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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ellusion

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    GOTHIC 2 - Guide by Ellusion
    Gothic 2 version 1.31 English
    Gothic 2 is (c) Piranha Bytes
    All reference concerning this guide via mail to gothic2@ellusion.no, please.
    Guide is version 0.95 as of 02/09/03
    When an exciting grand rpg like Gothic 2 landed in my mailbox, I rushed to
    GameFaqs to get some background info and tips on putting me on the right path.
    You see, I'm one of those gamers that really want the most out of the games I
    play and I can often be found starting a game over and over again to get it
    'right' - lots of additional gaming hours in that and it just gives me a better
    experience. However, as I said heading out to find a FAQ on this, to my
    astonishment there were sadly none at the time. I've been thinking of writing a
    FAQ for a game for a long time to brush up on my english writing skills a bit,
    and here was an opportunity to do just that. So here we are, my first attempt at
    writing a FAQ/Guide, and also what appears to be the first for the English
    version of Gothic 2. Let it be said that I'm not German, nor a native english
    speaker, and that I never played the original Gothic prior to Gothic 2.
    Once I got started writing this though, I soon realized the scope of it was
    simply massive. There's so much to tell (or simply me ranting on), and I quickly
    realized it would take months to get everything I wanted in here. Instead of
    waiting for the whole thing to be complete before releasing, I thougth other
    players like me would still like to get atleast something helping them along,
    and hopefully also be able to share their experience with me and this FAQ as
    they went along. Thus that is the basis for it - I hope to complete this in
    steps and also take on any tips and follow-up information you would be as kind
    as to reveal. There are bound to be a lot of things missed, outcomes to various
    quest trees, consequences of actions and so on, and I would be more than happy
    to hear about it for inclusion in this FAQ (properly credited when used of
    course). If you have ANY information you want to share, don't hesitate to send
    me a mail about it at gothic2@ellusion.no - Thanks.
    Do note that I'm not a helpline for this game, and will not answer any questions
    on how to accomplish things in the game, wether the problem in question is
    covered in this guide yet or not. Please understand this - the guide is taking
    an extraordinary time to write as it is. For contributors, I don't normally
    reply unless there is something to clarify, but know that you have my heartfelt
    thanks. Credits given to contributors are given in the order that I recieve
    them, so unless you have additional noteworthy information, the first
    contributor to make me aware of something I didn't know in adavance is credited
    for the contribution. There are a lot of contributions at this point, and they
    will get added in due time - just don't expect to see your contributions added
    in the immediate following versions. Also, until the guide reaches a 1.0
    version, please contribute to the context so far, and not half a novel about the
    upcoming chapters not covered in the guide yet - that will come in due time, and
    if you see something missing then, please add what you have.
    Copyrights automatically apply to this document according to law wether stated
    here in full or not. You can not reprint any of the material within without
    written permission, nor bring this document to a printed or digital medium
    (magazine, CD etc) without permission. Neither can you host this document
    without permission. If you want to host this document, contact me.
    You can always find the last version at www.ellusion.no, or any of the below
    guide/faq sites:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com
    - http://faqs.ign.com
    020903 Version 0.95
    - Chapter 5 nearly complete, with full complements of quests for both Paladins
      and Mercenaries, with 35 entries.
    - A few major revisions to the guide, where some smaller areas were combined
      into one. This subsequently shifted all the other areas around too, so the new
      lineup is: 1.Xarda's Tower, The Valley, and Road to Khorinis - 2.City of
      Khorinis - 3.Akil's Farm, The Dead Harpy, and Surroundings - 4.Onar's Farm and
      Land - 5.Roaming the New World - 6.The Monastery - 7.The Pass - 8.The Valley
      of Mines - 9.The Castle - 10.The Halls of Irdorath. This also lead to a good
      cleanup on the growing list of quests and the whole thing should be a bit more
      reader-friendly and easy to use. Some crossreferences probably got screwed up
      too, so if you spot any, please let me know.
    - Added a new appendix called Bugs, where you can read up on possible bugs and
      thus avoid them.
    - Added A11.5, an unlimited xp/gold exploit for paladins
    - Added C3.3.P6 Access to the Ship for paladins
    - Edited the info in C2.3.Q4 on the sextant for Ramirez
    - Added C4.4.Q1 Deprivation for paladins
    - Begun a much more comprehensive guide to the three guilds, by adding pointers
      to weapon skills, secondary skills, how to spend LP and so on for paladins and
      mercenaries so far. It's added to the entries for the guilds at the start,
      I1.1 and I1.2. If you have any pointers to add here, please do.
    - Finally added the statboosters 'Donations to Daron' and praying to the statues
      of Innos after much request.
    - Added a new info section called I4 Settings, detailing some alterations made
      to the game ini file.
    - Keep the suggestions and additions coming! I really appreciate all the
      feedback and it will make the guide bit by bit as I come around to it. The
      whole guide will also go through a spellchecker soon, and I am aware of the
      many spelling errors.
    010803 Version 0.85
    - Added a near-complete chapter 4, the dragon hunt, for paladins and
      mercenaries, containing 41 entries so far.
    - Amazed by all the small treasures hidden around that I still find now after
      what must surerly be 300+ hours with this game, I had to add C2.2 with 'A
      Strange Amulet'. Well worth a read and a rather peculiar entry.
    - Added I3 Training your combat skills
    - Added forging as a section to skills appendix (A1) with several swords to
      forge. Also rearranged the order some and moved alchemy into the skills
    - Added C3.6.Q6 The Judge's Lackey
    - Added C3.6.P7 Another Pot of Stew
    - Added C3.6.P8 A Graveyard Sorrel
    - Added C3.6.Q7 Shadowbeast Horns for Buster
    - Added C3.8.Q5 The Forged Mineshares
    - Added additional info on the differences on completing a lot of quests in
      chapter 3 as a mercenary
    - Added C3.2.Q2 Maleth's Walking Stick, for mercenaries
    - Added a point of interest to the beginning of chapter 3, returning you the
      valley of mines for some last chance pickpocketing
    - Complemented the chapter start sections (C2, C3 & C4) with some reflections on
      average levels and progress, including my own level experience for comparison
      so you can see how you fare
    - Added C3.3.S3 Fingers' Chest for those not taking advantage of this earlier
    - Added more hunters and hunting skills
    - Added C2.10.P14 A Stone Circle & Elixir of Spirit, and changed the order of
      interest there a bit
    - Added C2.10.P17 Demon's Lair & Life Elixirs
    - Added C2.10.P18 Ancient Demon Tower
    - Added C2.10.P19 A Ring of Dexterity
    - Added A12.4 Unlimited Experience & Gold, part II
    210703 Version 0.75
    - Chapter 3 almost complete, with emphasis on Paladin for now. Chapter 3 touches
      on nearly all areas in the new world and has a total of 35 new entries so far.
    - Added 6 more points of interest to C2.10, Valley of Mines
    - Added appendix A11, Combat Tactics with info on how to combat several
      creatures, including Dragon Snappers, Snappers, Orc Scouts, Orc Warriors,
      Skeletons, Shadow Warriors and Crypt Guards.
    - Added information I2, Training your Attributes. This might seem like an odd
      sequence, but rest assured other information appendixes will follow, like
      classes, training your combat skills, combat in general and so on, they are
      just not all that finnished yet while the attribute training section was =)
    - Added appendix A12, Exploits & Unintended Advantages, with information on how
      to gain unlimited gold and experience, as well as some additional goblin
      berries and dragonroots
    - Added appendix A13 Magic Rings & Amulets, an overview of the various rings and
      amulets and what they do, as well as references to the guide where and when
      you can find these items. The list is a work in progress. The appendix
      sequence is a bit chaotic at the moment and will probably change in the
    - Updated C1.3.Q26 and C1.7.P4 with more info on the ring of invincibility
    - Added A7.11 Sergio's Two-Hander Tip
    - Added several new entries to the various weapon/armor/item and similar tables
    - Added a paragraph to "foreword and copyrights" about the contributions,
      mailing me with questions and other reference.
    - And probably a whole lot of things updated that I forgot I did.
    160703 Version 0.7
    - Added chapter 2 area 9, The Pass with 2 entries
    - Added chapter 2 area 10, The Valley of Mines with 19 entries
    - Added chapter 2 area 11, The Castle with 8 entries
    - Added Khorinis and Onar's Farm areas for chapter 2, with 6 and 3 entries
    - Added a very rewarding alternate sidequest into the city, C1.2.S2
    - Added additional info to several quests from contributors
    - Added a point to the Dead Harpy area about the goblin cave since there's so
      many of the little buggers in there I felt it deserved it's own entry.
    - Added 3 more entries to C1.7 and rearranged the list order a bit
    - Added a new entry to area 8, on how to get into the monastery in chapter 1
      without joining the mages
    - Added a C1.3.Q26 Snapper's Claws
    - Added C1.3.P14 Bromor's Backroom
    - Added C1.6.S1 Wasili's Old Coins
    - Added C1.2.P6 Back to the Valley
    - Expanded on the info in C1.4.Q1
    - Expanded on the info in C1.6.Q14
    - Expanded on the info in C1.3.S4
    - Added some info to C1.7.S1 with a magic ring
    - Added more beasts to the Experience & Loot appendix
    - Added the two books from Lutero to the Skills & Statboosters appendix
    070703 Version 0.6
    - Added another section dealing with information it would be good to know before
      starting play, marked 'I' and located before the chapter guide. First
      additions here are a quick overview on the three different guilds.
    - Added new area (7) Roaming the New World with 4 entries so far (chapter 1)
    - Added new area (8) The Monastery with 18 mage related quests (chapter 1), 1
      sidequest and 1 point of interest. This also details how to join the mages and
      becoming a full Fire Mage
    - Moved "How to get Into the Monastery" to the Monastery area
    - Added 4 more quests to area 6, Onar's Farm
    - Added 1 new quest to area C1.3 Khorinis (Jack's Lighthouse)
    - Added 2 new quests to Onar's farm, one being the first task as a Mercenary
    - Added Dragomir's Crossbow quest to Dead Harpy area
    - Completed the info on C1.6.P4
    - Added Sagitta and Constantino to the Alchemist Trainers
    - Added Hunters Gaan and Grimbald
    - Added more potion recipies and weapons
    - Completed the Herbology list
    - More foes added to the Experience & Loot appendix
    040703 Version 0.55
    - Added Appendixes for Weapons, Armor, Herbology, Experience & Loot, and a
      Levelchart, all works in progress.
    - Added the Dead Harpy, and Onar's Farm areas
    - Added more Points and Quests to Khorinis as well as rooting out some loose
      threads there.
    - Completed the Foodstuffs appendix
    - Added more Trainers
    - Some spelling errors, namechanges etc
    020703 Version 0.4
    - Decided to release the version in it's current state so people would get
      atleast something to start on. Hope it was enough to begin with.
    - Cleared out all (I hope) placeholder spots for further inclusions, some
      spellchecking and proofreading to make sure it made sense so far.
    - Removed several Appendix sections that wasn't near completion. Look for them
      in the next version.
    010703 Version 0.35
    - Added Akil's Farm area with quests and info.
    - Added more of the Khorinis chapter 1 quests to near completion
    - Further added appendixes and info
    300603 Version 0.3
    - Completed the first areas, got much of the Khorinis quests in place.
    - Added more appendixes
    280603 Version 0.2
    - Added the Xardas Tower sections, Lobarts Farm and begun some appendix sections
    270603 Version 0.1
    - Began this guide and realized how massive the scope was and that I might have
      made a mistake. Decided to do it anyway =)
    Due to the nature of Gothic 2, I felt writing a step by step walkthrough would
    defeat the purpose of experiencing such a game. Instead everything is divided
    first into chapters and then into general areas like cities, stretches, outposts
    etc. For each chapter and area there are specific quests as given to your
    Questlog (L), and also sidequests and points of interest. Quests are specific
    entries that show up named in your Questlog and are marked "Q" in the index.
    Sidequests are small 'quests' or tasks you can partake in or fulfill if you like
    but wont show up in your questlog. The sidequests still give experience though.
    Sidequests are branded "S" in the index. Points of interest are neither quests
    nor give you any direct experience, but may still give you a challenge and some
    good items - examples would be a hidden cave, a hidden corpse, a cache of coins,
    a tip or trick, or a weapon off the beaten track etc. Points of Interest are
    marked "P" in the index, but not everything is listed unless there is something
    of special importance. A regular cave with a few monsters and coin won't show up
    as a point of interest unless it serves another purpose.
    The quests in your questlog (L) are placed in the chapter and area where you
    recieve them, but contain notes if you cannot finnish the quest within the same
    chapter you recieved it. Some quests may also be a lot harder than others, but
    theoretically possible to finnish within a certain chapter. In those cases the
    quest belongs to the chapter it was first obtainable. Most quests and sidequests
    also spans over several areas and even chapters, so the way they are listed here
    is simply what I found to be a convenient way of doing them without
    touching on too many areas at once. As an example, the city quests often touch
    on the various guilds, going in and out of an area and often branching off into
    multiple quest trees before completion. In these cases I try to finnish up and
    list all "stand alone" quests you can get and complete, without them neccecarily
    happen strictly in a step by step manner (ie, walk left take this quest, walk
    further left and do this quest). It doesn't really matter in what order you take
    most of the quests either, I've just listed them in the manner I find them most
    fitting to take and complete. The whole idea still is that you explore the game
    world and pick up quests as you see fit, then come back and crosscheck them here
    by looking for their names as they show in your questlog.
    Quests are also divided by guild alignment since many quests are only obtainable
    when you belong to a certain guild. These quests are most often listed at the
    end of the chapter or area questlist. Everything is then further outlined in the
    descriptions, like wether the thing is a quest, sidequest, or point of interest.
    Last, not everything is actually outlined in the guide like a step to step guide
    - that would simply just ruin your gaming experience and be a guide that took a
    year to write. There won't be specific monster entries or down to the coin
    entries of what to find where, but rather a point to point guide where you get
    what's coming to you inbetween. Of course, if a dark cave opening contains
    something that would smack you down in a single blow, or a certain item that is
    highly useful can be found, it will be mentioned as a point of interest, but
    other than that don't expect a x/y coord of every Healing Plant or Wolf present
    in the game. Most of the 'inbetweens' you need to know are outlined in their own
    appendix sections, like "herbology" or "combat".
    Walk around, talk to the people and generally explore, then come back to this
    guide and look up the various quests to see if you got it 'right' or if there
    was something you forgot or possibly another outcome if you want to get in on
    everything. Most of all, have fun with your own experience and use this guide as
    you see fit.
    Geir Gundersen - For several tidbits of information and alternate ways of
    completing quests
    Darf [darf@bellnet.ca] - For cluing me in to a rewarding alternative on getting
    into the city of Khorinis, as well as some additional info to several quests
    xerxes0 [xerxes0@cox.net] - for even more alternate ways into the city of
    khorinis and Wulfgar's training tip
    The Wonderer [thewonderer@gmx.net] - For additional tips to many quests.
    TheGreat Moose [dunos_2000@hotmail.com] - For pointing out the alternating
    between the two 'all AC' rings in the game and how one will replace the other.
    Also a couple errors in the statistics.
    Slayer - for additional bows, pointing out some spelling errors and a tip
    concerning C1.5.P2
    JemyM - for some bug additions
    Each idex entry has a corresponding ID (like C3.1.1). Using the Search function
    of text documents (CTRL+F) can help you look up a specific quest or item of
    interest from the index and then let you jump directly to that information
    without going through everything else. As a whole the structure of the guide is
    split into info (I), for items of interest you might want to get an
    understanding for beginning play, like game mechanics, the factions and so on.
    Next comes the chapter guide (C) with listed quests, sidequests and points of
    interest. Last you'll find the Appendixes (A) dealing with a breakdown of
    statistics, skills, trainers, alchemy recipies, and similar.
    I        INFORMATION
    I.1        GUILDS
    I.1.1       Paladins
    I.1.2       Mercenaries
    I.1.3       Mages
    I.4        SETTINGS
    C1       CHAPTER 1 - THE MENACE
    C1.1.Q1    The Eye of Innos
    C1.1.P1    The Chest behind the Porticullis
    C1.1.P2    A hidden corpse
    C1.1.P3    Down to the valley
    C1.1.P4    Lester
    C1.1.S1    Lester's Shadow
    C1.1.Q2    Wanted Notes and Bandits
    C1.1.Q3    The Bandits at Lobart's Farm
    C1.1.Q4    How to Get Into the City of Khorinis
    C1.1.S2    Another Way In
    C1.1.Q5    Lobart's Work Clothes
    C1.1.Q6    Harvest the Turnip Field
    C1.1.Q7    Bring the Turnips to Hilda
    C1.1.Q8    A Pan for Hilda
    C1.1.Q9    For a Bottle of Wine
    C1.1.P5    A Useful Herb
    C1.1.P6    More Bandits
    C1.1.P7    Back to the Valley
    C1.2      CITY OF KHORINIS
    C1.2.Q1    Getting into the Upper Quarters
    C1.2.Q2    Apprentice in Khorinis
    C1.2.Q3    Matteo & Gritta
    C1.2.P1    Pablo's Wanted Poster
    C1.2.Q4    Furs for Bosper
    C1.2.Q5    Blessing of the Gods
    C1.2.Q6    A Great Challenge
    C1.2.Q7    Herbs for Constantino
    C1.2.S1    Abuyin's Prophecy and Tobbacco
    C1.2.Q8    Canthar's Favor
    C1.2.Q9    A Brazen Thief
    C1.2.Q10   A Merchant's Gold
    C1.2.Q11   Bandit Raids
    C1.2.P2    Zuris' Herbs
    C1.2.P3    A Dead Militia Man
    C1.2.Q12   The Experiment
    C1.2.S2    Edda's Statue
    C1.2.Q13   Mad Fellan
    C1.2.S3    Lares' Trip
    C1.2.Q14   Information for Garvell
    C1.2.P4    Hunting with Bartok
    C1.2.S4    Alrik's Fights & Missing Sword
    C1.2.Q15   The False Messenger
    C1.2.Q16   Baltram's Shipment
    C1.2.S5    The Fishmonger
    C1.2.S6    Entrance to the Thieves Guild
    C1.2.Q17   Constantino's Ring
    C1.2.P5    Matteo's Leather Armor
    C1.2.Q18   Bosper's Bow
    C1.2.S7    Coragon's Silver
    C1.2.P6    The Sewer Stash
    C1.2.S8    Lehmar's Ledger
    C1.2.P7    The Island Stash
    C1.2.P8    Beaches & Shipwrecks
    C1.2.P9    Thieves Secret Headshake
    C1.2.P10   A Thief in the Night
    C1.2.P11   Ripping off Lehmar
    C1.2.S9    Valentino
    C1.2.P12   The City Guard Towers
    C1.2.Q19   The Blood Chalices
    C1.2.P13   Robbing the Upper Quarter
    C1.2.Q20   Bandits at Jack's Lighthouse
    C1.2.Q21   Member of the City Guard
    C1.2.Q22   Paladin: Where is Peck?
    C1.2.Q23   Paladin: A Package Full of Weed
    C1.2.Q24   Paladin: The Weed Deal
    C1.2.Q25   Paladin: Problems at Lobart's Farm
    C1.2.Q26   Snapper's Claws
    C1.2.P14   Bromor's Backroom
    C1.3.S1    Two Brothers
    C1.3.Q1    A Farmer in Need
    C1.3.Q2    Bottoms Up
    C1.3.Q3    Dragomir's Crossbow
    C1.3.P1    A Burnt Down Camp
    C1.3.P2    Paladin's Rest
    C1.3.P3    Goblin Mayhem
    C1.4      ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    C1.4.P1    Buster
    C1.4.P2    A Nest of Field Raiders
    C1.4.Q1    The Hungry Hunter
    C1.4.P3    Trolls!
    C1.4.Q2    Four Wolves for Pepe
    C1.4.Q3    Kick Bullco's Butt
    C1.4.Q4    A Good Fighter
    C1.4.Q5    Rod's Sword
    C1.4.Q6    Respect
    C1.4.Q7    For a Fistful of Herb
    C1.4.Q8    The Package of Weed
    C1.4.Q9    Jarvis' Challenge
    C1.4.Q10   Member of the Mercenaries
    C1.4.Q11   Drive Away the Militia
    C1.4.Q12   Collect the Rent
    C1.4.P4    Dueling
    C1.4.P5    A Golden Plate
    C1.4.Q13   Stew
    C1.4.P6    Dexter's Bandit Camp
    C1.4.Q14   The Lazy Farmer
    C1.4.Q15   The Forbidden Pasture
    C1.4.Q16   The Sun Aloe
    C1.4.Q17   The Snorting Creature
    C1.4.Q18   Black Hide
    C1.4.S1    Wasili's Old Coins
    C1.4.P7    Inubis' Tomb
    C1.4.Q19   Mercenary: An Offer of Peace
    C1.5.P1    An Inaccessible Riverbed?
    C1.5.P2    The Magic Golem
    C1.5.P3    The Temple Ruins
    C1.5.P4    A Tomb and Steingolems
    C1.5.P5    A Hidden Path
    C1.5.S1    The Black Troll
    C1.5.P6    The Dragonslicer
    C1.6      THE MONASTERY
    C1.6.Q1    Getting into the Monastery
    C1.6.P1    Sneaking Into the Monastery
    C1.6.Q2    Mage: Serving the Community
    C1.6.Q3    Mage: Opolos and the Recipe
    C1.6.Q4    Mage: Opolos and the Library
    C1.6.Q5    Mage: The Chamber of the Novices
    C1.6.Q6    Mage: Figth Training for Babo
    C1.6.Q7    Mage: Babo and the Garden
    C1.6.Q8    Mage: Prayer for the Paladins
    C1.6.Q9    Mage: Isgaroth's Problem
    C1.6.Q10   Mage: The Mutton Sausages
    C1.6.Q11   Mage: The Wine Delivery
    C1.6.Q12   Mage: Seven Herbs
    C1.6.Q13   Mage: The Lost Recipe
    C1.6.Q14   Mage: A Short Trip to the City
    C1.6.Q15   Mage: The Test of Fire
    C1.6.S1    Mage: A Little Help from Dyrian
    C1.6.Q16   Mage: The Living Rock
    C1.6.Q17   Mage: The Path of Believers
    C1.6.Q18   Mage: Create a Rune
    C1.6.P2    Mage: A Gift of Spirit
    C2.1.P1    A Strange Amulet
    C2.2      CITY OF KHORINIS
    C2.2.Q1    Evidence
    C2.2.Q2    Fernando's Business
    C2.2.P1    A Good Read
    C2.2.Q3    The Message
    C2.2.S1    A Second Prophecy
    C2.2.Q4    A Sextant
    C2.4      ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    C2.4.Q1    Mercenary: Another Task
    C2.4.P1    Mercenary: Medium Mercenary Armor
    C2.4.P2    Sagitta's Stock
    C2.7      THE PASS
    C2.7.P1    An Alternate Route
    C2.7.P2    An Orc Camp
    C2.8.P1    Diego's Leather Bag
    C2.8.P2    Teleport Rune: Valley of the Mines Pass
    C2.8.P3    A Dead Paladin & Rune
    C2.8.Q1    Bad News
    C2.8.P4    An Underwater Cave
    C2.8.P5    Den's Body
    C2.8.P6    A Nest of Dragonsnappers
    C2.8.S1    Paladin Marcos' Ore
    C2.8.P7    The Waterfall
    C2.8.S2    Greppert & Kervo
    C2.8.Q2    Help for Marcos
    C2.8.P8    An Amulet of Strength
    C2.8.S3    Olav's Demise
    C2.8.S4    Paladin Silvestro's Ore
    C2.8.P9    A Cliffside Cave
    C2.8.P10   A Lone Sorrel
    C2.8.S5    Paladin Fajeth's Ore
    C2.8.Q3    Snapper Hunt
    C2.8.Q4    Tengron's Ring
    C2.8.Q5    Bilgots Curse
    C2.8.P11   Snowy Area & Elixirs of Life
    C2.8.P12   Ambush!
    C2.8.P13   Mage Rune of Ice Arrow
    C2.8.P14   A Stone Circle & Elixir of Spirit
    C2.8.P15   A Skinny Shadowbeast & Elixir of Strength
    C2.8.P16   A Bold Hunter
    C2.8.P17   Demon's Lair & Life Elixirs
    C2.8.P18   Ancient Demon Tower
    C2.8.P19   A Ring of Dexterity
    C2.9      THE CASTLE
    C2.9.P1    Getting into the Castle
    C2.9.P2    Castle Transport Rune
    C2.9.Q1    Meat
    C2.9.Q2    Gold for Brutus
    C2.9.Q3    Rescue Gorn
    C2.9.P3    Paladin: Heavy Militia Armor
    C2.9.Q4    Diggers and Ore
    C2.9.P2    Robbing the Castle
    C3.1.S1    Report From the Mines
    C3.1.S2    Report of the Dragons
    C3.1.Q1    Healing for Hilda
    C3.1.Q2    Mercenary: Maleth's Walking Stick
    C3.2      KHORINIS
    C3.2.P1    Meeting With Lord Hagen
    C3.2.Q1    Diego's Gold
    C3.2.Q2    Diego's Business
    C3.2.S1    Comfort Gritta
    C3.2.S2    A Third Prophecy
    C3.2.Q3    Something Lost?
    C3.2.P2    Khorinis Merchants' Stock
    C3.2.P3    Paladin: A New Sword From Peck
    C3.2.P4    Paladin: Joining the Order
    C3.2.P5    Paladin: A Magic Blade
    C3.2.P6    Paladin: Access to the Ship
    C3.2.S3    Fingers' Chest
    C3.3.Q1    Moonshine
    C3.3.Q2    Sheep Thieves
    C3.3.P1    Tavern Teleport Rune
    C3.4      ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    C3.4.P1    Seeker's Curse
    C3.4.P2    Pass of Khorinis Teleport Rune
    C3.4.P3    Lester & Xardas Teleport Rune
    C3.4.Q1    Alone and Helpless
    C3.4.Q2    The Banished Farmer
    C3.4.Q3    Torlof's Fear of the Dark Man
    C3.4.P4    Lee & Teleport Rune Landlord
    C3.4.S1    Gorn Made It
    C3.4.Q4    Bennet is in Jail
    C3.4.P5    Farm Merchants' Stock
    C3.4.P6    Mercenary: Heavy Mercenary Armor
    C3.4.Q5    The Crawler Armor
    C3.4.P7    Another Pot of Stew
    C3.4.P8    A Graveyard Sorrel
    C3.4.Q6    Mercenary: The Judge's Lackey
    C3.4.Q7    Mercenary: Shadowbeast Horns for Buster
    C3.6      THE MONASTERY
    C3.6.Q1    Documents
    C3.6.S1    Information for Opolos
    C3.6.Q2    Paladin: The Power of the Stars
    C3.6.P1    The Treasury
    C3.6.Q3    The Eye of Innos, Continued
    C3.6.Q4    Paladin: The Desecrated Shrines
    C3.6.S2    Paladin: Consecration of the Sword
    C3.6.Q5    Mercenary: The Forged Mineshares
    C3.8.P1   Last Chance
    C4.1.P1    Lizardmen in Khorinis!
    C4.1.Q1    Lobart's Orc Problems
    C4.2      CITY OF KHORINIS
    C4.2.S1    A Fourth Prophecy
    C4.2.P1    Merchant's Restock
    C4.2.P2    Mercenary: Baltram's Deal
    C4.2.P3    Paladin: Magic Runes
    C4.2.Q1    Paladin: Hordes of Orc Elite Warriors
    C4.3.Q1    Paladin: Deprivation
    C4.4      ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    C4.4.P1    Two-Handed Combat
    C4.4.P2    Sagitta
    C4.4.Q1    Mercenary: Dragon Eggs
    C4.4.S1    Lee and the Dragon Eggs
    C4.4.P3    Mercenary: Bennet's Battle Blades
    C4.4.S2    Mercenary: Bennet and the Dragon Eggs
    C4.5.P1    An Orc Warlord
    C4.6      THE MONASTERY
    C4.6.S1    Jorgen a Novice?
    C4.6.S2    Mercenary: Kill Pedro
    C4.6.Q1    Paladin: Neoras' Dragon Egg Brew
    C4.8.P1    First Dragonhunter Encounter
    C4.8.P2    Assault on Fajeth's Camp
    C4.8.Q1    Ur-Shak
    C4.8.P3    Demontower Revisited
    C4.8.S1    Engrom is Lost?
    C4.8.Q2    I Gotta get out of Here!
    C4.8.P4    Hunting Dragons
    C4.8.S2    The Swamp Dragon Pandrodor
    C4.8.P5    Recharging the Eye of Innos
    C4.8.S3    The Stone Dragon Pedrokhan
    C4.8.S4    The Fire Dragon Feomathar
    C4.8.Q3    Two Ice Giants for Sylvio
    C4.8.S5    The Ice Dragon Finkregh
    C4.9      THE CASTLE
    C4.9.Q1    Lost in Darkness
    C4.9.Q2    Theft
    C4.9.Q3    Angar's Amulet
    C4.9.Q4    The Filthy Sty
    C4.9.Q5    Hunger
    C4.9.Q6    Jan and the Smithy
    C4.9.Q7    Fero's Sword
    C4.9.P1    A Little Help from Oric
    C4.9.Q8    Hosh-Pak
    C4.9.P2    Mercenary: Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor
    C4.9.P3    Paladin: Dragon Blood for Jan
    C5.1.P1    Xardas' Letter
    C5.1.P2    Lobart's Demise
    C5.2      CITY OF KHORINIS
    C5.2.S1    A Fifth Prophecy
    C5.2.P1    Provisioning
    C5.2.S2    The Thieves Guild
    C5.2.P2    A Few Goblin Berries
    C5.2.P3    Empty the Pockets
    C5.2.P4    Mercenary: Access to the Ship
    C5.2.P5    Paladin: New Paladin Runes
    C5.2.P6    Before you Leave
    C5.3.P1    Looting
    C5.3.P2    Another Goblin Berry?
    C5.4      ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    C5.4.P1    Thekla's Last Pot of Stew
    C5.4.P2    Sagitta's Sorrels
    C5.4.S1    Lee's New Bodyguard?
    C5.4.Q1    Sekob Misses His Wife
    C5.4.Q2    Rosi's Flight
    C5.4.P3    Lifting Pockets
    C5.4.P4    Mercenary: Dragon Weapons & Heavy Armor
    C5.4.Q3    Mercenary: The Show-off
    C5.6      THE MONASTERY
    C5.6.S1    The Monastery Cellar
    C5.6.Q1    I Need A Ship
    C5.6.Q2    Who Will Be My Captain?
    C5.6.Q3    No Travelling Without A Crew
    C5.6.Q4    Return to the Tower
    C5.6.P1    Pickpocketing in the Monastery
    C5.6.S2    Paladin: Second Consecration & Paladin's Armor
    C5.6.S3    Mercenary: A Strange Almanac
    C5.8.P1    Biff
    C5.8.P2    Fear & Looting in the Valley
    C5.8.P3    The Great Orc Wall
    C5.9      THE CASTLE
    C5.9.P1    The Castle Storeroom
    C5.9.P2    Gerold's Goblin Berry
    C5.9.P3    Picking the Castle Clean
    C5.9.P4    Letting the Orcs In
    A1       SKILLS
    A1.1      General Skills
    A1.1.1     Sneaking
    A1.1.2     Opening Locks
    A1.1.3     Pick Pocketing
    A1.2      Hunting
    A1.2.1     Hunting: Skinning
    A1.2.2     Hunting: Remove Mandibles
    A1.2.3     Hunting:
    A1.3      Forging
    A1.3.1     Forging: Self-forged Sword
    A1.3.2     Forging: Ore Longsword
    A1.3.3     Forging: Ore Two-Hander
    A1.3.4     Forging: Ore Bastard Sword
    A1.3.5     Forging: Heavy Ore Two-Hander
    A1.4      Alchemy
    A2       TRAINERS
    A2.1      HUNTERS
    A2.1.1     Bosper
    A2.1.2     Grom
    A2.1.3     Gaan
    A2.1.4     Grimbald
    A2.2.1     Laras
    A2.2.2     Carl
    A2.2.3     Harod
    A2.2.4     Torlof
    A2.3      MELEE TRAINERS
    A2.3.1     Alrik
    A2.3.2     Wulfgar
    A2.3.3     Buster
    A2.3.4     Rod
    A2.4.1     Bartok
    A2.4.2     Niclas
    A2.4.3     Dragomir
    A2.4.4     Ruga xxx
    A2.5      ALCHEMISTS
    A2.5.1     Ignaz
    A2.5.2     Constantino
    A2.5.3     Sagitta
    A2.6      BLACKSMITHS
    A2.6.1     Harad
    A2.6.2     Bennet
    A2.7      MAGE TRAINERS
    A2.7.1     Vatras
    A2.8      OTHERS
    A2.8.1     Thorben
    A2.8.2     Bartok
    A2.8.3     Jesper
    A2.8.4     Ramirez
    A2.8.5     Cassia
    A3       WEAPONS & STATS
    A3.1       One-Handed Weapons
    A3.2       Two-Handed Weapons
    A3.3       Bows
    A3.4       Crossbows
    A4       ARMOR
    A5.1      Apples
    A5.2      Dark Mushrooms
    A5.3      Coragon's Special Beer
    A5.4      Rengaru's Pick Pocketing Tips
    A5.5      Book: The Divine Power of the Stars
    A5.6      Potions
    A5.7      Thekla's Stew
    A5.8      Wulfgar's One-Hander Tip
    A5.9      Book: Southern Defense Art
    A5.10     Book: Double Blocks
    A5.11     Sergio's Two-Hander Tip
    A5.12     Donations to Daron
    A5.13     Statues of Innos
    A6       HERBOLOGY
    A7       FOODSTUFFS
    A8       EXPERIENCE & LOOT
    A9       LEVELCHART
    A11.1     Unlimited Gold
    A11.2     Unlimited Experience
    A11.3     Additional Goblin Berries & Dragonroots
    A11.4     Mercenary: Unlimited Gold & Experience
    A11.5     Paladin: Unlimited Gold & Experience
    A13      BUGS
    I.1 - GUILDS
    There are three possible guilds to join in Gothic 2, and although made up of
    different tiers, they will be refered to here as the Paladins, Mercenaries and
    Mages. Note that you cannot belong to more than one main guild like this, and
    once you have joined a certain guild, there is no way back. Ever. Except
    starting a new game. Please read up on the three guilds to get a better
    understanding of the quest order, how they are marked with each guild, and most
    of all what the differences are.
    I.1.1 Paladins
      This is the first guild you'll come into contact with, and also the easiest
      and most convenient to join with if you just want to get things going.
      Paladins are a mix of fighter and mage and will rely both on strong weapon
      skills as well as magic later in the game.
      The first 'tier' here is to become a member of the City Guard or rather
      Militia in Khorinis. From a member here you can later progress to become a
      Paladin. There is a bit of confusion here as you'll see references to Militia,
      City Guard and the Paladins all over, but in effect they all belong to the
      same grouping. If you join the City Guard with Andre, and get your Militia
      Armor on you are on the rigth track if Paladin is what you intented to become.
      All quests requiring you to be a member of this guild is marked 'Paladin
      Quest' even though you are still just a city guard at first.
        Paladin Setup
         Paladins are a class-type in itself, a warrior/mage setup and you don't
         really have much variation when choosing this guild. Your primary skill
         will most likely be Strength, relying on either one- or two-handed weapons.
         It's quite possible to go the way of Dexterity and use either bows or
         crossbows as your main weapon, but as far as paladin-only weapons, you are
         limited to swords. When you decide on one main attribute - strength or
         dexterity - it's a good idea to sort of ignore the other. Meaning, if you
         plan on using strength, don't go training dexterity. Similarily, don't
         worry about 'maxing' your off attribute, but rather make us of any stat
         boosters you can for this skill as you go. This is not to say that you
         should completely ignore your off attribute, but it will rather raise
         naturally by items found. No matter what you decide to go with as a main
         attribute, the off attribute can easily reach 100+ and will be sufficient
         to do anything you like with it - with dexterity that means all
         pickpocketing and thief related things, and with strength it means you get
         to use pretty much any weapon you wish although dexterity is your main
         Personally I preffer two-handers with paladins (and for mercenaries for
         that matter) due to their increased damage and longer range. When you break
         it down, there really are no game-affecting differences between one or two
         handers, and you will do very well with both. High-damage two-handers can
         be a bit tricky to find at first, but later in the game they will outdamage
         the one-handers considerably. There is also the matter of being able to
         train your two-handed skill to 100% with 10LP less than for one-handers.
         For two-handers, except to spend a minimum of 33 LP in one-handers to gain
         a 'Master' competence level:
         - 10%  Base
         - 10%  From wearing Alrik's Sword
         - 2%   From Wulfgar's Training Tip (See xxx)
         - 5%   From reading the Book Southern Defense Act (See xxx)
         - 33%  From regular training using 33 LP
         = 60%  Master
         Then you can spend 85 LP reaching 100% two-handed skill:
         - 10%  Base
         - 5%   From reading the book Double Blocks (See xxx)
         - 85%  From regular training, using 85 LP
         = 100% Master
         For one-handers, the cost is a bit higher since you won't actually use
         Alrik's sword in combat. To reach 60% in one-handed weapons, you need:
         - 10%  Base
         - 5%   From reading the book Double Blocks
         - 45%  From training, using 45 LP
         And then work on your one-handed skill:
         - 10%  Base
         - 2%   From Wulfgar's training tip
         - 5%   From reading the book Southern Defense Act
         - 83%  From regular training, using 83 LP
         Total cost for mastering two-handed weapons is 118 LP, or 12 levels. Total
         cost for mastering one-handed weapons is 128 LP, or 13 levels.
         For paladins, I wouldn't want to ignore ranged weapons still. Any
         class/guild will find great use in having a ranged weapon handy. Personally
         I never saw bows as a suiting ranged weapon for paladins, and chose to go
         with crossbows. You don't really need to train either skill, but doing so
         will make it a little less frustrating hitting your targets. For both
         paladins and mercenaries, I usually raise crossbow to 30%, expending 20 LP
         doing this.
         Paladins will recieve their first rune when they become paladins after
         serving as militia, in chapter 3 at the earliest, after solving the quest
         'Bennet is in Jail' (See C3.6.Q4 and then C3.3.P4). Paladin's selection of
         runes are very limited, and you will also find several of them. Recieving a
         rune costs 5 LP and is done simply by recieving a rune to use from your
         inventory. The paladin magic is split in two types, healing and combat. You
         can save yourself some LP by ignoring the less powerful runes in favour of
         the greater ones, ie no need to learn Lesser Healing when you could get
         Greater Healing instead. Doing this means only a short time of your life as
         a paladin will be spent actually using magic, so feel free to take whatever
         you can if you like the casting aspect.
         You will however need mana if you are going to use magic. Training mana
         cost double for paladins, and you have to spend 10 LP for every 5 MaxMana
         you train, up to 250. You don't need that much mana really, so around 100
         should be enough, then raise it artificcially by items, and potions if
         needed. Mana is nevertheless a high-cost avenue for paladins, and you
         should expect to spend 150+ LP on this.
        Secondary Skills
         Paladins don't really need any of the secondary skills, but if you have to
         pick one - and trust me, you will have more than enough LP to do so - it
         would be alchemy. Learning the healing potions aren't really needed as
         paladins will generally use their healing runes, but it is required to
         learn the best recipies. Learning all 3 healing potions will enable you to
         learn to make Elixir of Strength, costing a total of 20LP. This will favour
         your combat skills the most and enable you to brew about 10-12 strength
         potions raising your strength by 50-60.
         You could also opt for the mana line, learning all 3 mana potions and then
         open up Elixir of Spirit that raises MaxMana by 10+, for about +50-60 to
         MaxMana using all your King's Sorrel, but I only reccomend this for the
         paladins that plan on relying on their magic for the most part. Going both
         ways will set you back 40LP, and will have you splitting the Mana or
         Strength potions - Each such potions uses a King's Sorrel plant, and you
         have a finite amount of them.
         For other skills, paladins don't really need or have much use of any of
         them. None of the hunting skills will give anything other than a monetary
         return, and forging will only let you make a few of the swords where you
         find or recieve way better ones pretty soon.
         Thieving skills can be just as useful to paladins as the two other guilds,
         and I reccomend learning them. They are Sneaking, Picking Locks and Picking
         Pockets, setting you back 15LP. It could be argued that the paladins are
         great protectors of the law, but really, there is nothing stopping you from
         being a goody paladin during the day, and robbing the people you protect at
         Paladins can basically sign up with any of the three apprenticeships in
         Khorinis, but none of them will anything but a monetary advantage. If I had
         to pick one, I would go with Constantino, because he won't require you to
         learn any skills and will give you a good price on the hundreds of
         mushrooms you most likely will never use.
        Advantages & Disadvantages
         - Paladins won't get the best weapons in the game, but their melee weapons
           are in turn much less stat dependant. The best one-handed weapon for
           instance, require only 40 Strength.
         - Paladins will get the best armor in the game and can achieve as high 130
           AC vs. weapons and arrows.
         - Training Mana is expensive for Paladins as the training cost is double
           that of mages. Each point of Mana costs 2 LP to train.
         - Paladins only have a limited array of magic (combat and healing), but in
           turn these can mostly all be found and thus require very little LP to
        General Paladin Tips
         - Wait with the 10 prayers to Innos until you have joined the order and
           become a paladin in chapter 3. You will get double the bonuses for up to
           +20 strength, +20 dexterity or even +40 extra mana (ignore the HP here).
           The mana in this case is the most LP saving as with double cost you are
           looking at 80LP for 40 more mana.
    I.1.2 Mercenaries
      The mercenaries are pure fighters and also likely the second guild you'll come
      into contact with. Signing up with the mercenariers involves several quests
      and tasks before you are initiated. A mercenary is a pure fighter specializing
      in the heaviest weapons, dealing damage and generally kicking ass. Mercenaries
      will never learn magic outside the use of scrolls. Due to this, training Max
      Mana is twice as expensive.
      The second tier of this guild enables you to become a Dragon Hunter - the
      ultimate fighter, but for purpose of branding the mercenary-only quests, all
      such quests are marked 'Mercenary Quest' even though you can later become a
      Dragon Hunter.
       Mercenary Setup
         Mercenaries are supposed to be the prime fighters and will have no access
         to magic. This is both a boon and a disadvantage, as there's only so much
         you can actually spend your hard earned LP on. There's the melee and ranged
         weapons, but as with paladins you will master your weapon of choice fairly
         early, and thus have a large portion of LP left that isn't so obviously
         Strength is the attribute for melee fighting and dexterity for ranged
         combat. Mercenaries can normally become masters at one, but also very good
         at the other. I reccomend going melee and then working up a little skill in
         ranged as you go.
         The same weapon setup for paladins apply to mercenaries as well, so have a
         look at the breakdown there. Ranged weapons are not to be overlooked
         either, so always carry a bow or crossbow - training either of the ranged
         skills to 30 or 30/60 is no problem for a mercenary.
         In addition, mercenaries will get access to much stronger weapons than
         paladins or mages.
       Secondary Skills
         Once the weapon skills are done and away with, mercenaries will have a load
         of LP to spend on secondary skills, and is in fact the only proffesion who
         will experience the most of them.
         Forging is a good skill for mercenaries, as all the best weapons has to be
         made. This is also only available to mercenaries as the smith Bennet will
         only teach mercenaries. Forging works a little different than alchemy, in
         that you only need prior knowledge of forging basics to be able to make
         swords - you don't need to know a "level 1 sword" to make a "level 2
         sword", and can simply wait until the best swords can be learnt and learn
         those for minimal LP use. New forging techniques follow the chapters where
         the best forged swords are available in later chapters.
         Alchemy is also good for mercenaries, where they will almost exclusively
         concentrate on the healing potions to end up with the permanent Strength
         potion. You could also go the way of the mana potions to reach the
         permanent dexterity potion, but that is 3 recipes you will never use.
         Alchemy to make use of strength potions will set you back 20LP
         Thieving skills I would say is almost mandatory for mercenaries. A lot of
         the equipment mercenaries need cost a lot and they are the proffesion that
         will burn through the most gold. Sneaking, Lock Picking and Pick Pockets
         set you back 15LP
         Hunting seems at first fairly useless, but mercenaries have a few avenues
         here where they take direct advantage of the hunting skills. With the
         excess of LP several of these skills could be well used by mercenaries:
           - Skinning is an ok skill and will bring in a lot of gold.
           - Take Shadowbeast Horns can be used to gain a lot of experience later
           - Remove Dragon Scales is required to get the best armors
           - Take Dragon Blood is used to make the best forged weapons
         Mercenaries could just as easily sign up with any of the masters, but two
         stand out more than others. Harad will give mercenaries a huge amount of
         gold both early and throughout the game, as well as making use of a skill
         they will probably learn anyway. Bosper is also a good choice, where
         skinning and selling the skins at full price will give a slow but steady
         income. Constantino and the mushrooms is also a choice, but the mushrooms
         are finite, and you could really just skip running all over the forrest
         picking them up.
        Advantages & Disadvantages
         - Mercenaries appear to have the highest upkeep in terms of buying weapons
         and armor, but in turn have also the easiest venues of making money.
         - Mercenaries get the best melee weapons in the game.
         - Mercenaries do not have to think about magic or mana, and thus have way
         more learning points to spend on other skills for exploration purposes.
         - Mercenaries have the quickest and easiest access to good trainers.
        General Mercenary Tips
         - Do not learn forging if you can wait. In chapter 5 you will learn to
           forge the best weapons in the game for free.
         - Use Torlof to train your Strength to 90, then apply every trick in the
           book, including Thekla's Stew, Apples, prayers to Innos etc. A high
           strength from early on will make you a combat champion.
         - Don't ignore ranged weapons. You have enough LP to reach Marksman (30%)
           or even Master (60%) in either one, and you will find great use of the
           ranged advantage.
    I.1.3 Mages
      The third and last option - to become a mage you will have to seek out the
      Fire Mages in the Monastery on your own will and join them. You'll start out
      as a Novice and then later become a Fire Mage when you have fulfilled all the
      tasks of a novice and then passed the Test of Fire.
      Fire Mages rely solely on magic spells cast from permanent runes they create
      of increasing power. That is not to say a mage will not use weapons, but it
      will be more expensive for them to train. Mana is the most important attribute
      of a mage, and it costs the normal amount of learning points to train where it
      costs double that for mercenaries and un-guilded. Once a Novice, training will
      still be at the normal cost so it's quite possible to train up to a
      considerable level of melee and ranged skills, but once a Fire Mage, the cost
      of training Strength and Melee skills will double making it nearly a total
      waste training these skills further.
      For the purpose of defining mage-only quests, they are named "Mage Quest" in
      the guide, wether they apply to Novices or Fire Mages.
    Attributes are Strength, Dexterity, HitPoints and Mana. Of the four, only 3 can
    be trained, and the last - HitPoints, have to be raised via potions or magic
    rings/amulets, simply levelling up, or even transforming into another creature.
    Strength and Dexterity can be trained to 90 in chapters 1-5, and to 100 in
    chapter 6. Mana can be trained to 250 in chapters 1-5. Normally, you are going
    to be concentrating on either of the 3 and would naturally want to get your
    prime as high as possible. Even though 100 is regarded as the 'top' it's
    possible to raise these skills a lot higher, and you do get an immediate return
    for doing so, but that requires a shear bit of effort. First there are potions
    for raising either Strength and Dexterity by +5, or Max Mana by +10. Then there
    are a multitude of other items and events that can raise the skills further (See
    A7 Skills & Statboosters). There's even some items that will decrease your skill
    when worn, that allows you train the skill artifically. And last there are of
    course magic items that will boost these 3 skills even further.
    Example, let's train strength. First to the max of 90 in chapters 1-3. Save all
    your possible strength potions and items until chapter 6. In chapter 4 and out
    there is a special orc ring that decrease your strength by 20. So here we are in
    chapter 6, put on the orc ring, train your strengt from 70 to 100 (we had 90
    from chapter 1, minus 20 from the ring). Remove the ring and you have 120
    strength. Drink all the strength potions, and items (like Thekla's Stew) - it's
    possible to create and find in excess of 20 strength potions, so let's say you
    have 20 for the sake of this example. All those drunk, your strength would now
    be 220. Eat the 5 pots of Thekla Stew for another +5 strength, and chew your
    gums out on the apples you saved for another +1 strength. You might even have
    made a special dragon potion that adds +15 strength to top it all off. Put on
    your strength amulet and a couple strength rings...and you have an incredible
    241 strength in this example alone.
    So what are you going to do with all that strength? There's hardly any lightly
    clad wimen around to impress, and in chapter 6 there's not much else to do that
    you couldn't already do ok with the 90 strength you came with. The conclusion
    here is really that it's not worth raising your attributes to the extremes this
    way. Personally, when doing melee as the primary skill, I train up to 90 as this
    isn't hard doing in chapter 1, and after that start making use of all the
    boosters I can find. That way the raised strength (or dexterity/mana) have a
    noticable effect there and then, and I get something in return for doing all the
    quests and work getting these boosters. I still end up having close to 200
    strength in the end either way.
    The issue with Mana is a bit different, as the rule here is that the more you
    have the better you survive as a Mage. In this case I would seriously consider
    training as far as the 250 you're allowed before applying the various potions
    and boosters. Hit Points should never be much of a worry to you. You'll start
    with 40 and get +12 every level, as well as several items to further boost this,
    both permanent potions and items. If you find yourself dying all the time, it's
    not your hitpoints that are the cause, but rather your lack of combat skills,
    wether melee, ranged, or magical.
    That said, take note that you will be most likely to have one major skill you
    concentrate. That doesn't mean the two other skills should be totally ignored.
    For a strengthy melee fighter, dexterity will a have a nice return when using
    ranged weapons, and for a paladin a little extra mana never hurt. If you come
    across stat boosters that will raise a skill not your primary, I say make use of
    it right away as you'll be better off for it.
    Training your skills in Gothic 2 is initially down to finding the correct
    trainer for the skill you want to train, pay them for their services one way or
    the other, and then spend 1 learning point for either a one percent increase or
    one point increase in the skill in question. From there on it get a little bit
    more advanced though.
    Offensive melee skills, One-Handed weapons or Two-Handed weapons act in
    accordance with eachother and consists of 4 competence levels. Once you train up
    to the next level of competence in one of them, the cost increase for training
    that skill will double. Not double as in one percent trained costs 2LP, but
    double in the matter that you are forced to train both melee skills at the same
    time and will have to spend 1 point on Two-Handed skill and one point in One-
    Handed skill at the same time. This is the dependancy rule of offensive skills.
    Once one offensive skill jumps to a higher competence level, you must either
    train both at once, or just the other, until both offensive skills are at the
    same competence level again. The competence levels for melee skills are:
       10%  Rookie
       30%  Figther
       60%  Master
    Say you've decided to concentrate on one-handed weapons. In effect, you haven't
    - you are going to concentrate on becoming a melee fighter, with emphasis on
    one-handed weapons. This is just they way things work, so you have to deal with
    it. Training your one-handed skill to 30% using 20LP in this case, would then
    make you a fighter one-handed and still a rookie two-handed. This is where the
    dependancy comes into effect for the first time. You can still continue to train
    your one-handed skill, but training the next 5 percentage now costs 10LP and
    will leave you with a 35% one-handed skill and 15% two-handed skill. Continually
    doing training this all the way will eventually put you at 100% one-handed skill
    and 70% two-handed skills, with 60LP 'wasted' on your two-handed skills. Of
    course you could always opt to fight with both type of weapons, but in effect
    there's really no reason to - the difference between one and two handed weapons
    are so small you really just want to use the weapon you like and are better
    trained with. The general rule here is that the two melee skills has to be
    within a 30% range of eachother.
    Seeing as you would obviously try to increase the skill for the weapon you are
    going to use as much as possible, there are some work-arounds and quirks
    involving the actual competence levels we can use. For two-handed weapons
    atleast, it's even 'possible' to drag the difference to a 51%, albeit not very
    First, if the trainer you are training with has the appropriate skill level,
    it's quite possible to pull a skill level atleast 4% over its competence level
    before the dependancy take effect. Simply train one and one percentage until you
    hit either 29%, 59% or 89%, then opt to train 5% at a time and you will go up
    one competence level as well as leaving the preffered skill at 34%, 64% or 94%.
    From here on you have to pay double cost or bring the other melee skill up to
    the same competence level.
    Next there are items and instances raising your skill percentage (See A7 Skills
    & Statboosters), and these can be used to further widen the difference. Back to
    our one-handed skill, say we have used the 5% trick above to raise one-handed to
    34% while two-handed is still at 10% - we could then read the Southern Defense
    Art book on top of it, and have 39% one-handed skill, then take Wulfgar's
    training tip, and now have 41% one-handed and still 10% two-handed skill.
    For two-handed skills there's even another useful item - namely Alrik's Sword
    (See C1.3.S4) wich is a magical oddity bestowing 10% one-handed skill. For one-
    handed users, this particular sword isn't very useful as such as it's simply not
    a very good sword to use regularily, but for two-handers, it's a real gem. Since
    training a particular weapon skill doesn't involve you wielding the weapon in
    question, two-handed fighters can train while having Alrik's sword equipped to
    superfically raise their competence level to another level, thus making it more
    efficient to train two-handed skill. Example: train two-handed to 34%, then
    equip Alrik's sword and now train one-handed with 10LP bring you to 30% (10%
    base, +10% from Alrik's Sword, +10% from 10LP) and competence level 'fighter' in
    both skills. Now, with Alrik's sword still equipped, continue training two-
    handed now at normal cost, up to 64%. Read the Double Blocks book, then remove
    Alrik's sword and bring out your favourite two-handed orc slicer - you'll now be
    a rookie 20% one-hander, but a Master 69% two-hander, with only 10LP 'wasted'.
    The reason should be obvious - you'll want to be the best you can be in the
    weapon of your choice, the earlier the better. This way you can actually make
    the LP spent work directly on the tasks at hand, more easily defeating your
    enemies and earning more LP. Further to the two-hander trick is a paladin that
    could even add another 2% to this, making the difference 51% between the two
    skills, but this last requires you to become a mage and not particulary fond of
    two-handers to begin with.
    Personally I'm not all that comfortable with this system, and would rather have
    seen all the wasted skillpoints in the melee type I never ever used put to
    better use trying out other skills like the hunting/alchemy/forging skills
    instead. Still, there's no way around except a few tips here and there, so lets
    deal with it.
    When it comes to ranged weapons, bow and crossbow, the system works exactly the
    same. Once you reach the next competence level in one of them, you have to train
    both at the same time. Sadly there are no readily available ranged weapons
    tricks and boosters besides the "4% above" trick. If you are mainly a ranged
    fighter, you live by the same rules as a melee figther and most likely solely
    rely on ranged weapons, but as a melee fighter (or Warrior), you'd want to
    invest a little in ranged weapons nevertheless, bringing one of them to 34% if
    you can. The competence levels for ranged weapons are:
      10%  Rookie
      30%  Marksman
      60%  Master
    Know that it's also possible to raise a weapon skill above 100%, but there
    really should be no reason to, atleast for melee weapons. The skill for melee
    weapons is a "chance to critically hit" percentage, and I see no reason how this
    could be higher than a critical hit every time. For ranged weapons this works a
    bit different as the skill level is a percentage indication on how good you are
    at hitting targets, targets in motion, and targets at range, so maybe here a
    higher than 100% skill will have some sort of return as I know you won't hit a
    creature 3 kilometers away with a bow, even with 100% skill (or 200% for that
    I.4 - SETTINGS
    Seeing as the developer wanted to keep everything in Gothic 2 as similar to the
    original Gothic as they could, the game will default with many of these
    settings. New functionality have been introduced however, but you have to
    activate most of it manually. All these settings are adjusted by editing the
    file gothic.INI found in the /system folder. It's a good idea to make a backup
    of this file for safe keeping. An INI file can be edited using any text-editor,
    like Notepad, Textpad and similar.
    This section will not touch on in-game settings you can change from within the
    game, but rather explain some distinct features you might want to enable and
    that can only be done so by editing the INI file.
      QuickSave and QuickLoad [useQuickSaveKeys=1]
        You are going to save and load a lot, so you might as well get this on at
        first. In the original Gothic you didn't have this feature, but didn't do
        any less saving and thus it became a chore. This setting will enable or
        disable quicksave/quickload (keys F5 for save, F9 for load) and is found in
        the bracket called GAME.
        There are a couple bugs associated with this, so be sure to read up the
        buglist too.
      Blood Detail [bloodDetail=3]
        More a visual feature than anything else, but nice to know. The blood detail
        has 3 levels, but defaults to 2. 0 is off, 1-2 is amounts of blood displayed
        when you hit something or is being hit. Setting this to 3 will add a
        continued loss of blood to both you and your enemies, and is besides a nice
        effect, a good pointer on how hurt you really are. When this is set to 3,
        you will begin dripping blood whenever you go when you are below 50% and
        increasingly more the lower you get. The same applies for enemies, and
        should one run away this is a great way to track it down. This setting can
        also be found in the GAME bracket.
      Quick Potions [usePotionKeys=1]
        This will enable a sort of quick potion feature, where you can assign a key
        to either healing or mana potions, and drink them without the animation in
        the middle of combat. Some might feel this is too easy, but there are so
        many situations in Gothic where things suddenly go the opposite way of what
        you had planned, and quaffing a potion to get away instead of loading saves
        you a lot of trouble. Once this is enable, you can set up the keys in
        'additional keys' in-game. The potion used is always the strongest one. Also
        found in the GAME bracket.
    After the opening sequence, you are thrown right into a conversation with
    Xardas, a necromancer, who explains the setting for you. Orcs and dragons are
    afoot in the land and you need a special artefact to combat this menace. Exhaust
    Xardas conversation tree and lets get going. Realistic level range for
    completing chapter 1 should be from 1-18, although 20 is possible.
    As Xardas said, everything you think can be of use to you, you can have - so
    pick up whatever you find lying around. There's also a bed here you can sleep
    in if you need after exploring the vicinity of the tower.
    There are 6 bookstands in the tower - one by Xardas, five in an upstairs room.
    You can read each for 25xp, for a 150xp total. There's a chest upstairs
    requiring a key you can find on a nearby table too. It contains 5gp, 2
    Lockpicks, a Dagger and a scroll of Light. Keys quickly clutter your inventory
    so know that once used you never need a key again - it's usually a good idea
    to leave keys you have used in the chest you used them on or if on a door,
    close by. A Heavy Branch found by the fireplace downstairs make a better
    weapon than the dagger.
    A chest downstairs contain a couple Fireball scrolls, a Heal Light Wounds
    scroll, and some gold. Some torches and waterflasks can be found lining the
    shelves, as can a "Lab Waterflask" you'll need later for brewing potions.
    Hidden among the crates and barrels are some more coins too.
    Immediately exiting Xardas' tower, there's some Healing Plants along the tower
    wall to your left, hidden under some trees. It's often a good idea to turn on
    first person view when looking for herbs. Believe me, in this view you'll spot
    them easier and also don't slip off a ledge to certain death.
      The Wonderer adds: "There is another corpse behind xardas' tower, with a
      potion and 2 scrolls to get there you have to drop from the top of the tower
      to the lower platform and go around to the backside of the tower"
    At the very beginning, every coin counts and every rusty sword or similar is a
    treasure. Be sure to grab everything not nailed down and you'll be better off
    for it later.
     C1.1.Q1 QUEST: The Eye of Innos
      This quest will span several chapters and is the overlying thing you should
      pursue. For now, this quest should prompt you to seek out the paladins
      in the city of Khorinis, wich will take you through the following areas.
      Look for the completion and all it involves in C3.6.Q3, otherwise pay it no
      heed until chapter 3.
