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    Parallels to Gothic FAQ by N3Burgener

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    Last Updated: 1-8-04							
    Constructed by Nick Burgener, aka 'N3Burgener'
    E-mail: N3Burgener@yahoo.com
     Version History -
    	1-07-2004 - 1.0
    		The first, hope it's good.
    	1-08-2004 - 1.01
    		Not much of a change, fixing a format issue to keep with
    		within 79 characters wide.
    	1-08-2004 - 1.02
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    	1-08-2004 - 1.03
    		Again, just fixed the format error; no clue how in the world
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    Alrighty, first let me say that this is a wonderful game, one of the best
    gamesi've ever played. Seems to me that the majority of the people who've
    played this game have never played the first one, and there are alot of little
    details in this (the second) which relate back to the first.
    This could leave people puzzled over something as simple as a note found on
    theground, or a key found in a room. These are extremely interesting if
    you'veplayed the first, so this should help clear up all confusion with these
    There's probably some stuff i missed, so i'll most likely end up updating it
    frequently with more stuff. But here it is anyways.
     + Table of Contents +
     I - Korhinis
       I.1 - Characters
     II - Valley of Mines
       II.1 - Background
       II.2 - Characters
       II.3 - Locations
     III - Items
     IV - Story from Gothic
     V - Legal Information
     I  + Korhinis +
    Korhinis is the "new world" from Gothic, the world outside the barrier. This is
    nearly as close to a peaceful, civilized world, as oppsed to the world inside
    the barrier. Of course, the civilized-ness goes down the tubes once you've
    gotten the report for Lord Hagen; seekers, lizard men, etc. enter korhinis and
    terrorize the new world.
    Korhinis is a city of everything. Shops, trade, army, water-access, everything
    is there. Korhinis City has been where Paladins would rise from the Militia.
    Paladins would be the "sacred holy warriors" who were to fight the orcs and
    win the war.
     I.1  + Characters +
    Dexter --------	Dexter was a member of the old camp in the shadow guild. Like
    		Diego, he was a vital key in joining the castle. In order to
    		join the old camp, you had to get 4 votes from the shadows in
    		the outer ring around the camp.
    		Dexter's test was for you to obtain a recipe from Cor Kalom of
    		the Sect Camp. The recipe was a recipe to create a super
    		potion, and if Dexter had the recipe, he could make them
    		himself. This required you to have a lock-picking skill.
    		Provided you could pick Cor Kalom's chest lock and get the
    		recipe, he would vote for you.
    		However, he was not one of the characters who "bonded" with
    		you. His main and only reason for voting you into the camp
    		was because you had obtained the recipe for him.
    Ciphen -------- A Mercenary from the New Camp. He served little to no purpose
    		In the Gothic story-line. He's a loyal follower of Lee, and
    		would go anywhere with him.
    		In the colony, he's one of the mercenarys who fancy swamp weed
    		a cigarette that is smoked. To sway him to help you join Lee
    		in Gothic 2, you get to help him get some swampweed.
    Lares --------- Back at the new camp, there were two guilds; Rogue, and then
    		Mercenary. If you were to join the new camp, you'd start as a
    		Rogue. Lares was the leader of the Rogues.
    		In order to join the new camp, you'd have had to first have
    		To accept Diego's Test of Faith. If you were to be true to the
    		"Rogue" aspect, you'd have to be a backstabber, and take the
    		list from Ian at the Old Mine back to Lares. He'd add to it, so
    		The needed supplies could be robbed from the supply cart on
    		its way to the old camp.
    		Lares would then send you on trivial new camp quests to get
    		you through the story line until you were elligible to join
    		the merceneries.
    Lee ----------- Leader of the Mercenaries. After you are elligible to join the
    		mercenaries, Lee will gladly take you in. To do this only
    		requires completing objective quests.
    		Eventually, he would reveal his past to you; He used to be
    		A great general in the army for the king, but was thrown in
    		the colony for being a suspected criminal. Outraged by this,
    		he had vowed to get revenge to the judge who threw him in the
    		Once you're a member of the mercenaries in Gothic II, he will
    		give you a quest to get the judge thrown in jail. Lee is one
    		of the hero's "best friends" in the world of Gothic. 	
    Lester -------- Lester is a member of the Sect Camp in the swamp. He is a
    		novice, who is also the assistant to Baal Namib, one of the
    		influencial Gurus in the camp whom you must convince to let
    		you join the camp.
    		If you were to join the sect camp, you'd have to encounter
    		Lester at some point; he's your key to getting access to talk
    		to Baal Namib.
    		He is one of the four allied with Diego, Gorn, and Milten in
    		Gothic, who are trying to stop the spread of chaos in the
    		barrier. He helps you recover a focus stone needed to blow
    		up the ore mound at the new camp to bring down the barrier.
