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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CNavarro

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    A Walkthrough
    By Catalina Navarro
    	The game starts out with a scene of a rainy Paris night and a view of 
    the Hotel Orphee. Then you are taken to a hotel room and a scene inside. 
    After that you see a murder. Next you are taken to an apartment where you see 
    a man seating in front of an easel; he is MacPherson, (that is you). He hears 
    a knock at the door. So you open it and you have a vision, of the murder but 
    instead of it being like a movie, you just see scenes.
    	It is a very attractive woman from New York wanting to hire you as a 
    detective.  You try to tell her that you don't do that anymore, that you are 
    in Paris and are a painter.
    	You have to remember to always pick the answer that is the most 
    comprehensive and from there go to the more specific ones and always, always 
    be polite.
    	If you are too negative she will go away and you'll just have to look 
    for her later. So I recommend that you say no with a maybe. The conversation 
    that worked for me is the following one:
    It is just that...,I mean...,I have not...,I do not investigate...,Could you give 
    me...,I do not get it...,How did they die...,Your sister and her...,These murders 
    were...,Are the police handling...,To be honest, I am not...,I do not want to...,Your 
    offer is very...,You would like me...,It is risky...,I hope to have...
    After you finish the conversation you will obtain a card from Sophia Blake 
    and find out that the inspector in charge of the case is named Lebrun and the 
    last name of her sister and brother in law is Whytes. When the whole scene is 
    over and she leaves you must start your new job.
    	So when you first start you are facing the far back of the apartment. Go 
    to the table that is at the end of the room and take the sketch pad that is 
    there. Now go to the cabinet and open it, take the camera. Turn around and go 
    to the telephone that is on the wall and call the post office to send a 
    message to J. Wells of Pinkerton's National, Detective Agency asking him for 
    information on a Sophia Blake.
    	Now exit the apartment. When you exit you are presented with a map of 
    Paris and it has three sites on it: Hotel Orphee, police station and your 
    apartment. Click on the hotel.
    	After the initial scene, talk to the manager. The following conversation 
    worked for me: are u the manager..., I will come clean..., My client insists...
    	After that you are shown to the room right next door to the Whytes' 
    room. After he leaves go to the door that is next to the chimney and click on 
    it, find out that the key is inside the lock and if you could only find 
    something to push it with you could get the key. So turn around and exit the 
    	Once in the hallway turn left and go to room 506. An old lady will open 
    the door follow her inside, her name is Mrs. Loiseau.  This is the 
    conversation that worked for me: Who told you..., A clairvoyant, really?..., 
    Have you been..., I'm also an artist. (here you will get a magic talisman), I 
    will remember..., Did you come into..., Can we talk..., What did you..., In concrete 
    terms..., This evil..., And this force..., Please, be more..., Mrs. Loiseau...
    	Turn to your left and see the phonograph. You can not do anything with 
    it right now but keep in mind where it is. Turn around and exit the room.
    	Once outside turn left to the stairs, go down the stairs. Once you reach 
    the bottom, turn to your right and see the newspaper on the sofa near the 
    stairs, take it. Now go to the manager and talk to him. After he doesn't want 
    to talk to you anymore, turn around and go into the Nantis Cafe and talk to 
    the bartender.
    	This is the conversation that worked for me: My name is..., Yeah, a real..., 
    If you agree..., Tell me about...,What do you..., And bang!..., Just call it..., I 
    had this..., Can you tell... The conversation ends, but click on him again and 
    ask for a bottle of red wine. Exit the cafe and go upstairs to room 505.
    	Enter the room and go straight to the door by the chimney, Click on the 
    bottom of the door and using the newspaper, click on the crack. Now click on 
    the doorknob and using the broach Mrs. Loiseau gave click on the keyhole. The 
    key drops and you pick it up. Unlock the door and go in.
    	 When you enter the room you get some more flashes. How gruesome! YUK! 
    Well get yourself together and start investigating.
    	Go to the right side of the bed and see the floor nearest to you. Look 
    at the powder and broken glass on the floor. Take a sample. Now turn around 
    and go to the chimney, click on the logs and find a wedding band. Who is Fay? 
