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    FAQ/Walkthrough by smiling bandit

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    Gothic Two Full Guide
    Copyright 2004 Patrick E. Bryant
    Use of this guide is premitted for all non commercial functions, 
    provided that proper credit is given.
    Character Creation
    Although you don't create a character off the bat in Gothic, you should 
    have some idea of what you want to do. Advancement is slow at first, 
    but after a while you'll pick up a huge number of advancement points. 
    Each point of advancement in a statistic or skill costs one point, 
    Your statistics
    Strength - Trainable to 100 (also rises with potions and a few rare 
    Dexterity - Trainable to 100 (also rises with potions and a few rare 
    Health - Not Trainable (also rises with level, potions, and a few rare 
    Mana - Trainable (also rises with potions and a few rare extras)
    Your skills are
    One-Handed Weapons - Trainable to 100 (rises with a few rare extras)
    Two-Handed Weapons - Trainable to 100 (rises with a few rare extras)
    Bow - Trainable to 100
    Crossbow - Trainable to 100
    If you want to kick butt in melee combat, you'd be wise to raise your 
    strength and a chosen melee skill. However, you may only advance so far 
    in a skill before also raising its counterpart. For example, to reach 
    Master level in Two-Handed Weapons you'll need to put points into One-
    Handed Weapons as well. If you try to raise Two-Handed Weapons anyway, 
    you'll automatically have to pay the points for One-Handed Weapons as 
    well. So, instead of raising Two-Handed Weapons for 1 advancement 
    point, you'll spend 2, and get a point of One-Handed Weapons as well. 
    There are a few ways to get around this, such as "Alrik's Sword", a 
    special item that raises your One-Handed Weapons skill when wielded. As 
    far as the game is concerned, there is no distinction between your 
    natural attributes and any enhancements from magic items.
    Your skill in melee weapons determines the odds of getting a critical 
    strike, which adds you strength into the damage formula. At the start, 
    you'll only add a few points of damage and only do it rarely. Study 
    diligently, and by the end of the game you can effortlessly add over 
    100 points of damage above weapon damage with every single hit. While 
    there are a few rare ways of adding to your skill without spending 
    points, there is no use in getting them over 100. Strength has no use 
    apart from this.
    One-Handed Weapons are faster and easier to use. Two-Handed Weapons are 
    stronger and have a slightly higher damage output. At the end of the 
    game, the difference will not be that much between them. Paladin 
    characters may want to study Two-Handed since their special Two-Handed 
    weapon (The Holy Executioner) is far and away better than their special 
    One-Handed Weapon. Mercenaries should just pick whichever they favor. 
    For Fire Mages, it is largely irrelevant. Nevertheless, up until 
    Chapter 3 they will probably rely on swords as much as spells.
    If you want to shoot people safely down from a distance, study Bow and 
    Crossbow skills. Unlike melee combat skills, your relevant stat 
    (Dexterity) is always included in the damage total. However, without 
    much skill in this, you won't be able to hit enemies easily from a 
    distance; your range will be very short. With practice, however (and 
    maybe a safe spot to shoot from), you'll be able to tear through mobs 
    of foes with no resistance. Bows are faster than crossbows (and 
    probably better for dedicated archers) but do less damage. Bows also 
    require a higher Dexterity than Crossbows. Past a certain point you'll 
    have to raise the both skills just as with melee weapons.
    While no other character really needs to worry about it, Fire Mages 
    should train their Mana score as high as possible. It's not a bad idea 
    to save some points for other things, but Mana is still your life's 
    blood. Apart from that, you should have a weapon skill of some sort, as 
    you'll need to use it from time to time. A good point to learn this is 
    in Chapter 1, before you join the Fire Mages, since you'll need some 
    muscle to get through anyway.
    Other Skills
    You can learn the basics of hunting from Bosper the bowyer (that means 
    he makes bows) for 5 points. Then you can obtain the hides of any 
    sheep, wolf, warg, shadowbeast, troll, or black troll you kill. 
    Thereafter, you can ask various hunters you meet to teach you how to 
    harvest other things, such as claws, Shadowbeast horns, or even hearts. 
    Its possible to make a lot of money this way, but the cash is really 
    not necessary. You should probably learn the basics, but anything more 
    is overkill. The exceptions are if you need the item for making 
    something else: mercenaries in particular need to learn these skills to 
    obtain their ultimate weaponry. Every skill takes 5 more points to 
    learn, so don't pick them up lightly. The problem with the other 
    trophy-taking skills is that they are not very cost effective. No one 
    buys them full-price, and the valuable ones are to rare to make it 
    worth the effort unless you need them for some other reason.
    You can learn smithcraft from Harad or Bennet. This allows you to make 
    some nice early-game swords. You'll find better soon, but in each 
    chapter you can learn better sword-making abilities, for 5 points each. 
    The first sword recipes need only a steel piece, but later ones demand 
    magic ore or more exotic ingredients. Only Bennet can teach you more 
    advanced smithcraft.
    Alchemy can be learned from any of the games main alchemists: Ignaz, 
    Constantino, and Sagitta. Ignaz will do it for free if you accomplish 
    his quest for him. Constantino will only teach you if you become his 
    apprentice (though you don't need to learn it even if you do become his 
    apprentice) and Sagitta has her own quest for you. Either way, 
    Constantino and Sagitta can teach you many more advanced potions, 
    including ones that increase your statistics permanently. Each potion 
    costs 5 LP. They are more or less divided into two lines, and each 
    recipe needs a water flask as well as its specific ingredients. Late in 
    the game, Vatras the Water Priest can teach you all the potions as 
    well. As long as you know how to make any potion, you can also refine 
    swampweed into smokable form. There seems to be no benefit to using 
    them, however.
    You must learn each level of potions before the next within a 
    particular line of potions. For example, you must learn Essence of Mana 
    to learn Extract of Mana. You must learn Elixir of Healing to learn 
    Elixir of Strength or Life. I have marked the potion levels below.
    1 Essence of Healing (2x Healing Plant, Meadow Knotweed) +50 HP
    2 Extract of Healing (2x Healing Herb, Meadow Knotweed) +75 HP
    3 Elixir of Healing (2x Healing Root, Meadow Knotweed) +100 HP
    4 Elixir of Life (Healing Root, King's Sorrel) +15 Max Hit Points 
    1 Essence of Mana (2x Fire Nettle, Meadow Knotweed) +50 Mana
    2 Extract of Mana (2x Fire Weed, Meadow Knotweed) +75 Mana
    3 Elixir of Mana (2x Fire Root, Meadow Knotweed) +100 Mana
    4 Elixir of Spirit (Fire Root, King's Sorrel) +10 Max Mana permanently
    You need to learn either level 3 potions to learn these:
    4 Elixir of Dexterity (Goblin Berries, King's Sorrel) +5 Dexterity 
    4 Elixir of Strength (Dragonroot, King's Sorrel) +5 Strength 
    It seems only Ignaz or Vatras can teach you this potion:
    1 Potion of Speed (Snapperweed, Meadow Knotweed) Double running speed 
    for 5 minutes
    You can learn lockpicking from Thorben the carpenter, or Ramirez the 
    thief. Thorben costs more and you must prove your honorable intentions 
    to him and Ramirez is cheaper, but requires you join the Thieves at 
    least temporarily. Costs 5 LP. To use it, you need a lockpick and then 
    must click on a locked chest. Your character will crouch down. You must 
    push the left and right movement buttons to manipulate the pick back 
    and forth. Each chest is a series of L/R switches. They don't change so 
    you can just reload once you discover the solution. If you get a switch 
    wrong, you have a % chance of breaking your lockpick, which appears to 
    be your 100-[Dexterity score]. So, if you have a Dexterity of 30, you 
    have a 70% chance of breaking your pick.
    You can learn Sneaking from Bartok the hunter or Jesper the thief. 
    Costs 5 points. Sneaking lets you get into a few places you couldn't 
    otherwise go without being attacked, but it not awesomely useful. If 
    you want to nip some rich people's goods, though, it's invaluable. It 
    does not work against animals or other monsters that I've seen.
    Only Cassia the thieves' guild leader can teach you pickpocketing. It 
    costs 5 LP. Pickpocketing requires you have to enter into conversation 
    with your mark and then use the pickpocket command to nab his stuff. 
    The game will give you a good idea of the difficulty, but not the exact 
    score required. For the monetary reward it's not worth it, but you do 
    get experience for each successful steal, and the experience increases 
    with each chapter. If you wait until chapter 5, you'll be able to gain 
    a boatload of experience by pickpocketing everyone in the game. If 
    you're caught, however, you will be immediately attacked.
    Gothic 2 has three character guilds: Paladin, Mercenary, and Fire Mage. 
    The Paladins offer superior armor and, late in the game, some very 
    powerful and mana-efficient magic spells. They have special magic 
    weapons you can get later in the game, a unique one-handed sword or a 
    unique two-handed sword. Both are powerful, but the two-handed blade 
    beat the other by 20 points of damage. Each of their spells cost 5 
    points to learn, but you can get several for free after you advance 
    your rank from militiaman to Paladin. All in all, Paladins are a tough, 
    balanced character choice that will give you a lot of fun, and let you 
    take an enormous amount of damage. Most Paladins are melee specialists, 
    but in Gothic 2 there's nothing keeping you from playing a ranged 
    specialist or even a magic-specialist. You'll not get a damaging spell 
    until chapter 3, but Paladin runes are quite powerful and use little 
    mana. However, playing these latter ways won't really work with your 
    specialties as a Paladin.After you become a Paladin, you also get 
    double bonuses from praying to Innos at the small shrines.
    To get spells, ask to receive a Rune from Albrech after joining their 
    holy order. Alternatively, you can just use runes you find. I recommend 
    this, because each Rune you get from Albrech costs 5 LP. You can just 
    find runes of Holy Light, Greater Healing, and Destroy Evil.
    You may join the Paladins in this manner: first, become a citizen or 
    root out the Thieves' Guild, then speak to the militia commander Andre 
    to sign up. This will net you Militia armor. In Chapter 3, free Bennet 
    from jail, and Lord Hagen will admit you to the order of Paladins.
    The Mercenaries have lighter armor than paladins, but it comes cheaper 
    and the can learn how to forge the ultimate melee weapons. The 
    dragonhunter armor is hardened against dragonfire, and for that purpose 
    it is better than paladin armor (not that this has much effect on the 
    game). Mercenaries find it easier to play ranged-attack characters, but 
    get no runes. Their Dragonhunter armor is also the best looking, in 
    this FAQ-writer's opinion. However, merc will need to spend a huge pile 
    of money getting armor and gear over the game, so be prepared to 
    scrounge for every scrap of cash. I recommend learning more hunting 
    skills and stealing to compensate.
    You may join the Mercenaries in this manner: first, show up at Onar's 
    farm, speak to Lee and accomplish the tasks Torlof gives you, and then 
    convince the mercenaries to admit you. Speak to Lee again, and you can 
    join the mercs. Later, free Bennet from jail, and you can get 
    Dragonhunter armor. You should learn both hunting and smithing as a 
    merc, since these will be needed to make your ultimate melee weapon. 
    The difference between one-handed and two-handed damage is only 10, so 
    pick whichever you feel most comfortable with.
    Fire Mages mostly stand back and blast things into dust. With a 
    protected position, they can call down attacks that make even the best 
    archers quake with fear. Other than that, they can learn summoning 
    spells, transformation magic, and healing spells. Its not really 
    recommended for your first Gothic 2 game, but whether you're a first-
    timer or a old hand, Fire Mages are fun to play. Your armor will suck 
    compared to the other guilds, however, so you'll not be charging Orcish 
    hordes if you're smart. You can obtain reasonably powerful weaponry, 
    but not to the extent of the mighty blades of the mercenaries and 
    paladins. Your combat skills are also more expensive to train, so you 
    should get something before joining. You should learn "Take Hearts" so 
    as to get otherwise unobtainable spell ingredients.
    To join the Fire Mages, go to their monastery and ask about admission. 
    You'll have to make a donation of 1,000 gp and a sheep. The gold can be 
    earned by whatever manner you choose, and the sheep may be obtained by 
    talking to Pepe behind Onar's house. The sheep costs you 100 gold. Make 
    sure you kill every wolf and warg between you and the Monastery or 
    you'll be sorry. There are a couple of wolves hidden in the brush near 
    Isgaroth, on the other side of the road from him, so kill them before 
    they can surprise you.
    Other Stat-boosters
    Wulfgar the militia skill-trainer will be up and-at-em early in the 
    morning (around 6-7 am). Meet with him at this time and he'll teach you 
    a special bonus tip, raising your one-handed by 2%.
    Lutero the merchant in Upper Khorinis will sell two special books for 
    5,000 gold each. One, Southern Defense Art, raises your One-handed by 
    5%. The other, Double Blocks, Raises your Two-Handed skill by the same 
    and costs the same. Zuris and Constantino sell a book called Divine 
    Power of the Stars. This book gives you a small mana boost.
    Fire Mages can get a special +2% Two-Handed bonus after completing a 
    special quest.
    If you join the Thieves and learn their special signal, you can learn a 
    special trick from Rengaru that raises your Dexterity by 2.
    You can pray at statues of Innos and make a donation of 100 gold to get 
    +4 HP or +1 Strength. If you happen to be a Paladin, you get +1 Hit 
    points, +4 Mana, +2 Dex, or +2 Strength from this. Fire Mages always 
    get +4 Mana.
    Thorben the carpenter sends you on a special quest that requires you 
    get a blessing from Daron the Fire Mage. Whether you do this or not, 
    you can pay Daron money for his blessing. Pay him in 50 gp increments, 
    up to a maximum of 1,000 gold, early in the game. This is well worth 
    it. Daron will grant you a massive hit point boost, along with a few 
    other extras. Make sure you are fully healed before getting any of his 
    blessings, though, or you'll waste one being healed.
    If you eat 50 Dark Muschrooms you'll get a +10 mana boost. If you eat 
    25 apples, you'll get a +1 Strength bonus. Both the aforementioned 
    bonuses appear to work only once. Coragon the bartender has some 
    special beer he'll give you if you're extra nice to him. This adds +1 
    Mana and +4 Hit Points permanently. You can get 2 of these.
    If you eat a pot of Thekla's stew, you'll get a +1 Strength bonus per 
    use. You can always get three of these stews; Fire Mages can get an 
    extra one. Fire Mages can ask for one for free. Any character can beat 
    up Bullco and ask Thekla for on. Ask again and she sends you on a fetch 
    quest to Sagitta. Come back and ask for another. Later in the game, in 
    Chapter 5, you can come back to Sagitta for yet one more.
    When you get the item, Ring of the Orcish Warlords, it drains you 
    strength by 20 if you wear it (you get them from orc warlords and orc 
    colonels in chapters 4, 5, and 6. You can then train you strength up to 
    100, remove the ring, and instantly have 120 strength!
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
         Melee combat in Gothic 2 looks hard until you learn a few tricks. 
    First, there are two methods of attacking. First, you'll want to 
    normally hit the "lock-on" button to target a specific creature and 
    whack it. You can do forward hacks or side-to side slashes. Forward 
    slashes are quite powerful and with increasing skill levels can be 
    chained into long, elaborate combos. Side-swings have the advantage of 
    being chained indefinitely. You can also do a running slash, but this 
    is a clumsy maneuver. However, its handy when fighting certain foes, 
    like Trolls and Dragons. 
         Ranged combat and spell combat is similar but obviously you attack 
    from long range and only have one attack mode. The key here is making 
    sure you have a good position and can run away.
         You cannot block the attacks of animals or any other creature that 
    doesn't use weaponry, so don't bother. You can hit them and they will 
    back away just a bit. You may block the attacks of weapon-wielding 
    foes, like humans, skeletons and orcs, but this is of limited utility. 
    It's most useful at low levels, but as you improve, you'll want to 
    concentrate more on attacks. Plus, many weapon wielding enemies at high 
    levels will come in packs, making blocks pointless. You may block one 
    attack only to be hit by the next.
         The critical factor in the game past Chapter 1 is mob control. You 
    need to learn how to pull only a few enemies at once. Do this by 
    finding foes separate from groups and run toward them a little bit at a 
    time. Once they pull their weapon or begin their warning sequence (wolf 
    growls or bloodfly hisses) or, in the case of snappers, stalk you, hold 
    your ground until it attacks. If you pulled too many, run back a bit 
    until they stop growling. If you accidentally activate a bunch of foes, 
    run like mad until they stop chasing you. Some enemies link, which 
    means that if one is attacked or sees you they'll all come chase you. 
    If an enemy is linking, you may be able to get a few to chase you 
    around a corner and then kill them separately. Some nonlinking 
    creatures will link if you attack or kill one near the rest. Snappers 
    won't link normally, but will link if you actually shoot arrows into a 
    Creature Combat Notes
    Bloodflies, Field Raiders, Lizards, and Lurkers: Nonlinking; these all 
    warn you off before attacking. Bloodflies tend to get stuck on top of 
    you so you can't hit them a melee attack. Just move away and attack 
    again. Field raiders are easy to fend off since their charge is slow. 
    Lizards will rush you fast and chew you up if you haven't got good 
    armor. Its possible to fend them off without getting hit, but they are 
    quite fast. Some of these enemies try to circle around you - as long as 
    you pull only onne at a time, this is no threat. If you have two, it 
    can be. Try to kill one quickly, or ust recenter on the nearest oen and 
    knock it back, then switch to the other to hit it.