     C1.1.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: The Chest behind the Porticullis
      A gate prevents acess to a chest in Xarda's lab. Only a hidden lever will
      open this gate. Hidden levers and buttons don't show up as items you can
      interact with in-game, but can still be used if you are standing in front of
      them. Look for a button on the fireplace on the same level - top-right
      corner on the frontside of the fireplace. Behind the gate is a Mana Essence
      potion (+50 mana) and a chest with 20gp, a Heal Light Wounds scroll and a
      Fireball scroll.
     C1.1.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: A hidden corpse
      At the lake where you found the entrance to the valley, there's an
      overhanging tree along a path to your left. Under this tree is a corpse and
      some items. A couple Fire Arrow scrolls, an Essence Healing potion, a
      Shortbow and some arrows. The shortbow will be of great use to you at this
      point, but conserve the arrows.
     C1.1.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Down to the Valley
      Xardas mentions a secret passage down to the valley below. This can be found
      by walking down to the small pond and waterfall to your left just a short
      ways after exiting the tower. Besides a few monsters and adjoining cave
      adobes, the tunnel will take you a bit down and out onto a winding mountain
      path leading down to the valley floor.
      The valley is host to lots of herbs as well as wolves and rats. Lester can be
      found here at a campfire, and there's also a cave down here with some foes.
     C1.1.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: Lester
      From the second you set foot in the valley you can see a campfire a little
      ways off, where an old buddy from Gothic 1 is resting, namely Lester. Strike
      up a conversation with him and ask what happened. After his story about the
      black shadow, be sure to mention that he should go tell Xardas about it.
      Lester will rest in the Valley for a few days more then you can find him in
      Xardas' Tower (triggered by completing C1.1.Q4 How to Get Into the City of
      Lester can be a pain or a benefit either way you see it as he will charge any
      hostiles closing. If you want the experience for yourself, be sure to lure
      the monsters away from Lester, or try to get the last hit in so you get the
      'kill' and thus the exp.
     C1.1.S1 SIDEQUEST: Lester's Shadows
      If you told Lester to go see Xadras about the shadow he saw, you can find
      Lester inside Xadras' Tower a few days later - after you have gained entrance
      to the city of Khorinis, sleeping in the bed in Xadras' Tower. Asking Xadras
      if Lester told him about the shadows will yield +25xp and a magic ring called
      Ring of Spirits, giving a +5 to Magic Protection (Armor Class).
     C1.1.Q2 QUEST: Wanted Notes and Bandits
      Further down the road you will eventually be greeted by a bandit standing
      guard in front of a staircase built into the mountainside. Unless you trail
      around him with good distance, he will initiate talks automatically.
      There's two outcomes to this encounter. You can be brupt and dont fall into
      his trickery - at wich point he will attack you. This is if you dont follow
      him into the small cave to see his boss (where you will be attacked anyway).
      It seems someone is looking for your head on a platter and has passed around
      mugshots of you and a promise of rewards.
      It's also possible to sweettalk the bandit though, and learn some good
      information as well as another quest to your Questlog. Tell him you come from
      the Mountains, and ask whom is looking for you. Then have him reassure you
      this isn't a trap, and tell a white lie about being tricked earlier. If you
      then mention you come from the convict colony (gothic 1) things will change.
      Seems this bandit is also from the colony and think the old fellows should
      stick together. From that point he will no longer attack you and you can
      gather a bit of information. Have him hand you the mugshot, then ask about
      who is behind it (not his boss inside the caves). For 10 gold he will reveal
      the name of this person.
      Exit the conversation and he will warn you about his 'gang' inside the cave
      and that they will probably beat you up. And they will if you go inside, so
      take it easy and lets deal with this a little later. You now have the quest
      "Wanted Notes and Bandits" in your Questlog.
      This quest will complete for +25xp when you finally find Dexter in his camp
      (see C1.6.P6) and talk to him for the first time.
        Darf adds: "You were indeed tricked earlier, this is one of the Quests from
        Gothic 1, so it's not a lie!"
        The Wonderer adds: "You dont have to pay the 10gold to the bandit to get
        Dexter's name if you dont have the cash on you, he realizes it too late."
     C1.1.Q3 QUEST: The Bandits at Lobart's Farm
      Following the road further down, you'll come across Maleth, a sheephearder
      working Lobart's Farm. He will also strike up a conversation with you when
      you close in. Telling him you were attacked by bandits, and then that you
      know the location of their hideout will give you this quest to 'take care of
      If you talked and got to know the bandit guarding the entrance, when you
      return you can get +50xp if you warn him that the farmers want them dead. He
      will then stay out of the fight and walk up to a campfire further up towards
      Xardas' Tower.
      Inside the cave are Brago and another bandit. Each will yield +50xp when
      killed, and carry various foodstuffs, some gold and maybe a potion. The
      bandit also has a message offering coinage for your head from this Dexter
      person you was told about from the bandit outside. Brago carries a key to the
      chest here.
      Return to Maleth for your reward - 3 bottles of wine and +100xp. If you
      already dealt with the bandits the quest will complete as you speak to Maleth
      for the first time, and he will give you the same reward. Further, dealing
      with the bandits lower the cost of the farmer's clothes Lobart has another 10
      gold (see Lobart's Work Clothes).
     C1.1.Q4 QUEST: How to get into the City of Khorinis
      Telling Maleth that you're on your way to the city when you meet him will
      give you some useful pointers here and spawn this quest. Seems getting into
      the city isn't as easy as it first seemed. The city guards are wary of
      convicts and thugs from the mountains and wont just let anyone in.
      There are several ways to complete this quest. One is getting the farmer's
      work clothes from Lobart and telling the guards you work there and are just
      after supplies. Another way is to talk to Canthar by the crossroads and
      accept his free gate pass in return for a favour later (see C1.2.Q8 Canthar's
      Favour). The last option is to bribe your way in at the cost of 100 gold.
      Getting the work clothes from Lobart and saying you're here to see the
      blacksmith is the only option that will net you any xp. +25xp and entrance to
      the city, as well as all the xp you get from completing the connected tasks
      involved in that.
      There's also another way into the city you shouldn't miss - see C1.1.S2
      Another way in.
     C1.1.S2 SIDEQUEST: Another Way In
      Besides the three obvious options to get into the city of Khorinis, there is
      also another more lucrative option here - namely to get into the city without
      using the gates. Not only will this net you a handsome sum of xp for your
      efforts, but can also be done without upsetting the other quests. Meaning you
      can do this sidequest, and still work your way to Lobart's Work Clothes and
      getting into the city the regular way, quests and xp intanct.
      Before embarking on this little romp through the forrest however, it's a good
      idea to finnish the "A Pan for Hilda" quest, as Canthar the merchant will pack
      up and leave for the city once you have entered it for the first time. Also
      note that this little venture is very risky and probably aimed at more
      experienced players if you're just starting out.
      Anyway, here's how. First find your way up to the Statue of Innos again where
      you first met Maleth. On the other side of the road, you can make out the
      dense forrest on a lower level than the road, but it looks to be a higher drop
      than you can survive. Make your way to the point where the ledge starts and
      you can see the steep mountainside continue further. Ie, the absolute earliest
      opportunity to jump down (don't yet though). The fall here is too high and
      will kill you, but there's a little trick to be done here. If you jump off the
      ledge you're on, aiming to crash in mountainside - jumping off the ledge, but
      into the cliffside on your left - you will be bounced off it and into the
      ground, where the total drop only counts as a risky fall doing some damage and
      not killing you. It takes a few tries to get right, but keep at it and you
      should find yourself on the forrest floor below the ledge soon enough.
      Once down, you are in the close vicinity of a band of Black Goblins - probably
      way too tough to take on by this point, so lets try to leg it past them. Run
      as fast as you can along the cliffside and you should loose the goblins when
      you see this part of the forrest makes way to a greengrass strip and a small
      mountain alley. You can probably aslo see the top of a mast on a big ship
      anchored on the other side.
      At the very bend in this new alley, walk up the corner and there should be a
      sloope there that you can jump up on and not slide down again. Finding and
      getting up here should leave you atop a very narrow cliffside, where you will
      see the Paladin's ship and harbour on the other side. Run along the steep
      cliff - almost like a razors edge - all the way over to the bandit cave (see
      C1.1.P6). From here the grassy strip on top of the cliff ends, and you should
      see some makeshift tents to your left down on the beach. Take a careful
      sideways drop down on a mountain ledge just below the one you're standing on
      now, and from there, jump across to the roof of the nearest tent, and then
      finally drop from the tent roof onto the beach. Congratulations, you're now
      right smack inside the city of Khorinis.
      So for the sidequest here - make your way along the docks and don't talk to
      anybody before you meet Lares (C1.2.S3). He will utter a suprised remark,
      asking how you got into the city, and if you actually swam in. This will also
      net you a very handsome +500xp. There's also some other suprised remarks
      around, but you can now make your way out of the city again through the South
      Gate and continue what you were doing. The quest "How to get into the City of
      Khorinis" will still be in your questlog, and you can finnish it now by
      getting Lobart's work clothes and saying you are here to see the blacksmith as
      you would normally.
        Thanks to Darf who first clued me in to this fact.
        Xerxes0 also adds: "You can climb the wall off to the right of the south
        gate guards. As you walk along the wall a bit, there is a low spot that can
        be reached and climbed over, not that far from the city gate; but this is
        important, you must jump standing back a little bit, or you will be bounced
        back and not make it. It takes a bit of practice but it is a great way to
        avoid the guards and get in."
        And: "Another way into the city is outside the East Gate; walk up towards
        the light house, skirt the bandits there, stay to the left and walk all the
        way up and around the mountain; very high up to the ridge. Eventually you
        will come down near where the thieves guild is and you can also jump onto
        the wall of the harbor district and jump down."
        The Wonderer adds: "You can just go around the South Gate guards from the
        right side (from near the place where u can climb the wall) because only the
        left guard will stop you, stay away from him near the wall, until your are
        behind the right guard, then just go in."
      Several nice shortcuts into the city in other words, and something you
      shouldn't miss.
     C1.1.Q5 QUEST: Lobart's Work Clothes
      Lobart is the owner of the farm here and can be found in the middle of the
      farm yard. He also have some farmers clothes that would work well with
      getting into the city. The price for the clothes (a slight armor boost)
      starts at 70 gold when you first talk to Lobart, but by working his for a
      little while, you can bring the price down.
      The clothes can also be stolen to achieve your more pressing goal, but if you
      talk to Lobart again he will demand them back or you will get into a fight
      with the whole farm if you dont give them back. The price can be brought down
      quite a bit so it's usually a good choice to finnish these menial tasks for a
      bit of xp and learning the ropes around here instead.
      The clothes start at 70 gold, but can be brought down to 30 gold if you
      complete all the quests around here. They are:
      1. Harvest the Turnip Field - Clothes for 60 gold.
      2. A Pan for Hilda - Clothes for 50 gold.
      3. For a Bottle of Wine - Clothes for 40 gold.
      4. The Bandits at Lobart's Farm - Clothes for 30 gold.
      Once you have a price you can pay, Lobart will take your coin and tell you to
      get the clothes from a chest in his house (the side room with 2 beds) and
      that will complete this quest.
     C1.1.Q6 QUEST: Harvest the Turnip Field
      Tell Lobart you're looking for work and he'll get you started on your first
      task. Right next to him is a fenced in small field with Turnips growing in
      it. There's 25 of them in total. Pick them all up and talk to Lobart again
      for +50xp and completion of the quest. Regarding the Farmer's Clothes, Lobart
      will either give you 5 gold, or knock off 10 gold on the price of the
      Clothes. There seems to be a bug here though, since when you take the gold he
      still knocks off 10 gold on the clothes in addition since you helped him out.
      Once done he tells you to bring the Turnips to his wife in the main building.
     C1.1.Q7 QUEST: Bring the Turnips to Hilda
      Hilda can be found in the house. Talk to her and give her the turnips for
      completion of this quest and +25xp. With the turnips she can cook up some
      stew for you, wich is a very good food alternative to healing potions (heals
      20, very cheap). If you spend some days at the farm, Hilda can cook you up
      some stew once per day.
     C1.1.Q8 QUEST: A Pan for Hilda
      Hilda mentions she just saw a farmer pull up to the crossroads a bit down
      from the farm and asks if you can go see if he has a pan for her. You can ask
      for 20 gold to pay for the pan now, or recieve it when you bring the pan
      Canthar the merchant can be found a short bit down the main road from the
      farm - just follow the road from where Lobart stands. Talking to Canthar for
      the first time will also trigger a follow up to the quest of getting into
      Khorinis (see C1.1.Q4 How to Get Into the City of Khorinis). Unless you have
      finnished The Bandits at Lobart's Farm quest and gotten the wine from Lameth,
      you can buy a bottle from Canthar for use in Vino's quest below.
      Returning to Hilda with the pan nets you +50xp and will bring the price of
      the clothes down another 10 gold.
     C1.1.Q9 QUEST: For a Bottle of Wine
      There's two fields connected to Lobart's farm besides the turnip field. In
      one of them are 2 farmers and a person called Vino. Talk to him and ask if
      they need any help. Since you're obviously not an experienced farmer Vino has
      nothing for you...maybe except getting the boys a bottle of wine. Give him
      the bottle you bought, or if you found a bottle somewhere else and he will
      tell Lobart you were a real help. For this you get +50 xp and the price of
      the farmer's clothes will go down another 10 gold.
     C1.1.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: A Useful Herb
      Behind Lobart's farm, up on a hill near a stone circle you can find a Goblin
      Berries herb - a very rare and expensive herb you can either eat for a
      permanent stat bonus, or use in a potion for an even greater boost.
      There is also another very rare herb up here, but it can't be found from
      start but must be triggered by another event in the city (see C1.2.P2 Zuris'
     C1.1.P6 POINT OF INTEREST: More Bandits
      Following the road from Lobart's farm down to the city gates, you can see a
      dense forrest area to the left of the road. This area is host to several
      tough creatures that are sure to kill you at this point. However, if you
      complete the sidequest C1.2.P4 Hunting with Bartok, you should have a clear
      way to explore this area further. To the very back of this forrest there is a
      Black Goblin camp with a chest, and also another path leading closer to the
      ocean where a group of bandits have their camp in a cave.
     C1.1.P7 POINT OF INTEREST: Back to the Valley
      Yes, we're not quite done here yet. At the small goblin camp you passed before
      coming upon the bandits, you might have noticed something moving on ledges
      below? This is sort of the opposite side of the valley, and not accessible
      going down into it, but actually from where you first spotted it at the goblin
      camp. Behind the trees here is a not so steep slope you can drop down to and
      continue along this side of the valley. There is no way down to the valley
      floor from here, but there are some foes to beat and some herbs to be found if
      you want it all. Reason this was mentioned last though, is that the creatures
      here are a tad tougher that what you can reasonably expect to beat while doing
      this section, so I reccommend coming back here later.
      There are some ledges leading down here in several steps, but be careful not
      to fall. Along the steep cliff side you'll find some regular herbs, a couple
      scrolls, some 6 nasty lizards, a couple giant rats, some meatbugs, and last 2
      firece Wargs you shouldn't try to pet unless you can handle it. One advantage
      is that most of these can be pelted with arrows from the safety of a higher
    Once inside the city you should run into a Paladin in shining armor, one
    Lothar who will initiate talks with you. He'll tell you about the rules of the
    city since it's under paladin control at the moment and also make it clear to
    you that your quest to see the leader of the paladins for the Eye of Innos
    quest is far from done. Thing is, only those employed by the paladins, or
    respected citizens of the town are allowed into the Upper Quarters of the
    city, naturally where the leader Lord Hagen is also located.
    Khorinis as a city is split into 4 'parts' - The master merchant area where
    you enter first, the upper city where all the rich folks live, the merchants
    square, and the docks. There's two main gates - the one you came in at first,
    the South Gate, and one in the merchants square, the East Gate.
    At this point most everyone will have a neutral stance towards you so just
    walk around and talk to people. You'll rack up various quests soon enough. The
    overlying goal for now though is to get into the upper quarters.
    The city will also be a place where you spend a considerable time in chapter
    one, so take your time and get it right. It's not uncommon to reach level 8
    just doing tasks in and around the city.
     C1.2.Q1 QUEST: Getting into the Upper Quarters
      Although what you will be doing for the next hours is working towards this
      goal to see the leader of the Paladins, Lord Hagen, a lot of quests lead up
      to completing this quest. You could literary spend days of gameplay just
      exploring before doing this part so dont worry about it immediately.
      There are several ways to get into the upper quarter though. The first and
      most obvious one is to become a respected citizen of Khorinis. This can be
      done by getting work with one of three Master Merchants, involving quite a
      few quests in itself. Once an apprentice for either one, you automatically
      gain acess to the upper quarters.
      A second way is to become a member of the Militia, one of the three guild
      factions in the game. Normally you have to be a citizen of Khorinis to be
      considered for Militia work, but there are some shortcuts here. Once a
      Militia member, you automatically gain entrance to the upper quarters, as
      well as acess to Lord Hagen.
      Hooking up with the Mercenaries, the second Guild faction in the game, will
      also get you into the upper quarters and access to see Lord Hagen. See the
      Mercenary related quests for more info.
      And last, becoming a Fire Mage, the third and last Guild, will also get you
      access to the upper quarters and Lord Hagen.
      However, with all the options present, you can still go about your business
      for now and wait until later until choosing a guild to join as this is a
      permanent choice. Once guilded there is no way out. And besides, you still
      want to experience the part of the game that gets you access without any
      guild affiliation as it involves a lot of quests.
      This quest will complete when you pass the gate to the upper quarter, but
      doesn't give any direct xp.
     C1.2.Q2 QUEST: Apprentice in Khorinis
      Talking to almost any of the first characters you meet inside the city will
      clue you into this path and quest. Since only citizens get into the upper
      quarters, your goal now should be to become a citizen. This is only done by
      getting some proper work with a Master Merchant and this isn't as
      straightforward as it seems either. For one of the master merchants to accept
      you as an apprentice, the majority of the other merchants must agree to it.
      That means you'll have to get on the good side of atleast 4 of the 5 master
      merchants in the city to even have one of them consider you for an
      apprenticeship. Some of the quests for these merchants you'll partake in will
      be harder than others, but it's generally the best outcome if you can get
      them all on your side and not just the required minimum.
      With Master Merchant, it means the top dogs in the city - the ones with a
      proffesion that produce things for the city, not mere merchants peddling
      goods. There are plenty of merchants in the city but most of them basically
      just sell the stuff the master merchants produce.
      Of the 5 merchants, you will only be able to start an apprenticeship with 3
      of them. Wich one that will be is entire up to you.
       - Complete "Matteo and Gritta" for Matteo's approval
       - Complete "Furs for Bosper" for Bosper's approval
       - Complete "Blessing of the Gods" for Thorben's approval
       - Complete "A Great Challenge" for Harad's approval
       - Talk to Constantino for his approval
      With 4 of 5 approvals in order you can complete this quest and sign up with
      either Bosper, Harad or Constantino, provided you have completed the quest
      for the Master you want to sign up with. Signing on with any of the three
      nets you +300xp. Although you would maybe want to finnish all 5 quests first,
      it doesnt net you any more direct xp from 'completing' this quest.
      How the apprenticeships work:
      Bosper will teach you how to skin an animal, and when you sign up with him,
      he'll only require that you drop by now and then and deliver some skins he
      can sell to the city. This isn't even a requirement as such and the only
      thing you'll hear is that he can get a little upset if you havent visited him
      in weeks. There are no repercussions though. The real advantage here though
      is that Bosper will buy all skins you bring him for their real value - an
      item's value is hardly what you get from normal merchants as they usually buy
      items at 30% it's value, rounded down. But here Bosper will pay full price
      for all skins you bring him. That includes Sheep Skins, Wolf Skins, Warg
      Skins, Shadowbeast Skins, Troll Hides, and Black Troll Hides.
      Since you know skinning already (or should), that's thousands of gold you'll
      earn extra when selling them back to Bosper instead of normal merchants. Also
      as mentioned elsewhere, I'm unsure if you can learn this skill from others
      than Bosper, while the skills the two other masters can teach you can be
      tougth elsewhere. It would be a drag to spend the LP on skinning and not
      reaping the benefits of full price skins in my opinion.
      Harod will teach you the basics of Forging (cost 5 LP) wich is a "Self-Made
      Sword". Without this skill you cannot learn more about forging and how to
      make the really nice weapons later on. Another trainer can also teach you
      this however, and that is Bennet in the Mercenary camp. Harod will also train
      your Strength up to a max of 50 if you sign on with him.
      The Self-Made Sword is really nice though, but better ones can be found and
      you can even find readymade Self-Made Swords without making them yourself.
      The advantage here is that you can get a nice one hander early on, and also
      that Harad buys these swords from you at full price - 100 gold per sword. And
      that is really what your task is with Harod, to make swords. You have to buy
      or find Steel, then process the steel into these swords and sell to Harod.
      Steel comes in limited supply however, and you should be satisfied if you can
      find 30+ pieces of steel through the chapters. It's still a hefty amount of
      coin though, and the advantage is quick easy money from early on. Compared to
      Bosper, you'll make more money at the very start.
      Constantino will teach you how to make potions with Alchemy. There's no real
      'Basics' in Alchemy as learning any potion will make you a Learned Alchemist
      and thus allow you to learn more potion recipies from the various Alchemists
      around, but only a couple will teach you the 'first' - Constantino being one
      of these. Each and every potion in the game will cost 5LP to learn.
      You don't actually need to learn Alchemy from Constantino as his apprentice
      though - he really just wants you to gather herbs for him. The advantage here
      is that he will buy your ingredients for full value, wich will turn out to be
      quite some coin after a while. The downside here is that you really want
      these herbs for yourself for the strong potion making later in the game (yes,
      spending LP on Alchemy for this is really worth it - see Trainers, Alchemy,
      and Stats & Skill Boosters). Even though you can get some quick easy coin
      from start, you'd want most of it back later and have to pay him the same as
      you sold it for. Another problem would be that Constantinos inventory updates
      on chapter changes and you could stand to loose a lot of what you sold him.
      Of the three apprenticeships, I consider Bosper the most useful, Harad a good
      second if you intend to forge weapons, and Constantino the least useful.
      Don't dismiss Constantino as an Alchemist in himself though - once you have
      learnt the basics somewhere else, and completes his quest Herbs for
      Constantino, he can teach you some of the most powerful potions.
     C1.2.Q3 QUEST: Matteo & Gritta
      Starting with the first master merchant, Matteo in Matteo's Store to your
      left as you enter the city, before he will consider vouching for you as an
      apprentice you have to complete a task for him. Ask him about how to get into
      the upper square and you'll recieve the Getting into the Upper Square and
      Apprentice in Khorinis quests if you haven't already recieved them in your
      It seems Matteo needs a small favour - Thorben's niece Gritta owes him a good
      sum of gold, 100 gold to be exact and he wants it back. Thorben is another
      Master Merchant in the city so Matteo won't involve himself directly although
      he would still like to see Gritta roughed up a bit.
      Thorben is the carpenter working just outside Matteo's Store a bit off. You
      can see him sawing on a log and some furniture scattered around outside his
      house wich is next to Bosper's. The entrance is around the corner, where you
      will find Gritta.
      Talk to Gritta and learn of her oh so miserable fate. It's possible to just
      rough her up and demand the money by threatening to sell her fancy clothes,
      but as with a lot of quests sweettalk and diplomacy will get you a lot
      further. Additionally, gold although scarce at the beginning will be in
      abundance. If you can pay a little gold and recieve some more experience
      instead, it's always the best choice in my book. There's also a bookstand in
      here that should most likely yield another +25xp as I dont think you can find
      that particular book anywhere else for a long time yet.
      With that you can offer to pay off Grittas debt to Matteo. Head back to
      Matteo and give him the 100 gold. You'll recieve 100xp for completing the
      quest, then ask him to help you get into the upper quarters. You now have
      Master Matteo on your side and he will agree with any apprenticeship you
      seek. This also nets you another 100xp.
      Don't forget to head back to Gritta to let her know you paid her debts, for
      another 50xp and a bottle of wine. This will also make Thorben more
      favourable against you. On a sidenote, Gritta does indeed have 100 gold on
      her for the debt, and you can knock her out later if you can't resist.
     C1.2.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Pablo's Wanted Poster
      A city guard next to a tower in the middle of the city, by Harad the smith,
      will stop you first chance he gets and ask you about a wanted poster he has.
      This is Pablo, and the wanted poster is the same as the one you got off the
      bandits up at the road from Xarda's tower. Deny that it is you, and you'll
      have an option to clear up some matters that happens later in C1.2.Q8
      Canthar's Favour. When you deny it, you get the option to ask Pablo where the
      bandits came from that they took "your wanted poster" off, but wait with doing
      this until after Q8.
     C1.2.Q4 QUEST: Furs for Bosper
      Bosper is the citys bowyer - making bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts - as
      well as dealing in furs. He owns and runs the "Deadly Arrow" just opposite of
      Matteo. Bosper is really interested in taking you on as an apprentice, but
      not as a bowyer but rather a hunter. To be considered for apprenticeship with
      Bosper you need to fullfill his quest, wich is gathering 6 wolfskins. This is
      also required if you want Bospers approval with any of the other masters.
      Before you go into this however, there's a couple points. You cannot do this
      quest without learning the first Hunter skill called Skinning, wich costs 5LP
      to learn. When you agree to do the get the furs and say "Teach me how to
      skin!" you'll learn this skill and 5 LP is deducted from your total (you
      should be level 1 atleast now). Many think this skill is learnt for free, and
      then later wonder why they have only 5 or 15 LP left. That said, Skinning is
      a really valuable skill wether you want to sign up with Bosper or not and
      will bring you in a lot of gold during the game. Have a look at Appendix
      A1.2.1 and read up on Skinning before making your choice though. If you
      choose NOT to do this quest for Bosper and 'save' the learning points,
      there's only one other way of getting his approval, and that is by completing
      the "Bosper's Bow" quest.
      A word of advice though. When breaking down the advantages and disadvantages
      of all 3 possible apprenticeships, it really just boils down to wich is more
      lucrative for you, ie just about how much gold you can make out of it - that
      is, besides becoming a citizen wich all 3 will do for you. Bosper is the one
      the one who will pay out the most gold in the long run, and Harod is the one
      paying out the most early on.
      Anyway, accepting this quest (it will go into your Questlog wether you do it
      or not) involves hunting down 6 Wolves or Young Wolves and deliver their
      skins to Bosper (you can even steal some skins if you can find them), for
      wich he will pay you 60 gold (full price). Once complete, ask if you will get
      his approval to sign up with another master and you recieve +100xp. To this
      wether you plan on signing on or not, with all the masters as it will net
      100xp for gaining their approval.
     C1.2.Q5 QUEST: Blessing of the Gods
      Back to Master Thorben, the carpenter, we want his blessing to take up work
      as an apprentice too. You cannot work for Thorben as he's flat broke and in
      debt too (see a pattern in the family here?). Ask him for some work however
      and he'll tell you he'll atleast give you his approval. However, Thorben is a
      religious man and doesn't trust just anybody. When asked about your own
      faith, it doesnt really matter what you answer - the end result is either way
      that you need to get the blessings of two persons. The first is Vatras the
      water mage, and the second from a priest of Innos (Fire Mage).
      First one is straightforward. Vatras can be found a little ways off through
      the underpass into the merchants square and temple, preaching to a crowd of
      onlookers. Talk to him and say you want his blessing. He'll ask you about
      your past, your purpose and your goal, and it's important that you answer
      these thruthfully (contrary to what Xardas told you about keeping it secret)
      otherwise he will see through your lies. Once you get your story straight you
      will get his blessing and +100xp.
      Next is a priest of Innos. The quickest here is a fellow called Daron by the
      East Gate, a shady character who will surerly become a TV-Preacher scam in a
      future life. He's in town to advice the paladins and lurks about in the
      merchants square (north from Vatras). Ask him about recieving a blessing and
      he'll count the contents of your purse. If you have 50 gold, he will take
      that as a donation and then give you his blessing. Alternately you have to
      ask him how much the going rate of donations are, and come back later when
      you have the dough. Getting his blessing yields +50xp
      It should theoretically be possible to recieve a blessing from other priests
      of Innos too (fire mages), but I'm unsure if it's possible. There's one
      priest at a similar temple as Vatras on the way to the fire mages monastary,
      but it's out of ways and surerly quite the dangerous trip at the level you
      are when first doing this quest. If anything, it seems like a lot of trouble
      to go through just to save 50 gold. If you know otherwise, please share.
      With both Vatras and Darons blessings in order, return to Thorben and ask for
      his approval. Chalk up one more Masters approval and another +100xp.
      Note that completing the Matteo and Gritta quest by paying her debts now pays
      off a little when talking to Thorben, as you see he can teach you the skill
      of lockpicking (he only does that to honest folks). He'll still charge 200
      gold for it though, so you might want to hold off a bit on it for now (as a
      coincidence he owes the local moneylender 200 gold - more on that later). In
      addition he can sell you some lockpicks. Consult the Skills appendix for more
      info on LockPicking.
     C1.2.Q6 QUEST: A Great Challenge
      Right across from Thorben you'll see Master Harad, the blacksmith. Talk to
      him and you'll soon see that you won't get far with him before you can prove
      your worth. To Harad, that means only one thing - that you can fell an Orc.
      Harad can also take you on as an apprentice like Bosper, but for that and his
      approval to any of the other masters, you still need to fulfill his quest. He
      wants you to get a hold of an Orc weapon to prove you have killed an Orc, and
      nothing else will do.
      However, taking down an orc at that level is nigh impossible. Thus the
      challenge. Examining his words though, it says nothing about actually killing
      an Orc, we just have to deliver him an orc weapon and have him believe we
      killed one. That we can do fairly easy. Any orc weapon will do though, so if
      you dont want to finnish this quest now - come back at a later point when
      you've become a big strong fighter with multiple orc scrathes on your sword.
      Either way works, one quicker and simpler than the other.
      To find an orc weapon lying around, you need to exit the East Gate, trail
      north into a clearing beside the city wall, and find a cave there. There's
      some Loafers (bandits) inside but also an old statue of an orcish god and an
      orc axe Harad will accept as proof. If you care to wait a little bit with
      this, you can also finnish C1.3.P3 Hunting with Bartok, and you just might
      get yourself an orc weapon from a real kill.
      Another easy way would be to take the trip with Lares (C1.2.S3) and visit
      Onar's Farm - Cipher, one of the mercenaries there is selling an old Light Orc
      Axe for a mere 10 gold that Harad will take as proof too.
      Proving to Harad that you're good for anything will net you a nice +200xp and
      when asked about his approval, you'll get another +100xp. If you also got the
      approval of the other masters (Matteo, Bosper, Thorben), you're actually
      close to having them all now and could sign up as an apprentice already. The
      last, Master Constantino the Alchemist, doesnt really care either way and
      will give you his approval just like that so you have all five - you still
      need to talk to him though. However, read on to "Constantinos Herbs".
        Geir Gundersen adds: "If you find getting a orc weapon too hard, you can
        just talk to Harad again and he lowers the challenge to killing some bandits
        that have been attacking the merchants" - See C1.2.Q11
     C1.2.Q7 QUEST: Herbs for Constantino
      In the underpass east of Harad you can find Constantino's shop. Constantino
      is an old grumpy geezer, but also the third master you can actually sign up
      with as an apprentice for. However, Constantino's last apprentice died from
      poisoning working the herbs and he says he simply won't bare loosing another
      apprentice. To convince him that you're the man for the job, you have to
      complete his quest wich involves gathering a whole lot of herbs. Push him
      about the matter and ask what it would take to become his apprentice and he
      will give you a list of herbs to gather.
      This list is hefty, so be warned. Besides the common plants you probably
      already have by roaming around so far, it includes one of each of the rare
      herbs like King's Sorrel, Goblin Berries, and Dragon Root. Another issue with
      this is that if you do complete the list, Constantino will take the herbs
      from you. Getting the rare herbs back involves dishing out the well
      over thousand gold it costs to buy them back from him - you cannot knock him
      out for this.
      The quest as such is nice to complete either way though, as Constantino will
      later teach you about Alchemy (See Appendix Alchemy and Skills). If you want
      to become Constantinos apprentice, you need to complete this quest.
      For other apprenticeships, Constantino will give you his approval for free -
      he doesn't care. So if you at this point want to complete the Apprentice in
      Khorinis quest and sign on with either Harod or Bosper, you can. Just be sure
      to get the quest about the herbs first as you can always complete this later.
      Finding one of all the herbs on his list will net you +200xp.
     C1.2.S1 SIDEQUEST: Abuyin's Prophecy and Tobbacco
      Sounds like a regular store in the indian or chinese quarter doesn't it? On
      your way to the East Gate through the city of Khorinis you'll run across this
      rather odd fellow by the name of Abuyin. In front of him are some carpets and
      water pipes and citizens gather here in the evening to relax with a good
      smoke. Abuyin also deals in phrophecies and for a fee, will read your future.
      This is chapter reliant, in that you will get one prophecy in chapter 1, a
      new one in chapter 2 and so on. To get your reading in chapter 1 you have to
      fork out 25 gold and you will get some hints as to what awaits, as well as
      In addition, Abuyin deals in tobacco for his water pipes - a special blend of
      Apple Tobacco. Ask him about this and you will learn how to mix tobacco at an
      Alchemist Table (not a skill and does not cost LP), and get two portions of
      apple tobacco for free. To actually mix the tobacco, you do however need to
      learn Alchemy, even though learning to mix tobacco doesnt cost anything. It's
      sufficient to learn any one potion and the "basics" of alchemy and then you
      have the option to "..blend tobacco" when you use an Alchemist's Table.
      Once learnt you can mix 3 different types of tobacco using the apple tobacco
      as a base. This expends one Lab Water Flask per mix. The different ingredients
      for the new types of tobacco are Honey for Honey Tobacco, Dark Mushroom for
      Murky Tobacco, and Swampweed for Weed Tobacco. You cannot use these types or
      the original apple tobacco for anything sensible other than this little
      sidequest, atleast to my knowledge, so getting 3 bags of apple tobacco should
      be enough. Well, one of the types you mix can be sold back to Abuyin for 10
      gold, but that is just waste of coin as the apple tobacco + lab water flask +
      ingredient costs more than what you get for selling the finnished product.
      What you do with the 3 types of new tobacco however is find 3 people around
      the world you can sample them on to see if you have a great business idea on
      your hands. Say goodbye to running around the bloody woods with a sword and
      hello to your own tobacco industry. No seriously, it's just an amusing little
       - Give the Honey-Apple tobacco to Abuyin himself for +50xp
       - Give the Weed Tobacco to the Gardener working the garden behind the
         town hall Lord Hagen occupies for +25xp (requires access to the upper
       - Give the Shroom Tobacco to Dren the mercenary at Onar's Farm for +25xp
     C1.2.Q8 QUEST: Canthar's Favor
      Remember Canthar? The sneaky merchant outside Lobart's Farm that wanted to
      give you his free hall pass? He's now back in the city and sitting at a bench
      outside the barracks on the way to the East Gate. If you walk past him he'll
      force you into a conversation and also a quest you have to accomplish. If you
      took his Pass earlier he'll expect you to do this for him as a favor, if not
      he'll offer a weapon as a reward.
      It seems Canthar has his eyes on a merchant's stall by the gate, but
      unfortunately it's already used by a merchant named Sarah. With a little
      trickery he hopes to frame Sarah so Andre (the Paladin running the Militia
      Barracks) will put her in jail and he can get the merchant stall.
      Since you're more or less forced into this quest, lets get it over with.
      There are more outcomes to this than meets the eye at first. You can do what
      Canthar asks, by taking his forged letter framing Sarah and just giving it to
      her in a tradewindow, then go tell Andre what Canthar tells you to say -
      namely that Sarah is selling weapons to the landlord Onar whom the paladins
      and militia is fighting against. Do this by telling him you want to collect a
      bounty on a criminal and saying Sarah is selling weapons to Onar. This nets
      you +100xp and 100 gold. This will be enough to put Sarah in jail, and when
      you go back down again Canthar has taken the stall. Talk to him to recieve
      +100xp more, and a Ship Axe, an ok one hander worth 120 gold. Quest complete
      it seems.
      However, this quest has a quite moral overtone to it. It's pretty easy to
      sense that Canthar is the bad guy here and Sarah the good girl. You can turn
      the quest around halfway, by going straight to Andre (in the barracks
      courtyard up the stairs where you found Canthar sitting) and tell him how
      Canthar is trying to frame Sarah - this will put Canthar in jail instead, and
      you get the same +100xp and 100 gold for turning in a criminal. Then go see
      Sarah and mention what you just did - she'll give you a better weapon that
      Canthar did, a very nice beginner sword called a Pirate's Cutlass, also worth
      a bit more, 150 gold. In addition, you'll recieve +200xp this way instead of
      just 100 if you frame Sarah. The quest Canthar's Favor will now also show up
      in the Failed Quests category.
      Putting Canthar behind bars however have it's concequences. Canthar is a
      though bastard and if you do get him behind bars he will exact revenge upon
      you later in the game. He will be released from prison sooner or later (I
      think automatic in chapter 2, but happened for me already in chapter 1 due to
      a trigger explained below). When he does, Sarah is gone for good and he
      occupies her stall. But that's not all, Canthar has now convinced the other
      merchants in the square (Hakon, Jora, Zuris, and Baltram) that you are
      nothing but an escaped convict from the mining colony and they will all
      refuse to trade with you. The only way to clear things up are to talk to
      Canthar again and agree to pay his hefty demand of 500 gold and he'll promise
      to set things straight with the other merchants.
      So there you go, a choice to make. I'm unsure if doing the quest in Canthar's
      favor and framing Sarah has any further consequences. If you are strapped for
      coin, the 500 gold fee later on is a tough one - not that the merchants in
      question have much in the way of value to offer you. Zuris do sell apple
      tobacco and potions that are of use later though...but on the other hand,
      completing the quest in Sarah's favor does yield more xp and also a much
      better beginner weapon.
      Personally, I chose to go with Sarah and pay the 500 gold later. Due to my
      sticky fingers and generally questonable morale, I had more gold than I could
      carry anyway, so the extra 100xp and sword from Sarah was worth more to me
      than the 500 gold I chipped out. Your choice.
      With Canthar in jail for a while, you can later come back and talk to Pablo
      about where the bandits that had your wanted poster came from (see P1 Pablo's
      Wanted Poster), if you denied the fact at first. This will make Pablo report
      the fact that you are indeed wanted, and from the mining colony, and Canthar
      will overhear this from his cell. Head up to Andre to discuss the matter -
      doing this has no effect on your standing in the city, or your chances to join
      the city guard even though Andre says you should clear it up first - what it
      does is release Canthar from jail as the word of a former convict is suddenly
      void. If you wait a day after this, Sarah will be gone from her stand,
      replaced by Canthar and the merchants in the square suddenly all know you're a
      former convict and won't have any more dealings with you.
      If you talk to Canthar now, you can pay him 500 gold to clear the matter and
      you won't hear anything about this ever again. Personally, I like to get this
      matter out of the way in chapter 1 and be done with it. Otherwise it will
      happen automatically in chapter 2.
        The Wonderer adds: "You are not forced to take his quest when he does not
        know you're an escaped convict so if you ignore him while he is sitting
        outside of town, or if you get lobart's clothes before you speak to him and
        pretend to work for lobart, he wont bother you at all when you are back in
        And: "When you take the quest and put him in jail, you dont have to pay the
        500gold later. You can visit him in jail and kill him. If you are too weak,
        you can attack him and run - with a little luck the guard will do the job.
        Just make sure he is finished and you wont see him again."
     C1.2.Q9 QUEST: A Brazen Thief
      Once you have the Canthar/Sarah quest out of the way, there's a couple more
      quests to pick up in the merchant's square. Talk to Jora by the stand closest
      to the gate, and you will learn someone stole his purse only a short while
      ago in full daylight. Offer to get the gold back for him and he will tell you
      all about it. Seems a person by the name of Rengaru ran off with his purse of
      50 gold, but that he's so brazen he can still be seen hanging around the
      merchants square or maybe downing beer down at the free stand in the evening.
      Again offer to get the gold back for part of what was in it and you'll
      recieve this quest. Rengaru shouldnt be too hard to find - he's either
      standing by a lamppost between Sarah's stand and Canthar, or down at the
      landlord serving free beer. Once found, talk to him and he'll try to make a
      run for it.
      Give chase and catch up to him down on a plateu on the far side of the
      barracks. Talk to him again to 'catch' him for +50xp. Don't attack him to
      knock him out though, as that will make him hostile and even report you to
      Andre making you a criminal (imagine that, just like in the real world) Now,
      this is where things can turn - you have two options here based on what you
      want to do later in the game. You see there is a Thieves Guild in the city of
      Khorinis (should be obvious with all the thefts around, no?) and Rengaru
      happens to be a member of it. If you plan on joining the Thieves Guild
      yourself later, you'll want to work up some 'good will' with the guild, and
      letting Rengaru go will certainly be a step in the right direction. You can
      threaten him and get the 50 gold back for Jora, but if you want the thieves
      favour you have to let him off the hook and tell him to get lost, ie, not
      reporting him to Andre. Return to Jora and tell him Rengaru got away, then
      give him back his 50 gold for +100xp. Jora won't give you part of the stolen
      gold either way. This will also fail the quest A Brazen Thief, but put you in
      a better position with the Thieves Guild.
      If you have no interest in the Thieves Guild, or is trying to get accepted
      into the militia without being a citizen, you can simply tell Rengaru that
      you will make sure he's put behind bars. Reporting Rengaru to Andre will net
      you +100xp and 100 gold (not possible if you don't specifically tell Rengaru
      you will do so). Also return to Jora with his gold for another +100xp. This
      will complete A Brazen Thief and put you one step at odds with the Thieves
     C1.2.Q10 QUEST: A Merchant's Gold
      You will recieve this quest at the same time as A Brazen Thief, when talking
      to Jora, and it involves the gold stolen from him. Wether you complete A
      Brazen Thief in favour of the Thieves or the Militia, you can get the gold
      back from Rengaru by simply asking for it. Return to Jora and tell him
      Rengaru either got away or was caught, then give him his 50 gold back for
      completion of this quest. This will net you +100xp and put you in Jora's
      favour for the sidequest C1.2.S4 Alrik's Fights & Missing Sword.
     C1.2.Q11 QUEST: Bandit Raids
      Talk to Hakon the weapons dealer in the merchant's square by the East Gate.
      Asking about the paladins, how business is going and generally imploring will
      soon let you know Hakon was held up by bandits just outside the city. The
      militia has tried to track the bandits down without luck, lead by one of the
      militia men called Pablo. Talk to Pablo for a bit more information.
      Offer to take care of it and Hakon will offer 100 gold if you can do so. This
      doesn't involve bringing anything back, but rather finding and killing the
      bandits. This can be a bit hard though, as it involves 3 bandits that are
      stronger than the first ones you met. Level 4-6 maybe, some healing potions
      and a nice weapon should do.
      The cave in question is located a bit south of Akil's farm (see C1.3 for more
      info on the whereabouts of this farm). Exit through the East Gate and follow
      the road up to where the stone staircase will take you to Akil's farm. There's
      a road right next to it at the top, so follow this away from the farm. After a
      little while, leave the road to your left and you should spot a cave opening.
      Be very careful around here though, there are beasts lurking that will swallow
      you whole wether you're level 5 or 15. Saving is a good thing in any case when
      fighting the bandits or if you follow the road too far.
      Inside the cave are 3 bandits, two regular grunts with only branches, but
      also one tougher with armor and an axe and bow. It's possible to lure the two
      henchmen out and fight them together then come back and finnish the 'leader'.
      Once all three are dead you have practically completed this quest, but there
      is more to it. Search their cave carefully and pay attention to a special
      fish found in a chest in the inner chamber. It's a 'wierd looking fish' you
      can open from inventory like you would a bag of coins. Inside is a stinking
      note you should read. Aha, a link to the fence the bandits have in the city.
      We'll deal with this a little later (in 'The Fishmonger'), so for now just
      keep the note and head back to the city.
      Upon talking to Hakon again and saying you took care of the bandits, you'll
      complete the quest, recieve the promised 100 gold and +100xp.
     C1.2.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Zuris Herbs
      In the merchant's square near the East Gate, you'll find Zuris the potion
      merchant. Ask him about wether he brews his own potions and he'll tell you
      about Constantino (who makes the potions for him) and how he needs an
      apprentice. First, this is just a pointer on completing the quest Herbs for
      Constantino as Zuris will tell you where Constantino goes to collect his
      herbs. Secondly and much more interesting, is that Zuris will tell you
      something about the rare herbs, such as King's Sorrel, and where you are most
      likely to find them. He will tell you about an old stone circle in the hills
      behind Lobart's farm, and that King's Sorrel usually grows near those
      This little conversation will trigger two rare herbs. First, a King's Sorrel
      near the Stone Circle up behind Lobart's farm. The Sorrel can be found a
      little bit off the stone circle actually, on the lower ledge behind it. Look
      around the generic mushrooms growing there by the edge and you should find
      The second rare herb appearing is a Dragon Root just outside the East Gate.
      Walk over the bridge and turn left immediately following the dried out
      riverbed. The Dragon Root should have appeared by some bushes just where the
      riverbed ends.
     C1.2.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: A Dead Militia Man
      In the Bandit Raids quest, you probably heard how the Militia tried to hunt
      down the bandits but were unsuccsessful. Atleast one of the militia men died
      in the encounter and he has some interest belongings no one will claim.
      His dead body can be found just outside the East Gate. Cross the road and
      follow the mountainside towards Akil's farm. Be careful though, you'll come
      across a cave here with a little surprise in it. It's not the one we are
      after though, so trail past it and to a ledge further up. Standing on the top
      here you can see an even taller ledge that it looks like you can jump up and
      grab. Do so and discover the corpse of the militia man half-hidden under a
      tree. With his remains you'll find a militia short sword (worth 90 gold when
      sold), but also a Ring of Force that gives +5 to Strength when worn.
     C1.2.Q12 QUEST: The Experiment
      From the Master Merchants street, head down to the docks either through the
      passage behind Regis sitting on a bench by Matteo's Store, or down the main
      road, but immediately turn left along the wall separating the merchants and
      docks. All the way to the back here, close to Carl the smith, there is a
      house where Ignaz the slightly mad Alchemist lives. When you first meet him
      he will have an interesting quest for you.
      Ignaz has just developed a new spell and put it on a scroll he wants you to
      test out. In return he'll teach you how to brew a couple potions if you like.
      This quest is morally a little on the side, but works as nice introduction to
      the wonders of Oblivion - a handy tool for robbing people blind should that
      be in your interest.
      Oblivion will make a person forget any evil deeds they have either witnessed
      or been the victim of. Wether robbed or attacked, or any crime basically. In
      Khorinis, attacking anyone unprovoked will cause a stir, making everyone
      witnessing the action hostile to you (ie, not talking to you) and the the
      person attacked feel the same way after being knocked out. The person being
      offended will report you to Andre and you'll have to pay a hefty fine before
      that person will even talk to you again. If there were any witnesses, all of
      them will chip in on the report causing the fine to raise considerably for
      each and every witness. However, the way this works is that you wont be fined
      before actually going to andre to resolve the matter - the final fine will
      then be calculated based on how many persons are angry with you at the
      moment. Oblivion can be cast on such an angry person and they will forget
      what happened. This even works on people you have knocked down in a fight you
      It will NOT work on persons in combat-mode though, so stealing from someone
      and have them notice you, they will attack - casting oblivion then will waste
      the spell. You have to knock down anyone fighting you, then cast oblivion on
      them when they are down or after they have gotten up. People can attack you
      when first angry, but wont continue to attack you when you have defeated
      them, but rather walk away and sulk never talking to you again before you
      have paid your fine or made them forget it happened. And that's where
      Oblivion comes into play. You can even make a sport of defeating persons in
      town (they all give xp) and casting oblivion on them all if you have enough
      scrolls. This is also the way to rob people properly. Just be sure you don't
      have any witnesses, or you'll be burning Oblivion scrolls like crazy
      (expensive too, at 100 gold).
      This is really what Ignaz wants you to do - knock someone out unprovoked, and
      use the spell on them afterwards to see if it works. You can basically do
      this with anyone to complete the quest. For the morally inclined, there's
      even a person in town just begging to get a whopping wich everyone hates (see
      Once you've tried it, return to Ignaz and tell him the good news for +100xp.
      Now Ignaz will sell you both potions, more oblivion scrolls and other alchemy
      stuff, as well as offer to teach you how to make potions. If you read through
      the "Apprentice in Khorinis" and signing up with the different masters,
      you'll see now why you don't particularily need to sign up with Constantino
      to learn Alchemy. If you learn your first potion from Ignaz, then complete
      Constantino's quest, Constantino will teach you even more potions. Potions
      all cost 5 LP to learn, so check up on the Alchemy appendix before jumping
      into this.
     C1.2.S2 SIDEQUEST: Edda's Statue
      On the other side of Ignaz' house, you can find Edda. She's cooking soup and
      if you bring her a fish, he will cook you some fish soup from it. She can
      only cook one bowl a day for you though. When you talk to her, she also
      mentions just in passing that the only thing she owned of value, a statue of
      Innos, has been stolen.
      If you can give her a statue if you have one for +100xp. Completing this
      little sidequest also puts you in favour with Carl the Smith up at Ignaz
      house, the only non-affiliated trainer who teaches Strength at first.
      Normally Carl charges 50 gold to train you, but if you give Edda a new statue
      of Innos, he will tell you how he appreciates it and do it for free. The max
      STR he can teach to is 30 though.
      Look at C1.2.P7 "The Island Stash" on where to obtain a Statue of Innos. This
      is to my knowledge the only place where you use a Statue of Innos for
      something, but you can get a whole lot more of them later in the game. They
      are worth a bit of gold to merchants I guess.
     C1.2.Q13 QUEST: Mad Fellan
      In the docks district, along the upper wall to the merchant's square, but in
      the opposite direction of the main road than that of Ignaz house, you can
      find a slaughterhouse with some sheeps outside. On a bench by the door Alwin
      is sitting. Talk to him to hear how fed up he is with his neighbors constant
      hammering. Offering to take care of it has the promise of 25 gold.
      Fellan, or Mad Fellan who lives next door (around to the back of the
      slaughterhouse - look for a man hammering) is obsessed with it raining too
      much and leaking into his house. He is slightly mad though as the quest
      implies, and although the obvious route would be to threaten him to stop,
      he's not really scared of you. Maybe that's mad of him. I haven't found any
      other way to stop him hammering than giving him a good beating.
      Fellan also won't report you or get mad if you beat him up, just don't leave
      any witnesses to the thrashing, for they surerly will report you. You can
      find Fellan alone later in the evening when everyone else is heading home to
      sleep, still hammering away. Just give him hell with any weapon (except bows
      or crossbows! See appendix Combat for more info) and talk to him afterwards.
      He will stop hammering but you will be responsible when it rains in his house
      - how can we live with that on our conscience?
      Head back to Alwin if he's still up and tell him the good news. You'll get
      +25xp and even 30 gold, more than what he initially promised you.
     C1.2.S3 SIDEQUEST: Lares' Trip
      Down at the docks, just south of the PegLeg tavern you will run into an old
      friend from Gothic 1, one Lares. Lares will clue you in on a couple pointers
      on what's going on with the paladins and about the mercenaries. Lares is
      connected to the mercenaries himself and is spying out the town for them.
      Lares is also a general trainer and can teach you dexterity for free (ie, no
      gold/quest but still costs LP) up to 30.
      The sidequest here though is that Lares can bring you on a 'guided' tour as
      far as The Dead Harpy tavern - he offers to take you there to see another old
      friend from Gothic 1, Lee, now the leader of the mercenaries. Wether you want
      to go there or not, taking this guided tour of the countryside is a good idea
      nevertheless. Because you'll be grouped with Lares, all creatures killed will
      be considered a 'group kill' and thus you get the experience. A thing with
      NPC's in general is that they are a lot more powerful than you in every
      aspect and will very seldom die even when fighting multiple foes. With this
      in mind, you can take this trip with Lares, have him kill all the critters
      along the way without lifting a finger and still get the xp, as well as
      clearing a path you'll use later. Once he drops you off at the Dead Harpy
      tavern, you can just head back to the city again.
      It's even possible to 'train' monsters along the path onto Lares to have him
      really clean up the place. When you get to far from him, he will stop and
      wait so just trail off a bit and see if you can find anything lurking. Once a
      monster notices you and decides you'd be a nice meal, run back to Lares and
      have him take care of it with a little help from you once he is the target.
      With this tactic it's easy to bring in maybe +1000xp or more from monsters
      killed along the path before heading home again.
     C1.2.Q14 QUEST: Information for Garvell
      Down at the docks, close to where you first met Lares, there's a shipbuilder
      named Garvell. Garvell is scared of the orc rumours and his hurrying his boys
      to finnish a boat so he can get out of there. Talk to him and ask if you can
      help him in any way and it's evident he wants to know as much as he can about
      what is going on with the orcs and paladins. There are 3 pieces of
      information you can find out and tell him for a little xp.
      The first two tidbits are about the orc army and even an orc spotted outside
      town. To discover this info you need to head back up to the Barracks and
      Merchant's Square area, where the Landlord is handing out free beer. Grab a
      couple beers from the stand and then talk to Rangar, a militia man standing
      by the beer stand. He's out of work at the moment so he's just hanging out
      drinking beer. Ask him about the situation and he'll calm you down. If you
      have beers in your inventory you'll get the option to give him one. Do so and
      he'll disclose the first piece of info about the orc army wich is holed up
      and contained in the valley of the mines. Hand him a second beer and he'll
      tell you about the orc outside town. Bring both these pieces of information
      back to Garvell and you'll recieve +25xp for each, for +50xp.
      The third and last piece of information before completing this quest is why
      the paladins are really in town. This can be learnt from Lord Hagen at
      the end of chapter 1 when you get an audience with him and ask what they are
      really up to. You can however learn this info and not trigger chapter 2, so
      it is possible to finnish this quest within the chapter. Once you know why
      the paladins are here, head back to Garvell and tell him for +100xp and
      completion of this quest.
        Geir Gundersen adds "You can also learn this from Andre after you join the
        militia, but he gives you less info so Garvell only gives you 75xp for it"
     C1.2.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: Hunting with Bartok
      Bartok is the former apprentice with Bosper, and a hunter. Hunting for Bosper
      has become too dangerous though, so nowadays he just hangs out by the free
      beer stand getting loaded. Bartok is also the only one I know of that can
      teach you the general skill of Sneaking (cost 5LP, see more under the Skills
      Appendix), and can also instruct you in the use of Bows. He can also clue you
      into the quest Bosper's Bow, but that's not really why we want a little chat
      with him now. You should be atleast level 4-5 by now, as the following will
      require some effort. On the other side, you'll go up against creatures you
      would have no chance of beating at that level anyway.
      You see, being a hunter and all, talking to Bartok about hunting together for
      safety, you can get a companion for a little hunting trip outside of town. To
      do this requires that you already learnt the Skinning skill from Bosper as
      Bartok won't go hunting with just anyone. Bartok insists you pay him 50 gold,
      but that you can keep the skins you take, wich at first doesnt seem like that
      good of a deal. But keep reading.
      The trip will take place outside of town, through the South Gate where you
      first came in. There's a dense forrest area in a lower part close to the road
      you came down from the mountains. If you had the guts to check out this area
      before entering town, you prolly spotted some wolves, and if you ventured
      further in you probably got your first little 'combat-shock' if you decided
      to get closer to pet that big hairy dog. Yeah, that's a Shadowbeast, one
      though mother of a creature able to kill you in one charge up until the high
      levels. Even further into this forrest there's even a thougher creature,
      namely an Orc Scout, the one you've been hearing about for a while in town
      now. So, with these two creatures in mind, it should be obvious why the 50
      gold to Bartok suddenly pays off big-time, especially if we can trick Bartok
      into helping us kill both these creatures. This whole trip can be a bit
      tricky though, so be careful and save when you can. As mentioned earlier in
      the "Lares' Trip" sidequest, we are going to make use of a grouped NPC to
      take care of a monster way to tough for us, and at the same time reap the xp
      A note on those 3 wolves before we start though. It's quite safe to kill them
      without Bartok, since you won't get close enough to the shadowbeast by doing
      so, so you might want to head out there and take care of them first, for some
      xp and 3 wolf skins. You see, this being a hunting trip and all, if you
      already killed the 3 wolves in advance, another 3 wolves will be present once
      you have Bartok with you for double the xp/skins. If you are of the morally
      questionable character I would strongly suggest bringing a scroll of oblivion
      on this trip too.
      Well, let's get to it. Pay Bartok the 50 gold and then tell him to get going
      and he will lead you through the city and out the South Gate. Follow him
      until you meet the 3 wolves and take care of those. You can either help or
      just let Bartok deal with them. The XP and skins are yours either way. After
      they are down, Bartok will venture a bit further in before stopping. This
      would be a good spot to save. If you get to close to Bartok he will force you
      into a conversation and ask you if you want to continue or not - if he does
      you should say continue, but that will make him run into the shadowbeast
      right away and you have less control over the situation. Just ahead, the
      Shadowbeast is sleeping behind a tree out of view. Try to sneak up on it and
      get it's attention. As soon as it catches your scent and wakes up, run back
      to Bartok and hopefully he will fire off a few arrows and hit it to get its
      attention before it rams you through. Trial and error. It's a good thing to
      help Bartok kill it once the attention is on Bartok. When killed the
      shadowbeast yields +200xp and a shadowbeast skin worth a nice 250 gold to
      Bosper if you're his apprentice (so dont go selling it anywhere before you
      have become Bosper's apprentice unless you want good coin for it).
      Now Bartok will continue through the forrest until he comes upon a flock of
      Bloodflies, 4-5 of them I think and the same applies here - help him or let
      him deal with it.
      Next up is the Orc Scout and the trickiest part - you have to get the orc's
      attention so he comes charging, then run around Bartok until he lands a few
      shots in the orc and gets the attention. Bartok won't survive this fight for
      long unless you help out, so as soon as the heat is off you, take to your
      weapons and try and deal as much damage as you can. Chances are Bartok will
      harm it a lot more than you can and thus will keep the attention - if you get
      in a few critical hits in a row, it might turn on you and cleave you in half
      rather quick. Doing this properly will probably take a few tries, as critical
      hits play a role here - the combat outcome can go either way, with Bartok
      dying and then you, or just Bartok biting it and you getting a lucky hit in
      the end. What we want of course is for the both of you to survive. Once dead,
      the Orc Scout drops a Light Orc Axe (can be used for the A Great Challenge
      quest) and a little loot, but more importantly +240xp.
      Bartok continues a bit further down the forrest, then waits for you to come
      close enough to force a conversation saying this is as far as he'll go and
      that meeting that orc shook him up pretty bad. He'll leave your group and
      start walking back to the city and the free beer stand. Most likely, Bartok
      will be near death at this point and out of healing potions...if you get my
      intentions. Both of you are out in the wild, all alone with no prying eyes.
      This would be the perfect opportunity to rob Bartok if you want to. A couple
      arrows in the back and then finnish him off with your melee weapon - don't
      use arrows or bolts for the last part of his hitpoints as that will kill him.
      Bartok is quite strong and will yield another +240xp when knocked out. Rob
      him blind, take his rather peculiar Wolf Knife, and then be sure to cast
      Oblivion on him so he won't remember what happened. He'll prolly think that
      orc knocked him pretty hard in the head. Just be sure to have an Oblivion
      handy to remove his anger-state before he re-enters the city, or he will tell
      the guards at the gate and you have to bribe them 100 gold to get in again.
      The last part of robbing Bartok probably seemed quite unethical, but if you
      choose to play as a thugish thief and general self-minded guy, this would be
      the perfect opportunity, this the mention of it. All up to you how you play
      of course.
      You can talk to Bartok later in the spot you first found him, but cannot get
      him to go hunting with you again as he's hellbent on drinking away the images
      of that orc.