    Now turn around and go to the door on the right side of the bed, it is the 
    bathroom. Look at the sink and notice the black hair dye. Exit the bathroom 
    and the room. THE WAY YOU CAME IN. Go to the police station.
    	When you arrive you over hear a Mrs. Hellouin inquiring about her son. 
    She is speaking to a Mr. Beauvais. When she leaves, click on the policeman. 
    The following conversation worked for me: You are..., In fact, I..., A 
    license...Er..., For the moment..., Just a helping... Click on the policeman again. I 
    do happen. He hands over the police report for the Orphee murders. After the 
    scene click on the report and read it. A new location appears on the map, Dr. 
    Kaufner's office. Go there.
    	Once inside speak to the doctor. This is the conversation: I am a..., A 
    person who..., Appearances can..., Which can you..., Is this the..., What do you..., 
    You are implying... You are now asked to leave so go back to the Nantis Cafe to 
    speak to the Bartender.
    	Speak to the bartender and get a description of the man sitting at the 
    table near the window. Find out about Theo Malet, and where he hangs out, the 
    Alambic Bistro. A new location appears in your map. So after you are finished 
    go to the Alambic.
    	When you first arrive you are greeted by Berenice, seems that you are 
    old acquaintances. When you are finished speaking to her turn left and click 
    the back of the cafe, near the bartender. You over hear a conversation 
    between Hulot, the owner of the cafe and a friend of yours and Theo Malet. 
    Then you are introduced to Theo and are left alone to speak with him.
    	In your conversation find out about the man in the window and that he 
    doesn't want to talk about the murders. Once you are finished go to Hulot who 
    is standing at the bar. Talk to him too, he won't say much either.
    Now, click on your sketch pad and a portrait will appear with different hair, 
    eyes and glasses, etc. on either side of the portrait. 
    Using the right hand side arrow draw this picture. Hair= 0 clicks, eyes=1 
    click, glasses= 2 clicks, ears= 5 clicks, nose= 3 clicks, moustache= 2 
    clicks, lips= 6 clicks and chin= 6 clicks. Once you are finished click on the 
    pen point. You will hear pencil scratching. Now go to the hotel.
    	Speak to Petit and show him the drawing. He identifies it as the 
    culprit. After his exaggerated reaction go to the Nantis Cafe and show the 
    drawing to the bartender.
    	He also positively identifies it, as the man at the window. Now go back 
    to the bistro.
    	Go to Malet and show him the drawing, if it is correct a scene will 
    open. Malet runs off and you see the man in the window at the door. When you 
    start to run after him you run into a client of the bistro... Looks like Dr. 
    Franck Kaufner. But you can't stop. He disappears in the Paris alleys. The 
    scene changes and you are back at your apartment. Looks like you had a nice 
    and steamy night with Berenice. So now the only place left to go is the 
    police station.
    	Talk to Beauvais and try to get everything you can out of him. You might 
    have to click on him several times. Finally show him your drawing and notice 
    that he does know him, Jacques Hellouin. He immediately goes to the back to 
    talk to Lebrun. When he comes back, he shows you part of the way to his 
    	Lebrun's office is the first door on your left, click on it. Talk to 
    Lebrun, seems he really doesn't like you. But he tells you about Jacques 
    Hellouin telling you that he is a private detective and that there have been 
    other murders, Theo Malet, to be precise. Then he asks you to leave.
    	So now you have another spot on your map, Hellouin's office... well might 
    as well go there.
    	After the scene you are left at a hallway. Click on the first door to 
    your left and find out that nobody is there. Now go to the second on your 
    left down the hall. The door is locked. Huh? Who could have lock picks handy? 
    Well my clairvoyant powers tell me it is Hulot. So let's go there.
    	Go to the bar where Hulot is standing in the same place you left him the 
    last time you talked to him. So click on him and talk. You must ask all the 
    questions, even though he really won't tell you much. Ask him if he has 
    something to open a door for a friend that has mislaid their keys. He says 
    that he doesn't, but if you insist he'll finally agree if you do him a favor.
    	He shows you two paintings, one is a forgery and the other the original. 