    		He aids you in getting the focus stone from the Stone Fortress
    		in the SouthEast. This is where the Stone Dragon is in
    		Gothic II. 		
    Torlof -------- Torlof is Lee's representative in Gothic 2. In the first, he
    		serves little purpose, other than a person with an actual
    		name to talk to.
    		He was a mercenary working for Lee under the barrier. Naturally
    		he stayed with Lee after the barrier fell, and can be found
    		at Onar's Farm to send you on quests and increase your stats.
    Wolf ---------- Wolf was a member of the new camp, who was an expert in bows.
    		He could teach you bow skills, as well as sell you archery
    		When you are given a quest which involves you going into the
    		Free Mine to find an orc slave, Wolf asks a favor of you; get
    		him some minecrawler plates, and he can make some "really
    		great armor". Get him the plates, and he makes minecrawler
    		plate armor for you. It looks odd, but is good.
    		Then, in Gothic 2, he is there to give you a vote to get into
    		the mercenary guild. Later, he'll be able to make minecrawler
    		plate armor for you (again) in the game.
    Xardas -------- Xardas the Necromancer. Xardas is a former member of the
    		Circle of Fire at the Old Camp, but left to study the dark
    		arts. During your questing, you will be sent to contact
    		Xardas by Saturas, the high magician of water, to ask him to
    		help destroy the ore mound.
    		Xardas claimed the ore mound was not the answer, and instead
    		sent the hero out to find "The Sleeper", the Sect Camp's god
    		who had turned out to be an evil arch demon.
    		According to Xardas, with the destruction of The Sleeper, the
    		Barrier would fall, and that it was the Sleeper's presence
    		that change the original state of the barrier during the
    		casting to cause it to go haywire.
    		If you are in a Magician guild, he will give you the
    		Necromancer robes, and various artefacts and runes. During your
    		quest to find the Sleeper, you come across an old sword.
    		Xardas restores it to it's original power, and the hero uses
    		it to slay the Sleeper.
     II - Valley of Mines
    Alright, here's the section for the Valley of Mines stuff.
     II.1  + Background +
    The Valley of Mines was called "The Mining Colony" back in the first. Often,
    people'd just call it "The Colony" since just about everyone knew what it was
    there for. In "Gothic" you are thrown in the colony, through the barrier into
    the Trading Square.
    The Barrier was constructed by 12 Magicians, 6 from the Circle of Fire, 6 from
    the Circle of Water. Their magic was only intended to construct the barrier,
    which would kill anyone trying to leave, and allow anyone in. However, when
    they had created it, something went wrong; The barrier expanded too far, and
    the magicians were trapped inside their own barrier. This is the "barrier"
    spoken of in the game.
    During the war against the orcs, magic ore was needed; and every convicted
    criminal was sent to the colony to mine the ore. The ore would be traded
    between the colony and the kingdom to obtain everyones' needs.
    There was initially one camp which all the prisoners worked in. Then, Gomez, a
    digger for the colony, gathered up a group of diggers and rebelled against the
    camp, and raided the castle of the camp, taking control over the camp.
    Afterwards, people didn't feel too secure with Gomez in charge, and broke
    off to form two other camps; the new camp, and the sect camp.
     II.2  + Characters +
    Angar --------- Angar, found in the Caslte of the Valley of Mines, used to be
    		one of the great leaders of the Sect Camp located in the swamp
    		back in the days of the colony. He had the prefix title "Cor",
    		which symbolized his place in the camp. Those who were
    		important and held high ranks, took "Cor" before their name.
    		So, he was known as Cor Angar in the first Gothic.
    		He was the high templar leader, who trained rising templar.
    		In the sect camp, if you were to be a warrior, you'd eventually
    		become a templar. Cor Angar could provide strength and
    		dexterity increasements, as well as two-handed sword skills.
    		Y'Berrior, the leader of the Sect Camp, and high spiritual
    		leader, died during the ritual to awaken the Sleeper (see
    		section IV for more information). Afterwards, Cor Kalom, second
    		in charge after Y'Berrion fled, and Cor Angar took role of
    		After the fall of the barrier, Cor Angar was knocked out, while
    		all others cheered and left. His mind wandered, and when he
    		awoke, he was in the castle. This is a very odd event, but this
    		explains how he came to be in Gothic II.
    Diego --------- Diego, member of Sylvester's Mining Group, was a shadow in the
    		old camp of the colony. He was the first person to help the
    		hero out, and aided him in getting into the old camp. Diego was
    		one of the hero's friends and allys in the colony.
    		Diego's role in Gothic was to give the hero "the test of faith"
    		which would test the hero's trustworthyness. He was to obtain
    		a supply list from the old mine, which in the hands of the new
    		camp would be a problem. After this test was completed, the
    		hero was accepted into the camp as a shadow.