    Demons: nonlinking; Demons are vicious but not the worst foes. Don't 
    let them hit you or they'll do massive damage. They can be held back 
    fairly easily with quick side-slashes. They leave a pretty blue light 
    show when they die, as well as some potions on their corpses. You won't 
    meet very many in the game.
    Fire Lizards: Nonlinking; Fire Lizards look like lizards but they are 
    red and have a nasty fire attack that tears through you. If you give 
    them a quick smack on the nose when they charge (like regular lizards) 
    they jump back and won't breathe fire on you. They're easy to kill once 
    you get the knack.
    Goblins, Orc Warriors, Orc Elites, Orc Warlords, and Lizardmen: 
    Linking, Weapon-using; Goblins are easy early-game opponents, but Black 
    Goblins can be a pain until you hit the mid-teen levels. Either one can 
    be dangerous if they swarm, but you can pull a few at a time, usually. 
    Orcs and Lizards can be handled in a similar fashion: they will both 
    run at you in a blind rush. Just stand there and take a side-swing 
    (front attacks take too long to recover from). The Orc or Lizardman 
    will stop, back off, and try again. If one gets too close, hop 
    backwards. The only difficulty is taking on 3+ orcs and lizards with a 
    melee character.
    Golems: Golems come in several minor variants. Some just rush at you, 
    but Fire and Ice golems will hit you with ranged attacks. Fire Golems 
    throw fireballs and Ice golems throw freezing balls. The freeze balls 
    will cover you in ice, then the Ice golem runs up and whacks at you. If 
    you are a Dragon-hunter or Paladin, you'll survive, with injuries. Fire 
    Mages may not. If you have one, a blunt weapon works better on golems, 
    but its hardly necessary. The lone Magic Golem can only be killed by 
    one weapon - the sacred hammer of the Fire Mages.
    Stone and Fire Golems have what may be the most deadly attack in the 
    game. They can bum-rush you, knocking you back and off the cliff that 
    is inevitably behind you. You can take them out from a distance, but if 
    you must close in keep the pressure hot on them. If they can hit you 
    they won't be able to knock you back. With every hit they will try to 
    back away.
    Orc Shamans and Seekers: Linking; Orc Shamans are eay to kill if you 
    can get them alone - just pull a melee weapon and hack away. They fire 
    fireballs at you, which are fairly powerful. If you close to melee 
    slowly, they'll draw an axe and charge like other orcs, but they are 
    weak and easily slain. Seekers have similar strengths and weaknesses. 
    The Seekers (or as I calls 'em, Black Robes), however, will often curse 
    you if you draw near them, so you should use ranged weapons or spells 
    or stand in plain view a little ways away from them; they'll eventually 
    start attacking. Once they start attacking they can't curse you.
    Rats and Molerats. Linking; attack you on site. Neither kind is really 
    dangerous, even in numbers. Just don't let too many get close by and 
    you'll be fine.
    Scavengers: Nonlinking; fairly weak, but their running charge tends to 
    hit you until you get your melee skill up. Still fairly weak and offer 
    good experience early on. Their screech is really annoying so kill them 
    and be happy. Also, did someone go around and skin them alive or are 
    they just bald and ugly by nature?
    Shadowbeast: Nonlinking; Shadowbeasts are terrifying to face. until you 
    kill one. I recall my first adventure against one. I accidentally 
    stepped off a ledge and found myelf on a lower pad, with several skulls 
    about my feet. I heard an unearthly growl - but where? Behind me!. I 
    whipped out my sword and turned, slicing at the reat blue-black fiend 
    that stood before me! Again and again he charged, al my senses tingling 
    and every nerve concentrated on the present! And then - one slash came 
    to deep and pierced his brain, and he lay dead before me. Shadowbeats 
    are iudeed great hunters, but they are no match for a man. From that 
    day I sought out many of them, testing my wits against their muscle - 
    intelligence against cunning. I have never lost. But oin honor of that 
    day, I toast to the Shadowbeast!
    Skeletons, Shadowknights: Linking, Weapon-using; Skeletons are fast, 
    powerful, and skilled sword wielders. They are possibly the most 
    dangerous opponents in the game. You must face them only a few at a 
    time until you get very good armor.
    Skeleton Mages: These jerks have two nasty attacks. One, they can 
    summon weak skeletons. Two, they can freeze you like ice golems. This 
    is bad, so kill them quickly. They go down in seconds to a powerful 
    Snappers and Dragon Snappers: Nonlinking; Nasty creatures. Once they 
    sense you they'll stalk you slowly and then do a viciously quick rush 
    when they get in range. It's just barely possible to nock them back 
    with a quick attack, but don't count on it working. Unless you are very 
    strong, one rush attack may kill you. A good trick with snappers is to 
    lure them to some obstruction. Once they're charge hits it, they will 
    stop and be easy prey for melee attacks. This works to some degree with 
    any enemy, but snappers are the best prey for it since they rely so 
    much on their initial charge. Snappers will often stop at corpses and 
    ignore you as you come up behind them to whack them.
    Trolls: Nonlinking; to quote the Marine Corps "Killing tanks is easy 
    and fun!" They look nasty and hit like a brick, but they're wimps. To 
    start, run at one and just run around the side and toward its back. 
    After that, it will slowly turn, but just keep moving to its back. Once 
    you're behind the armpit, target it and whack away once or twice. Then 
    move behind it again. Even the mighty Black Troll is easy prey for this 
    trick. Apart from this it's nearly impossible to kill a troll. Ranged 
    attacks just bounce off. I've found only 6 trolls and 1 Black Trolls in 
    the game. Their hides are worth a fortune to Bosper.
    >>I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but I didn't 
    understand his wording and had to work it out for myself. Credit where 
    credit is due. <<
    Wolves and Wargs: Linking; wolves aren't too dangerous but wargs will 
    chew you up until you get some decent armor. They growl to warn you off 
    before attacking.
    Zombies; nonlinking, but they are usually quite close to each other and 
    attack you on site, anyway. These guys look scary and they are strong 
    and tough, but their slow gait makes them vulnerable. If you can get 
    them behind a barrier they'll be totally stuck and fall easily. In one-
    on-one fights, you can easily hold them back or even pin them against 
    the wall.
    Hints and Tips
    Rare Herbs
    Herbs can be found all over the place, and I have confirmed that they 
    seem to be randomized when you start a new game. They tend to appear in 
    odd patches around the place. The only way to find them is to run 
    around and pick them up where ever you see. Watch for their names to 
    flash across the top of your screen, cause that means you found one. 
    Some herbs are rare and valuable, and that makes it all worthwhile.
    Goblin Berries raise your Dexterity permanently by one. Dragon Roots 
    raise your Strength by 1 permanently. King's Sorrel permanently raises 
    your Hit Points by 5. However, you can also use them in potions. You'll 
    find some 15 or more King's Sorrels over the game, and a lesser number 
    of Dragonroots and Goblin Berries. I suggest you pick one of either 
    roots or berries to eat immediately on finding it, and then save the 
    other to use as a potion-making material later. Keep you King's 
    Sagitta and Constantino have rare herbs in every Chapter. Make sure to 
    buy all the valuable ones before ending the Chapter. Later on, they'll 
    start having rare potions, too. Salandril the potion-maker in Upper 
    Khorinis has a few rare potions in Chapters 2 and 3, though nothing in 
    Chapters 4 and 5. There is a mercenary quest that takes him out of the 
    game in Chapter 3, so feel free to do so after cleaning his good stuff 
    Enemy treasures are partly randomized. Orcs have a number of different 
    drops, which range from nothing to a potion and odds n' ends. Orc 
    Elites rarely drop Dragonroots, but the drop is too rare to bother 
    with. It would be insane to try and get one from every Orc Elite. I 
    tried 20-some times in a row to get them but failed to get a single 
    drop, so it is quite rare. Black Goblins rarely drop Goblin Berries.
    >>Goblin Berries look just like Woodland Berries, sadly. Dragonroots do 
    not, however. They look like thick green moss patches, and pop up on 
    rocks and tree trunks. Keep an eye out. The Sun Aloe, which you get for 
    Sagitta's quest, looks just like a Dragonroot. <<
    King's Sorrels
    However, here are some areas where King's Sorrels often appear; always 
    check near other stone circles and graveyards, too. Many more surely 
    lie hidden in some odd patch of the world. Not only do they appear at 
    random, but they may spawn when you advance a Chapter, too!
    If you talk to Zuris near the East Gate, he'll tell you the location of 
    one that always spawns when you learn of it (but not before). It's a 
    little ways past the stione circle near Lobart's farm.
    Second, there usually is one along the road to Akil's farm. Check along 
    the very first left turn, at the far edge of the road near the 
    Another one often shows up on the highest hill in the land. Leave 
    Khorinis by the East Gate, and turn left. Go up the path to the 
    lighthouse and turn right, ascending the hill further. Go past the 
    hunter and to the top of the hill and check for a King's Sorrel. One 
    also seems to always be present near the dead adventurer in the troll's 
    valley (See below)
    One appears on the hill behind the lighthouse. Watch out that the 
    bandits don't shoot you and Shadowbeast do not eat you.
    Another one usually shows up behind the Black Troll in the far 
    One appears in the Tomb in Inubis.
    If you find the hunter Grom near Onar's Farm (See "A Hungry Hunter" in 
    the sidequests section.) go past him to find two Trolls. Kill them and 
    check the dead guy's skeleton for a Rapier, which is an excellent 
    weapon for archer types, some money, and a King's Sorrel.
    In Chapter 2, find Diego (detailed in the walkthrough). Climb up onto 
    the hill behind him.
    One sometimes appears in the graveyard near Sekob's farm.
    Other Stuff
    Many merchants get new stuff in every Chapter. Aside from Sagitta and 
    Constantino's herbs, check Salandril's and Zuris' potions and Bosper's 
    bows. Other mechants don't have anything special to offer generally, 
    though Harad will sell Paladins magic ore blades in Chapter 3. Some 
    critters will come back in each Chapter, so if you wipe out the place 
    you can come back to old areas and often find new foes.
    In the Khorinis sewers lies a chest with a Potion of Dexterity among 
    other stuff. You can get the door's key by pickpocketing or killing 
    Jesper. He'll give you the key in Chapter 3 freely if you join the 
    guild. Past it lies a chest: the combination is: RRR-L-RRR-L-R-L-R-L-
    >> Most chests are randomized, but all the chests with major goodies or 
    quest items are not. You can make all the random chests change their 
    codes upon every game reset simply by changing that option in your 
    Gothic config file, located in Atari/Jowood/Gothic2/Data/Gothic.cfg.
    >> I have adopted the same lock solution format as Ellusion, since its 
    perfectly obvious and easy to read. Ellusion, you FAQ stands as a 
    bright holy grail shining down upon us weak and unworthy lesser 
    mortals! All Hail Ellusion, Lord of the FAQS! <<
    Everything in the Dead Harpy can be stolen with no consequences. No one 
    will care even if you take the gold candlestick.
    Later in the game, when you become a Paladin, the owner of the Dead 
    Harpy will let you stay for free. Fire Mages, which you become in 
    Chapter 1, also stay free.
    You can get a really nice early-game weapon, the Orcslayer, for free. 
    Go to the pyramid in the north-east, and climb to the very top. You'll 
    see a chest in the upper chamber. Inside is the Orcslayer (65 damage/65 
    strength), which makes a great One-Handed weapon early on. You can get 
    this in Chapter 1 and won't find better till Chapter 3 at least. In 
    Chapter 3 you can get a treasure map that leads here, but it's a bit 
    late. The Torturer's Axe has the same statistics and needs no 
    lockpicking, but you'll have to defeat a Black Troll to get it.
    For you Two-Handed buffs, there's Dragonslicer. This (80 damage/ 80 
    strength) weapon can be found up the path from the Sun Circle. In the 
    next "pocket" area, look for a cave. You'll have to beat several 
    skeletons and a Shadowknight to win the prize, but it is worth it. You 
    can get this in Chapter 1 and won't find better till Chapter 3 at 
    There's a neat trick that lets you kill hordes of orcs with little risk 
    in Chapters 2 and 4. First, you need to get to the ram that you climb 
    up into the Castle with. Equip a ranged weapon and get lots of ammo. 
    Run by a bunch of orcs to get them to follow you around to the ram. Go 
    on up it a little bit and start shooting. The orcs cannot go up the 
    ram, but you're shooting will constantly bring them back to the close 
    range, where they put away their weapons and walk away again. Do this 
    until they're all dead - they can't hurt you and the range is close 
    enough that you won't need much skill to hit. In Chapter 4, this is 
    useful for killing the armies of orc elites all over the place. Just 
    make sure you don't attract shaman attention, or kill them first.
    Fire Mages and Paladins can bully their way onto the ship in Khorinis 
    Harbor. Aside from the common goodies there is an Elixir of Strength in 
    the hold.
    While you can use stoves to cook raw meat into friend meat, doubling 
    its healing properties, there is a far faster way to do it. Find a 
    campfire with a pan. There is one at the beach near the warship and one 
    near the Pass to the Valley of Mines. Face the fire and press and hold 
    ctrl. Press forward, back and keep repeating that for each piece of 
    meat you have. It's about 5 times as fast as cooking at stoves, so you 
    can cook meat in big batches.
    Lares		Dexterity (max 30)
    Vatras		Mana (max 50)
    Bosper		Basic hunting (take hides)
    Carl		Strength (max 30); He'll teach you for free if you help out 
    Harad		Strength (max 50); He'll teach you strength if you become 
    his apprentice
    Alrik		One-Handed Melee (max 60); He'll teach you if you get him 
    his sword
    Ignaz		Basic Potions; He'll teach you if you do his little 
    Bartok		Archery & Sneaking
    Wulfgar	One and Two-Handed Melee (max 60)
    Ruga		Dexterity & Crossbows; Only teaches militiamen/paladins
    Cassia		Pickpocketing; Thieves' Guild
    Ramirez	Lockpicking; Thieves' Guild
    Jesper		Sneaking; Thieves' Guild
    Constantino	All potions; teaches you if you accomplish his quest
    Mortis		Strength
    Diego		Dexterity (Max 100)	Appears in Chapter 3
    Paladin	-Only	
    Albrech	Mana and Paladin Runes
    Girion		Two-Handed Melee (max 100)
    Cedric		One-Handed Melee (max 100)
    Ignmar		Strength (max 90)
    Fire Mage-Only
    Parlan		Mana (max 50); If you are a Fire Mage he teaches you 
    various spells, and teaches you how to use the Circles of Magic 1-3.
    Opolos		Strength (max 30)
    Babo		Two-Handed Weapons, if you help him out
    Karras		Summoning magic, If you are a Fire Mage he teaches 
    you various spells, and teaches you how to use the Circles of Magic 4-
    6; full Fire Mages only
    Hyglas		Fire magic; full Fire Mages only
    Marduk	Ice and Thunder magic; full Fire Mages only
    Gorax		advanced magic spells; full Fire Mages only
    Neoras		potion-making; full Fire Mages only
    Outside Khorinis
    Sagitta		All potions; Teaches you if you finish her quest
    Dragomir	Crossbow; Requires you to have 30 Dexterity
    Niclas		Archery; Find him up on the slope overlooking the 
    lighthouse. Simply follow the path to lighthouse and then turn right to 
    continue going up.
    Gaan		Hunting (Bloodfly Wings & Stinger, Teeth, Claws, Dragon 
    Snapper Horn); Finish "Gaan's Prey"
    Grom		Hunting (Shadowbeast Horn, Mandibles, Teeth, Heart); Finish 
    "A Hungry Hunter"
    Grimbauld	Hunting (Bloodfly Wings & Stingers, Mandibles, Claws, 
    Crawlerplates); "Grimbauld's Snapper Hunting Trip"
    Onar's Farm
    Wolf		Archery
    Torlof		Strength and Dexterity (max 90); Teaches unguilded 
    and mercenaries
    Buster		One-Handed Fighting
    Cord		One and Two-Handed Melee (max 60); Teaches people with 30+ 
    in a melee skill.
    Bennet		Advanced smithing
    Kereloth	Crossbow
    Feros		Strength and Dexterity; You must finish "Fero's Sword"
    Udar		Crossbow
    Brutus		Strength
    Valley of Mines
    Talbin		Hunting
    Gestath	         Hunting (Dragon Snapper Horn, Tongue of Fire, 
    Mandibles, Crawler Plates); He's found up the slope toward the Earth 
    Dragon's place. Go south and follow the river to the slope and check 
    the ledge halfway up. In chapter 4, he can teach you how to take Dragon 
    Blood and Dragon Scales, too.
    New Chapter 6 Trainers
    In Chapter 6 some NPC's can train you in abilities they might not have 
    Milten	Trains Mana past 100
    Vatras	Trains Mana and all potions
    Lee	Trains One & Two Handed to 100
    Girion	Trains One & Two Handed and Crossbow to 100
    Torlof	Trains Strength to 100
    Listing every weapon in the game would be rather pointless - they fill 
    every corner of the world. I noted some good ones in the walkthrough 
    and hints section, but here is a short list of my personal favorites. 
    In the early game, you'll want to stick to one-handers. They're easier 
    to use and a bit faster, and that counts for fending off wolves and 
    raiders with little armor. Later on, if your wish, go for two-handers 
    to maximize your damage. Making the switch is up to you, though, as 
    either weapon will do in the endgame.
    Heavy Branch (10 damage/ 10 strength): a cheap but serviceable weapon. 
    Take one from Xardas' woodpile.