    He wants to know which is which. Well, you being a painter and all that 
    shouldn't be so hard. Click on the paintings in your inventory and even if 
    you only see one, there are two arrows on the bottom of the screen. When you 
    click on them, the paintings interchange. (CLUE: the original is the one you 
    can't circle on).
    	Look at the paintings and find out which is the fake. You do it by 
    moving your pointer and clicking on a spot, if a blue circle appears, it is 
    the fake. To remove the circle just click again.  What you are doing is 
    trying to find what is missing in the fake painting. The subject matter is 
    really gruesome, but well you are only playing. You can't do anything until 
    you do this so you might as well do it there. You need to find five 
    differences. Go on I'll wait...
    	Finished? Okay I'll help you. Look at the left upper part of the 
    painting; you are missing a man kneeling waiting to be decapitated by a 
    skeleton.  Now go a little to the left and a little down, to the left side of 
    a dead tree trunk, you are missing an umbrella-like pole. On top of the cargo 
    box you are missing 2 wooden round things. Lower to the left where you see 
    three banners you are missing the cross from the middle banner. And the last 
    one: Lower middle part of the painting there is a coffin but no body. There, 
    you're finished. So go back to Hulot and show him your work. He is pleased 
    and gives you a set of lock picks.
    	Now armed with the lock picks let's go and visit Jacques.
    	Go to the second door on your left and click on the doorknob. 
    Automatically the keyhole will zoom in and a lock pick set with five picks 
    appears on your right. Which one to use and how? After tinkering with it, I 
    found that you have to use four of the five picks in the keyhole at the same 
    time. Boy, you must be an octopus; it doesn't look like any lock pick I've 
    seen on TV. 
    	Go ahead and try it. If you number the picks from left to right from 1 
    through 5. First use pick 1 and center it at the bottom of the lock. Pick 2 
    angle it down in the upper right part of the keyhole. Pick 4, angle it up in 
    the upper part of the keyhole Pick 5, angle it right in the middle of the 
    keyhole. If you did it right when you click on the doorknob the door opens. 
    	Walk in and look around, after you finished snooping open the top right 
    drawer of the desk.  It is a letter from a Gregoire de Allepin. At that 
    point, somebody walks in, it is Hellouin's mother. \
    	Talk to her politely and after the conversation, she will show you where 
    her son is, in the attic. So she opens the trapdoor and a chair so you can 
    climb up. Go up and find Jacques Hellouin. You tell him he is under arrest 
    and he tells you that he is innocent. You for some reason believe him and sit 
    by his side to listen to the story.
    	As he is telling it to you, you suddenly become Hellouin.
    	He starts out telling you that he receives a letter from Mr. Allepin 
    wanting to engage his services to look for an American couple surnamed 
    Easton. Apparently they had stolen some type of priceless object. But before 
    he could say no, he receives a check for his services so he goes out to 
    	Now your map shows the Easton's apartment, police station and Allepin's 
    home. Click on the Easton's apartment.
    	When you get there, there is a woman scrubbing the floors, blocking your 
    way. So you ask her about the Eastons. She tells you that they are weird; 
    because they are out of place and that they are not brother and sister, but 
    something more. She tells you about the Montparnasse gang and that they hang 
    out at the Alambic Bistro. And also find out that they had left the 
    apartment. So now go to the Bistro.
    	When you arrive you are greeted by Berenice. So you go to a table and 
    engage in conversation. You find out that the Eastons are a strange set and 
    that they don't act like brother and sister. Also you find out about the 
    heist and the missing priceless artifact. That Hulot, who is not there, and 
    they are friends. And that they went to eat at a restaurant. She, by the way, 
    doesn't know where, but he wrote it down on a pad. So you say your goodbyes.
    	Now turn around and make your way toward the bar. When you get there, 
    Click on the pad that is on the counter. Using the pencil that is beside the 
    pad, rub it on the pad. A name comes into view, it is Alexandre's. And that 
    location appears on the map. What are you waiting for?
    	When you get there, the maitre d' receives you and you ask about the 
    Eastons. He hasn't heard of them or seen them. So you then ask about Hulot, 
    whom he does know. He also says that the couple with him is not the Easton's 
    they are the Whytes. You are at a loss. He tells you yes they are the Whytes, 
    and the bill from their meal was charged to the Orphee Hotel. 