    		Later on in the game, Diego becomes on of the four who work
    		together to solve the crisis under the barrier. The old mine
    		had caved in, and lost all access to ore mining. Gomez'
    		position was threatened by this disaster, and in order to keep
    		the ore production in line, he invaded the new camp and took
    		over the free mine. This was the chaos that Diego was involved
    		in, to settle it down and help the hero.
    		There was a time when the Magicians of the Circle of Water
    		needed to obtain the focus stones, which charged their magic
    		power during the creation of the barrier. There were 5 total;
    		one of which the sect camp already had. Diego assisted you in
    		obtaining the focus stone in "Troll Canyon".
    		After the fall of the barrier, Diego was forced to be in
    		Sylvester's Mining Crew, and to mine the magic ore needed for
    		the war against the orcs. Not having any other choice, he set
    		off with the platoon back into the colony, and set up a mine.
    		After his encounter with you, and the ore is dealt with, he
    		returns to Korhinis, and gets revenge on the man who got him
    		thrown in the colony in the first place, and takes up a new
    Gorn ---------- Gorn, Found in the Castle Dungeon in the Valley of Mines, was
    		a mercenary from the new camp, under the guidance of Lee. He
    		served little purpose to the plot until the focus stones were
    		needed. Until then, he was only needed to get a hut in the new
    		camp that the hero could stay in.
    		When the focus stones were needed, Gorn could be found at the
    		Monestary in the NorthEast, where the focus stone from the
    		monestary was. He aided the hero in getting that focus stone.
    		Gorn was one of the four, allied with Diego in the stop of the
    		chaos under the barrier.
    		After the fall of the barrier, Gorn was trying to leave, but
    		was imprisoned in the old camp dungeon. He can be released for
    		one thousand ore, to be of later help in the game. He can be
    		found at Onar's Farm with Lee.
    Milten -------- Milten, Found in the castle in the Valley of Mines, if a
    		member of the Circle of Fire back at the old camp. It is to be
    		believed that he and the other fire magicians who were in power
    		at the old camp were from the monestary in Korhinis.
    		In Gothic, To become a member of the Circle of Fire, you'd have
    		to encounter Milten. Either way, you'd have to have spoken with
    		him to have the letter presented to you at the beginning of the
    		game delivered. Milten is the apprentice to the high magician
    		of fire, Corristo, and will do all the gofer work you need.
    		When the time came to recover the focus stones, Milten could be
    		found at the stone circle, waiting to help. He aided the hero
    		in obtaining the focus stone from the stone circle.
    		When the barrier fell, Milten remained behind to study. He also
    		had an interest in Gorn's condition, as he was one of the four
    		allied to stop the chaos. With the hero's help, Milten was able
    		to buy Gorn's freedom, and return to the monestary in Korhinis.
    Ur-Shak ------- Ur-Shak is an ex-Orc Shamen, who had been banned from the orc
    		shamens because he thought that the summoning of the Sleeper
    		was a bad thing.
    		The Sleeper was really an orc god, and the members of the Sect
    		blidnly followed the worship of this god unbeknownst of what
    		it really was.
    		Xardas sends you on a mission to meet with Ur-Shak to get a
    		way into the orc temple. Once you arrive, you fight off a squad
    		of Orc Warriors and then Ur-Shak helps you. He adds the orc
    		land on your map which was previously blank. He tells you to
    		get an ULU-MULU from his friend Tarok. The ULU-MULU weapon
    		allows the hero to walk through the orc town without being
    		Ur-Shak remembers you when you encounter him and greets you.
    		He wants back into the orc shamen guild, and if you've already
    		killed Hosh-Pak from the mission given from the castle, he
    		will despise you and all humans all over again.
    Grimes -------- Grimes was an elderly member of the Old Camp who'd been in the
    		colony for ten years working as an ore digger. You meet him
    		in the Old Mine during the Test of Faith assigned by Diego.
    		Not much was to Grimes in Gothic, he only served for an
    		interesting conversation to get you to know more about the
    		history of the barrier.
    		In Gothic II he is in a mining expedition from Korhinis to get
    		magic ore from the Valley of Mines.
     II.3  + Locations +
    The Old Camp ---------- The old camp is the original mining camp for the
    			colony. That is where the majority of the people in
    			the colony are.
    			The Old Camp is located at the very center of the
    			colony, with a big wall surrounding the outer ring
    			around the castle. In the outer ring, that is where
    			all the ore diggers and shadows live.
    			The Old Camp is lead by Gomez, a rebel who got a group
    			of rogues to backstab the excavation leader and take
    			control of the camp. His choices did not appeal to
    			everyone, and alot of people fled the camp to start
    			new ones.
    			The Old Camp is the home of the Fire Mages, members of
    			the Circle of Fire. They are basically co-leaders of
    			the camp with Gomez.