    Spiked Mace (12 damage/ 10 strength): A wee bit better than heavy 
    branch, pick this one up from the bandit trio leader, just up the road 
    from Lobart's farm.
    Wolf's Tooth (20 damage/ 10 stength): The range on this thing is 
    horrible, but it can give you a hefty damage boost early on with no 
    points put into strength.
    Alrik's Sword (25 damage/ 20 strength): This sword isn't terribly 
    powerful, but its easy to get and increases you One-Handed skill by 10! 
    Talk to Alrik in the afternoon behind the harbor warehouse, and then 
    buy it from Jora for 50 gold. Useful in the early game until you get 
    your strength up for a beter weapon, or for archers.
    Pirate's Cutlass (30 damage/ 20 strength): This nice weapon can be 
    obtained by doing "Canther's Favor" in Sarah's favor instead, or on the 
    beach near across the way from the Paladin's warship.
    Paladin's Sword (30 damage/ 30 strength) & Paladin's Two-Hander 
    (40/40): East fo the Dead Harpy lies an old graveyand. Lookaround, and 
    you'll see two caves nearby. One has nothing more than a pair of 
    molerats, but the other has goblin skeletons and zombies. Neither kind 
    of foe is tough to kill. Inside, take the Paladin's Sword and Paladin's 
    Two-Hander, as well as the Jewel Casket for sale. The two-hander if the 
    first decent two-handed blade you can get.
    Rough Bastard Sword (45 damage/ 45 strength): A lovely death-dealing 
    tool, this blade can carve a swath through almost every foe in the 
    Khorinis area for you. Find it sticking out of the ground on the third 
    beach around past the sewer door, just outside Khorinis' harbor.
    Orcslayer and the Torturer's Axe (65 damage/ 65 strength) These puppies 
    can take down anything, and you can ge them both easily in chapter one. 
    Orcslayer lies atop the pyramid in a locked chest. (R-LL-RRR-L) See the 
    Hints and Tips section for directions. The Axe lies behind the Black 
    Troll. See "The Sun Aloe" in sidequests for direction. Either can be 
    bought in Chapter 4 from Feros.
    Dragonslicer (80 damage/ 80 strength): Lies in a cave in the tiny 
    valley above the sun circle. See the hints and tips section for 
    directions. Beware the skeletons! They will tear you up alone or in 
    groups, but you can defeat them with patience and hard work. The 
    Dragonslicer is indeed the best weapon you will see for a long while.
    Rapier (50 damage/ 50 dexterity): A lightweight blade; find it near the 
    two trolls past Grom the hunter, way up in the valley near Onar's 
    Master Sword (65 damage/ 65 dexterity): Find it in Xardas old tower in 
    the valley of mines. See "Demon Tower" for more information.
    Stormbringer (75 damage/ 65 Strength): Find it in the Ice Dragon's 
    treasure pile.
    Anything better you'll just have to make. You ca get recipes as a 
    Paladin from Marduk to get a blessed ore blade, or if you're a 
    Dragonhunter learn them from Bennet. Fier Mages just get Runes.
    As for Ranged Weapons, you can buy new ones from Bospur. He sells good 
    ones every Chapter. You'll find a few good ones here and there, but the 
    only ones worth bothering over usually come from Bospur.
    In the Valley of Mines, you can get an Oak Bow along the path that 
    leads up along the cliff face from the ice field. The path starts near 
    the ice golems post. You'll have to fight several Dragon Snappers to 
    get it.
    Weapons are found all over the place, but armor is special and rare. 
    There's little point in putting the stats and location for every weapon 
    in the game, since most are truly useless. Here is the best armor, 
    though. I've mentioned the locations of the best stuff during the game 
    Farmer's Clothing 1:	Bought from Lobart
    Leather Armor	:	Bought from Matteo for 250 or stolen from the 
    chest beside his shop.
    Crawler Plate:		Find out about this from Gestath the hunter in 
    the Valley of Mines, then talk to Wolf at Onar's. You'll need 10 
    minecrawler plates. It's not really that good unless you are a Fire 
    Mage and really need the edge. See Gestath's entry under trainers to 
    find his location.
    Light Militia:		Obtained on joining the militia
    Heavy Militia:		Bought from the Castle quartermaster for 2000 
    Knight's Mail:		Obtained on joining the Paladins in Chapter 3
    Paladin's Mail:	Found in Chapter 5 in Xardas secret chamber via 
    teleport Rune
    Fire Mage
    Novices Robe:		Obtained on joining the Fire Mages
    Fire Mage's Robe:	Obtained on being ordained
    Heavy Fire Robe:	After repairing the Eye of Innos, talk to Pyrokar.
    Light Mercenary:	Obtained on joining the mercenaries
    Medium Mercenary:	Bought from Lee for 500 in Chapter 2 or free upon 
    freeing Gorn
    Heavy Mercenary:	Given to you by Lee in Chapter 3
    Light Dragonhunter:	Get from Bennet after freeing him in Chapter 3
    Medium D-hunter:	 Get Jan to man the smithy in Chapter 4, then give 
    him 20 Dragon scales and 12,000 in cash
    Heavy Dragonhunter:   After learning of it from Xardas' secret library, 
    talk to Bennet. Give him 20,000 gold for the Heavy Dragonhunter's 
    Armor Stats
    Name                          		Weapon  Arrow  Dragonfire   Magic    
    Farmer's Clothing I             		15      	15         
    	0          	0        
    Leather Armor                   		25      	20         
    	5          	0        
    Novice's Robe                   		25      	25         
    	0         	10        
    Light Mercenary Armor       		30      	30         	0          
    Light Militia Armor             		40      	40         
    	5          	5       
    Fire Mage's Robe                		40      	40        	20         	20       
    Medium Mercenary Armor  		45      	45         	5          
    Crawler Plate Armor            		55      	50        	20         	5       
    Heavy Militia Armor           		60      	60        	10         
    Heavy Mercenary Armor     		60      	60        	10         
    Light Dragon Hunter's Armor     	70      	70        	40         
    Knight's Armor                  		80      	80        	25         	25        
    Heavy Fire Robe			80	80	40	40
    Medium Dragon Hunter's Armor    	80      	80        	50         
    Heavy Dragon Hunter's Armor     	90      	90        	60         
    Paladin's Armor                		100     	100	50	50      
    Teleport Runes
    In the game you'll come across several teleport runes, which can 
    quickly take you across the land. It will not take you directly from 
    the Valley of Mines to the Khorinis area, though, so don't try. You can 
    start finding them in Chapter 2. 
    Valley of Mines Pass Rune
    As you come down out of the pass, look to the side areas on the path to 
    find this rune. You need to look for it in an area on your left, which 
    you must reach by crossing a bridge overhead.
    Castle Rune
    Found on the podium in chamber of above Milten in the Castle
    Demon-Infested Tower Rune
    Found in Xardas' old tower in the southern part of the Valley of Mines
    Khorinis Pass Rune
    Found upon starting Chapter 3 on one of the dead Paladins guardng the 
    Khorinis pass
    Xardas Tower Rune
    Given to you by Lester at the start of Chapter 3
    Onar's Farm Rune
    Given to you by Lee in Chapter 3
    Khorinis Rune
    Given to you by Lord Hagen in Chapter 3
    Dead Harpy Rune
    Talk to the owner of the Dead Harpy in Chapter 3 and check his stuff 
    for sale to buy this rune
    Monastery Rune
    Obtained from Pyrokar in Chapter 3, after telling him what happened so 
    Only sidequests are here. All others are covered in the Guild Quests 
    and Walkthrough section. I didn't list all of the individual subquest 
    names in the Walkthrough section, because they are solved automatically 
    as you advance the plot. There are a few quests that don't have names 
    or show up in your quest log. I have marked these like this [made-up 
    Chapter 1
    >> Assumes you start in Xardas and work your way toward Onar's Farm. <<
    Lobart's Work Clothes
    Talk to Lobart about getting some clothes. He'll offer you the threads 
    for a high price. You can do all five quests below to bring the price 
    down to 40 gold pieces. When you buy it the quest ends.
    The Bandits at Lobart's Farm
    Talk to Maleth at Lobart's. Kill the three bandits in the cave you ran 
    past getting to Lobart's (you only need to kill two if you made friends 
    with the lookout earlier) and talk to Lobart.
    Harvest the Turnip Field
    Talk to Lobart about work. Go into the field behind him, to his left. 
    Pull up all the turnips.
    Bring the Turnips to Hilda
    Talk to Lobart after pulling his turnips. Take them into the house. 
    Talk to Hilda.
    A Pan for Hilda
    Talk to Hilda. Offer to get her a pan. Ask for the money, and leave the 
    farm, going to the main road. Look for the merchant there, Canther (you 
    can accept his offer or not). Buy a pan for him for 20 gold. Take it to 
    For a Bottle of Wine
    Talk to Vino in Lobart's fields. Go buy him a bottle of wine from 
    Canther. Bring it back to Vino.
    (Quests below this are start Khorinis)
    Apprentice in Khorinis.
    You get this quest by talking to any of the master characters in 
    Khorinis about getting into the Upper Quarter and seeing Lord Hagen. To 
    solve, it, you must complete three of the four quests below this 
    (Matteo and Gritta, Furs for Bosper, The Blessing of the Gods, and A 
    Great Challenge) and join someone as an apprentice. Constantino doesn't 
    care and will vote you in even if you don't talk to him at all, but you 
    can get his quest to do.
    Matteo and Gritta
    Talk to Matteo, in the store to the left as you enter Khorinis. Offer 
    to collect some money for him. Go talk to Gritta in the house behind 
    Thorben the carpenter. Listen to her sob story or threaten her for 
    money. Go pay Matteo off. If you pay Matteo yourself, or speak with him 
    about Gritta handing over the cash and give it back, Thorben will think 
    well of you and teach you lockpicking.
    Furs for Bosper
    Talk to Bosper about becoming an apprentice; his shop is on the right 
    as you enter Khorinis. Learn how to take hides and kill four wolves to 
    get their skins. Take them back to Bosper. This is required to become 
    his apprentice.
    The Blessing of the Gods
    Talk to Thorben about becoming an apprentice. Go to Vatras, down the 
    sidestreet. Tell Vatras your whole story. He'll bless you. Go talk to 
    Daron, to Vatras' right, around the East Gate in the daytime. Give him 
    a donation and he'll bless you. You should pay him so he can bless you 
    more later on. Return to Thorben.
    A Great Challenge
    Talk to Harad about becoming an apprentice. He's the smith straight up 
    from the South Gate. He'll tell you to kill an orc and bring him its 
    axe. You only actually have to get the axe, and its possible to find 
    one in a bandit cave. However, you can talk to Harad again and he'll 
    only ask you to kill some bandits. Either subquest required to become 
    his apprentice.
    Herbs for Constantino
    Talk to Constantino about becoming an apprentice. His shop right next 
    to Harad's smithy. He'll give a list that demands you find one of every 
    alchemical plant. This is required to become his apprentice. Once you 
    do he'll teach you potion making even if you don't become his 
    apprentice, but if you want to keep any of the rare herbs you'll have 
    to buy them back for serious money, before you get to the next Chapter. 
    You can also learn potion-making from Sagitta later on, for another 
    tough quest.
    King's Sorrel
    Goblin Berries
    Healing Roots
    Healing Plant
    Healing Herb
    Fire Nettle
    Fire Weed
    Fire Root
    Meadow Knotweed
    See the Hints and Tips section for more information about finding rare 
    herbs. All the other you can get just walking around.
    [Statue of Innos]
    Talk to Edda on the shady side of town, some distance behind Matteo's 
    store. Bring her a Statue of Innos. You can find one in the upper 
    quarter or in the Thieves' Island Stash.
    [Hunting with Bartok]
    Talk to Bartok to learn he's Bosper's old apprentice and a good hunter. 
    Ask him to take you hunting. He will go out the South Gate. This is a 
    difficult section. He'll slaughter the wolves and bloodflies, but the 
    Shadowbeast is a tough opponent. Still, the to of you should prevail. 
    However, at the end of the trip lies an Orc scout. He's likely to kill 
    Bartok. Depending on what kind of character you're roleplaying, you may 
    just want to hack the orc down, but if you can attract its attention 
    just enough and hurt it fast enough, the orc will die but Bartok won't. 
    It helps if you kept the wolves and bloodflies from hurting Bartok, 
    since he has two or three healing potion and will then go into battle 
    fully healed. Bartok will return to town and won't leave again.
    Oddly, if you clean out some of the enemies before going in here with 
    Bartok, they will all be back for more experience and hides!
    Mad Fellan
    Talk to Alwin, a butcher whose house lies behind and below the free-
    beer stand. Go talk to Fellan, behind Alwin's house. Wait until 
    nightfall. Beat up Fellan. Talk to him and go back to Alwin in the 
    morning to talk to him. Fellan won't report you, so if no one else sees 
    you its not a crime.
    Alrik's Sword
    After noon, go to the Alley behind the shipbuilder's place at the 
    harbor to talk to Alrik. Offer to get his sword. Go talk to Jora near 
    the East Gate. If you solved Gold for Merchant in his favor he'll give 
    you the sword for free. Alrik's sword can be used to save yourself a 
    few LP if you want to train Two-Handed, but I'd just pay the points and 
    end the quest. Its not worth carrying the thing around till Chapter 3, 
    when you can first find trainers to teach you up to 100 Two-Handed 
    melee weapons.
    [Thug at the Pub]
    In front of the pub at the harbor is a stupid thug, Moe. He wants your 
    money. Either pay him gold or go wide around him. If you fight well you 
    can beat him at level 3 with a little luck. You don't seem to get 
    reported even if you surprise him - the folks here seem to like a good 
    [Lares' Trip]
    Talk to Lares and ask about Lee and the mercenaries. Lares will offer 
    to lead you to him. Accept his offer and tag along. Lares will kill 
    everything in sight. At the end of the trip, he'll stop at the tavern. 
    If you avoid him here, you can pull some monsters from around here up 
    to him and he'll kill them all. Lurkers, scavengers, bloodflies - and 
    you getrthe experience. You have to get quite close to talk to him, so 
    make a short cut around him while beasts are chasing you and he'll go 
    attack them. He also won't talk to you while he's fighting.
    Bandits in Jack's Lighthouse
    Talk to Jack, sitting at the harbor of Khorinis. Kill all the bandits 
    in his lighthouse. Return to him.
    These may be the toughest bandits in the game. If they see you, all 
    three'll open up with bows and cut you down. You need good armor and 
    more levels to beat them. I suggest ascending the hill behind them and 
    attacking from the other side of the lighthouse, or running up and 
    hiding behind the she duntil they draw swords and attack you. Either 
    way, I suggest you be at least level 15 and have medium merc or militia 
    armor first.
    Information for Garvell
    Talk to Garvell in Khorinis harbor. You'll need to get him some info. 
    You can get part of it by getting some beers and talking to the 
    militiaman, Ulf, at the free beer stand Just keep giving him beer and 
    asking questions. To get the rest, you'll need to talk to Lord Hagen.
    >> As long as you're in the area, buy a map of the Khorinis area from 
    Barhim down at the harbor. <<
    The Experiment
    Talk to Ignaz in the house behind Matteo's store. Accept his scroll and 
    offer. Find a citizen to beat up and use it. If you beat up Valentino 
    and use it, you can get a nice hidden quest, sort of. Don't use it on 
    Ignaz - it won't work.
    [Valentino's "Admirers"]
    If you beat up Valentino and take his money, and then speak to Regis, 
    he'll give you a ring. Go talk to Coragon the next day, and give him 
    the ring for some experience, and a joke at Valentino's expense. After 
    you beat Valentino up, take his key if you intend to join the Thieves' 
    Guild. Its needed for a quest later on.
    Actually beating Valentino up is easy if you can get him alone. 
    Fortunately, he drinks till 4:00 am at Coragon's tavern and then walks 
    back home to the upper quarter. You can't beat him up by the temple 
    because you'll be seen. You can, if you're lucky and strong, beat him 
    up in his house in the Upper Quarter, but it is hard and your likely to 
    get a big fine. The easiest place is right next to the entrance to 
    upper Khorinis, between the stairs and Bosper's place. Just stand where 
    the knights and guard posted by the temple can't see you and wait for 
    [Alternate Militia Entrance]
    Usually, you need to be a citizen to join the militia. Talk their 
    commander, Lord Andre about that. He'll make you and offer - kill the 
    Thieves for him and he'll let you enter. Complete the quests "Gold for 
    a Merchant" or "A Brazen Thief", "Baltram's Shipment" or "The False 
    Messenger", and "[Something's Fishy]". Then see "[Thieves' Guild]", 
    below. Once you enter the sewers and talk to Cassia, you can kill them 
    or leave. If you leave, you can talk to Andre and he'll send some men 
    to kill them all by next morning.
    >> If you only kill some of the Thieves, then tell Andre, his guards 
    move the bodies back to their original locations! <<
    [Pablo and the Wanted Poster]
    If you go near a militiaman named Pablo he'll stop you and tell you 
    he's seen you before. You can either deny it or ask him about the whole 
    shebang. Asking him about it nets you some information about where to 
    find the bandits (They're up near Onar's place). If you accept the 
    truth, he'll find out you're a convict and so will Lord Andre.