    	You talk to Petit, and he confirms that the Whytes are indeed staying 
    there, in his own way. So you turn around and a hand stops you and tells you 
    to meet him at the Nantis Cafe.
    	When you enter go to the bartender and talk to him. He really doesn't 
    know anything. You buy a bottle of wine. Turn around and click at the middle 
    table by the window. When you do that Malet appears and signals you to go to 
    a table. Both of you talk and you find out that the Whytes are husband and 
    wife and that their room number is 507.
    	You go to their room, that's when Hellouin witnesses the murders. He 
    said he ran away and that there must have been something in the room and he 
    fainted near the Alambic. When he came to, he went to the bistro and that is 
    when you (MacPherson) saw him.
    	At that moment, the police arrive and take Hellouin into custody. Lebrun 
    tells you that they had followed you and thanks you for your help. The scene 
    changes and you are back at your apartment.
    	You are thinking over the case, and you come to the conclusion that 
    something is off in the case.  Go to the Eaton's apartment.
    	Go upstairs and enter the apartment. Look around and when you get to the 
    table in the back room, pick-up the piece of paper. On the wall by the desk 
    is a poster, click on it and then click on the lower left hand corner. You 
    will see a small key, take it. Look around some more and when you get to the 
    room that is nearest the entrance, the one that is neat. Go to the closet by 
    the window and look down, you will see a small chest. Using the key you just 
    found open it and take a drawing of a weird face and passport. 
    	From all that you obtained, you can confirm that what Sophia told you 
    about the Whytes is true. Also that there is a secret society and Allepin is 
    the president and Dr. Kaufner is the second in command. Go back to your 
    studio and call Ms. Blake.
    	When you call Ms. Blake, she agrees to meet you at the restaurant. Also 
    call the post office so you can send a telegram to Pinkerton to ask about the 
    Johnsons. Now go to the restaurant.
    	You arrive at the restaurant and ask the maitre d' if you have a 
    reservation for a Ms Blake. He shows you to her table. You sit down and start 
    the conversation. She tells you that the Eatons and the Whytes are really Fay 
    and Jerome Johnson. They were hired by her to get back the famous heirloom, 
    the Head of Badphomet. You learn that Allepin is a madman that stole the 
    heirloom from her late husband. She is bound to get it back and avenge her 
    husband. When you are finished with the conversation go to the police 
    	Go directly to Lebrun's office, because the police sergeant won't help 
    you. Talk to Lebrun. You try to make him understand that Hellouin is not 
    guilty, but he doesn't want to listen to you. So leave and go to Dr. 
    Kaufner's office.
    	Now you have to get in without anybody seeing you. Go forward and when 
    you get to the crossway turn left, and click forward 3 times. Turn left and 
    click forward once, turn left again and pull lever.
    	Turn around and exit to your left. Click forward once, turn right and 
    click forward 3 times turn right and click forward 1, turn left and pull 
    	Turn around and exit the little room to your right. Click forward 6 
    times, turn right and click forward once, turn right and pull lever.
    	Exit to your right and click forward once. Turn right and click three 
    times, turn right and click forward once, turn left and click forward once, 
    turn right and pull lever.
    	Exit to your left. Click forward three times; turn right and forward 
    three times. Turn left and forward three times, turn left and forward once, 
    turn left and pull lever.
    	Exit to your left. Click forward once. Turn left and forward three 
    times, turn left and forward once, turn right and forward once, turn left and 
    pull lever.
    	Exit to your right. Click forward three times, turn left and click 
    forward five times.
    	If you did it right you are in front of the doctor's office door, click 
    on it and go in. He is not there.  
    	Go forward to the first bookcase on your left. Click on the yellow thing 
    you see there, it is a crystal. Take it and turn right, go to the sofas in 
    the corner. 
    	Click on the table that separates them. Take the coin that is on the 
    chain, which is in and ashtray. Also take the blue crystal. Turn right and go 
    to the bookcase that is on your left. Click on the blue something and take 
    the blue crystal star.
    	Turn around and look at the desk, look down and point around the bottom 
    drawer of the desk. Click and open the drawer, take the two patient files: 
    one is of Allepin and the other is of Gracie Eaton. 