    			In joining the Old Camp, you were presented with a
    			guild such as the following:
    				Shadow -> Guard
    			      	       -> Fire Mage
    			After serving time as a Shadow, you could choose to
    			either get promoted into the Circle of Fire or into
    			the guards.
    			After following the objective quests, you get banned
    			from the old camp and are then must find residence in
    			another camp.
    			In Gothic II, the old camp has been laid to waste by
    			Dragon attacks, and have totally obliterated the outer
    			ring. The orc seige has prevented the Paladin
    			excavation from Korhinis to leave.
    The New Camp ---------- The New Camp is located in the NorthWest at the big
    			Lake. It is where the rogues and "bullies" fled to.
    			If you wander around the camp, you'll find several
    			people willing to beat the snot out of you. But once
    			you find the "real" camp, it's good.
    			Real camp means, the people who aren't bullies and are
    			serious with what they do. That'd be the Mercenarys and
    			The Water Magicians. It's really a cozy place once you
    			get to like it.
    			The New camp boasts the supply of rice; they are the
    			only camp that grow and cultivate rice. That is their
    			main trade export. With the rice, they can make Rice
    			Schnapps, a form of alchohol.
    			The leaders of the Camp are Lares, Lee, and Saturas.
    			Lares leads the Rogues, Lee leads the Mercenaries,
    			and Saturas leads the Water Magicians.
    			MidWay through the story, the water mages tell you they
    			have a plan to take down the barrier; they have been
    			stockpiling ore, and will then focues their magic
    			energy with the fire mages to destroy the magic ore.
    			since the ore is magic, it will only harm the barrier.
    			You are then sent to get focus stones to help the camp.
    			Even once you get it, that is not enough, and you are
    			sent to find Xardas the Necromancer.
    			In joining the new camp, you get a guild system
    			such as the following:
    				Rogue -> Mercenary
    				      -> Water Magician
    			In Gothic II, the New Camp has been covered with ice,
    			and is now the ice region where one of the 4 dragons
    The Sect Camp --------- The camp is located in the swamp to the East. They are
    			a religious group who worships their god called
    			"The Sleeper". They believe that they of good spirit
    			will be released from the barrier by the Sleeper
    			while the heathens will remains in the barrier.
    			They produce swampweed; a popular cigarette made of
    			an adbundant plant in the swamp called swampweed.
    			That is their main export in trade.
    			If you join the Sect Camp, often reffered to as the
    			Swamp Camp, you will be given a guild system such
    			as the following:
    				Novice -> Templar
    				       -> Baal
    			Baal is their form of Magician. They are the ones who
    			can supposedly contact the Sleeper and have visions.
    			Since they are not of pure magic, they are not as
    			strong as a Fire Mage or Water Mage.
    			The Sect camp sends you out on a mission to the orc
    			cemetery after a vision by Y'Berrion. There, you find
    			nothing but death and destruction that had been
    			inflicted on previous investigations by templar. Then,
    			this continues you along the plot of "The Sleeper".
    The Stone Fortress ---- Not much; was the location of one of the focus stones,
    			and is now a dragon location in Gothic II. Lester
    			aided the hero in the obtainment of that focus.
    Orc Land -------------- The area southwestward on the map is The Orc Land.
    			This is where the orc town was, and where the temple
    			to the Sleeper was. This is also where Xardas set up
    			his New Tower. This is known as "Ancient Demon Tower"
    			by the teleport rune in Gothic II. The demon found
    			in the temple was Xardas' servant in Gothic.
    			In Gothic II, "Orc Land" is now the area to the East
    			behind the wall where the Monestar and Sect Camp were
    			in Gothic.
     III  + Items +
    Message in ------------ There is a letter from Saturas in one of the huts by
    Ice Region		Finkregh. It is a message from Saturas saying that
    			the barrier had fallen and they had left. Saturas is
    			the high mage of water back at the new camp, and was
    			co-leader of the camp. He had a key role in the
    			completion of the quests and the game.
    Gomez's Keys 1+2 ------ In the castle of the Valley of Mines, you can find
    			sets of keys that are to open "the first and second
    			door", and then the name Gomez is written on them.
    			Gomez was the leader of the old camp, which is where
    			the castle was positioned. These keys have relevance
    			to Gomez... secret.
    Package of Weed ------- In the Harbor District of Korhinis, you can find a
    			building beside Brahim's, with a treasure chest
    			that has a package of weed in it. This isn't really
    			all that important, but swampweed was a popular thing
    			back at the colony.
    DragonSlicer ---------- DragonSlicer can be found in a cave n the way to
    			the sun circle in Korhinis. The sprite is something
    			that is the URIZIEL sprite, only changed to remove the
    			URIZIEL ore on the blade. URIZIEL was the uber sword
    			in Gothic in which the hero used to slay the Sleeper.
