"The beginning of something great?"

A friend and I have been dreaming of a game like this ever since we started playing StarCraft a couple years ago, and finally our dreams are answered, albeit a little sloppy. We were browsing the shelves of Best Buy and I saw the tag line "MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM WITH NO MONTHLY FEE." For $20!

Back story aside, this blends real time strategies with first person/third person action games into something dynamic. Now I'm not sure if this has been tried before, but its a first for me. Basically you have your two generic teams, Legion of Man and the Beast Horde. Teams are divided equally and there is one commander to each team. Each has a similar lay out and control scheme with some differences in weaponry.

Since I'm not good at math, I'll just be giving grades for each category.

Graphics - B-

Graphically, it looks much like Warcraft III, but it looks that way to serve a purpose. The way you see things as a commander (guy building things and controlling everything) and a warrior (guy fighting things) are exactly the same only from a different perspective, which is pretty nifty. Characters look decent even if they are slightly blocky, but its a minor oversight. The reason I gave this section a low score is because I have all the graphic settings all the way up and the morning fog (?) gets incredibly annoying and some textures are a little bland.

Sound - C

Basic grunts and chops. Arrows have a nice little whizzzz sound when they're fired, but most sounds are kinda generic. Theres an in game voice message thingy which makes it easy for the grunts to alert other grunts and lets the teams know whats getting attacked.

Controls - B+

Everything is laid out quite nicely on both roles, so theres no complaints from me. Nothing needed to be changed but the crouch button I guess doesn't work for some reason and I like to crouch. Nice control scheme still.

Game Play - A+

The bread and bones, and the reason I'm writing this! As stated above this is a dream come true to me. The roles are seamlessly combined to make a decent action experience. As a commander you can make two of your warriors officers, give people money for items and most importantly build structures. If you aren't doing a good job, as I experienced first hand, you get impeached and someone who can lead will lead. You can give individual players orders and such. Basic RTS stuff, only you can't control your force (only workers). Now for what makes this game stand waaaaay out...the warrior! As a warrior you're faceless schmoe that the commander orders to die. You can build, mine, repair, fight, and upgrade. Doing all of those will net you experiance except for upgrading. While you aren't under the control of the commander, he can "ask" you to perform tasks, which gives you experiance to get stronger. Eggzmaster has a nice guide to what you get for upgrading, found on this website. Without warriors there isn't a battle! Only problem I have is the fact that people jump constantly when they're fighting...uhg.

Final Word

Finally, a new genre! Although this game isn't perfect by any means, it opens the door wide open for more games like this. Command & Conquer: Renegade showed us what it was like to take off our skirts and get dirty, Savage lets us have an actual face barking orders at us. To make a long story short Savage shows us a new type of game that appeals to such a widespread group of gamers. It would be a crime if nobody else picks up on this idea. Hopefully I gave this game a fair review and I'm not forgetting anything.

The End.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/11/04

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