    	Now look up and go to the bookcase that is in front of you. Click on the 
    red thing and take the red crystal star. Now make your way to the front of 
    the desk.
    	Click on the green journal and take it. Now click on the large egg and 
    open it. Take the wax cylinder. You need somewhere to listen to it. Think?! 
    Yes! Mrs. Louiseau's hotel room. Ok, so you got your next destination.
    	Go to Mrs. Louiseau's room, 506. Go to the phonograph, she won't mind. 
    Using the wax cylinder click on the phonograph. Listen to Dr. Kaufner talk 
    about Mr. Allepin, the cycle of Phoenix, Vienna, the Knights of Templar, its 
    dissolution and now the camponions. Once you heard everything go to the 
    Meeting Hall.
    	Talk to the doorman, he won't let you in, despite what you say. So go to 
    the Alambic
    	Ask all the questions, and find out that Hulot is missing. Ask her to 
    forge a letter. She says to come back later. So go to Allepin's house in the 
    	Once you arrive go to the door and using any of the crystals you found 
    at Dr. Kaufner's office click on the top part of the doorknob. Watch the 
    scene and after, you will be let in. Go forward in the middle of the hall 
    turn right and go to the double doors. You can't go in but look up at the 
    threshold. See the carvings? It has what looks like waves and a symbol of the 
    woman, a circle with a cross underneath.          
    	Now turn around and go to the other side of the hall to the other double 
    doors. Look at its threshold and see the carvings that look like wind, its 
    symbol is like a curvy 4. Turn around and go to the staircase go up. It 
    doesn't matter, left or right.
    	Once upstairs go to the main corridor. There, at the chandelier turn 
    right. Click forward and then turn left, once you are in the middle of the 
    pass way turn right to the double doors. Look at the threshold and see 
    mountains and a symbol like an h with a T.
    	Click on the doors and go in. It is the bedroom. Look around and after 
    not finding anything exit the room. Go to your right toward the stained glass 
    	Starting from the left toward your right look at the windows and also 
    look at the plaque that is at the bottom of the window. The first one says: 
    January 14, 1128; second: June 24, 1305; third: March 18, 1314.   These are 
    special dates for the Templar Knights history. When the Pope admits them, 
    when they are thrown out of the Church and when some of them are burned to 
    the stake. Turn around and go to your right to the next set of double doors. 
    Before going in look at the threshold, it is what looks like flames and the 
    symbol is the man's symbol, which is a circle with an arrow at an angle. 
    Click on the doors and go in.
    	It is Mr. Allepin's office. Look around, go to his desk and look on top 
    take the financial statements and the box of matches that are on his desk. 
    Ok, save your game. Now we are going to see if Berenice is finished with the 
    	Talk to Berenice and obtain the letter. Now go to the meeting place.
    	Using the letter that Berenice just forged click on the doorman. No 
    luck. He notices that the letter is a forgery. So go back to Berenice.
    	Using the financial statement ask Berenice for another letter. She says 
    to come back later. So now go to Allepin's residence and take up where you 
    left off.
    	So... you were in his office. Now go to the bookcase that is on the far 
    wall to the left of room, in the corner. Click on the second shelve from the 
    bottom to your left. There is a ring with letters on it, take it. Now turn 
    around and go to the weird machine. It has planets on top of it. 
    	Now you are presented with a panel that has three rows of numbers and a 
    lever. Now, think! Looks like they are dates. What dates have you seen 
    lately? Yes, the ones on the stained glass windows. Ok.
    	The first row, from top to bottom, is the year, the second is the month 
    and the third is the day. So enter: 1128, 01, 14, now pull the lever. The 
    planets begin to move.
    	Now enter: 1305, 06, 24, pull the lever. The planets move.
    	Finally enter: 1314, 03, 18, pull the lever. The planets move, but this 
    time there is another noise. A secret door opens! Wait! Save your game. 
    Before you go in let's go back to Berenice.
    	Go to Berenice and obtain the other letter. Now go to the meeting place.
     	Using this new letter click it on the doorman. Now he lets you in. Look 
    around. You will see some curtains that look as if it is an entrance to 
    another room. Well, yes it is, go in. It looks like a chapel. Go to where you 
    see three chairs. Once you get there, turn left and you will see a door.