    			DragonSlicer is found in a floating blue aura, which
    			makes is seems "holy" and all-powerful, and has a
    			simmilar sprite to URIZIEL.
    Ore Lumps ------------- These are explained rather well in the story, but
    			here's a bit more information; Ore was the currency
    			back in Gothic, rather than coins. Of course, ore can
    			be used to forge powerful weapons, and that's why
    			it's so high in demand outside of the colony.
    Swampweed ------------- Swampweed grew only in the swamp of the Sect Camp which
    			let them control the selling price since they had the
    			monopoly. Now, it seems the plant is growing anywhere
    			there is water. Not really impoartant, just a little
    			tidbit of information.
     IV  + Story from Gothic +
    The World of Korhinis is in war against the orcs. A new method for forging
    swords had been discovered; coat the blade in magic ore. With the layer of
    magic ore around the blade, it would be strong, durable, light, and easy to
    use. The demand for this ore had grown so high in the lands of Korhinis, the
    king made an order that all convicted criminals, regardless of the level of
    the crime, would be sent to the Valley of Mines to mine the ore.
    To ensure that all the convicts would remain in the valley and not escape, a
    set of 12 magicians were hired to construct a magic barrier around the Valley
    of Mines. It would let people into the Valley, but if someone tried to escape
    it would kill them.
    Something went wrong that day; the powers that defined magic went haywire, and
    the barrier went crazy. It expanded too far, and caught the magicians in their
    The magicians divided into two groups; those in the Circle of Water went one
    way, those in the Circle of Fire went another. The Magicians of fire went to
    the camp situated at the center of the colony. The old camp was the first, and
    originally the only camp in the colony. That's where the main power was. The
    Water Mages brought a group with them to make the New Camp in the NorthWest.
    The Old Camp focused on the collection of magic to trade with the king. Since
    they had the only supply of ore, they could demand whatever they wanted from
    the king.
    At the edge of the barrier, a new prisoner was brought. He didn't know it at
    the time, but he would be the one to save the colony from the evils inside and
    bring down the barrier. Escorted by a judge and a set of guards, he was on the
    verge of being sent in, right as a Fire Mage arrived.
    He demanded that the judge stop, and gave the hero a letter that he was to
    deliver to the magicians of fire. The hero accepted, and was cast into the
    Upon the arival in the colony, he was met with a fist to the face by a guard
    from the old camp. A man showed up and shoo'd off the bully guards and helped
    the hero. His name was Diego. He told the hero what was of the colony, and
    how to stay alive. Thankful for his help, the hero went with Diego to the Old
    Camp, which Diego was a member of.
    To become a member of the Old Camp as a shadow, the lower-level "defenders" of
    the colony, he had to go retrieve a supply list from Ian at the Old Mine. He
    did so, and brought it back to Diego. Though, that was not enough to join the
    camp. Along with the test of faith, he must get votes from other shadows in
    favor of him. In getting Cor Kalom's recipe to Dexter, getting a sword for
    Whistler, getting Nek's amulet for Sly, fighting Karhim in the arena for
    Scatty, and learning theif skills for Fingers, the hero was able to obtain
    enough votes to join.
    Gomez, head of the old camp after his rebellion against the former leader, let
    the hero in as a shadow. His first mission was to find out what was going on
    at the Sect Camp in the swamp.
    The hero set out through the forest and arrived at the Sect Camp. Upon his
    arival he was told of a ritual awaken their god and leader, "The Sleeper".
    Lester, a novice whom is the assistant to Baal Namib, tells the Hero to go see
    Y'Berrion, the spiritual leader of the camp. The hero goes to the temple.
    He talks to Y'Berrion, and finds out that in order to hold the ritual, they
    need a magical focus to concentrate his magical power to contact the sleeper.
    Since the hero is not a member of the Sect, he asks him to go and obtain it.
    A novice had been sent days before the Hero's arival, and had yet to return.
    The hero sets off to a massive cliff overlooking the camp, and finds the
    novice, already in possesion of the focus. He goes insane, claiming that he
    had a vision from the sleeper that said he was to be his only servant, and was
    to get the focus stone for the sleeper. In a fit of rage, he attacked the hero
    but lost the battle. The hero took the focus stone back to Y'Berrion and
    explained what had happened.
    Y'Berrion will send the hero to Cor Kalom. He will then tell Hero that in order
    for the ritual to commence, he needs a secretion produced only by Minecrawlers.
    He has only found their mandibles to contain the secretion, however this is not
    an efficient enough supply, and he needs something with more concentrated
    The hero is then sent to the old mine to find a sufficient source of secretion
    that can be used to invoke the Sleeper.