     C1.2.S4 SIDEQUEST: Alrik's Fights & Missing Sword
      Far to the north in the docks districk, hidden away from prying eyes, Alrik
      is arranging fights. Alrik is an old army vet and knows his way around one
      handers. Unfortunately he's rather poor though and makes a living arrangining
      fights. You can find behind Barhmin the mapmaker, in an alley. Talk about his
      situation and Alrik will tell you how he lives in this alley and how poor he
      is - he even had to sell his old sword for some food.
      Jora is the merchant who bought Alrik's sword, and if you talk to him about
      it he'll offer to sell it to you for 50 gold. If you completed The Gold of
      Merchant quest however and brought the 50 gold stolen from him back, he'll
      give you Alrik's sword for free. Returning Alrik's sword to him nets you
      By paying 50 gold to a pot (of 100 gold) you can also fight Alrik, and if you
      win you'll get the pot. Alrik ain't that great a fighter and beating him
      using a simple attack-block-attack tactic should have him down fast enough.
      Beating Alrik for the first time also nets +120xp. You can continue fighting
      him later if you wish, 4 times in chapter 1, for 200 gold in total. In later
      chapters Alrik can be fougth endless for a 'limitless' income.
      Once beat, Alrik will teach you One-Handed fighting for free, up to 30 max.
     C1.2.Q15 QUEST: The False Messenger
      Before beginning, note that this is another quest related to the Thieves
      Guild, and you'll get a failed quest here either way you do it. This quest is
      also connected to the "Baltram's Shipment" quest below, so read up on that
      too. Head to the tavern down by the docs, the PegLeg, where Moe stands guard
      outside. If you haven't deal with Moe before now, he'll force you into a
      conversation where the outcome is either that you pay him 50 gold, or beat
      him up to gain entrance to the PegLeg.
      Once inside, talk to Kardif, the owner. Ask him about information and you can
      haggle with him until you get the price down to 6 gold for every piece of
      information he gives you. Ask about work in docks, the about 'special' work
      and he'll point you towards Nagur who sits by a table.
      Talk to Nagur about special work and you'll be sent on a little errand. It
      seems Nagur has just killed Bartram's errand-boy so Bartram is now looking
      for someone to run his errands. Bartram is one of the merchants on Merchant's
      Square. It seems Bartram gets his foodstuffs from Alrik and that Nagur knows
      of a shipment coming from Alrik soon. You are to sign up as Bartram's new
      errand-boy, go to Alrik and get the goods, but instead hand them over to
      Nagur who has a buyer standing by. You'll get the quest The False Messenger.
      If you are out to catch the thieves for the militia, you can turn in Nagur
      already by telling Andre who killed Bartram's errand boy, but it's better to
      wait a little so you can also get and complete the next quest, Bartram's
      Shipment before doing so. If you're looking to join the Thieves Guild, read
      Head up to the merchant's square by the East Gate and talk to Bartram. He'll
      offer you some work as intended - to go to Alrik and pick up a package.
      Accept and you'll get the quest Bartram's Shipment (below). Head to Alrik's
      farm. If you took the sidequest Laras' Trip, the road should be clear. Just
      head up the small stone staircase you passed on your way to the tavern - it's
      about halfway up the road there. If you didn't go with Laras, just follow the
      road to your right out the East Gate, then follow it until you see a stone
      staircase leading up to your left (not the one leading down by the bend in
      the road to your right).
      Talk to Alrik at his farm and say Baltram sent you, you'll get his package.
      Return to the city. This is where it split's off. You can turn in Nagur at
      this point and put him in jail (+100xp, 100 gold) and still give Bartram his
      package to complete that quest too. Otherwise, head down to the PegLeg again
      and give Nagur the package. This will fail the Bartram's Shipment quest and
      complete The False Messenger. You have to wait a day before collecting your
      pay from Nagur, wich with all expenses paid comes to 120 gold. Doing this
      also gives you +100xp and puts you in good favour with the Thieves Guild.
     C1.2.Q16 QUEST: Baltram's Shipment
      You cannot get this quest unless you have first triggered the above False
      Messenger quest. Once you have talk to Bartram and retrieve the package.
      Before delivering the package to Baltram however, be sure to turn in Nagur to
      Andre if that is what you intend. Then return the package to Baltram for
      +100xp and 50 gold. In addition, Baltram's selection of foodstuffs will now
      be a lot better when you trade with him. Completing this will fail the False
      Messenger quest, but if you just return the package without reporting Nagur
      first, you cant turn him in after completing this quest. Turning in Nagur to
      Andre puts you at real odds with the Thieves Guild.
     C1.2.S5 SIDEQUEST: The Fishmonger
      Next to the brothel, south of Edda you'll find Halvor's 'Slimy Skate' and
      Halvor the fishmonger. Halvor normally just sell fish, but if you completed
      the Bandit Raids quest (required for this) you'll know about the bandits
      having a fence in town. You also found a wierd looking fish in the bandit's
      cave with a stinking note in it, and the conclusion that Halvor was their
      fence is easy to draw. You have to have the Stinking Note in your inventory
      to do this.
      Talk to Halvor and ask him about the note and you can see he is busted. What
      you want to do with the situation is up to you however. You can strike a deal
      with Halvor to supply you with some 'special' fish and let him have the note,
      not turning him in, or you can simply tell him it's the slammer for him for
      all you care. Making a deal with Halvor gives you some nice items and also
      puts you in favour with the Thieves Guild, and can also make use of Halvor's
      'fencing skills' later. Turning him in by reporting him to Andre will net you
      the usual +100xp and 100 gold, as well as putting you at odds with the
      Thieves Guild.
      If you strike a deal with Halvor, he can sell you 4 more wierd fishes, a
      light fish, a small fish, a heavy fish and a ball-shaped fish. Each of them
      costs 25 gold. Open the fishes by clicking them in your inventory like a bag
      or satchel. The light fish has a lockpick in it, the small fish contains a
      magic Flame Protection ring (+5 Dragon Fire AC), the heavy fish has 50 gold
      in it, and the ball-shaped fish contains a Lump of Ore.
     C1.2.S6 SIDEQUEST: Entrance to the Thieves Guild
      By now, you should have completed enough quests to get into the secret
      Thieves Guild. Wether you intend to join them or kill them, you first need to
      gain entrance. There's two very similar ways of getting the key to the
      sewers. In both cases you need to complete 2 quests and 1 sidequest either in
      favour of the Thieves, or in favour of the Milita. They are:
       - A Brazen Thief
       - Bandit Raids + The Fishmonger
       - The False Messenger or Baltram's Shipment
      Getting into the Thieves Guild the good way: If you let Rengaru get away in A
      Brazen Thief you're on the Thieves good side. If you completed the Bandit
      Raids, and then gave the stinking note to Halvor, but didn't turn him in for
      it but rather struck a deal, you're also on the Thieves good side. And last,
      if you completed the False Messenger by giving Bartram's Package to Nagur,
      you're also on the good side of the Thieves.
      When all this is done, go see Kardif at the PegLeg and he will tell you about
      a certain person that was in looking for you. This stranger asked to meet you
      behind The Slimy Skate, Halvor's fish store.
      Go there and meet Attille, a messenger and assasin for the Thieves Guild
      (just down a bit from Edda). Upong meeting him in the Thieves favour, you'll
      recieve +300xp. He'll recount all the good deeds you have done, and hand you
      a key along with a special invite to the Thieves Guild, then see you off.
      Head over to where you found Garvell, and jump off the docks into the ocean.
      Swim around the right and you should see a sewer exit with a door. The key
      you got from Attille will open this door. Open it and head to the right
      immediately, then follow this sewer hall south, then west until you meet
      Jesper. Tell him you got an invite from Attille and he'll escort you to see
      Cassie, their leader. You don't have to join the Thieves and can walk freely
      out again as long as you don't rat them out at this point, but the Thieves
      Guild have some additional quests and things to do. Consult the Constantino's
      Ring, The Blood Chalices and more for what to do at the Thieves Guild.
      If you choose the path of Joining the Militia without being a citizen, and
      take up Andre's quest of rooting out the Thieves Guild, you have probably
      done the above three quests in a way that has upset the Guild. Once you have
      done all three quests disfavourly of the Thieves (put Rengaru, Halvor, and
      Nagur in jail), you can go see Kardif at the PegLeg too and he will tell you
      similar story about a person wanting to see you behind Halvor's fish store.
      This time around however, Attille have been sent to kill you. You'll get
      +50xp when you meet Attille and he'll recount all the bad deeds you have done
      and how the Thieves Guild see you as a threat. He'll then try to kill you.
      Finnish him off and you'll find the sewer key on his body.
      When you enter the sewer's after killing Attille you'll meet Jesper as usual,
      but this time you won't have any friendly options and have to take him out
      (atleast I remember it that way). Head up to where Cassie is after that and
      talk to her. You'll still get the option of joining the Thieves Guild instead
      of ratting them out, but if you decline at this point Cassie will attack you
      (and probably kill you). If you join the Guild here, things will revert to a
      normal state where you have to complete the initiation quest for the thieves
      and can be a normal member. If you decline to be able to join the Militia
      (see Member of the City Guar) without being a citizen, you will have to kill
      all three Thieves down here. That is, Cassia, Jesper and Ramirez. This is
      extremely hard as both Cassia and Ramirez are strong foes, especially at the
      level you probably are at this point. In addition, Cassia is the only one who
      can teach you to PickPocket.
      Talk to Cassia about teaching and you'll learn that there are 3 things the
      Thieves can teach you. Cassia teaches PickPocket and Dexterity, while Jesper
      can teach you to Sneak if you haven't learnt it from Bartok already, and
      finally Ramirez can teach you how to Pick Locks if you haven't learnt that
      from Thorben.
     C1.2.Q17 QUEST: Constantino's Ring
      This is the initiation quest for the Thieves Guild. Talk to Cassia once you
      have agreed to join them and she will tell you about a ring Constantino keeps
      around that would look much better on Cassia's finger. To become a full
      member of the Thieves Guild, you need to fetch this ring.
      At night, when Constantino is asleep in his bed, sneak into his house and
      pick the chest next to his bed. The combination is L-RR-L-R. Inside you'll
      find a ring of Wood Protection (+5 Arrows AC) wich is the ring Cassia wants.
      Return to Cassia with it for +100xp and she'll make you a full member of the
      Thieves Guild. You'll also recieve a key to the backdoor so you won't have to
      go swimming - it's located behind Hanna in the Sleepy Moneybag inn. Just
      follow the ascending hallway from the room where Cassia and Jesper sleeps.
      Once a member of the Thieves Guild, Cassia will also teach you the secrit
      guild headshake wich will come in handy later. See The Thieves Headshake
      sidequest for who to show it to.
      You can also ask Cassia for more work and recieve the quest of the Blood
      Chalices, and ask Ramirez where it would be profitable to break in.
     C1.2.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: Matteo's Leather Armor
      This little thing could be gotten a lot earlier than this, but is listed here
      after you have acess to both persons that can teach you how to LockPick wich
      is needed. If you remember talking to Matteo, he could sell you a Leather
      Armor, but also mentioned that the paladins stole away most of his stock and
      kept it under guard behind his store. Walking too close to the guard next to
      Matteo's store would also clue you in to this.
      However, there's an easier way to get a hold of some leather armor if you
      first know how to pick locks. Walk over to the backside of Matteo's store,
      through the passageway behind Regis. Just behind Regis there's a section of
      the city wall separating the rest of the city from the filthy docks, that you
      can climb up on by jumping straight up next to it. Once onto this section of
      wall, follow it to the gap, jumping over the cracked area. From this little
      section wich is a bit taller than the other, you can jump onto the roof of
      Matteo's store if you time it properly. Use Sneak to position yourself (as
      sneaking prevents you from falling off ledges and roofs etc) so you have a
      tiny bit of running space before jumping. Once onto the roof, you can drop
      down into the guarded area behind the guard. Just be quiet and he won't
      notice you even in broad daylight.
      There's two chests here, one that cannot be opened - ever - and one you can
      lock pick. The combination is L-R-L-R and inside you can find a Leather Armor
      initially worth 250 gold. To leave the area again, jump up on a crate and
      then the back wall again. Careful though as you can fall to your death here.
      Trail back the wall and drop down just behind Matteo's Store and you're home
     C1.2.Q15 QUEST: Bosper's Bow
      If you have talked to either Bartok, or Regis outside Matteo's Store, you
      probably have this quest in your log already. Both of them will tell you
      about it when chatting with them, and you can then mention this to Bosper to
      get the quest. The thief in question is none other than Jesper. Ask him about
      it, and he will tell you he's hidden the loot in a chest in a dark room in
      the sewers. This room is found through a dark area if you turn left after
      entering the sewers through the waterside door.
      Around this opening is 7-8 Giant Rats so be careful. Inside is a chest you
      have to Lock Pick. The combination is RR-LL-R. In the chest you can find
      Bosper's Bow and also 8 pieces of Silver. Bring the Bow back to Bosper for
      +150xp. Look to the next entry for what to to do with the silver.
     C1.2.S7 SIDEQUEST: Coragon's Silver
      In the same run as the Bosper's Bow quest, talking to Coragon, the barkeep at
      "Happy Fatted Calf" next to the temple square, and asking how business is,
      he'll tell you he was robbed too. The thief took some silver on a crowded
      night, but it has been a little while ago. This doesn't show as a quest
      however, but is solved in the same run as Bosper's Bow. And the reward here
      is much sweeter, or more malty if you wish.
      In the chest where you find Bosper's Bow, you will also find Coragon's
      Silver, 8 pieces of it. Return the silver to Coragon for +150xp and one
      pitcher of Coragon's special Beer that adds +3hp and +1mana permanent. It
      will show up in your inventory as just Beer, but if you look closer it says
      the brand is "Coragon's Special Beer" where the normal Beer is of brand "Dark
     C1.3.P6 POINT OF INTEREST: The Sewer Stash
      If you have looked around the sewers a bit you've probably found a door with
      light coming through the cracks that you require a certain key to open. This
      is the Thieves local booty and contain some very nice items indeed. So nice
      that they are worth killing for, literary.
      Jesper is the only one who has the key for this door, and sadly it's
      impossible to knock any of the thieves out - they die instead of being
      knocked out. However, once Jesper has told you where he hid Bosper's Bow, and
      alternately thought you how to sneak if you didn't have Bartok teach you,
      Jesper's role in the game is really played out and you won't have need for
      him anymore, except a small sidequest later involving the chest (See C3.2.S3).
        Update: If you choose not to do this in chapter 1, you can talk to Jesper in
        chapter 3 and he will give you the key freely, telling the story of how a
        master lockpicker named Fingers (reference from Gothic 1) hid a chest in the
        room that he locked himself, and how no one but him could open it again.
        Fingers is missing however, so Jesper will give you the key and let you have
        a shot at it. It's also possible to pickpocket Jesper in chapter 3 and out
        for 180 gold and the corresponding xp. Telling Jesper you actually picked
        the chest nets you +150xp.
        So, it all boils down to how you want to go about this. In my opinion,
        recieving the amulet and dex potion so early in the game is worth a whole
        lot more than than the 150xp and the possible 250xp for pickpocketing Jesper
        later. Experience wise, you could simply just kill a few more skeletons off
        a skeleton mage to 'make up for it'. When I did this in chapter 3, I already
        had an amulet of strength from the valley of mines, closing on 200 strength
        total, and was even close to 100 dexterity from other dexterity potions and
        goblin berries, so the Elixir of Dexterity didn't seem like that much of an
        award. Getting the +15 strength and +5 dexterity in chapter 1 would no doubt
        have given me a more direct return.
        Thanks to Darf for first cluing me in to solving this at a later stage
        insteading of killing Jesper right away.
      The obvious chance to kill Jesper is when you first meet him in the sewers
      and he takes you to see Cassia, but at that point you are often not strong
      enough or know of it to take the opportunity. That said, if you have previous
      experience of this stash that would be the best point to kill Jesper, but
      there's one other chance.
      Angering Cassia and Ramirez is of course out of the question as they'll
      prolly kill you and ruin your run of the Thieves Guild. I found a work-around
      though. Enter the main room with Cassia around midnight or later, when both
      Cassia and Jesper is asleep and Ramirez is sitting watch in the armchair.
      Jesper most often sleeps in the bed opposite the stove, in the dark corner.
      While he's out of it sleeping, sneak up to him, target him, and lash out. If
      you're lucky you'll get a few good hits and bring him into combat mode
      without Cassia waking up or Ramirez noticing. Why they don't is beyond me -
      that's one racket you'll cause basically in front of them, but it seems to
      work nevertheless. Kill Jesper so he falls back in the dark corner and loot
      his corpse for the key. Done right, this shouldn't alert either Cassia or
      Ramirez and although Jesper will be dead at their feet, they won't comment on
      it or have any effect on your further dealings with the guild.
      Take the key and open the door to the secret stash in the sewers. Inside the
      room is a single chest with a very tricky combination. The combination is
      RRR-L-RRR-L-R-L-R-L-RR-LLL-RR-L. Inside you'll find an Amulet of Strength +15,
      an Elixir of Dexterity +5 (permanent potion), 300 gold, a gold chalice, and 5
      silver chalices. Nice loot indeed.
     C1.2.S8 SIDEQUEST: Lehmar's Ledger
      You'll require to know Pick Pocketing for this, and have a Dexterity rating
      of atleast 20. If you need more dexterity, check out P5 "The Sewer Stash" and
      P8 "Thieves Secret Headshake" or talk to Laras. During the day, walk up to
      Lehmar's house and talk to him. With the Pick Pocket skill you should now
      have an option to steal his book. It will probably say it would be child's
      play to steal his little book, but you will fail unless you meet the minimum
      Dexterity required (25). Steal his book and read it.
      Seems he has 3 people of the city in his book of debts. But how can he claim
      that money when he no longer has any proof? We'll take a trip to each and
      everyone in his book to rack in some sweet rewards.
      Thorben, the carpenter owes Lehmar 200 coin - tell him you have the Ledger
      and he'll take it, but you recieve +200xp. If you ask Thorben about buying
      lockpicks, you can buy the ledger back from him for 100 gold. Alternately you
      can beat him up and take the ledger.
      Coragon, the innkeeper at the "Happy Fatted Calf" owes Lehmar 150 gold - talk
      to him and give him the book for +200xp and another pitcher of his special
      beer (the last of the two possible to get). Ask him to show you his wares and
      you can buy back the ledger here too for 100 gold.
      Hanna, the hotelier owes Lehmar 250 gold - Talk to her and give her the
      ledger for +200xp and a bag. Ask about the bag and she'll tell you "it's the
      key to a gate of wealth". Open the bag in your inventory and you'll find a
      "Key" with the description "A small key" and 10 lock picks. The key matches
      that of a chest in the Thieves Guild real stash that Ramirez hints to (see
      The Island Stash). You cannot get the ledger back from Hanna unless you knock
      her out, so it's best to give it to her last.
      A total of 600xp, a pitcher of Coragon's special beer, and the key to the
      secret thieves stash - not bad for little pickpocketing.
     C1.2.P7 POINT OF INTEREST: The Island Stash
      By now you are probably clued in to the fact that the Thieves Guild have
      'another' much more secret stash of goods. Complete S8 Lehmar's Ledger and
      you'll also be in possesion of a key there. The key is only for one chest, so
      you don't absolutely have to be a member of Thieves Guild or know how to
      Pick Pockets for the key to do this - you just won't get all the loot without
      it. If you have qualms about ripping off the Thieves too, don't do this.
      The stash is located in a secret cave on an island and involves fighting
      Lizards and a bit of a swim. You'll see if you're strong enough for the
      lizards soon enough. Head down to Laras by the docks and watch out over the
      horizon - see an island out there? There's actually two, one locking like a
      stone overpass where you could swim under, but you can't really get onto this
      island. The one we want is right in front of Laras, so jump in and swim to
      it. If you cannot see, you probably have your viewrange set to the bottom so
      turn it up a bit just to see what we're talking about (F1-F4).
      You'll have to swim a bit to the right and past the island to find a
      beachhead you can get up from. On this beach are some Meadow Knotweeds if you
      look carefully but also several lizards. Defeat them if you can - otherwise
      come back when you're stronger. Follow the beach around the island to the
      back and notice the very dense area of shrubs by the cliffside. Behind it is
      a hidden cave opening with more lizards inside that will charge you if you
      get too close. There's a ledge opposite of the cave entrance that serves as a
      good spot to lure the lizard to and pelt them with arrows relatively safe.
      There's a total of 6 lizards on the beach.
      Once inside the cave, pick up a silver chalice lying in the dark and notice
      the single torch on the wall here. The cave only consists of two rooms, but
      the small hallway between them is covered with what looks like a metal plate
      with holes. Stepping on this plate will puncture you with several sharp
      spikes, so be warned. There's a hidden level somewhere that will disable this
      deathtrap - try the single torch, and 'use' it.
      Once inside the protected room you'll see the Thieves stash - several crates
      and chests. There's a silver chalice and a gold candlestick lying around on
      top of the crates. There's 4 chests in total, from left to right, the first
      two are locked with the same combination (R-LL-RRR-L), the third is open, and
      the fourth is the one you need the key from Hanna for. All chests and loose
      objects come to 750 gold, 5 silver chalices, 2 gold candlesticks, 1 gold
      chalice, 1 gold dish, and one Statue of Innos (see Edda's Statue). Not bad.
     C1.2.P8 POINT OF INTEREST: Beaches & Shipwrecks
      When you swim back from the Island Stash visit, you'll probably notice that
      on the other side of the rock outcropping next to the harbour and the
      entrance to the Sewers, there's another beach. You can reach this one and two
      more like it by swimming around.
      Start by swimming around the rock outcropping by the Sewer entrance and look
      for a shallow point to get onto the beach. There's a couple Lizards here and
      some foodstuffs lying around the abandoned fisherman camp here.
      For the next beach, you have to walk up to the very end of the beach, and
      take a little jump onto a slope leading down to the next, as the beach doesnt
      go far enough into the water for you to climb up. On this little beach,
      there's a half-buried chest with some foodstuffs, gold and a weapon of no
      imortance in it. The combination is R-LL-R-LL.
      For the last beach, you need to jump in the water again and continue
      swimming. You'll see a larger broken ship and you can climb up onto the beach
      on either side of it. On this beach-stretch, there's another two lizards. In
      a broken crate and a skeleton here you can find a very good one-hander for
      beginners, a Rough Bastard Sword (45/45). In a chest in the shipwreck you can
      find a nice stack of 250 gold - the combination is R-LL-RR-LLL-RRR.
      If you swim further along the coast you'll be eaten by a big sea creature and
      watch a small video. Swim back and get up at the small gangway on the docks.
     C1.2.P9 POINT OF INTEREST: Thieves Secret Headshake
      Once learnt by Cassia after completing Constantino's Ring, you get the option
      to show this to a few select person connected to the Thieves Guild. Doing so
      will open a few doors where otherwise you would be turned away. These are the
      people you should try it on:
        When you didn't report Rengaru he went back to his normal business, scouting
        the merchants in the merchants square, or drinking beer at the stand. Talk
        to him and show him the secret headshake and will give you some valuable
        pointers on how to properly pick pockets. This is worth a striking +2
        permanent Dexterity bonus, so be sure to remember to drop by him.
        Halvor the Fishmonger
        With Halvor also saved from Jail, show him the secret headshake and he will
        tell you that as a fence, you should really come see him with any silver
        chalices or silver plates. Halvor will buy these (but only these two types
        of silverware) from you at 50% value, instead of the usual 30% value you get
        at normal merchants - meaning you'll get 50 gold for every piece of chalice
        or plate you give him instead of the 30 gold you'd get from other merchants.
        A good deal indeed. Halvor will only do this once a day though as to not
        arouse suspicion.
        There's a former thief from the old mining colony working the garden behind
        the town hall. Show him the signal and he will tell you about how the rich
        folks in the upper quarter often hide their stuff behind hidden panels
        activated by hidden levers.
        The owner of the PegLeg will sell you lockpicks if you show him the thief
        Once freed from the sixth tower (See C1.2.P12), you can find Joe at the Peg
        Leg. Showing him the thieves shake nets you 5 free lockpicks.
        Ramirez, Nagur
        You can show these people the signal, but nothing special happens other than
        a word of encouragement or similar.
     C1.2.P10 POINT OF INTEREST: A Thief in the Night
      As a member of the Thieves Guild, you'll probably have the most useful skills
      Lock Picking & Sneaking by now (although not neccessary to get these with the
      thieves guild, or to do the following). That means the city of Khorinis is
      yours for the take if you are looking to line your own pockets.
      Wait until nighttime, then just start in one end and pick the houses clean of
      anything not nailed down. As long as you start sneaking before entering a
      house, then sneak around in it picking open chests or just taking stuff lying
      around, the sleeping inhabitants won't have a clue what's going on. There are
      tens of houses that can be entered and stolen from, and every little tidbit
      picked up do turn into a tidy sum.
      This holds even more true for the Upper Quarter of town, when you get acess
      to it, and can net you thousands of coin. Completing the Blood Chalices quest
      for Cassie also requires you to sneak around in the upper quarter houses, so
      why not take everything else that isn't nailed down while you're at it.
      When picking chests, be sure to quicksave before doing so as the chances are
      high you might hit a wrong combination somewhere. When the lock breaks there
      is a small chance the sleeping occupants will wake up and catch you. I'm
      unsure wether the game randomly makes up the combination for the more generic
      of chests (the 2-4 number combinations) at each new game, and thus haven't
      included the combinations for all chests - if this information changes, I
      will see about getting them in. However, save before picking a chest, get the
      combination right, then reload and you'll save yourself some trouble with
      breaking lockpicks and people catching you in the act.
     C1.2.P11 POINT OF INTEREST: Ripping off Lehmar
      Lehmar is a moneylender and can lend you some money. After stealing his debts
      ledger, grabbing the Blood Chalice, and possibly also robbed him blind of
      everything else during the night, you can just as well rip him off on the
      moneylending business too to be sure you really did him in.
      Ask about what he's doing and he'll ask you to get to the point and how much
      money you want to borrow. You have the option of borrowing 50, 200 and 1000
      gold. If you ask to borrow 1000, he just laughs and gives you 100, so go with
      the 200 gold option. You can of course do this earlier if you're strapped for
      cash in a situation, but the thing is you can only do it once. If you
      borrowed money from Lehmar earlier and paid it back to him with interest,
      this option will no longer apply to you.
      With 200 gold borrowed, our intent is to keep it of course. After one day
      it's time to pay up, but don't do that. Wait another day and things will heat
      up. If you get close to Lehmar's house, his right hand man Meldor will draw
      you into a conversation and tell you to pay up - then attack you. He's pretty
      easy to beat, so do so. Meldor won't trouble you again after that, and you
      won't even get him angry since he started it. Neither will any city guards or
      other citizens interfere or get angry. Meldor is also worth 120xp when
      knocked out.
      Next rub it in by going into Lehmar's house and he'll force you into a
      conversation saying you are way overdue and the interest is now 30%. Tell him
      you're not going to give him a single coin and he threatens you then attack.
      Lehmar is a tough customer so be careful. He uses a one-hander and is skilled
      with it, knowing a lethal double-swipe combo that can really hurt you. With
      all the nice weapons you have found so far though, it shouldnt be a problem.
      Lehmar yields +180xp when knocked out. You have probably said all there is to
      say to Lehmar for now, but he won't mention the money again.
      The third obstacle is the easiest one. When passing Moe again down at the
      PegLeg, he will also bring you aside and tell you he has a message from
      Lehmar. If you have beaten him before, you won't get any xp, but if you
      haven't he yields +80xp.
      When both Lehmar, Meldor and Moe beaten up, they won't trouble you anymore
      and you'll hear nothing more about the borrowed coins you never paid back.
      Moral/imoral issues aside, I haven't heard anything in the further story that
      would indicate doing this has any repercussions besides the fighting
      mentioned above.
     C1.2.S9 SIDEQUEST: Valentino
      Both from Coragon and Regis you have probably already heard about the
      obnoxious upper-class citizen by the name of Valentino. You have met him too
      maybe, listening to Vatras during day-time. Now we're going to rough him up a
      bit to set the record straight. Do bring a scroll of Oblivion for this if you
      don't want to pay the fine.
      This takes a little time, as you have to wait til about 4 in the morning to
      do this. Since the times when you can get up from sleeping is either at
      midnight, or 8 in the morning, we will have to find something to do from
      midnight until 4. If you have the Sneaking and Picking Locks skills, this
      would be the perfect opportunity to rob some houses while we wait.
      Once the time is closing, head to Coragon's tavern and locate Valentino. Take
      a seat somewhere and wait until he leaves, then follow him. He will walk
      towards the entrance to the upper quarter. Wait until he passes the city
      guard that stands next to the temple, and until he is about to round the
      corner towards the main street. At this spot you're most unlikely to draw the
      attention of either the temple guard, or the two guards at the upper quarter
      entrance. Give him a thourogh beating and take his 'Chest Key' and 200 gold,
      and his walking stick too if you want. Beating Valentino nets you +80xp. Cast
      an Oblivion afterwards or you'll be reported. The key we need for the Thieves
      Guild quest "The Blood Chalices".
      Once you have beaten up Valentino for the first time, go talk to Regis
      sitting outside Matteo's Store the following morning. Tell him you met
      Valentino...and gave him a good thrashing. Regis will give you a ring -
      Valention's Ring (+5 Weapon AC) that he took when HE beat up Valentino, and
      tells you to pass it on to the next person who beats up Valentino.
      Stop by Coragon's tavern, and Coragon will tell you something amusing - that
      Valentino couldn't pay his bartab last night saying he was robbed, and that
      Coragon gave him a good beating. Give him Valentino's ring you got from Regis
      and welcome Coragon to the "I-beat-up-Valentino-club". He doesn't quite
      understand but leave it at that, for wich you'll recieve +300xp.
     C1.2.P12 POINT OF INTEREST: The City Guard Towers
      Spread throughout the city of Khorinis are several towers along the sections
      of city wall. If you pass them at night you can see there is light behind
      them, a good indication that they can be opened somehow. This is a little
      something for the thieves among you, and include stealing off with much of the
      city's weaponscache, hidden in these towers.
      The first and most easily accessible tower is the one left of the entrance to
      the docks district, just behind where Pablo stops on his route.The key to this
      tower can be found in a chest inside the barracks, in the room with the large
      fireplace. You can't just waltz into these towers once you get the door open,
      but have to sneak in, prefferably at night behind the guards back. In this
      very tower you'll find a Fine Short Sword that sells for a nice 60 gold.
      The second tower is at the South Gate, the tower closest to the entrance to
      the upper quarter, or left of the gate if you will. Pablo has the key for this
      one, and you have to pick pocket it off him (around 20 dex). This spot is
      relatively safe even in daylight as there are no guards too close. Open the
      door, sneak in and grab the Light Two-Hander lying on a crate.
      The Third Tower is the one opposite of the second tower, right of the South
      Gate. They key has to be pickpocketed off Rangar, the always-off-duty militia
      man by the free beerstand (around 30 dex). Inside this tower you'll find a
      Rough Longsword and a chest (combination: R-LL-RR-L) containing 70 gold, 3
      Mana Essence, and 2 Essence of Healing potions.
      The Fourth Tower is the one to the left of the East Gate. Ruga has the key for
      this one and it has to be pickpocketed off him (around 30 dex). Ruga is the
      militia man training crossbow at the barracks, close to the outer wall. The
      left tower contains a Fine Longsword.
      The Fifth Tower is the right one at the East Gate. Wambo the city guard, in
      the upper quarters has the key for this one, and now it's starting to get a
      bit tricky. Wambo can be picked with 55+ dex for the key. The rightmost tower
      contains a chest (combination: R-LL-RR-L) with 70 gold and a whole 5 Essence
      of Healing potions.
      The Sixth and final tower is the one in the center of town, just behind
      Thorben and his niece Gritta's house. Peck has the key for this tower, but it
      requires atleast 60 in dex to get it off him. Unless you're already a militia
      and found Peck, he can be found upstairs having fun in the Red Lantern. Inside
      the last tower you'll be surprised by Joe, a silly thief who accidentilly
      locked himself within the tower. Freeing Joe who was about to starve to death
      nets you +100xp. On a crate here is also a Heavy War Hammer (65dmg, 70str)
      worth 360 gold, and probably the nastiest piece of pounding gear you'll find
      without venturing outside the city. Joe will head off down to the Peg Leg
      where you can talk to him again and show him the thieves headshake for 5 free
      As far as I know it should also be possible to beat the keyholders up to steal
      their key, but many of these are in high-risk positions that will result in
      heavy fines all around. I tried with Peck as he is fairly remote and he
      dropped the key atleast, but I'm 100% sure with the four others.
      Note that picking pockets give a higher experience reward the higher the
      chapter you are in, and thus should be done in chapter 5. Small quests and
      sidequests also yield higher experience values, and could also wait until
      chapter 5. In this case, stealing the 4 keys nets you +1250xp if done in
      chapter 5, and freeing Joe nets you +1000xp instead of just +100 in chapter 1.
     C1.2.Q19 QUEST: The Blood Chalices
      After completing the Constantino's Ring quest and becoming a full member of
      the Thieves Guild, you can ask Cassia for more work and she will tell you
      about the famed Blood Chalices. Some historic treasure that would be very
      valuable to collectors if the full set was gathered. This quest absolutely
      requires you to know both Sneaking, Lock Picking and Pick Pocketing. You also
      need to complete S9 Valentino for his chest key.
      There are 6 chalices in total, almost all of them located in the upper quarter
      of Khorinis, so you need acess there as well. It's quite possible to get some
      of these outside the Thieves Guild, and they will sell to merchants for less
      than a normal gold chalice separately. If you do happen to do this though, be
      sure to remember who you sold it to.
      The First Blood Chalice
      Or the easiest one to get for now. It seems one of the upper quarter citizens
      borrowed some money from Lehmar, one Lutero, and Lehmar keeps a Blood Chalice
      as safety. You'll be clued into this later if you happen to visit Lutero's
      house, prefferably at night. The blood chalice is found in the chest in
      Lehmar's house.
      The Second Blood Chalice
      Is located in the upper quarter, as is the rest of them too once you have the
      first. When you enter the upper quarter you have houses lining the right side,
      so we'll start there. You have to do this at night, sneaking into the houses
      without being noticed, otherwise you'll have the paladins on your tail soon
      enough. The first house on the right belongs to a mister Gerbrandt. Take care
      so Lothar doesn't see you entering the house, otherwise you're fine.
      Loot the place clean, ground and first floor. In a chest on the first floor -
      the combination is RR-L-RR-L, you'll find the second Blood Chalice.
      The Third Blood Chalice
      Out of Gerbrandt's house and into the next on the right using the same stealth
      and caution. Loot the place clean and head upstairs. Nod to Valentino's wife
      (yep, this is his house, but he's out drinking probably) and notice the lamp
      on the wall on top of the stairs. It's the only lamp in the house that is NOT
      lit. Position yourself in front of it and press the mousebutton as you would
      pick up or use something and you should activate a hidden lever. Don't stand
      to close, but move around a bit to get it right. This will open a hidden room
      You can also pick the chest here - combination LL-RR-LL. Downstairs again,
      you'll see the hidden room and a chest by the fireplace. Open the chest using
      Valentino's key from earlier (see C1.2.S9 Valentino) for the third Blood
      The Fourth Blood Chalice
      The now 'deposed' judge and former head of Khorinis owns the fourth chalice.
      His house is on the right side of the town hall, with a special guard outside.
      You have to do this by day though. Enter the house and head upstairs to talk
      to the judge. You'll get an option to pick pocket his key (dex30) and also
      note a coat of arms (the shield) hanging strangely low on the wall behind the
      armchair here. Use it to activate a hidden lever downstairs. You might have to
      do this by night.
      Downstairs you'll see the hidden room right next to the fireplace, and a chest
      requiring the judge's key. Inside is the fourth chalice.
      The Fifth Blood Chalice
      From entering the upper quarter through the main gate, pass the first house,
      and head left through the alley. Continue staying to the left and there are 4
      houses lined up in a half-circle around the square here. The first belongs to
      Fernando, the second to Lutero, the chap that gave his chalice to Lehmar to
      borrow some coin. We want the third house however. At night, Wambo or a city
      guard is patrolling this area rather suspiciously and it can be a bit tricky
      to enter the second house. You can pay off Wambo with 250 gold if you want, if
      you previously talked to Ramirez about the upper quarter - Wambo will then
      stay away, but it isn't neccesary. Early in the morning (around 4-6), only the
      city guard will stand watch, and he can be fooled. Position yourself one step
      outside the doorway to the second house and turn your back againts the opening
      looking at the city guard. Take one step back into the house and he comes
      running - step out again quickly and hear him tell you to stay the hell out of
      there. As he turns to walk back to his spot, hit sneak and take one step back
      again and you are into the house. A step to the side will put you behind the
      wall so he can't see you.
      Inside, check out the fireplace - there's a key on it that can be a bit tricky
      to spot and grab. When sneaking you probably have to sneak up on the crate of
      logs for the fire, then exit sneak mode to get the key in your focus. Grab it
      and use it to open the chest between the beds in the opposite end of the
      house. Inside is the fifth chalice.
      The Sixth Chalice
      You probably won't have access here yet, as this requires you to have come as
      far as getting an audience with Lord Hagen. Whatever way you do that, once
      inside the town hall, head upstairs and check out the rooms there. The sixth
      and final chalice is located on a table here. Just grab it and you're all set.
        Geir Gundersen adds: "You can jump the fence and sneak along the wall,
        around the corner and behind the two guards"
      Indeed, this works just as well if you want to finnish this quest without
      joining any of the guilds just yet. As long as you're not directly in front of
      the guards, you won't trigger them stopping you and can safely loot the town
      hall, including the sixth chalice. A word of advice though, it's actually
      possible to start off chapter 2 without joining a guild, but this can have
      dire consequences for your further progress.
      With all six chalices safely in your knapsack, return to Cassia for +300xp and
      a choice award from her selection. You can choose between a Ring of Iron Skin
      (+5 Weapon AC) wich you probably already have one of by now - it's worth about
      30 gold. Othwerwise, you can have 4 Elixirs of Healing (+100hp) or 400 gold.
      I'd go with the potions, but that's me.
      Cassia will also explain that you're pretty much done now and that she won't
      have anything else to do for you. The only real thing left is a small task for
      Ramirez, and a quest for Jesper if you didn't kill him.
     C1.2.P13 POINT OF INTEREST: Robbing the Upper Quarter
      Completing the Blood Chalices quest step by step probably had you thinking
      there must be a lot more to be had in the upper quarter, and you're absolutely
      right. Making use of the Sneaking, Picking Locks, and Pick Pocket skills we
      can really clean the place. This will outline the houses not touched upon in
      the Blood Chalices quest, so might want to read up on that too to get them
      We'll start on the right side of the upper quarter. The third house on the row
      there belongs to a normal citizen, but contains plenty of foodstuffs, gold and
      some potions. The house is only one floor, but two rooms. The chest in the
      inner room has the combination L-RR-L-RR-LL.
      The second floor of the third house there, accessed by the ramp on the far
      side, houses another citizen and the score of knights and paladins that patrol
      the area. Sneak into the room with the knights and then into the room where
      the citizen sleep. In a chest opposite the doorway (combination R-L-RR) you
      can find a key. Look closely on the far wall in this room, next to a bookstand
      and you can make out a button on the wall. Press it and a cupboard behind you
      will slide to the side revealing a hidden scroll on the wall. The key will
      unlock the chest in the far corner where the knights sleep.
      Over to the left side of the upper quarter, start with Fernando's house, this
      is the first on the left after going throug the main gates, but before the
      passageway separating the two areas. There's a chest on the first floor here -
      combination L-RR-L-R.
      Through the passageway, the next house on the left belongs to Lutero. There's
      some loose foodstuffs and silverware here, but nothing much else. You'll also
      find a note of debenture here describing how Lutero traded his Blood Chalice
      to Lehmar. If you wanted to rob Lutero for any other reason too, this is the
      place to do it at night.
      The third house is where you found the fifth chalice, so skip over to the last
      house in the line. This is actually a shop belonging to Salandril, a potion
      maker. He doesn't have much else going for him than selling you some potions
      now and then though. If you talk to him during daytime you can pick pocket his
      key. Actually, since this is a shop no one will mind if you go into it at
      night, so you could basically just run into the shop at night, wake up
      Salandril, talk to him to steal his key, then wait for him to get back to
      sleep before sneaking in again. There's some alchemy ingredients lying around,
      some silverware, and lastly a hidden button behind his counter towards the
      wall that will open a secret panel. Behind it is a chest you'll need his key
      to open with some potions.
     C1.2.Q20 QUEST: Bandits at Jack's Lighthouse
      Next to Laras down in the docks district you can find Jack, an old salor and
      man of wisdow that can tell you about the docks. He used to operate the
      lighthouse you can see overlooking Khorinis though, but now it's occupied by
      some rather fierce bandits. If you could clear the lighthouse, Jack could go
      back to his job and not having to stand around here.
      The lighthouse can be found by exiting the East Gate, head left and along the
      mountainside. You'll see a winding mountain path going up, and you should see
      the lighthouse when you emerge at the top.
      This quest you will probably get rather early, but it's listed almost last
      here as it is a painfully hard quest to complete. The bandits in question,
      three of them, are extremely tough and skilled bow users - if you get close to
      them, they will pelt you with arrows and kill you faster than than you can
      run. The trick to this, besides being of a considerably higher level and power
      than when you are when you first get this quest (10-15 and you're closer to a
      possible success), is to lure them. First dodge the arrow rain and get close
      enough to the shack up by the fence. Try popping your head out and see if one
      of the bandits take the bait - they will draw their melee weapons and come
      running for you. Run down the road again, while dodging the arrows from the
      the other bandits, but be sure you still have a single bandit chasing you with
      his melee weapon. If the distance between you becomes to wide, he will stop
      and pull out his bow again and you're probably had. Drag one bandit out of
      range of the others firing arrows, while drawing your melee weapon (or other
      form of close combat) and turn around to face the bandit. If you know how to
      bring down skeletons, this should work fairly good. Kill all three bandits
      this way (+180xp for each) and then search the lighthouse.
      There's some potions, scrolls, and gold on the top of the lighthouse, and some
      stuff in a chest inside. Right behind the lighthouse on the edge of the cliff
      you can also find a Dragonroot.
      Return to Jack and tell him the good news for +400xp and he'll invite you to
      follow him up to the lighthouse and see the view. Since Jack is a slow old
      man, he will walk the whole way wich can take quite a while, and you don't
      really get anything for following him up there. Still, Jack still has a part
      to play in the story to come.
     C1.2.Q21 QUEST: Member of the City Guard
      Show your intent to Andre about joining the city guard and you'll get this
      quest in your log. It completes and yields +400xp when you join the city
      guard. Note that this is a permanent choice. Joining the city guard can be
      done by either simply becoming a citizen first (See  C1.2.Q2 Apprentice in
      Khorinis) or helping Andre root out the Thieves Guild. The City Guard or
      Militia is also the predecessor to becoming a Paladin.
      Upon joining the city guard (wich later will lead you on the path to a
      Paladin), you are given a Light Militia Armor, and automatic access to see
      Lord Hagen and the city hall. That and some duties of course that are marked
      as Paladin quests only.
     C1.2.Q22 PALADIN QUEST: Where is Peck?
      Your first task as a militia - ask Andre if you get a weapon too go with that
      order, and he'll tell you that Peck, the clerk over at the barracks smitty is
      missing. You'll have to find him and bring him back to the barracks.
      Peck can be found in Khorinis, a little occupied at the moment, but if you
      look around down at the docks district, more specifically in the Red Lanter,
      you'll find him on the second floor with one of the girls. Just tell him Andre
      was looking for him and he'll get moving.
      Talking to Andre after Peck has returned nets you +50xp and you can go see
      Peck in the smithy for a Fine Sword if you didn't rat him out.
     C1.2.Q23 PALADIN QUEST: Package Full of Weed
      Ask Andre about further tasks and he'll tell you about a rumor of some big
      swampweed shipment coming in to town. Your task is to find it and bring it
      back. This is the same weed package from the quest C1.6.Q8 The Package of
      Weed. Talk to Mortis in the smitty and then head down to the docks and talk to
      Kardif at the Pegleg, he should tell you how he overheard two fellows
      discussing where to hide it, and that he believes it's close by.
      Look in the storehouse next to Garvell's boathouse and you will encounter a
      guard. The weed package is in a locked chest in the back room on the second
      floor here, and the guard has the key. Killing him has no consequences.
      Returning to Andre you have two options. You can say you threw the package in
      the harbour basin for +100xp, or give it to him for +200xp. If you did any of
      the quests with the mercenaries before choosing to join the Militia, you could
      probably already have done the task for Cipher wich also involves this
      package, in wich case you have tell Andre you threw it away. If you give it to
      Andre, it will dissapear for good and if you have the quest "The Weed Package"
      from cipher running, it will fail.
      Considering you get +300xp for completing the "Weed Package" for Cipher,
      telling Andre you threw it away for 100xp less will yield more xp total. Being
      the first real Militia task too, completing this will also give you a regular
      militia pay wich is 200 gold.
     C1.2.Q24 PALADIN QUEST: The Weed Deal
      Once The Package full of Weed is completed, ask Andre about further tasks and
      he puts you in charge of also rooting out the weed sales in the city by
      setting up a deal to buy weed and then turning in the culprit. Talk to Mortis
      in the smitty again, then back to the Pegleg and talk to Kardif. For this you
      cannot wear your light militia armor, or no one will take you seriously. Any
      other non-militia armor will do when you go around asking to buy weed.
      Kardif will tell you to maybe check with Meldor - he's smoking all day anyway.
      Meldor will tell you check around the Red Lantern and talk to Borka, the
      fellow standing outside beckonging people to enter. When you first talk to him
      however, he just tells you to piss off. You need to get confirmation that he
      is actually selling.
      Head into the Red Lantern and talk to the fellow behind the counter. Pay the
      50 gold to have som fun with one of the girls (Nadja) and follow her upstairs
      and into the last room. Talk to her and ask her where you could buy some weed,
      and she will disclose the information for 50 gold.
      Head out to Borka again and now ask him again about buying some. He will press
      to find out who told you he was the dealer but you can just avoid his
      questions and see the deal go through for another 50 gold. Report Borka to
      Andre for +100xp and the militia pay of 200 gold.
        Geir Gundersen adds: "You don't have to ask around. Go straight to Nadja and
        get the info from her. If you tell Borka who you got the info from the quest
        will fail and Andre will tell you Nadja was found dead."
     C1.2.Q25 PALADIN QUEST: Problems at Lobart's Farm
      The last assignment in chapter 1, ask Andre about any other assignments and
      you will hear how Lobart has complained about troubles on his farm. Since
      delivery of food products is very important to the city and the paladins, you
      are sent out to help him. Off to see good old Lobart again.
      When you arrive at his farm, you'll immediately notice that the farmhands are
      no longer working, and that the two fields are full of Field Raiders (spawned
      by this quest). Talk to Lobart to have him explain the situation, before
      killing off all 7 Field Raiders (560xp). Talk to Lobart again and he'll give
      you a little spending money, 20 gold, and thank you for the effort. Return to
      Andre for +100xp and 200 gold.
     C1.2.Q26 QUEST: Snapper's Claws
      This quest won't appear before you have joined one of the three guilds. Once
      you are a member of either one, talk to Lutero in the Upper Quarter in
      Khorinis, and you can ask him if he's looking for anything special in his
      unuasual dealings. You will get a quest to obtain some special Snapper claws
      he needs for a client, and for that you will recieve a ring of
      inconquerability (+5). Not too shabby.
      Completion of this quest cannot be done within chapter 1 - you have to wait
      until chapter 2 at the earliest. The claws in question does not require you to
      have any hunting skills to complete, but doesn't come off any regular snapper
      either. You have to kill a snapper pack leader in the Valley of Mines (See
      C2.8.Q3 Snapper Hunt) and return the special "Leader of the Pack's Claws". For
      this you get +75xp if you return in Chapter 2, or +150xp if you return in
      Chapter 3, and of course a Ring of Inconquerability (+5 to all ACs). You could
      basically wait until chapter 5 before returning the claws for an even greater
      xp reward.
        TheGreat Moose adds: "You can get the Ring of Invincibility in 2 ways,
        Either find it in the cave that you mention in the walkthrough or get it
        through the "Pack Leader Claws" quest you get from Lutero. If you already
        have found the Ring of Invincibility in the cave before you do this quest
        you only get a ring of Inconquerability (and vice versa)"
     C1.2.P14 POINT OF INTEREST: Bromor's Backroom
      The propietor of the Red Lantern, Bromor, can be picked for his key to the
      locked backroom (55+ dex). The backroom, just around the corner in the hallway
      leading upstairs, contain 2 chests. The right chest is locked (combination:
      R-L-RRRR) while the other is open, containing 100 gold, 2 silver chalices and
      2 silver plates in total. As always, pickpocketing yields better xp rewards
      the higher the chapter so you might want to wait with doing this until the
      last possible time, in chapter 5.
    Located close to Khorinis, this farm connected with the King is often raided by
    rouge mercenaries and other rabble. You'll find it by exiting Khorinis by the
    East Gate, heading right along the road, past the bend in the road with the
    short stone staircase leading down on your right, and following the road uphill
    to another staircase set in the cliffwall to your left. The farm is visible as
    you climb these stairs. Akil lives there with his wife Katie and there's a
    couple things to do.
    The Dead Harpy is a tavern, serving as a certain centerpoint in the new world,
    atleast as far as travelling goes. Found by continuing up the road past Akil's
    Farm, either under or over the stone bridge. Chances are you'll be passing this
    back and forth quite a few times on your travels. Orlan the innkeeper can sell
    you a Leather Armor if you didn't buy or stole one from Matteo. You can also
    rent a room at the tavern wich can serve as a nice spot to drop off items that
    have outplayed their use (like keys, notes, etc) to clean up your inventory. You
    have to pay 50 gold a week for the room, but then both rooms on the first floor
    is available to you, with beds and chests you can store things in. Items put in
    any of these chests have never dissappeared on me, even when I was weeks overdue
    with the payment.
     C1.3.S1 SIDEQUEST: Two Brothers
      Working the field south of Akil's Farm, you can find Egill and Ehnim,
      farmhands for Akil and brothers. Talk to either one to get a story on how the
      Field Raiders keep coming back and how dangerous they are. Egill will brag
      about how many he has killed, but Ehnim will detest that and call him a liar.
      Keep talking back and forth with the two brothers and a real feud will
      commense over who is the biggest braggart. If you can get the two brothers to
      fight, you recieve +50xp for some reason, as well as being able to loot the
      brother that loose the fight (him being knocked out) without consequence.
      As far as I know, doing this have no further consequences for the later game,
      but the brothers will stop talking to you saying you've caused enough trouble
      for now. Not that they have anything useful to say anyhow.
      One thing though, it's best to do this before "A Farmer in Need" when you
      first meet them coming up from the stone stairs by the main road. The other
      farmhands and people here are currently held up on the other side of the farm
      so there's no one close to Egill or Ehnim. If you try to get the brothers to
      fight after you've cleared up the "A Farmer in Need" quest, Akil or Katie
      will be sitting on a bench close to where Egill works. If the brothers start
      fighting then, the rest of the farm will get involved and actually kill one
      of them for good. Funny to watch how they suddenly turn on them, but one of
      them will die for sure.
     C1.3.Q1 QUEST: A Farmer in Need
      The first time you visit Akil's farm, there will be a confrontation at the
      front of his house, where two of Sylvio's mercenaries is pressuring Akil for
      some money. Talk to Katie, Akil's wife first and you'll get this quest in your
      log. Talk to Akil and you'll surely see something is amiss although he wont
      ask for your help directly. What you have to do is talk to Alvarez a couple of
      times to get the fight started, then help the farmers kill the two
      mercenaries. Doing this have no bearing on your relations with the mercenaries
      later in the game. Alvarez and Ed belongs to Sylvio's crowd and will dislike
      you no matter what you do.
      The farmers in the fight is not grouped to you, so be careful not to hit them
      in chaos that ensues as they will come for you next then. You won't recieve
      any xp either when the mercenaries die (kill xp) since you and the farmers
      are different groups, but if you can somehow manage to get the killing blow
      in on either you will get xp for the kill.
      One of the mercenaries also carries a good two-hander (Rough Two-Hander
      35/40) for use early in the game, but you have to be quick about grabbing it
      once they are dead as the farmers will be thinking the same. You can loot
      both mercenaries corpses freely though.
      For helping out you get +25xp and Akil forces you into a conversation the
      second the last mercenary is dead. Talking to Akil you can ask for some coin -
      which will get you +100xp and some foodstuffs instead, or tell him you don't
      want any reward for +150xp instead.
        Darf and Geir Gundersen adds: "If you give Mika (the third guard outside of
        the east gate) his 10 gold then ask him for help later, you get the option
        to tell him that Akil is in trouble. You get some nice xp for that and then
        he runs up there and kills both of the mercs (and you bag the xp for the
        kills). Not bad for 10 gold."
      This is only partly correct though. Yes, you can ask him for help with the
      mercenaries at Akil's farm - this will give you +25xp. He'll tell you to
      follow him up there, and then simply charges them. However, even though you
      are grouped with Mika, you are still competing with the farmers for the 'kill
      xp' and adding Mika to the fight just adds even more chaos. I tried this
      several times over and not once did actually Mika get the last hit in on any
      of the mercenaries and got the xp. What you can do however, is cut straigth
      left before Mika stops (he will force you into a conversation, saying
      something like 'watch how this is done' then charge the mercenaries), and
      simply attack the mercenaries yourself. If you're lucky, you get to take out
      one (and get the xp) before the rest of the farmers and Mika get to them, then
      line up a 'last shot' with a bow or crossbow on the second mercenary once the
      others have beaten him up pretty good. So far, this is the only way I've
      managed to get both kills for +240xp. Also, talking to Mika after Akil grabs
      you for the above conversation, nets you another +25xp.
     C1.3.Q2 Bottoms Up
      You can get this quest earlier by talking to Randolph down at Akil's farm, but
      inside the Dead Harpy is where the action takes place. Talk to Rukhar to learn
      about this little drinking contest he has going he calls Bottoms Up. It's
      basically just two guys drinking until one hits the floor, but Rukhar seems to
      be the undisputed champion. He'll even bet a good sum of coin that he'll beat
      anyone. If you talked to Randolph earlier, you knew Rukhar already beat
      Randolph, but that Randolph suspects Rukhar was sneaking the near tasteless
      spirits Gin into his beer when he wasn't looking.
      If we are to win this contest, using Randolph as our champion, we first have
      to make sure Rukhar isn't cheating. Wait until around midnight (or sleep if
      you have a room at the tavern) and you'll see Rukhar going outside to get some
      fresh air around that time. Here's your chance to open his chest without
      anyone going mad - take what's inside and leave a bottle of water instead of
      the Gin. Now you can go outside and talk to Rukhar again. Tell him you want to
      challenge him with Randolph, put down 100 gold in the bet (yields a +25xp when
      you give him the money) and then you have to go pick up Randolph.
      It's just a short way down to Akil's farm if you take the high route going
      around a cliff and over a stone bridge behind the tavern, but watch out for
      goblins in the night. Randolph can be found sitting behind the farmhouse at
      night, at a campire with roasted sheep with the other farmhands. It seems he's
      flatbroke and needs a little drinkingmoney to be able to enter the contest
      though, so hand him the 10 gold pieces he needs. This nets you a +50xp reward
      too. Randolph will head straight to the tavern and start the contest now. This
      will actually take a few days, so find something to do in the meantime.
      When you return to the tavern a couple days later, you'll be grabbed by Orlan
      the tavernkeeper and given a lesson on how doesnt want anything like those
      drinking contests in his tavern again. You'll also get +25xp. Then talk to
      Randolph on his way out and you'll get your 10 gold back with a solid
      interest, 12 gold. Last talk to Rukhar for +50xp and 200 gold.
     C1.3.Q3 QUEST: Dragomir's Crossbow
      Just a bit east of the Dead Harpy you can spot a hunters camp, the very camp
      Bartok said he used to hunt from but that was abandonded. Another hunter has
      moved in however, a fellow by the name of Dragomir. Dragomir is sitting on a
      log here, and talking to him will reveal he's a pretty good crossbower. If
      your Dexterity is 30 or higher he can also train your crossbow skill up to 60,
      for the price of 150 gold.
      You can also hear the spooky tale of how he lost his crossbow way up north
      when the walking dead came thumbling out of the dense forrest. He dropped his
      crossbow and ran for his life, and naturally it will be up to us to brave the
      dangers and retrieve it for him.
      Dragomir's crossbow is lying at the 'Sun Circle', a huge stone circle up in
      the northern forrests. It's a pretty good ways off, and the most direct route
      isn't always the best. You can pick up this quest rather early, but I wouldn't
      reccomend taking this trip until later on. If you bring out your map at
      Dragomir, find the Monastery just north, and then look for what appears to be
      a building a little further to the northeast - that's the sun circle, and the
      'safest' route to get there is trailing the winding road far to the east and
      up the mountains, past the black troll, and then coming down from the opposite
      Once at the sun circle, you should find Dragomir's Crossbow lying on the
      ground in the circle itself. Return it to Dragomir for +150xp and 150 gold.
     C1.3.P1 A Burnt Down Camp
      Following the road going around and to the back of the tavern, there's a sign
      pointing you back towards Khorinis. This is the 'high road' going over the
      stone bridge you passed under earlier. Before you pass over this bridge,
      there's a winding path through the cliffs and forrest you can follow and end
      up on the other side - under the large mountain arch you could see from the
      road going uphill from Khorinis.
      Under this arch there are tracks of a recent battle and what looks like a
      small camp or farmstead with the remains of some huts that has been burnt to
      the ground. In the middle of the scene are 3 Lizards (not fire lizards mind
      you). One of the burnt down huts seems to have had an adobe going into the
      mountain - inside you'll find some coin and a chest that survived the fire.
      The combination is R-LL-RR-L and the chest contains a Composite Bow, the best
      bow you'll find early if you're into that (otherwise worth a nice 240 gold).
     C1.3.P2 Paladin's Rest
      Just behind the Dead Harpy, on the other side of the crossroads leading to the
      Valley of Mines, and to Akil's Farm, you can barerly make out some fog behind
      the trees. This is an old graveyard where you can find a lot of herbs growing.
      Behind the graveyard again, two dark cave openings can be seen. The cave to
      the left is just a small hive for a couple Molerats, but the one on the right
      is an old burial chamber for Paladins. Be careful around here - guarding the
      antechamber is 3 Goblin Skeltons of all things, maybe moved in at a later
      stage. These aren't too hard to fight, but if you get the attention of all
      three at the same time, you could be in for a world of hurt. Goblin skeletons
      are very fast and circle around you just like they would alive, only these are
      much stronger. Once you turned them all back into bones, slowly make your way
      into the burial chamber. Inside are 3 Zombies - tricky foes in numbers, and
      quite strong. If you know your way around a two-hander though, the swiping
      tactic should keep them at bay until you can bring them down safely. Zombies
      have a lot of hitpoints and natural armor so don't expect them to go down
      Once into the burial chamber, you'll see 4 caskets and some nice items. A
      jewelry casket worth some gold, a Paladin Two-Hander and a couple Paladin
      Swords. The two-hander is probably the best two-handed weapon you'll get your
      hands on in some time to come.
        Slayer adds: "There is a trick that will allow you to beat the skeletons and
        zombies without a single scratch: lure them outside and jump over the fence.
        Now you can chop them from the other side, they won't climb the fence."
     C1.3.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Goblin Mayhem
      Down the road from the Dead Harpy, towards Onar's Farm, you come across a cave
      opening on your left - to the right is a big tree with some Lurkers and
      Bloodflies. Outside the cave is a Goblin Berries plant, and inside, in 3 rooms
      with campfires, you'll encounter a total of 8 Black Goblins and 6 regular
      Goblins - nothing particular about it and nothing special in here, except a
      bunch of small live targets for your bow or crossbow practice and a nice
      amount of experience early on (1100xp).