    Canther's Favor
    Whether you helped him or not, Canther the merchant will stop you when 
    he first sees you. Seems he wants you to screw over Sarah the arms 
    dealer. You can ignore him, but he'll show up in Chapter 2 to bother 
    you. You can accept and do the dirty deed, in which case he gives you a 
    good blade and Sarah goes bye-bye. Or you can turn him in to Lord Andre 
    for a reward and Sarah's weapon, a nice blade, a Pirate's Cutlass. If 
    you do the latter, Canther will go free in Chapter 3 and replace Sarah, 
    and he'll try to take vengeance on you by getting other merchants to 
    refuse service to you, being a convict and all. You can bribe him to 
    drop the matter thereafter. Or you can kill him in jail; for some 
    ungodly reason no one cares. If Lord Andre finds out you are a convict, 
    Canther will go free as well. 
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    Gold for a Merchant
    Talk to Jora near the East Gate. He'll tell you about a dirty thief 
    named Rengaru. Make an offer to get Rengaru. Talk to Rengaru - he'll be 
    near the merchant's square then. He'll run to the other side of the 
    militia house. Follow him. Talk to him once he's done and hell 
    surrender. Take the money and/or let him go, then return the cash to 
    A Brazen Thief
    This is Rengaru's side of the "Gold for a Merchant" quest. Simply let 
    Rengaru go and don't take the money from him, after you chase him.
    [Tobacco Road]
    Talk to Abuyin about tobacco to get this quest. He'll give you two 
    apple tobacco pouches. You'll need to know some alchemy as well, and 
    have three water flasks. Mix the apple tobacco with honey, another with 
    swampweed, and a third with a dark mushroom. You'll need to buy another 
    apple tobacco from Zuris or find it later. Take the murky tobacco to 
    Dar at Onar's farm. Take the swampweed tobacco to the gardener behind 
    Lord Hagen's building in Upper Khorinis. Take the honey tobacco to 
    The False Messenger
    Talk to Kardif the owner of the harbor pub (the Pegleg) and see if 
    there any "special" work available. Talk to Nagur about it. Go complete 
    "Baltram's Shipment" (below), except take the shipment to Nagur. 
    Alternatively, turn Nagur in with the militia by talking to Lord Andre. 
    Either way you must help Akil get rid of the mercenaries on his farm 
    Baltram's Shipment
    After getting the quest "The False Messenger", talk to Baltram near the 
    East Gate. Go to Akil's Farm, by leaving by the East Gate and taking 
    the path to the right. When you see the stairs, go up them to your 
    left. Talk to Akil for the shipment. Bring it back to Baltram.
    Bandit Raids
    Talk to Hakon the weapons dealer near the East Gate. Go to Akil's Farm, 
    by leaving by the East Gate and taking the path to the right. When you 
    see the stairs, go up them to your left. Follow the trail to your left. 
    Continue around until you see a rocky outcropping. Go up to it and 
    enter the cave. Kill the bandits. Return to Hakon.
    Something's Fishy
    After you do the above quest, look around and find a "light fish". Use 
    it like a potion in your inventory. Read the note. Go back to Khorinis 
    and go to the harbor. Find the fish merchants across the street from 
    the harbor pub. Talk to him. You can then either turn him in or get 
    some "special fish", which he will sell you one of per day.
    [Thieves' Guild]
    Complete the quests "Gold for a Merchant" or "A Brazen Thief", 
    "Baltram's Shipment" or "The False Messenger", and "[Something's 
    Fishy]". Doing so will trigger a new opportunity. Talk to the harbor 
    pub owner Kardif, and then go behind the brothel, near Edda's house. If 
    you helped the Thieves out, they'll invite you to join. Otherwise, 
    their assassin will try and kill you. Either way, you can get a key 
    that opens the sewer entrance right by the harbor - just jump in the 
    water and go over near the town walls and you'll see it. Inside you'll 
    fight some rats and meet Jesper. He'll invite you to meet with Cassia, 
    the Thieves' leader. She'll offer to let you join whether you got in by 
    killing their enforcer or not - you are obviously competent either way, 
    I guess. She can teach you pickpocketing, Ramirez will teach you 
    lockpicking, and Jesper can teach you Stealth. See the Thieve's Guild 
    entry under "Guild Quests, below, for more information and more quest 
    Bosper's Bow
    Talk to Bartok about this, then to Bosper. You'll need to enter the 
    sewers to continue, so you'll have to complete the quests "Gold for a 
    Merchant" or "A Brazen Thief", "Baltram's Shipment" or "The False 
    Messenger", and "[Something's Fishy]". Once you do, go to the left at 
    look for a small opening in the wall. Enter. You'll need to pick the 
    chest on the ground. Inside is Bosper's bow. Take it back to him. The 
    combination is: RR-LL-R.
    Coragon's Silver
    Found in the same chest as Bosper's bow, above. Take the silver to 
    Coragon the innkeeper. He'll give you some special brew, which adds +3 
    hp and +1 mana permanently.
    Lehmar's Ledger and Loans
    Once you get pickpocketing and have at least 25 Dex, go to Lehmar and 
    pickpocket his Ledger. Take it to Thorben and give it to him. Buy it 
    back from him. He'll give you some lockpicks. Take it to Coragon and 
    give it to him for his special brew (permanent stat boosts!). Buy it 
    back from him. Take it to Hanna the innkeeper for a key. This goes to 
    the Thieves' stash on the island in the harbor.
    Snapper's Claws
    Talk to Lutero in Upper Khorinis - in the day he's lounging off to the 
    side of the Paladin's compound. He'll commission you to find special 
    snapper claws. You don't need a skill to complete this. You have to 
    complete a subquest in Chapter 2, in the Valley of Mines. There, talk 
    to Fajeth (see the walkthrough for how to get to him) and the quest 
    from there will involve killing the creature you need.
    >> There are two special rings in this world one which gives +5 to all 
    AC's and one that gives +10. You can only get them each once. Lutero 
    promises you the +5 one if you haven't got it already. To find the 
    other, explore the cave near the pyramid in the northeastern section of 
    the region map, where you find the orcslayer. Deep inside the cave 
    you'll see a chest near three graves. Open it to get a nice weapon and 
    a bag with the +5 or +10 ring inside. The chest combination is: LL-RR-
    LL-R. Use the weapon to kill the golems that now attack you. It's blunt 
    and they are vulnerable to that. If you already got the commission from 
    Lutero, the ring will be the +10 version, instead, even if you haven't 
    completed the quest. <<
    Secret Island Stash
    Hop into the harbor and start swimming out to the left-most island in 
    the harbor. There is a stretch of beach around back. Go up and kill the 
    lizards there, and search for a partly-hidden cave. Enter it and use 
    the torch like a stove to turn off the trap ahead. Go through the cave 
    and find a wealth of goodies and gold. One chest here cannot be opened 
    until Chapter 3. See "Something Lost", below, for more.
    [On the Beach]
    You can swim past the sewers entrance to reach three beaches. There's 
    not much on the first two, but the last one has a Rough Bastard Sword 
    (45 damage, 45 strength 1-hander) and a chest: R-LL-RR-LLL-RRR, which 
    has 250 gold. Beware the Lizards, which will chew you up before you get 
    decent armor. Its not impossible to kill them before that, its just 
    (Quests below this start outside Khorinis)
    [Easy Swag]
    There's a dead militiaman with a nice amulet and sword, amongst other 
    things, on top of a cave near the East Gate. Go out the gate, turn 
    right on the path, and head into the trees on your left. Look for the 
    cave but go up atop it. Climb the ledge to find your target.
    In the cave is a big, nasty orc and he wants to kill you. He probably 
    will until you have some armor and skill up around 50-60. However, as 
    long a you have a decent weapon (40+ damage) you can do it.
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    [Ehnim and Egill]
    Aki'l two sons are up there with him on the farm. You can talk to one 
    and then to the other, getting them angrier and angrier by carrying 
    insults back and forth until they fight. You get to loot the one that 
    goes down. In Chapter 2 they'l be sitting up near the house and 
    everyone will pitch in and fight the one that hits first, killing him.
    A Farmer in Need
    Go to Akil's Farm, by leaving by the East Gate and taking the path to 
    the right. When you see the stairs, go up them to your left. Talk to 
    Akil. Beat up the mercs with the farmers. Talk to Akil. This doesn't 
    affect your ability to join the mercenaries.
    Bottoms Up
    Talk to Rukhar and the Dead Harpy tavern. He'll challenge you to a 
    drinking contest, but you can't accept. You can get a stand-in, though. 
    Go to Akil's farm and yalk to Randolph about it. Seems Rukhar's a 
    cheat. Wait till nightfall and take some water to put into the chest 
    nest to the bar - no one will care. Remove the gin as well. Now, go 
    talk to Randolph and Rukhar and quest will finish next chapter. Bet 200 
    gold with Rukhar for the maximum payoff.
    >> I find it quite odd that this contest goes on for days. <<
    Dragomir's Crossbow
    Find Dragomir in the large camp near the inn - its right up the road. 
    Talk to him. Go to the Sun Circle. Go past Akil's farm, hugging the 
    cliff to your right. Go past the Shrine to Innos and turn right at the 
    Graveyard. G up the stairs, past the mine, and up to the Sun Circle 
    area - it's the forested section.
    [Secret Still]
    South of the Sun Circle, on the slope on the other side of the road 
    from the graveyard, lies a cave. Inside it is a winch. If you have 
    molerat fat you can turn the winch and go isnide, netting you a bunch 
    of gin. Open the locked chests to get "Secret of the Wine". Tal to Vino 
    to get some experience about it.
    The Lazy Farmer
    Go to Sekob's Farm. Find a guy named Bronko. Beat him up or pay his 
    toll. Find Till standing outside, between the house and barn. Talk to 
    him. He'll ask you to get Bronko back to work. Go talk to Bronko and 
    beat him up if you didn't already. Talk to Bronko and get him to work. 
    Talk to Till again.
    The Forbidden Pasture
    Although any character can get this quest, you can only complete it if 
    you took "Drive Away the Militia" from Torlof. This means that if you 
    take "Collect the Rent" you can't finish this unless you actually 
    become a mercenary. Talk to Balthasar in Sekob's farm. Complete "Drive 
    Away the Militia" and then talk Bengar into letting Balthasar up there.
    The Sun Aloe
    Find Sagitta behind Sekob's farm; her cave is near the Shrine of Innos. 
    Ask her about learning alchemy and she'll send you to find Sun Aloe. 
    The downside is that you have to get it from Black Troll dung. You can 
    find one in the far northern corner of the Khorinis area. If you have a 
    map, the Black Troll cave is southwest across a bridge from the round 
    section in the far northeast. Otherwise, take the road by Dragomir and 
    follow it around until you reach a hunter with a Snapper problem. Go 
    past him and you'll see the Black Troll. You don't have to fight - the 
    Sun Aloe is in front of the cave. Take it to Sagitta.
    [Lead off the Golem]
    Although Fire Mages will get to kill this brute, every character can 
    get all his goodies. The Magic Golem is immune to magic and weapon - 
    save one weapon, which only Fire Mages get to use. First, find the 
    thing. He's sitting up on the high ridge behind Sagitta's. Go along the 
    road tht leads from Dragomir to the Pyrmaid, and he'll be waiting for 
    you when you double back to cross the ravine bridge. You can slip past 
    him easily by sticking to one side of the road, but the better thing to 
    do is to deliberately bait him and run past him. Go hopping from ledge 
    to ledge, and make sure you don't leave him behind. When he bellows in 
    ange, he's stopped, so slow down for a moment and let him chase you 
    again. Once you hit the lower road, ditch him and run up the path to 
    the goodies aagain. Steal them quickly - there isn't much time. There 
    will be scrolls and alchemical ingredients all over the place.
    Don't worry about it getting stuck near the road and chasing you every 
    time you go by, either. He'll be re-placed up at the path where he was.
    [Grimbauld's Snapper Hunting Trip]
    Near the Black Troll cave there is a hunter, Grimbauld. Agree to go 
    snapper-hunting with him to get him to teach you hunting skills. The 
    snappers aren't too hard, just fast and vicious, and you'll have to 
    fight off the whole pack.
    (The Quests below start around Onar's Farm)
    [Fester's Field Raider Hunt]
    If you talk to Fester, standing over near Sentenza or the a bit down 
    the road toward Sekob's Farm, you'll find out about some Field Raiders 
    that killed some farmers. You can accompany him on the hunt. He'll 
    party with you, which means he kills the monsters and you get the 
    experience anyway. He should be more than strong enough to kill them 
    all. You can get some nice items in the back, including a potion of 
    Collect the Rent
    Once you've talked to Lee and offered to join his band, Torlof will 
    give you a mission - choose either this one or "Drive Away the 
    Militia". Either way, once you complete the mission, the other will be 
    given to you later if you join the mercenaries.
    Go to Sekob's farm and talk to Sekob himself. Go to Onar and tell him 
    about it. Either pay Onar or don't. You can go back to Sekob and 
    threaten him for the money.
    This quest doesn't garner as much respect as "Drive Away the Militia", 
    but it works the same and earns you Torlof's support.
    Drive Away the Militia
    Once you've talked to Lee and offered to join his band, Torlof will 
    give you a mission - choose either this one or "Collect the Rent". 
    Either way, once you complete the mission, the other will be given to 
    you later if you join the mercenaries.
    Go to Bengar's Farm. Its on the highlands near Buster's watch post, and 
    can be accessed by heading across the bridge from the Dead Harpy or 
    going up stairs from the other side. There are two militiamen here. 
    Kill them. Return to Torlof. You can do this quest and still join the 
    Jarvis's Challenge
    Jarvis wants you to beat up some of Silvio's men to show them who's 
    who. Beat up any three of Bullco, Rod, Sentenza, Fester, or Raoul  and 
    talk to Jarvis again to complete it. Bullco and Sentenza are tough, 
    dangerous foes. Sylvio himself is unbeatable right now..
    Rod's Sword
    Rod at Onar's farm has a big two-hander. Talk to him and say you are 
    too strong enough. If you have a decent strength score (25) you'll 
    equip it. Give it back to Rod and he'll teach you Two-Handed weapon 
    skills. If you are doing "Jarvis's Challenge", however, use the sword 
    to beat up Rod first, then give it back. There is a glitch that 
    sometimes makes you wield another weapon, though Rod will still 
    Four Wolves for Pepe
    Behind Onar's Farm lies Pepe. He's having trouble with wolves. Kill the 
    wolves for him - they're near the camp north of the farm. Talk to Pepe 
    again to complete
    Kick Bullco's Butt
    After killing the wolves, why not beat up Bullco for screwing Pepe 
    over? He's no slouch in combat, but he can be defeated with smarts and 
    steel (or a few spells). First, talk to Thekla about it. Then talk to 
    Sylvio and threaten him or tell him Thekla doesn't like him. Bullco 
    will talk to you and fight.
    You can beat him fairly easily if you keep a table between you. He 
    won't be able to move in close, where he'll start unleashing combos and 
    smack you around. If he gets in a lucky shot it could all be over 
    quick, though, so keep your defense up!
    If you fight anyone indoors, do not under any circumstances take their 
    stuff or you will be considered a thief and beaten up. Must be a bug.
    A Good Fighter
    Talk to Cord, off to the side of Onar's house. He'll support you if you 
    get your skill in a melee weapon up to 30%. Talk to him after doing so 
    to complete.
    For a Fistful of Herb
    Talk to Cipher. He'll tell you he's low on stock - you can get this 
    quest and "A Package Full of Weed." Cipher will support you if you get 
    him 10 swampweed stalks. You have to have stalks, not raw swampweed. 
    Either find some, or synthesize them if you have any alchemical skills 
    from swampweed. Give them to Cipher.
    A Package Full of Weed
    Seems someone stole Cipher's swampweed. He suspects Bobo did it, but if 
    you talk to Bodo you'll see that's not really true. Well, of course he 
    might be lying (and you can get a little bit of swampweed off of him) 
    but even if you beat him up there's no package, and no chest key 
    either. Hmm.
    Y'know, that fellow Dar seems to have a pipe in his mouth all the time. 
    Go ask him between Thekla's kitchen and Onar's house. Beat him up and 
    find out where it really is. You can even tell Cipher about it and 
    watch him beat up Dar. Anyway, go back to Khorinis and down to the 
    harbor. Enter the warehouse and kill that jerk watching the place. 
    Check the backrooms to find the package. Give it to Cipher.
    Doing this this won't let you turn in the package to Adre in "A Package 
    Full of Weed".
    After beating up Bullco, talk to Thekla to get some stew - hers will 
    raise you strength by one.l Ask for some more and she'll send you to 
    Sagitta for some herbs. Go to Sagitta, get the herbs, and come back for 
    more stew.
    >> I had some fun thinking how buff her kids must be after being raised 
    on that stuff. <<
    The Hungry Hunter
    If you go down the valley past Cord, you'll see a carpenter and Hunter 
    named Grom. Talk to him and bring him milk, bread, and ham, and he'll 
    teach you some of the trick of the trade.
    [Gaan's Prey]
    If you go up near Bengar's farm you'll see the hunter Gaan. He's heard 
    a vicious snorting creature around and want you to find it and kill it. 
    Go over near the mountainside to find it. This is a Dragon Snapper, and 
    he's hungry for you. Kill it and Gaan will teach you how to take Dragon 
    Snapper horns and trophies.
    The Tomb of Inubis
    You really shouldn't try this one yet, but you can theoretically 
    accomplish it in Chapter 1 so here goes. Go to Onar's farm, and walk 
    down the path to his family graveyard. Go past it to another tomb. Go 
    inside and press the switches on each wall to open the tomb. Go down 
    and hop down the steps. Heck the body for a clue about your next foe. 