    At the mine, the hero makes his way all the way to the bottom after fighting
    several minecrawlers the taking their mandibles. He finds Asghan, a guard for
    the old camp guarding a closed gate in the mine. He says the area has been
    closed because minecrawlers just kept comming and comming from there. In order
    for him to open it, he has to have Ian, the mine lord's permission.
    The Hero goes back to Ian and finds that for Ian to give him permission, he
    will need to find a new gearwheel to repair the busted ore masher. The Hero
    finds another gearwheel at an abandoned ore-mashing site and presents it to
    The Hero returns to Asghan, but still he will not open the gate. He says he
    doesn't want to be the only one there when the crawlers come crawling out. He
    wants the hero to find 3 templar from the Sect camp who are assisting in the
    extermination of the minecrawlers to back him up. The hero goes and gets 3
    willing templar, and brings them to Asghan. He then opens the gate.
    After a temendous battle against a wave of minecrawlers, the hero ventures
    farther into the caves. He fights random bits of minecrawlers on the way in
    and then eventually comes to the minecrawler nest, where the minecrawler
    queen has been laying eggs. He slays the queen, and takes some eggs.
    On his way out of the mine, Drake, a guard from the old camp, tells him that
    for doing that, he's sure to get promoted into the guards. The hero returns
    to the old camp and tells Gomez's right-hand man, Raven, about all that's
    been going on there, and gets his promotion to the guards from leader-of-the
    guards, Thorus.
    He then heads back to the Sect Camp and brings the eggs to Cor Kalom. He
    gives the hero his reward, and then tells him that there is still one thing
    missing in order to perform the ritual; an almanac that had been lost by the
    Novice Talas.
    The hero talks to Talas, and is told that Black Goblins stole the almanac from
    him. Eager to get it back, Talas leads the hero to the cave which they took it.
    The cowardly novice refuses to go in. The hero goes into the cave and fights
    off the goblins and gets the almanac. He brings it back to Cor Kalom, and is
    then again rewarded for his efforts. He is told to attend the invokation, and
    that it would be held that night.
    He waited until nightfall and returned to the Sect Camp, and watched Y'Berrion
    hold the invokation. He summoned the Sleeper, and a blue aura shone from his
    hands as he held them above his head. He fell over a moment later, passed out.
    Cor Angar, leader of the Templar said that the vision was of an Orc in a
    Temple, which he and Cor Kalom believed hinted that the way to salvation lead
    through the orcs.
    Cor Angar says that there is a nearby temple of the orcs, where they would
    bury their dead warriors. Cor Angar sent a platoon of Templar to the temple,
    and remained behind with Y'Berrion. He asks the hero to set out to see what the
    word is from the Templar lead by Baal Lukor.
    Hero sets out for the Orc Cemetery, and gets in. After fighting a few orcs,
    he manages to locate Baal Lukor in a fierce battle against several Orcs. Hero
    joins in and helps save Baal Lukor. Lukor thanks him, and tells him of the
    tragedy; all the other templar have been killed. He cannot return empty-handed
    with those losses, so he and Hero work in the underground cemetery to find the
    secret that lies within. They find two halves of a spell scrool, which Lukor
    deciphers, and finds that it's an orcish teleport scroll. He gives it to Hero,
    and they walk into a "great hall".
    Baal Lukor feels a strange presence in this hall, and is guided to a spot on a
    wall, in which he tells Hero to use it. Hero uses the spell, and is teleported
    through the wall. He then activated the gate and lets Lukor in. They explore
    the catacombs, and find a tomb with a coffin, and a sword stabbed in it. Lukor
    gets enraged that he lost so many lives for nothing. He goes mad, and claims
    that Hero's non-guru presence prevented him from recieving a word from the
    He then says he must give a human sacrifice to the Sleeper so that he will be
    made his servant, and attempts to kill Hero. Hero fights off Lukor, and heads
    back for the Sect Camp and reports to Cor Angar of what happened.
    Cor Angar says that Y'Berrion's condition had grown severe, and asks Hero to
    get some healing herbs from the swamp. Hero gets the herbs, and returns to Cor
    Angar with them. Cor Angar tells Hero that Y'Berrion woke for a short time
    while he was away, and he said that Y'Berrion's last hope for escape was to be
    put on the Water Mages at the new camp, and that they should not attempt to
    awaken the Sleeper again because he thinks is an evil arch demon.
    Cor Angar attempts to administer the herbs to Y'Berrion, but he had died just
    before Hero had arrived. Cor Angar took courage, and took leadership of the
    camp in Y'Berrion's absence. He said normally Cor Kalom would be the new leader
    but he was enraged with Y'Berrion's prophecy of the Sleeper being a demon and
    set out with a group of templar to find his own way to awaken the Sleeper.
    He gives you the key to Cor Kalom's chest, which contains the almanac and the
    focus stone, and then sends you to the Water Mages to deliver them.