    Onar's Farm is where all the Mercenary-related action will take place, and also
    where you get to sign up with this 'guild' if you want to. There is however a
    lot to do around here that doesn't require you to be a member just yet, and the
    path to becoming a mercenary is even one you could take even though you don't
    plan on actually joining as it involves plenty of quests, fights and action.
    Joining the mercenaries involves a couple quests, but also getting the majority
    of mercenaries on your side. You see, to get accepted, not only must you fulfill
    the tasks given to you, but also pass the vote - every newcomer must be voted on
    by the other mercenaries, to avoid bad blood. This is most often done by proving
    your worth in battle and defeating them, but also includes small tasks. The
    fighting is called "duels" around here, and nets you honour. That is, you can
    actually challenge each and every mercenary in the camp to a duel and defeat
    them for good xp. Named mercenaries are fought by insulting them through a
    conversation tree, but for the none descrit mercenaries just named 'Mercenary'
    you can simply hit them over the head once and the duel is on. You won't kill
    any of them, and get xp for everyone fought and won.
     C1.4.P1 Buster
      Down the hill from the Dead Harpy and passed the small lake with the mound in
      the middle, you'll see a small hut and two mercenaries guarding the road. One
      of them is Buster, a former aquaintance from the mining colony. He will force
      you into a conversation and try to intimidate you into a fight. Fighting and
      beating him will yield +80xp as well as put Buster in favour of you joining
      the mercenaries if you tell him that is your intention (see "Respect"). Buster
      will remember you once beat, and can also train your one-handed skill.
      Buster warns you about another mercenary up the road, called Sentenza and you
      better heed his words - this fellow is a very good fighter and I wouldn't pick
      on him before you have a solid weapon skill (30%+) a good amount of healing
      potions and even some better armor.
     C1.4.P2 A Nest of Field Raiders
      Coming up through the farms after having passed Buster at the first guardpost,
      and passed the first crossroads, you should see a mercenary by the named of
      Fester practicing his weapon. Fester is practicing becuase he has to kill off
      some Field Raiders alone as punishment for them killing a couple farmers on
      his watch, but he's not quite ready yet it seems. You can offer to help him
      out hunting the field raiders down in exchange for his favour if you are
      looking to join the mercenaries, or some gold. In this scenario, Fester won't
      really be grouped with you, so it's last kill counts if you want the xp. When
      the raiders are taken care of, Fester will screw you over since you "didn't
      help much anyway" and that would be a good opportunity to teach him some
      manners. Fester yields +80xp.
      However, the cave in question only contains 3 Field Raiders so it shouldn't be
      much of a problem to take care of yourself. It's what's inside of it that
      interests us. At the back of the cave, you'll find some corpses of the killed
      farmers, lots of singly coins lying around, a gold ring and some rusty weapons
      - and a permanent Elixir of Dexterity (+5 Dex) wich is a real find. You can
      always talk to Fester after you cleared the cave and he'll just run over to
      it, prounounce it cleared, and the screw you so you can beat him up.
     C1.4.Q1 QUEST: The Hungry Hunter
      South of the farm, in a lush valley between the mountains you can find Grom, a
      hunter/woodsman working the forrested area from a little camp. You can ask him
      about the area and get a clue on what evil lurks further down the valley, and
      if you fulfill a small task for him, he'll also teach you some hunting skills.
      Seems Groms is a bit tired of eating luxuries of the forrest and want's a real
      meal. Bring him a bottle of milk, a ham, and a loaf of bread to complete this
      task for +25xp.
      Grom can teach you Remove Mandibles, Remove Heart, Remove Teeth, and
      Shadowbeast Horn.
     C1.4.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Trolls!
      As Grom said, further into the valley where you found his camp, evil lurks.
      Ten feet, hairy evil in the form of two trolls. Trolls are extremely tough,
      but if you haven't seen one up to now, it's well worth a peek. You can sneak
      up on trolls to a small degree.
      Going head to head with a troll in a normal combat-mode style is pure suicide,
      so be careful. They will swing their giant fists at you and throw you several
      meters away killing you almost in every blow. There is a way to beat trolls
      fairly easy though, by turning their big size and slow moving against them.
      When you first spot a troll and move close enough for it to notice you,
      they'll throw their arms in the air and roar to scare you, and this is your
      chance. Run right at them and get as close as you can. Be sure to lock on to
      them, and then immediately start to jump sideways to avoid the first attack.
      If you're lucky, you'll dodge the blow and with a lock on them be able to jump
      to the flank of the troll. Trolls turn very slow, so if you can keep locked on
      while dodging either left or right (making you always turn in accordance with
      the target, like circling it). Now all you have to do is keep away from it's
      field of view where it can hit you. Dodge left, hit it in the back, doge right
      when it turns for you again, hit it again and keep doing this until you have
      felled the mighty creature.
      This feels almost too easy when you get it right though, but on the other
      side, fighting a troll up front is almost certain suicide, so maybe this was
      how the developers imagined you'd fight them. Also pay close attention to how
      Goblins try to fight you - it's the exact same bahaviour as we will use here.
      It's also a good idea to lure the first of the two trolls a bit closer to Grom
      so you won't suddenly have two trolls trying to pound you.
      Killing a troll nets you a nice +500xp and it's hide (sold to Bosper for 300
      gold), as well as 2x Troll Tusks if you know how to Remove Teeth. If your
      strength and fighting skills are low, since you could teorethically bring down
      a troll at level 1-2, it will take quite some time to bring one down as they
      seem to have in the vicinity of 1000hp.
      Behind these two trolls you can find a King's Sorrel, some coin and a very
      nice Dexterity based one-hander called a Rapier.
     C1.4.Q2 QUEST: Four Wolves for Pepe
      Southwest of Onar's farm you can find Pepe, the sheperd on the farm. Pepe is
      quite troubled as he has lost a lot of sheep lately to wolves, and he wonders
      how he's going to tell Onar. Offer to take care of the wolves for him and
      he'll tell you about a flock to the west. This will spawn 4 Young Wolves in
      the hunters camp close by, so just take them out and return to Pepe and tell
      him the good news. This will net you +250xp. If you further inquire about the
      sheep, he'll tell you that the loss of the sheep is really Bullco's fault as
      he was the one responsible for guarding them. Pepe would be happy if someone
      could really show Bullco a thing or two.
     C1.4.Q3 QUEST: Kick Bullco's Butt
      Bullco is Sylvio's right-hand man and a tough opponent. You can get this quest
      either from listening to Pepe's story about how so many sheep got killed on
      Bullco's watch, or by inquiring with Thekla in the kitchen about Sylvio and
      Bullco causing a stink.
      Bullco will actually come gunning for you eventually, so that would be a good
      opportunity to fight him. This can be triggered by several reasons. One is
      accepting Jarvis' quest "Jarvis' Challange" and Bullco will come for you
      saying you have a thing in for Sylvio's boys. Another is throwing remarks at
      Sylvio's and Bullco will come to teach you a lesson about not talking to
      Sylvio without permission. And even talking to Lee about joining up will have
      Bullco coming for you with a message he won't permit you to join the
      mercenaries and that you have 24 hours to leave the farm. As you see, getting
      him angry at you isn't that hard.
      Beating him is though, especially at the sub-10 levels, so be prepared. If you
      can get him to follow you it's possible to bring him down to low health with a
      ranged weapon and then finnish him with your melee weapons. Bullco is worth
      +240xp when defeated.
      Thekla will want to talk to you once you have beat Bullco, so go see her.
      You'll recieve a pot of her famous stew and can now also get a quest for
      another pot. Also talk to Pepe after beating him for +100xp and completion of
      this quest.
     C1.4.Q4 QUEST: A Good Fighter
      Talk to Cord, a weapons trainer at the southwest corner of the farm. If your
      fighting skills are too low, Cord will initiate this quest - To complete this
      quest you need to drive one melee fighting skill to 'fighter' or better,
      meaning 30% or more. If you talk to Cord again then you'll recieve +100xp and
      his vote. If you don't talk to Cord at all before becoming a 'fighter' in any
      of the two skills, this quest will never happen, but you'll get the xp reward
      still when Cord mentions you look good enough to join.
     C1.4.Q5 QUEST: Rod's Sword
      Over by the Blacksmith on the farm, you'll see a big guy by the name of Rod.
      Strike up a conversation with him and he'll be pretty harsh with you, calling
      you a wiener. Insist that you are strong enough a couple times, and even
      suggest you could handle his big two-hander and you got him going on a bet.
      Rod bets 30 gold you cant handle his sword, so give him the money, then
      recieve his sword. The minimum strength to wield "Rod's Two-Hander" is 30 STR,
      so this is also possible a requirement to get the conversation options for the
      bet. Anyway, as you take the bet, you recieve 100xp. Rod admits his mistake
      and ask for the sword back. At this point it's amusing to just say no, telling
      him you'll keep it for a little while - he'll attack you (duel), but this
      normally efficient two-hander fighter is now forced to fight bare handed,
      enabling you to take him down easy with his own sword. Oh the irony. Once
      beat, you'll recieve +120xp. When Rod is on his feet again, you can ask for
      vote and he'll ask for his sword back. Give it back for +25xp and Rod's vote
      for the mercenaries.
        Geir Gundersen adds: "You get the option of trying even if you have less
        than 30Str. When you fail and Rod asks for his sword back, keep it and fight
        him. Then give it back and Rod will say that the main thing is that you can
        fight and give you his vote."
     C1.4.Q6 QUEST: Respect
      Obvious to you so far is the whole honour and respect the Mercenaries take
      pride in, and that there is no way to join them without first having the vote
      and respect of most the mercenaries. This quest can be given to you by several
      of the mercenaries when asked about joining and will keep track of wich
      mercenary you have won the vote of. There's no real xp completion of this, but
      it will complete once you have joined the mercenaries. Gaining the respect and
      the vote of the following mercenaries:
      Buster - Beat him at the guardpost and tell him you are looking to join up,
      and he will say you're okay.
      Sentenza - Pay him the 50 gold when he searches you and he will vote for you.
      If you beat him first time around, you won't get his vote solely on that, but
      will have to actually pay him 50 gold afterwards.
      Raoul - Beat him when he starts talking down to you and ask if he will vote
      for you afterwards.
      Rod - Win the bet and complete "Rod's Sword", alternately beating him up and
      asking if he will vote for you.
      Wolf - Just talk to Wolf sitting on the bench opposite of Rod and he'll give
      you his vote.
      Cipher - Cipher says he will vote for you anyway, but that doesnt appear to be
      quite true. To get Cipher's vote you really need to complete the quest "For a
      Fistful of Herb" for him.
      Cord - Complete the "A Good Fighter" quest and Cord will vote for you.
      Jarvis - Jarvis can be found in the kitchen behind Bennet. He's on Lee's side
      and won't vote for you unless he is sure you will side with Lee too. To get
      his vote you have to complete "Jarvi's Challenge"
      Torlof - Complete either "Drive the Militia Away" or "Collect the Rent" to get
      Torlof's favour.
      Dar - Dar won't be mentioned in the voting unless you beat him up and tell
      Chiper in "A Fistful of Herb" and "The Weed Package" quests - after that he
      will call you a blabbermouth and state he won't vote for you. Torlof mentions
      this (if you did the quests) but also says that Dar's vote doesn't count for
      much, so it's probably of minimal importance. I haven't seen any way where Dar
      actually votes favourably of you.
      This quest will complete without any direct reward once you talk to Torlof
      after finnishing his test, and he tells you have most of the mercenaries on
      your side. He then sends you to Lee and "A Member of the Mercenaries".
     C1.4.Q7 QUEST: For a Fistful of Herb
      Talk to Cipher by Bennet the Blacksmith on Onar's farm and he'll tell you
      about the weed that was stolen from him and that he's all out. If you have 10
      stalks of Swamp Weed on you, give him that for +100xp and his vote.
     C1.4.Q8 QUEST: The Weed Package
      Seems Cipher had a whole stash of swampweed brought with him to Onar's farm to
      sell to the mercenaries on the side, but someone has stolen it. Cipher
      suspects Bodo, one of the farmers, but if you talk to Bodo you'll see that is
      Further north along the road to the small chapel you'll see a fellow standing
      around smoking, called Dar. Talk to him and threaten him to tell you where the
      package is - there's no real proof here, but it seems likely he is the
      culprit. You can get a free stalk of swampweed from him when you threaten to
      beat it out of him, but he won't reveal anything. Hit him over the head and
      defeat him for +80xp (he also has 9-10 stalks of swampweed you can use to
      complete the "For a Fistful of Herb" if you need). Then ask him about the weed
      and he'll tell you he sold it to 'some bloke' in the city of Khorinis, down by
      the docks.
      Return to Cipher and tell him who stole the weed. Cipher will run over to Dar
      and knock him out once again. Talk to Cipher and ask if he's feeling better,
      beating up Dar and all, for another +50xp. Dar will then label you as a
      blabbermouth and vote against you, but it's of no importance as no one thinks
      his vote count for anything.
      The weed package itself and completion of this quest beyond just getting
      Cipher's vote and Dar mad, is found in Khorinis. Remember that storehouse you
      might have peeked into where there was a guard telling you to get out? That's
      the guy. The storehouse is just next to Garvell's boathouse. To get it you
      have to defeat the guard (killing him) and use the key he carries to open a
      chest in the back room.
      Return the package to Cipher for +300xp, 200 gold, and some swampweed stalks.
      Note that this package will dissapear forever when you do, and you won't be
      able to turn it in to Andre should you choose to become a member of the City
      Guard later (see C1.2.Q23 Paladin: A Package Full of Weed). You can always say
      you lost it to Andre though, and you will recieve more xp completing the
      quests this way.
        Geir Gundersen adds: "If you talk (threaten) to the farmer Bobo about it
        he'll give you some weed just to get on your good side."
     C1.4.Q9 QUEST: Jarvis' Challenge
      If you talk to Jarvis about getting his vote - he can be found sitting in
      Thekla's kitchen - you will recieve this quest. Jarvis won't vote for you
      unless he is sure you are on Lee's side. To prove that you are, you have to
      defeat atleast 3 of the mercenaries sided with Sylvio. There are 5 named
      mercenaries sided with Sylvio, and the more of them you beat, the more xp you
      will recieve when completing this quest.
      The 5 mercenaries in question are Fester, Sentenza, Raoul, Rod and Bullco. You
      get +25xp for each one you defeat (in addition to the xp gotten when defeating
      them of course), with a minimum of 3 of them fought for +75xp. Wait until you
      have defeated all 5 for +125xp and completion of this quest and Jarvi's
      devoted vote.
     C1.4.Q10 QUEST: Member of the Mercenaries
      This quest will initiate when you talk to Lee, the leader of the mercenaries.
      He can be found in the right wind of Onar's house. Even though you can get and
      start this quest, the options are still open to you wether you want to hook up
      with the Milita or Mages instead. There are still tasks you can do towards
      gaining the mercenaries favour.
      To complete this quest and joining the mercenaries however, you need to
      complete Torlof's test wich will be one of two tasks you can choose between,
      and also gaining the respect of the majority of the other mercenaries. Go
      outside and talk to Torlof after you have spoken to Lee, and see "Respect" for
      how to get the other mercenaries to vote for you. Torlof can give you a
      running count of wich mercenary you have convinced so far. No matter how many
      votes you have, you still need to complete his test, either "Drive Away the
      Militia" or "Collect the Rent", where "Drive Away the Militia" is considered
      the best one (ie, weighs more towards you being accepted).
      The final verdict is what test you did plus who are voting for you. It seems
      some mercenaries are worth more than others. Just have Torlof give you the
      overview and you'll see wether it is enough or not. It doesn't really matter
      how many you get to vote for you, and you don't get any more direct xp for
      getting them all, but there could be some sidequests and indirect xp you're
      missing out on if you go with just the minimum.
      Once Torlof gives you his vote and tells you you've got the favour of the
      mercenaries, talk to Lee. He will tell you to talk to Onar to discuss your
      pay. Onar is in the left wing of the house. He will pay you an initial 50 gold
      a day, but if you completed the sidequest "Maria's Golden Plate" and didn't
      take the gold, he will pay you an additional 10 gold more for 60 gold a day.
      Once you pay is settled, talk to Lee again for +400xp and a Light Mercenary
      Armor. Congratulations, you are now a mercenary.
      Lee will have a quest for you right away getting you an audience with Lord
      Hagen (See C1.4.Q19 An Offer of Peace).
     C1.4.Q11 QUEST: Drive Away the Milita
      This is one of two quests you can get from Torlof as your test to join the
      mercenaries. After talking to Lee about joining, Torlof will present you with
      one of two tasks. You can choose either one to complete the test. This one or
      "Collect the Rent". If you join the Mercenaries, you will also get to complete
      the quest you do not choose now, as part of your 'everyday chores' as a
      mercenary in Chapter 2. If you have no intention of joining the mercenaries,
      but rather want to get on their good side, you can only choose and complete
      one of these.
      It seems Bengar is having trouble with the Militia more than usual and you're
      sent out to deal with it. South of Onar's farm there is two valleys with the
      mountain separating them. The easternmost has the trolls (see C1.4.P3) while
      the western one has the staircase leading up to Bengar's farm at the end.
      Coming out on top of the staircase you should see the farm to the east.
      Bengar can be found in front of the main building, so go talk to him. Tell him
      you've been sent to deal with his militia problem and then let him know when
      you are ready to deal with it.
      A note here first though. There's two militia people already here - Rick and
      Rumbold. They can be bought off, but that doesn't really complete the quest as
      they would just return later. You will have to kill them, so their fate is
      quite final. If you know pickpocketting, you can talk to them before talking
      to Bengar and steal both their purses - 45 gold and +25xp for each and with 30
      dex there was no failure. Why? Because you won't get another chance as they
      will both be dead shortly. Bengar is pretty wrougth over them pillaging his
      farm and they might be considered rouge militia taking the 'law' in their own
      hands, just like Sylvio's gang given the chance. That is, killing these two
      have no bearing on you being allowed to join the Militia or not.
      Tell Bengar you're ready for them, and threaten them to trigger the fight when
      they come to talk to Bengar. Both of them yields +80xp. Talk to Bengar after
      you've killed both for +100xp. Return to Torlof and report the fact for
      another +100xp and completion of this task. You will also recieve Torlof's
      vote for completing his test.
     C1.4.Q12 QUEST: Collect the Rent
      This is one of two quests you can get from Torlof as your test to join the
      mercenaries. After talking to Lee about joining, Torlof will present you with
      one of two tasks. Read through "Drive Away the Milita" too to understand the
      premise of choosing either quest. If you take "Drive Away the Militia" first
      and join the mercenaries, you will recieve "Collect the Rent" as your first
      assignment from Torlof in Chapter 2, and vice versa. If you do not plan on
      joining the mercenaries, go with whatever one suits you best.
      It seems Sekob, one of the farmers on Onar's land haven't paid his rent for a
      while and you're simply to walk over and retrieve it. Sekob's farm is just a
      little ways northwest of Onar's farm, so stroll over the field. Talk to Sekob
      and explain the situation - he won't think very highly of you, so threathen
      him to get some response. Sekob will be furiated and attack you. Beat him for
      +80xp and a more sensible conversation. Sekob will try to lay a poor story on
      you and tell you to go back and report to Onar, but don't do that, he's just
      playing you for a fool. Threaten to kill him if you do not get the rent and
      he'll hand you 60 gold, 10 extra for not killing him. Return to Torlof with
      the 50 gold and +100xp for completion of this quest. You will also recieve
      Torlof's vote for completing his test.
     C1.4.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: Dueling
      Seeing as the mercenaries respect a good fight and see it as excellent
      entertainment, why not take advantage of this wether you intend to become a
      mercenary or not? Every single mercenary on the farm, wether uniqly named or
      just named "mercenary" can be fought and defeated for some good experience.
      Even though Torlof and others can explain the rules of a duel to you, it
      really is as simple as walking up to a mercenary and hit him over the head.
      This will start a figth and the others around will move aside and make
      comments like "Oooh, a fight" or "Come on, parry him" cheering the fight on.
      The one you defeat will throw a little angry comment, but it is of no
      consequence. This is a list of mercs and persons you can fight that you won't
      fight directly in any of the the "Respect", "Jarvis' Challenge" or "Kick
      Bullco's Butt" quests.
        - The Mercenary besides Buster at the guardpost can be fougth for +240xp
        - Both Mercenaries besides Sentenza can be fougth for +240xp each
        - The Mercenary besides Rod can be fougth for +240xp
        - Wolf can be fougth for +240xp
        - The Mercenary besides Cipher can be fought for +240xp
        - Cipher can be fought for +120xp
        - Torlof can be fougth for +300xp
        - Cord can be fougth for +300xp
        - Both Mercenaries guarding the front door can be fougth for +240xp each
        - Jarvis can be fougth for +120xp
        - The lone Mercenary at Thekla's Kitchen can be fougth for +240xp
        - Both Mercenaries the right wing with Lee can be fougth for +240xp each
        - Khaled can be fought for +300xp
        - Lee and Sylvio is invincible at this point and cannot be fought this way
      These will certainly be tough battles sub-level 10, or even into your mid
      tens, especially Torlof, Cord, and Khaled, so bring a lot of healing potions
      Then again, there's lots of xp and a lot of items, coin and foodstuffs you can
      take from them. Also note that this segment can be pretty buggy. If you duel a
      mercenary inside (With Lee, Kitchen etc), all items on the body and even the
      weapon they drop are flagged as items belonging to room - taking any of these
      will anger everyone around you and they'll come to take your head off for
      stealing. Just defeat them and leave their stuff alone. Also, there's a good
      chance the farmers and civilians of the farm will suddenly think you have
      attacked on of theirs and report you to Lee. For this you have to pay a fine
      of 50 gold pr farmer/civilian that vitnessed this, but you wont anger them.
      Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesnt. Since gold is of abundance, it's
      often easier to just pay the damn fine whenever this bugs.
     C1.4.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: A Heavy Golden Plate
      If you rummaged through the chest in the barracks down in Khorinis, you might
      have picked up a golden plate with an inscription on saying "Onar and Maria" -
      this is in fact a plate belonging to Onar and Maria surprisingly enough, and
      was taken by pillaging Militia before Onar hired the mercenaries.
      If you have it, bring it to Maria on the first floor of the left wing in the
      house for a little reward. You can either have Maria sweettalk Onar into
      paying you 10 gold more as daily salary if you join the mercenaries, or you
      can take 50 gold.
     C1.4.Q13 QUEST: Stew
      Thekla, the cook in the kitchen can make you some really nice special stew
      (see appendix Skills & Statboosters: Thekla's Stew). When you beat Bullco the
      first time, she will give you your first pot of stew and if you keep begging
      for more, give you a quest if you want another pot. She will send you off to
      Sagitta, a herb witch (Alchemist) living out in the woods close to Onar's farm
      to pick up a package of herbs for her.
      Sagitta can be found in a cave, not far north from Sekob's farm. Look at your
      map (that you bought or stole from Brahim) and find Sekob's farm house on it.
      The cave is located north of it, along the mountain side, but before coming to
      the road. You could always just run through to the forrest north from Onar's
      farm until you find the mountain, and follow it northwards til uou see the
      cave. Be careful traversing these woods though, there are wargs and
      shadowbeasts here.
      Talk to Sagitta and when you ask about the package for Thekla, you recieve
      +150xp. Sagitta can heal you for free, has a good selection of potions and
      herbs, and can also teach you potion recipies if you complete the quest "The
      Sun Aloe" for her.
      Return to Thekla with the package for another +300xp, and be sure to ask her
      for another potion of stew.
     C1.4.P6 POINT OF INTEREST: Dexter's Bandit Camp
      If you remember the "Wanted Notes and Bandits" quest you could recieve almost
      at the very start of the game, we can finnish up this one here as the bandit's
      main camp is located close to Onar's farm.
      In the valley where Grom resides ("A Hungry Hunter"), just as you are about to
      enter it, there's a dirtroad leading up along the cliffside to your right. It
      can be a bit tricky to spot at first, but look carefully and you'll see it.
      Start heading up the winding path and you'll come to a small stone bridge
      crossing the valley beneath. There's a guard on the other side that will force
      you into a conversation, so be sure you are ready for this.
      If you didn't get the "Wanted Notes and Bandits" quest at the start of the
      game, you will anger this entire camp of bandits and get nothing out of it
      other than some loot and xp. If you did get the quest however, you can safely
      pass the guard and talk to Dexter for some information on what is awaiting you
      (for +25xp and completion of the quest, even less than you would get from
      actually beating that bandit way back then). Either way you play this out,
      there's nothing else to it. Dexter won't have any impact on the story or
      quests one way or the other from this point, and defeating the whole camp,
      Dexter included have no bearing whatsoever on your future endeavours.
      Talk to the guard and give him their leaders correct name to pass safely.
      Dexter can be found close by in a 'lighthouse' like building straight across
      from the bridge. Talk to him once to learn about the mysterious shadow that
      helped Dexter escape the colony and how he offered Dexter 1000 gold for your
      head. Once done talking to Dexter for the first time, he will make it clear to
      you that if you come around again he will be forced to kill you (his premise
      is the dark shadow, deliver your head or die himself). If you talk to him a
      second time, he will attack.
      Since clearing this bandit camp is worth a lot of xp and loot either way you
      see it, you should consider it wether you're the honorable paladin, or the
      thief or thug trying to monopolize the market. As long as you are careful
      about where you attack from, you can take out the entire camp in portions.
      Start with the Guard on the bridge, he can be taken out from range without
      angering the others in the camp. He is worth 120xp. Head back a bit from the
      bridge and climb the lower wall to the tower structure here. There's 3 bandits
      outside and 2 inside. You can take them on without alerting the rest. All
      these are worth +80xp. Be careful so you're not in a difficult spot to reach
      or the mindless bandits will just fall off the edge and die by the fall.
      Inside this tower is a nice mace and a locked chest you will need a key for.
      Back to the bridge and you can slowly advance on the bandits so you only get
      4-5 of them angered at once. They are fairly easy to defeat if you have a
      feeling for fighting multiple targets. Advance to the building you find Dexter
      in and finnish him off to end the bandit camp. Dexter yields +120xp also and a
      key that fits the chest in the first tower structure.
      There's a total of 16 Bandits here, plus the guard and Dexter wich amounts to
      1520 xp. There is a chest in the building where Dexter was (L-R-L-RR) and
      another chest in the small cabin by the bridge (L-R-L-RRR-L), as well as they
      chest in the tower. On top the tower in Dexter's building are also some
      potions, and there are a couple satchels of coins hidden behind some rocks and
      the cabin.
      You can also spot a cave/mine entrance just outside Dexters building, but
      bewarned, it contains Minecrawlers and Minecrawler Warriors. In this mine you
      can find some ore.
      If you trail behind Dexter's building and follow a narrow path along the
      mountainside you'll come upon another mine, but this time the stake is even
      higher - inside are skeletons (very tough) and even a skeleton mage, so be
      very careful.
        Geir Gundersen adds: "You don't need too talk to the guard. When you get to
        the bridge turn around and follow the building on your right. This is the
        "backdoor" to the camp. As long as you stay away from the guard and any
        fighting going on (bandits killing minecrawlers) you'll be left alone.
        A much easier way to defeat the bandits is to walk into camp, climb the wood
        pile next to the small house. From there you go onto the roof. Now, just
        take out your bow and kill most of them with impunity."
     C1.4.Q14 QUEST: The Lazy Farmer
      Just outside Sekob's farm, near the western field you run into a farmer named
      Bronko (also spelled Bronco in a few instances). He'll force you into a
      conversation and demand you pay tribute to walk on *his* land. He's really
      just a bully, and you're free to beat him up right now. Just be sure to not
      talk to him after he's down or you have to beat him twice for this little
      You can ask Tilly, Sekob's boy outside the farmhouse, about Bronko and he'll
      cook up a grand story as always, but admit that he does indeed have problems
      with Bronko demanding this tribute and refusing to work. You can offer to help
      Bronko get back to work, but haggle for a few coins first. You can keep asking
      for more and more coin until Tilly offers you 100 gold, but in reality he
      doesn't have that much on him. If you haggle up to 50 gold, he'll pay that -
      anything above and you get nothing.
      Just talk to Bronko again and taunt him if you already beat him without
      talking to him afterwards, otherwise fight him again - beat him for +120xp,
      then intimitade him and he'll hurry back to work. Talk to Tilly again for your
      pay and +50xp.
     C1.4.Q15 QUEST: The Forbidden Pasture
      Just outside Sekob's Farm is an old fellow named Balthasar, a sheepheerder.
      Talk to him to hear how the grass is so poor around here, and that he used to
      bring his sheep up to the greener pastures at Bengar's Farm, but that Bengar
      demanded Sekob pay for Balthasar grazing the sheep there. Offer to maybe see
      what you can do.
      You can talk to Bengar to set things straight - gives you +25xp - but it
      requires that you do Bengar a favour first to actually let Balthasar back up
      on the high pastures - by completing the "Drive Away the Militia" quest. Once
      that is taken care of, talk to Bengar again and threaten him a bit. He'll
      yield and tell you the payment thing was just because he didn't like
      Balthasar. Having Bengar yield nets you +25xp.
      Return to Balthasar and tell him the good news for +100xp, 10 sheep skins and
      completion of this task.
     C1.4.Q16 QUEST: The Sun Aloe
      When you visit Sagitta to pick up the package of herbs for Thekla, you can ask
      Sagitta to teach you potion recipies and she'll tell you about this rare herb
      she needs for one of her own potions. You need retrieve this ingredient if she
      are to teach you any potions.
      Easier said than done - the ingredient is a Sun Aloe, one that only grows in
      Black Troll poo of all things. As intimidating as it sounds, this quest isn't
      that hard, it just requires a lot of travelling. If you flip out your map and
      look far to the north around the middle of it, you'll see Brahim has drawn a
      big black troll there. That is your destination and requires quite the trip
      trough dangerous terrain. However, once there you don't actually need to
      wrestle the herb from the troll, it grows near it's cave and can be picked up
      without angering this behemoth of a troll. You DO have to step in black troll
      poo though, and the smell will last all the way back to Sagitta again.
      Hand her the Sun Aloe for +200xp and access to a selection of new potion
     C1.4.Q17 QUEST: The Snorting Creature
      In the area of Bengar's Farm, up by the Valley of Mines pass, you can find
      Gaan at a bridge outside the entrance. Gaan is a hunter, but hunting has been
      bad lately due to a strange and powerful beast roaming the area. If you offer
      to help Gaan out, he can offer you 30 gold and will also teach you a special
      hunting skill should you succeed. Once you talk to Gaan he'll start moving
      down along the pond to a spot further down at the plataeu - if you want to do
      a bit of hunting on your own up here, be sure to do it before talking to Gaan
      or he'll attack and kill anything in his path.
      The strange snorting creature in question is a Dragon Snapper you'll see a
      whole lot more of in Chapter 2 - a regular Snapper really, but very beefed up.
      This one is uniquely named too and can be found at the western end of the high
      pastures. Look for the brown snapper called "Snorting Dragon Snapper" and
      you're there. It can be quite difficult to kill at lower levels, since it has
      a real powerful charge that can be hard to dodge, but with a two-hander and a
      little swingers action you should be fine. Killing it nets you +200xp.
      Talk to Gaan again and you recieve another +100 xp, 30 gold, and completion of
      this quest. Gaan can now teach you the hunting skill Dragon Snapper Horn in
      addition to his other skills (misspelled Daragon Snapper Horn in the game).
     C1.4.Q18 QUEST: Black Hide
      This will only happen when you have a guild asociation. Either right after
      joining the Mercenaries, Militia or Mages, when you walk past Raoul at Onar's
      Farm, he'll pull you aside. Seems he has a little challenge going and is
      looking for the hide of a black troll - anyone who cannot do this is simply a
      braggart. If you already have a black troll hide, mention it and then take his
      offer for 500 gold and 3 elixirs of healing to shut him up for a while. If you
      don't, it can be gotten from the black troll if you want to brave it (see
      C1.4.Q16 and C1.5.S1 for more info).
      Giving Raoul the skin yields +500xp, and you can always beat him when he
      starts harassing you again to get it back. Take the skin down to Bosper for
      350 gold too if you're his apprentice.
     C1.4.S1 SIDEQUEST: Wasili's Old Coins
      In the main hall where Onar resides during daytime, you will find Wasili - a
      farmhand charged with making sure no one steals anything from Onar. Mention
      all the junk lying around and Wasili will divulge his passion for collecting
      old coins. Chances are you already have an old coin with you (found at the
      harbour district, near the paladin's ship) so give it to him for 1 gold and
      +10xp. You'll find a lot of old coins later in the Valley of Mines too, and
      will recieve 1 gold and +10xp for each you find (coming to some 200-250xp
     C1.4.P7 POINT OF INTEREST: Inubis' Tomb
      Let it be said that you can do this in Chapter 1, but it is hands down the
      most difficult task you can undertake so far and is maybe best left to later
      chapters when you have a bit more exprience and maybe better weapons and
      However, it is possible so here's how. You'll find the Tomb just behind Onar's
      Farm - look for it a little north and east of the small chapel there. There's
      some herbs and rusty weapons lying around the graves. Head inside and spot 2
      buttons on each side of the coffin - press them both to slide the coffin away
      and reveal a tomb below. Jump down the levels until you hit the ground floor
      where you'll see a corpse - search it to find a letter describing a little
      backstory and what might await you. You are free to look around a bit at this
      point, and pick up the King's Sorrel in one of the insets to your left.
      From the entrance the tomb is divided into 3 circular rooms. Each room has a
      chest and a Crypt Guard skeleton at first - these won't attack you on sight,
      but will fight back if you attack them. They act like regular skeletons so be
      careful. We are going to attack them though, so try to get a good 2-3 hits in
      their backs before they can turn and attack you back. Each of the guards have
      a key, corresponding to the chest in each of the circular rooms.
      You don't want to open any of the chests just yet though. You see, opening the
      chest on either side room (key 1 or 2) will summon a massive army of
      skeletons. That is, a few seconds after you use the number 1 or 2 key to open
      a chest, the very room with the chest you open will be filled with skeletons.
      We're still going to do this of course - the difference being that the third
      chest in the room directly across from the entrance will spawn the shadow lord
      Inbubis himself and basically trap you within the tomb, so let's wait with the
      good stuff until we have cleared the other rooms first.
      So let's get to it. As mentioned, there's a slight delay from the opening a
      chest to the spawning and we absolutely have to make use of this delay to get
      the hell out of the room - don't be caught with your greasy fingers in their
      chest or there's no way you'll survive. Open a chest in either side room and
      quickly close it again without taking anything, then hurry over to the next
      circular room or the entrance - not the opposite room or you'll be standing in
      view of what spawns.
      2 Skeletons, 4 Lower Skeletons and 1 Skeleton Mage will spawn in the room
      you're hopefully not in now. In addition the Skeleton Mage will summon an
      unlimited amount of Skeletons if you let it. The way to go about things now,
      is to use the room you're in as a safe spot, and then continue from there to
      lure one foe at the time to you and defeating it. The Skeleton Mage will
      appear at the entrance of the circular room, so it's best to start with that
      one - keep baiting it by showing your face and dodging it's freezing ray. If
      it casts the freeze spell and misses you have a clear line of attacking it to
      get in a couple devastating blows. If the skeleton mage is too close to the
      room with the passive skeletons, you might activate them too so be careful.
      Once the skeleton mage is down, keep luring the others out one by one by
      slowly stepping into view, and when you hear a weapon being drawn, run back to
      the next room and fight the skeleton there.
      Once you have killed the skeleton mage, 2 skeletons, 4 lower skeletons and any
      possible skeleton summons from the mage, the room is clear. You can now open
      the chest you first unlocked with the key and loot it. Neither of the three
      chests contains anything out of the ordinary though, some coin, potions,
      arrows etc. But then again, you're not really here for the treasure as much as
      the massive experience to be had.
      With one room cleared, you can head out of the tomb again and find a bed over
      at Onar's Farm if you need a breather. The procedure for the opposite room is
      exactly the same as you did to clear the first - open the chest and lure them
      one by one.
      It's with the third chest that things turn sour. When you open this and quckly
      close it, you have to run into either of the side rooms while hugging the wall
      there so as not to be seen from the short hallways, but you are now
      effectively trapped and should be prepared for a long frustrating fight. What
      happens this time around, is that first the third room will have the usual
      army - 2 skeletons, 4 lower skeletons, and one skeleton mage at the hallway
      entrance. In addition, there's now 2 more skeleton mages at each hallway
      entrance to the side rooms. And last but not least, the Shadow Lord Inbus have
      come home from work and is standing at the entrance with 2 skeletons at his
      The way to go about this is to first take out the skeleton mage in the hallway
      outside the room you're hiding in, then the one in the opposite hallway by
      luring it closer. Whatever you do, don't show your face in the intersection
      just yet. Once both of them are down, you really have to beat Inubus and his
      skeletons first, or you'll get them into the fight trying to get the third
      skeleton mage in the hallway opposite of the entrance.
      Lure out first one of the two skeletons by Inubis by carefully stepping
      towards the intersection along the wall. If you can get just one of them to
      respond the following fight will be much easier. Once the first skeleton guard
      is down, you now have to get the attention of Inubis, wich will most likely
      also draw out the last skeleton guard. It's possible to get just Inubis, but
      this is very much try and fail. Neither can you just run across to the
      opposite circular room as you'll draw Inubis, his last skeleton guard and the
      remaining skeleton mage with you.
      Inubis is like a Shadow Lord, only with a bit more hp it seems - he fights
      just the same way, so if you know how to, it shouldn't be a problem. The real
      tricky part here is that once you get him to come for you, he'll most likely
      have the skeleton guard with him too and you're faced with two very strong
      opponents. If you can take out the skeleton first though, expending several
      healing potions, only to get Inubis alone, it's worth it. Inubis nets you
      +400xp, 2 healing elixirs, 2 mana elixirs and 500 gold.
      Now all you have left is to clear the room opposite of the entrance like you
      did the two previous and you're home free. Hard, yes. A ton of experience,
      definetively. If you let the skeleton mages willingly or unwillingly summon
      about 3 skeletons, you're looking at having to slay about:
        23 Skeletons
        12 Lower Skeletons
         5 Skeleton Mages
           Shadow Lord Inubis
      A quick experience count, and you should have gained a level doing just this
      tomb, with about 8100xp. Even more if you get the skeleton mages to summon
      more skeletons.
     C1.4.Q19 MERCENARY QUEST: An Offer of Peace
      Your first assignment as a mercenary - Lee will give you a letter to bring to
      Lord Hagen and thus getting you an audience to see him for your own purpose
      too. It's soon evident that the peace offer won't be accepted just like that,
      where Hagen will only grant Lee a pardon and not any of the mercenaries. This
      quest will complete without reward or mention, when you return and tell Lee
      the news and also get your medium Mercenary Armor.
    There's a lot more to be had even after you finnish all the quests, sidequests
    and points of interest in the above areas during chapter 1. Just stock up and
    set out and you'll find a huge unexplored wilderness with multiple dungeons and
    mines, treasure to find and beasts to kill.
     C1.5.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: An Inaccessible Riverbed?
      On your way up to the black troll (marked on your map, follow the road through
      Dragomir's camp), following the road, did you notice the riverbed on the other
      side of the river? The river coming from the lake around the monastery. This
      river snakes its way from the monastery, up aside the road and ending in a
      pond under the bridge with the magic golem and the odd highwayman. Wether from
      in the river or on the roadside, you can see a broad lush riverbed on the
      other side, but it's seemingly inaccessible due to steep ledges that cannot be
      climbed from the river.
      It can be reached however, and unlike many other similar and seemingly
      inaccessible areas, this particular riverbed has a lot of herbs growing on it,
      and also some corpses with a couple potions and moneybags. To reach it, you
      need to trail all the way up to the temple ruins, cut across the road and
      climb the cliffs on the opposite side. Follow a strip of grass around further
      north and you should be able to see the river down below. It's possible to
      drop down a couple ledges and onto this riverbed. Don't expect the grand
      rewards, but there's still some herbs and potions of value.
     C1.5.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: The Magic Golem
      Following the road up to the black troll, past the river and starting to climb
      into the mountains, a bend in the road probably introduced you to this blue
      fellow who rearranged your face in one swift blow. The Magic Golem in the sand
      pit here is part of a Mage quest and only possible to kill with a one of a
      kind weapon (see C1.6.Q16 The Living Rock). That aside, I bet you're anxious
      to show this golem some 'magic' of your own, especially if you're not a mage
      or planning to become one. In chapter 1 that is. You see, the area the
      indestructible golem guards has literary a ton of potions lying around, a very
      nice beginner sword, and even a Dragonroot.
      Running into it in a suicide sprint to pick up the stuff is quite possible,
      but very tricky and dangerous at the lower levels. What you can do however, is
      use the alternate way into the monastery (See C1.6.P1) and 'borrow' their
      magic hammer just like a Novice mage would. That should fell the golem in one
      magic swoop and let you loot all the goods in relative peace. You can always
      be a nice guy and return the Mage's sacred hammer later.
     C1.5.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: The Temple Ruins
      Also marked on your map of the new world, these massive old inca-looking ruins
      can be found in an open area at the end of a sidepath off the road up to the
      Black Troll. You'll know you are at the right place when you see it.
      There are some really nice treasures to be had here, but also several strong
      creatures so be careful. A Troll is standing in front of the temple, while
      there are a couple Fire Lizards behind it. Also lurking in the shadows west of
      the temple is a Shadowbeast.
      Just as you enter the area coming up the first path, you'll notice some ruins
      to your left. This is just an emtied out stone building, but there's a chest
      in there (combination L-R-L-R-L-R) with a nice Fire Ring in it (+10 Dragon
      Fire AC) that could be of help fighting the Fire Lizards. If you make your way
      to the very top of the temple, there's another chest there (combination R-LL-
      RRR-L) with a lot of coins scattered about. Inside the chest you'll find an
      extremely nice one-hander called Orc Slayer, requiring 65 STR and doing 65
      dmg. The area around here is also full of various herbs.
      To the east of the temple you can make out what appears to be an old mine
      entrance. See P2 A Tomb and Steingolems for what's inside.
     C1.5.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: A Tomb and Steingolems
      The old mineshaft east of the temple is initially host to Minecrawlers and
      Minecrawler Warriors, as well as a large Goblin camp. Take care though, the
      mineshaft seems to have broken into an ancient tomb, and there's more danger
      lurking than what is appearant at first.
      Deafeat the Goblin camps to the left and take their treasure from the chests.
      The locked chest has the combination L-RR-L-R-L. The mine continues to the
      right with Minecrawlers and Warriors, and eventually ends up in a tomb.
      There's several pieces of jewelry and weapons here, so take it with you.
      There's also a chest here, but beware - when you open and take what's inside,
      you'll awaken a host of STeingolems you noticed as just piles of rock coming
      in. A Steingolem is a very tough creature, and absolutely requires a blunt
      weapon to hurt. (Stein means rock or stone in modern German and many other
      european languages evolved from the Germanic old and middle age roots - wether
      they forgot to translate it or kept it as an odd sounding name is uncertain.
      Nice nevertheless). Luckily, inside the chest you'll find a Mace and Chain, an
      ok blunt weapon you can use, but if you're not strong enough to wield it you
      are in serious trouble. The Steingolems hits very hard, but can be defeated
      easily with blunt weapons if you can charge them before they are fully
      ressurected - you'll see them try to get up and hit you over and over, but
      just keep pounding them back into pebbles and you should be safe.
      In the chest (combination LL-RR-LL-R) you'll find the Mace and Chain as
      mentioned, but also one of the greater treasures you'll see - A very powerful
      Ring of Invincibility, adding +10 to all 4 armorclasses. There's another such
      ring in the game too, but it is less powerful, adding only +5. The ring is
      actually hidden inside the leather bag here, so you have to open it to reveal
      the ring. If you somehow already have such a ring (from C1.2.Q26), this ring
      will turn out to be a ring of Inconquerability instead, giving +5 to all AC's
     C1.5.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: A Hidden Path
      Nearly all the way up to the black troll, coming in across the ropebridge
      instead of past Grimbald, there is a mountain overhang with a very dense large
      natural cave. Behind the dense foliage is a hidden cave that is initially part
      of a Mage quest (see C1.6.Q17 The Path of Believers). It should still hold
      some interest for non-mages as the cave is home to some minecrawlers and a
      much overlooked King's Sorrel.
     C1.5.S1 SIDEQUEST: The Black Troll
      This mighty troll and it's surroundings are part of a couple other quests too,
      but it's significance is such that no matter if you're on a quest or not, you
      should definetively go check it out. Sadly, the same easy tactic in defeating
      trolls applies to this one, so it shouldn't be that hard to kill. It has a
      massive amount of HP and takes forever to bring down, but stay in there. Once
      felled, it yields a striking +1000xp and a Hide of a Black Troll you'll need
      for the C1.4.Q18 quest. Behind it is a very nice Axe called the Torturer's Axe
      (65/65) and also a King's Sorrel. On a rock here is also a Ring of Stoneskin
      (+10 Arrows AC). In front of the cave you can also pick up the Sun Aloe for
      Sagitta's quest C1.4.Q16 "The Sun Aloe".
      Be sure to talk to Grimbald the hunter at his camp close by once you have
      defeated the black troll, for +25xp and a fan for life.
     C1.5.P6 POINT OF INTEREST: The Dragonslicer
      Now we're talking - this is the most powerful Two-Hander you'll find for a
      very long time - if you can manage that is. Continuing along the road from
      Grimbald's camp and the Black Troll, you'll soon enter a very dense forrest
      path leading down to the Sun Circle, but before that on your right and partly
      hidden there's a mountain cave you should check out.
      This is also one of the stronger battles you can encounter in Chapter 1 so be
      sure you are ready for it. The mountain cave contains first 3 Skeletons, and
      then opens up into a tomb guarded by 2 Shadow Warriors. Skeletons are very
      difficult to beat due to their high strength, speed, and very efficient sword
      fighting. Shadow Warriors are skeletons in full metal armor and way tougher
      than skeletons again. You absolutely need to get any one of these on a one-on-
      one fight to stand a chance.
      If you can brave these powerful foes however, you are free to loot the tomb of
      it's weapons and jewelry, and also the magic two-hander Dragonslicer hanging
      supsended in a ray of blue light (80 STR, 80 Dmg).
    The Monastery can viewed on the landmap of Khorinis, the large building with the
    narrow bridge and water around. You can reach the monastery by following the
    road past the statue of Innos outside the Dead Harpy. Everything dealing with
    becoming a mage happens within the walls of the monastery, and you won't gain
    entrance at all before signing on (ie, no way to go back).
     C1.6.Q1 QUEST: Getting into the Monastery
      You can recieve this quest either from Ulf, a novice by the beer stand in
      Khorinis, or from Pedro guarding the entrance to the monastery. Fulfilling
      this quest will open the monestery gates and put you on the path to becoming a
      Fire Mage. You can recieve this quest freely, but unless you complet it it
      will dissapear when changing to chapter 2.
      The first requirement to becoming a novice is of course a big donation to the
      church - greedy monks. You need to accumulate atleast 1000 gold for the
      donation alone, so it's not something you can do right off the bat. Secondly,
      you need to a bring a live sheep to the monastery gates. This should be
      easier, but you still need to chip out an additional 100 gold to buy a sheep
      from Onar.
      Betsy the sheep can be bougth at Onar's Farm, from Pepe the Sheepheerder (see
      C1.4.Q2). Just pay him 100 gold and Betsy will appear by his side. Talk to
      Betsy and tell her to follow you and she will - don't get too far off though,
      or she will return to Pepe. At any time you can tell her to wait, if you need
      to clear the path of wolves or other pests - it's slightly fun to see a wolf
      eat your "100-gold-sheep" after an hour of telling the furry thing to wait and
      follow though. Whent telling Betsy to wait, you have a very short range of
      movement so beware. Walk to far off and she'll return to Pepe.
      Finally at the monastery gate, 1000 gold in hand and a sheep on your tail,
      tell Pedro you are ready to take up service as a novice and he will give you a
      key to open the main gates. This will complete "Getting into the Monastery",
      net you +250xp and make your permanent guild choice. You'll be a novice now,
      and can later be ordained a Fire Mage if you pass all the tests and tasks that
      awaits you.
     C1.6.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Sneaking Into the Monastery
      The Monastery seems rather impenetrable at first without chipping out the 1000
      gold and farmanimals for the greedy mages. Although you will get entrance here
      in future chapters. nothing that fortified will fail to tickle a true thief.
      There is indeed a way in, but it's tricky and I cannot think the developers
      planned it that way with the front door so securly locked until later.
      However, entering the monastery on your own in chapter 1 doesn't offer any
      bugs or problems, and if it will satisfy your curiosity, so be it.
      First head up to Pedro and notice how the outlying cliffs to the right of the
      entrance almost goes as far up the monastery wall as the roof. Simply jump off
      to the right, scale the cliff ledge almost to the end, and climb up. From here
      you can easily climb the roof. This is the easy part. From the roof, drop down
      into the courtyard and you're in. Getting out again seems nigh impossible, but
      it can be done.
      From inside, on the side where Babo sweeps the floor, find either of the two
      pillars closest to him. Climb up on the foundation of the pillar and be sure
      to be in walk-mode (shift held down, or caps-lock on). Now, this will include
      a lot of fidgeting before you get it right, but what you need to do is turn
      around and wriggle (turning around, to each side etc) to the point of where
      your face is slighgtly 'in' the pillar, on the dead center of the pillar -
      then align yourself with the roof ledge and jump straight up and then hold
      forward. If you were at the right position, you'll be bumped slightly out and
      grab hold of the roof and climb onto it, slightly to either side of the
      pillar. If not, you'll fall off and have to try again. Like I said, it's a
      dubious process clearly not intented for, and it is frustrating to get right.
      But it can be done, trust me.
      So, you snuck into the monastery, what is there to do? Nothing much really,
      but you can pick open all the locked chests of the mages and steal their stuff
      for one. Or pick their pockets if you like. You can also buy some healing and
      mana potions off Gorax, as well as some scrolls. Another nice thing to do is
      talk to Neoras the alchemist in the basement, and he will create potions for
      you. He'll need the ingredients and 10 gold for each potion made, and he can
      create mana and healing extracts as well as speed potions wich is a very
      convenient potion you normally don't waste LP on.
      And then there is the matter of the sacred hammer in the basement. You can
      knock out Garwig and 'borrow' it if you like (See C1.5.P2 The Magic Golem) -
      simply return and talk to Garwig later and tell him you'll return the hammer
      and he will take it and return it to the altar.
      All of this is possible later too of course, but the interest here being that
      you can do it in chapter 1. All the mages and novices will treat you like they
      would later and there's nothing indicating you shouldn't be there at this
      point, other than the tricky entrance that is.
     C1.6.Q2 MAGE QUEST: Serving the Community
      Entering the monastery for the first time, talk to Parlan, the mage right
      outside the church. He'll tell you where to park your sheep and where to
      unload your gold. Then it's right to it - serving the community of mages and
      other novices.
      This quest is really about getting the key to the library, and involves a
      whole slew of tasks for you to fulfill. Once you have done them all Parlan
      will grant you access to the library and give you the key. This will complete
      this quest. Serving the community means you have to walk around and talking to
      the mages in the monastery, each will have one or more tasks you have to
      complete. Talk to Parlan about serving the community and will list all the
      things you have done so far, then decide wether or not you get the key. The
      thing here though, is that you don't really get to do a majority of the task
      to get access, you need to do them all.
     C1.6.Q3 MAGE QUEST: Opolos and the Recipe
      Drop off your sheep at Opolos and you'll hear how he's left with guarding the
      sheep, but really wants to learn more about magic and herbology. If you happen
      to find a recipe he could just have a peek at he would be happy to train your
      strength (30 max, if you're above that the option to train will disappear).
      This is a recipe you'll come in contact with later (C1.6.Q13) and if you swing
      by Opolos to let him read it before returning it, you'll complete this quest
      and get +25xp.
     C1.6.Q4 MAGE QUEST: Opolos and the Library
      In the same run as above you'll also see this quest in your questlog. Opolos
      is really really interested in being allowed into the library to read more.
      Completing this quest however is optional and can only be done after you have
      become a Fire Mage. It seems every newly ordained Mage is granted one wish,
      and this is one of three quests you can complete with your wish later.
      Granting Opolos free access to the library as your wish nets you +100xp, and
      then another +25xp when you talk to Opolos in the library.
     C1.6.Q5 MAGE QUEST: The Chamber of the Novices
      Let's start the plentitude of tasks involved in the "Serving the Community"
      quest by talking to Parlan again. Asking about any tasks he'd like you to
      complete will get you this one. It involves sweeping clean the four
      bedchambers the novices sleep in around the monastery.
      You can pick up a broom from just outside the church or one of the chambers
      and give it a shot (equipping the broom from inventory and moving in any
      direction) and you'll see this is going to take forever. This quest has an
      underlying lesson though, and that is the "community" aspect. Meaning, get
      someone else to do your dirty work:
      Talk to the Novice talking to Igaraz and ask him to help you sweep the
      chambers. He'll do so but wants 50 gold for the help, netting you +50xp
      Talk to Babo sweeping by the rightside of the the church and he'll agree to
      help you if you can get him a scroll of Fist of Wind. Gorax have one in stock
      if you don't already have one yourself, or you can get one by completing
      "Seven Herbs". Getting Babo to help nets you +50xp.
      Talk to the Novice praying in the church and he'll help you too, for +50xp.
      Talk to the Novice sweeping the first room down in the celler and he will help
      you too, but only if you already have got the other three to help you. Another
      And four chambers sweeped without you actually holding the broom. Talk to
      Parlan again for +100xp and completion of this task.
     C1.6.Q6 MAGE QUEST: Fight Training for Babo
      When you talked to Babo about the sweeping, you could learn how Babo is a two-
      handed weapons trainer, but how in awe of the visiting paladin Sergio he is.
      He wants you to have a word with Sergio and ask if he could train with him for
      a little while. In return, Babo will train your two-handed weapons skill.
      Run over to the small chapel and just ask Sergio - it's ok and Sergio agrees
      to tutor Babo in the mornings. Return to Babo and tell him the good news for
     C1.6.Q7 MAGE QUEST: Babo and the Garden
      You will also learn how Babo had a falling out with Agar when talking to him
      about the sweeping. Seems Babo used to work the herb garden with Agar, but
      they had an argument. Since Agar is the promising student while Babo still has
      a bit to go, Agar banished Babo from the garden and all he does now is sweep.
      He would very much like to return to tending the herbs though.
      This is the second of the three quests you can complete with your wish as a
      full Fire Mage. Wishing that Babo gets to work the garden nets you +100xp and
      another +25xp when talking to Babo in the garden.
     C1.6.Q8 MAGE QUEST: Prayer for the Paladins
      Talk to Marduk the mage outside the small chapel, and ask if he have any tasks
      for you. Marduk doesn't really have any tasks, but says you could always pray
      for the Paladins at the chapel. Enter the chapel and before the statue of
      Innos you now get a second choice to "Pray for the Paladins". Do so and you
      will recite a prayer.
      Sergio the visiting paladin will thank you dearly for your prayer and offer to
      teach you a few tips on fighting with two-handed weapons. Doing this will give
      you a nice permanent +2% bonus to your two-handed weapons skill.
      Talk to Marduk again for +50xp and task complete.
     C1.6.Q9 MAGE QUEST: Isgaroth's Problem
      Sergio knows of another task you could do, after you have said your prayer to
      the paladins. He was going to help Isgaroth with a problem he had, but will
      pass it on to you instead.
      Go see Isgaroth - the praying mage down by the small temple you passed on your
      way up to the monastery. It seems a Black Wolf has come to roam the woods
      around the temple, and Isgaroth wants you to kill it. This wolf will only
      appear once you have talked to Isgaroth and can be found just a short ways
      south of the temple along the road. Kill it for +60xp (it's identical to a
      regular wolf, only named "Black Wolf"). Talk to Isgaroth again for +100xp and
      completion of this quest.
     C1.6.Q10 MAGE QUEST: The Mutton Sausages
      Enter the winery to the right of the gate and find Gorax, he will have some
      tasks for you too. The first being to distribute some deliscious sheep
      sausages to the novices after a hard days work. He will give you the key to
      the basement Larder and you'll have to go fetch them yourself before handing
      them out. They can be found in a chest, 13 of them. While in the larder, be
      sure to pick up the Recipe lying behind one of the shelves there as you'll
      need it later (see "Opolos and the Recipe" and "The Lost Recipe").
      So, 13 sausages that has to be distributed equally. Not difficult, but a bit
      of running around. There's really only 12 that has to be delivered, you are
      the 13th novice. It can be a bit confusing at first, but look at the armor the
      people around the monastery wears - you'll want to talk to everyone in the
      same outfit as yourself, including both the generic 'Novice' and those with
      unique names.
      Just talk to them one by one and say you have a sausage or similar and they
      will take one each - you'll get a message onscreen how many novices are left.
      Two of the novices really love them sausages and will beg you to give them
      another one. You can do choose to give away your own sausage to one of these,
      but not both - if you do so you fill fail this quest. The two novices asking
      for seconds are Babo and Pedro (easy to forget, he's outside guarding the
      entrance). Babo will give you a Fire Arrow scroll if you give him your
      sausage, and Pedro will tell you about some Fire Nettles. In Pedro's case, the
      fire nettles can be found and picked up normally and doesn't appear based on
      his request, so if you do choose to give away your super deliscious sheep
      sausage and go hungry that day, I would give it to Babo.
      Besides Babo and Pedro, don't forget Garwig in the cellar guarding the
      monastery relics, Agon in the garden, Dyrian outside the church, Igaraz
      outside the church, and Opolos with the sheep. Besides those named there are 5
      other novices. Two can be found outside, one in the small garden, one talking
      to Igaraz. Then there's the one praying the church, the one sweeping the first
      room in the cellar, and last the two making wine with Gorax.
      Once all 12 have had their sausage, return to Gorax for +200xp and a couple
      healing scrolls.
     C1.6.Q11 MAGE QUEST: The Wine Delivery
      Gorax has another task for you as well, to deliver 12 bottles of wine to Orlan
      the innkeeper at the Dead Harpy. Gorax will hand you the 12 bottles and
      explicitly tell you that you are to get paid 240 gold and not be tricked by
      Head down to the Dead Harpy and Orlan will first try a fast one paying you 100
      gold. Don't stand for it and demand the 240 gold. He will then try to cut you
      a deal for 100 gold and some scrolls someone 'left' at his tavern (the scrolls
      are: 2 Light, 1 Heal Light Wounds, and 1 Create Goblin Skeleton). You can take
      this deal if you want the scrolls but you have to chip out the remaining 120
      gold to Gorax. Or demand the 240 gold paid in full.
      Returning to Gorax, pay him the 240 gold wether you took Orlan's scrolls or
      not for +150xp and a healing scroll.
     C1.6.Q12 MAGE QUEST: Seven Herbs
      Find Neoras the alchemist down in the cellar for some more tasks. He needs
      some Fire Nettles, seven of them, for some potions. Unless you ran straight
      from Xardas' Tower and here, you most likely have 7 fire nettles on you
      already, so just give them to him for +100xp and a Fist of Wind scroll.
     C1.6.Q13 MAGE QUEST: The Lost Recipe
      Have a chat with Neoras in the cellar again and get this task to find a recipe
      he lost. If you did the "Mutton Sausages" quest you have the key to the
      larder. The recipe can be found behind one of the shelves down there. Be sure
      to let Opolos have a quick look at it before giving it to Neoras if you want
      to complete the "Opolos and the Recipe" quest too. Returning the Recipe to
      Neoras nets you +50xp.
     C1.6.Q14 MAGE QUEST: A Short Trip to the City
      If that wasn't enough tasks  for a measly key to the library, I don't know
      what is. Talk to Parlan after completing C1.6.Q13 and he should recite all the
      tasks and finally grant you acess to the library along with key for the door.
