, but it's simply explained. In an RTS you build your barracks, and get your army together. Not in Savage. There is one commander, who builds everything, and everyone else is troops who fight the opposing team. The troops are the first person shooters, and the third person hitters. Having a good commander is extremely important to your success, as the commanders provides weapons, items and spawn points with garrisons. Fighting legionnaires with coil rifles as a nomad with a hunting bow isn't going to fair nice with the nomad, obviously. Savage strongly depends on team work from the commander, the team, and all the members of the team to capture spawn points, and help the commander on what to do, and visa versa. The only problem with this system is that it is way too basic. Melee in third person is insanely overpowered, and in one combo you are down, and players are jumping all over the place to try to hit the other person, making it quite boring with the same stuff all the time. The first person mode is alright, but doesn't compare to a real first person shooter. The game may seem fun when you first try it, but it gets old really, really fast.

Sounds 6/10
The sounds could have used way more work than they did. Not much emotion was put into making these sounds, and I felt tons more games have put way more effort into sound effects. Even the environmental sounds are below average. You always make the same footsteps, same melee sounds, and everything remains the same. As well as very few music tracks, that only change when you attack a stronghold.

Demo or Buy?
There is a demo for this game, and I STRONGLY suggest you first play the demo. The demo is probably more than enough to play, because even the demo gets old fast. And also beware when downloading it, S2 forgot, or was too lazy to add an uninstaller, making it a huge pain to get it off your system fully.

Final Words
Savage is a game that had an excellent concept, with the problem of all the fusion of these different game types, caused the game to lack in all 3 of the departments. The combat system is very basic, and the game gets very old quickly. I'd recommend this game if you like RTS games, and would like a new twist to it, or if you are looking for an MMORPG feel, without the monthly fee.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/02/04

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