    Hero goes to the New Camp, and finds Cronos, Water Mage and guard of the magic
    ore mound they'd been stockpiling. He tells Hero of their plans to detonate
    the ore mound by using the focuses, which would take down the barrier. Cronos
    then gives Hero the password to the upper level to talk to the other Water
    Mages, specifically Saturas, high magician of the cirlce of water.
    Hero delivers the password (TETRIANDOCH) to the guards at the upper floor, and
    they let him proceed to Saturas. Hero gives Saturas the focus and the almanac,
    and tells Saturas of everything that happened at the Sect Camp.
    Saturas then sends Hero on a mission to obtain the remaining 4 focus stones.
    Hero goes to Troll Canyon and takes out a troll with Diego's help for the
    Troll Canyon Focus. Hero goes to the Ruined Monestary for the Monestary focus
    stone, and took out a young troll and shadow beast with Gorn's help. Hero went
    to the Stone Circle and took out an undead guard and got the stone circle focus
    with Milten's help. Hero went to the Stone Fortress and took out a stone golem
    with Lester's help and got the stone fortress focus stone.
    After obtaining all the stones, he brought them back to Saturas. Saturas
    greatly thanked Hero, but there was yet again, another element missing from
    the plan. The Barrier was created by 12 magicians, not 6. Saturas sends Hero
    to the Old Camp to convince the Fire Mages to join the Water Mages in their
    efforts to detonate the ore mound.
    Hero heads back to the old camp to find Milten standing outside the camp. He
    says that the fire mages have been killed by Gomez. Hero talks to Milten for a
    while and then learns what all happened: The old mine caved in, which was
    Gomez's seat of power, because he's the ore baron. With that gone, he needed
    something to keep his seat of power, so he sent a group of guards to raid the
    free mine. The Fire Mages were against the raid on the free mine and tried to
    rationalize, so Gomez had them killed.
    There are now guards stationed outside the camp, and anyone who nears the camp
    will be killed. Milten tells Hero to go to the south entrance to find Diego.
    Hero heads to the south entrance and finds Diego hiding behind a set of rocks.
    Diego goes into more detail on what happened at the camp and explains that
    Hero was banished from the camp for helping the water mages.
    Hero decides to go to the New Camp and warn the Water Mages of the attack
    before the guards arrive at the mine.
    Hero gets to Saturas and tells him that the fire mages have been killed.
    Saturas is almost at a state of hopelessness, but tells Hero to find Xardas
    the Necromancer. Xardas was an ex-Fire Mage who left the old camp to study the
    dark magic of Beliar. There was a 13th mage overlooking the creation of the
    barrier, and Xardas was him. Saturas says that with his help they could
    detonate the ore.
    Hero then complains that he got banished from the old camp for helping them,
    so Saturas welcomes Hero into the New Camp as a mercenary under Lee's Orders.
    Hero is told that his tower is located in the middle of orc land; of all other
    places "evil". Hero sets off through Orc Land, fighting several Orc Warriors,
    and encounters a valley. In it, he finds a Stone Golem, an Ice Golem, and a
    Fire Golem. He killed the Stone Golem with a hammer and takes it's "heart". He
    then kills the Ice Golem with a fire bolt spell and takes it's "heart". He
    then kills the Fire Golem with an ice bolt spell and takes it's "heart."
    Just outside the valley, he arrives at Xardas' Tower. He enters, and there is
    a demon just floating in the sky. The demon talked to Hero in his head using
    telepathy. He says that anyone worthy to visit his master must bring him the
    three elements. Having killed the golems already, Hero gives the demon the
    hearts, and is given a teleport rune.
    Hero uses the teleport rune which teleports him to the pentagram several floors
    up the normally inacessable tower. He climbs up a ladder and finds Xardas.
    Xardas tells Hero that the ore mound is not the answer to escape, and that the
    other Mages have been too arguous to study the cause of the barrier. Hero tells
    him that the fire mages are dead, and Xardas becomes troubled. Xardas tells him
    the secret to the barrier is in the orc temple, and that if he were to bring
    down the barrier, he'd have to go there.
    Xardas tells Hero to speak to Ur-Shak, a banished Orc Shamen. He would know
    how to get into the Temple.
    Hero ventures to the ruined temple at the top of a hill just slightly north,
    and arrives to a group of orc warriors attacking a lone orc shamen. Hero helps
    the shamen, and is thanked. Ur-Shak tells Hero the history of "The Sleeper":
    There were 5 Orc Shamen who tried to awaken their god, whom the orc name
    translates into "He who Sleeps". They built a temple for the sleeper, and then
    held a ritual to awaken him. Once he was awake, he took their hearts and made
    them undead beings, guardians of his temple. He curses all the orcs who helped
    with the construction of the temple.