      Inside, first talk to Karras in the corner to your left. He will have another
      quest for you. He knows of Ignaz dealings down in the city of Khorinis, but
      really wants to see exactly what it is he does with these experients of his.
      Karras will give you 150 gold and ask that you bring him back 3 of Ignaz'
      scrolls (Oblivion scrolls) so he can further research these and make sure they
      are in accordance with Innos.
      You probably have 3 oblivion scrolls already, so give him those for +200xp and
      a Summon Wolf scroll. Otherwise you have to trail down to Khorinis and buy
      some oblivion scrolls from Ignaz.
     C1.6.Q15 MAGE QUEST: The Test of Fire
      This quest, or revelation, is gotten from reading one of the bookstands in the
      library, where you will learn that according to old law one can demand the
      'Test of Fire' to be considered for a Fire Mage. Normally Innos chooses 3
      novices each year that will take a test together, and that only can complete
      it - that one can be ordained a Fire Mage that year. Since the 3 novices are
      already chosen this year, it's obvious that you're not going to be a Fire Mage
      just yet. Unless you demand the test of fire that is.
      Once you have learned this fact, you can talk to Hyglas but he will brush you
      away. Talk to Parlan outside the church and insist your claim. Last talk to
      Pyrokar the head Fire Mage in the church and eventually you will get your
      claim through to them.
      The test of fire will complete with you becoming a full Fire Mage, after you
      have completed the three quests from each and every council member, "The
      Living Rock", "Path of the Believers" and "Create a Rune". Completing the test
      of fire nets you +400xp and a wish you can use to complete one of the 3 quests
      given to you by the novices. You will also recieve your Fire Mage robes, and
      can now start to learn spells and circles. Talk to Parlan to learn the first
      circle of magic, then the other mages can teach you 1st circle spells.
     C1.6.S1 MAGE SIDEQUEST: A Little Help from Dyrian
      Once you have demanded the test of fire and talked to the high council
      members, Dyrian the novice accused of stealing and awaiting his faith will
      talk to you as you exit the church. He can give you a scroll of sleep wich can
      help you in the "Living Rock" quest, in exchange for you using your wish to
      help him stay in the monastery. This doesn't show up as a quest, but works the
      same as the other two quests you can expend your wish on. You can also take
      the scroll and choose not to help Dyrian though, but there are other ways of
      solving the "Living Rock". Using your wish to help Dyrian stay in the
      Monastery nets you +100xp and then another +25xp when talking to him, just
      like the two other quests.
     C1.6.Q16 MAGE QUEST: The Living Rock
      This quest is one of three quests from the council members - gotten from the
      snobby Serpentes who also took the test of fire in his youth. He will give you
      a quest to slay a magic indestructible golem he's conviced you will fail and
      is obviously feeling pretty smug about that.
      The golem in question can only be defeated with a very special and magic
      weapon, so let's procure this handy tool first. Head down to the cellar where
      Garwig is guarding the monastery's holy relics. The Sacred Hammer is what we
      are after and it's lying on a stone altar by Garwig. There's two ways of
      grabbing it without causing mayhem in the monastery - one is by using a scroll
      of sleep on Garwig and snatch the hammer, and the other is simply knocking him
      out, taking the hammer and then casting Oblivion from a scroll on him.
      Next is finding the Golem - it is found a little bit before you come to the
      sidepath leading off to the temple ruins (C1.5.P1), just next to a bend in the
      road. Equip the Sacred Hammer to whack it once when it comes charging and it
      will crumble immediately. There's nothing to pick up from the golem itself,
      but there's potions in plentitude around it's 'camp' as well as a Longsword,
      some scrolls and other rune ingredients. Returning to Serpentes to boast your
      feat will net you +200xp. No need to run back just yet though, as the next
      test of fire quest is close by.
     C1.6.Q17 MAGE QUEST: The Path of Believers
      Further up the road from the magic golem you will probably come across Ulf,
      one of the other three novices that are taking the test of fire (although they
      are taking the 'light' version and only doing "The Path of Believers"). Ulf
      will tell you how he lost Agar and is a bit confused where to go next. You can
      talk to him about the quest bu he hasn't learnt anything and says he will just
      continue searching the area.
      When you exit the conversation with Ulf and keep following the road past the
      temple ruins, you can turn around and see Ulf following you for a laugh. He
      can be persuaded not to follow you, but you will encounter him later anyway so
      you migth as well bring him along.
      We are looking for a 'path behind the path' and it's located almost as far up
      as the Black Troll. Just continue along the road you are on and you will
      eventually come to a crossroad at a lake. Take to the right and follow the
      road until it dissapears and leaves you at a mountain arch. Continue further
      and break off to the right again and not left up to the bridge leading to the
      Black Troll. If you see a Statue of Innos on your right you're on the right
      trail. This cave like path will end in a very dense foliage area, but if you
      look very closely along the covered walls, you'll barerly make out a cave
      behind it. Enter it and keep to the right and you should eventually appear in
      a grand room with huge statues and blue magical light-arcs adorning a circular
      plateu. On top of the plateu is a chest, but before you get the chance to open
      it with the padlock key you got from Pyrokar, you will encounter Agar.
      Whatever you say to Agar won't convince him that you aren't out to doublecross
      him. He will attack you no matter what, so defeat him for +80xp.
      Inside the chest is a blank runestone we need for the last quest, but also the
      target of this very quest, so you can now start your way home.
      If you let Ulf follow you all the way in here, he will now attack you as Agar
      did to obtain the runestone. You can ask him for a smoke first, but nothing
      you say or do will really prevent this, so you have to defeat Ulf too for
      +180xp. If you didn't let Ulf follow you, you will encounter him again further
      down the path where the same will happen. When thinking about this, I guess it
      should be possible somehow to avoid Ulf alltogether by taking a different path
      if you don't want to fight him, but it would involve going the other way
      through the Sun Circle and down that way. If you aren't doing this very late
      in chapter 1, it could very well spell death.
      You can also meet Igaraz, but wether you do so before starting this quest, or
      after you have completed it, Igaraz only states that he aren't interested in
      any help and that he has been off looking around Onar's farm. Igaraz can be
      found next to Dragomir in the abandoned hunters camp, but chances are you took
      the more direct route to the golem by jumping off the monastery bridge and
      swam up river, so you might just encounter Igaraz on your way home instead.
      Talk to Pyrokar and tell him the stor for completion of this quest and +200xp.
     C1.6.Q18 MAGE QUEST: Create a Rune
      Once back at the monastery after completing "Path of the Believers", enter the
      library and talk to Hyglas - he will teach you how to create the fire arrow
      rune now that you need to convince Ulthar. For this you need a Fire Arrow
      Scroll, the blank rune from the previous quest, and a piece of Sulphur. Gorax
      should have a piece if you don't already have one in your posession.
      Learning the formula for creating runes from Hyglas also cost you 5 LP, so if
      you are all out you need to level. Use the Rune Table in the library and you
      now have the option to create 1st circle runes, then Fire Arrow. Return to
      Ulthar and show him the rune and you have completed the last test for +200xp.
     C1.6.P2 MAGE POINT OF INTEREST: A Gift of Spirit
      Talk to Gorax in the winery after you have become a Fire Mage and tell him you
      would like to move out of the novice's chambers. He will give you the key to
      the previously locked door on the right - your very own chamber. On the bed
      here is an Elixir of Spirit (Max Mana +10), a small gift from the mages on
      your initiation into the Fire Mage's Guild.
    Finally getting to talk to Lord Hagen marks the end of chapter 1. You can still
    talk to Hagen and get the information from him and not actually start chapter 2
    if you don't want to just yet. To complete the "Information for Garvell", "The
    Blood Chalices" and similar quests. The Chapter change doesn't happen before you
    specifically ask Hagen how to get past the door locking the pass, at wich point
    you get the key and Chapter 2 will start.
    There's also more creatures that will appear when chapter 2 starts, most often
    in places where you have already been, so it might be a good idea to set out for
    a hunting trip. Covering the roads between Lobart's farm, Khorinis, the Dead
    Harpy, The Monastery, Onar's Farm and all the way up to the Black Troll, I
    encountered a slew of what appeared to be newly appeared creatures - as far as I
    can tell, 6 wolves, 4 Field Raiders, 4 Bloodflies, 1 Molerat, 11 Scavengers, 3
    Goblins, 2 Black Goblins, 4 Lurkers and 2 Lizards. There could be even more, so
    let me know if you spotted more. In itself this isn't much, but if you do take
    the time to hunt them down, there's about 1500xp for making the extra effort.
    Another thing that happens when a chapter changes is that each and every
    merchant or person who has the sligthest bit of wares to sell, gets his or her
    stock expanded and/or refreshed. When it comes to high-use items like potions,
    scrolls, lab flasks etc, you do well in stopping by the merchants and see what
    new items they have to offer after every chapter change. In case of the
    alchemists, they can even stock the rare herbs, so if you plan on going that way
    you'll certainly would want to chip out the coin to buy a dragonroot, king's
    sorrel or similar. The stock the merchants carry also expands in quality, like
    Bosper selling better bows, Hakon selling better swords and so on. Of course, if
    you're persistent in trying to do everything you most likely have way better
    weapons by now, but it's a thing to remember further into the game.
    Average level on completing chapter 1 would be around 10-15. It's quite possible
    to enter chapter 2 at a very low level, but that will only complicate your
    progress further. My highest level when entering chapter 2 is 19, very close to
    20. Mages and Paladins will be the ones who can earn the most experience in
    chapter 1 by both doing most of the mercenary quests, then their own specific
    Keep in mind that the sequence of quests, sidequests and points of interests
    follows the area number, and is probably not in the order you will see them. At
    the start of chapter 2, you find yourself in Khorinis, so skip to area 2 if you
    want although the list starts with area 1.
    A very odd addition I discovered much later in the game, but found no other
    natural place to put - there is one thing left here you really want to bring
    with you, and chapter 2 is the earliest opportunity to do so. You will start
    chapter 2 in the city of Khorinis, so jump to that section after you are aware
    of the point of interest below.
     C2.1.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: A Strange Amulet
      There is a hidden amulet that appears at the very start of chapter 2 that
      wasn't here before. Why it suddenly appears, and why it behaves like it does
      or the reasoning for it is beyond me, but I'm still amazed at the little
      discoveries of hidden treasures even after so much time spent looking.
      In the area on the opposite side of the valley outside Xardas' Tower (See
      C1.1.P7) an amulet will suddenly appear on the ground under some trees. It's
      in an otherwise empty area where nothing more happen after your initial visit
      so you really have no reason to go here. Also the amulet is very hard to see
      just lying on the ground like that. Still, follow the topmost mountainside and
      keep having it to your left - at a point you should have the top of the bandit
      cave on the other side visible and can even jump over and drop down there.
      Keep following the clearing and staying to the left. You'll pass the ledge
      where the lizards were encountered, and end up on a grassy knoll (I think
      there was a giant rat here before). The grassy patch is almost totally
      concealed by big pine trees with the branches covering the ground, 3-4 trees
      in total. In the middle of the trees, on the ground is the amulet.
      In addition, the nature of the amulet will be decided by what guild you joined
      in chapter 1. If you are a paladin, you will find an Amulet of Agility (+15
      Dexterity) and if you are a mercenary, it will be an Amulet of Life (+15
    Seeing as you're in Khorinis when starting Chapter 2, be sure to talk with the
    merchants and also pick up any new quests before heading for the valley of
     C2.2.Q1 QUEST: Evidence
      The main task Hagen will ask of you - to bring him back proof of the existance
      of dragons in the Valley of Mines. This is mainly what the entirety of chapter
      2 will revolve around, and this quest will finnish and dissapear in chapter 3
      after returning to Khorinis, but without any fanfare or xp.
     C2.2.Q2 QUEST: Fernando's Business
      Just outside the church, most often found talking to Gerbrandt, you'll find
      Fernando. After the chapter change, he will pull you aside and have a little
      quest for you. Since he is in the business of selling magic ore, getting all
      the information you can on what's really going on at the Valley of Mines is of
      grave importance to him and he's ready to hand over a Ring of Liveliness (+10
      Max HitPoints) for the information.
      To complete this quest you really have to finnish the main task in chapter 2
      (Diggers and Ore) and it will be Chapter 3 when you can return to Fernando and
      finnish this quest. Informing Fernando on the situation at the mines nets you
      the ring and +150xp.
     C2.2.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: A Good Read
      You should really drop by Lutero in the other section of the upper quarters
      before going on after Chapter 2 starts. He will now stock two very nice books
      - at the hefty sum of 5000 gold a piece - that will raise your one- and two-
      handed skills by 5% each. The books are a blue one called Southern Defense Art
      that raise your one-handed skill, and a red one called Double Blocks that
      raise two-handed skills.
      If you are strapped for cash, it's also possible to rob Lutero of these two
      books by knocking him out in his house at night. The books both sell-back for
      1500 gold too, so if you're a good thief there's even a nice profit involved.
     C2.2.Q3 QUEST: The Message
      Drop by Vatras down at the temple and he will have a rather rewarding little
      task for you. He wants you to seek out Isgaroth at the forrest temple on the
      road to the monastery and deliver a message. Doing so will let you pick one of
      three simple scrolls. Talk to Isgaroth for +150xp and a couple Extract of
      Healing potions, then return to tell Vatras you delivered the message safely
      for another +100xp. You'll also get the choice of another 3 rewards, A lump of
      ore if you're short, a King's Sorrel, and a Ring of Skill (+5 Dexterity).
     C2.2.S1 SIDEQUEST: A Second Prophecy
      Drop by our good friend Abuyin for a smoke and a second prophecy of things to
      come. Abuyin requires a bigger and bigger donation for his ramblings, but on
      the good side the experience recieved for his glimses also increase. The
      second prophecy costs 100 gold and nets you +300xp. Still no nudity in the
      foreseeable future though.
     C2.2.Q4 QUEST: A Sextant
      This quest is only availble if you joined the thieves guild. Return to the
      guild hideout in chapter 2 and talk to Ramirez and he will have this rather
      odd quest for you. You need to bring him a Sextant - an optical navigation
      tool for calculating latitudes at sea.
      This can be found at the earliest in chapter 2, at the stone dragon's
      treasure, and returned in the same chapter. Doing so can be quite risky
      though, so a more common approach is to get your hands on it later when you
      are stronger and will interact with the dragons. Normally, I return the
      sextant in chapter 5, netting you +200xp and 750 gold. Returning the sextant
      earlier can bring less xp as the minor quests seem to have a raising xp reward
      much like picking pockets, ie, the more the later the chapter.
    C2.4 - ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    Even though you're in Khorinis when chapter 2 starts, be sure to drop by Onar's
    Farm and surrounding areas for some additional quests and items before heading
    on to the Valley of Mines.
     C2.4.Q1 MERCENARY QUEST: Another Task
      Back at Onar's Farm after the chapter change, Torlof will grab you to let you
      know they have another task for you. This will be either one of the quests you
      didn't choose as your trial quest when joining the mercenaries. If you
      completed C1.4.Q11 Drive Away the Militia, you'll now get to do C1.4.Q12
      Collect the Rent and vice versa. Refer to those entries on how to complete the
      quest you have before you.
     C2.4.P1 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Medium Mercenary Armor
      Talk to Lee and ask for some better armor and he will sell you a Medium
      Mercenary Armor for 500 gold, if you completed "Another Task" above. You can
      also get this armor later in the Castle if you chip out 1000 gold to free
      Gorn, but you might as well get it now to brave the dangers ahead.
     C2.4.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Sagitta's Stock
      At the start of chapter 2, pay Sagitta a visit and you'll see she now carries
      a King's Sorrel in stock you can buy. You can never have too many King
      Sorrels, yummy.
    C1.7 - THE PASS
    Just beyond the guarded door up by Bengar's farm is the pass to the Valley of
    Mines. The pass is made up of two routes, both taking you into the Valley of
    Mines at different locations. Besides being rather deserted and no herbs or
    similar growing here, it's also guarded fiercly by Orcs. If you have done most
    things you can in chapter 1 and find yourself around level 10-15 or above, you
    should try the direct route. If you rather skip these battles or are not yet
    ready to figth orcs, take the alternate route.
     C2.7.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: An Alternate Route
      Easy to overlook, but there is an alternate path to traversing the pass
      without having to fight through the hordes of orcs. If your level is around 10
      by this point, er even possibly lower, this is certainly the way to go.
      Just around the first bend, you can see an alcove in the steep mountain walls
      to your left. Move closer and you'll notice a small cave entrance that will
      take you up to the ledges you can see higher up above the pass. There's only
      some rats in the cave, but coming out topside you'll encounter a small camp of
      Goblins. There's also a half-buried chest here (combination: L-RR-L). Cross
      the narrow stonebridge over the pass and you'll encounter a pack of young
      wolves, as well as a chest by the dark mine entrance (combination: R-L-R-L).
      Walk into the mine shaft and before long you'll see the load screen and you'll
      exit into the old world at nightfall.
     C2.7.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: An Orc Camp
      If you choose not to use the alternate route and are feeling bold, continue
      through the pass. There's a slew of orc warriors guarding the pass though, so
      be careful. At the near end you'll also encounter a bottleneck where the Orcs
      have rolled in some large boulders and set up camp. You'll get your first
      encounter with an Orc Shaman here, or rather two actually - fierce creatures
      that can ruin any plan you had of luring the dumb orcs into one-on-one
      battles. The Orc Shamen will engulf you in fire spells from afar and have you
      running around screaming in flames until you burn out before long. Besides
      trying to not let them notice you, the best way of fighting them is really up
      close and personal where they will draw their melee weapon instead.
      Around the campfires and rocks, you can find a Mage Rune (Circle 1): Heal
      Light Wounds, a magic Ring of Stoneskin (Weapon AC +5) and some potions.
      There's also a scroll lying on the ground where you exit the pass.
    Notice that when you reach the end of either route from the pass, you will be
    exited into the valley of mines at nighttime (midnight) no matter what time it
    actually is when you enter. I first assumed this had to do with simulating
    travel time, but it only happens the first time you traverse the loading point.
    What it does however is put you in a very hostile territory in the middle of the
    night, and nowhere close to sleep - be prepared to stumble around in the dark
    for a while, and bring some torches or a few light scrolls as they really help.
    Your main point of interest now should be to get into the Castle. The Valley is
    made up of two areas for now, The Valley and Castle, and although you will
    probably pick up some quests and points of interest before entering the castle,
    you should really try to get within the castle first (see C2.9.P1 Getting into
    the Castle) and then go on to explore the Valley itself. Just following the list
    of things to do for this area in order of appearance will make no sense to you
    whatsoever unless you visit the castle first and the corresponding area (11).
    Shortly after where you exit from the alternate route you'll also get a video of
    the Dragons attacking the castle.
     C2.8.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Diego's Leather Bag
      Coming out into the valley from the direct route through the pass will exit
      you high in the hills leading down to the valley, at an old digger camp now
      overflown with water. There's an entourage of orcs here guarding this route,
      but make your way down to the bottom of the pit. Follow the small basin of
      water around the side and you will spot some old logs and debris lying there -
      on top of one of the logs is a bag named 'Full Leather Satchel', but when you
      pick it up it shows as 'Diego's Old Leather Bag' in your inventory. It
      contains a striking 2000 gold, but you better keep it as you found it as
      you'll later be sent out trying to find this bag (an encounter with Diego in
      chapter 3).
     C2.8.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Teleport Rune: Valley of the Mines Pass
      Immediately after exiting into the valley of mines you'll spot a wooden bridge
      leading over the steep downwards trail to your left. Across this bridge are
      some caved in mine entrances, and some barrels crowded near one of them. On
      one of the barrels is your first Teleport rune 'Valley of the Mines Pass' -
      usable by any guild and will take you to this exact location when used. It
      will only work within the valley of mines though. A first of many runes to
      come that will ease your travels a lot, so cherish it.
     C2.8.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: A Dead Paladin & Rune
      Wether you entered from the main pass or the side entrance, you should find
      yourself at the top of a steep hill soon enough. Off to the right side of the
      road, by a broken down cart, is a Dragon Snapper chewing on the remains of a
      paladin. If you dispatch the dragon snapper and search his remains you'll find
      the first Paladin rune Holy Light - useful later if you currently belong to
      the militia, otherwise it fetches a pretty penny.
     C2.8.Q1 QUEST: Bad News
      Follow the winding mountain road down into the valley and you should come
      across Jergan before long. He was sent out from the castle just recently to
      look for survivors after the dragon attack, and he seems to already have found
      the dead paladin we knicked the Holy Light rune from. It turns out this
      paladin was the brother of a certain Oric you will later meet in the castle,
      and Jergan ask if you could convey his fate to the brother. Oric is Garond's
      strategic advisor and can be found with Garond in the planning room. Telling
      him the bad news will net you +75xp.
     C2.8.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: An Underwater Cave
      Coming out from the path just west of where you met Jergan, you should see a
      big squarish hunk of a dark cliff that extends halfway into the river. Swim
      over to the small sandbank in the river with the two lurkers on it and walk to
      the end facing the cliff. Continue walking into the river towards the dark
      cliff and when you start to swim, dive. You should barerly make out a small
      tunnel in the cliff at the riverbed. Inside this hollow cliff is a small patch
      of sand to one side with some herbs, some coins in a bag and a scroll of
      Transform: Dragon Snapper - useful if you plan on sneaking past the orcs with
      a wee bit o' deceptive magic.
     C2.8.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: Den's Body
      If you break off from the road down from the mountains to the right along the
      cliffs, just as you come down near the river, and then follow the cliffside a
      bit further, you'll soon spot a body clad in Militia armor lying dead on the
      ground. This is Den, a resident of the Castle who recently ran off with their
      cashbox and tried to make it to the pass. Search his pockets and you can
      continue his bold adventure yourself with the contents of that cashbox.
      200 gold, a gold necklace, a gold and a silver ring, a silver candlestick and
      an old coin. Pay Brutus back the 200 gold if you wish later (C2.9.Q2) and keep
      the rest.
     C2.8.P6 POINT OF INTEREST: A Nest of Dragon Snappers
      Further along the cliffside from where you found Den's Body, you can spot some
      more dragonsnappers at the bottom of a steep hillside. The hill continues up
      into the mountains before it breaks off to the left, and you should see more
      dragonsnappers up there. At the very end of this steep hill you can find a
      small adobe in the cliff with an Elixir of Dexterity, but it is not taken
      lightly. All in all there are 8 Dragon Snappers, so make sure you know how to
      fight them.
     C2.8.S1 SIDEQUEST: Paladin Marcos' Ore
      The first and most easily accessible of the three digger groups you have to
      find - one of three steps to the C2.9.Q4 quest Diggers and Ore.
      Wether you traverse the valley in a killing spree, or use a sense of stealth
      and avoidance, learn to use the map nevertheless. It's a bit tricky giving
      proper directions with words alone, so get to know the map and pay attention
      to where you are on it for the other quests and points of interest you recieve
      as these will function like map directions. Also be sure to get the map from
      Garond where the mines are marked or you'll never find them.
      On to the first camp - wich is the one located furthest to the northwest along
      the mountainridge where you first encountered the dragonsnapper hive
      (C2.8.P2). Almost as far as the snowy region. It appears to be a lot of caves
      and valleys along this ridge on the map, but the map is old and they probably
      all caved in. There is a small forrest area on the way there, with the road
      leading through it, but this is guarded by orcs. Following the mountainside is
      a safer route. A good tip would be to learn how to combat snappers and
      dragonsnappers if you haven't already.
      At the camp, 2 paladins are guarding the two entrances in the wall, and they
      will probably already be under attack by critters by the time you get there -
      help out or hurry inside. It's a fairly small mine and you shouldn't have any
      problem finding the head miner Grimes. Dire news however, Grimes tells you how
      Marcos thougth storing the little ore they had at the mine was becoming too
      risky and decided to bring it back to the castle. Instead of taking a direct
      route, he was going to trail around and approach the castle from the west.
      And this is where our hunt begins. Marcos isn't far away and almost made it to
      the castle, but you still need to track him down. Start by heading out the
      other gate from where you came in - a pack of snappers will have regrouped now
      and is assaulting the camp once again. Help out or leave it to the paladins.
      On top of the hill you should see the snowy mountains and the frozen river
      Grimes mentioned, as well as a bridge passing over it. On the other side of
      the bridge is the first clue, a dead man-at-arms (militia). From there, locate
      a second bridge and cross it. Nearby is a small camp of bandits and loafers
      that Marcos and the entourage must have passed through - look for a few clues
      around their camp, inluding some ore you can take.
      Follow the path through the bandit camp into more flourishing surroundings and
      find a couple dead convicts too. You should see a hut in a clearing ahead with
      a telltale redish brick roof, so you're almost there. Marcos can be found in a
      cave behind the hut, guarding his 4 crates of magic ore. Talk to him to get
      his report about the escape and a quest involving getting some more help to
      guard the ore. Also pull out your map and see the red roof cabin displayed on
      the map for future reference.
     C2.8.P7 POINT OF INTEREST: The Waterfall
      Just below the wooden bridge where you cross the frozen riven in search for
      Marcos, is a large waterfall just where the ice breaks. Hidden behind this
      waterfall is a larger cave with plenty of mushrooms, a transformation scroll
      and a chest (combination: R-L). There's also a Lurker in here.
     C2.8.S2 SIDEQUEST: Geppert & Kervo
      Next to the waterfall with the cave behind it, you can see a larger pack of
      Lurkers milling about a cave in the cliffside with lights coming from it. This
      is the makeshift home of two escaped convicts, Geppert and Kervo. Kervo is
      scared to death by all the lurkers outside, and will gladly give you a lump of
      ore he stole if you can dispatch them.
      Kervo mentions 5 lurkers outside the cave, but there really seems to be 6 of
      them. In total there are 12 lurkers in the area, outside the cave, close by on
      the other side of the river and near the waterfall cave. Wether you need to
      only dispatch the immediate 5 outside the cave or all of them is uncertain,
      but doing so will net you +200xp and the lump of ore.
      There's also an abandoned orc tent here, with a Goblin Berry growing inside.
     C2.8.Q2 QUEST: Help for Marcos
      Once found, Marcos will beg you to report back to the castle with the
      situation on his expeditions magic ore, and request some help to guard it.
      Returning to the castle and explaining the circumstances to Garond nets you
      +200xp and completes this quest. Don't forget to drop in on Marcos again when
      he has recieved his additional men, for another +150xp
     C2.8.P8 POINT OF INTEREST: An Amulet of Strength
      Close to the red cabin where you found Marcos there's a swamp - we won't touch
      on this yet as it contains a rather angry overgrown lizard you'll get to deal
      with later, but if you feel you're strong enough, there's some treasure to be
      had in the swamp still. There's a slew of Lizardmen and bloodflies here too,
      as well as some Swampsharks.
      Continue down the path going past the red cabin and the road will split in two
      leading into the swamp - take the right path and you won't have to deal with 2
      lizardmen at once. Both paths lead into a large swamp basin surrounded by
      cliffs, close to the Dragon. However, in this first swamp area, there's a
      broken tree along the far side, where someone met their fate long ago - look
      for a skeleton sprawled on a tree stump. You might have to circle the lumps
      and roots here to find it as it's not visible coming in. On the skeleton is a
      rusty axe and a nice Amulet of Strength +15.
     C2.8.S3 SIDEQUEST: Olav's Demise
      Heading out straight SE from the castle, down the ramp and in line with the
      broken down bridge, you should see a ridge with a few orc tents and the road
      breaking off up a slight slope to the SW behind it. The road reaches a dump
      with a mountain overhang, where you should see a pack of wolves festering
      around a crevice in the mountainside. In this cavelike hole is a stonewall and
      a small room behind it, where an unlucky fellow by the name of Olav met his
      demise to the wolfpack.
      On him is a bag of coins named "Olav's Bag", but I've discovered no use for
      this other than a sort of proof Olav is dead - you'll meet his friend later
      on. There's also a chest here with some coin and generic items (combination:
      LL-RR), but more importantly a Third Circle Rune of Fear - handy if you're a
      With Olav's Bag in your inventory, you can tell Bilgot (In Fajeth's mine camp,
      C2.8.S5) what happened for +75xp, then pocket the 25 gold inside.
     C2.8.P9 POINT OF INTEREST: A Cliffside Cave
      Passing by the cave where the body of Olav was found, to your left is a very
      rough block like cliffwall. Halfway up this odd cliff is a hidden cave, but
      it's not accessible from here. To reach it, you need to follow the path up and
      break to the left of the steep mountain spire, past the fire lizards a bit,
      then drop out from a hole in the wooden fence down to the ledge below and
      follow that a few drops more. The cave shouldn't be hard to find once you know
      it's there. Inside is another Ring of Force (+5 Strength) - you can use two of
      these at the same time.
     C2.8.S4 SIDEQUEST: Paladin Silvestro's Ore
      Silvestro and Fajeth have their camps very close together, so you'll probably
      be touching in on both in the same run. Since the safest route leads you past
      Silvestro's camp first, we start there. As with the other miner camps here, it
      doesn't really matter how you get to them, as all you have to do is follow the
      red X's on Garond's Mine Map, but for the purpose of giving atleast some
      direction for the more stealthy, start from the castle and head SE past the
      broken stonebridge - there's plenty of orcs around, but this way you can
      probably pass them or take down a few from the ramp to make a clear path.
      There's a road heading SE, visible on the map. Follow it SE a bit til you see
      a ridge with some tents on it south. The road will break off sharply to the SW
      and follow up a short slope behind this ridge.
      Further south-west, still on the road, it passes under a mountain overhang and
      you can see some wolves milling about. There's a cave and small room here you
      should investigate further (See C2.8.S3 Olav's Demise).
      Continue following the dirt road up around a bend where it climbs steep.
      There's more wolves and even some lizards here you should be able to dispatch
      of quickly by now. Next is a real mess of road intersections, but look for a
      short wooden fence and take the path right next to it - it will continue down
      a crevice and then split off again. Keep to the left up a hill and you should
      spot some wooden barricades right away, and probably a pack of 4 wolves racing
      towards their next meal.
      This is Silvestro's Mine camp, and something is surerly amiss here. The ground
      is littered with bones and the mine entrance doesn't look too inviting. We
      have to investigate further anyhow though, so fire up a light scroll or a
      torch and brave yourself for a nest of minecrawlers.
      The mine entrance is littered with dead paladins and convicts, and the first
      minecrawler encounter. The mine from here breaks of both left and right - it
      stops short to the left with only a chest as some mushrooms (combination: RR).
      To the right, there's no more torches and nearly completly dark opening up to
      more cavelike surroundings. The first room has more bodies and 3 minecrawlers,
      while the second down has 4 minecrawlers. Among these you will also find the
      body of Silvestro. On him is a note explaining how they were about to break
      into a new cave structure, but Silvestro had a bad precognition about it and
      sent the ore they already had away with Diego and a couple guards. That solved
      so far, you can continue into the last chamber for another 2 minecrawlers and
      a minecrawler warrior - there's also some treasure in the last room here,
      including a gold casket, a black pearl and also some minecrawler plates and
      minecrawler mandibles.
      We have to track down Diego then - he can't have gotten far. Head back the
      road you came, to the mess of intersections. Now take the first right turn
      from where you came up from "Olav's Demise". Follow this road swinging around
      a plane of broken boulders and bloodflies until you see some wolfs chewing on
      a dead knight. There's two dead knights here up the path to your right if you
      look closer - the two guards following Diego and the ore. Head up the path and
      find Diego's makeshift campsite and his story about the events at the mine.
      Diego has the 4 crates of ore tucked away in a small cave behind the campsite,
      along with a couple potions too. Diego's Gold bag you found earlier cannot be
      used yet, so keep on to it. Now you have enough information about Silvestro's
      expedition to finnish this part, so if you want a quick rest you can teleport
      back to the castle. Otherwise you can head off to Fajeth's camp, just little
      further down the crossroads outside Silvestro's camp.
      Returning to Garond and informing him of the events that took place at
      Silvestro's camp, and where Diego keeps the ore, nets you +300xp.
     C2.8.P10 POINT OF INTEREST: A Lone Sorrel
      In Diego's campsite, notice the 'path' spiraling upwards around the round pit?
      To the right of the small cave entrance, you can climb onto this path and
      follow it spiraling upwards. On top, you should come out on a small overlook
      with a great view of the castle and valley. A lone King's Sorrel grows on this
     C2.8.S5 SIDEQUEST: Paladin Fajeth's Ore
      Fajeth's mine is very close to Silvestro's mine - at the crossroads where you
      first spotted the wooden barricades of Silvestro's mine, head right instead
      and you should see Fajeth's mine and camp in no time. There are snappers
      roaming the area here though, so be careful.
      Fajeth can be found at the end of the camp, so go get your information on the
      ore. Things are never easy though, and Fajeth won't let you have what you came
      for before you help the camp with a band of preying snappers that have the men
      terrified. Everyone else is tied up or too shaken up, so it has to be you,
      naturally. This will give you the quest "Snapper Hunt" and you have to finnish
      it (See C2.8.Q3) in order to learn how many chests of ore Fajeth has.
      Also have a chat with Tengron for another quest, and bump into Bilgot for the
      Olav's Demise sidequest. You can then return to the castle again and inform
      Garond of the situation with Fajeth, for another +300xp.
     C2.8.Q3 QUEST: Snapper Hunt
      Talk to Fajeth at his camp and you are literary charged with the task of
      hunting down the snappers that prey on the scrappers at the mine camp. You can
      talk to Fed, the head scrapper in the mine and learn how Bilgot watches the
      snappers at night and might know a thing or two about them. You can also have
      a chat with Jengar here, the scout you first met coming down from the pass -
      he can teach you how to remove claws from the snappers if you have the points
      to spend.
      Talking to Bilgot about the snappers will make it evident that there is more
      to these snappers than is readily appearant. Bilgot knows they have a leader,
      and taking out this one would probably disperse the rest. That is really what
      this quest is about, defeating the snapper leader, and not actually hunting
      them all down. However, Bilgot is looking for a way out of the camp and offer
      to exchange the information he has if you can escort him to safety. There
      seems to be no other way around this, so agree to his terms and he'll tell you
      about the Pack Leader. Also not you are given the "Bilgots Curse" quest you
      can finnish later.
      Once you have spoken to Bilgot about the snapper leader, it will appear close
      by - by the old watch tower as Bilgot says. Walk up to and face Fajeth and
      you'll see a one story watch tower not far up the hill behind him. Head up
      there and kill the 'Pack Leader' snapper, and be sure to pick up the 'Leader
      of the Pack's Claws' that it drops (See C1.2.Q26). There are plenty other
      snappers around for you to kill too, some of wich appears after you've gotten
      the Snapper Hunt quest. There's a total of 6 snappers outside the camp
      barricades, and another 3 up on the cliff overlooking the camp, but you really
      only have to kill the leader if you want the quickest sollution.
      Return to Fajeth for +200xp and the wanted information on their mining
      progress for Garond.
      MERCENARY: Since mercenaries work for gold, you can have Fajeth pay you 100
      gold to hunt down the snappers.
     C2.8.Q4 QUEST: Tengron's Ring
      Seems everyone at Fajeth's camp is on edge, including Tengron guarding the
      mine entrance. Tengron is eager to hear of news from the castle, and when you
      tell him of the bleak outlook down there, Tengron will be even more
      distressed. He asks if you would take a special ring of his and give it to his
      best friend down in the castle, in case he meet his fate here at the mine.
      Agree to do so and will give you the ring, a Ring of Life (+5 Max HitPoints),
      to give to Udar.
      Return the ring to Udar the next time you visit the castle for +150xp. Udar is
      the crossbow man standing watch over the rift in the castle wall and the ram.
     C2.8.Q5 QUEST: Bilgots Curse
      Once you have completed the Snapper Hunt, you can make do on your promise to
      help Bilgot to safety. Talk to him and tell him to get ready - he will be
      grouped to you and follow you wherever you go. Bilgot has to be escorted all
      the way to Valley of Mines Pass (almost to the point where the teleport rune
      takes you), and this might not be the easiest yet, depending on how much of a
      path you have cleared. Since you're already at Fajeth's camp you most likely
      have the path all the way down to the SE corner of the castle cleared, so it
      shouldn't be a problem escorting him safely there just backtracking, but you
      can't have Bilgot stop and wait, so be sure you have a safely enough route
      ready. Bilgot can fight, but is very weak and have little in the way of
      hitpoints. Wolves and Bloodflies shouldn't be a problem for him, but anything
      bigger and he's sure to bite it.
      The safest route seems to be to clear both the SE and NE corner of the castle
      - most likely where you first came in to the castle by following the river
      around as Jergan suggested. Bring Bilgot down to the castle along the road you
      came, then down to the river and follow it back around to the mountain path
      you came down from. Bilgot has no trouble jumping, wading or swimming, so
      don't worry about it. Bring him up the mountain path towards the pass, and
      right before the wooden bridge he'll thank you for you trouble and head up to
      the pass entrance. This will net you +300xp.
     C2.8.P11 POINT OF INTEREST: Snowy Area & Life Elixirs
      Still in chapter 2, for the strong and explorative types, there's still a lot
      of loot and experience to be had around the areas with the dragons. You won't
      get to interact with the dragons just yet, so stay clear of them as they are
      'immortal' and quite dangerous to you. However, nothing wrong with scoping out
      the areas in advance. One such area is the frozen fort area in the vicinity of
      the ice/snow dragon.
      You can get to this area simply by checking the white snowy area on your map,
      further west from the first mining site (Grimes & Marcos). Trail up as you
      would looking for Marcos, but break off when you see the ice and snow and you
      should soon see 2 Ice Golems guarding an icy arch - this is the entrance to
      the snowy area, and is full of Lizardmen, Ice Golems, Ghost Lights, and a very
      overgrown white lizard.
      Besides the dragon in a large icy cave to the leftside, there's a fort-like
      structure with some buildings, barricades, a watch-tower and similar, slowly
      hindering your progress up towards this valley. In the first building you can
      enter there's a bed you can get some rest in. On the roof of this building is
      a chest (combination: L-R) with a Elixir of Life (+15 max HP), but it's not
      easily accessible just yet. Look above the barricades and the building to a
      high wooden watch tower. Getting on top of the first roofs requires either to
      climb this watchtower, or jumping from the barricades to the left. Getting
      into the watchtower can seem a bit tricky at first, but is quite possible if
      you position yourself a little to the right of the opening against the
      supporting woodwork beneath it, then jump and turn slightly to the left - you
      should grab hold of the ledge in the opening and climb in. Inside the
      watchtower is yet another Elixir of Life, lying on the floor in the dark.
      Following through the watch-tower and around lets you jump down on the roof on
      the first building.
      Other points of interest in this area is a Goblin Berry on the far side of the
      lake with an Ice Golem, and a couple Ice Golems guarding a big nasty two-
      hander axe and a second teleport rune (Valley of the Mines) if you missed the
     C2.8.P12 POINT OF INTEREST: Ambush!
      In the snowcovered forrest before entering the the snowy mountain hills
      (C2.8.P11), there's a deep lake at the end with some sunken buildings. Follow
      this lake until it meets the steep mountainside and you will come across two
      odd neighbours living in two caves next to eachother. In the first, a band of
      tough bandits live, and some black goblins occupy the next up along the
      If you dispatch the black goblins outside their cave, and then sneak a peak at
      their loot in a chest there (combination L-R), you'll suddenly hear the warcry
      of an Orc Warrior and 4 additional black goblins that was lying in wait for
     C2.8.P13 POINT OF INTEREST: Mage Rune of Ice Arrow
      From the archway into the snowy area (C2.10.P11) where you first encountered
      the two Ice Golems, there's a steep path climbing the mountainside up and
      above the two caves (C2.8.P12) to the left. Some herbs grow along the path,
      and further into the mountains is a cave of dragon snappers. Keep following
      the path however and you'll end up high in the mountains overlooking the
      castle again. There is a whole slew of Skeletons guarding this pass, but once
      past you should find yourself overlooking a semi-circle of stones around an
      altar (See C2.8.P14).
      From this altar and stone circle, you should see a small pass next to the
      mountain trail you came from - this path between a couple trees and two more
      skeletons should take you out on a greenish ledge high up and overlooking the
      lake below. Lying to the side here is a second circle mage rune of Ice Arrow.
      You can reach this area easily from the other side, but explaining how was
      less confusing going over the mountain path from the snowy arch.
     C2.8.P14 POINT OF INTEREST: A Stone Circle & Elixir of Spirit
      Following the same path as in C2.10.P13 you should come across this stone
      circle in no time. Besides a Goblin Berry growing in the shade of the standing
      stones, behind the altar is a downwards slope into an old tomb. Currently
      occupying the tomb is a Skeleton Mage with a hostess of skeletons, and what
      appears to be a small library of arcane arts. There's a couple chests here
      with generic content, an alchemist table and some potions lying around, but
      the point of interest is really the skeleton mage itself. It acts as any other
      skeleton mage and doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary - do check
      it's body after it's killed though, as this particular skeleton mage has an
      inventory unlike it's regular counterparts. In it's rags you'll find an Elixir
      of Spirit (+10 MaxMana) and an amulet you'll need in a later chapter, namely
      'Angar's Magic Amulet' giving +10 MaxMana when worn.
     C2.8.P15 POINT OF INTEREST: A Skinny Shadowbeast & Elixir of Strength
      Opposite of the stone altar and circle (C2.8.P13), along the mountainside to
      the north, is a large cave partially obscured by some trees and roots. Watch
      out though, it's guarded by 2 Skeltons and a rather striking undead Skeleton
      Shadowbeast. Inside the cave you can see a dark stonewall with an opening in
      and a small room behind. An Elixir or Strength can be found in a dark corner
     C2.8.P16 POINT OF INTEREST: A Bold Hunter
      Follow the ram down from the castle and head towards the palisade. Following
      the wooden palisade until it ends in a cliff and a small pond, break right and
      follow the hill upwards. At the top of this hill is a small mountain path
      leading further up into the mountains, but right below it is a ledge where you
      can find Gestath the hunter. He hunts the dangerous creatures no one else will
      hunt and wears a remarkable armor. Ask him about it and you'll learn how he
      had it made from Minecrawler plates by Wolf at Onar's Farm.
      You can return and ask wolf about this armor for a quest here in chapter 2 if
      you want, but getting this requires you to know the hunting skill remove
      crawlerplates. The armor itself is fairly useless as you will come across
      better armors very soon, if you don't already wear one way better than this.
      See C3.4.Q5 for more info.
     C2.8.P17 POINT OF INTEREST: Demon's Lair & Life Elixirs
      Continuing further up into the mountains from where you met Gestath (C2.8.P16)
      and you are well on your way to the Stone Dragon - you won't get to figth him
      now, so no worries, but a short visit to the old castle migth yield some nice
      treasures. It's not really possible to go wrong here, so just follow the
      upwards mountain path, fighting your way through hordes of lizardmen, until
      you come to a bridge crossing the rapid river below. You can see the old
      castle looming high above, with even further mountain paths going up to the
      You will also encounter you first Harpies here, flying nasty creatures that
      can be difficult to beat unless you have a bow or crossbow handy. Once you get
      up to the first plateu, you'll see a doorway in the castlewall. Enter it -
      this is the ground floor of the castle, with another floor above it you have
      to reach from outside. On the ground floor however, in the back going through
      a series of dark rooms, you'll come to a library-looking room whith shelves of
      books lining a full wall. There are also two harpys in here, and an alchemist
      table. Look to the left of the alchemist table for a lever - one that will
      push one of the bookcases aside to reveal a secret room.
      Careful, the secret room is inhabited by a Demon. These nasty creatures hit
      for several hundred hitpoints and can be very tricky to bring down unless you
      have the power and guile to strike it hard and quickly. On a shelf in here is
      an Elixir of Life, and in one of the chests (combination: L-RR-L-R-LL-R) is a
      second Elixir of Life. There's also a bed here should you need a rest later
      before fighting the dragon living further up the mountain.
     C2.8.P18 POINT OF INTEREST: Ancient Demon Tower
      Further up north from Paladin Fajeth's camp (C2.8.S5) you can see a large
      looming dark tower, very similar to the one you started out in. This is
      Xardas' old tower from Gothic 1, but now named 'Ancient Demon Tower' - I
      wonder why? It could be a small hint towards what has taken up residence in
      the tower.
      Cross the small swamplake and make your way up to the other side of the tower
      and you will the entrance. The layout is almost identical to Xardas' new tower
      so finding your way should be easy. Occupying the first floor is a Demon,
      guarded by a small army of goblin skeletons - behind it on a wooden bench is
      an Elixir of Spirit (+10 MaxMana), and a Mastersword is lying on a shelf here.
      On the top floor, on the center table, is also a third rune for the valley -
      Teleport to Ancient Demon Tower, that could help you get around a bit more
     C2.8.P19 POINT OF INTEREST: A Ring of Dexterity
      Following the road going up and around the 'Ancient Demon Tower', there's
      first a Dragonroot growing next to the tower, on your right. The path winds
      past a deep lake set against the mountains - follow this around to the far
      side and look for bloodtracks. Among the bloodfly remains here you can find a
      very nice Ring of Dexterity, giving +10 Dexterity when worn.
    C2.9 - THE CASTLE
    In this cursed valley, about the only place for a little sleep and provisions is
    inside the castle. This is also where you'll get your assignments and where you
    return to regularily after exploration trips. You can find another teleport rune
    here for quick return to the castle when you have completed a task, so use it as
    your base of operations for now.
     C2.9.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Getting into the Castle
      There are multiple ways into the castle - or rather, multiple ways of reaching
      the single entrance to the castle. The front gates are securly locked, and
      jumping up and down outside yelling at the paladins on the other side won't
      help you. The entrance you want can be found on the opposite side - on the
      'backside' of the castle. Since you have no map of the Valley yet, that would
      be on the shortside of the castle, or the leftside just as you come off the
      winding mountain path down from the pass. You should see the castle at the
      bottom of the path, and the entrance is to the far left side.
      Jergan suggests following the river downstream and come up behind the castle,
      wich is what we're going to do for now. Know that the entire area is teeming
      with monsters, and most notably orcs lining the entire castle walls. Orcs
      shouldn't pose much of a problem to you at this point if you went through
      chapter 1 thouroghly, but what you have here is often whole groups of them
      with 3-4 orcs, an elite and an orc shaman or two - wich can be your end really
      The brutish approach would be to follow the river left and around, fighting
      what critters you come across, then make a measured approach at the left
      corner - you can lure 1-2 orcs away from the camps here and dispatch them that
      way, but expect to spend some healing potions when you enter battle with two
      or more. Your goal is the big wooden structure, a big battering ram - now
      broken down and can be climbed to reach the a rift in the wall.
      Reaching this ramp is what you will be doing no matter what, but there are a
      couple passive ways of doing so too. One is simply being faster than the orcs,
      by downing a speed potion or chewing on some snapperweed. Another passive way
      is to use a scroll of transformation, into something the orc won't pay
      attention to, like a wolf, snapper, or similar. As long as you can make it on
      to the ramp, you're home free and the orcs will abandon pursuit.
     C2.9.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Castle Transport Rune
      Just inside in the castlegrounds, to your left, is a small chapel. On a table
      on top the upward stairs, you'll find another transport rune. This rune will
      drop you in the middle of the castle grounds when used.
     C2.9.Q1 QUEST: Meat
      Talk to Parlaf, the smith's hand by the small smithy during daytime and you
      can learn how little food there is to go around and how Engor the provisioner
      has just recently cut down rations yet again. Bring the matter up with Engor
      and you can offer to help out.
      Engor needs you to bring him atleast two dozen pieces of meat - any meat. By
      now you should have tons of meat on you, but it would be silly giving away 24
      pieces of ham if you have. Engor will accept Raw Meat, Fried Meat, Sausages
      and Hams, but will also take them from you in the reverse order. That is,
      don't say you have the meat if you have any hams or sausages as he'll just
      take what you have and expect you to deliver more of the same until you have
      given him 24 of it. Rather drop your other foodstuffs on the ground (dropped
      from inventory, you can drop an infinite number of the same item in one go and
      also pick them up in one go again later) and don't worry about the germs. You
      can get away with giving Engor 24 pieces of raw meat that will net you +150xp
      and Parlaf's devotion.
     C2.9.Q2 QUEST: Gold for Brutus
      Brutus is the resident torturer and resides in the furthermost tower left of
      the main gate. He can train your strength if you complete this little task for
      him, but only up to 60. Seems his associate Den ran away earlier trying to
      make it to the pass - not that Brutus cares. What matters is that Den also
      took the cashbox with him. In it were atleast 200 gold Brutus really wants
      back, and demands that you either go find the cashbox or pay him out of your
      If you haven't already, you will surerly find Den later (See C2.8.P5 Den's
      Body), so you might as well chip out the gold now, even though you might be
      too strong for Brutus to train you. This quest nets you +75xp either way.
     C2.9.Q3 QUEST: Rescue Gorn
      Wether you are a Mercenary, Mage or Paladin, rescuing Gorn will net you some
      experience in exchange for gold. Learn from Milten or Brutus that the paladins
      are holding Gorn locked up in the dungeon, and then talk to Garond to pay his
      dues and release for 1000 gold. I haven't found a way around this, and don't
      think there is, as everything points to the dungeon being securly locked up
      and the guard in front of it never sleeps.
      Paying the ransom will give you the key to the dungeon (left of the main gate)
      and you'll find Gorn holed up in the innermost cell to the right. Freeing him
      will net you +500xp.
      MERCENARY: When you free Gorn and talk to him in the cell, he will also hand
      you a Medium Mercenary Armor for free - sell it if you already bougth it from
      Lee at the start of chapter 2.
     C2.9.P3 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: Heavy Militia Armor
      When you belong to the militia, Engor the provisioner let's you know he has
      some Heavy Militia Armor for sale for 2500 gold you can buy. Besides looking
      quite nice, it's a very nice armor well worth it's gold at this point.
     C2.9.Q4 QUEST: Diggers and Ore
      Since you're here to get proof of the dragons, it isn't simply enough just
      running out and spotting one. You remember what happened last time you told
      someone you knew of dragons? The only thing that will satisfy Hagen is written
      proof, from Commander Garond. And that doesn't come without a whole slew of
      complications either, naturally. By now you know why the paladins have come to
      the Valley of Mines too - to dig magic ore they have to ship back to the
      mainland, to forge magic swords in the fight against the orcs there.
      Speak to Garond in the main hall in the castle and you will hear of the groups
      of diggers sent out to dig ore, but no word has yet to reach the castle.
      Garond understands the importance of reporting back to Hagen, but won't let
      you have the written proof you need before you do him a 'little' favour. You
      are to seek out each of the three teams of diggers and get a tally of how much
      ore they have mined so far, then report each of the findings back to Garond.
      The three teams are each led by a paladin, Marcos, Fajeth and Silvestro, as
      well as crews of diggers and prisoners. Each of the mines these camps can be
      found are outside the castle, so consult the 3 sidequests in the Valley of
      Mines section - "C2.10.S1 Paladin Marcos' Ore", "C2.8.S4 Paladin Silvestro's
      Ore" and "C2.8.S5 Paladin Fajeth's Ore".
      Note that this is the majority of the plot in chapter 2 and probably what you
      will spend the most time on. Valley of Mines is still a large area with a lot
      of exploring to do and monsters to kill, but you don't need to do this yet
      unless you're dying to. It's quite possible to complete this quest in an
      orderly fashion with stealth and tactics instead of laying waste to everything
      that moves.
      When "Diggers and Ore" is complete, you'll recieve +500xp and a written letter
      to take to Lord Hagen. This will also mark the end of chapter 2 in a way,
      since as soon as you exit the valley chapter 3 will begin. If you plan on
      heading back to the new world to spend some learning points or similar, and
      still stay in chapter 2, be sure to wait with finnishing this quest. There's
      also the point of a lot of things happening back in the new world in chapter 3
      also, so consider yourself informed.
      Of the three camps, I feel "Paladin Marco's Ore" is the easiest to begin with
      as it's fairly easy to get to and doesn't involve too many orcs on the way.
      Another higly useful item you should get a hold of here is a map - Garond will
      give you a map of the valley with the 3 mines marked on, but you won't be able
      to pull it up like a regular region map (M), so consider getting a map from
      Engor or stealing one from the chest in the main hall.
      MERCENARY: You can get paid 500 gold to do this task for Garond if you press
      the issue.
      PALADIN: Tell Garond you need some gear for a task such as this, and you have
      the option to get some free stuff from Tandor. You probably already have way
      better gear, but there's some arrows or bolts in it if you want.
     C2.9.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: Robbing the Castle
      Although the paladins are very poor and worse for wear, there's still some
      locked chests, off-limits room and other items of interest in the castle. A
      skillful thief should never let a chance pass by anyway.
      You can start by going up the ramp in the back of where Engor has his
      provisions. On top of the ramp is a bedroom and an open chest with a very nice
      bow, an Ash Bow (40/50). At the far end of this room is another door leading
      to the short walkway above the hallway below - be sure to sneak here, or Engor
      will spot you going into his room on the other side of the door here.
      Actually, sneaking around and stealing in the castle is extraordinary
      difficult - first because if you get caught or noticed, the paladins and
      people who live here will immediately draw their weapons and come for you.
      There's nothing you can do, no one to pay a fine to or anything here, so don't
      get caugth. At all. A good rule is to really save before attempting any
      looting in the castle, as secondly, you might even be caught without knowing
      or hearing it. This way you might sneak around for a while, save accidentally,
      only to find out there's a lynchmob waiting for you outside that immediately
      No risk, no reward though, so let's get back to the task at hand. Across the
      hallway is Engor's room - inside you'll find a key on a shelf, marked "The
      Second Door" and a name "Gomez" inscribed on it. There's also an open chest
      here. Back to the sleeping chamber where you found the ash bow, there's a
      hallway leading towards the main gate. Keep going this way and you'll end up
      on the roof of part of the main gate that was ruined in the dragon attack.
      There's a chest here (combination: R-LLL-R-L), a scroll, and even a Light Fish
      from Halvor containing a lockpick.
      From the broken roof, drop down to the wall below with the guard, and see how
      the convicts are busy repairing the castle. There's an open chest here with
      the convicts, and some potions lying around. Continue back the way you came,
      only on the first floor now and you end up in a leftmost tower to the
      maingate. There's a locked chest here with a lump of ore (combination: L-R-L-
      Now onto the paladins themselves and the main castle building. Head up the
      ramp in the back to either side and notice the sole guard looking out over the
      main hallway. There's four rooms here, one above the chef's kitchen, one above
      the dark opposite room going into the throne room, and two rooms facing the
      outer walls of the castle. Start with the room to the right of the guard, but
      be very careful here. You have to sneak already when opening the doors, then
      sneak into the rooms and close the doors again for comfort. It seems a bit
      buggy even, as the sole guard will hardly ever notice you, but Garond and the
      paladins in the throne room below often spots you...through the ceiling and
      The room to the rigth of the guard has another doorkey on a table, marked "Key
      to the First Room" and also the name "Gomez" on it. There's a chest here with
      the combination: R-LL-R-L. This is Parcival's chambers. If you also plan to
      mug the goody paladins, Parcival will be sleeping here at night (+240xp).
      Next we'll do the opposite room, to the left of the guard. This is probably
      Garond's chambers, but he is never there as he always sits on the throne.
      However, this room has extra security during the night, with a knight standing
      guard right outside the room. There's two chests in this chamber, the first
      near the door (combination: R-LLLLLL) and one by the bed (combination: RRRRRR)
      The first door on the opposite wall, right behind the guard, leads to Oric's
      chambers. There is a potion and some foodstuffs in here, on the shelves or in
      the open chest. Oric is sleeping here during nighttime (+300xp).
      Last is the door next to Oric's. This door is initially locked, but the key
      "First Door" you found in Parcival's room unlocks it. Inside is a chest
      (combination: L-RR-LLL-R) and on the table is a note. Reading this note nets
      you +75xp and teaches you about the Bloodfly stingers (an addon appears in
      General Information - Specials) and how humans can grow resistant to the mild
      poison and use the stingers for healing purposes instead. After you've learnt
      this, you can eat bloodfly stingers for a complete heal.
      There's also a second door in here, unlocked with the "Second Door" key you
      found in Engor's quarters. Just opening this door can be rather buggy as
      there's a great chance Garond on the throne directly below you will notice
      you. Sometimes it even seems impossible to get this door open without being
      noticed, but I have done it on several occasions. If there are some parameters
      somewhere that decide wether you are noticed, or plain just buggy, I don't
      know. If you are hopelessly stuck getting this door open, there's a 'last
      resort' way of getting through, and that is to let yourself be noticed and
      just take the punishment coming to you. Everyone in the castle that is either
      alarmed or rallied by Garond will give you a beating, but won't kill you, take
      your weapon, or steal your gold. This way, if all else fails, you can just
      take the beatings so they get it out of the system. The only way around this
      bug that I know of.
      Behind the door however, through a small hallway, you end up in a dark chamber
      directly above Brutus. There's a chest here with a trap (combination: L-R-L-
      RRR) with a golden necklace, and a Ring of Ore Skin (+10 Weapon AC). Opening
      the chest and taking the contents springs the trap that will spawn a Lower
      Skeleton in the hallway behind you.
      Lastly in our looting run, the chest in the throne room can be picked at night
      when only Garond is present (combination: L-RRRR-L) for some gold and a free
      map of the valley - that otherwise cost 350 gold with Engor.
    Chapter 3 will begin immediately after going through either two ways and into
    the pass from the valley of mines - if you have completed Diggers and Ore and
    have the letter to lord Hagen that is. Before exploring Khorinis again, be sure
    to read up on C3.8.P1 before continuing, at the very end of the chapter 3 list.
    The big change is to Khorinis, and you'll spend most of your time back here in
    chapter 3. As you meet your first Seeker at the barricaded pass entrance, and
    the dead knigths outside, you'll know things aren't as you left them. The land
    is once again littered with new creatures, now mostly dragon snappers, wargs,
    and even skeletons and zombies. Seekers are all over the new world, mostly along
    the roads. Don't be surprised if you come across dead Seekers as they wander
    back and forth a lot and might be smacked around abit by the other NPC's.
    Once you have explored the Onar's Farm & Land area again and picked up any
    quests, it's a good idea to head to Xardas to hear what he has to say. Simply
    use your Rune to get there and from there head down to Khorinis before exploring
    the rest of the new events in chapter 3.
    If you cleaned out everything possible in the valley during chapter 2, you
    should be powerful enough to go through everything hereafter with a breeze. A
    stealthy approach to chapter 2 should land you around level 10-15, and things
    ahead won't be as difficult as figthing orcs in the valley. A good average level
    on completing chapter 2 would be 20-25. My highest level on entering chapter 3
    was 29.
    Using your rune to teleport to Xardas drops you outside his tower. Head up and
    talk to him to learn more of the seekers and what is going on around here,
    before heading down to Khorinis again.
    There are some wargs and several seekers on the road down to Khorinis - the
    bandit you spared earlier have met his fate too. Things are brewing at Lobart's
    farm too, so pay him a visit.
     C3.1.S1 SIDEQUEST: Report From the Mines
      Recite your story of what's going on in the valley of mines, of the dragons,
      and poor state of the paladins there to Xardas for +150xp.
     C3.1.S2 SIDEQUEST: Proof of the Dragons
      Mention how you have the letter to Lord Hagen from Garond and Xardas tells you
      you should hurry down and deliver it to him to get access to the Eye of Innos.
      This will net you another +150xp.
     C3.1.Q1 QUEST: Healing for Hilda
      It seems Hilda has taken sick from the presence of the seekers. She's hardly
      able to move and spends most time sleeping. Lobart is sick of worry about the
      whole situation, with the black hooded seekers roaming his farm and will take
      any help he can get. You can find Hilda in the sideroom sleeping - wake her up
      to learn that she usually gets her medicine from Vatras but is too weak to
      travel now.
      Simply talk to Vatras in the city and mention the medicines and he will give
      you a special potion you can give Hilda. This will net you +300xp and 50 gold.