    	Go in, it is a library. Look around. There are three things you need 
    from here. A gold coin that is in a display box. A Templar history book that 
    is in one of the shelves. A booklet that is on the reading table. Also look 
    at one of the bookcases, it tells you that there are a lot of books in 
    languages that you don't understand. Now go back to Allepin's residence and 
    to the secret room.
    	Go up the stairs, across the bridge, down the stairs. Turn right and go 
    down the stairs. Go in. Look all around, find Allepin's body. See the flashes 
    as you touch the body. Using your camera, take a picture of him. Look around 
    at the tombs; find out that all the Templar chiefs are buried there. Go back 
    to the entrance.
    	On the pillar that is on the left side of the entrance is a square with 
    smaller squares and numbers in them. This one is a 3x3 square. If you add the 
    numbers, diagonally, across or vertically, it comes out to the same number. 
    In this case: 15. Under the square you see a drawing, write it down, it is of 
    some mountains. This means that the number 15 is associated with the Earth 
    and Saturn, whose symbol is the h with a T.
    	Now turn around and go to the pillar on the right side of the entrance. 
    This pillar has a 4x4 square. The sum is 34. The drawing is of a sun with 
    clouds, it means air. It is associated with Jupiter and the curvy four 
    	Now turn to your right and go to the pillar that is on the left side of 
    a sort of an altar in the far back. This square is 5x5. The sum is 65. The 
    drawing is of fire. So 65 is associated with Mars and fire and the man's 
    	Now turn to your right and go to the altar. There you will find the 
    murder weapon, beside the dial book. Take it.  Now for the book, remember the 
    dial you found in the library?  Yeah, the one with all the letters. Take it 
    and click it on the dial part of the book and lower all the levers to lock 
    the dials in place. Leave this for right now. Turn around and go to the 
    pillar that is separating the room. 
    	This square is a 7x7 square. The sum of the lines is 175. The drawing 
    underneath is that of a lighthouse, or in other words the sea. 175 is 
    associated with water and Venus and the women's symbol. Now go to the little 
    	Look around, and when you get to where you see an alchemist's set, click 
    on the scroll and take it. Now read it. It talks about the squares and its 
    sums and that they correspond to one of the four elements, Earth, Water, Air 
    and Fire.
    	Ok. Now look at the seven bottles that contain different colored powder. 
    Starting from your left and going right they are: silver, purple, gold, blue, 
    red, green and black. Look at the symbols on the bottles. Some are sort of 
    difficult to read. Now look at the spoons. You have spoons, with measures of 
    1, 5 10, 25 and 50.
    	Ok. Want to make the purple substance. Well let's start. The bottles we 
    will be using are the blur, red, green and black. The black substance has the 
    Saturn symbol on it so it is associated with Earth. We need 15 measures of 
    that. So use the 10 and 5 measure spoon. Click on the 10 measure spoon now 
    take it to the black substance and click on that, now take it to the bottle 
    on top of the burner and click on that. Now click on the 5 measure spoon and 
    do the same. 
    	Now go to the red substance using the 50, 10 and 5 measure spoon to 
    complete 65.
    	The blue substance using the 25, 5 and 1 measure spoon to complete 34.
    	The green substance using the 50 and 25 measures to complete 175. Once 
    you have finished putting the ingredients in using the matchbox light the 
    burner. If you did it right you will obtain a little bottle of purple 
    substance. Just look in the inventory. Now save the game and go to Mrs. 
    Louiseau's hotel room.
    	Go up to room 506 and talk to Mrs. Louiseau. Find out about the 
    Templars, the Alchemists, the head of Badphomet and other unimportant stuff. 
    Now go to Hellouin's office.
    	Click on the first door to your left and Mrs. Hellouin answers giving 
    you a key to Jacques' safe box. Now go to his office and look in the bottom 
    right hand drawer of his desk. Using the key, take the notes he took on the 
    case. Read it. Now go to the attic and take the lantern that is there. Save 
    game.  Now let's go back to Allepin's residence.