    Ur-Shak tells Hero that if he wants to get in, he needs to obtain an ULU-MULU:
    a weapon which is a sign or courage; orcs will not attack someone who is using
    an ULU-MULU. Ur-Shak tells Hero to go talk to his friend Tarok in the Free
    Mine about getting an ULU-MULU.
    Having to go to the free mine anyways, Hero goes to the new camp, and finds
    Gorn stationed at the pass to the free mine with Cord and 2 mercenaries,
    planning a couter assault on the old camp's invasion.
    Gorn plans for him and Hero to go in and take out each guard one-by-one. They
    get to the free mine and take out the guarding group at the gate and enter.
    After taking out the guards inside, and killing several MineCrawler Warriors,
    Hero finds the Orc Slave Tarok. However, Tarok is sick, and needs Hero to find
    his medicine that he lost in the mine. Hero explores the adjacent rooms and
    finds the orc medicine and gives it to Tarok.
    He asks him about the ULU-MULU. Tarok says he can make an ULU-MULU for Hero if
    he gets him the ingredients: Troll tusk, Fire lizard tongue, Swampshark teeth,
    and ShadowBeast Horns.
    Hero leaves, and slays a shadowbeast, a troll, a firelizard, and a swampshark,
    returning to Tarok with the required things. Tarok makes the ULU-MULU and
    gives it to Hero.
    Hero returns to Ur-Shak, who tells Hero how to get inside the Temple; there is
    a statue that the new orc shamens worship around. If he can obtain it, he can
    use it to enter the temple.
    Hero enters orc land and crosses the bridge with the ULU-MULU out. The orcs do
    not attack, and let him pass through. He walks through the orc village to the
    temple courtyard,and finds the new shamens worshiping the statue. He killed the
    shamens and uses a telekinesis spell to obtain the statue, and uses it on the
    door. Hero enters the temple, and wanders about setting different keys and
    puzzles and killing random orcs. He finds 4 undead Orc Shamen and kills them,
    taking their weapons.
    One of the undead Shamen were guarding a strange sword, which Hero picks up
    and brings back to Xardas. Xardas says the sword has URIZIEL written on it,
    and supposedly it was the sword wielded by the human warrior who had originally
    put the sleeper to sleep.
    He says that it will be needed to take out the 5th shamen and the sleeper.
    However, it has not been magically charged. He can produce a magic formula for
    it, and in the meantime, he tells Hero to go to his old tower that sunk beneath
    the lake in an earthquake. He gives him a key to a chest which contains
    some special armor.
    Hero goes to the southern lake and finds the tower, swims underwater and gets
    in. He fights a hoarde of zombies, and then finds the chest. Upon opening it,
    he finds Magic Ore Armor, which is supposedly the armor worn by the human
    who originally put the Sleeper to sleep.
    He goes back to Xardas, and recieves the magic spell which is to be read
    while the blade of URIZIEL comes in contact with a powerfully concentrated
    source of magic.
    Hero goes back to the New Camp and tells Saturas that things are not the way
    they thought. Saturas tells Hero to just get Xardas to come. At the new camp,
    Hero finds Milten. He asks him a favor; to sneak into the ore chamber with
    him and read the spell while he puts the blade into the ore. The Water Mages
    would not appreciate him using their ore, and would deny him accessing it.
    Milten agrees, and goes to the ore with Hero. Milten reads the spell, and Hero
    places the sword in the ore. The blue gem on the blade lights up and swirls
    with magic. With it, he returns to Xardas, and he says that Hero is ready to
    go defeat the Sleeper.
    Hero goes back into the temple and finds his way to the fifth orc Shamen, and
    slays him with URIZIEL. He goes up the steps into the shrine, and finds
    Xardas standing in the center of the shrine room. Xardas tells him that he
    had to use all his magic power to get there, and that he knows how to defeat
    the sleeper; the sleeper uses the 5 undead orc shamens' hearts to live. If
    Hero can stab each heart with the sword he took from each shamen, the sleeper
    should be destroyed forever.
    Xardas then vanishes, and Hero goes down the hallways to the Portal Room. There
    he finds Cor Kalom with a group of crazed Novices, bowing before the Sleeper.
    Cor Kalom sends the novices on him. Hero kills the novices, and then takes out
    the mad Cor Kalom. The Sleeper is this huge scorpion-esque demon standing on
    a platform with 5 statues around him. Hero dodge the fire blasts shot by the
    Sleeper to each of the 5 pillars and finds the heats. He stabs each with the
    orc Shamen swords, causing Greater Demons to appear.
    He fights off the 5 greater demons, and then Gives the throat-stab to the
    Sleeper which causes URIZIEL to light up blue and send magical energy into
    the sleeper, which kills him and sends him back through the portal.
    Afterward, the temple began to collapse, and Hero was caught in the rubble.
    The barrier had fallen, and everyone was free, except for Hero.
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