     C3.1.Q2 MERCENARY QUEST: Maleth's Walking Stick
      Why this isn't available to Paladins is beyond me, but could maybe have to do
      with Maleth not being so eager to tell a man of the law how flat out drunk he
      was roaming around, or make the connection to Vino's still. Still, as a
      mercenary, talk to Maleth and you'll learn how he got messed up on Vino's
      moonshine and lost his walking stick. That's the reason why Maleth is so
      grumpy now, and he's not beyond asking a big scary mercenary to find it.
      The walking stick can be found up on the stone circle behind Lobart's Farm,
      where you previously found the King's Sorrel - only now there's also a
      Shadowbeast lurking there. Defeat the beast and retrieve the stick from the
      center of the circle, lying on the ground. You can see it's Maleth's by the
      'M' carved on the hilt.
      You know how poor the farmers are, so when you return to Maleth with the stick
      you will recieve +400xp, but no reward as such. Maleth will instead tell you
      how he saw some bandits trail past some days ago, carrying what appeared to be
      bags of gold, past the dense forrest on the far side of the road (where you
      went hunting with Bartok) and into the ravine.
      This event only happens when Maleth tells you, and cannot be found unless you
      complete this quest. Follow the forrest into the ravine (C1.1.P5) and you'll
      encounter a whole group of bandits that have taken up residence in the old
      cave. There's 5 bandits total, three 180xp ones and two 80xp ones. In the back
      of the cave is their 'Rogue Leader' (no, he left his X-Wing at home) worth
      300xp. In addition, the leader carries a unique satchel of coins named 'Bag
      full of gold!' that contains 300 gold. Not such a bad reward afterall.
    Back in Khorinis, the town is in uproar over the murder of Lothar and the
    pressing mercenaries. A lot has happened, so be sure to speak to everyone to
    learn what is new, as well as completing a few quests left over from chapter 2,
    like Fernando's Business, the Snapper Claws and such.
     C3.2.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Meeting with Lord Hagen
      Head straigth up to the town hall and deliver the letter from Garond and
      explain the situation in the valley of mines. For this you will be granted
      access to the monastery, with a letter to Pyrokar. Hagen will also give you a
      new teleport rune 'Harbour City' wich will teleport you back to Khorinis.
      If you have prior knowledge of Bennet's imprisonment, you can discuss this
      with Hagen and learn that they are pretty sure he did it, as they have a
      witness - one Cornelius on the first floor in the town hall.
     C3.2.Q1 QUEST: Diego's Gold
      Standing outside Matteo's Store by Rupert now is Diego, who will force you
      into a conversation. Diego seems to have had a lucrative shady business going
      in Khorinis even before the events in Gothic 1, and now that he made it back,
      he wants back in on the action. Diego is not a citizen however and that
      presents his first problem. He need you to find his stash of gold he hid away
      finching ore during his imprisonment in the valley of mines.
      You probably already have his bag of gold on you, otherwise see C2.8.P1
      Diego's Leather Bag. Give him the bag for +600xp.
     C3.2.Q2 QUEST: Diego's Business
      Immediately following the return of Diego's Gold, he has one more task for
      you. It seems Gerbrandt, the uppety merchant in the upper quarters was
      involved with Diego earlier and also the one responsible for putting Diego in
      prison. It's payback time and Diego wants you deliver a letter to Gerbrandt.
      Give Gerbrandt the letter - first house on the right in the upper quarter -
      for +400xp, and watch him squirm when he learns Diego is after his hide.
      Return to Diego for another +300xp and your share of the takeover, 500 gold.
      It seems Diego gave Gerbrandt one last chance to flee, otherwise he would have
      killed him, and in the process took over his house and all his belongings.
      Sometimes this won't really happen and Diego will stay where he is and
      Gerbrandt remains outside his house. Otherwise, Diego will change places with
      Gerbrandt, and Gerbrandt will move down to the docks district.
      Once both these quests for Diego is complete, he can train your Dexterity for
      free, up to a nice maximum of 100.
     C3.2.S1 SIDEQUEST: Comfort Gritta
      If you befriended Gritta earlier by paying her debts, she will always
      compliment you when you stop by. Having a quick chat with her in chapter 3,
      reveals how frightened she is of the Seekers. Comforting her nets you +150xp.
     C3.2.S2 SIDEQUEST: A Third Prophecy
      As always in chapter changes, drop by Abuyin for a new prophecy. The third
      prophecy costs 250 gold to hear, and will net you +600xp.
     C3.2.Q3 QUEST: Something Lost?
      Stop by Hanna at the inn and have some smalltalk to reveal how she recently
      cleaned up and sold off a bunch of papers to Brahim the cartographer. In this
      stack of papers were some old documents she didn't intend to sell, and wonders
      if you could possible get them back.
      Talk to Brahim down at the docks and look through his wares - he now has a
      "very old map" for sale for 150 gold. Pick it up and have a peek at it if you
      want. It's supposed to have the appearance of a treasure map, and points out
      the location of the old temple ruins (C1.5.P3), but have no value other than
      that. This is also the lost document, so return the map to Hanna for +300xp
      and 200 gold.
     C3.2.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Khorinis Merchants' Stock
      All the merchants in khorinis have some new interesting items in stock, so be
      sure to take the roundtrip and see what they have.
      - Salandril the potion merchant in the upper quarter has an Elixir of
        Dexterity for sale, but only after you talk to Lord Hagen.
      - Lutero has a Black Pearl for sale.
      - Constantino has a Goblin Berry and a King's Sorrel for sale
      - Zuris has another Elixir of Dexterity for sale.
      - The Gardener behind the town hall now has Fire Roots in stock
     C3.2.P3 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: A New Sword From Peck
      Stop by Peck in the barracks again in chapter 3 and he will have some new
      weapons in stock, most notably a one-handed Ruby Blade he will give you for
      free (50/50 worth 180 gold).
     C3.2.P4 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: Joining the Order
      After you have completed "Bennet is in Jail", you can now finally join the
      order of paladins and leave the militia. Talk to Hagen after Bennet is freed
      and tell him you want to join. After the initiation process, you will recieve
      your Knight's Armor and a Paladin's two-hander. You can also talk to Albrecth
      for your first paladin rune, Holy Light, wich you probably already have, but
      can use now.
      This also opens up all the paladin trainers:
       - Hagen can train your two-handed skill to 100%
       - Ingmar can train your strength to 90
       - Girion trains two-handed to 90%
       - Cedric will train one-handed to 90%
       - Albrecht will train your Mana and give you your Paladin Runes
      As a paladin - belonging to the order, not the milita, you can now go see
      Harod and have him work up some sweat making you a magic ore blade. The blades
      are expensive though at 2000 gold, and you can only get one, either one or
      two-handed. This blade is called a rough ore blade, and can later be improved
      (See C3.6.S2 Consecration of the Sword)
     C3.2.P6 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: Access to the Ship
      As a paladin (only after joining the order) you can now pull rank at Hagen's
      ship down at the harbour to gain access to it. The guards are still unbeatable
      so be careful. Hidden around the ship and in the hold is a few potions,
      scrolls, leather satchels with coins, but most importantly an Elixir of
      Strength. There is also a magic ring in the hold, a Ring of Stoneskin (+10
      Arrow AC).
     C3.2.S3 SIDEQUEST: Fingers' Chest
      If you didn't kill Jesper in the thieves guild in chapter 1 (See C1.2.P6), you
      can now head back and ask him about the chest behind the locked door if you're
      a member. Jesper will tell you how master Fingers put such a complicated lock
      on the chest, then got thrown in prison, so no one can open it. He'll give you
      the key to the door and say you're welcome to try.
      The locked door is just outside the main room in the sewers, around the
      corner, and contains a single chest with a rather tough lock on. The
      combination is RRR-L-RRR-L-R-L-R-L-RR-LLL-RR-L and contains an Amulet of
      Strength (+15 Str) and an Elixir of Dexterity (+5 Dex), as well as some gold.
    After most of Khorinis is done, it's time to go see the Mages at the monastery,
    but be sure to swing by Akil again on your way there. Also drop by the Dead
    Harpy on your way to the monastery and have a chat with Orlan - you probably owe
    him some rent anyway. Also watch as Orlan's attitude towards you when you scale
    the career ladder, from scoffing you to almost putting out a red carpet in
     C3.3.Q1 QUEST: Moonshine
      Ehnim has now ligthened up a bit about you stirring up trouble last time on
      the farm, and asks if you've been to Lobart's Farm lately. It seems Ehnim was
      to get some Molerat Fat for Vino's secret still, thinking you could drop it
      off for him, but then realizes he did a mistake telling you about it.
      Press Ehnim on the issue and you can buy the Molerat Fat for 100 gold. This is
      the only thing that will enable you to pull the winch in the odd cave south of
      the sun circle. Buy the fat and head up there to discover Vino's secret still
      - using the fat on the winch nets you +400xp and completes this quest.
      Inside the cave is some 400 gold in the two chests (left combination: RR-L-R-
      L), a book called 'The Spirit of the Wine' about how Vino closed down the
      still when the paladins came, and a whole lot of bottle of Gin lying around
      (13 to be precise). You can drop by Vino afterwards if you like, and he will
      tell you that the militia discovered his still and that he hopes they don't
      discover who owned it, netting you +150xp more, but nothing more can be done
      about this.
     C3.3.Q2 QUEST: Sheep Thieves
      Talk to Akil and hear how the poor farmers have been plagued by what seems to
      be sheep thieves lately. There's atleast one sheep missing, and Akil is
      certain they have their hideout in the back of the forrest near his farm
      Seems some new bandits have moved into the cave we previously cleared
      (C1.2.Q11 Bandit Raids) and you can now find 3 bandits standing around outside
      this cave. These are the sheep thieves in question and you can even see the
      sheep they stole behind them in the cave. Kill the three bandits (180xp for
      each), and then talk to the sheep to get it to follow you - like Betty if you
      are a mage.
      Return to Akil and tell him you took care of it for +400xp and 150 gold. Then
      give him back his sheep you have following you for another +200xp and 150 gold
      more, for completion of this quest.
     C3.3.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Tavern Teleport Rune
      In Orlan's wares now, you can find a Teleport Rune taking you right outside
      the tavern, for the sum of 500 gold.
    C3.4 - ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    The first point on your list should be to return the letter to lord Hagen, but
    things have happened all around. You will immediately meet with Lester outside
    the pass who tells you Xardas wants to see you right away, but even as urgent as
    it sounds, spending a little time in and around Onar's farm here to get a
    bearing is quite okay before heading for Xardas.
     C3.4.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Seeker's Curse
      There's quite a few seekers looking for you all over Khorinis now, and if you
      get too close, they will offer a warning and curse you before attacking. This
      curse, or stare of the seekers (possesion) will make you feel 'stiffled' -
      this state makes it impossible to rest to regain lost health, or even pray to
      Innos. The only way to cure this possesion is to talk to Pyrokar in the
      monastery and buy some special magic soul healing potions - 2 for 300 gold.
     C3.4.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Pass of Khorinis Teleport Rune
      On the dead body of one of the now dead knights guarding the pass is another
      teleport rune, to the 'Pass of Khorinis' exiting you right here at the pass.
     C3.4.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Lester & Xardas Teleport Rune
      Just past the small wooden brigde is Lester - he will try to grab a hold of
      you as you come closer and tell you Xardas wants to speak with you right away.
      Lester will also give you a Teleport to Xardas Rune that will exit you right
      in front of his tower.
     C3.4.Q1 QUEST: Alone and Helpless
      If you drop by Bengar's farm, you'll find it deserted except for Bengar
      himself. Talk to him to learn how Malak the sheepherded has rallied all the
      farmboys and fled into the mountains as the area become too dangerous. Bengar
      is all alone and it looks like he have to abandon the farm soon if he doesn't
      get any help. He mentions the mercenaries, and particulary Wolf.
      Talk to Wolf and tell him you might have found him something to do, then
      explain the situation at Begar's farm. Wolf says he'll require 800 gold for
      the job, but he'd do it for you for free, wich is a bit odd. Still, pay him
      the 800 gold and he will head off to Bengar's farm, bringing the two
      mercenaries by Sentenza with him. This nets you +300xp.
      Talk to Bengar again and see how Wolf is present with the other mercenaries.
      Bengar will give you 400 gold, and net you +300xp more.
      Next in line is finding Malak - he is hiding along with all the other farmers
      in the small underpass beneath Dexter's bandit camp, close to Grom. When you
      first find the group you'll recieve +400xp when talking to Malak. Convince
      Malak to head back to Bengar's farm once Wolf and the other mercenaries are in
      place, for another +300xp. You'll also recieve another +200xp for pointing out
      the obvious to Bengar, that Maleth is back.
      Note that doing this will remove Wolf as a possible crewmember for an ocean
      voyage later, but the effect of this has very little impact on the story. If
      you absolutely want to go sailing with wierdos, wait with this quest.
      MERCENARY: While a mercenary yourself, Wolf will only require 300 gold instead
      of the regular 800 to do the job, netting you a 100 gold over after talking to
     C3.4.Q2 QUEST: The Banished Farmer
      Coming down from the high pastures, cross the farms and drop in on Sekob too.
      You should see both Sekob, his wife, Tilly and Balthazar standing outside,
      appearantly afraid of something. Talk to Sekob to learn how the black hooded
      seekers have invaded his house looking for something, in a locked chest
      perhaps, and he begs your help in getting them to leave.
      There are 4 seekers inside the house - dispatch them as you see fit and talk
      to Sekob again. For this you will recieve +400xp and 250 gold.
     C3.4.Q3 QUEST: Torlof's Fear of the Dark Man
      At Onar's farm, talk to Torlof to hear more about all this seeker plague
      roaming the land. Torlof got the chills talking to one of them and wants you
      to get rid of a particular seeker he saw head for the hills and Dexter's old
      bandit camp (that you cleared out in chapter 1 right?).
      Following the mountain path up there you'll find a single seeker by the
      bridge. Kill it and return to Torlof for +300xp.
     C3.4.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Lee & Teleport Rune Landlord
      Talk to Lee and recite your findings in the valley of mines and Lee will give
      you another Teleport Rune called 'Landlord' wich will take you to Onar's Farm.
     C3.4.S1 SIDEQUEST: Gorn Made It
      Sitting by Lee is Gorn if you freed him from the prison in the Castle. Strike
      up a conversation with him and he'll thank you for getting him out. This will
      net you +150xp.
      MERCENARY: Mentioning to Lee that you freed Gorn will net you another +150xp
     C3.4.Q4 QUEST: Bennet is in Jail
      You can get this quest from a multitude of people and places, on Onar's Farm
      or in Khorinis. It is one of the major plot quests in Chapter 3. Feel free to
      pick it up while you're at Onar's Farm at first, then solve it later when you
      get to Khorinis.
      Notice how Bennet is not at his forge hammering away, and how Hodges is
      standing restless by the forge. Talk to Hodges to learn how he and Bennet was
      on a trip down to Khorinis to buy some supplies, and that suddenly someone
      yelled murder. Hodges ran, but it seems Bennet was caught and imprisoned - for
      the murder of paladin Lothar, something he couldn't possibly have done
      according to Hodges. Hodges tells you to also speak to Lee.
      Lee will tell you that the mercenary camp is in an uproar and that he's unsure
      how long he can hold them back before they take to arms and attack Khorinis to
      free Bennet. Offer to help and Lee will ask you to check in with Lares who is
      already in the city trying to learn more.
      The rest of this quest will take place in Khorinis. Meet up with Lares and
      hear what he knows, then go see Bennet himself in the barracks holding cells
      to get the full story. It should be obvious by now that he is innocent, so
      let's see if we can't solve this little mystery. Convinced that Bennet is
      innocent, talk to Lord Hagen and learn the reason they are so sure that Bennet
      did it is that they have a vitness - Cornelius, the governor's clerk, who
      resides on the first floor in the town hall.
      Talk to Cornelius and press him on what he really saw once it becomes
      appearant he knows more than he wants to divulge. If you know how to
      pickpocket, this is the easiest alternative as you can see he has a book on
      him that can be stolen. Doing so will  net you +150xp in chapter 3 (also the
      last opportunity you have for doing so). This is the diary of Cornelius and
      explains how the black hooded figures paid Cornelius 20.000 gold to frame
      Bennet, for reasons unknown. This diary is the proof you need.
      You can also choose to pay Cornelius 2000 gold to give you his diary, at wich
      point he takes off at Rengaru-speed out the south gate and dissapears in the
      forrest. You can get your money back later, by finding Cornelius hiding out in
      the bandit cave up by Lobart's Farm and killing him there (See C1.1.Q1), but
      you loose out on the option to pickpocket him. Pickpocketting Cornelius
      requires more than 60 dexterity.
      With the proof in hand, go talk to Hagen again and the matter will be solved,
      freeing Bennet from jail. For presenting the evidence, you get +750xp. Also
      talk to Lee and inquire about Bennet for another +150xp. Last you should go
      see Bennet at the smithy for his heartfelt thanks, and a reward (see below)
      MERCENARY: You can threaten Cornelius that you will tell the other mercenaries
      where he live, and he'll give you his diary for free, then run off. Your
      reward from Bennet after freeing him will be a prototype Light Dragon Hunter's
      Armor that you'll also need to be able to convince Xardas you're ready for the
      dragons later.
      PALADIN: Your reward from Bennet will be an Amulet of Life (+15 HP) and you
      can now join the order of paladins, required to convince Xardas later that you
      are ready for the dragons.
     C3.4.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: Farm Merchants' Stock
      If you stop by Sagitta again in chapter 3, she will have a Dragonroot for sale
      as well as more healing and mana potions. Sagitta will also tell you that to
      free yourself of the black curse of the Seekers you need to see Pyrokar in the
      Monastery. In addition, Khaled the weaponsdealer inside with Lee, has a Lump
      of Ore for sale. Bennet will also have a lump of ore after you free him (See
     C3.4.P6 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Heavy Mercenary Armor
      Talk to Lee when you return from the mines in chapter 3 and you can ask him
      about better armor. He will sell you a Heavy Mercenary Armor for 1000 gold.
     C3.4.Q5 QUEST: The Crawler Armor
      If you talked to Gestath in the valley of mines you would learn Wolf knows how
      to make armor from the plates of Minecrawlers. If you talk to Wolf about it,
      he'll tell you that sure, he can do it, but he needs atleast 10 minecrawler
      plates. At this point he can also teach you how to remove minecrawler plates.
      Return to Wolf with 10 crawler plates and ask him if the armor is finnished -
      it will take a day to finnish, so sleep until the next morning and ask him
      again. There you go, one rather odd-looking Crawler Plate Armor. It's possible
      to do this already in chapter 2, but even at that point, this armor will outdo
      it's usefullness rather quick. If you have nothing else to spend your hard-
      earned LP on and want to experience this oddity, go ahead, but my take on the
      armor is that it's fairly useless.
      This thing will show up in your questlog as a standalone quest, but it seems a
      little bugged - even learning the hunting skill and returning with the plates,
      then getting the armor and putting it on will not complete this quest. You can
      talk to Gestath again while wearing it and he'll throw a remark on your 'cool
      armor' but that's it.
     C3.4.P7 POINT OF INTEREST: Another Pot of Stew
      After freeing Bennet from jail, have a chat with Thekla in her kitchen and you
      can ask for another pot of her special stew. As a thanks for freeing Bennet
      she will give you your third helping.
     C3.4.P8 POINT OF INTEREST: A Graveyard Sorrel
      I could have missed this earlier, but I'm fairly certain a new King's Sorrel
      have grown up in the graveyard just west of Sekob's Farm. The place now has a
      selection of Zombies and Skeletons to boot, so maybe they have alchemy as a
      hobby too and went looking for the sorrel.
     C3.4.Q6 MERCENARY QUEST: The Judge's Lackey
      Lee will have another assignment for you if you ask him. If you are a
      mercenary that is. It seems the Judge in Khorinis is really the bastard he
      first appeared to be, and has many dark dealings. Lee want to get an upper
      hand on him and want you to enter the employ of the Judge and dig up some real
      dirt for later use.
      Talk to the Judge in Khorinis, still in his house next to the town hall, and
      he will have a task for you right away, namely to steal the sacred hammer of
      the monastery. Chances are you've already done this once, so just repeat your
      last theft of the hammer, or check C1.6.Q16. Return the hammer to the judge
      for +300xp and 300 gold.
      His next assignment will have you tracking down some criminals, last seen
      heading up towards Xardas' new tower. The first clue here can be found in the
      very first cave where you met the bandits plaguing Lobart's Farm (See
      C1.1.Q2). You should also find Cornelius here if you freed Bennet. Talk to the
      closest Fugitive for +150xp and he will tell you how they are not going back
      to jail. On one of the fugitives here is a letter from their leader,
      Morgahard, explaining how he travelled ahead and sougth shelter at Onar's
      Farm. Killing the fugitives in the cave seem to have no repercussions.
      Also stop by the Dead Harpy where another two fugitives are hiding. Talking to
      the one closest to Rukhar's chest nets you another +150xp. He also has a
      similar letter and can tell you to seek their leader at Onar's Farm, but if
      you attack or get into a fight with either of these, the rest of the tavern
      will consider you a thug.
      Morgahard and another fugitive can now be found at Onar's Farm, near Cord.
      Talk to Morgahard for +500xp and you'll have the option of killing him or turn
      in the Judge. Either way, you recieve a signed letter explaining how the Judge
      was behind robbing the governor, that will serve as the leverage Lee needs.
      Give the letter to Lee for +300xp and 500 gold. You can also kill Morgahard,
      wich doesn't seem to have any further consequences (240xp) and return to the
      Judge telling him you did so for another +300xp and 300 gold. Note that you
      have to really kill him - knocking him out isn't enough. If you knock him out,
      just attack once more to finnish him off.
      Lastly you can mention the fact that the Judge is behind the mugging of Larius
      - the governor, found in the town hall in a room next to where you found
      Cornelius - for another +200xp. He won't believe you and demand you never
      sully the good name of the Judge again. Good for him.
     C3.4.Q7 MERCENARY QUEST: Shadowbeast Horns for Buster
      Have a chat with Buster down the road for a little money-making scheme he has
      going. He will only let you in on the deal if you are a mercenary. It seems
      Buster has a mysterious buyer down in Khorinis that is very interested in
      horns of Shadowbeasts, and Buster figures since you're the one running around
      all the time, you could get the horns for a share of the profit.
      This deal is indeed lucrative, but even though you can buy these horns off
      Constantino in chapters 3 and 4, you will have to let Buster teach you the
      hunting skill Remove Shadowbeast Horn (or from any of the other hunters,
      meaning you have to know the skill either way) - otherwise there's no option
      to return any horns you find. There's also some new shadowbeasts lurking
      around in Khorinis in chapter 3, so as a mercenary this isn't a too bad skill
      to take here - you likely have way more learning points than you need anyway
      by now.
      Buster also mentions the few gold pieces you might have given him back in
      chapter 1 when he warned you about Sentenza, and it seems this will reflect
      the share you get for the horns. I did give him 5 gold earlier and received
      350 gold for each horn - possibly you only will recieve 300 gold if you didn't
      pay him for the information earlier.
      Once you know how to take the horns, return to Buster for +200xp and 350 gold
      for every horn you deliver. Not bad at all. There is also a quite obvious
      exploit here, in that you can deliver an unlimited amount of horns to Buster.
      This would not normally be a problem, but the exploit lies in that you can
      hand Buster a horn, get the experience and gold, knock him out and take the
      horn back to give him again for the same xp and gold, over and over again
      indefinite. If you have say 5 horns on you, that's 1000xp and 1750 gold you
      could get fairly quickly with no end.
      This quest will end in chapter 5 when you talk to Buster. You will recieve
      +250xp then and hear how the secret buyer died.
    There are a couple ways to enter the monastery now if you are not a Mage,
    provided you did one of two things or both, and this is were the Eye of Innos is
    usually kept. Becoming a full paladin will automatically grant you access to the
    monastery, and so will talking to Hagen and deliver the letter from Garond so
    you get the letter to take to Pyrokar.
    There are a few other things to do in the monastery too if you haven't been here
    before. In the basement you can find Neoras who brew you potions, you just pay
    10 gold and the ingredients (Meadow Knotweed + ingredient), but don't expend a
    lab water bottle. He can make you extract of healing or mana and speed potions.
    There's also several people to steal from, chests to pick and so on.
    A new character by the name of Jorgen have now appeared at the foot of the
    bridge before the monastery. He's stranded in Khorinis after pirates sunk his
    ship, and is looking to join the monastery thinking they serve good food. Wait
    until he have a taste of the sheep sausages. Jorgen will help you later in the
     C3.6.Q1 PALADIN & MERCENARY QUEST: Documents
      Talk to Babo the sweeping novice to the right, and ask how he is. This will
      unveil a touchy subject for Babo, in where Igoraz has stolen some 'delicate'
      documents and is using them to coherse Babo into growing swampweed in the
      herbgarden for Igoraz to sell at inflated prices.
      You can offer to help out. Talk to Igoraz by the curch and you have two
      options - either buy the key to his chest off him for 300 gold, or steal it.
      The key fits 'Igoraz' Chest' in the middle room to the left side of the
      monastery. If you're still militia or a mercenary, you will have to sneak into
      this room unoticed, or you will be caugth for stealing.
      In the chest is a bundle of papers. Open them to find a letter to Babo from
      what appears to be two brothers or sisters, and a drawing of a nude woman.
      Return to Babo - you can just give him the documents back for +300xp and a
      healing scroll, but if you opened them and found the nude woman, you can
      blackmail him a bit further, based on the 'bare facts' and have him pay up his
      life-savings too, 121 gold.
     C3.6.S1 SIDEQUEST: Information for Opolos
      Opolos is the novice guarding the sheep, just right of the entrance. Since he
      seems stuck with the sheep, and a bit slow, he knows nothing of what is
      happening outside the monastery. Ask him about his sheep and you get the
      option to tell him some bits and pieces of what is going on.
       - Tell him about the dragons in the valley for +150xp
       - Tell him about the Seekers for +150xp
       - Tell him how Pedro stole the Eye for another +150xp
     C3.6.Q2 PALADIN QUEST: The Power of the Stars
      As a militia or paladin, Parlan will give you the key to the library. You can
      also get this key as a mercenary - it's found lying in front of the door, but
      the quest here only applies to militia/paladins.
      Talk to Hyglas and ask about his work, then of any news. He will explain how
      he is baffled by the current star constellation but needs more information in
      his studies. He would like for you to bring him a copy of the book 'Divine
      Power of the Stars'. Don't try to ask for any reward up front or you will fail
      this quest - it is the paladins duty to help the mages.
      The book, wich you probably already have read, could be bought from either
      Zuris or Constantino. If you sold it, one of them should still have a copy,
      otherwise you have to track down whoever you sold it to. Returning with the
      book nets you +300xp.
     C3.6.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: The Treasury
      Gorax, the provisioner and tresurer in the monastery has a key that can be
      stolen. It will unlock the door in the cellar marked 'Treasury'. In the
      treasury you can find two chests, both locked with the combination R-L-RR-L-R.
      There is also several pieces of jewelry lying around on a table here.
     C3.6.Q3 QUEST: The Eye of Innos, continued
      Yes, finally we get to track down the eye of innos quest given to us at the
      start of chapter 1. Besides freeing Bennet, this is the majority of the plot
      in chapter 3, and chapter 3 can end once you have the working Eye in your
      possesion. This is also a rather large undertaking.
      Start by talking to Pyrokar, the foremost of the three Mages in the church
      making up the council. Giving Pyrokar a report from the valley of mines will
      give you a new Teleport Rune landing you just outside the monastery. Pyrokar
      will also take your letter from Lord Hagen, and then explain the unfortunate
      events unfolded lately.
      It seems the Eye of Innos has been stolen by an agent of the dark. Pedro, the
      former gate guard must have been weakened in his solitude and turned by the
      seekers, only to sneak in and steal the Eye. It's imperative that you hunt
      down Pedro and retrieve the eye as soon as possible. Pyrokar will tell you
      have many novices have hurried off to track Pedro, but that they haven't heard
      anything yet. Ending the conversation with Pyrokar and setting out will also
      give you one of two other quests - see below the completion of this quest.
      Lets head out - Following Pedro isn't that hard, all you have to do is follow
      the clues. Just outside the monastery, down the bridge, is Jorgen who you met
      coming up here. Ask Jorgen about Pedro and he will tell you he saw a novice
      jump off the bridge and swim up river. Follow suit yourself.
      You'll see we are on our way up to the Black Troll again. Out of the river at
      the sharp bend in the road, you will come across a 'Tramp' - Wether this is
      another untranslated (or just badly translated) german word or not, I don't
      know, but it seems a bit odd a name as in english it can mean hiker or
      prostitute. Still, it's a type of Bandit or Loafer, and this one will tell you
      about the novice fleeing up the hill.
      Continue up the road and discover dead novices, then all the way up to
      Grimbald the hunter. Ask him about Pedro and he will give you a little warning
      about two odd fellows by the stone arch - talking to Grimbald also nets you
      +150xp. By the stone arch in question, leading down to the sun circle, are
      another two Tramps looking for a fight. Defeat them both and continue down
      into the clearing.
      When you encounter the first Seeker here, you are awarded +500xp for
      discovering where Pedro went. There are several Seekers spread out through the
      forrest around the sun circle, and also more dead novices. In the sun circle
      itself, are 3 Seekers performing a ritual to destroy the Eye of Innos. You'll
      learn that you have come too late and that they have already managed to
      destroy it - kill them all anyway and grab the broken Eye from the altar.
      Pedro is nowhere to be seen either.
      Return to Pyrokar at the monastery and tell him the bad news. This will give
      you +150xp and set you out to speak with Vatras in Khorinis - he might know
      how to repair the eye. You can also mention to Karras in the library that you
      retrived the eye for another +150xp. A speed potion and all the teleport runes
      will make the following roundtrip easier. Down in Khorinis, talk to Vatras for
      +150xp and the sollution to repairing the eye. First, you need to have a jewel
      crafter repair the eye itself, and then Vatras has an idea on how to recharge
      the gem itself, involving a reversal ritual. For this ritual to work, he will
      need representatives of each of the three gods, and some swampweed to boot.
      The 3 gods are Adanos (neutral), Innos (good) and Beliar (evil) - Vatras will
      serve as the mage of Adanos, and will depart to prepare the ritual once you
      end the conversation. Head back to the monastery and talk to Pyrokar again for
      another +150xp. He will serve as the mage of Innos, but refuse to take part in
      the ritual when he learns that Vatras intends for Xardas to represent Beliar.
      There is simply no way Pyrokar will join the ritual with Xardas there.
      Head to Xardas and explain the situation of the broken eye first, for +150xp.
      Then tell him that Vatras sent you and that you will require him to take part
      in the ritual for another +150xp. Xardas won't expose himself to Pyrokar or
      Vatras unless he is sure you are ready to battle the dragons, and will refuse
      to take part in the ritual until you are strong enough. This really means that
      you either need to have joined the order of paladins and gotten your Knigth's
      Armor, or have gotten the Heavy Mercenary Armor as a mercenary, or the High
      Mage Robes as a mage. Once you have either, return to Xardas and tell him you
      are ready to fight dragons for +150xp. If you already have any of the 3
      armors, this will never occur and Xardas will agree to take part in the ritual
      right away (loosing you the meager xp).
      Before doing so however, you can explain to Xardas how Pyrokar refuses to show
      up with Xardas there - if you talked to Pyrokar before Xardas that is. Xardas
      will give you a key to a chest where you can find something that belongs to
      the fire mages and should serve as proof of Xardas' good intentions. The chest
      is a previously locked one in Sekob's farmhouse, right next to Sekob's wife
      Rosi - a service paid by Xardas to keep the contents away from prying eyes.
      Find the chest and retrieve the book 'The Halls of Indorath'. There's also a
      Mage Rune of Create Goblin Skeleton here, circle 1 and a Ring of Magic (+5
      Return to Pyrokar with the book as proof and he will then take off to join the
      others at the sun circle. Now there's only two things left to do. Bennet can
      repair the amulet, so be sure to have him freed from jail. Give him the eye of
      innos, and he will repair in one day, for +750xp. Next we need 3 swampweed
      roots, not stalks of swampweed. Or, you can do the ritual without the
      swampweed for some reason, but you loose out on some xp without it. Sagitta
      probably has some unless you already have a good stock yourself. Once all this
      is in order, head up to the sun circle again.
      Here you will find all three mages ready to begin the ritual. Talk to Vatras
      and give him the eye of innos for +500xp and the swampweed for +150xp, then
      watch as they all start casting and completing the ritual. This will take a
      little time, but when they are done, Vatras will tell you. Xardas will give
      you a new quest here, 'Dragon Hunt' about finding the earthly source of power
      of the dragons, and then leave for his tower again. Talk to Pyrokar to recieve
      the now repaired Eye of Innos, +150xp and a new skill on how to recharge the
      Eye. This will also finally complete the 'Eye of Innos' quest in your
      The Eye of Innos is in reality a magic gadget that forces dragons to tell the
      truth, and you will use it on each dragon in the valley of mines. The Eye of
      Innos is not worn like a normal amulet, but just kept in the inventory.
      However, using the eye to talk to a dragon will expend the eye's energies, and
      thus has to be recharged before it can be used again. Recharging the eye means
      killing a dragon and removing it's heart (done automatically, no need to learn
      the hunting skill remove hearts) and then using the dragon heart on the eye at
      an alchemist bench.
      Now that the Eye of Innos is repaired and the quest complete, chapter 4 will
      start as soon as you enter the Valley of Mines again.
     C3.6.Q4 PALADIN QUEST: The Desecrated Shrines
      If you are a militia or paladin, Ulthar the high mage will give you this quest
      once you speak to Pyrokar for the first time about the Eye of Innos. It seems
      the seekers have defiled a number of shrines througout the land, and your task
      is to purify them again. Ulthar will give you a special flask of holy water
      and explain the process. This involves simply using a statue of Innos as you
      would pray, and if the shrine is defiled you will get the option to purify it.
      Getting a map of the holy shrines, either from Gorax in the monastery or
      Brahim in Khorinis will help. Not all of the shrines are defiled however, so
      you only need to visit the ones who are, seven total. Purifinig the shrines
      nets you +150xp for each, for a 1050xp total when you have done all 7. The
      desecrated shrines are:
       - The one before Lobart's Farm, the first shrine you encounter
       - The one on the high pastures, close to where Gaan stands
       - Behind the small cave before Onar's Farm (C1.4.P2)
       - Right outside the cave of Sagitta
       - On the road up to the black troll, before the bend coming out from swimming
         the river from the monastery
       - The one opposite of the temple ruins area (C1.5.P3), following the main
         road up to the black troll
       - And last the one in the cave right before the black troll, before entering
         the  hidden cave in the mage test of fire (C1.5.P5)
      Once all seven shrines are purified, return to Ulthar for +500xp and an amulet
      he calls an 'Amulet of Strength' but in reality is an Amulet of Power (+10
      Strength and +10 Dexterity).
     C3.6.Q5 MERCENARY QUEST: The Forged Mineshares
      When the conversation with Pyrokar ends, Serpentes will grab you for a little
      task if you're a mercenary. Ulthar will still mention the shrines above for
      you, but tell you that the paladins will take care of it.
      It seems Salandril is guilty of a crime in the eyes of the mages, and they
      want him brought to the monastery. Since it's basically out of their
      juristiction, Serpentes wants you to convince Salandril to come to the
      Talk to Salandril in Khorinis about this and he will attack you. Defeat him
      and he will agree to go see the mages. You can teleport right back to the
      monastery and Salandril will be present - talk to Serpentes again for +400xp.
      Salandril will not sell any special potions after this wether you take this
      quest or not, so don't worry about it. Serpentes hints that you only have a
      few days doing this, but I waited a whole week and even went into chapter 4,
      while still having this quest and able to complete it.
     C3.6.S2 PALADIN SIDEQUEST: Consecration of the Sword
      Once you have become a paladin, and have bougth your magic sword of choice
      from Harad (See C3.2.P5) you can further imbue this sword at the monastery.
      Simply talk to Marduk outside the small leftside chapel, and he will explain
      how paladins imbue their swords by praying to Innos. The affair is quite
      costly as it involves a hefty donation to Innos - 5000 gold. Then again, your
      sword will become a lot more powerful. Once you have exhausted Marduk on the
      process, simply enter the chapel and use the statue of Innos there. You should
      then see a new option called 'Consecrate Sword' - selecting this will deduct
      5000 gold and net you +400xp.
      And your previous Rough Ore Blade, wether one or two-handed will be imbued
      with additional power. A one-handed rough ore blade will become a Blessed Ore
      Blade (70/40) and a two-handed rough ore blade will become a Sword of the
      Order (85/50), even stronger than the Dragon Slicer.
    You can turn around immediately and head back to the valley of mines in chapter
    3, but very little will have changed. There is however some 'last chance'
    encounters you might want to take advantage of.
     C3.8.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Last Chance
      When you return to the valley in chapter 4, there's some people that have left
      or have some other fate. Returning to the valley in chapter 3 is the last
      chance of dealing with these people, wether you want to pick their pockets or
      practice your mugging skills. These people are, without revealing anything
      specific: Parlaf the smith's hand, Sengrath the Knigth/merchant with the spell
      scrolls, Engrom the hunter friend of Talbin, and the two escaped prisoners
      Greppert and Kervo. Pickpocketting all of these required less than 60
      Dexterity, and a successful pickpocket in chapter 3 nets you +150xp.
    Chapter 4 will begin when you enter the valley of mines again, if you have
    completed the eye of innos and it is charged. You should also have the quest
    'Dragon Hunt' in your questlog. Entering the valley will also give you the quest
    'Dragon Hunters' wich is a sort of collection of information about the
    dragonhunters occupying the valley now. Neither of these are conventional quests
    you complete directly, but will dissapear when the last dragon is dead.
    The majority of chapter 4 will obviously deal with killing the four dragons, but
    there is also a lot you can do in Khorinis. Heading right back to the pass after
    the chapter changes lets you explore further while having the dragons wait for
    On the level progress, you won't have gained as many levels during chapter 3 if
    you already cleaned it out. I would say a good level for starting chapter 4 is
    25+, while anything lower than 15 would put you at a difficulty. My highest
    level upon entering chapter 4 is 31.
    There is no specific order you should revisit the areas in Khorinis before
    heading to the valley, so the questlist and things to do is listed in order of
    Teleporting up to Xardas' tower and going down to the city from there will give
    you easier access to some of the parts happening further down. Things have
    heated up quite a bit and often you will come across larger figths involving
    npc's where they stand a good chance of getting killed - finding the best
    approach is vital here.
     C4.1.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Lizardmen in Khorinis!
      Part of the lizardmen invasion mercenaries get to deal with, there is still
      this encounter that paladins and mages also can take part in. This is down in
      the valley just outside Xardas' tower, where you first found Lester sitting by
      the campfire - he is actually back there now with a throbbing headache. To the
      back of the valley was a small cave with some graves in it. This cave is now
      occupied by 8 lizardmen. Behind a tombstone to the back of the cave is also a
      dragon egg.
     C4.1.Q1 QUEST: Lobart's Orc Problems
      For paladins, Lord Hagen will mention that Lobart have trouble with the orcs
      lately, while non-paladins will encounter this just by going to Lobart's Farm.
      This can be a bit tricky if you come from the city as the orcs will charge the
      farm once they come into view, possibly killing Lobart and the farmers. The
      safe approach here is to teleport to Xardas' tower, then approach the farm
      from the other side, going past Maleth and then get a chance to talk to
      Lobart. Pointing out the obvious to him, that he has an orc problem will give
      you this quest.
      There are a total of 6 orc warriors camped just off the main road up to the
      farm. Killing them all will solve the problem and net you +600xp and 150 gold
      when talking to Lobart again.
      PALADIN: For paladins there is a total of 7 orc warriors in the group, led by
      an Orcish Warlord (See C4.2.Q1)
    There are quite a few things new in the city of Khorinis as of chapter 4, so be
    sure to drop in to check. The setting will vary according to what guild you
    belong to, but generally the inhabitants are vary of an inpending invasion
    wether from orc or lizardmen.
     C4.2.S1 SIDEQUEST: A Fourth Prophecy
      Yet again our friend Abuyin can watch the future for us for his 'paltry' sum
      of money that just keeps getting bigger and bigger. This time around Abuyin
      requires 500 gold for his glimse, but it will in turn net you +800xp
     C4.2.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Merchant's Restock
      The merchants of Khorinis also has a few things new to offer you might want to
      consider. Zuris has an Elixir of Spirit while Constantino has two Goblin
      Berries and even a King's Sorrel handy. There's even a few new Shadowbeast
      Horns in Constantino's stock if you're a mercenary and want them for Buster.
      Even Bosper has suddenly restocked with some really nice items, including a
      nice black looking Heavy Crossbow (85dmg) and a Bone Bow (60dmg).
     C4.2.P2 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Baltram's Deal
      As a mercenary, Baltram the foodstuffs merchant would refuse to trade with you
      blaming you for his bad business and the farmers not delivering fresh produce
      to him. In chapter 4 you get the option of striking a deal with him to be able
      to trade with him once again. Ask him about it and he will ask for 10 hams and
      10 bottles of wine. If you can deliver that, you'll recieve +150xp and can
      once again trade with Baltram.
      In chapter 4 you have automatically earned the right to new spells from
      Albrecht, so ask him about it. The paladin spells are divided in two avenues,
      combat or healing. The combat rune you can learn - not as difficult as mages
      who has to use rune tables to construct runes from blank runestones, various
      components and scrolls - is one named Holy Arrow, dealing 150 magic damage for
      5 mana. Recieving any paladin rune costs 5 LP and you are just given the rune
      as is, ready to use. The healing line has a Lesser Healing spell for you, that
      works as an elixir of healing, healing 100 hp for 5 mana.
     C4.2.Q1 PALADIN QUEST: Hordes of Orc Elite Warriors
      As soon as you encounter your first Orcish Warlord as a paladin you should
      make note of the ring they carry. Bring this ring to Hagen to start off this
      quest. Hagen will take the first ring for +250xp and ask that you inquire with
      Ingmar as he is the orc expert.
      It seems the orcs have come out in the open and are using their best warriors
      in an attempt to quickly dispatch the paladins and conquer Khorinis. Ingmar
      will give you a lowdown on orc behaviour and how strange this situation is. In
      an attempt to deal a lethal blow to the elite orc warriors, you are naturally
      sent out to battle the orcish horde alone. The first order will be to discover
      the topdog, an orc colonel that is leading the other warlords, and to discover
      their headquarters. Ingmar believes the colonel would most likely be found in
      a cave near the city and points you toward the ravine outside Lobart's Farm.
      The cave to the far end of the ravine is in fact the headquarters, and you'll
      find the colonel here with an entourage of warlords. Be sure to gather all the
      warlord rings, and also the very nice paladin rune of Greater Healing off the
      colonel. The colonel will also have a map of the orc campaign, outlining all
      the spots where warlords are dispatched. Each of them carry warlord rings you
      should gather as proof they are dead.
      Return to Ingmar after killing the colonel for +1000xp and 300 gold. Also note
      how you can return each warlord ring to Hagen for +250xp and 150 gold and that
      is what this quest is really about. One of the many orc warlords will also
      have a small speech prepared for you that nets you +200xp. Who this is appears
      to be random. After visiting every entry on the orcish war map I had a total
      of 21 rings (minus the one ring delivered to Hagen when getting this quest).
      Given to Hagen for +5250xp and 3150 gold. Hagen will say you're welcome to
      return more rings but that he doubt there are more of them out there. The
      quest will just disappear later when all rings have been turned in to Hagen.
    A single quest remains, for paladins only. This can also be done in chapter 5 if
    you want to save yourself another visit to Akil.
     C4.3.Q1 PALADIN QUEST: Deprivation
      Have a talk with Randolph up at Akil's Farm - the poor fellow you tricked into
      competing against Rukhar in the drinking contest. It seems his previous
      proclamation about feeling just fine backfired and he is now suffering from
      deprivation after he stopped drinking. In true 'go fetch' style, Randolph
      needs you to go visit Sagitta and get him some hang-over medicine.
      Take the trip to Sagitta and you have to buy the medicine from her for 300
      gold. Return it to Randolph for +500xp and 150 gold.
    C4.4 - ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    There are still plenty of things to do in Khorinis if you don't want to tackle
    the dragons just yet. Simply do a 180 turn and head back, finnishing up a few
    things before you head back to the valley.
     C4.4.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Two-Handed Combat
      In chapter 4, you can ask Lee if he is willing to train you. He will do so
      regardless if you're a mercenary, paladin or mage, and can train two-handed up
      to 100%. He requires a hefty 1000 gold for his services though so this is
      probably the last option. Paladins can train two-handed to 100% free with
      Hagen in chapter 3, and there is a dragonhunter shortly after entering the
      valley in chapter 4 that can train the same for 300 gold. Still, if you have
      to, you have to.
     C4.4.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Sagitta
      Sagitta the herb witch will have a new stock of items for you, including a
      nice King's Sorrel but also healing roots and fire roots should you need.
     C4.4.Q1 MERCENARY QUEST: Dragon Eggs
      In chapter 4, there is a secret invasion going on that is easy to miss, and
      the whole order of appearance is a bit messy here. This quest is not gotten
      here in Khorinis, or anywhere near Onar's Farm, but rather when talking to the
      first dragon in the valley (See C4.9.S2). However, the quest has nothing to do
      with the valley as such, and details a plot by the dragons to sneak a whole
      bunch of dragon eggs into Khorinis to make sure their young live on. You will
      pick up several hints about this if you return to Khorinis at the start of
      chapter 4, long before you talk to any dragons, thus it's appearance in this
      You can talk to Milten and he will say some farmer reported scaly creatures
      around his farm - then talk to Akil and he will warn you about going into the
      caves as there are lizardmen all over. Once you have found an egg, you can
      talk to Lee or Bennet about it however (See C4.4.S1 and C4.4.S2)
      A large portion of the caves you have previously visited are now occupied by
      hordes of lizard men, each band guarding one or more Dragon Eggs you can
      collect. In my total scouring of Khorinis and the caves, I found 13 dragon
      eggs (plus one more later in a dragon treasure pile), but there could be more.
      Hordes of Lizardmen guard them all, and once I was fairly sure I had gotten
      them all, selling off their swords indicated I had killed about 85 lizardmen -
      nearly 30k xp. The caves they can be found are as follows:
       - Dexter's Bandit Camp
         Both caves behind this camp have lizardmen, both the old minecrawler
         dungeon and the cave with the skeletons further back. There was 3 eggs
         total in these two caves.
       - Small Goblin Cave
         Behind Onar's Farm, between the Tomb of Inubis and the Hunters camp by
         Pepe, there was a small goblin cave that now has lizardmen. I found no egg
         in here, but it could be that the placement of the eggs is a little buggy
         as I later found 2 eggs placed on top of eachother.
       - Goblin Cave near Tavern
         This little cave where you previously fougth the horde of black goblins
         (See C1.5.P3) have several lizardmen and one egg
       - City of Khorinis Valley
         Going out the eastgate of Khorinis, then heading straigth rigth and into
         the deep valley following the ditch, there was a cave at the far back with
         black goblins and even a couple shadowbeasts. This one also contains two
         eggs and several lizardmen now. The eggs were placed on top of eachother so
         it only appears to be one.
       - Lighthouse/Khorinis Cave
         Still outside the eastgate in Khorinis, in the area where Constantino
         gathered his herbs, right below Jack's Lighthouse - where you could find
         the orc weapon for Harad. Another dragon egg and multiple lizardmen.
       - Xardas Tower and Valley
         They cave in the back of the valley outside Xardas' tower also has
         lizardmen, as well as a whole slew of them in the caves going down to the
         valley. A dragonegg is hidden behind one of the tombstones in the cave in
         the back. This egg can also be found by paladins, but in their case only
         the small cave at the farside of the valley have lizardmen. There could be
         another egg hidden in the cave down to the valley.
       - Lobart's Farm Ravine
         The cave at the end of the narrow ravine, on the other side of the mountain
         and forrest (See C1.1.P5 and C3.1.Q2) have more lizardmen and an egg.
       - Road Bend / Shadowbeast cave
         Going up to the Black Troll by the road, there was a small shadowbeast cave
         just below the wooden bridge where you met the Highwayman first. There are
         lizardmen milling about this cave, but you won't find an egg in the cave
         itself. Go further past the cave opening along the river and an egg is
         hidden among some bushes.
       - Hidden Path Cave
         The cave visited in the mage quest 'The Path of Believers' (See C1.6.Q17)
         or the 'Hidden Path' entry for non-mages (See C1.5.P5) are now also host to
         lizardmen and a dragon egg.
       - Sun Circle Cave
         The mine by the sun circle, halfway down the mountain staircase, not the
         tomb where Dragonslicer was found, has a slew of lizardmen and another egg.
      When you turn in the eggs, this quest will just dissapear later when it deems
      you have found them all.
     C4.4.S1 SIDEQUEST: Lee and the Dragon Eggs
      Once you have discovered your first dragon egg in any of the caves (not one
      from the dragons in the valley of mines) you can tell Lee about the lizardmen
      invasion for +200xp. This goes for paladins and mages alike too, when the egg
      in the valley up by Xardas' tower is discovered (See C4.1.P1).
      MERCENARY: Lee will also tell you to bring the eggs to Bennet.
     C4.4.P3 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Bennet's Battle Blades
      If you are a mercenary with basic knowledge of forging (the self-forged
      sword), and have completed the small task of bringing Bennet five lumps of
      magic ore to have him teach you about magic blades, he can now teach you some
      really nice weapons. A two-handed sword called Heavy Ore Battle Blade (90/90)
      and a one-handed sword called Ore Battle Blade (75/65). These are the first
      available swords that are better than the Dragonslicer or Orc Slayer swords.
      Each sword cost 5 LP to learn how to make, and you don't need any prior
      forging knowledge except the basics. The two-hander requires an additional 4
      lumps of ore in the creation process, and the one-hander requires 3 lumps.
      Do note that if you decide to learn forging as a mercenary, there will be even
      better versions available in chapter 5, so only learn to make one of these if
      you feel your current weapon is getting a bit dull. The better versions also
      requires dragon blood in addition to the ore, so you will need to learn
      another hunting skill for them too.
     C4.4.S2 MERCENARY SIDEQUEST: Bennet and the Dragon Eggs
      Show one of the eggs to Bennet for +350xp. He will look them over and say he
      can probably use them in the production of armor/weapons, but you will receive
      nothing concrete from that venture. Bennet will still buy the dragon eggs and
      can be haggled up to 350 gold per egg. Agreeing to this deal will loose you
      one egg and recieve the payment.
      With the remaining eggs, if you choose to sell them, you will recieve another
      +350xp per egg. The eggs can later be used for a special dragon egg potion
      boosting strength, so it's up to you if need more strength at the end of the
      game, or xp now.
    For both paladins and mercenaries alike, there will be much trekking around the
    new world hunting down the orcs or lizardmen, but one point of interest exists
    for all.
     C4.5.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: An Orc Warlord
      On the way up to the black troll, just over the wooden bridge where you first
      met the highway man in chapter 1, there is now a small band of orcs led by an
      Orcish Warlord. This is part of a paladin quest, but this sole instance of the
      warlords can be encountered by mercenaries and mages too.
      The only thing of possible interest besides killing the orcs for the xp, could
      be the warlord ring that has an odd side-effect of lowering strength by 20. If
      you're still below the 90 strength that can be trained in chapters 1-5, you
      can wear this ring to artificially train strength as far as 110. If you have
      90 strength, wear the ring so you get 70, then train up to 90 again and remove
      the ring - your new strength will be 110.
      Contrary to paladins being able to get a little xp out of reporting the
      lizardmen invasion to Lee (See C4.4.S1), mages or mercenaries cannot report
      their findings on the warlords to Hagen.
    A revisit to the monastery in chapter 4 will net you some sidequests. Talking to
    Milten outside will clue you in on the presence of 'scaly things' that some
    farmers seems to have a problem with too. Ulthar will also inform you that the
    paladins have cleansed the Innos Statues around the roads, so they are free to
    use again if you didn't already do this as a paladin.
     C4.6.S1 SIDEQUEST: Jorgen a Novice?
      The stranded captain Jorgen you met earlier at the foot of the monastery
      bridge is now inside, accepted as a novice no doubt but not really dressed up
      like one. He can be found right inside the door, to the right. If you told him
      to seek out Milten that is. Checking in on Jorgen this way will net you +200xp
      and a bit of whine on life in the monastery, a common trait for most novices
      it seems.
     C4.6.S2 MERCENARY SIDEQUEST: Kill Pedro
      Enter the winery and Gorax will immediately force you into a conversation. You
      will recieve +600xp just talking to Gorax, in wich he explains how the
      monastery has become a place of mistrust after the theft of the Eye of Innos.
      Agree to his terms and you are charged with the task of killing Pedro as soon
      as you lay your hands on him, of wich you will be paid when the deed is done.
     C4.6.Q1 PALADIN QUEST: Neoras' Dragon Egg Brew
      As a paladin, have a rather amusing chat with Neoras the resident alchemist
      down in the cellar. He recently bougth an interesting recipe from a travelling
      merchant that details the use of a dragon egg in a potion. Neoras has been
      trying to substitute the dragon egg component for a while without luck, and
      jokingly asks that you could always let him know if you happen to find one.
      Agree, and follow up on your promise when Neoras tries to brush it off as a
      For paladins, there are a couple ways to get a hold of a dragon egg. The most
      obvious is the dragon egg found in the treasure hoarde of one of the dragons,
      but there is also a location in Khorinis during chapter 4 (See C4.1.P1)
      Return a dragon egg to Neoras for +600xp and a choice of three rewards. You
      can get 3 elixirs of healing, or a magic ring of defense (+10 magic AC) if you
      tell him to suprise you. You can also ask for part of the potion when it is
      finnished. Choose this option if you are into strength, and wait 2 days then
      return. You will be given a potion of 'Dragon Egg Secretion' that is identical
      to an Elixir of Strength when drunk.
    Much of the action in chapter 4 will happen in and around the valley of mines,
    and several things have changed since your last visit. You should head down the
    mountain path and talk to the dragonhunters first (C4.8.P1) then head for the
    castle, before exploring the rest of the valley. As with chapter 2, the valley
    is listed before the castle (area 9).
     C4.8.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: First Dragonhunter Encounter
      Instead of just teleporting directly to the castle as you enter the valley,
      follow the path down as you did the first time. A little ways down from where
      Bilgot is still resting, there's a whole band of dragonhunters accompanied by
      Gorn. If you are a dragonhunter yourself, this encounter can go sour very
      fast, so be careful what you say. If you anger anyone and they attack you, all
      the others will charge the offender and kill him outright seeing as you are
      affiliated with them. If you are a paladin or mage, this works fine and you
      can simply beat anyone trying to get you.
      Talk to the dragonhunters to learn more of what is in store for you. Once you
      leave them, they will disperse and find their own camps where they can be met
      later on.
      - Hokurn can teach anyone one-handed and two-handed skill up to 100% provided
        you get him something to drink (wine, beer, or gin) and pay him 300 gold.
      - Biff can be hired to follow you around for 100 gold.
      - Kjorn has a little stock ready to sell, including some healing potions
      - Godar can teach you to hunt, after exploring what he went to jail for,
        including the two new available dragon related skills, Collect Dragon Blood
        and Remove Dragon Scales. This costs you a hefty 1000 gold, and can be
        learnt elsewhere. Be careful not to anger Godar or he will attack outright.
     C4.8.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Assault on Fajeth's Camp
      If you get close to Fajeth's Mining Camp (See C2.8.S5) in chapter 4, you will
      see it being suddenly attacked by a band of orcs, including 2 orc elites and
      several warriors. This is a fierce battle between npc's and the outcome can go
      either way, wether you interfere or not. You'll most likely hear the sounds of
      battle when you get close, and if you're quick you can bolt inside the camp to
      help either side for some extra xp.
      It's quite possible for the orc band to kill all the npcs here, including
      Fajeth, Tengron, Fed and Jergen, in wich you don't get to pick their pockets.
      Other than that, there doesn't seem to be any further development in this
      camp, and these npc's appear to have played out their role. Neither is there
      any reward for helping them and if you talk to them afterwards they won't even
      mention the incident.
      Charging headfirst into the crowd, blade swinging can actually be a good way
      to go about things should you choose to interfere. Any convicts or npcs who
      falls by your blade will only be knocked out (and thus saved), but while if an
      orc kills them they will be dead.
     C4.8.Q1 QUEST: Ur-Shak
      Ur-Shak is an orc from Gothic 1, obviously a friend too or as far as orcs can
      be friends. He is overlooking the combat below in Fajeth's camp (C4.8.P2) from
      the cliff overhang. Talk to him to recieve +500xp and this quest, and to learn
      a bit about the orcs and ongoing siege. It appears Ur-Shak is in disgrace with
      the orc shamen, and is waiting here to be escorted to Hosh-Pak for an
      If you have already killed Hosh-Pak, no worries. Once you have learnt what you
      can from Ur-Shak, you will get the option to tell him Hosh-Pak is dead -
      otherwise you have to kill Hosh-Pak first(See C4.9.Q8). When told that Hosh-
      Pak is dead, Ur-Shak will head for the cliff overlook Hosh-Pak used as a base.
      You can later encounter Ur-Shak there, and a chance of fate has now seen Ur-
      Shak in good favour with the orcs again, carrying out Hosh-Pak's previous
      tasks. Talking to Ur-Shak here will net you +750xp as well as learn how Ur-
      Shak had a change of heart and now consider you his enemy, and all other
      humans for that matter. There's also a couple new orc warriors accompanying
      him now. When the talks are over, feel free to send them the same way as Hosh-
      Pak. The quest completes when encountering Ur-Shak at this location.
     C4.8.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Demon Tower Revisited
      If you visit the ancient demon tower again in chapter 4, it is now occupied by
      Seekers. Teleporting in will put you right in the line of fire from 3 of them
      in the upper chambers. On the table in the top chamber now is a mage rune of
      Fear (circle 3) and a lump of ore. There are also several more seekers
      throughout the tower, as well as more outside, and even a band of 3 harpies on
      the ground floor.
     C4.8.S1 SIDEQUEST: Engrom is Lost?
      Talk to Talbin, one of two hunter friends found at a camp just before the
      small cave where you met Greppert & Kervo (See C2.8.S2). It seems Engrom had a
      vision and suddenly walked off into the night. Talbin seems more upset that
      Engrom had a lurker skin that belonged to him than the fact that he is missing
      Engrom can be found dead just outside the small cave where Marcos is still
      guarding his ore. On his body is the lurker skin with Talbin's named engraved.
      Return the skin to Talbin for +200xp, and then Talbin realizes he's had enough
      and will head for the pass. You will also be given a rather stranger quest
      called 'I Gotta Get out of Here' that will finnish later when you find Talbin
      back in Khorinis.
     C4.8.Q2 QUEST: I Gotta Get out of Here!
      Once you have discovered the fate of Engrom and returned the lurker skin to
      Talbin, he will pack up and run for the pass. You can later find Talbin
      outside the mine entrance to the pass, close to where the teleport rune drops
      you off. Talk to him again and he will ask for safe passage through the pass.
      Exit to the pass and Khorinis after agreeing, and you will find Talbin outside
      the gates to the pass - make sure he is ok for +600xp and a lump of ore,
      before you can return to the valley again.
     C4.8.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: Hunting Dragons
      Important! Save before doing any of the dragons and keep a 'no dragons killed'
      savegame intact for later, prefferably at the start of chapter 4. There's a
      really nasty bug somewhere, mostly encountered as a mercenary, where the game
      thinks you have killed all four them when you kill the third. You can talk to
      the last dragon then, but the Eye of Innos will not expend it's charge and the
      last dragon will be impossible to kill. You are still registered as having
      killed them all however and can progress to chapter 5, but you loose out on
      the xp and any dragon blood or scales - there's also the possibility of
      following bugs later in the game. If anyone knows why, how and more specifics
      on this bug, please let me know so a workaround can be found. In all the
      instances where this has happened to me, the bug seems to manifest itself
      after you have killed two dragons, and nothing you do after that, like killing
      the last two dragons in another order, saving/reloading, exiting and
      reentering the valley and so on, have any effect. The only way seems to be to
      reload a savegame from before any dragon was killed and then doing them in a
      different order.