    	Go to the secret room and to the dial book. Now it is time to decipher 
    this. On the other page you have planetary system with a line going through 
    three planets. These planets are: A in the first ring, D in the third ring 
    and N in the fifth ring. Ok
    	Now go to the dials. You have three places, where you can insert letters 
    and numbers. One with letters at twelve O'clock, one with numbers at six 
    o'clock and one with numbers at nine o'clock.
    	Let's go to the twelve o'clock one; there you have three rings that if 
    you click on them they move. Move the outer ring to the A, the middle ring to 
    the D and the inner ring to the N. 
    	Now go to the six o'clock numbers.  These numbers should correspond with 
    the position of the planet. So starting with the inner ring put it at 5, the 
    middle ring at 3 and the outer ring at 1. The nine o'clock position should be 
    blank. If you did it right, the letters at the bottom should move to form a 
    phrase: "But he could not stop me from joining the Templars". 
    	When that happens you can hear a voice and images start forming on the 
    right side of MacPherson. Okay wait till the scene ends and go to the Police 
    	Talk to Lebrun, touch all subjects and give him the evidence, but don't 
    give him the coins. He is bull-headed, isn't he? Well, you might as well 
    leave and go to the Alambic. 
    	Talk to Berenice, she's the only one left alive. When you touch her, you 
    get flashes of Hulot being murdered. Touch all subjects and find out about 
    the mural and that it was very important to Hulot. After you are finished 
    talking to her, turn right and go to the back room. 
    	On a table you can see a picture of Hulot surrounded by candles. Take 
    one of the candles. Now go to the right hand side corner, and from there 
    click on the painting. Automatically, the candle is put in your hand. With 
    the candle look around the painting. At different points in the painting, 
    figures appear, and the sketch book in the inventory appears briefly. When 
    you are finished, click on the sketch book and you should have 8 different 
    bones and 7 letters.
    	Now you must put the bones in their place to make an entrance to the 
    subway. The letters must go in the name plate it should spell MOLITOR. When 
    you have a bone or a letter in the right place and you click on it you can 
    drag the part of the drawing that you have completed.
    	When you have finished with the drawing and it is correct, a new 
    location appears on the map: Murat Porte Molitor Metro Station. Go there.
    	You are cut to a scene, where MacPherson is entering a closed subway 
    station. When the scene finishes you are left at the top of some stairs. Go 
    down and you find yourself at an abandoned station. Go to the far back. Now 
    take the left hand side tunnel. When you click on the tunnel you are cut to a 
    scene where MacPherson is walking through the tunnel and a subway train is 
    coming. Don't worry there is a door to his left, through which he throws 
    himself. He is safe. 
    	Once the scene stops, you are left in a place which is pitch black; but 
    remember the lantern you took from Helloin's hiding place in the attic. Click 
    on it and voila! You have light. Go down the stairs and around the winding 
    steel stairs till you get to a... looks like a storage room. 
    	Go in and all the way to the back of the room, where there are some 
    shelves. On the left side, on the bottom shelf, there is a head. Take it. Now 
    turn slightly to your left and down. There is a box or a chest that has 
    another head in it. When you open the box, the eyes begin to light up and you 
    see flashes. Take that too.
    	Remember what Berenice told you about making a copy of the head. Well, 
    if you have two of them, one must be a fake. The only person who knows which 
    is which is the maker of it, who in this case is Berenice. So go to her.
    	Show her the heads and she will tell you. Now all these heads and 
    secrets and murders are tied to Allepin's residence and his secret room so go 
    there. Save your game!
    	When you click on the door and enter you hear Dr. Kaufner's voice and 
    see Sofia Blake hanging upside down in the middle of the foyer. Now you see 
    Dr. Kaufner coming down the staircase with a gun. 
    	You can take one of two roads. If you choose to call him De Allepin he 
    will kill you and Sofia. Hellouin will be put to death. But if you choose to 
    call him Dr. Kaufner, then you will break the false head of Baphomet and save 
    yourself, Sophia and Hellouin. 
    	Any way you choose the final outcome is the same. Berenice gives Mrs. 
    Louiseau the head in exchange for some photos or old papers?
    	So nobody knows whom you are really working for. Huh? In the end it was 
    Berenice and Mrs. Louiseau.
    Hope you had fun.
    Copyright May 20, 2003

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