    Go down the tunnel and don't fear the three skeletons. Look on the 
    shelf for a King's Sorrel. Now, go down one of the side tunnels and 
    kill the skeleton. They won't attack until they are attacked. Use the 
    key it drops to open the chest, then immediately exit it and run for 
    the entrance. Once you arrive at the "steps" stop and wait. Slowly go 
    aback and kill all the monsters that spawned around the chest you 
    opened. The dangerous enemies are the skellies. Do this again for the 
    other side tunnel.
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    Now it gets hard. Kill the last skeleton in the straight chamber and 
    open the chest. Run as before but go down a side tunnel. Kill the 
    skeleton mage and skeleton warriors that appear in it, then switch to a 
    ranged weapon or spell and kill the one that appeared on the far side. 
    Now, blocking your escape is Inubis and a pair of Shadowknights, and 
    these are deadly foes, but if you've come this far you're strong enough 
    to beat him. The key is to inch around the corner and draw them off 
    one-at a time. Inubis fights like any other skeleton, just stronger. 
    Killing him nets you some gold, but it's not a major deal. Your reward 
    is the boatload of experience you get for clearing the place.
    This is much, much easier if you wait until chapter 3 and get some 
    decent armor before doing it.
    [Wasili's Coin Collection]
    Another quest-that-isn't. Find Wasili in Onar's house. Talk to him 
    about his antiques and he'll offer to buy any old coins you get. You 
    can bargain him up to 10 gold each, but the real gods here is the 
    experience. It's not much, but the coins themselves aren't worth 
    anything and you can get a fair number in the Valley of Mines.
    Chapter 2
    >> Assumes you start in Khorinis and work your way toward the Valley of 
    Mines. <<
    Fernando's Business
    After starting Chapter 2, look for Fernando in Upper Khorinis. Talk to 
    him and you'll be given a quest to find out what happened to the ore. 
    After completing Chapter 2, return to Fernando with the answer.
    The Message
    Talk to Vatras. He'll have message for you to take to Isgaroth, a Fire 
    Mage who prays outside the Monastery. Take it to him - Isgaroth is in 
    the large shrine right by the path. Return to vatras to get a sweet 
    reward beyond what he promised.
    Bad News
    On you way down the Valley of Mines path, you'll see the corpse of a 
    Paladin beaing chewed on by a snapper. Kill it and loot the body for 
    stuff. Further down, talk to the scout and he'll tell you to take the 
    news of the paladin's death to his brother. The brother in question is 
    Oric, and he's in the second floor of the castle's command post (the 
    building with Garond in it).
    Rescue Gorn
    Talk to Milten in the Fire Mage's tower in the Castle. Go talk to 
    Garond and pay him 1000 gold for Gorn's freedom. Talk to the prison 
    guard and he'll let you go free Gorn. This comes in handy later on.
    Talk to Parlaf inside the Castle and then talk to Engor the 
    quartermaster. Give him any 24 pieces of meat. He'll take the high-
    quality stuff like ham and sausage before fried meat.
    Gold for Brutus
    >>You should loot Den's corpse before starting this quest. Den's body 
    is noted in the walkthrough, below. Otherwise you may hit a bug and 
    Den's stuff will be gone. <<
    Talk to Brutus the Torturer. Give him 200 gold and he'll train your 
    [Dead Olav]
    On your way to see Fajeth, you may come across a small side cave with 
    the body of Olav inside. Take his purse, but don't open it. Take it to 
    Fajeth's and talk to Bilgot, and tell him the fate of Olav.
    Bilgot's Curse
    At Fajeth's camp, after clearing the area of snappers, you can escort 
    Bilgot to the mouth of the pass to Khorinis. He'll follow you, so the 
    easy way is to just hop in the river and avoid the orcs.
    >> This will result in him dying later on. But he'll probably die 
    either way. <<
    Tenegron's Ring
    At Fajeth's camp, talk to Tengron to get his ring. Take it to Udar in 
    the Castle.
    [Demon Tower]
    If you go all the way south in the middle of the Valley of Mines you'll 
    come to an ugly looking-copy of Xardas' tower. Well, it is Xardas' 
    tower from Gothic 1. If you go in you'll have to fight a nasty battle 
    against some demons, but emerge victorious and you'll find a few 
    goodies, including the Master Sword! No, its not the Sword of Evil's 
    Bane and you're not Link! It's a 65 damage, 65 dexterity sword and a 
    good one for archery-specialists.
    Chapter 3
    >> Assumes you start at Bengar's farm, head towards Onar's, and work 
    your way toward Khorinis. <<
    If you get possessed in this Chapter, go to the monastery. You'll have 
    to see Lord Hagen and give your report (and demand the Eye of Innos) to 
    get access if you are a Militiaman (though not Paladin) or Mercenary. 
    Once inside the Monastery, talk to Pyrokar to buy some potions to cure 
    the possession. Fire Mages don't need to pay.
    Alone and Helpless
    Talk to Bengar. He needs mercenary help. Go towards Onar's Farm. Talk 
    to Wolf and hire him for 1000 (200 if you are a mercenary). Go talk to 
    Malek, who is camped out in a small pass that leads to Grom's camp. Go 
    talk to Malek again at Bengar's Farm. Talk to Bengar about Wolf and 
    Black Hide
    This quest only starts once you achieve your advanced guild class: Fire 
    Mage, Paladin, or Dragonhunter. Hence, Fire Mages get this in Chapter 
    1, the others in Chapter 3. Talk to Raoul at Onar's. Seems he wants to 
    see a Black Troll hide. See my writeup for "the Sun Aloe" is you 
    haven't found it yet, then go kill the Troll and bring its hide back. 
    You do need to know how to take hides for this quest.
    Banished Farmer
    Go to Sekob's Farm, and everyone will be milling about outside. Offer 
    to help Sekob out. Run inside and kill the Black Robes. Talk to Sekob 
    Torlof's Fear of the Dark Man
    A Black Robe has been poking around and freaking Sekob out. Go down 
    from where Cord is standing toward Grom and kill the Black Robe you 
    see. Now go up to the bandit camp. There's another Seeker. Kill him 
    too. If you didn't get the bandits earlier, they'll try to stick you 
    The Power of the Stars
    As a militiaman or paladin, Talk to Hyglas in the Monastery library. 
    He'll send you find book "Divine Power of the Stars." Zuris and 
    Constantino sell it in Khorinis. Bring it to Hyglas.
    Sheep Thieves
    Talk to Akil at his farm. Go to the stairs back to the path back to 
    Khorinis, but keep following the highland trail around to where you see 
    a rocky outcropping. Go up there and enter the cave and kill the 
    bandits. Talk to the sheep and it will follow you. Take it to Akil and 
    tell him about the bandits and the sheep.
    Diego's Gold
    Go to Khorinis. Talk to Diego, standing near Matteo's store. Give him 
    his pouch of gold, found near the entrance to the Valley of Mines.
    Diego's Letter
    After completing "Diego's Gold", talk to Diego again and take his 
    letter to Gerbrandt. Your target is standing at his house just inside 
    Upper Khorinis. Take it to him and watch Gerbrandt clear out. Return to 
    Diego and inform him of the circumstances. Looks like D's got some new 
    Something Lost
    Talk to Hanna the innkeeper in Khorinis. She needs someone to find her 
    lost documents. Talk to Brahim down at the docks and buy his new map. 
    Take it to Hanna. She'll give you a key.
    [This key opens a locked chest in the stash on the island in the 
    harbor. See "Secret Stash" for more information.]
    Healing for Hilda
    Go to Lobart's Farm. If you are a Paladin, you may have to fight off a 
    swarm of orcs here. Talk to Lobart and then talk to his wife, Hilda. Go 
    talk to Vatras. Return to Hilda and give her the medicine.
    Go to the Monastery of Fire. Talk to Babo. He wants to get something 
    from Igaraz., You can either search around for Igaraz's chest or bribe 
    him for the key. Then read the letter or just take the letter to Babo. 
    You can use it to blackmail Babo or just give it to him.
    [Opolos Wants the News]
    In the Monastery of Fire garden, you can give news to Opolos for a 
    small experience reward. There are three pieces of info to give him, 
    all of which you already have, having finished Chapter 2. After that, 
    there's nothing more you can give him.
    Chapter 4
    >> Assumes you turn around and go back to Khorinis before going to the 
    Valley of Mines. In the Valley, I assume you head towards the Castle 
    and then to the snow field.<<
    [Dar's Ambitions]
    It seems that Dar the mercenary at Onar's wants to become a big shot. 
    Give him the ring of an Orc Warlord (one location of such is detailed 
    in the Chapter 4 walkthrough. Paladins get their own version of this 
    quest. Dar gives you an Amulet of Agility if you help him out.
    Neoras' Dragon Egg Brew
    If you go to Neoras in the Monastery cellars, you can hear his story of 
    trying to make a special potion with a dragon egg; naturally, he can't 
    finish it without one. Talk to him and then give him the egg. He'll 
    start making the potion. It appears you'll have to wait until Chapter 5 
    to get it, but the Dragon Egg Brew raises your strength like an Elixir 
    of Strength. There aren't any side effects, despite what Neoras says, 
    so drink away. He'll also give you some healing potions or a Ring of 
    Defense, but you probably need the potion more than the gear.
    [Hordes of Elite Orc Warriors]
    Although this quest is a Paladin quest, other guilds can still hunt 
    down one of the Orc Warlords for his ring, if you want it. The Warlord 
    and his band lie just north of the rope bridge, which itself is a bit 
    south of the pyramid.
    [Bring the Dragon Egg to Lee]
    Although this leads to a mercenary quest, other guilds can still hunt 
    down some of the lizardmen. Seems they've been taking dragon eggs 
    outside of the Valley of Mines. Go to Xardas' and go down into the 
    valley near there, though the pond cave. Go into the cave at the far 
    end of the valley. Kill the lizardmen and take the dragon egg. Take it 
    to Lee to get the mercenary quest, or to Neoras in the Monastery 
    cellars for a "special" potion. You can find another later in the Ice 
    Dragon's treasure pile.
    Lost in the Darkness
    When you reach the Castle in the Valley of Mines again, talk to Udar. 
    It seems Sengrath ran off into the night. Run straight out ahead down 
    the ram and go toward the river to find Sengrath's body. Poor bugger; 
    it appears an orc elite got him. On the bright side, everything he had, 
    inventory included, is still there! If you sold him stuff during 
    Chapters 2 & 3, you can get it all back and sell it again.
    Talk to Kereloth in the Castle yard. He'll mention he lost his purse. 
    It's residing over near Jan on the bench beside the smithy. Take it 
    back to Kereloth. You can tell him you think the Dragonhunters stole 
    it, or that your not sure. If you say the Dragonhunters stole it, 
    Kereloth will go beat up Jan. Jan, however, seems to win more often 
    than not.
    Jan and the Smithy
    In the Castle, talk to Jan, sitting on the bench. Seems he wants to 
    work but can't. Go talk to Garond. Tell him Jan wants to work and you 
    take responsibility. Go talk to Jan, who will not sell you stuff.
    If you talk to Garond he mentions that Oric could use some tactical 
    tools. You're it. Go talk to Oric on the second floor of the Castle and 
    he'll send you to decapitate the orcs by killing their leaders. Hosh-
    Pak stands on the bluff overlooking the castle and the siege ring. He's 
    well guarded but you can take him down easily by now. Just don't let 
    the shamans gang up on you. Return to Oric.
    Fero's Sword
    Fero the Dragonhunter lost his blade and needs it back. Talk to him: 
    it's lying on the ground near Hosh-Pak's tents.
    The Filthy Sty
    Oddly, it seems Brutus thee torturer is deathly afraid of Meatbugs. 
    Kill them for him and talk to him for a miniscule reward.
    Talk to Gerold near the prison. Seems they cut the rations and he's 
    dying for food. Lets feed him something. Meet him at the Fire Mage's 
    tower (where Milten was in Chapter 2) and give him cheeses or meat or 
    even fish soup. Give him 9 pieces for a hefty experience and money 
    reward. He'll tell you when he's done.
    Jan and the Dragonblood
    You can give Dragonblood to Jan at the smithy in the castle, if you 
    help him get a spot working there. Sadly, it's not really worth the 5 
    LP you'd have to spend to get Dragonblood.
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    Engrom's Hide
    If you go find Talbin, where he was in Chapter 2, in the camp near the 
    bridge, he'll tell you Engrom ran off - and Talbin wants his Lurker 
    hide back. As it happens, Engrom isn't far. Go to Paladin Marcos' 
    hiding place, and Engrom will be there. You can get the hide back from 
    Angar's Amulet
    >> You may have already met Angar in the Castle. He'll talk to you 
    then, but his quest remains the same and he will show up in the 
    location below. <<
    If you go to the snow region, you'll see a small path leading up along 
    the ice wall. Go along it. You can also get here by swimming across the 
    lake or going around the swamp. You'll face a couple of skeletons and 
    come to a stone-ring graveyard with eerie music. Nearby stands Angar, 
    an old pal. He wants his amulet back, but he lost it near the graveyard 
    and is too afraid to go looking for it. Help him out by getting it 
    back. You can convince him to come along with you if you wish. Go down 
    the cave near the stone circle. Inside, fight off the skeletons and the 
    skeleton mage. Angar's Amulet is on the table. Give it to Angar, and 
    he'll want to leave the Valley of Mines. Later, you can see him resting 
    near Marco's hiding place. The skeleton mage guards an Elixir of 
    Spirit, so it's a good idea to do this quest.
    >>Nearby, look for a cave with some skeletons. You'll also get to fight 
    a skeletal Shadowbeast for a strength potion. It's not very fearsome. 
    Two Ice Giants for Sylvio
    If you go to the snow region, you'll see Sylvio and some dead 
    Dragonhunters. Looks like Sylvio wants you to kill the Ice Golems. This 
    is not too hard. Blast them with magic or run in close, dodging their 
    ice spell. It freezes you. They won't do too much damage before you get 
    unfrozen, anyway. After doing so, Sylvio will wander off while you kill 
    the Ice Dragon. When you do so, Sylvio meets you on the way out and 
    attacks. Kill him. Bullco will attack you thereafter, but only once if 
    you beat him up.
    If you go back to Fajeth's camp you'll see them being assaulted by a 
    nasty band of orcs. Its possible to save some of them, but it's not 
    easy. Drink a speed potion and run like the wind up there. You can even 
    cut your own men down, which knocks them out while you fight the orcs. 
    Tenegron will die quickly from the Orc elite if you don't save him, 
    while Fajeth will last longer. The hunter fellow may do quite well.
    No matter the outcome, afterward run up to the high bluff overlooking 
    it and talking your old buddy, Ur-Shak. Seems he wants a place in the 
    world. If you tell him Hosh-Pak's location, he'll run off to it. If you 
    want to talk to him there, it seems he's decided to hook up with the 
    orcs again. He'll be quite angry over you killing Ur-Shak (and its 
    unlikely you'll get to talk with Ur-Shak without doing so). Seems the 
    friendship is broken, but he won't attack you.
    Chapter 5
    >> Assumes you start at Bengar's farm and work your way toward 
    Khorinis. <<
    [Mercs and Fire Mages get a real quest instead of this, "The Show-Off".
    Sekob Misses his Wife
    Talk to Sekob and he'll lament his wife's dissapearence. He wants you 
    to find her. She's up along the road from Dragomir to the pyramid. This 
    quest and "Rosi's Flight" is broken if Till or Rosi is dead already. 
    Talk to Rosi and bring them back to Sekob to complete.
    Rosi's Flight
    Once you find Rosi, it seems she doesn't want to go back. Paladins lead 
    her to Khorinis to end this quest. Fier mages take her to the 
    monastery. Mercs can lead her to Onar's Farm instead. Either way it 
    nets you more experience than Sekob's quest, so be a good guy.
    Guild Quests
    (Chapter 1)
    Where is Peck?
    Talk to Lord Andre about getting a weapon for this one. Find Peck in 
    the brother, across the street from the harbor pub. Talk to him, then 
    once he starts leaving go back to Lord Andre. You can either turn Peck 
    in or keep quiet. Peck will give you a heavy branch as you weapon if 
    you turn him in, for a decent blade if you don't, but either way you'll 
    soon have better.
    A Package Full of Weed
    The Problems at Lobart's Farm
    Talk to Andre about assignments. Go to Lobart's farm and talk to 
    Lobart. Kill the field Raiders. Talk to Lobart again.
    The Weed Deal
    Go find Mortis. Talk to him about weed (and don't wear your militia 
    armor, either), and then go to the warehouse down at the harbor with 
    the lone rude man inside. Kill him. Take the weed in the chest in the 
    back to Lord Andre. Alternatively, you can keep it for another quest, 
    but you'll get less experience, by telling Andre you threw it in the 
    (Chapter 3)
    The Desecrated Shrines
    Talk to Ulthar the Fire Mage, next to Pyrokar. He'll send you on a 
    quest to purify some of the Shrines to Innos around the map. It seems 
    the locations of the desecrated ones are slightly random. Buy a map of 
    them from the Monastery treasurer and go looking. Pray at the shrine 
    and if it's desecrated you'll feel the evil energy. Just use the 
    special holy water to clean them. Return to Ulthar and receive more 
    experience and an amulet that adds 10 to Strength and Dexterity. Best 
    reward in the game, in my opinion.
