How do I solve (Fire mage test)?

  1. How do I pass the fire mage test, the three-questioned riddle that the fire mages give you. I can't figure out what their riddles mean... help!

    User Info: Dkars96

    Dkars96 - 8 years ago


  1. For Serpentes you have to steal the Sacred Hammer and destroy the Magic Golem with it.
    For Uthar, go and talk to Hyglas in the Lybrary and make him teach you how to create a Fire Arrow Rune. Create it and bring it Uthar
    For Pyrokar you have to go to the secret cave and open the Chest with the Blank rune with the key pyrokar gave you. I think that the Cave somewhere right of the Black troll's Cave.

    User Info: _orestes

    _orestes - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. Its been a while since i have played, but _orestes was correct with the exception of the location of the hidden cave.

    Use a sleep scroll in the cellar on the Guardian of the shield and the hammer, then take the Hammer. Head outside and jump into the lake. Follow the river down all the way until you come to a road. Then follow the road up the mountain and thats where the Golem is. A single hit from with the Hammer should kill the Golem, but im not sure. Then follow the road across the bridge and the highwayman. Just continue on the path, you should run into a couple Novices along the way, and one will follow you. I believe when you come to a fork in the road he will split but im not sure. Either way, you want to take the right fork and you will come into an cove of sorts thick with vegetation. Follow the sides of the wall and you will eventually stumble into a cave. Take the tunnel that curves upward, the downward one is filled with Mine Crawlers. From there you will come into a large room, talk to the novice then take the Blank Rune. Then make your way back to the Library and use the Blank Rune to create the Fire arrow Rune and talk to Pyrokar. Congrats your now a Fire Mage

    User Info: rpbraley868

    rpbraley868 - 7 years ago 0 0

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