      In addition to the experience from killing the four dragons, and their
      treasure hoardes, you can deliver a report on your progress to Garond. For
      each dragon you kill, you will be given +500xp and 300 gold. You don't
      neccesarily have to report after each kill - making a total report when you
      are done will give you +2000xp and 1200 gold.
      Also note that when the fourth dragon dies, the chapter is in essence
      complete. At that point, returning to Khorinis will trigger chapter 5.
     C4.8.S2 SIDEQUEST: The Swamp Dragon Pandrodor
      Just off the red-roofed cabin where Marcos is guarding the magic ore still, is
      the entrance to the swamp and the first, or easiest, dragon. Just outside the
      entrance you can also hook up with the now dragonhunters Cipher and Rod. Talk
      to Cipher and they will both help you fight the dragon. Doing so will not
      deprieve you of any xp, nor must you share any loot - in fact, getting the
      help from Cipher and Rod will give you +600xp extra once the dragon is
      Enter the swamp and walk up to the dragon - the eye of innos will work it's
      magic, provided it is charged and ready if you didn't fight any dragons before
      this one. Pandrodor will give you a little lecture on how doomed your world is
      and how futile this is for you, as well as hint towards the location of other
      dragons. Once you have exhausted the conversation options, he will attack.
      Except an annoying push that will fling you way off his range, a few flying
      manevours and dragonbreath, Pandrodor is relatively easy. Cipher and Rod will
      also fire arrows at him from behind you to help. When I first fougth the
      dragons I was anywhere from level 30-35 and they never posed any danger
      whatsoever, going down in 2-3 quick swings from basically any melee weapon.
      Your milage may vary here, but if you are at a considerably lower level, these
      dragons might be hard to kill.
      Pandrodor yields +3500xp and his heart, a 'Heart of a Swamp Dragon'. This is
      the heart you need to recharge the eye of Innos with. If you have the hunting
      skills Take Dragon Blood or Remove Dragon Scales, Pandrodor will also drop 2
      vials of dragon blood and 12 scales.
      In the treasure pile behind him is 325 gold in satchels and a jewel casket. A
      little to his right, a Dragonroot also grows barerly visible in the mud.
     C4.8.P5 POINT OF INTEREST: Recharging the Eye of Innos
      This process is explained to you by Pyrokar at the end of the ritual in
      chapter 3 but might not seem that appearant at first. Many seem to forget the
      eye has to be recharged between dragons.
      To recharge the eye - it expends it's energies each time you talk to a dragon
      - you have to bring some components to an alchemist table. Using your teleport
      rune to the castle will drop you right at such a table in the small chapel. In
      addition to a dragon heart (any of the 4, swamp, fire, stone, ice) you also
      need a Lab Water Flask. If you lack a flask you cannot recharge the eye. This
      doesn't really have anything to do with the eye, just that ANY process done at
      an alchemy table expends one lab water flask.
     C4.8.S3 SIDEQUEST: The Stone Dragon Pedrokhan
      Pedrakhan can be found at the old castle ruins furthest southeast, following
      the orc palisade to it's end and the raging river, then following the hill up
      past Gestath (See C2.8.P16). Make a pitstop at Gestath however - Gorn will be
      here by the fire after you encountered him with the other dragonhunters coming
      into the valley. Enlist his help and Gorn will fight his way through the
      Lizardmen all the way past the bridge. If you already cleared the path, he
      will follow you up there, then wish you good luck. In either case, having Gorn
      accompany you is worth +600xp.
      Continue scaling the mountain path and castle ruins until the very top, where
      Pedrokhan has his lair in a huge mountain cave. With the Eye charged, force
      the dragon to talk and learn about the other dragons. Then kill him. Pedrokhan
      is worth +4000xp and the usual 2 vials of dragon blood and 12 dragon scales.
      In addition you will get his heart to recharge the eye once again.
      His hoard of gold is located behind him to the back of the cave and contains
      325 gold in satchels, some swords, a silver plate and chalice, a gold plate
      and lastly a Sextant worth quite a bit sold, or given to Ramirez to complete
      his quest (See C2.2.Q4).
     C4.8.S4 SIDEQUEST: The Fire Dragon Feomathar
      The fire dragon has it's lair in the tall spire mountain just south of the
      castle. Follow the road up past where you met Hosh-Pak, around the bend and
      then up the winding path to the top. It shouldn't be hard to miss as you'll
      see the red haze of heat lining the mountain path upwards, as well as
      surrounding the top. There is no outside help to be had with Feomathar, so you
      have to brave him alone.
      When all conversation is done and over with, defeat Feomathar for +4500xp. You
      could ask him about his hoarde wich is nowhere to be seen and he would explain
      that it was hidden where earthbound creatures without wings wouldn't get to
      it. For an ancient dragon, he's not too bright and obviously didn't play hide
      and seek when he was young. The hoarde is found just a few meters up the
      cliffside, out of view. You can jump up easily, or even walk up there from the
      opposite side of the cliff ring. There's 400 gold in satchels there, as well
      as a fine longsword, an ash bow, and a casket.
     C4.8.Q3 QUEST: Two Ice Giants for Sylvio
      Be sure to meet up with good old Sylvio and Bullco. They are both sitting at a
      small camp in the light forrest before the icy arch where you encountered the
      Ice Golems first (or will pretty soon).
      Sylvios nature is soon appearant if you didn't read the hints earlier. It
      seems he had a group of other dragonhunters with him too, but they were sent
      to their deaths against the ice golems and can be found littering the front of
      the archway. Talk to Sylvio and he will coherse you into dealing with the ice
      golems if you let him. There's even a promise of 1000 gold if you do so, but
      this is just trickery. Still, agree to help Sylvio.
      If you already dispatched of the ice golems earlier, no problem. Just talk to
      Sylvio again for +600xp. Sylvio and Bullco will then move up to the arch - you
      can press about your 1000 gold, and you will realize Sylvio intends to
      actually pay you with part of the dragons treasure, after you have dispatched
      the dragon. Furthermore, you won't get any help at all from these crooks and
      have to continue up to the cave yourself.
     C4.8.S5 SIDEQUEST: The Ice Dragon Finkregh
      All the way west into the snowy region, Finkregh the Ice Dragon can be found
      in a large icy cave behind the barricades. If Finkregh is your last dragon to
      defeat, the quests 'Dragon Hunt' and 'The Dragon Hunters' will complete after
      he is dead, and you will have gotten a new quest called 'The Master of
      Dragons' - none of the quests complete with any direct reward. The Master is
      the driving force behind the dragons who came on his power of word. From all
      the dragon's forced information you will know the Master is hiding at an
      island in the halls of Indorath, where the story will take us next.
      Killing Finkregh nets you +5000xp and more dragon scales and blood. His large
      treasure hoard in the back contains 650 gold, a two-hander called
      Stormbringer, and a dragon egg. There's also a note in a small partly snowed
      in building to the right from some 'Saturas' that left this cave earlier.
      When you return down to the icy arch where you defeated the Ice Golems, some
      new lizardmen will have spawned there. Also talk to Sylvio and Bullco wich
      nets you +200xp, and the final battle with Sylvio. He is literary dying to get
      his hand on the dragon treasure and will attack you outright. Sylvio won't be
      knocked out and will die when you fight him. After that, Bullco will head down
      to the other dragonhunters, if you let him live.
    C4.9 - THE CASTLE
    After you've chatted with the dragonhunters, head for the castle, either by the
    old way up the ramp, or simply using the teleport rune. Also note that the
    castle is once again besieged by a horde of orcs, elites, warriors, shamen and
    wargs. Deal with those later though and head inside.
     C4.9.Q1 QUEST: Lost in Darkness
      Talk to Udar by the ramp and notice how there's a knight missing - Sengrath.
      Udar will tell you how Sengrath stood watch one night and lost his crossbow
      down the castle wall. An orc picked it up and dissapeared into the night, with
      Sengrath racing after it towards the palisades never to be seen again.
      Udar wants you to find Sengrath, if he is still alive. Sengrath is quite dead,
      by the hands of the orc, and can be found not far from the castle. At the top
      of the ramp, just go directly east, across the river and you'll see Sengrath's
      dead body with an Orc Elite standing next to him. On his body is his entire
      inventory, including everything you possibly sold him during chapter 2, as
      well as a regular crossbow named 'Sengrath's Crossbow' that will serve as
      proof of his fate to Udar.
      You've probably realized already that you can take great (and unfair)
      advantage of this knowledge that Sengrath will retain his inventory when dead.
      Retrieving all the crap sold to Sengrath in chapter 2 and then selling it
      again to anyone else in the castle can quickly net you 10-15.000 gold. Do with
      that information what you wish.
      Returning to Udar with Sengrath's crossbow and explaining his fate nets you
     C4.9.Q2 QUEST: Theft
      Talk to Keroloth the Knigth training the men-at-arms and notice how glum he
      looks. Seems he lost his money bag with all his savings, and he suspects the
      dragonhunters now found around the castle.
      His bag can be found just lying around near the smithy, next to Jan the
      dragonhunter. Return it to Keroloth for +400xp. You can also ask for a finders
      fee and recieve 150 gold as a mercenary or 50 gold as a paladin.
      When asked where you found it, there are some possible outcomes. You can
      simply don't tell him, saying you don't know who might have stolen it, or
      directly imply the dragonhunters. Saying where you found it will also imply
      the dragonhunters, in wichever case Keroloth will charge over and attack Jan.
      MERCENARY: If you refuse to imply the other dragonhunters as the thieves, then
      get cocky with Keroloth, he will attack you. You can knock him out without
      angering the other knigths for +240xp and also take back his bag wich contain
      300 gold in addition to your finders fee.
     C4.9.Q3 QUEST: Angar's Amulet
      Angar, a fellow known from Gothic 1 has found his way to the castle after
      getting lost in the mountains. He's going to rest up first before joining the
      dragonhunters, but mentions how he lost his amulet coming down from the
      mountains. You can offer to retrieve it for him and he will tell you he think
      he lost it down south in the mountains, near a stone circle.
      Chances are you already have his amulet (See C2.8.P14) so you can return it
      right away for +750xp. Otherwise you have to trek out and do the point above.
      Angar will go look for his amulet if you don't give it to him right away, and
      can be found at a camp by the stone circle later. When you give him his
      amulet, he will then move down to the vicinity of where Marcos is guarding the
      ore, by a campfire there. If you talk to him again you will recieve another
      +350xp and learn how he didn't want to hook up with the dragonhunters anyway
      seeing as they were just bandits. In chapter 5 he will move through the pass
      and end up on Bengar's farm with Wolf.
     C4.9.Q4 QUEST: The Filthy Sty
      Remember Brutus the jolly torturer? He's standing outside his little chamber
      now, terrified of the filthy scary beasts that have taken up residence in his
      cozy home. Four meatbugs to be exact. Take them out and comfort Brutus for
      +350xp and 150 gold.
      Later you can talk to Brutus and say you think you saw a meatbug behind him to
      see him run off like crazy before returning later. Fun touch.
     C4.9.Q5 QUEST: Hunger
      Gerold the Knight previously guarding Gorn in the castle prison cells is still
      standing firm at his post. He has worked up quite a hunger though, and the
      orcish siege doesn't exactly help. Talk to him and he's dying to get his hands
      on some real food - he can surely smell the deliscious hams and cheeses you
      have on you, but he doesn't want anyone else to know he's gotten food from you
      - to avoid suddenly making a lot of new hungry friends he doesn't want. He
      thus asks you to meet him in the small chapel at midnigth when everyone else
      has turned in.
      Sleep until midnight and Gerold will be standing in the chapel. Just walk up
      to him and the nigthsnack frenzy will begin. You get the option to give him a
      piece of basically whatever you have, including Hams, Sausages, Cheese, Fried
      Meat, and Fish Soup. Give him one piece and you'll recieve the odd 116xp and
      50 gold. Keep feeding him various foods (or the same type) until you have
      given him 9 helpings and he'll say that's enough and reward you with +350xp
      and a whole 450 gold.
     C4.9.Q6 QUEST: Jan and the Smithy
      Jan the dragonhunter can be found sitting outside the now empty smithy. He's
      not really much of a dragonhunter really, as he will explain to you, but is
      really a blacksmith. Offer to see what you can do.
      Parcival the advisor to Garond has decided he wants nothing to do with the
      dragonhunters, and has become really hostile lately. Simply go over his head
      and talk directly with Garond, vouching for Jan being an ok enough fellow and
      Garond will allow him to man the smithy. Talk to Jan again for +200xp.
      MERCENARY: Letting Jan man the smithy lets you later get some improved
      dragonhunter armor from him, if you can deliver some dragon scales to him
      (See C4.9.P2).
      PALADIN: As a paladin you will recieve the +200xp from vouching for Jan with
      Garond, instead of when talking to Jan afterwards.
     C4.9.Q7 QUEST: Fero's Sword
      Fero is the dragonhunter standing next to Jan. Talk to him for a little story
      on how he came to the valley to hunt dragons, but how he lost his sword on the
      way. As everyone else clumsy enough to loose anything not nailed to their
      backs, he wants you to retrieve it.
      The sword can be found right next to Hosh-Pak, up on the hill overlooking the
      castle, but you are likely to anger Hosh in the process (See C4.9.Q8). Return
      the sword to Fero for +400xp and he can now train your Strength and Dextery as
      an added 'bonus'. His max levels are 70 in both though, so the usefulness is
      so so - if you've cleaned house so far, you probably have have thrice that in
      your main skill.
     C4.9.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: A Little Help from Oric
      Find Oric in the main hall with Garond and ask if there's anything you could
      do to help. He will first head you in the direction of the dragons, but also
      have a task for you see (See C4.11.Q7). You don't have to agree or disagree to
      do this right away, but once Oric have detailed the task you can ask him for a
      bit of help in your dragon hunt. Oric will offer you one of 4 choices from his
      provisions: 3 Elixirs of Healing, 3 Elixirs of Mana, 1 Elixir of Strength or 1
      Elixir of Dexterity. Choose the one that suits you the best at this point.
     C4.9.Q8 QUEST: Hosh-Pak
      Hosh-Pak is the orc shaman in charge of the orc forces besieging the castle,
      and killing him would certainly disrupt them. Oric will be very convincing in
      his plea for you to take this shaman out. You can initially refuse to kill
      Hosh-pak, but this will only give you a reprimande from Oric on the situation,
      to where you can either agree to kill him or simply ignore the quest. Killing
      Hosh-Pak is required to the get the quest Ur-Shak going (See C4.10.Q1), and
      there's no way around this or any other outcomes. Chances are you already
      killed Hosh-Pak by mistake in chapter 2.
      Hosh-Pak is found on the hill overlooking the castle, just south of the ramp.
      He is an orc shaman and shouldn't be too difficult to spot. Kill him and
      return to Oric for +600xp.
     C4.9.P2 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor
      After you have arranged for Jan to man the smithy making weapons for the
      paladins, he can create your next suit of armor from dragon scales. For this
      you need the hunter skill 'Remove Dragon Scales' learnt from either Godar in
      the first encounter with the dragonhunters, or from Gestath (See C2.8.P16).
      Jan requires 20 dragon scales to make the armor, and also charges a whopping
      12.000 gold for it after that. Each dragon yields 12 scales so you need to
      kill atleast 2 before you can get this armor. Any excess dragon scales can be
      sold to Bennet later.
     C4.9.P3 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: Dragon Blood for Jan
      As a paladin you can learn how to take the blood of dragons from either Godar
      or Gestath, but you won't be able to use it to forge dragonslayer weapons as
      Bennet is the only one doing this and won't teach paladins. You can however
      sell the dragon blood to Jan if you have it, for +200xp and 200 gold per vial.
      Just talk to him about it and you will get the option to sell it to him. There
      is a total of 8 vials of dragon blood to be had from the four dragons.
      Is it worth it? The 5LP needed to learn the hunter skill is practically half a
      level, and the return is only 1600xp towards your next level and more LP. On
      the other side, this can be used as an exploit very similar to mercenaries and
      the shadowbeast horns for Buster. Simply knock out Jan and take the 8 vials of
      dragon blood back - then you can give them to him again for another +1600xp
      and repeat the process indefinite.
    Chapter 5 begins when you enter the pass again from the valley of mines, after
    the four dragons are dead. Not a whole lot will have changed back in Khorinis,
    and the major plot line of chapter 5 is to leave Khorinis all together, heading
    after the Master Dragon. This is a quest now present in your questlog and was
    gotten when defeating the last dragon.
    Level progress through chapter 4 should have left you with a good level boost
    seeing as most the orcs where back and the quests and dragons also gave you a
    good portion of xp. A good level for starting chapter 5 would be around 30+. My
    highest level upon starting chapter 5 was 40.
    Immediately entering Khorinis again, you should make your way to the Monastery,
    then Xardas tower - this will set the presedence for what your tasks will be in
    this chapter. The questlist is still listed by order of area however.
    There is only a few things left up here, but still one major item of interest we
    need to do to get the major plot going.
     C5.1.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Xardas' Letter
      Using your teleport rune to Xardas' Tower, or walking up there from the city,
      you'll meet Lares standing just outside the tower. Ask him where Xardas is and
      he will tell you how he left without saying, but that he has a letter to you
      from Xardas. In the letter is the magic phrase to open the book 'Halls of
      Idorath' you found earlier, and you should get this before going to the
     C5.1.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Lobart's Demise
      Finally you get the chance to get some payment for all the nagging Lobart has
      been doing throughout all the chapters. Pick him and his entire farm clean of
      their belongings if you wish. This includes: Lobart, Hilda, Vino and Maleth,
      for a nice +1000xp.
    Much of the action still in Khorinis revolves around completing the ship,
    captain and crew quests, as well as tying up a few loose ends and properly
    equipping yourself for the journey ahead.
     C5.2.S1 SIDEQUEST: A Fifth Prophecy
      As Always, drop by Abuyin for the fifth and last prophecy of things to come.
      This dark and disturbing little tale will cost you 1000 gold but also net you
      +1000xp this time around.
     C5.2.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Provisioning
      The merchants of Khorinis have new stock of items as you would expect, so take
      the time to pick up a few items of interest. Constantino has a Dragonroot and
      2 King's Sorrels, Zuris has an Elixir of Life, and Lutero in the upper
      quarters has a King's Sorrel and even a Blank Runestone for mages. If you are
      into ranged weapons, don't forget to visit Bosper as he now has the best
      crossbows and bows for sale, a Dragonhunter's Crossbow (100/85) and a Dragon
      Bow (75/95). If you are looking to make some Mana or Healing elixirs before
      you go, drop by Jora and the Gardener for healing roots and fire roots.
     C5.2.S2 SIDEQUEST: The Thieves Guild
      This is a little oddity perhaps, but remember back in chapter 1 where you
      could track down and kill off the thieves guild for a shortcut into the
      service of the paladins? Although the quest have long since disappeared, it's
      basically still in effect and can be completed now wether you are a member of
      the thieves guild or not.
      If you returned the sextant to Ramizer (found in the stone dragon's hoarde)
      there is nothing left to do with the thieves guild. None of them will join you
      on the ship, and neither have any more tasks for you. Diego will train your
      dexterity better than Cassia can too. If you want to, you can now kill off the
      three thieves down there (be sure to pickpocket them first), Cassia, Jesper
      and Ramirez and return to Lord Andre saying you did. This will net you +500xp
      and 300 gold.
     C5.2.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: A Few Goblin Berries
      In chapter 5, if you visit Hagen you will see that most of the ship crew is
      lined up in the upper quarter, getting ready to enter the valley of mines.
      That means the ship you are about to borrow later operates with a skeleton
      crew, and only two guards are left guarding it.
      These paladins are called "Ship Guard" and were previously 'immortal'. Now
      however, they can be knocked out if you wish, where both carry one goblin
      berry each. This doesn't hold true to all Ship Guards, but if you really want
      to wreck havoc, there's atleast one more goblin berry on one of the ship
      guards in the upper quarters, and even some of the knights.
     C5.2.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Empty the Pockets
      As this is your last chance to do a bit of pickpocketing in Khorinis, be sure
      to empty the inhabitants pockets if your fingers are itching. All successful
      pickpocketing done in chapter 5 will net you +250xp. You should even have some
      items to help you out - an amulet of agility or power, plus a ring of skill or
      dexterity can boost your dex as high as +30. It appears the hardest targets to
      pickpocket require an upper limit of 120 dexterity, of wich you probably
      already have by now, no matter what guild. If not, spending some LP on dex at
      this point isn't a bad choice, and remember you also have magic rings or
      amulets that boost dex.
      The pickpocket victims in and close around the city of Khorinis in chapter 5
      are: Mika, Jack, Niclas, Daron, Canthar or Sarah, Jora, Hakon, Zuris, Rengaru,
      Baltram, Ruga, Peck, Mortis, Wulfgar, Borka, Abuyin, Hanna, Cassia, Jesper,
      Ramirez, Ulf, Rangar, Coragon, Rosi, Till, Vatras, Pablo, Constantino, Brian,
      Harad, Meldor, Lehmar, Fenia, Moe, Mario, Kardif, Joe, Lares, Brahim, Garvell,
      Fellan, Alrik, Alwin, Carl, Ignaz, Halvor, Bromor, Nadja, Gritta, Thorben,
      Regis, Matteo, Diego, Bosper, Wambo, Judge, Lutero, Salandril, Cedric,
      Albrecht, Ingmar, Larius, Gardener.
      Note that you might have already picked some of these in previous quests, and
      that some might not be available here depending on quest outcomes and guild.
      Still, saving your little thefts until chapter 5 can net you in excess of
      15.000xp and several thousand gold.
     C5.2.P4 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Access to the Ship
      Mercenaries won't have the chance to get aboard the ship before chapter 5, and
      in this case they will eventually anyway. There are however some items of
      interest on the ship, available from the start of chapter 5 if you want to
      have a look around. Hidden around the ship and in the hold is a few potions,
      scrolls, leather satchels with coins, but most importantly an Elixir of
      Strength. There's also a magic ring in the hold, a Ring of Stoneskin (+10
      Arrow AC).
      Note that Mages and Paladins get access to the ship way earlier and will still
      have it at the point where mercenearies do.
     C5.2.P5 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: New Paladin Runes
      As a paladin, Albrecht will have new runes available if you talk to him in
      chapter 5. These are the last runes available from Albrecht, but you will get
      better early in chapter 6. The runes you can choose now are Heal Medium Wounds
      (Healing - 10 mana for 200 points healed), of wich you probably already have
      better, and Expel Evil, wich is mispelled and turns out to be Harm Evil in
      your inventory, 15 mana to harm 300 damage. As mentioned, you probably already
      have Greater Healing, and you will get a stronger combat rune early in chapter
      6, so you might just save your LP here.
     C5.2.P6 POINT OF INTEREST: Before you Leave
      Having done all you need to do, the only thing left to start chapter 6 is to
      talk to your captain - you will get a key to the captain's quarters and once
      you enter it, you will set sail to the island. A couple things to check on
      before though, as once you leave you will never come back.
       - Buy everything you think you will need, like scrolls, potions etc. Once on
         the island you will have very little use for coin except to buy a few king
         sorrels and arrows/bolts.
       - Pickpocket your crew on the docks if you haven't already. They can be
         pickpocketed again when you reach the island.
       - Knock out any irritating npc's if you wish, as you'll never see them again
         (perhaps in G3, but lets hope they don't remember what we did in G2 =).
       - Complete all quests/sidequests/points of interest, since again, you won't
         be coming back.
       - Remember to fully take advantage of the stat boosters around. Did you pray
         10 times at the Innos statues? Did you donate 1000 gold to Daron? Ate the
         Apples or Mushrooms?
      Once you're sure you have everything in order, enter the captain's quarters
      and you'll see a nice FMV of the ship setting sail and reaching the shrouded
      island. You'll start on the ship inside a huge natural cave, and chapter 6
      will commense a few seconds later.
    Don't miss a single place as this run in chapter 5 is the last you will see of
    Khorinis or the Valley. Be sure to empty out your chests in the Dead Harpy if
    you have any supplies stored there - you can leave every single key, letter,
    book, etc however as you won't have any need for it.
     C5.3.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Looting
      Fingers itching for all those chapters, pick the whole bunch clean of their
      hard-earned coin. Victims in this area includes: Akil, Katie, Randolp, Talbin,
      Rukhar, Orlan, and Dragomir.
     C5.3.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Another Goblin Berry?
      Unknown if this could possibly be just an overlook, but I'm fairly sure a new
      Goblin Berry has sprouted up near the brown fat tree closest to Egill on
      Akil's Farm. It's found just at the treeroots, on the opposite side of Egill.
    C5.4 - ONAR'S FARM & LAND
    Yet another visit to this area will yield a few quests and points of interest
    before the departure. Seeing as you're coming out at the pass, starting here
    isn't such a bad idea.
     C5.4.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Thekla's Last Pot of Stew
      Have a last chat with good old Thekla in the kitchen on Onar's Farm and tell
      her how you defeated some dragons and otherwise kept yourself busy. That will
      leave you with a last pot of her stew.
     C5.4.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Sagitta's Sorrels
      A last visit to Sagitta will also net you two more King's Sorrels if you have
      the coin to pay for it (500g). Her stock also contains the usual selection of
      new healing and mana potions as well as lab flasks and other assorted herbs
      you might need.
     C5.4.S1 SIDEQUEST: Lee's New Bodyguard?
      In chapter 5, have another chat with Dar, the sorry excuse for a mercenary you
      dealt with earlier in Cipher's weedpackage quest. It seems with all the
      mercenaries gone dragonhunters, Dar finally sees his chance to become
      something in the mercenary camp. Beating up you seems to be a good idea to him
      at the moment and will surerly let him be worthy as a bodyguard for Lee. Let
      him try, then beat him up as usual. Talk to him when he gets up again and Dar
      realizes maybe this wasn't the brigthest of ideas he has had lately. For this
      you recieve +250xp.
      MERCENARY: This sidequest will be a bit different for mercenaries. See C5.4.Q3
      before doing this.
     C5.4.Q1 QUEST: Sekob Misses His Wife
      Drop by Sekob and notice how both Rosi and Till seems to have gone missing.
      Talking to Sekob will reveal how he suddenly realized they were gone one day
      and he would be happy if you could find them.
      This is in relation to another quest (C5.4.Q2 below) and it's up to you how
      you want to go about things. Returning Rosi and Till to Sekob will net you
      +250xp and 650 gold. Talking to Rosi after you returned her to Sekob will also
      net you +250xp and hear her otherwise lithe voice throw out a series of
      curses. This will complete this quest, and fail C5.4.Q2
     C5.4.Q2 QUEST: Rosi's Flight
      If you just visited Sagitta, you can follow the mountainside up to where it
      meets the road just off the river coming from the monastery. Rosi and Till
      will be standing on the road just a little bit off here. Talk to Rosi to learn
      how she finally fled her abusive husband. Rosi is looking for safe passage to
      the city, and will offer to pay you for it.
      There are two outcomes here. You can either accept her assignment, in wich
      both Rosi and Till will follow you wherever you take them, and then drop them
      off back at Sekob's Farm again (See C5.4.Q1) or escort them safely to the city
      of Khorinis, dropping them off at the East Gate. Escorting them to the city as
      promised will net you +1000xp and 450 gold, and Rosi and Till will 'set up
      shop' at one of the benches by the merchant's square in Khorinis. Look to
      C5.6.Q1 on the outcome of returning them to Sekob.
      Once you have saved Rosi you can return to Sekob and tell him you did so for
      +250xp. This will complete "Rosi's Flight" but fail "Sekob Misses His Wife".
      You have to fail one of them anyway, so don't worry about it.
      However, there seems to be a bug with solving this and telling Sekob, atleast
      when playing a paladin. Once you tell Sekob he will be outraged and attack you
      - but if you as a paladin never took the "Collect the Rent" quest (C1.4.Q12)
      Sekob will still be flagged as 'Immortal' and beating him will be impossible.
      The only solution here is to drop your gold somewhere and let him beat you up.
      For +250xp, why not.
      MERCENARY: When you are a mercenary doing this quest, you will recieve +250xp
      when first talking to Rosi, and will take them to Onar's Farm instead of the
     C5.4.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Lifting Pockets
      There's a virtual endless supply of pockets to pick here if you have managed
      to keep your sticky fingers off this long. Each pocket picked nets you a
      +250xp reward in chapter 5. Don't worry about pickpocketing potential
      crewmembers - those you bring with you to chapter 6 will have filled their
      pockets again for you to loot anew, for a nice +300xp.
      The victims around are: Wolf, Angar, Bengar, Malak, Gaan, Biff (after
      traversing the pass), Sagitta, Pepe, Grom, Cord, Bodo, Hodges, Bennet, Torlof,
      Elena, Dar, Jarvis, Thekla,  Khaled, Gorn, Wasili, Maria, Raoul, Gunnar,
      Sentenza, Fester, Buster, Babera, Bronko, Rega, Balthasar, Till, Rosi, Sekob,
      and Buster. Some of these might be unavailble, especially if you're a paladin
      during the orc attacks. Rosi and Till are either here or in Khorinis depending
      on how you solved the quest concerning them.
      Still, pocketing all this change should net you up to a maximum of +8250xp.
     C5.4.P4 MERCENARY POINT OF INTEREST: Dragon Weapons & Heavy Armor
      As a mercenary, Bennet will be the source of your best armor and weapons in
      the game, from chapter 5 and out. If you already know forging, Bennet can
      teach you how to make the best 2h and 1h swords now, but be wary of doing this
      right away - there is a way to learn both for free. See C5.6.S1 The Monastery
      Cellar to learn how to both get both weapons for free and the best armor.
      Once you know, simply buy a piece of raw steel, heat it in the forge, then use
      the anvil and you have the choice of making either a 1h 'Ore Dragon Slayer' or
      2h 'Large Ore Dragon Slayer'. The Ore Dragon Slayer (90/80) requires 4 vials
      of dragon blood and 5 pieces of ore, while the Large Ore Dragon Slayer
      (110/100) requires 5 vials of dragon blood and 5 pieces of ore.
      After learning about the armor in the monastery cellars, simply talk to Bennet
      about it, and he will already have one ready as he figured it out in the
      meantime. This armor - a Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor - will cost you 20.000
      gold if you choose to buy it.
     C5.4.Q3 MERCENARY QUEST: The Show-off
      As a mercenary, have a chat with Dar in chapter 5 and he will tell you that
      now that so many mercenaries have become dragonhunters and left the farm,
      maybe Dar will get his chance to prove himself. He needs something to impress
      Lee however, something that proves his courage. Give him the Orcish Warlord
      ring (See C4.5.P1) - you can always beat it out of him later again. For this,
      Dar will award you with either 1200 gold or an Amulet of Agility (+15 dex).
      This will also net you +600xp.
    A major part of chapter 5 will take place in the monastery, where you have to
    discover the location of the Halls of Irdorath, and also start your quest for a
    ship, captain and crew. Although most of the quests and completion of the
    chapter take place all over Khorinis, they have have their origins in the
    monastery and are listed here.
     C5.6.S1 SIDEQUEST: The Monastery Cellar
      Once you have the letter from Xardas (See C5.1.P1) and know the magic words to
      open the book Halls of Irdorath, head to the monastery and talk to Pyrokar.
      Ask to see the book again and Pyrokar will grant your permission to visit the
      monastery cellar where the mage Talamon previously halted your entrance.
      In this first library there's nothing much of interest except a few bookstands
      you have probably already read. Grab the Halls of Irdorath from a table and
      open it. Inside is a small key, and a crumpled note you can read - it will
      point out a lamp on the far wall. Opening the book nets you +1000xp. The lamp
      in question, to the right on the far side of the library, when turned, will
      move a bookshelf and reveal a hidden passage, netting you another +1000xp.
      Below are a series of crypt-like hallways with tons of skeletons, eventually
      leading into a second hidden library - the door here can only be opened with
      the key you found in the book. About 18 skeletons and a skeleton mage, and
      finally 2 Demons and a Demon Lord in the secret library. These demons can be
      really tough no matter your level, if you get caugth between them. A safe way
      to take them out is by crossbow or bow, through an archway they cannot
      traverse. Killing the demons is +2200xp alone.
      Inside the secret library itself there are a few things of high interest. The
      items found here varies according to what guild belong to, so read below on
      what they are. First read the Almanac (a bookstand) to learn more about the
      magical barrier erected in Gothic 1. On page two of this almanac is also some
      information relating to your class. Reading the Almanac nets you +1000xp. Next
      is a few items on a table, most notably here a Dusty Book and a Map - a sea
      chart to the isles of Irdorath. Picking up and reading the chart will give you
      the quest "I Need a Ship" as well as +2000xp. There is also a potion here -
      "The Tears of Innos".
       PALADIN: The Almanac and Dusty Book will tell you how to get the best paladin
       armor, and also how to further improve your sword. In addition there is a
       blank rune on the table you will use in the creation of a teleport rune for
       your best armor (See C5.6.S2).
       MERCENARY: For mercenaries, the Almanac and Dusty Book will outline how to
       create the two most powerful weapons in the game, and also how to make the
       best armor. Reading the almanac will teach you two weapon forging processes,
       Large Ore Dragon Slayer and Ore Dragon Slayer. You can also learn these two
       swords from Bennet at the start of chapter 5, but don't - reading it here
       will let you learn both for free instead of expending 5-10 LP. For the armor,
       talk to Bennet (See C5.4.P3)
      Once you been to the secret library, return to Talamon and tell him about the
      hidden vaults, then that you have been there for +1000xp. Then head to Pyrokar
      to learn about the halls of Irdorath, the tears of Innos and more information
      about what you are about to embark on. Telling Pyrokar that you opened Xardas'
      book will also net you +250xp.
     C5.6.Q1 QUEST: I Need A Ship
      Upon reading the sea chart to the island of Indorath in the monastery cellar,
      it's evident that to stop this menace once and for all, we need to go to this
      island and put an end to whatever is there. This quest is still just part of
      the preparation you need before actually sailing off, so lets get to it.
      The ship in question should be obvious by now - Hagen's grand galleon mired at
      the city harbour. Getting the actual ship isn't that hard however, but require
      you to first have signed on a captain. Once the captain is waiting for you at
      the docks, Girion will also be there and you can negotiate with him about
      'borrowing' the ship. Girion will accompany you on the trip as a crewmember,
      unless you get into a fight with him and kill him.
      Once the captain and ship is secured, talk to the captain to see what you are
      missing. If you also have 5 crewmembers, the captain will take your seachart
      and give you a key to the captain's quarters. Enter these quarters to the back
      of the ship to set sail - ending chapter 5. You should also read up on C5.2.P6
      before heading out.
      MERCENARY: Mercenaries doesn't have it quite as easy as Paladins, and won't
      get the ship without permission. This is a simple procedure however - talk to
      Lee and he will tell you how you could use the dirt previously dug up on the
      Judge to get the proper authorization (the evidence from C3.4.Q6). Talk to the
      Judge and tell him you need to take the ship, for the proper papers and
      +1500xp. Then tell Lee how it went for another +250xp. Simply show the papers
      to the two Ship Guards at the ship and you're home free.
     C5.6.Q2 QUEST: Who Will Be My Captain?
      Once you have the quest "I Need A Ship" from the sea chart, exit through the
      main gates of the monastery and Milten will grab hold of you to explain things
      further. To be able to sail the ship once you have control of it, you need a
      captain and a crew. There are several captains available in the game, and it's
      up to you which one you choose. Just keep in mind that each person, captain or
      crew, that you bring with you will be able to help you out in some way or
      another, and that it's a good idea to bring the people that can help you the
       - Jorgen
         Jorgen is the stranded captain that took refugee with the mages.
         Unfortunately, he ate three weeks worth of novice rations when he first
         joined, and have yet to deliver either a sheep or the 1000 gold
         contribution. Due to this, Jorgen has to work off his 'debts' with the
         mages for another three months, unless you can find a way to free him.
         Talk to Pyrokar about this and you will recieve the quest "Return to the
         Tower" (See xxx) wich you have to solve to free Jorgen. Once complete, you
         can ask Jorgen to be your captain for +2000xp. Don't worry about doing the
         captain quests as you don't have to make up your mind until after the
         quests are complete, so this is a good way to rack up some additional xp.
       - Torlof
         This seems to be the most questionable captain. Getting Torlof to agree not
         only gives you less xp than the others and requires you to chip out 2500
         gold for his services, but also wrecks total havoc on the paladins in the
         valley of mines.
         You see, for Torlof to agree he needs to be certain that the paladins in
         the city are occupied with other 'matters' than Onar and the farmers. The
         only way to accomplish this in his opinion, is to open the gate to the
         castle in the valley of mines, letting the orcs storm it. That would force
         Hagen to abandon his post in the city and leave for the valley of mines.
         If you have no qualms about doing this, it's as simple as stealing the key
         from the 'Main Gate Guard', requiring only some 10-20 dex, then opening the
         gate. For this you get +250xp when you tell Torlof. He will also require a
         payment of 2500 gold on top and then agrees to be your captain. If you want
         more info about the invasion of the castle, see xxx.
       - Jack
         Jack is probably the simplest of the three captains. Simply talk to him in
         his lighthouse (requires that you did solve this quest of course - see
         C1.2.Q20) and you will learn he would give his right arm to get one more
         chance at sailing the high seas. The problem however, is that someone would
         have to look out for his lighthouse in the meantime. Jack will mention
         Brian, Harad's apprentice as a possible replacement.
         Talk to Brian and he will agree right away, planning on turning the
         lighthouse into a smithy and starting his own practice. Brian will head for
         the lighthouse, so go see him there. Talk to Jack again for +1000xp and
         everything is settled. You still have to directly ask Jack to 'Be my
         captain' to sign him on.
      You can do the subquests for all three captains, without asking any of them to
      sign on, then choose who you want in the end. Doing so will net you +4250xp in
      direct xp, and maybe even more when tackling the orcs in the castle. Whenever
      you are ready, ask any of the three to 'Be my captain' for +2000xp and
      completion of this quest.
     C5.6.Q3 QUEST: No Travelling Without A Crew
      Although you first get this quest listed when talking to Lee, it is listed
      here for consistency. All three quests revolving around the Ship, Captain and
      Crew really takes place all over Khorinis, but is listed here as this is where
      you first pick up the trail on what you need to do.
      From various people you talk to, you will quickly learn that you need atleast
      5 crewmembers in addition to the captain, but that you can have as many as 10.
      This should generally be your friends and people you trust. Each crewmember
      you get to join you will net you +500xp (except one or two on occasion, but it
      feels like a bug) and they will pick up their stuff and move down to the
      harbour. Don't worry about picking the right ones just yet, as you can simply
      tell them you don't want them along at the harbour later. Meaning, you can
      move anyone you consider as crewmen to the harbour, then take your picks later
      before setting off. Getting all possible crewmembers to sign on - by signing
      on 10, then tell a couple of them they are out, to sign up the rest - is worth
      in excess of +5000xp.
      You should be familiar with where you can find them all by now. The possible
      crewmen and their advantages are as follows.
        - Bennet
          Simply ask Bennet and he will come along as your smith, glad to leave
          Khorinis and Onar's Farm. There are hints towards Bennet not being the
          only smith you can bring, but who that could be beats me. Neither Carl,
          Harad or Jan will accompany you, the only other smiths in the game, so it
          looks like Bennet is it. Still, it doesnt seem like you absolutely need a
          smith, but you never know.
          Once on the island, Bennet can sell you some weapons you probably don't
          need, a few lumps of ore, arrows & bolts, as well as giving you a little
          xp for mentioning dragon eggs.
        - Milten
          Probably the first crewmember you get, Milten will be staying outside the
          monastery and clue you in on gathering a crew. He will also suggest
          several other members.
          Once on your team, Milten can teach you mana past 100, how to create runes
          of all circles if you are a mage, and even have a good selection of
          potions and herbs to sell, most notably a King's Sorrel, a Dragonroot and
          a Blank Runestone.
        - Gorn
          Always ready for action, Gorn will accompany you without hesitation.
        - Lee
          Lee needs to go to the mainland anyway and will pack up his things right
          away and go with you (hints towards the story in Gothic 3 perhaps?).
          Once on the island, Lee can train both your one- and two-handed skill to
          100, but very little else.
        - Angar
          If you help him out in chapter 4, Angar will leave the valley and take up
          residence at Bengar's farm with Wolf. He is suffering from terrible
          headaches and will join you to get further away from Khorinis and the
        - Biff
          The looney dragon-hunter-for-hire you met up in the mountains in chapter
          4. Biff is also the only crewmember you have to go to the valley to pick
          up, by promising him more riches than he can carry.
        - Vatras
          The water mage Vatras will be at his usual preaching spot in Khorinis and
          will join your crew willingly. In fact, he will insist clearly that it is
          important that you bring him if your crew is already full, telling you to
          make room for him.
          On the ship, Vatras can teach you all alchemy recipies, heal you for free,
          heal possesion from seekers, and even have a small stock of herbs and
          potions. This includes 2 King's Sorrel.
        - Lester
          Good old Lester. You didn't forget about him now? Lester will be standing
          outside Xardas' abandoned tower where he gave you the letter from Xardas.
          He suffers similar headaches like Angar - strange since they both belonged
          to the same cult earlier? Better take him with you.
        - Lares
          Down at the harbour district where he's always found, Lares will join your
          crew gladly.
        - Diego
          Still in Khorinis where you left him, at Gerbrandt's old house, or near
          Rupert if he never made it up there. Diego have followed you since you
          first got thrown in the prison colony and is not about to leave you now.
          When asked to join, he will enter his new house (Gerbrandt's old house)
          and dress back up in his 'Shadow Armor' - if the bug happened when
          Gerbrandt didn't leave and Diego is still standing outside Matteo's Store,
          try talking to Gerbrandt, but don't say anything. Just hit END and see if
          the switch takes place then. If you ask Diego to join you if he is outside
          Matteo's Store, he won't change to his armor.
          On the ship, Diego can give you advice if you are stuck wich is fair
          enough. He will also teach you Bow and Dexterity to 100, as well as have a
          good stock of arrows, bolts and lockpicks.
        - Mario
          This rather odd fellow show up at the Peg Leg bar in Khorinis after
          chapter 5, and will join your crew if asked. He boasts his skills as a
          veteran seafarer, and cannon manning skills.
        - Girion
          The swordmaster of Hagen is guarding the ship while the rest of the
          paladins prepare to leave for the valley. He will force you into a
          conversation when you approach the ship and you have to strike a deal with
          him that he comes along to make sure the ship is returned once your
          business at the Irdorath Island is complete. It is possible to anger him
          and instigate a fight to the death, but this doesn't seem to remove Girion
          from the list of crewmembers. Thus, Girion will be your tenth crewmember
          wether you like it or not.
          Once aboard, Girion is a very good trainer and can be talked into training
          your one- and two-handed skill to 100, as well as even crossbow to 100.
      That leaves us with a few choices to make. You can only enlist 9 additional
      crewmembers with Girion onboard, as well as a captain after that. I tend to go
      with the people you know and that helped you both through the game and the
      previous Gothic, so the reccomendation here is really to skip the two
      'strange' elements - Biff and Mario. That leaves you with 9 friends and a full
      crew, ready to sail. You should also take a look at XXX before heading off.
     C5.6.Q4 QUEST: Return to the Tower
      When asking Jorgen to be your captain of the ship (See C5.6.Q1-3), you have to
      find a way to work off his debts so Pyrokar will release him. Just talk to
      Pyrokar and learn how he has had reports about strange sounds eminating from
      Xardas' tower after he left. If you can discover the source of this and
      alternately get rid of it, Pyrokar will release Jorgen from his debts.
      Simply use your teleport rune and head up to the tower. It seems Xardas didn't
      want anyone snooping around his tower when he left and in place as guardians
      are a group of powerful demons. On the ground level and second level is a
      total of 5 demons, lead by a Demon Lord on the top level. Taking them all out
      will not only complete the quest, but net you a nice +2000xp. Return to
      Pyrokar with the news for another +1000xp and completion of the task. You can
      now get Jorgen as your captain should you wish.
     C5.6.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Pickpocketing in the Monastery
      As this is the last chapter you will find yourself in the land of Khorinis,
      this is also the last chance to pickpocket the unsuspecting victims in the
      monastery. Keep in mind that certain persons you can bring with you to
      Irdorath can be pickpocketed there for an even greater xp gain. In the case of
      the monastery, that would be Milten and Jorgen. Only pickpocket these two if
      you are not bringing them with you.
      Some of the targets might be unavailable to you according to what guild you
      play, or if you completed quests/points of interests earlier in the chapters.
      Each victim pickpocketed in chapter 5 will net you +250xp for a rather heavy
      gain if you get them all. Also note that they will yield quite some gold, but
      that should really be the least of your problems now so I won't list how much
      gold each target yields.
      The victims in the monastery are: Pyrokar, Ulthar, Serpentes, Babo, Opolos,
      Dyrian, Agon, Garwig, Marduk, Sergio, Karras, Hyglas, Neoras, Talamon. In
      addition, Gorax, Igoraz, Milten and Jorgen, but you might have done some of
      them already or taking them with you. Nevertheless, this can easily net you in
      excess of +4000xp and +2000 gold.
     C5.6.S2 PALADIN POINT OF INTEREST: Second Consecration & Paladin's Armor
      After visiting the monastery cellar and learning about the armor and second
      conscecration, it's time to really equip yourself. For the armor, it is hidden
      in a secret chamber in the monastery cellar and only a special rune will give
      you access here. The process is outlined in the almanac and will also teach
      you the basics of creating runes - not that you will be able to create
      anything but this teleport rune. For the process you need 1 blank rune stone,
      found in the cellars on the table, and one vial of holy water. You probably
      have a couple tucked away so far, otherwise Gorax in the monastery winery has
      one for sale. Make use of the Rune Table in the library of the monastery with
      these two components in hand and you will create a rune simply called
      'Teleport'. Use it like you would any other teleport rune and you will find
      yourself in a small chamber - on a table here is a set of Paladin's Armor, and
      in a chest is some potions, gold and components. Use the lever on the wall to
      open the secret door and you're back in the monastery cellars.
      For the second consecration, you need your previously blessed sword (either
      Sword of the Order or Blessed Ore Blade) already consecrated once, and the
      Tears of Innos potion you found in the cellar. Simply enter the small temple
      inside the monastery and pray to the statue of Innos there - you should see a
      second option named 'Consecrate Sword (Tears of Innos)'. Choosing this option
      will use the tears to create either the two-handed Holy Executioner (100/50)
      or the one-hander Wrath of Innos (80/40). The second consecration doesn't
      require a donation as before. Consecrating your sword this way also nets you
    You could simply ignore the entire valley and the castle in chapter 5 as there's
    basically very left to do here. Still, for those wanting to get everything done
    there are a couple points of interest left.
     C5.8.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: Biff
      Biff the lone dragonhunter you could hire on as a mercenary in chapter 4 is
      still loafing around the big tree down the path of the alternate route into
      the valley. You can ask him to join your crew on the ship - the only
      crewmember available in the valley of mines or castle - but you have to escort
      him back to Khorinis first. Simply tell him to come along and he will follow
      you through the pass, then talk to him again outside the pass gates and he
      will carry on down to the harbour by himself. Getting Biff as a crewmember is
      worth +500xp. Also note that Biff can be pickpocketed in the valley, then
      again when he walks through the pass and waits for you at the pass gates.
     C5.8.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Fear & Looting in the Valley
      Since this is the last you will see of the valley, be sure to pickpocket any
      possible victims in the valley before you move on. There's not a whole lot of
      them outside the castle, but check out these still: Biff, Gestath, Grimes,
      Bullco, Kurgan, Hokurn, Godar, Kjorn, Marcos, Rod, Cipher, Fajeth, Tengron,
      Jergan, and Fed. That's +3750xp if you get them all. Some of these might be
      unavailable to you.
     C5.8.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: The Great Orc Wall
      It is quite possible to climb the orc palisades, and the developer even had
      the foresight to know players would do their best to find a way around it
      simply because it eminated a strong 'don't do this'. There really isn't
      anything of interest back there, except a funny conspiracy note from the
      developer in the form of a big sign that reads:
        Okay man, you made it behind the great orc wall
        As you see, the story of the orcish hordes behind this wall, is a complete
        fake. There is nothing more to see here...this place is abandoned, it's the
        end of the world.
        But me (a mighty alien dwarf, wich not depends to this game story, and wich
        name is not of public interest here!) wanted to warn you. You have been
        tricked to believe a story wich is not true (they want to get you!)
        Do not believe anything they say.
        Keep your eyes open!
        The mighty alien dwarf
      Still, if you absolutely must, the wall can be climbed in the spot where the
      long river down from the old ruins and stone dragon ends up. It's a bit tricky
      to say the least, so save often. Use caps-lock to walk and not fall off the
      boards, and simply jump up where it seems feasible. You'll end up halfway up
      the wall, and can continue to jump/climb the edges along the wall, across the
      river, then jump over the wall and end up on the other side.
      The only thing to do behind here, except reading the sign from the mighty
      alien dwarf, is to take advantage of a game mechanic for a couple items. You
      see, whenever an NPC crosses from the oldworld (valley of mines) to the
      newworld (Khorinis), a new instance of the NPC spawn, while the old is killed
      and moved to a 'secret location' - all the way across the landscape behind the
      wall is one such cave where the dead npc's end up where they move to Khorinis.
      You can find a whole pile of them here, including an instance of Gorn, Milten,
      Geppert, Kervo, Talbin etc - every npc that has at one time moved through the
      pass. Their inventory is intact though so you can loot them if you wish.
    C5.9 - THE CASTLE
    At this point, the castle has pretty much played out it's role in the story, but
    there are a couple things left to do if you want to get it all. Most notably is
    the storeroom you previously had no way into, as well as getting Torlof as your
     C5.9.P1 POINT OF INTEREST: The Castle Storeroom
      I bet you've been dying to know what's behind the locked doors in the castle
      since chapter 2 - I know I did. There really is no 'safe' way in here, as the
      only key is in the possesion of a regular guard you cannot pickpocket. The
      only way to get the key is to knock him out or kill him. The knight in
      question is the one standing closest to the locked door by Tandor. On him is
      the key 'Store Key' that will unlock the door here, or the backdoor in the
      hallway behind Engor. Also note that the knight carrying the key has a Goblin
      Berry as well.
      The storeroom itself doesn't contain much of interest really. There is an open
      chest in a small room to the right, containing some gold and 2 lumps of ore.
      Otherwise, there's a total of 4 locked chests with some gold, arrows etc -
      generic stuff. The chest combinations, from the rigthmost one and counter-
      clockwise is R-LL-RRR-L, L-RR-L-R, L-R-L-RR-L, and LL-RRR-L.
     C5.9.P2 POINT OF INTEREST: Gerold's Goblin Berry
      The title says it all really - if you knock out Gerold, the knight guarding
      the cells, you can find another Goblin Berry in his possesion.
     C5.9.P3 POINT OF INTEREST: Picking the Castle Clean
      Be sure to make use of your pickpocketing skill in the castle during chapter 5
      as this is your last chance. The victims of the castle that can be picked are:
      Udar, Keroloth, Tandor, Rethon, Jan, Feros, Engor, Oric, Parcival, Gerold,
      Brutus and the Main Gate Guard. This should amount to +3000xp.
     C5.9.P4 POINT OF INTEREST: Letting the Orcs In
      This is part of a sidequest to have Torlof as your captain, and is really a
      dubious thing to do according to your guild affiliation. As a paladin you
      might have qualms about this, but if you're generally as ruthless as some of
      these games can make you, opening the castle gates will seriously wreck havoc.
      First you need to pickpocket the Main Gate Guard that stands on the wall right
      of the main gates. He couldn't be picked earlier, but can now. The key on him
      will unlock the door to his left, where a lever will raise the main gates.
      Upon doing this you get to see a nice FMV where the orcs storm the castle
      (wether there are any orcs left outside or not). At this point, the whole
      castle will be full of orcs killing everyone they can, and as far as the
      Torlof sidequest goes your task here is done.
      If you are going to do this however, getting the most out of your evil actions
      should be a consideration. First, the orcs will kill a lot of the castle
      inhabitants - doing the work for them beforehand will net you some xp. As a
      paladin, this is even easier as you will meet no resistance in knocking out or
      killing the knights and henchmen in the castle. It's only when you attack any
      of the dragonhunters in the castle, as a paladin, that a mass fight will
      instigate with the other knights killing the dragonhunters. Still it's up to
      you if you want to knock out the castle beforehand. Even killing off the
      entire castle have no repercussions for the rest of the story as everyone here
      has played out their role.
      Another thing to consider is that once the orcs storm in, you could basically
      kill them all yourself if there are no one left in the castle to fight them.
      There's a total of 13 Orc Elites, 7 Orc Warriors, 3 Orc Shamen and 5 Wargs in
      the storming force and you could take them all on except maybe a shaman and
      warrior that runs straight for Gerond. Gerond will also loose his 'immortal'
      state when the orcs storm, and you can even knock him out if he survives.
      If you let the orcs storm the castle with everyone in it, Parcival will be
      convinced it was you and attack you if you go near him after the gates are
      open and the orcs beaten back.
    A1       SKILLS
    A1.1      General Skills
    A1.1.1     Sneaking
    A1.1.2     Opening Locks
    A1.1.3     Pick Pocketing
    A1.2      Hunting
    A1.2.1     Hunting: Skinning
    A1.2.2     Hunting: Remove Mandibles
    A1.2.3     Hunting:
    A1.3      Forging
    A1.3.1     Forging: Self-forged Sword
    A1.3.2     Forging: Ore Longsword
    A1.3.3     Forging: Ore Two-Hander
    A1.3.4     Forging: Ore Bastard Sword
    A1.3.5     Forging: Heavy Ore Two-Hander
    A1.4      Alchemy
    A2       TRAINERS
    A2.1      HUNTERS
    A2.1.1     Bosper
    A2.1.2     Grom
    A2.1.3     Gaan
    A2.1.4     Grimbald
    A2.2.1     Laras
    A2.2.2     Carl
    A2.2.3     Harod
    A2.2.4     Torlof
    A2.3      MELEE TRAINERS
    A2.3.1     Alrik
    A2.3.2     Wulfgar
    A2.3.3     Buster
    A2.3.4     Rod
    A2.4.1     Bartok
    A2.4.2     Niclas
    A2.4.3     Dragomir
    A2.4.4     Ruga xxx
    A2.5      ALCHEMISTS
    A2.5.1     Ignaz
    A2.5.2     Constantino
    A2.5.3     Sagitta
    A2.6      BLACKSMITHS
    A2.6.1     Harad
    A2.6.2     Bennet
    A2.7      MAGE TRAINERS
    A2.7.1     Vatras
    A2.8      OTHERS
    A2.8.1     Thorben
    A2.8.2     Bartok
    A2.8.3     Jesper
    A2.8.4     Ramirez
    A2.8.5     Cassia
    A3       WEAPONS & STATS
    A3.1       One-Handed Weapons
    A3.2       Two-Handed Weapons
    A3.3       Bows
    A3.4       Crossbows
    A4       ARMOR
    A5.1      Apples
    A5.2      Dark Mushrooms
    A5.3      Coragon's Special Beer
    A5.4      Rengaru's Pick Pocketing Tips
    A5.5      Book: The Divine Power of the Stars
    A5.6      Potions
    A5.7      Thekla's Stew
    A5.8      Wulfgar's One-Hander Tip
    A5.9      Book: Southern Defense Art
    A5.10     Book: Double Blocks
    A5.11     Sergio's Two-Hander Tip
    A5.12     Donations to Daron
    A5.13     Statues of Innos
    A6       HERBOLOGY
    A7       FOODSTUFFS
    A8       EXPERIENCE & LOOT
    A9       LEVELCHART
    A11.1     Unlimited Gold
    A11.2     Unlimited Experience
    A11.3     Additional Goblin Berries & Dragonroots
    A11.4     Mercenary: Unlimited Gold & Experience
    A11.5     Paladin: Unlimited Gold & Experience
    A13      BUGS
    A1 - SKILLS
    The skills you can learn, their usefulness and application, including all
    general skills, hunting skills and forging.
    A1.1 - General Skills
    These are skills you only need to learn once, and have no further application
    except becoming better at it by raising the governing attribute (STR or DEX).
    Even raising the governing attribute will not have that much of an effect in
    terms of gameplay, and most application of these skills are set against prefix
    values. Like with Pickpocketing, each target has a set value you need to have to
    be able to pickpocket them, whereas a single point below will fail the
      A1.1.1 Sneaking
       Sneaking is a Basic skill you only learn once. Sneaking enables you to use
       the X key (default) for entering sneak mode. Sneak mode is very useful for
       lurking about at night and getting entry to houses without someone noticing.
       Although you could live without the ability to sneak, it is a quite
       profitable skill that will line your pockets from early on in the game.
       Without sneaking you cannot enter most houses without upsetting and angering
       most people, and get to all the items lying around in their houses, like
       chests and loot.
       Sneaking only works 'against' humans and somewhat humanoids and your success
       or failure depends on your Dexterity skill. Most monsters will smell you from
       afar wether you sneak or not. Although one would suspect an attack from
       behind while in sneak-mode would do more damage, that doesnt appear to be the
       case. Still, overall Sneaking is a reccomended skill that will pay
       Learned from: Bartok or Jesper (Thieves Guild)
      A1.1.2 Opening Locks
       The skill of opening locked chests by use of Lock Picks. As with Sneaking,
       you don't absolutely need this skill, but even more so this is a skill you
       will make a lot of use of through the entire game. Almost every chest will be
       off limits to you without this skill, wether in the house of a citizen or in
       a cave or dungeon out in the wild. Some quests also involves retrieving items
       from chests, so those would also be out of your reach without this skill.
       Opening Locks require lockpicks and is somewhat relying on your Dexterity.
       Once you interact with a locked chest you have to find the right combination
       to open them, from either turning the lockpick right or left. Turning the
       lockpick in a wrong direction have a chance of breaking the lockpick. With a
       high Dexterity skill the lockpicks doesnt break but instead give you a
       pointer that that was the wrong direction and lets you start over. The
       formula seems to be that Dexterity matches the chance of the lockpick NOT
       breaking. Ie, with a Dexterity of 50, there's a 50/50 chance you can start
       over instead of the lockpick breaking, A 100 DEX skill would mean your
       lockpicks never break.
       Learned from: Thorben (200 gold) & Ramirez (Thieves Guild, 150 gold)
      A1.1.3 Pickpocketing
       The art of further robbing the poor citizens of their belongings. To learn
       this skill you need to be connected to the Thieves Guild, and it migth not be
       for everyone. If you choose to play 'honorable' and turn in the thieves, you
       will not get to learn this skill. That said, becoming a member of the thieves
       guild have no real moral bearing on the game wether you're a goody two-shoes
       Paladin or a Mercenary, and you can still choose any of the three guilds and
       still be a full member of the Thieves Guild on the side.
       Once Pickpocketing is learned, you will get a new option in the conversation
       tree for named NPC's you talk to if they can be pickpocketed. Ie, when
       speaking to almost any named human (not Citizen, Farmer, Mercenary, Worker
       etc, generic NPC's) you will get a new option in paranthesis like "(it would
       be easy to steal his purse)". Choosing this option will take you to another
       step where you can choose to "(Pickpocket)" or Cancel. Although pickpocketing
       is very strict, the wording of the choice to pickpocket or not should give
       you a hint. If a target is 'easy' to pickpocket it means you probably can do
       it, while if a target is 'risky' it probably means you don't stand a chance.
       Only use this a pointer though, as pickpocketing is very success/failure
       oriented with no real middle ground.