    (Chapter 4)
    If you talked Randolph into the drinking context, he'll now have a huge 
    hangover. You can cure by talking to him about it and then getting 
    Sagitta's cure for him. It doesn't pay well, but the 500 experience is 
    [Dar's Ambitions]
    It seems that Dar the mercenary at Onar's wants to become a big shot. 
    by beating you up. Smack the little punk around.
    Hordes of Elite Orc Warriors
    This quest is detailed in the walkthrough because it is a very large 
    part of Chapter 4.
    (Chapter 1)
    To join the mercs, talk to Lee. He'll send you to Torlof, who gives you 
    your choice of a quest and starts this quest. You need to get the 
    approval of a bunch of mercs, by doing tasks for them or beating them 
    up. Most of the quests are listed under Sidequests: Chapter 1. Apart 
    from that, you can talk to Wolf for his support and beat up Buster for 
    his. Other mercs won't support you unless you beat them up, but you 
    should be able to smack around most of them completing Jarvis' quest.
    Sentenza wants you to pay up some cash. If you already paid his toll 
    that'll do. I assume you can beat him up for approval, but have thus 
    far failed to manage that. He's not quite as tough as Bullco but he's 
    almost as strong and there's no cover.
    Fester promises to support you if you go on is hunt, but he reneges on 
    the deal (i.e., he lied). Engage him in a quick, decisively victorious 
    pugilistic contest to demonstrate your refusal to acquiesce to his lack 
    of veracity (i.e, beat the tar out of the lying jerk).
    If you fight anyone indoors, do not under any circumstances take their 
    stuff or you will be considered a thief and beaten up. Must be a bug.
    [Onar's Gold Plate]
    Looks like the Milita took even the plates from Onar's house - the war 
    is getting desperate. Go to the militia house and sneak inside - during 
    the day everyone is likely to beat you up for it. Go pick the chest at 
    the far end to find the family plate. Take it back to Maria, and she'll 
    get Onar will increase your salary.
    (Chapter 3)
    Maleth's Walking Stick
    Go talk to Maleth at Lobart's. Find his walking stick near the stone 
    circle at Lobart's place - its guarded by a Shadowbeast. Take it to 
    Maleth to find an interesting opportunity. Go into the ravine on the 
    other side of the road from Lobart's and follow it around. Kill the 
    bandits and take their gold.
    Shadowbeast Horns for Buster
    Buster want him some Shadowbeast horns. Get the skill and hunt 
    Shadowbeasts away. Give the horns to buster. You can beat him up to get 
    the horns back as much as you want. Then you can give them back for 
    The Judge's Lackey
    Talk to Lee for this. Then go talk to the Jude in Khorinis. His house 
    is of to the right as you're facing the Paladin's command post, toward 
    the wall. The judge will want you to do some things for him. First he 
    wants you to steal the sacred hammer from the Fire Mages (!), so you'll 
    have to have reporte to Lord Hagen. Do as he says.
    He'll have another assignment. Go to the bandit cave up the road from 
    Lobart's and talk to the men there, specifically Morgahard. Now go off 
    to the Dead harpy and talk to them. Now go to Onar's Farm and talk to 
    Morgahard again. Give the letter you get to Lee.
    Now go back to the Judge and tell him all about your little adventure. 
    Kill the bastard - and really kill him, not just knock him out.
    The Forged Mineshares
    Talk to Serpentes in the Monastery to receive this quest. Go fins 
    Salandril in Upper Khorinis. Talk to him, then beat him up. He'll 
    follow you back to the Monastery. Talk to Serpentes again to complete.
    (Chapter 4)
    [Winning Baltram's Favor]
    Baltram doesn't like mercs. Beat him up and - wait! Don't do that! 
    Instead, talk to thim about it. If you bring him the goods he wats, 
    he'll forgive you. He doesn't sell anything worthwhile, so I don't know 
    why you'd bother.
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    Dragon Eggs
    This quest is detailed in the walkthrough because it is a very large 
    part of Chapter 4. To get it, kill one of the dragons and then get one 
    dragon egg in Khorinis. Then talk to Lee.
    (Chapter 5) 
    The Show-Off
    Dar wants to be a big shot around here. Give him an orc warlord ring to 
    complete the quest. You can find one up at the bridge over the ravine, 
    along the road to the pyramid.
    Fire Mage
    (Chapter 1)
    [Entering the Monastery Walkthrough]
    Get 1,000 gold and a sheep from Pepe, behind Onar's house. Take it to 
    the Monastery of Fire. Talk to Pedro, and he will give you a key. Go 
    inside and talk to Parlan about joining. Once done, turn around and 
    give your sheep to Opolos. Then, go to the right-hand side (as facing 
    the church) and talk to Gorax. Give him the gold.
    [Babo's Training]
    Go talk to Babo and he gives you a Fighting Pike, a poor Two-Handed 
    weapon. He also has a request for you. Go on the other side fo the 
    yeard and talk to Sergio, in the room past Marduk. Ask Sergio to teach 
    Babo. Sergio is happy to. Go talk to Babo to complete. Talk to Sergio 
    later to get his raining tip: +2% to Two-Handed weapons.
    [Opolos' Alchemy]
    Opolos wants to learn some alchemy, but he needs a recipe. When you do 
    Master Gorax's test, look in the larder for Neoras' recipe for mana 
    potions. Give it to Opolos before taking it to Neoras.
    [Opening the Library]
    Go talk to Parlan again. Parlan wants you to do the will of the other 
    Fire Mages, and has a task for you himself if you ask him.
    [Parlan's Task]
    He wants you to clean the Novice's Quarters. This will take too long 
    for our hero. First go talk to Babo. He'll do it for a Wind Fist 
    scroll. You can buy one from Gorax, or get one free later. Go across 
    the yard and find the novice talking to Igaraz. Talk to him for some 
    help for 50 gold. Go inside the monastery and talk to the novice there. 
    He'll pitch in. Go downstairs and talk to the sweper in the cellar. 
    He'll help you out. Not go talk to Parlan to complete. He must like 
    your ignenuity.
    [Marduk's Task]
    Talk to Marduk. Go inside the shrone and pray to Innos to protect the 
    Paladins. If Sergio is in the way, talk to him to move him. Talk to 
    Sergio and he'll thank you. Talk to Marduk again.
    [Gorax's Task]
    Talk to Gorax and he gives you a key. Go downstairs into the cellar and 
    find the dor marked "larder". Go inside and find the sausages. Now, 
    take them around and give one to everybody wearing Novice's Robes, 
    whether they have a name or just "Novice". Talk to people and give them 
    the sausage in conversation. Don't forget babo, Pedro, and the two 
    novices downstairs (one's guarding the hammer)!
    Pedro has a hint for you about Neoras's task if you give him two, and 
    Babo will want two as well. You have one extra (i.e., the one for you), 
    and can give them both two if you have enough. This will make Gorax 
    angry with you, though. You can even keep all the sausages if you like. 
    Talk to Gorax to complete.
    [Gorax's Second Task]
    Talk to Gorax and take his bottles. Take Gorax's bottles to the 
    innkeeper of the Dead Harpy. Again, you have a choice about your 
    actions: take the 100 gold instead the 240 you should otherwise get and 
    the items, or hold out for the whole caboodle. Either way go back to 
    Gorax. Give him the 100 gold or 240 gold (if you must you can lie and 
    keep the difference, but I don't recommend it!)
    [Neoras' Task]
    Talk to Neoras in the cellars and he has a task for you. Bring him 7 
    Fire Nettles to complete. He'll give you a Wind Fist Scroll afterward.
    [Neoras' Second Task]
    Neoras lost his recipe. When you do Master Gorax's test, look in the 
    larder for Neoras' recipe for mana potions. Give it to Opolos before 
    taking it to Neoras.
    [Isgaroth's Task]
    Talk to Sergio and he will help you find a task. Go to Isgaroth, in the 
    shrine outside the monastery. Seems a wolf has been prouling around. 
    Draw your weapon and go down the rood. Kill the Black Wolf there - its 
    not very dangerous. Go back to Isgaroth.
    A Short Trip to the City
    Once you have access to the library, talk to Karras. He has a little 
    errand for you. Go to Khorinis and buy Oblivion scrolls from Ignaz (his 
    house is behind Carl's smithy), or beat him up for them. Take the 
    scrolls back to Karras.
    [The Test of Fire]
    Tasks completed, talk to Parlan. He'll let you into the library. If 
    you've asked around, you may know that the Fire Mages alone can talk to 
    Lord Hagan, not some puny novice. But how can we get in? Go into the 
    library and read the book on the stand in the back corner, behind the 
    shelf. Hmmm. this Test of Fire sounds promising. Go talk to Pyrokar and 
    demand the Test. You'll have to complete his task, "The Path of 
    Believers", Ulthar's "Create a Rune" test, and Serpentes' "The Living 
    Rock". The three are tied together and can be done in one trip.
    The Living Rock
    After talking to Serpentes, go outside the church. Dyrian will offer 
    you a Sleep scroll in exchange for your help later; it will come in 
    handy in a moment if you don't have one. Go downstairs into the cellar 
    and talk to the novice guarding the Sacred Hammer. Cast Sleep on him or 
    knock him out (this makes him report you, though). Take the hammer. 
    Leave the monastery and run down the path. Turn left befre you get to 
    the Dead Harpy and talk to Igaraz about Serpentes' task. Continue down 
    the path Igaraz stands on. Keep going until you start climbing up the 
    hill. Equip the hammer. Go on up and at the top look for a big golem - 
    he'll probably notice you and attack. Hit him with the hammer to kill 
    him in one hit. Take alll the stuff you find. Take the hammer back to 
    where you found it and give it back to the novice.
    The Path of Believers
    After getting the key from Pyrokar, leave the Monastery. Further down 
    the path from the Golem, cross the river bridge and talk to Ulf. Seems 
    Ulf is after the samething you are, but he lost track of Agon. Keep 
    going down the oath (Ulf will follow you). Keep going until Ulf stops 
    and warns you about the troll. Go forward to the lake. Turn right and 
    follow it around. When you see the statue of Innos, go past it into the 
    little valley. Look for a cave.and enter it. Follow the downward path 
    (the upper leads to some minecrawlers, which are fairly tough until the 
    mid-teen levels) to reach your goal. Uh-oh, seems Ago already found it. 
    If you go up he'll talk to you. No matter what you say he'll attack, 
    the paranoid psycho. Kill him and open the chest, taking the Rune. Go 
    back and talk to Pyrokar. Ulf will meet you partway back and try to 
    kill you. You could try to go the other way back, going across th far 
    side of the lake, but it's much longer and more dangerous. Igaraz isn't 
    nuts and won't try to kill you.
    >>You can ask Ulf to give you something to smoke, causing you to fight 
    half-drugged. That is quite. odd. << 
    Create a Rune
    After completing "Path of the Believers", go to the library and talk to 
    Hyglas about teaching you to make a Rune. Take your rune and some 
    sulfur (bought from Gorax if you have none) and go to the Rune table in 
    the library. "Talk" to it tosart making your Fire Arrow rune. Do so and 
    return to Ulthar to complete.
    [Fire Mage]
    Congratulations, you've done it. You get better robes and can now go 
    talk to Lord Hagan. First, though, go outside the church and talk to 
    Parlan. Parlan will teach you how to use the 1st  Circle of magic when 
    you ask him. You can now learn spells for 5 LP apiece from Marduk, 
    Parlan, Karras, Hyglas, and Gorax. 
    [One Wish]
    You can ask Pyrokar for one of three things after becoming a Fire Mage, 
    depending on whether or not you found out about them. You can talk to 
    Babo to be able to ask Pyrokar about sending him back to the garden, 
    Opolos to grant him access to the library, and Dyrian already asked you 
    to help him out. You won't be able to ask Pyrokar to forgive Dyrian 
    unless you actually accepted his offer.
    [New Home]
    Talk to Gorax about getting etter digs and he'll give you a key to the 
    locked door on the right side of the monastery. Inside if you own Rune 
    table, Alchemist's bench, and Elixir of Spirit!
    (Chapter 2)
    [More Spells]
    Parlan will teach you how to use the 2nd Circle of magic when you ask 
    him. Magic teacher can teach you more spells now.
    (Chapter 3)
    [More Spells]
    Parlan will teach you how to use the 3nd Circle of magic when you ask 
    him. Magic teacher can teach you more spells now.
    [The Seeker's Victims]
    Go to Lobart's farm. Maleth will be quite rude to you. Ignore the jerk. 
    Go to the stone circle off to the side of the farm. This is the tricky 
    part: creep around the side of the hill, by the ledge, and go around 
    the seekers. Attack the one at the top; this way Vino won't get killed 
    in the battle. Deafet all four of them and talk to Vino. You'll have to 
    fight him. Tell him he's possessed; he'll leave for the Monastery. Talk 
    to Lobart and later at the Monastery, Vino again.
    Now go to Upper Khorinis and talk to Lutero. See a pattern here? Beat 
    up Lutero and loot the strange book on him. Lutero won't heed your 
    words, but take the almanac. Don't open it, however. Take the book to 
    Pyrokar. Ask him about it, and get his letter. Read the letter to find 
    that the full list of targets are Vino, Malak, Lutero, and Bronko. More 
    will appear each Chapter. Take each of their Almanacs once you beat 
    them up.
    Unless you already got him back to Bengar's place, Malak will be at the 
    crevice under the bandit camp. Talk to him, beat him up, take the book. 
    Go to Bronko on Sekob's farm and do the same. Now, take one of the 
    books back to Pyrokar at the Monastery, and give Karras the other. 
    You'll need to ask Karras about the Seekers: he wants an item of theirs 
    to study.
    You can ask Pyrokar about getting protection from the Seeker's power. 
    Wait a day or two and talk to Karras about the Seekers. Now ask Karras 
    about protection from their power. He needs some blessed soil. You can 
    find a bit behind the shrine at Lobart's farm. Take it to Karras, and 
    he'll start making an amulet to protect you from the Seeker's power for 
    you immediately. Come back in two days to get it.
    [The Forged Mine Shares]
    If you talk to Serpentes he'll assign you a task. Someone has been 
    selling illegal mining shares and Serpentes wants it stopped. You must 
    find the mine shares and buy them up as well as bring the responsible 
    party in for justice.
    First, visit these merchants. You can talk to each one about the shares 
    for 150 experience: Canther, Bospur, Matteo, Orlan (the proprieter of 
    the Dead Harpy), Elena (at Onar's), Hakon, Rosi (Sekob's wife), and 
    Zuris. Buy their shares.
    >> Many Thanks to AlterEgo for poiting out Rosi's Mine Share to me. <<
    Go to Salandril in Upper Khorinis after talking to Lord Hagen about the 
    Eye of Innos. Buy Salandril's Elixir of Dexterity, then talk to him 
    about his mine shares. Beat him up. Talk to him again and threaten him. 
    Take him back to the monastery. You can just teleport, too.
    Talk to Salandril and turn all the shares in for a huge helping of gold 
    and experience. He gives you an Amulet of Spiritual Power for your 
    [High Councilor]
    After obtaining your Heavy Fire Robes, talk to Karras to learn the 4th 
    (Chapter 4)
    The Seekers have claimed new victims: Randolph and Engrom. Randolph is, 
    as always, at Akil's farm. Engrom is hiding near Paladin Marcos in the 
    Valley of Mines. If you go there, make sure to take the special Lurker 
    hide off of his unconscious body along with the Almanac, so you can 
    finish Talbin's quest.
    (Chapter 5)
    The Seekers have claimed new victims: Sekob and Brutus. Brutus, of 
    course, is in the castle in the Valley of Mines. Sekob is on his farm.
    Thieves' Guild
    >>See the quest "Thieves' Guild under Sidequests for info on how to 
    unlock the guild for you. This guild can't be your primary association 
    and won't get you near Lord Hagen, but you can still join for the 
    exclusive quests.
    (Chapter 1)
    Constantino's Ring
    Go to Constantino's place at night. Sneak and enter it. Open the chest 
    (L-RR-L-R) and take his ring. Give it to Cassia.
    [The Thieves' Signal]
    Joining the Thieves' Guilds nets you the chance to learnt their special 
    signal. Talking to certain people in tow can net you a nice gift or 
    some information.
    Ramirez	He'll say hi
    Kardiff		He'll sell you lockpicks
    Nagur		He'll say hi
    Halvor		halvor will now buy silver plates and things from you 
    at a high price
    Rengaru	+2 to Dexterity
    Gardener	Tells about how certain rich folks kep their goodies behind 
    secret doors.
    Joe		Gives you 5 lockpicks
    [Find Joe]
    Joe the Thief has been locked in a one of the city towers. First, find 
    Peck in the red Lantern brothel or the Militia house. Pickpocket his 
    key if you have 60+ Dexterity. For some reason, the option to steal his 
    key may not appear. You'll have to wait a Chapter in that case. Take it 
    to the tower behind Thorben's house, between it and Contantino's shop. 
    Ope it to free Joe. Joe will thank you and run off to the harbor pub. 
    It doesn't matter when you do this, though he'll give you more 
    experience in later chapters.
    The Blood Chalices
    Cassia wants you to find the Blood Chalices. Once you have all six 
    bring them back to her. Here are their locations:
    Gerbrandt's House (first on the right, Upper Khorinis). Upstairs in 
    locked chest. (RR-L-RR-L
    One is in Valentino's house. You'll have to beat him to get the key. 
    See Valentino's "Admirers"' for a clue on how to do this safely. Just 
    sneak into his house at night thereafter and go upstairs. Look for the 
    darkened lamp - it's a secret switch. Go downstairs and use your key to 
    open the chest and get another chalice.
    One lies upstairs in the governor's house (where the Paladin HQ is), 
    which means you'll have to wait until the end of Chapter 1 to get it. 
    You can just grab it off the mantle nearby him with no alarm.
    One lies in the Judge's House. Its off to the side of of the governer's 
    house, with a full-time guard. Just go there in the daytime (no one 
    cares if you go in), go upstairs, and pickpocket the Judge for his key. 
    You must pickpocket him unless you are a Mercenary and willing to wait 
    a while: he's invulnerable for now. Go to the coat-of-arms on the wall 
    and use it; it's a hidden switch. Go downstairs and open the revealed 
    Lehmar has one in his chest. You can fight him without provoking 
    Meldor, for some reason, if you try to pick his chest.
    The last one lies in the house next to Salandril's. Show up at midnight 
    and cast sleep on the guard (the scroll is easily obtained). Then you 
    can easily sneak in. There is a key on the mantle - step up on the 
    woodpile to be able to target it while sneaking. Then you can open the 
    >> This last location is Ellusion's work. Curse, you, Ellusion, for 
    spoiling me! ;) <<
    (Chapter 3)
    [The Sextant Search]
    Ramirez wants a sextant. He'll have to wait until Chapter 4, where you 
    can find one in the Earth Dragon's treasure.
    [Fingers' Chest]
    Fans of Gothic 1 may recall Fingers. Well, he left a chest in the 
    sewers. Talk to Jesper to get the key, then open the door around the 
    corner. Pick the chest (RRR-L-RRR-L-R-L-RR-LLL-RR-L). Take its contents 
    and go back to Jesper.
    >>Marks like these are for important points and some things you can't 
    come back to. I assume you know how to work the controls. <<
    Chapter 1
    >>Note: When I say "talk to" that means exhaust all dialogue options, 
    aside from ones characters have permanently, like merchant's "let me 
    see your wares" options. Some dialogue options open up quests they 
    never hint at.
    Entry into Khorinis
    Talk to Xardas. Leave the room and go into the next. Look near the 
    fireplace for a stone sticking out a bit. Use it like other objects. 
    This will open the grating so you can get the potions and stuff.
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    >>Xardas tower is a place to rest and recuperate until you feel like 
    going toward the city. You can also cook up meat on the stove, which 
    improves its healing powers. <<
    Leave Xardas tower, stealing everything in the place. Make sure you 
    have a weapon equipped. Go toward the pond. I suggest you take all the 
    mushrooms you find and strip the corpse bare. Go around the side of the 
    pond and take the gear you find. 
    >>Go back toward the path, and step off into the deck by the lake. 
    There is a cave here with mostly goblins inside. Contiue down it and 
    you'll come out in the valley. You can fight the wolves here and talk 
    to Lester. Talk to Lester and tell him to go talk to Xardas. Soon 
    you'll get a magic ring out of it. You can't do this after entering 
    Khorinis. <<
    Continue down the mountain path. Fight the goblins in the camp. Go 
    straight ahead. You can go out the side, but there is little there 
    except a back way into the valley and some Wargs, who will kill at this 
    point. Go straight ahead. There is a bandit here. He will talk to you. 
    You have several options here.
    Tell him you come from Xardas, and he'll attack you immediately. If you 
    tell him you've come from the mountains, and then trust him enough to 
    follow him into the cave, he'll invite you up and the three together 
    will attack you. It's a hard fight, but you can win if you pull them 
    outside one at a time. Your strategy should be block-attack-block-
    attack until they go down.
    If you tell him you've come from the mountains, and are then suspicious 
    of him and later tell him you're from the Valley of Mines, he'll 
    respect you and tell you about the bandits' plan to kill you. You'll 
    get some info on whose hiring them if you pay him 10 gold.
    Continue down the path to the farm. Ahead lies Khorinis. There are 
    three ways of getting in. First, you can get farm clothes from the head 
    farmer, Lobart. Second you can bribe the guards. Third, you can get a 
    pass from the merchant, Canther, which costs you nothing.
    >> After entering Khorinis, immediately turn around and go back to 
    Xardas' place. Talk to Lester, and he'll give you a magic ring, if you 
    sent him up to Xardas earlier. <<
    There's another way of getting which earns you some serious experience. 
    Go near the city, but turn right and head along the dry stream. Go past 
    the corpses and hug the left wall. Head up onto the shelf when you get 
    to the end. Follow it back towards the guards and look for a section of 
    the wall to leap up to, where you are close to the top. You'll have to 
    skirt around some wall extensions where there is little room, but you 
    can slip past them. Once you jump inside, run down to the harbor 
    (follow the big road straight) and talk to Lares for 500 experience. 
    The designers may not have anticipated this method - there is another 
    way in that involves going all the way around the city and the 
    lighthouse and jumping down to the beach, then swimming in, and that's 
    what Lares' speech is about.
    >> I first read this trick in Ellusion's FAQ on Gamefaqs, but have 
    confirmed it for myself. Credit where credit is due. <<
    Choosing your employer
    At this point you need to consider what employer you want. Your choice 
    of employer is about money. No matter what, however, it's a good idea 
    to get a job, even though its not strictly required. You can study 
    under Harad, Bosper, or Constantino. Harad wants you to make swords and 
    will pay you a good price for them. Constantino wants you to collect 
    herbs and will pay full price for the, too. Bosper wants you to collect 
    hides. Any one of them works. Harad will offer more benefit 
    immediately, since you can buy a bunch of steel pieces from a merchant. 
    However, Bosper's hides will earn you a lot more over the course of the 
    game. Constantino is OK (and there are more than enough herbs in the 
    game for it), but you should get his quest so he can teach you potion-
    making skills later on. If you wish to be a Fire Mage, you really need 
    to get an employer, since it lets you get your money very fast.
    Ending Chapter 1
    If you've read my class guide, you can get a description of what needs 
    to be done to get into the guilds. Once you get one you can enter upper 
    Khorinis and talk to Hagen, after joining a guild talking to the right 
    "leader" NPC (Lee for Mercs, Andre for Militia, or become a full Fire 
    Mage from Pyrokar). 
    Chapter 2
    >> While still in Khorinis, talk to Abuyin, and give him some money for 
    a really worthless prophecy and some experience. <<
    >> Fire Mages should go to the Monastery to get their 2nd Circle magic 
    from Parlan and talk to Pyrokar. He assigns Sergio to escort you to the 
    pass. Sergio kills any monsters in the way and you get the experience. 
    Go to the Valley of Mines entrance and follow the path down. If you 
    don't want to wipe out the orcs in your path (or are too weak) you can 
    enter a cave to the side and bypass them.
    If you choose to fight, you've got a good battle on your hands. There 
    are many orcs here - about a dozen, with three shamans. Lure the orcs 
    by one to the long pass leading to their camp and kill them there. Then 
    lure the next. You can use the pass to trick the orcs. If more than one 
    attacks you, run down the pass until they scream and halt. Get out of 
    sight of one orc and let the closer one run to attack you. Kill it, 
    then pull the next on in line.
    Killing the Shamans is a matter of getting in close, with no other 
    enemies around. It's harder, but you can pull them like the others. Run 
    in close, then run away, but zigzag so they don't get too far away and 
    blast you with fireballs again.
    You'll find a Light Healing Rune for Fire Mages (1st Circle spell) near 
    the campfire. If you look around the dead trees over near the pass to 
    Khorinis, you'll find an aquamarine gem, useful for Fire Mages later 
    on. There is a magic ring on one of the fallen rocks next to the camp.
    Valley of Mines
    Congratulations, you've managed to go back into the prison you spent 
    the whole first game breaking out of! Seriously, though, its time to 
    kill a few orcs and then wind you way down the passage to the Castle. 
    Commander Garand is waiting.
    >>Look for a bag called marked as Diego's. It lies at the base of the 
    trading square, on the side from the pass down into the Valley. You can 
    open it for 2000 gold, but it is required for a quest in Chapter 3, and 
    the quest may well be more interesting than yet more gold. Besides, 
    Diego is your buddy and you don't want to dissapopint him, right? You 
    meet Diego in Chapter 2, but he won't give you the quest until 3 starts 
    and you find him in Khorinis. <<
    >> On your way down is a little side area with a Paladin's body. If you 
    can kill the Dragon Snapper you'll find decent loot, including a Holy 
    Light Rune. It's useful for Paladins and valuable trade goods for 
    others. <<
    Once you arrive at the base, you'll enter a conversation with the scout 
    there. Seems there's going to be trouble getting inside the castle.
    Entering the castle
    To enter, you'll need to go around the back of the castle and run up 
    the giant pole sticking out of the ground. The easy way is to drink a 
    speed potion and run right through the orc camp. The sneaky way is to 
    hop in the river and go around to your left, assuming you were facing 
    the castle gates. Continue around and you'll end up behind the place, 
    maybe killing a few orcs along the way. Go up over the ridge and voila! 
    The ram is right in front of you. Just run right up it. Go into the 
    camp, and look for a large building on your left with two knights in 
    front. Go inside, down the stairs to your right. Talk to Commander 
    Garond about all the trouble and receive your next mission: get reports 
    from all the ore camps. You get a nifty map showing their locations.
    >>The castle was called the Old Camp in Gothic 1. <<
    Scouting the camps
    To get to the lone camp, exit the castle and return to the winding path 
    by which you entered. Then, travel through the forested area, past the 
    snappers. You may find it safer to go along the river instead, though 
    you'll face wargs and orcs that way. Either way you choose, it's a 
    matter of just being strong enough to repeatedly take on foes.
    >>You'll see a corpse on the ground here. This is Den, the assistant 
    torturer. Loot his body. There is a bug where his loot doesn't show up 
    sometimes. <<
    Once you get past them the camp should be obvious. But wait! The 
    paladin leader left with the ore. Leave the camp by the opposite gate 
    and continue into the snowy region. Kill or avoid the Snappers - 
    there's a lot of them so use caution either way. Cross the first bridge 
    and continue to the second bridge. Kill the goblins, rats, and 
    bloodflies; there are some small goodies on the various bodies of 
    Marco's men. Turn left and go down the little path off to the side of 
    the second bridge. You'll soon come to a bandit camp. Kill them when 
    they bother you. Turn left again and follow the path. You'll go past a 
    cave with Black Goblins in it. Avoid them or kill them at your pleasure
    >> There is a Goblin Berry plant that always seems to grow inside the 
    cave here. Additionally, you can usually get one or two from the 
    goblins themselves! <<
    When you see a burned out house, explore the area and you'll find 
    Paladin Marco hiding in a cave. Talk to him. Return to the castle. Talk 
    to Garond. Return to Marco.
    >> You can open the chest in the house with the combination L-RR. There 
    is a Goblin Berry sometimes hiding on the ground behind Marco. In the 
    little cave open the chest (combination L-R), though the prize is 
    nothing special. <<
    Next up are Silvestro and Fajeth. Travel straight out of the ram from 
    the castle and turn right before you reach the river. Walk behind the 
    cliff ledge off in the distance and continue along the path.
    >> On the cliff here is the orc leader. He's no tougher than any other 
    shaman, though. <<
    >> Kill the wolves in the side cave here for some loot on the dead 
    body, which enables you to solve a quest later, and a 3rd Circle Rune of 
    Fear. <<
    Travel straight past the watchtower and you will see Fajeth's camp. 
    Talk to Fajeth. He won't tell you how much luck he had unless you do 
    him a favor, but Fire Mages can refuse this, and Mercs can demand pay. 
    Kill the snappers in the area, including the ones on the ledge above 
    the camp. Talk to Fajeth again, then his scout. Go back towards the 
    tower. Kill the Snapper pack leader there. Talk to Fajeth again.
    >>It's a good idea to use a bow or crossbow and just snipe at him from 
    the ledge. Stand well back along it and he can't escape or attack you. 
    You can get up there with a little luck and jumping at just the right 
    spot, though it will take you several tries. Approach the tower from 
    the side, so the Pack Leader doesn't rush out to eat you, then find a 
    low ledge and try to jump on. <<
    Check your map and continue along the path to Silvestro's camp. If you 
    go right out the door by Tengron its nearly straight ahead. Search 
    around and kill the Minecrawlers until you find a note explaining what 
    >> If you search well in the last chamber here, you can find a valuable 
    Black Pearl. Fire Mages will once again be able to use this in Rune-
    making, while other can sell it for a spot of cash. <<
    Go back to the watchtower near Fajeth's camp. Head back to the castle, 
    but turn left before you enter the ravine. Follow the path here. Soon 
    you'll see a gate guarded by orcs. Look to the right and kill the 
    beasts chewing on the knights' corpses. Follow that path until you see 
    Diego. Talk to Diego. Return to Garond. Talk to Garond. Leave the 
    Valley of Mines.
    >> Fire Mage may want to make a little side trip before leaving. Go 
    back to Marco. Now go up the path toward the bandits' camp. Turn left 
    before you get there and hop up the ledge. Go across it, dodge or kill 
    the orcs, and go right and down onto the path. Follow it up until you 
    see the lake, and turn left onto the other fork. Now, kill the skeleton 
    in your path as you go up to the stone circle. Fireball it 6 times or 
    so to do it in. Go up to the circle. Turn right and kill the skelly 
    ahead of you, then two more up that way. Go to the overlook where they 
    were, and find the Ice Arrow Rune on the ground. <<
    Chapter 3
    >> Go back to Khorinis, talk to Abuyin, and give him some money for a 
    really worthless prophecy and some experience. <<
    As you exit the Valley, evil-looking guys in black robes'll meet you. I 
    call them Black Robes. Kill them with ranged weaponry. Talk to Lester.
    Going to Xardas
    >> Use the Rune to return to Xardas. <<
    Talk to Xardas. Go to the city. Talk to Lord Hagen.
    Saving Bennet
    Now is a very good time to accomplish the quest "Bennet is in jail." 
    You'll hear about it from some NPC's. Travel to the militia house. Talk 
    to Bennet in the jail. Talk to Lord Hagen. Go upstairs and talk to the 
    ugly-looking clerk, Cornelius. Bully or bribe him into giving up his 
    diary. Read it. Talk to Lord Hagen. Bennet will be freed. Now you can 
    join the Paladins (again, talk to Lord Hagen) or get Dragonhunter armor 
    from Bennet at Onar's place. You must do this to end chapter 3. You 
    must do this to end chapter three if you are a Paladin or Dragonhunter.
    >> Paladins favoring two-handers should train as much as possible with 
    Girion before Chapter 3 ends. He'll be gone in Chapter 4. While there 
    are other people to train with, Girion is easy and free and can teach 
    you up to 100 skill. In Chapter 4, a new soldier will replace Girion 
    (right in the same area) and you can train one-handed with him to 100. 
    New Jewelry
    Journey to the Monastery of Fire. Talk to Milten and go in. Go straight 
    ahead and talk to the Fire Mage Pyrokar.
    >> You should talk to Jorgen, near the bridge to the Monastery, and 
    tell him to talk to Milten. Then go talk to Milten about Jorgen. This 
    comes in handy later on.
    >> Paladins should speak to Brother Marduk off to the left of the 
    courtyard. Buy a magic ore blade in either one or two-handed version 
    from Hakon in Khorinis and then pray to Innos at the small shrine by 
    Marduk. The blessing costs you 5,000 gold. <<
    You must now find the Eye of Innos. Leave the monastery. Travel to 
    Akil's farm. Go straight back from it, hugging the cliff to your right. 
    Continue past the shrine to Innos and the graveyard (watch out for two 
    skeletons). Past the graveyard turn right and go up the stairs. If you 
    see a amine on your left you're on the correct path. Keep going up 
    another flight and you'll come out at a forested section with a mini-
    stonehenge. This is the Sun Circle. Watch out for the Seekers (the 
    Black Robes, as I calls 'em) - kill them with ranged attacks or at 
    least prevent them from cursing you. Get close to the circle and watch 
    the pretty light show. Kill the Black Robes and take the necklace.
    Return to Pyrokar and talk to him. Go to Khorinis and talk to Vatras. 
    Go talk to Pyrokar again. Go to Xardas and talk to him. As he's 
    leaving, talk to him again and ask about Pyrokar. Go to Sekob's farm 
    and open the chest in his bedroom. Take the book to Pyrokar.
    >> Mages get a nice Rune, Summon Goblin skeleton, too. Its just money-
    fodder to other guildsmen. <<
    Go to Onar's farm and talk to Bennet about the necklace setting. Wait a 
    day. Pick up your order and go to the Sun Circle. Talk to Vatras and 
    watch the new pretty light show. Talk to Pyrokar. Talk to Xardas. Go to 
    the Valley of Mines.
    Chapter 4
    >> Go back to Khorinis, talk to Abuyin, and give him some money for a 
    really worthless prophecy and some experience. <<
    Return to the Mines
    Go back down the Valley of Mines path. There are many more enemies and 
    they are stronger, too. The Orcs have been reinforced. However, 
    Paladins and Mercenaries have some really big quests to do in the 
    Khorinis area.
    The Orcs and the Lizardmen
    There are two major quests for Paladins and Merc, respectively, back in 
    the Khorinis area. 
    As a Paladin, warp to Xardas' tower and go down toward Lobart's farm. 
    Kill the orc warlords and their minions in your path. Take their Rings. 
    Talk to Lord Hagen again. Talk to his assistant. Go out the south gate 
    of Khorinis. Go into the low area on the left-hand side of the road. 