       Each target has a what seems to be a set skill of Dexterity required to be
       pickpocketed. Ie, person x can be pickpocketed but to do so you need 30+ in
       Dexterity - 28 DEX won't cut it. If you talk to him/her, it might say "it
       would be child's play to steal his purse" if your DEX skill is 25, but
       there's still no way you can actually steal his/her purse. It could be that
       there is a slight chance roll involved (+/- a DEX point or two?), but to my
       experience I could try and pickpocket a target and fail 100% of the times
       with a given DEX skill, but by raising DEX as little as one point succeed on
       the first try. If you know otherwise, please let me know. In every case
       though, be sure to save before trying.
       Thus, Pickpocketing is DEX based but very strict. The easiest pickpocketing
       targets require as low as 10 DEX while the thoughest and most lucrative
       targets require in excess of 100. Possible pickpocketing loot could be pure
       gold, a potion, arrows or even keys that unluck doors to even better loot.
       Also note that you get experience for every target pickpocketed, and that
       they can only be robbed once in the entire game. If you rob a person in
       chapter 1, you cannot steal more later. Another important thing about
       pickpocketing is that the experience given actually raises by chapter
       progress. A successful pickpocket in chapter 1 yields 25xp independent of the
       skill required or item robbed, but if you wait until chapter, suddenly the
       experience gain for doing so raises to 75. Wether the skill for picking a
       target in Chapter 1 is lower than picking the same target instead in Chapter
       2 also raises is unknown. That said though, there are tons of people to rob
       and quite a hefty amount of xp to be gained by doing so - a level or two
       worth, making this skill pay for itself more or less. That is, if you wait
       until chapter 5 or the last chance to pickpocket a target, to yield the best
       possible 250xp. No thief should be without this skill.
       Learned only from: Cassia, the Thieves Guild leader
    A1.2 - Hunting
    Hunting is the art of removing various pieces from the animal or monsters you
    kill, like their skins, claws, horns etc. Once you have learnt the basic
    hunting skill, skinning, you can build on your knowledge by learning more
    tricks from hunters. Each and every hunting skill, including the basics, costs
    5 LP to learn.
     A1.2.1 - Hunting: Skinning
      When you first speak to Bosper at the 'Deadly Arrow' when entering Khorinis,
      he will talk about skinning and let you know he really wants you to come work
      with him. It is required to learn this skill to complete Bosper's quest and
      get his approval to sign up with any Master in the city, but you don't
      absolutely have to. However, without this skill (a 'basic') you cannot learn
      any of the other hunter skills that follow, and besides, skinning will bring
      you a lot of money throughout the game. Tell Bosper "Teach me how to skin!"
      and you will learn this skill for the cost of 5 Learning Points. Skinning is
      automatic and does not rely on any stat - either you have the skill and get
      the skin off a monster that can drop one, or you don't. Animals and monsters
      that can be skinned for pelts are: Sheep, Young Wolf, Wolf, Warg, Shadowbeast,
      Troll, and Black Troll. In addition, you can skin Lurkers and Swampsharks, but
      these skins are components and not sold to Bosper.
      Learnt from: Bosper.
     A1.2.2 - Hunting: Remove Mandibles
      Once learnt, you can remove the mandibles of certain creatures like Field
      Learnt from: Grom
     A1.2.3 - Hunting: Remove Claws
      This will enable you to remove a variety of claws from several beasts.
      Normally the claws aren't worth much, but you will get tons of them. Beasts
      with regular 'claws' you can remove with this skill are Snappers (2), Dragon
      Snappers (4), Lizards (2), Fire Lizards (4), Shadowbeasts (3). Lurkers will
      also drop 'Lurker Claw's that are worth the same.
      Learnt from: Gaan, Grimbald
     A1.2.4 - Hunting: Take Hearts
      This hunting skill will extract the hearts of magical and special creatures,
      according to the heart-taking field manual. This includes Golems and Demons.
      Learnt from: Grom
    A1.3 - Forging
    Forging allows you to make your own weapons, but is a bit more tricky to get
    into than hunting. There are only a very select few that can teach you these
    skills, and the weapons you get to make aren't all that good until the very end.
    To be able to forge the following weapons, you need to know the basics. The
    basics can be tougth to you in two ways - either by signing up as Harad's
    apprentice, or from Bennet at Onar's Farm. However, whoever you learn it from,
    know that Bennet will only teach you more weapons (from magic ore) if you are a
    mercenary, and Harad won't teach you anything unless you signed up with him.
    All the sword skills cost 5 LP to learn, so be wise when you choose what to
    learn. If you are using two-handers, learning how to forge one-handers is a
    waste of LP. Forging neither follows the style of alchemy where you have to
    learn a simple type to be able to learn the stronger version, so if you can wait
    you'd be better off just learning the stronger versions. Check the weapon tables
    to find the strength of these swords.
     A1.3.1 - Forging: Self-forged Sword
      This is the basics of forging, and requires 1 piece of raw steel to make.
      Simply use it on a Forge Fire and you get a piece of Red Hot Steel. Use the
      heated steel on an anvil and you get the option to make a self-forged sword.
      Learnt from: Harad, Bennet
     A1.3.2 - Forging: Ore Longsword
      Your first one-hander using magic ore. The process is the same, but you also
      use 1 lump of ore in the process.
      Learnt from: Bennet
     A1.3.3 - Forging: Ore Two-Hander
      The first two-hander using magic ore, similar in process to the one-hander.
      The two-hander ore sword uses 2 lumps of ore in the process.
      Learnt from: Bennet
     A1.3.4 - Forging: Ore Bastard Sword
      The second and stronger one-handed ore blade. This sword makes use of 2 lumps
      of ore.
      Learnt from: Bennet
     A1.3.5 - Forging: Heavy Ore Two-Hander
      An even stronger two-handed weapon, requiring 3 lumps of ore in the process.
      Learnt from: Bennet
    A1.4 - ALCHEMY
    Alchemy is the art of brewing potions. To do this you need to first learn any
    recipie, and the acess to an Alchemist's Bench. Once you have learnt a recipie,
    it will show up as options on what you can make when interacting with the bench.
    Brewing potions require two components for each potion besides the ingredients.
    First you need one Lab Water Flask and then one piece of Meadow Knotweed, both
    are used up in the process. Considering the Knotweed sells for 100 gold a stalk,
    potion brewing is mostly for your own use and seldom for making any profit.
    In addition you also need to learn the actual recipies. Each recipie costs 5LP
    to learn from the various Alchemy trainers, but there's also a sort of
    "experience" level involved. You cannot simply choose to learn the best potions
    at once, but need to have prior knowledge of the lesser potions first. An
    example would be healing potions wich come in 3 different strengths, Essence of
    Healing (50), Extract of Healing (75) and Elixir of Healing (100). You can't
    simply learn Elixir of Healing and forget about the others. You must first learn
    the 2 prior potions to learn how to make an Elixir. This works quite simple with
    the teachers that they give you only the option of learning two potions at once.
    Learn Essence of healing and you will have Extract as another choice. You can
    also learn Essence with one teacher, and then learn Extract from another
    teacher. More so, some teachers only know a set number of potions, where you
    have to seek out the masters for the really good ones. With alchemy you can
    learn all the potions already in chapter 1 though, unlike forging where you have
    to wait for the story to progress before being able to learn better swords.
    The potions you can learn to brew are as follows:
      Essence of Healing (Replenish 50 HP)
      2 Healing Plants, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Learnt from: Ignaz, Constantino, Sagitta
      Extract of Healing (Replenish 75 HP)
      2 Healing Herb, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Essence of Healing
      Learnt from: Constantino, Sagitta
      Elixir of Healing (Replenish 100 HP)
      2 Healing Roots, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Extract of Healing
      Learnt from: Constantino
      Mana Essence (Replenish 50 Mana)
      2 Fire Nettle, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Learnt from: Ignaz, Constantino, Sagitta
      Mana Extract (Replenish 75 Mana)
      2 Fireweed, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Mana Essence
      Learnt from: Constantino, Sagitta
      Mana Elixir (Replenish 100 Mana)
      2 Fire Root, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Mana Extract
      Learnt from: Sagitta
      Elixir of Spirit (+10 Permanent Max Mana)
      1 Fire Root, 1 King's Sorrel, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Mana Elixir
      Learnt from: Sagitta
      Elixir of Life (+15 Max HP)
      1 Healing Root, 1 King's Sorrel, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Elixir of Healing
      Learnt from: Constantino
      Elixir of Strength (+5 Permanent Strength)
      1 Dragon Root, 1 King's Sorrel, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Elixir of Healing
      Learnt from: Constantino
      Elixir of Dexterity (+5 Permanent Dexterity)
      1 Goblin Berries, 1 King's Sorrel, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of Mana Elixir
      Learnt from: Sagitta
      Potion of Speed (Double runspeed for 5 minutes)
      1 Snapperweed, 1 Meadow Knotweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Learnt from: Ignaz
      A Stalk of Swampweed (Slowdown effect when smoked)
      1 Swampweed, 1 Lab Water Flask
      Requires prior knowledge of any potion
    Trainers are those NPC's that can teach you a particular skill, or raise an
    existing stat. Trainers are often aligned to a certain group and will only train
    members of their own group or alignment. In most cases, trainers require payment
    or fulfillment of a quest before you can train with them, but once complete you
    can learn all they have to teach provided you have the learning points to spend.
    All skills (hunting, alchemy, forging etc) cost 5 Learning Points (LP) to learn,
    while all attributes and stats (STR, DEX, One-Hand, Bow etc) can be raised
    either 1 or 5 points at a time.
    Trainers are also divided into groups:
    - Attribute Trainers will teach you how to raise Strength or Dexterity
    - Melee Fighters will teach you one or two handed weapons.
    - Ranged Figthers will teach you Bow or Crossbow skills.
    - Hunters will teach you everything about obtaining monster parts.
    - Alchemists will teach you about brewing potions.
    - Blacksmiths will teach you about forging weapons.
    - Magic trainers will teach you magic spells, circles, and how to raise your
    - Other trainers will teach you basic skills skills you only learn once, like
      sneaking and lockpicking.
     A2.1 - HUNTERS
     Hunters are experienced in gathering resources from their kills and will teach
     you about how to gather hides, claws, teeth and similar.
     A2.1.1 Bosper
       Bosper is the first Hunter you meet (well, part-time hunter) in Khorinis. He
       runs the bowyer shop the Deadly Arrow. He can teach you the basics of
       hunting, namely Skinning for free.
     A2.1.2 Grom
       Grom can be found south of Onar's Farm, down in a valley. To have him teach
       you hunting skills, you need to complete his quest (C1.6.Q1 The Hungry
       Hunter). Grom can teach you Remove Mandibles, Remove Heart, Remove Teeth, and
       Shaowbeast Horn.
     A2.1.3 Gaan
       Gaan is the hunter working Bengar's farm up by the Valley of Mines pass. For
       100 gold he can teach you the following skills. Bloodfly Wings, Bloodfly
       Stinger, Remove Claws, Remove Teeth. If you also complete his quest "The
       Snorting Creature", he can then teach you Dragon Snapper Horn in addition.
     A2.1.4 Grimbald
       Grimbald is a true hunter, living off the land and generally staying way out
       in the wild. He can be found eyeing some Snappers, up by the Black Troll in
       the new world. Grimbald can teach you Bloodfly Wings, Bloodfly Stinger,
       Remove Mandibles, Remove Claws, and Remove Crawlerplates.
     A2.1.5 Gestath
       Gestath is the 'dangerous' hunter found in the high hills in the valley of
       mines, and only hunt the beasts no one else will. In chapter 2 and 3 he can
       teach you Dragon Snapper Horn, Tounge of Fire, Remove Crawler Plates and
       Remove Mandibles. In Chapter 4 he is joined by Gorn and can then teach you
       Remove Dragon Scales and Take Dragon Blood in addition to the previous
     Attributes are either Strength or Dexterity. All attribute trainers have a
     skill level themselves and cannot train you above their own skill level.
     A2.2.1 Laras
       Laras can be found in the docks district of Khorinis (see C1.3.S3 Laras Trip)
       and trains Dexterity up to a maximum of 30. Training with Laras is free.
     A2.2.2 Carl
       Carl is the Smith down at the docks district in Khorinis, near Ignaz house.
       He can train your Strength up to 30. To train with Carl you either need to
       pay him 50 gold, or complete C1.3.S2 "Edda's Statue".
     A2.2.3 Harad
       If you agree to sign up with Harad as an apprentice he can train your
       Strength up to 50 . Harad is found in Khorinis, forging weapons at the end of
       the main road coming in from the South Gate.
     A2.2.4 Torlof
       Torlof is Lee's right-hand man and can be found just outside the front door
       of Onar's farm. He can train both STR and DEX up to 90. That is, if you're
       either unguilded or a Mercenary. Once you join either the Militia or Mages he
       will refuse to train you.
     These will train you in either one-handed or two-handed weapon use, or even
     both if you come across a good trainer. One is dependant on the other though,
     so you can in all practicality train two-handed weapons with a trainer that
     says he or she can only train you in one of the types. This has to do with the
     weapon style dependancy, where you have to have both styles of the same skill
     level, or you are forced to train both styles at once. If you meet a one-handed
     trainer but your skills is already at a point where you have to train both,
     that very trainer will do so at the forced cost of 10 LP. As an example, if you
     are a 'Figther' (second skill level, 30%) with one-handed weapons and asks a
     one-handed trainer that can train you beyond 30% in one-handed weapons to train
     you, he will do so at the cost of 10 LP, raising the one-handed skill by only
     5% and the two-handed skill by 5% also. This doesn't matter much overall, but
     could be a good thing to know when you decide to push the 'double training' of
     one or two handed weapons and don't have the 'correct' trainer close by.
     A2.3.1 Alrik
       Found behind Bahmin the mapmaker's shop, in a secluded alley in Khorinis. To
       make him train you, you have to complete the sidequest C1.3.S4 Alrik's Fights
       & Missing Sword, and beat him in a fight. Alrik can train your One-Handed
       skill up to a max of 30.
     A2.3.2 Wulfgar
       Wulfgar is the trainer in the barracks in Khorinis and charged with the task
       of training any inhabitants of the city in case of an Orc attack. He can
       train both one-handed and two-handed up to 60%
     A2.3.3 Buster
       Buster is the first Mercenary you meet. After beating him, he can show you a
       bit on the use of one-handers. Even though Buster is a mercenary, he will
       train you regardless.
     A2.3.4 Rod
       Another mercenary at Onar's farm, after beating him or winning his bet, he
       can train your two-handed skill.
     Ranger Trainers teach either Bow or Crossbow, but seldom both at a time.
     However, the same rules applies to ranged weapons as one or two handers, so you
     have to train them in accordance with eachother. You cant become a master in
     one and be utterly useless in another.
     A2.4.1 Bartok
       Bartok can be found in Khorinis, by the free beer stand. He can train your
       Bow accuracy up 30 before and after you take him hunting.
     A2.4.2 Niclas
       Niclas is a survivalist trying to get away from Khorinis and all the noise.
       He can be found opposite of Jack's Lighthouse outside Khorinis, following a
       high winding trail up to the top of the mountain. He's sitting on a wooden
       log. He can train your Bow skill up to 30 for free.
     A2.4.3 Dragomir
       Just a bit off the Dead Harpy tavern, Dragomir occupies the camp abandoned by
       Bartok. He can train your crossbow skill, but won't do so unless you have a
       minimum of 30 Dexterity. He also requires 150 gold to train you, wether you
       complete his quest or not.
     A2.5 - ALCHEMISTS
     Alchemists teach you how to brew potions. You only have the option to learn two
     potions at any one time, so you have to know the basics before moving on to
     better and stronger potions.
     A2.5.1 Ignaz
       Ignaz can be found in Khorinis, in his house to the right of the main road
       leading into the Docks District. He can teach you the following potion
       recipies, provided you complete the quest C1.3.Q12 "An Experiment". Essence
       of Healing, Mana Essence and Potion of Speed. Ignaz will also teach you your
       first potion (basics) without prior skill.
     A2.5.2 Constantino
       The master Alchemist in Khorinis which you can sign up with as an apprentice.
       Constantino can teach you your first potion if you choose to be his
       apprentice, otherwise he can teach you the following recipies if you already
       have prior Alchemy knowledge. Mana Essence, Mana Extract, Essence of Healing,
       Extract of Healing, Elixir of Healing, Elixir of Life, and Elixir of Strength
     A2.5.3 Sagitta
       Sagitta is the Herb Witch living in a cave close to Onar's Farm. She can
       teach you several potion recipies if you complete her quest C1.6.Q16 The Sun
       Aloe. The recipies are Mana Essence, Mana Extract, Mana Elixir, Essence of
       Healing, Extract of Healing, Elixir of Spirit and Elixir of Dexterity.
     Blacksmiths will teach you how to forge weapons, simply put. Forging works a
     bit different than Alchemy in that what the blacksmiths can teach you is more
     limited and can often involve quests for additional items needed, or even a
     chapter change to be able to teach you more.
     A2.6.1 Harod
       You have to sign up with Harod as his apprentice in Khorinis to have him
       teach you the basics of Forging - how to make a Self-Forged Sword.
     A2.6.2 Bennet
       Bennet, the blacksmith working for the Mercenaries at Onar's Farm can also
       teach you the basics of Forging for 30 gold. Later on he can also teach you
       how to forge a magic blade, involving a small sidequest.
     Magic Trainers teach you Mana as the main skill, but if you become either a
     Fire Mage (from Novice) or a Paladin (from City Guard/Militia), they can also
     show you how to make magic runes, a sort of permanent scroll. Mercenaries
     cannot learn to use any magic runes except basic teleport ones, and have little
     to no use of Mana except what comes naturally to them through special items and
     potions found.
     A2.7.1 Vatras
       Vatras is first found in Khorinis, preaching in the Temple Square. He can
       teach you to increase your Mana for free - +10 to your mana pool for 5LP.
     A2.8 - OTHER
     The basic skills you can learn that doesn't expand with further knowledge.
     Basic skills are learnt once, and then the only thing that affects how good or
     bad you are at it, is the governing attribute.
     A2.8.1 Thorben
       Thorben is one of the Master Merchants in Khorinis and can be found hammering
       away on his furniture close to the South Gate. By first proving you are an
       honest fellow (by completing the Matteo and Gritta quest), he can teach you
       the skill of Lock Picking for 200 gold.
     A2.8.2 Bartok
       Bartok can be found in Khorinis, by the free beer stand. He can teach you
       about Sneaking for free.
     A2.8.3 Jesper
       Jesper is a member of the Thieves Guild in Khorinis. Training with him
       requires membership in the Thieves Guild, and can teach you Sneaking for
     A2.8.4 Ramirez
       Ramirez is also a member of the Thieves Guild in Khorinis. Training with him
       requires membership in the Thieves Guild. He can teach you how to Pick Locks
       for 150 gold.
     A2.8.5 Cassia
       Cassia is the leader of the Thieves Guild. Once you accept to become a member
       of the Thieves Guild, she can teach you the skill of Pick Pocketing. Cassia
       is the only one in the game that can teach you this skill.
    Damage is the amount of damage a weapon will do with a basic hit, before the
    enemy armor value is deducted, and before any critical hits are added.
    Naturally, the higher damage the better. STR is the amount of str needed to use
    the weapon. Sell Value is the END value when sold to any generic merchant - what
    you actually get it for it when sold - not the value listed when viewing the
    weapon from inventory as merchants will only pay that under rare circumstances.
     One handed weapons include everything wielded with one hand and requires the
     One-Handed weapon skill to use properly. They are faster than two-handers, but
     generally deal less damage than their two-hander counterparts.
     There are also a very few swords that has Dexterity as their wielding skill
     instead of strength. Why this is I have no idea, but if it is intentional, I
     suppose it's to provide an alternative for those preffering ranged weapons (DEX
     based). If you choose STR and one or two handed weapons, you'll still want to
     carry around a bow and xbow simply due to different weapons having different
     uses, wether you know to use them properly or not. A dexterity based sword is
     geared towards the more pure archers or crossbow users perhaps? I have no
     problem seeing why a light sword like a rapier or cutlass would rely more on
     dexterity than strength, but for in-game mechanics I have no idea if these DEX
     based swords use DEX as their damage calculation, or if it's still STR. An
     oddity nevertheless. Dexterity based weapons are listed in their own table.
     There are different types of both one and two handers that work exactly the
     same, but only have different looks. This is purely aesthetic I think for
     players who prefer say Axes over Swords. An axe, club, mace, or sword can be
     found with the exact same stats, just different looks. In the only case where
     this matters is blunt weapons vs particularily strong skinned monsters - a
     sword will have virtually no effect against a stone golem, while a blunt mace
     or club-like weapon with the same stats works a lot better. I'm not sure if
     this is present in other cases (blunt weapons against skeletons maybe?) or if
     there's any difference between axes and swords (edged/piercing?).
     Name                          Damage    STR            Sell Value
     Poker                            5        5                2
     Dagger                           5        5                2
     Sickle                           7        5                6
     Walking Stick                    8        5                4
     Cudgel                           8       10                2
     Heavy Branch                    10       10                1
     Smith's Hammer                  10       10                4
     Militia Short Sword             10       10               90
     Axe                             10       10                4
     Rough Short Sword               12       10               90
     Spiked Club                     12       10                2
     Wolf Knife                      12       10               12
     Rusty Sword                     15       10                3
     Short Sword                     16       10               18
     Spiked Cudgel                   18       10               36
     Wolf's Tooth                    20       10               45
     Woodcutter's Axe                20       25                6
     Rough Sword                     25       20                6
     Rough Broadsword                25       20                6
     Judge's Staff                   25       20               75
     Fine Short Sword                25       15               60
     Rusty Axe                       25       25                3
     Rough Hatchet                   25       20                6
     War Cudgel                      22       20                -
     Heavy Spiked Cudgel             28       20               90
     War Hammer                      28       30               75
     Self-Forged Sword               30       20               30
     Rough Longsword                 30       30              105
     Paladin's Sword                 30       30                9
     Light Orc Axe                   30       50                3
     Fine Sword                      35       30              135
     Skullsplitter                   35       30               90
     Stonebreaker                    35       25               90
     Light Battleaxe                 35       30              120
     Rough War Axe                   35       40                9
     Longsword                       37       27              150
     Double-Bladed Axe               40       35              150
     Beard Axe                       40       40              135
     Fine Longsword                  45       35              210
     Ore Longsword                   45       40              180
     Rough Bastard Sword             45       45              180
     Mace and Chain                  45       45              180
     Mace                            50       45              180
     Ruby Blade                      50       50              180
     Raven's Beak                    58       50              300
     Inquisitor                      60       50              360
     Rough Ore Blade                 60       40              600
     Ore Bastard Sword               60       50              240
     Fero's Sword                    60       50              240
     Orc Slayer                      65       65              450
     El Bastardo                     65       65              450
     Torturer's Axe                  65       65              450
     Blessed Ore Blade               70       40              900
     Ore Battle Blade                75       65              300
     Wrath of Innos                  80       40             1200
     Ore Dragon Slayer               90       80              660
     Name                          Damage    DEX            Sell Value
     Sword                           18       10                3
     Rapier                          50       50              180
     Master Sword                    65       65              450
     Compared to one handers, two handers do more damage but is slower to strike.
     Normally I would choose a faster weapon for dishing out more damage over time,
     but the two handers have another great advantage too, wich is range. You can
     simply hit foes further away with two handers, wich makes up for the safety of
     quick blocks. Some foes you REALLY want to keep as far away from your frail
     body as possible, and employing the 'swingers' tactic (See the Combat Appendix)
     you can keep most things at safe distance.
     The disadvantage here is that you tire more often from combos and can suddenly
     find yourself resting the big weapon on towards the ground and no chance of
     raising it for a block when that big Orc Axe is coming down on your skull.
     Generally, one handers are for style and two handers for brute force. You
     should still read about the one handers and the additional tips there even
     though they dont interest you, as much of the same tactic with one handers
     apply to two handers (blunt vs edged etc).
     Name                           Damage   STR            Sell Value
     Fighting Pike                    20      15                3
     Pick-Axe                         20      25                6
     Halberd                          28      20               84
     Staff Mace                       32      20               60
     Light Two-Hander                 32      30               66
     Rough Two-Hander                 35      40                9
     Medium Orc Axe                   35      55                4
     Paladin's Two-Hander             40      40               12
     Heavy Orc Axe                    40      60                6
     Orcish War Sword                 50      70                9
     Two-Hander                       55      60              210
     Lizard Sword                     40      80                8
     Brutal Orc Axe                   45      65                8
     Ore Two-Hander                   50      50              240
     Rune Power                       60      60              360
     Battleaxe                        60      60              360
     Rough Ore Blade                  70      50              600
     War Axe                          70      70              600
     Cutlass                          70      70              600
     Heavy Ore Two-Hander             70      70              300
     Barbarian Battleaxe              75      75              750
     Stormbringer                     75      65              750
     Dragon Slicer                    80      80              900
     Berserker's Axe                  80      80              660
     Sword of the Order               85      50              900
     Heavy Ore Battle Blade           90      90              360
     Holy Executioner                100      50             1200
     Large Ore Dragon Slayer         110     100              720
     A3.3 BOWS
     Bows use the Bow skill when determining how far away and how likely you are to
     hit a target from a distance or while the target is in motion. Bows require
     Dexterity to wield and also take their critical hit damage from Dexterity. Bows
     compared to Crossbows are faster to shoot and ready in combat situations, but
     deal less damage.
     Name                           Damage   DEX            Sell Value
     Shortbow                        10       10               30
     Bow                             20       20               15
     Willow Bow                      25       20               60
     Hunting Bow                     30       30              120
     Elm Bow                         35       35              180
     Composite Bow                   40       45              240
     Ash Bow                         45       50              300
     Longbow                         50       60              360
     Beech Bow                       55       65              420
     Bone Bow                        60       75              480
     Oak Bow                         65       80              540
     War Bow                         70       90              600
     Dragon Bow                      75       90              750
     Compared to bows, crossbows are slower to fire and reaload, slower to ready,
     but do considerably more damage pr hit. Another thing to note about crossbows
     is that the damage dealt compared to DEX requirements to use is much wider -
     where bows might require 10 dex and do 10 damage, a crossbow can do 20 damage
     with the same 10 dex requirement.
     Name                           Damage   DEX            Sell Value
     Hunting Crossbow
     Crossbow                        20       20               15
     Light Crossbow                  40       25              180
     Dragomir's Crossbow             40       25              180
     Crossbow┬▓                       55       40              300
     War Crossbow                    70       55              450
     Heavy Crossbow                  85       70              600
     Dragonhunter's Crossbow        100       85              750
     ┬▓ This is a crossbow named just "Crossbow" like the regular bad version, but is
     much more powerful. It can be found in chapter 1 on a corpse, and later from
     stores in chapter 3 and above. Always look for 'Hero' brand crossbows and don't
     settle for the local Peasant-Mart crap.
    A4 - ARMOR
    Armor works quite simple in Gothic 2 - what I really like about the whole
    concept. Any armor rating in the four categories is how much damage you can
    expect to block completely from an attack. Say a Goblin has a branch doing 10
    damage. If your Weapon AC is 10, it wouldn't be able to hurt you. There are of
    course more factors playing in here like strength/dexterity and criticals. The
    basics are still simple - AC in a category decides how much damage you can
    prevent from each blow. Ie, the higher the better. Armors are also few and far
    between, and quite expensive, so treasure what you can find.
      Name                          Weapon  Arrows  Dragon Fire   Magic  Sell Value
      Farmer's Clothing I             15      15         0          0        24
      Leather Armor                   25      20         5          0        75
      Novice's Robe                   25      25         0         10        84
      Light Mercenary Armor           30      30         0          0       150
      Light Militia Armor             40      40         5          5       180
      Fire Mage's Robe                40      40        20         20       150
      Medium Mercenary Armor          45      45         5          5       300
      Crawler Plate Armor             55      50        20         15       450
      Heavy Militia Armor             60      60        10         10       750
      Heavy Mercenary Armor           60      60        10         10       750
      Light Dragon Hunter's Armor     70      70        40         20       900
      Knight's Armor                  80      80        25         25      1500
      Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor    80      80        50         30      3600
      Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor     90      90        60         40      6000
      Paladin's Armor                100     100        50         50      6000
    This is just a handy list for easy reference on the 'wheres and hows' to find
    permanent attribute or skill boosts. Wether something you drink, eat or do. It's
    generally a good idea to wait doing these until you can train no more in a
    certain skill, or doing so when it regards a skill you have not intention to
    train to the max.
     A5.1 Apples
      Green regular Apples have a nice side-effect to them that if you eat 25 of
      them, you get a permanent +1 to Strength. Note that this only works ONCE so
      even though you can get an unlimited amount of apples only the first 25 eaten
     A5.1 Dark Mushrooms
      Dark Mushrooms (not Digger Meat) have a similar effect like apples. Eating
      50! of these will permanently raise your Mana by +10. The same applies as
      with the apples in that you can only do it once. Note that 50 Dark Mushrooms
      is worth a bit of money too, so you have to decide what is more important to
      you. There are literary hundreds of Dark Mushrooms around though.
     A5.3 Coragon's Special Beer
      Coragon the barkeep in the Happy Fatted Calf in Khorinis can award you with a
      special brew of his that permanently adds +3hp and +1mana. Look at C1.2.S7
      Coragon's Silver and C1.3.S8 Lehmar's Ledger on how to obtain two of these
     A5.4 Rengaru's Pick Pocketing Tips
      Rengaru, the longfingered thief in Khorinis, can teach you a little trick
      about picking pockets if you show him the Thieves signal. To do this you need
      to be a member of the Thieves Guild. The tip he gives you permanently raises
      your Dexterity by +2.
     A5.5 Book: The Divine Power of the Stars
      This book can be bougth from either Constantino or Zuris in Khorinis in
      Chapter 1. Reading it will raise your Mana permanently by +2.
     A5.6 Potions
      A master alchemyst can brew potions that raise attributes permanently. These
      are Strength and Dexterity by +5 each, Hitpoints by +15 and Mana by +10. Said
      potions can also be found as part of very lucrative loot. Look at Alchemy for
      further info.
     A5.7 Thekla's Stew
      Made my Thekla the cook at Onar's farm, this powerful stew will look like any
      ordinary stew in that it heals a nice 20hp when eaten. Once you eat a pot
      however, your Strength will also permanently raise by +1.
     A5.8 Wulfgar's One-Hander Tip
      In Khorinis' barracks, Wulfgar is charged with training the citizens in case
      of an orc attack. He's very into his training, and can often be found
      practicing moves already at five in the morning. If you're awake at that hour,
      talking to Wulfgar between 5 and 7 in the morning while he is alone in the
      barracks yard, you'll recieve a tip worth a permanent +2% to your one-handed
      weapons skill.
     A5.9 Book: Southern Defense Art
      Come chapter 2, Lutero the 'special' merchant in the upper quarter will stock
      this rather pricy book called Southern Defense Art. The book drops you 5000
      gold and will raise your One-Handed skill by 5% when read.
     A5.10 Book: Double Blocks
      Also bougth from Lutere at the start of chapter 2, this red book comes with
      the same price tag and permanently raise your Two-Handed skill by 5%.
     A5.11 Sergio's Two-Hander tip
      This can only be done as a novice after you have joined the monastery, and not
      for mercenaries or paladins. Complete Marduk's quest "C1.6.Q8 Prayer for the
      Paladins" and Sergio will give you some pointers on using a two-hand weapon,
      resulting in a permanent +2% bonus.
     A5.12 Donations to Daron
      Daron the fire mage, located just inside the eastgate in Khorinis, will take
      your money gladly. He will even throw in some permanent bonuses too you really
      should take advantage of. Daron will accept up to 1000 gold in total
      donations, in increments of 200, 100 and 50 gold. If you donate 200 gold you
      get a semi-random bonus. Donating 200 gold 5 times nets you 6 bonuses in
      total, one per donation, then another when you reach 1000 and try to donate
      again. You can also donate 100 gold 10 times for 11 bonuses, similar to 200,
      but the donations really starts to shine if you have the stamina to donate a
      total of 1000 gold, with 50 gold at a time. If you do the 50 gold donations,
      you won't get a bonus for the first donation, but on the second time you
      donate 50 gold (then at 100 gold), and every single time thereafter until you
      reach 1000 gold. That comes to 21 bonuses - well worth your trouble no?
      So what are these bonuses you say? As mentioned, they are 'semi-random' but
      will include atleast 3 unique bonuses (randomness is on when you recieve
      these), and then +5 permanent HP for each donation in addition to the three
      have appeared. The three special bonuses are first +2 permanent mana, then
      +250 experience, and last a free Learning Point.
      Doing this the optimal way of 20 donations of 50 gold each will net you a
      total of 2 MaxMana, 1 Learning Point, +250xp, and an utterly nice +85 HP wich
      would normally constitute 7 levels worth of natural HP advancement.
     A5.13 Statues of Innos
      Spread across the land are several statues depicting the good god Innos. You
      can pray to these statues and donate gold, pretty much anywhere and at any
      time, except a few instances where these statues become unavailable for a
      short period. As with donating to Daron above, the statues will also grant you
      permanent bonuses, but this works slightly different.
      You have to donate 100 gold to recieve the bonus, but you can only do so once
      per day. The bonus granted is also randomly selected from a set of available
      bonues to your guild/class, inluding Strength, Dexterity, Mana and HitPoints.
      The most common bonus is either +4 HP or +1 Strength. These bonuses are
      available to those non-guilded, mercenaries, dragon hunters, and militia men.
      Belonging to either one of the above will randomly grant you one of the above
      for each prayer.
      Paladins are true servants of Innos and recieve an even greater benefit from
      praying. In their case, a prayer will randomly grant either +2 Strength, +2
      Dexterity, +8 HP or +4 Mana. If you plan on going the paladin route, wait
      until chapter 3 and your initiation into the order before you expend your 10
    Picking up herbs wherever you go can really make a difference if you later get
    to learn the various Alchemy skills. If not, most of them net you some good
    coin, and like foodstuffs some of them are excellent for replenishing HP and
    Mana. Specific rare herbs that are used in making the strongest potions can also
    permanently raise your stats simply by eating and is worth quite a bit.
    Another note on gathering herbs though - they have an air of randomness to them.
    That is, some herbs seems to appear in the same spot every time, but others
    seems to show up on completely random locations. And taking about randomness -
    there's a sneaking suspicion herbs actually respawn during the game, and not
    between chapters where most solid respawning happens. Some times you can really
    scourge an area running back and forth to be sure you got all the herbs, but a
    little later when walking through the same area you suddenly find another herb
    right in your path, in a location so obvious you are almost certain you would
    have picked it up last time. They either spawn here and there random, or the
    designers spent months extra making sure every little herb was placed in the
    most intelligent spot possible...My gold is on the former.
    Gathering herbs is also a matter of knowing where to look. Most herbs have a
    conection to the foliage around them so you quickly learn what you are likely to
    find just by looking at your surroundings. Swampweed grows around swamps,
    mushrooms grow in shaded spots usually around tree roots etc - it will come to
    you naturally as you play.
    Also don't worry about having to pick up EVERY herb as there is plenty to go
    around. Starting chapter 2 the first time around my character had several
    hundreds of the most common herbs, so dont be afraid to use them for a little
    healing or mana replenishing on the fly either.
    The rare herbs are often in special locations, but you will find them by natural
    progression and exploring. Some of them even must be spawned by certain
    triggers, and some can even be bought from merchants later in the game.
    In the herbs table, "Alchemy" means the herb is part of a potion or other
    alchemy recipie, so you might want to conserve those for that purpose. "Stat
    Bonus" indicates a rare or special herb that is either used for the strong +5
    stat potions, eaten plain for the permanent bonus listed, or other anamolies.
    Consult the Alchemy or Skills & Statboosters appendix for more info on how to
    process these.
      Herbs Name                    HP     Mana     Sell Value      Notes
      Healing Plant                 10       -          6           Alchemy
      Healing Herb                  20       -         12           Alchemy
      Healing Root                  30       -         18           Alchemy
      Fire Nettle                    -      10                      Alchemy
      Fireweed                       -      15          6           Alchemy
      Fire Root                      -      20         12           Alchemy
      Blue Elder                     5       5          3           -
      Digger Meat                   15       -          9           -
      Dark Mushroom                  5       -          3           Stat Bonus
      Meadow Knotweed                5       -         30           Alchemy
      Turnip                         -       -          1           -
      Woodland Berry                 5       -          3           -
      Meadow Berry                   5       -          3           -
      Snapperweed                    -       -         30           Alchemy, Speed
      Goblin Berries                 -       -         75           +1 DEX, Alchemy
      King's Sorrel                  -       -        150           +5 HP, Alchemy
      Dragon Root                    -       -        150           +1 STR, Alchemy
      Sun Aloe                       -       -                      -
      Swampweed                      -       -          3           Alchemy
      A Stalk of Swampweed           -       -         30           Slowdown
    Not every wound needs a healing potion - often a good meal and some sleep will
    cure most ails. There's a lot of foodstuffs around that will replenish your
    health and/or mana when eaten, and works good as a supplement to your healing
    potions and a good nights sleep. Some foods heals just a little but is
    expensive, while others are cheap and heal a moderate amount. Consult the table
    below for the most efficient road-snack, and what is better sold to the lazy
    citydwellers. HP is amount healed pr item eaten. Mana is amount of mana
    regenerated pr item used, and Sell Value is the amount of coin you get when
    selling to a merchant - not the actual value listed when viewing the item in
    inventory. There are also special foodstuffs that can boost other traits than
    HP/Mana, but these do so permantently and are considered special. Look at the
    section for "Skills & Statboosters" for those items and take care not to mistake
    them for regular foodstuff. Where that is the case, the item is noted as
    Compared to sleeping or drinking healing potions, foodstuffs take a bit of time
    to 'use' - not for use in combat, but rather freshening up after a fight. Things
    eaten are quicker to use than drinking due to the animation, and although some
    foodstuffs works great for healing up as there is a lot of it, drinking 10-20
    beverages after a fight takes a whole lot of time and isn't particularily funny
    to watch after you've downed the 100th beer. Eaten foodstuffs generally heal way
    more than beverages, while beverages also usually give a few points to Mana too.
    Price and efficiency varies a lot. Raw Meat for an example is a very good
    supplement to healing potions when you fry it into Fried Meat. You can carry
    around hundreds of Fried Meats, and they sell for practically nothing to
    merchants. Bread and Cheese is another example - they don't heal much, a little
    less than the fried meat for bread, and a few points more for the cheese.
    However, they sell to merchants for ok coin. A fish is practically worthless,
    but turned into fish soup, they are worth more. Still not as good healing as the
    fried meat, but nice for merchants fodder. Actually buying to use the expensive
    low-yield foodstuffs like bread and cheese again would be simple waste of coin.
    The same applies to beverages. They heal very little hp and mana and is usually
    very expensive for the little they do heal. More merchants-fodder.
    And last a note on preparing the few foods that can be. Raw Meat can be fried in
    a pan on ANY stove as long as it's not in use and show up as interactable. You
    don't need a Pan either - they seem to come free with any stove. As long as you
    have Raw Meat in your inventory, just use a stove and for each piece you get a
    piece of Fried Meat. This can be a bit cumbersome as you progress though, so if
    you want to be efficient, try frying up some 5-10 pieces whenever you pass a
    stove. A good while into the game Fried Meat had become my main source of food,
    but I had some 300+ pieces of raw meat and frying that many pieces will simply
    take forever.
    Fish Soup can only be made one place in the game to my knowledege, in the town
    of Khorinis, down at the docks area. There's a woman by the name of Edda
    (C1.2.S2) behind Ignaz house in Khorinis that can make fish soup for you once
    per day.
    The "Stat Bonus" on Apples - refer to the Appendix section "Skills &
      Name                          HP      Mana    Sell Value      Notes
      Apple                          3       -         2            Stat Bonus
      Gin                            4       1         4            -
      Fish                           5       -         4            Can be cooked
      Raw Meat                       6       -         1            Can be fried
      Water                          8       -         3            -
      Fish Soup                     10       -         6            Made from Fish
      Stew                          20       -         2            Good healing
      Wine                           2       1         6            -
      Bread                         10       -         6            -
      Cheese                        15       -         9            -
      Fried Meat                    12       -         2            From Raw Meat
      Beer                           3       1         6            -
      Milk                           5       1         4            -
      Ham                           20       -        15            Good healing
      Sausage                       12       -         9            -
      Sheep Sausage                 12       -         9            -
      Honey                         12       -         9            -
      Bug Meat                      10       -         3            From Meat Bugs
      A Herring                     20       -         0            -
    Monsters are listed descending by experience, then alphabetically where one
    monster type yields the same amount of experience. In some instances humanoid
    mobs with the same name can wield different weapons for the loot column, but are
    still the same type of monster. As a general rule concerning humanoid monsters
    (those wielding weapons), a two-hander is more powerful while a one-hander is
    faster. Each can be just as deadly depending on the tactics you use against
    The dropped loot listed are often random, except the weapon a monster wields, if
    any, wich is listed first. If a monster is listed as dropping several types of
    items it doesn't always drop all of them but can drop instances of everything
    listed. In some cases monsters always drop an item of their particular nature,
    like skeletons always drop Skeleton's Bone or a certain 'meaty' creature always
    drop a piece of Raw Meat.
    Some drops require you to have certain skills in hunting beforehand. These
    always include items like skins/pelts, claws, mandibles, etc. Items dropped
    requiring a certain hunter skill (see appendix A1.2) is listed last.
    Name                     EXP    Items
    Sheep                     10    Raw Meat, Sheep's Skin
    Meatbug                   10    Bug Meat
    Young Giant Rat           20    Raw Meat
    Small Bloodfly            30
    Goblin A                  30    Heavy Branch, Fish, Dark Mushroom, Gold
    Young Wolf                30    Raw Meat, Wolf's Skin
    Young Field Raider        40
    Giant Rat                 40    Raw Meat
    Goblin B                  50    Heavy Branch, Fish, Dark Mushroom, Gold
    Bandit A                  50    One handers, foodstuffs, potions, gold
    Bloodfly                  60
    Ghost Light               60    -
    Scavenger                 70    Raw Meat
    Field Raider              80
    Bandit B                  80    See Bandit A
    Loafer                    80    See Bandit A
    Citizen                   80    -
    Highwayman                80    -
    Lurker                   100    A Lurker's Skin, Lurker Claw
    Black Goblin             100    Heavy Branch, Gold, Digger Meat, Gold Ring,
                                    Goblin Berries
    Minecrawler              120    Minecrawler Plate
    Lizard                   120    2 Claws
    Warg                     150    Raw Meat, Warg Skin
    Bandit C                 180    See Bandit A
    Snapper                  180    2 Claws
    Steingolem               180    -
    Stone Golem              180    Heart of a Stone Golem
    Seeker                   180    Potion of Speed
    Tramp                    180    See Bandit A
    Minecrawler Warrior      200    2x Minecrawler Plate
    Shadowbeast              200    2x Raw Meat, Shadowbeast Skin
    Dragon Snapper           200    4 Claws, 2 Teeth
    Snorting Dragon Snapper  200    4 Claws, 2 Teeth
    Lower Skeleton           120    Rusty Sword, Skeleton's Bone
    Goblin Skeleton          150    Goblin's Bone
    Zombie                   150    -
    Fire Lizard              210    4 Claws
    Skeleton                 220    Rusty Two-Hander, Skeleton's Bone
    Skeleton Mage            240    -
    Ice Golem                240    Heart of an Ice Golem
    Swampshark               240    Skin of a Swampshark
    Crypt Guard              220    Rusty Sword or Rusty Two-Hander, Skeleton's Bone
    Shadowbeast Skeleton     300    -
    Fire Golem               300    Heart of a Fire Golem
    Shadow Warrior           400    Two-Hander, Skeleton's Bone
    Shadow Lord Inubis       400    Two-Hander, 2 Healing Elixirs, 2 Mana Elixirs,
                                    500 gold, Skeleton's Bone
    Orc Warrior              250    Heavy or Medium Orc Axe, Gin, Gold, Silver Ring
                                    Healing Plant, Raw Meat, 2 Essence of Healing,
                                    Extract of Healing
    Orc Shaman               400    Light Orc Axe, Mana Extract, Coal, Sulphur
    Orc Elite                350    Orcish War Sword, Dragonroot, Warg Skin, Wolf
                                    Skin, Torch, Gold Ring, Essence of Healing,
                                    Extract of Healing, Elixir of Healing, Scroll of
                                    Cure Light Wounds, Claws
    Orcish Warlord           350    Ring of the Orcish Warlords, See Orc Elite
    Orc Colonel              350    Ring of the Orcish Warlords, War Axe, Greater
                                    Healing rune, gold, Orc War Map
    Lizard Man               350    Lizard Sword
    Troll                    500    Troll Hide, 2 Troll Tusk
    Demon                    600    Extract of Healing, Mana Extract, Pitch,
                                    Heart of a Demon
    Demon Lord              1000    See Demon
    Black Troll             1000    Black Troll Hide
    As you progress through the game your levels will go up as you gather xp from
    killing foes and completing quests. Each new level will raise the amount of xp
    needed for the next level a little more making it non-linear and increasingly
    difficult to level. Each level will also give you 12 additional HP and 10
    Learning Points (LP). There are other ways to raise HP, so the listed amount is
    only what you would have minimum.
     Level    Base Hit Points      Learning Points         XP Needed for Next
       0             40                   0                         500
       1             52                  10                        1500
       2             64                  20                        3000
       3             76                  30                        5000
       4             88                  40                        7500
       5            100                  50                       10500
       6            112                  60                       14000
       7            124                  70                       18000
       8            136                  80                       22500
       9            148                  90                       27500
      10            160                 100                       33000
      11            172                 110                       39000
      12            184                 120                       45500
      13            196                 130                       52500
      14            208                 140                       60000
      15            220                 150                       68000
      16            232                 160                       76500
      17            244                 170                       86000
      18            256                 180                       95500
      19            268                 190                      105000
      20            280                 200                      115500
      21            292                 210                      126500
      22            304                 220                      138000
      23            316                 230                      150000
      24            328                 240                      162500
      25            340                 250                      175500
      26            352                 260                      189000
      27            364                 270                      203000
      28            376                 280                      217500
      29            388                 290                      232500
      30            400                 300                      248000
      31            412                 310                      264000
      32            424                 320                      280500
      33            436                 330                      297500
      34            448                 340                      315000
      35            460                 350                      333000
      36            472                 360                      351500
      37            484                 370                      370500
      38            496                 380                      390000
      39            508                 390                      410000
      40            520                 400                      430500
      41            532                 410                      451500
      42            544                 420                      473000
      43            556                 430                      495000
      44            568                 440                      517500
      45            580                 450                      540500
      46            592                 460                      564000
      47            604                 470
      48            616                 480
      49            628                 490
      50            640                 500
    It is theoretically possible to level past 50 with the unlimited experience
    exploits/advantages, but this would just be pushing it. Most people seem to
    finnish the game around 30-35 with either guild, and past 30 your character
    really knows everything there is to know about combat or magic.
    A really nice feature with Gothic is that all the monsters, humanoids and
    general foes you'll encounter aren't simply 'blobs of life' to be killed in
    whatever way available to you. Almost each and every creature has it's own way
    of fighting and a few tricks they can muster - if you know how to fight a
    creature, it could seem easy, while if you don't know even a relatively easy
    creature might give you a world of trouble, no matter what your own level or
    powers are. Simply write it down to skill, totally disregarding a "at level 1 I
    should defeat level 1 monsters with easy" approach as is sadly such a common way
    for most rpgs.
    So, this section is a foe by foe guide to knowing how to combat the different
    creatures. How they act, how you can counter, what works and in some cases what
    doesn't. Have any tips and tactics yourself for a particular monster? Let me
    know. The list is arranged alphabetically.
      Dragon Snapper & Snapper
       Small dinosaur type creatures, often hunting in packs - very fast, and relies
       on a powerful charge to bring you down. The charge seems to do an incredible
       amount of damage, like a critical hit. They can be fooled and lured though,
       breaking up the pack in almost all instances, so whenever you can, get them
       in one-on-one situations. You'll see a snapper has caught your scent when it
       raises it's head and turns towards you, then taking some trying steps getting
       closer for a charge. If you have a pack on your hands, run if you see them
       all starting towards you.
       If you can lure out a single one though, start by walking backwards to match
       it closing in on you. If you get it some 5-10 meters away from the rest of
       the pack before it starts it's charge, the others won't notice. When it does
       charges, they key is to get the first hit in, effectively stunning it and
       breaking the charge. Time your most powerful melee swing and you can whack it
       over the head just as the charge is about to connect, then have time to get a
       couple quick slashes in for the kill. Once perfected, snappers will go down
       one by one without you getting a scratch.
      Orc Warrior & Scout
       These large brutes are often quite intimitading at first, but you'll ample
       opportunity to get to know them better as you go. For melee fighters, they
       turn out to be quite easy, and unless you encounter groups of them of 2 or
       more, you'll seldom take a single hit from these.
       The orc tactic is simply to run towards you roaring, then try to hit you with
       an overhead swing. Since orc are big, slow and stupid, all you have to do is
       break their attack with a blow of your own - any will do. Once you land a
       good hit, the orcs will fall back and try again. Depending on how close they
       are at the time the attack is disrupted, they'll try a side swing, but if you
       attack to break their attack, jump back a bit and in the process block a
       possible swing, then they'll close the distance on you again for the overhead
       swing and you can break it all over again. Repeat 2-3 times at most to kill
       any orc warrior or scout using a one or two handed melee weapon.
      Skeleton, Shadowwarrior & Crypt Guards
       Hands down one of the most difficult foes to combat in the entire game. Not
       because they are the biggest, strongest or do the most damage, but simply
       because they have all of the above in good portions, and know how to use it.
       A skeleton has a lot of hitpoints, are extremely strong (why you take
       hundreds of dmg from their rusty weapons) and moves and fight at a blazing
       speed. The same applies to Shadow Warriors, who fight like skeletons in full
       armor, but they have way more hitpoints.
       A skeleton - read just skeleton, not lower skeletons or goblin skeletons -
       has two basic attacks with their swords. One very swift overhead swing
       leaving them open for a fraction as they 'recharge' similar to you being
       winded, and a nasty double swing from side to side. The doubleswing has a
       similar short recharge, but is clearly the deadliest of the two attacks - you
       see, as a melee fighter, you need to have some real skill in the weapon you
       use, past rookie, to even block quick enough for the double swing. Attempting
       this earlier just leaves you blocking the first swing and probably dying when
       the blade comes back again.
       Each of these two attacks aren't dangerous in their own and can be blocked
       with the proper skill rather easy - it's when these two attacks are combined
       into combos that the skeletons show why they are by far one of the thoughest
       creatures to fight. Blocking one attack pushes you back a bit and it's then
       you get hit by the other attack. To successfully combat a skeleton one-on-
       one, you need to aticipate their attack, and block accordingly. If you think
       it's going for a overhead swing and block once, but it's really doing a
       doubleswing, the second attack will hit you good. If you anticipate a double
       swing and do a rapid double block, but the skeleton only does a overhead
       swing, you open your side completely coming out of the second block and you
       can be absolutely sure it's going to use the advantage to land a blow in your
       kidney. However, if you do manage to guess the type of attack and block it
       properly, you have a small opening to plant your counter-attack, any will do.
       Keep successfully anticipating and blocking the two attacks, counter-attack
       then step back, over and over until you've crushed the skeleton. Around level
       10 as a melee fighter, you probably need some good 5 hits or more on a
       skeleton, and 10-20 on a shadow warrior, so expect intense and rewarding
       fights. All in all, I personally feel that the skeletons are the most fun
       fights to be had - one would think a properly trained swordfighter would
       offer more of a challenge and more combos, but this doesn't seem to be the
       case. Once you have bested skeletons in one on one swordfights, there's
       really nothing else that will stand much of a chance against you.
    So what's this you say? Well, generally just exploits and things you can do that
    will give you an unfair advantage, some more severe than others. Some of these
    can't possibly be intended by the developers, and others again seems just
    dubious. I still choose to list them here as people play their own game whatever
    way they like. If you do choose to take advantage of some of these, know that
    you will indeed get an advantage that can ruin your experience. But you already
    knew that didn't you?
     A11.1 Unlimited Gold
      The most obvious and simple way of securing a virtually unlimited income must
      be Cipher, at Onar's Farm. He is a merchant of sorts, but unlike other
      merchants his inventory will not dissapear when he is knocked out.
      Furthermore, beating up Cipher have no repercussions and is regarded as a
      duel. Simply sell him all your valuable stuff, beat him up and take it back.
      Rince and repeat for unlimited amounts of gold.
     A11.2 Unlimited Experience
      It says unlimited, yes, but I'd rather think of it as a excercise in futility.
      I do make use of this trick from time to time myself, but only in moderate
      dosage, as I believe only the moderately insane would actually use this to
      gain several levels and an advantage that way.
      Anyway, the trick involves isolating a Skeleton Mage. Skeleton Mages have the
      ability to Summon Skeleton, and have a very predictable array of spells they
      will cast. First they will try to freeze you, then summon a skeleton to chop
      away at your frozen body, and then last keep pelting you with ice like bolts.
      However, dodge the freezing ray, then stay in view until the skeleton is
      summoned, then drag the skeleton out of view from the skeleton mage and defeat
      it for +220xp. Now save, then reload. The skeleton mage is still present
      around a corner or similar where you left it, but has returned to it's usual
      array of spells, first with the freeze, then with summons. Repeating this
      process over and over will net you a skeleton to fight for +220xp indefinite.
      Or near-indefinite, since I honestly don't think anyone has the stamina to
      beat hundreds of skeletons this way (100 skeletons = 22.200 xp, about one
      level when you're closing on level 30).
     A11.3 Additional Goblin Berries & Dragonroots
      There's two creatures that seldom drop these herbs as loot. A black goblin can
      drop a single Goblin Berry, while an Orc Elite sometimes have a Dragonroot on
      them. Loot is completely random and decided in game-mechanics when the
      creature dies. Both these herbs can be eaten as is for +1 dex or +1 str.
      With that in mind, it's quite possible to isolate any of said creature, save
      before defeating it, and keep on loading the game until it drops such a
      preffered herb. Testing with Orc Elites show that you can basically get a
      dragonroot off every single Orc Elite, while doing the same with Black Goblins
      is an effort in futility - normally, you can pretty much get any group of 3-4
      or more black goblins encountered to drop atleast 1 goblin berry, but every
      single goblin? That would border on insanity.
     A11.4 Mercenary: Unlimited Experience & Gold
      As a mercenary, in chapter 3, you can get the quest 'Shadowbeast Horns for
      Buster'. The exploit is that this quest never ends and that you can return any
      horn to Buster for +200xp and 350 gold. Knocking out Buster and taking back
      the horn you gave him can be done in an easy swipe and it doesn't register.
      With a good amount of horns you could even level up several times doing this.
     A11.5 Paladin: Unlimited Experience & Gold
      As a paladin, in chapter 4 and out, Jan at the smithy in the castle will buy
      vials of dragonblood from you for 200xp and 200 gold a piece. For this you
      need to have the Take Blood skill (from Gestath or Godar) and have killed the
      dragons. You should have 8 vials from this. Just give all the vials to Jan for
      +1600xp and 1600 gold, then knock him out and take the 8 vials back. This can
      be done over and over indefinite, but beware others in the castle that might
      attack you.
    Magic rings, or magic amulets. There are only these two types of magic items
    that artificially boosts stats, and you can wear one amulet and two rings at the
    same time. There are a few other oddball magic effects, but none that fit the
    jewelry category. In most cases you can find two of the same type of ring for
    double the effect. Rings often come in two different strength versions, either
    +5 or +10, while the amulets make up a 'third strength' +15. Not all stats have
    appropriate strength levels, but theoretically you could boost a skill with +45
    by employing 2 of the strongest rings and one amulet for the same skill.
    Some of these rings and amulets are very nice, while others you will seldom use.
    For melee characters, the strength rings add a nice damage bonus or lets you
    equip weapons above your skill. For Mages, added mana from rings allow for a
    couple more spells. AC bonuses are generally useless when they come in single
    instances, and I have never seen much of an effect here. The exception are the
    'all AC' bonus rings wich are the best found in my opinion. With both on, +15 to
    all four armorclasses does make a difference. HP bonus rings or amulets seems a
    total waste.
      Name                        Effect                        Reference
      Valentino's Ring            +5 Weapon AC
      Wood Protection             +5 Arrow AC
      Ring of Stoneskin           +10 Arrow AC
      Ring of Iron Skin           +5 Weapon AC
      Ring of Ore Skin            +10 Weapon AC
      Ring of Spirit              +5 Magic AC
      Ring of Life                +5 HP
      Ring of Liveliness          +10 HP                        C2.2.Q2
      Ring of Force               +5 Strength
      Ring of Skill               +5 Dexterity
      Ring of Dexterity           +10 Dexterity                 C2.8.P19
      Ring of Inconquerability    +5 All AC's                   C1.2.Q26 or C1.5.P4
      Ring of Invincibility       +10 All AC's                  C1.2.Q26 or C1.5.P4
      Ring of Flame Protection    +5 Dragon Fire AC
      Ring of Wood Protection     +5 Arrow AC
      Fire Ring                   +10 Dragon Fire AC
      Amulet of Agility           +15 Dexterity
      Amulet of Life              +15 HP
      Amulet of Strength          +15 Strength                  C1.2.P6 or C2.8.P8
      Amulet of Power             +10 Strength and Dexterity    C3.6.Q4
      Angar's Magic Amulet        +10 MaxMana                   C2.8.P14
    A13 - BUGS
    There's a number of bugs in the game to be aware of - not that many, but a few -
    some show-stoppers and some merly annoying. Knowing about them, and thus
    avoiding them is fairly easy and makes the game nearly appear bug-free, so read
    - In Chapter 5, completing the quest where Sekob's wife runs away and then
    telling Sekob about it will make him attack you. At this point, no matter what
    you did before, Sekob has become immortal and cannot be hurt. Simply let him
    beat you up, dropping your gold and de-equipping your weapons somewhere else
    beforehand, and that's it. Another way is to simply just teleport out when he
    attacks, but he will attack you again if he sees you another time.
    - Quicksaving or quickloading while any type of conversation interface is
    present will totally screw up the game, where you simply loose all interface
    completely. All names of npc's and monsters will disappear, and so will any
    further conversation and even the menues. It's there, you just won't see it. The
    only way to solve this is to crash or terminate the game (ALT-CTRL-DEL, then
    terminate the game from the task manager). Doing this will make the virtual file
    system run again when starting the game, but your savegames are just fine and
    everything should work as normal again. That is, if you didn't save WHILE in
    conversation - then you're screwed for that savegame slot.
    - Jumping into water can be hazardeous on occasions. If you jump into any type
    of water that is deep enough that you will dive and enter the underwater
    swimming position, everything is fine, but if you jump into water where it's
    only deep enough that your character will enter a 'wading' positure, you will
    become totally stuck. Wading into knee deep water works fine, it's only when you
    jump into it from land that this happens. Stuck in this odd situation, you can
    simply reload and it's ok. Problem is jumping around when you haven't saved for
    a while =)
    JemyM adds:
    - Sometimes, if a dialogue stops by other reasons than actually finishing
    the dialogue by an dialogue option, the character will remain in "talk"
    mode, even if there is no dialogue. This forces the player to kill the game with
    the task manager.
    - After reloading a game, the 'selected item' often change to a rune instead.
    Very annoying if you are using weapons.
    - It is possible that a button locks up. You might lock your view towards an
    item/person, or start jumping like a rabbit. If this happen, click the
    button that does the same thing, and the character will stop (If you are jumping
    all the time, press the jump button again).
    - It is possible to get stuck in water if you jump from a high cliff. If this
    happen there is little more to do than reloading the game.
    GOTHIC 2 - Guide by Ellusion
    Gothic 2 version 1.31 English
    Gothic 2 is (c) Piranha Bytes
    All reference concerning this guide via mail to gothic2@ellusion.no, please

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