    Travel into the canyon behind the lowlands area. Kill the Orc warlords 
    and the colonel in the cave at the back of the canyon. Obtain the map. 
    Talk to Hagen's assistant. Turn in Orc warlord rings to Hagen. Use the 
    map to find the orc warlords. Hagen will tell you he doubts there are 
    any more of them around when the quest completes.
    As a Merc, kill one dragon, then warp to Xardas' tower and go down the 
    path into the valley, where Lester is. Go to the cave in the valley and 
    kill the lizardmen and take their egg. Take it to Lee. You can now sell 
    the eggs to Bennet for up to 350 gold and experience. Hunt down the 
    other eggs. The placement may be randomized slightly.
    Locations (always in a cave):
    Cave in valley near Xardas' tower
    Cave in the ravine on the other side of the docked ship. Access it by 
    going through the lowland area across the road from Lobart's farm.
    Cave in the valley outside Khorinis. Facing the South Gate, go east 
    along the dry streambed. Go into the valley and find the cave at the 
    low end.
    Below Jack's lighthouse there is another cave with lizards and an egg.
    One lies at the mine just below the Sun Circle.
    At the cave near the road, between Buster and the Dead Harpy, there's 
    Going up the road to the Pyramid, you jump down into the river from the 
    rope bridge (there should be an orc warlord nearby) kill the lizardmen 
    and look around for a dragon egg outside the cave.
    Go to the far, far north, where there is a natural circle with a cave 
    in it. The cave houses a magic weapon for Fire Mages, but for you there 
    is another dragon egg.
    In the bandit camp in the towers near Onar's farm, you can go into two 
    caves. One is obvious, right in the middle. The path to the other lies 
    behind the lighthouse. Both have lizardmen.
    Heading Back to the Valley
    You'll find several Dragon hunters milling about on your way into the 
    Valley. Kjorn will sell you some goods. You can hire Biff for a small 
    fee (he alone will remain here, as well). Hokurn will teach you 2-
    Handed if you give him a beer and 300 gold. There's really nothing 
    interesting here, though.
    Fighting Dragons In the Valley of Mines
    Dragons are easy to kill with the Eye of Innos. Melee characters should 
    just rush the Dragons and swing wildly. It should take only a few hits 
    to kill one. If they get up and fly around, chase after them and hit 
    them when they land. You should have enough dragon fire AC with the Eye 
    of Innos equipped to take many hits. Ranged characters and spell-worms 
    will do fine as well, just watch out for the fast fireball attack. You 
    may find it useful to rush in close as well, since the dragons are slow 
    about getting off their Firebreath but fast with the basic fireball 
    attack. If you run out of Mana, feel free to stop and drink some 
    potions. With the Eye on, the Dragon's fireballs won't bother you.
    Make sure you take each dragon's heart and use the Eye of Innos at an 
    alchemist's table to recharge it. Do this after you kill the last one, 
    too. You need a water flask to accomplish it, but no actual alchemical 
    Here are the locations of and walkthroughs for each of the dragons in 
    the Valley of Mines:
    Swamp Dragon Pandrador
    Go toward Paladin Marcos' cave. Just north of there lies a valley in 
    which there is a swamp (if you see two dragonhunters at a camp, you're 
    in the right place. Go into the swamp and kill the lizardmen. Take the 
    left path at the fork. Kill the swamp-sharks here. They fight just like 
    other animals, so don't be afraid despite their charming good looks. Go 
    toward the back. Put on the Eye of Innos. Talk to the dragon. Killing 
    him nets you some 3500 experience. After the battle, you may find a 
    Dragonroot lying in the swamp near the treasure.
    >>Talk to the Dragonhunters and they will accompany you to fight the 
    dragon. They wn't help fight it, however. <<
    Earth Dragon Pedrakhan
    Go out of the castle via the ram and cross the river. Stay on that side 
    of it. Keep going until you see a path. Follow the path. You'll go past 
    an orc camp. Follow it further up a tall hill. You can talk to Gorn, 
    who's standing around a small camp on a ledge on the cliff. Gorn will 
    offer to accompany you if you keep pressing it, however, his 
    pathfinding is buggy and he tends to get stuck. Either way, follow the 
    path up and cross the bridge. Keep going up to the old orc fortress. 
    You don't have to go inside it, but there are some fine goodies to be 
    had. Go inside, kill all the enemies, and wind around to the farthest 
    chamber. Look for a switch on the wall farthest from the exit; pulling 
    it will open a secret room. If you can kill the Demon here (and if you 
    can't you need to build some serious levels) there is a permanent stat-
    boosting potion in the chest. You can use the bed here safely.
    Exit the inner chambers. Climb on the cliff near the statue and go 
    toward the summit. Kill the harpies along the way with ranged attacks. 
    Once you see the dead dragon hunter clear the area and put on the Eye 
    of Innos. Talk to the dragon. Killing him nets you some 4000 
    >> Make sure you check all the chests and tables here for some stat-
    boosters. <<
    Fire Dragon Feomathar
    Find the mountain across from Hosh-Pak's ridge. If you aren't sure how: 
    follow these directions. Go down the ram, and run toward the river. 
    Take a left and go into the ravine, there will be a mountain on your 
    left and a ridge on your right. The ridge has several Orc tents in it. 
    Look for a series of large steps in the mountain to your left, you can 
    climb up them instead if you wish, or follow the orc's ridge up to the 
    mountain path.
    >>On the other side of the fence here you can kill some fire lizards, 
    lizardmen and two fire golems. In the back there lies a Ring of Fire on 
    a rock. <<
    Continue to the summit. Fight past the fire golem and lizardmen towards 
    the summit. Once you see the "lava" pit, put on the Eye of Innos. Talk 
    to the dragon. Killing him nets you some 4500 experience.
    The dragon taunts you about his treasure. To find it, go the the 
    entrance to the "lava" pit. Look straight ahead, where the dragon used 
    to rest. Turn to the right, and follow the path around about ¬ of the 
    circle until you find a low ledge. Climb up it and jump to the outside 
    of the pit, where you will find your treasure.
    Ice Dragon Finkregh
    Travel to the snowfield north of Paladin Marco's camp (not Paladin 
    Marco, just his camp). You'll see a bunch of dead Dragonhunters and 
    Sylvio and Bullco. Sylvio wants you to get past the Golems ahead. Go 
    past the ice golems and lizardmen. 
    >>This area was called the New Camp in Gothic 1. <<
    There are two health-boosting elixirs left in the camp buildings. 
    First, check the chest atop the warehouse. You can reach it by climbing 
    the nearest post on the old dam above it, and jumping onto the cliff. 
    Then across it up a bit and slide down to the roof. You can reach the 
    watchtower by standing next to the post and looking at the opening. 
    Your character should be at about a 30 degree angle from the entryway. 
    Jump up and you'll grab onto the ledge. On the floor here is another 
    Elixir of Health.
    >> If you need a better 2-Handed Weapon, you can find War Axe (70 
    damage/ 70 strength) guarded by two Ice Golems in the back of this 
    area, up a long ice ramp. There is also a teleport rune for the Valley 
    of Mines Pass, though you should have this already. <<
    Go past the watchtower and into the large open area with the snow-
    covered building. Go off to the left, and enter the cave. Pull each 
    Lizard man away from the Dragon and kill it. Put on the Eye of Innos. 
    Talk to the dragon. Killing him nets you some 5000 experience.
    After you kill them all (and loot their treasure) return to the castle 
    and talk to Garond. Return to the Khorinis area.
    Chapter 5
    >> Go back to Khorinis, talk to Abuyin, and give him some money for a 
    really worthless prophecy and some experience. <<
    Going to Xardas
    Return to Khorinis and teleport to Xardas' tower. Lester will have a 
    message for you. Read it. Go talk to Pyrokar. Go into the Monastery 
    cellars - the door is on the right-hand side. Go downstairs and look 
    the Fire Mage Talamon in front of the library. Talk to him and he'll 
    let you pass into the library. Find the book, "The Halls of Irdorath" 
    on one of the alchemical tables.
    Go to the lamp on the right on the back wall, and use it like a stove 
    or Xardas' secret door. A path will open up. Go down it. Fight your way 
    through the many skeletons here and find the room on the far side. Open 
    the door there with the key you found inside the book. Inside there are 
    several demons, which are brutal enemies, so be careful. Once inside 
    read all the manuscripts and take the map. Read the map.
    >> Paladins find instructions on making a special rune of teleportation 
    and how to further bless their sword. Collect the Rune ingredients and 
    the blank rune talisman and use a Rune table - you can find one in the 
    monastery library - to make the special rune. This will teleport you to 
    a location with a chest of little value and your new Paladin armor. 
    Take some holy water to the shrine where you blessed your sword earlier 
    to obtain the second blessing and receive a powerful new weapon against 
    evil. <<
    >> Mercenaries find free recipes for their ultimate weapons. With 
    these, you won't need to pay any LP to make your ultimate goodies. Use 
    them well. Make sure to buy the Heavy Dragonhunter armor from Bennet as 
    well. <<
    >> Fire Mages find the Holy Missile spell formula, the Tears of Innos 
    Potion, and information about the Aura of Innos. Go to Pyrokar and ask 
    about the Aura of Innos to get this amulet - it adds +20 to all armor. 
    If you have holy water, you can now make the Holy Missile rune, which 
    well and truly kicketh the butteth of thine enemieth. He Tears of Innos 
    add +5 to your strength and Dexterity, heals you completely, and acts 
    as a potion of speed. <<
    Hiring a Captain
    >> You can have up to ten friends accompany you. Here's the list of who 
    will go with you. A (*) means I recommend you take that character.
    *Jorgen [Captain] (Monastery)
    Jack [Captain] (Khorinis or Lighthouse)
    Torlof [Captain] (Onar's Farm]
    *Angar (Near Bengar's farm if you helped him earlier)
    *Bennet (Onar's Farm)
      Biff (Valley of Mines, path to the mine)
    *Diego (Khorinis)
    *Girion (Khorinis near the ship)
    *Gorn (Onar's Farm, if you freed him earlier)
    *Lee (Onar's Farm)
    *Lares (Khorinis harbor)
    *Lester (Near Xardas' Tower)
      Mario (Khorinis, pub)
    *Milten (Monastery gate)
    *Vatras (Khorinis temple)
    I highly recommend leaving out Mario and Biff. They don't do anything 
    for you and they weren't in Gothic 1. There's something not quite right 
    about Mario, too. Anyway, may as well be with friends, right? Taking 
    Vatras is highly recommended. He'll teach you potions if you want them 
    and give you a few potions to clear away any Black Robes' curses. 
    Girion more or less forces himself onto you, but you could kill him. 
    However, since he'll train you in melee weapons and crossbows, you 
    should just accept him.
    >> As long as you're in Khorinis, stop by Bosper's. He has the very 
    finest ranged weapons available. <<
    Once you read the map (like any other letter) you can go hire a captain 
    and crew. Talk to Milten and ideally, Jorgen in the Monastery.
    >> Jorgen nets you the most experience when you hire him. To do so, 
    you'll need to talk to him and learn about his debt, then make a deal 
    with Pyrokar. Kill the demons in Xardas' empty tower and return to 
    Pyrokar, then talk with Jorgen and he'll go to the ship for you. <<
    >> Jack's just Jack. You need to clear his lighthouse before he'll 
    come. <<
    >> Torlof can also be hired, but for a mean price: you have to open up 
    the castle in the Valley of Mines to the orcs. To do this, go to the 
    castle and look for the Main Gate Guard. Steal his key one way or 
    another and use the gate. Then the orcs will come in and storm the 
    place, making a huge battle. You may well get attacked here, so run 
    real fast back to Torlof or kill all the goons. You an actually do all 
    of these quests, but it won't give you enough experience to bother with 
    at this point. Girion won't show if you do this. <<
    Once you've collected at least five comrades and a captain, go to the 
    dock at Khorinis and find you fellows. Talk to your captain and you'll 
    get a key to the captain's cabin. Go into the ship and to the right and 
    look for the door. Open it to find your cabin and take a rest.
    >> There's no turning back now. Once you reach Irdorath you can't go 
    back. <<
    Chapter 6
    Carving a Path
    Once you arrive at the Halls of Irdorath, exit the ship via the 
    gangplank and charge off toward the enemy. Kill every orc in your path.
    >> If you fall off, you can climb back up by using the rock ledge the 
    fire lizards are on. Once there, jump off to reach the main path.
    Watch out for a Black Troll - leave him until you clear the area around 
    him and then use my tactic. Continue up the cavern until you find some 
    doors and a side chamber. Go to the side chamber and kill the orcs 
    (including an orc colonel) and then check the rooms with doors. Inside 
    one of them you'll find Pedro! Lead him back to the ship - you'll find 
    a few enemies attacking it, but they're not a major threat between you 
    and the crew. Leave Pablo and talk to him to get some information about 
    your next puzzle.
    >> You can also kill Pablo if you must. He doesn't do anything 
    critical. <<
    Go back to the orc colonel's throne room. First, use the right torch - 
    it's a secret switch. It may take you a few tries, as it's hard to 
    target precisely. Once you see the switch-pulling animation, turn 
    around and use the other one in the same manner. The wall behind you 
    One Big Meany
    Continue past the now-open doorway and kill the lizardmen in here. 
    Continue through and prepare to fight another dragon. Put on the Eye of 
    Innos. Talk to the dragon. Fight him like the others - by now he's no 
    threat. He doesn't seem to have a treasure like the others, either. 
    Look past him and you'll see a cliff with no way through. Equip a 
    ranged weapon and target the window - you'll be able to target a winch 
    there. Shoot it. Then shoot the one in the other window to extend the 
    bridge. There si no real way to know if you hit it, so just keep trying 
    to lock on to the window and shoot one, then the other until the bridge 
    starts moving.
    >> Diego gives you a hint here, if you need it. << 
    Halls of the Dead
    Move to the other side, but watch out for Black Robe waiting there. 
    He'll curse you if he can. Even if he does you may simply want to 
    ignore it for now and just kill him and go. Keep killing Black Robes 
    and Lizardmen as you proceed along the path to the old temple. Enter 
    it. There's a room on the right where you can rest.
    Continue down the left path. You'll have to fight skeletons and 
    shadowknights, but by now you're probably a match for them all. Hack 
    them, shoot them, or blast them to death.
    >> Mario shows up here if you brought him along. Looks like he's being 
    controlled by the Seekers.You can take his almanac back to Milten and 
    ask Lester about it. Nothing much happens, though. <<
    Continue until you find a room with a large sealed door before you. 
    You'll have to break the seal to unlock it. Notice the four paths 
    around the room, with two doors on the sides of it. The doors hide 
    winches you can use to unlock gates down each of the four corridors. 
    However, first, clear each room of enemies. There are skeletons, 
    zombies, and orcs to kill.
    Use both the switches to open two barricades. Using th switches again 
    reverses the winch and change which barricades are open. The ones in 
    front (i.e., the upper ones, move first, then the lower).
    Kill the enemy you see, and press all the three buttons to unlock the 
    center switch. Use it. Each room has its own little puzzle.
    >> Facing the big door, the  right lower rooms' barricade is an 
    illusion and won't stop you. I have no idea if this is a bug or a 
    feature. <<
    Right Lower Room: This requires you to press the buttons in the right 
    order or you'll release poison gas. This one has goblins in it when you 
    first find it. The order: mddle, left right.
    Right Upper Room: Press the visile switch to reveal two others. Press 
    them to reveal the center switch.
    Left Upper Room: Kill the monster,s press the switch. This releases 
    zombies. Press the switches behind them and then the center switch.
    Left Lower Room: Just press all the wwitches.
    Either way, you'll meet enemies on you way out, past each barricade. 
    The only ones that may be a real threat are the Skeleton Mages, which 
    have a lot of time to hit you with their frost spell. If they summon 
    enough skellies to attack you, it might be the end, so be careful. They 
    aren't tough, so you can kill them easily. If you can get one of them 
    quickly, the other won't be powerful enough to kill you.
    Black Robes
    Once all the switches are up in the main room, go use them all. They 
    will move back down one by one and another switch will pop up. Use it 
    to open the door. You are now in the temple hall of Irdorath. Be 
    careful of the Black Robes here - their fireball attack is reasonably 
    powerful and there's a lot of them. Kill them all. Heal all of you hit 
    points and go down to the far end of the room. Talk with the lone man 
    in the evil-looking robes. He'll attack you. Kill him as fast as you 
    possibly can, because his spells are awesomely deadly. However, he's 
    got no armor and few Hit Points, and you can kill him with one might 
    chop if you so please. Take his stuff and read his little message. Turn 
    right as you face the door and go into the room you face. Open the 
    chest, and take the key. Go back to the door and target it, then open 
    >> Fighting with a level 43 Paladin, he took off about 400 Hit Points 
    in one attack. He didn't get another. <<
    Finish Him!
    Make sure you heal up and get ready to rumble. Use a speed potion if 
    you have one. Put on the Eye of Innos. Talk to the undead Dragon, 
    Beliar's Champion. Then FIGHT!
    He's actually a total wuss. With the Eye of Innos he'll do some damage, 
    but it won't stop you. If you hide behind the rocks, one of three cages 
    with undead orc shamans will open, which leads to you easily smacking 
    them down. There isn't anything behind them but a long, pointless hall 
    with amusing graphical glitches. Anyway, kill the dragon like all the 
    others. He fights just the same.
    Once defeated, watch the ending. Start walking back to the ship, 
    meeting your friends along the way. Once back, go to your cabin to end 
    the game.
    The End?

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