• Complete Multiplayer Weapons

    Open up your console with ~ or tab and type in mpcheat changeclass "X". Replace "X" with any of the following letters to get that corresponding weapon. Some weapons may not work for version 1.9.

    gpAK-47 w/grenade launcher
    at4AT4 Rocket Launcher
    svdDragunov sniper rifle
    gM16A2 w/ M203
    s24M24 sniper rifle
    arM249 (SAW)
    sM82 sniper rifle
    m9M9 Pistol
    mosMosin-Nagant sniper rifle
    rpgRPG launcher
    rpkRPK assault rifle
    sfSOPMOD M4A1
    dSOPMOD M4A1
    m4mSOPMOD M4A1
    sprSpecial Purpose Rifle
    vVSS Vintorez sniper rifle

    Contributed By: LAPD Ducky.

  • Console Commands

    Hit the "~" (tilda) or [TAB] key to bring down the console.

    at4AT4 Anti Armor rocket
    m9M9 Pistol
    vssOpfor Vintorez
    rpgRocket propelled grenade
    sfSpecial Forces M4
    sprSpecial Forces Sniper
    behindview 1Third-person View

    Contributed By: rafdox and Swimmerboy.

  • Multiplayer Server Cheats

    Press the "~" (tilda) or [TAB] key to bring down the console.

    mpcheat ghostBecome a ghost
    mpcheat godBecome invincible
    paramsammo 1Infinite ammo

    Contributed By: Larzzon and Dazza4114.

  • Multiplayer Weapon Codes

    Hit the "~" (tilda) or [TAB] key to bring down the console, and type out ''mpcheat changeclass X'' (without the quotes) where X is any of the following codes. You can't qualify using these guns, as the game catches it, and the only way to use these cheats on the server is if the server is enabling cheats.

    GPAK47 with grenade laucher (wacky grenades)
    SVDDragonov sniper rifle
    GM16A2 with grenade launcher (also get a few of the various types of grenades)
    S24M24 (sniper)
    SM81 (sniper)
    RPKOpFor machine gun

    Contributed By: tfobf.

  • Open maps in Single Player

    Hit ~ or TAB to bring down console.
    Type open mapname where mapname is a map below

    Note: Most of the following commands will NOT work on a multiplayer server even if cheats are enabled.

    open bridgeOpens Bridge
    open bridge_seOpens Bridge SE
    open flsOpens FLS Assault
    open hq_raidOpens HQ Raid
    open insurgent_campOpens Insurgent Camp
    open jrtc_farmOpens JRTC Farm Raid
    open mountain_ambushOpens Mountain Ambush
    open mountain_passOpens Mountain Pass
    open mountain_pass_seOpens Mountain Pass SE
    open mout_mckennaOpens MOUT McKenna
    open pipelineOpens Pipeline
    open pipeline_SFOpens Pipeline SF
    open radio_towerOpens Radio Tower
    open river_basinOpens River Basin
    open SFarcticOpens SF Artic
    open SFcsarOpens SF Csar
    open SFhospitalOpens SF Hospital
    open SFreconOpens SF Recon
    open SFsandstormOpens SF Sandtorm
    open weapons_cacheOpens Weapons Cache
    open weapons_cache_seOpens Weapons Cache SE

    Contributed By: BadSounds.

  • Single-player Weapon Codes

    These are for version 1.9 ONLY. Enter the codes in the console.

    summon agp_inventory.PickupW_AT4_RocketAT-4
    summon agp_inventory.PickupT_M14_IncendiaryM14
    summon agp_inventory.PickupW_M870_shotgunM870
    summon agp_inventory.PickupW_RPG7_rocketRPG-7
    summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_RPG7_PG7BRPG-7 ammo
    summon agp_inventory.PickupAmmo_12gauge_7_roundsShotgun ammo

    Contributed By: Boris Aramov.

  • Summon NPCs

    Press tab or ~, then type in the following codes to get dummies that stand still and make great targets:

    walkMakes some of the spawned characters walk
    summon agp_characters.npc_soldierOPFOR soldier
    killpawnsRemoves all characters from game
    summon agp_characters.npc_airborneinstructorSpawns a Air Training Intructor
    summon agp_characters.npc_studentSpawns a Army Student
    summon agp_characters.npc_civilianSpawns a Civilian
    summon agp_characters.npc_drillinstructorSpawns a Drill Instructor
    summon agp_characters.npc_virtualgeorgeSpawns a George Bush Look-a-Like
    summon agp_characters.npc_medinstructorSpawns a Medic Intructor
    summon agp_characters.npc_medstudentSpawns a Medic Student
    summon agp_characters.npc_flightcrewSpawns a Pilot
    summon agp_characters.npc_specialforcesSpawns a SF Soldier
    summon agp_characters.npc_towerobserverfemaleSpawns a Sniper Tower Observer Female
    summon agp_characters.npc_towerobserverSpawns a Sniper Tower Observer Male
    summon agp_characters.npc_airbornesoldierSpawns a Soldier Jumper
    summon agp_characters.agp_characterSpawns your character
    summon agp_characters.npc_doctorUS Army doctor
    summon agp_characters.npc_nurseUS Army female nurse

    Contributed By: LAPD Ducky and BadSounds.

Easter Eggs

  • [DEV] team - Levenworth

    Kill your instructor while doing basic marksmanship training (the very first mission possible). After being sent to Levenworth activate "ghost" cheat and check out all the surrounding cells. Not only will you find the [DEV] team sprays but also some other miscellaneous pictures and sprays. There is even a cell with a mutated angry bass that has a lazer on its head (Austin Powers reference).

    Contributed By: orionwhitt.


  • Record Video in Game

    In multiplayer press [TAB] or ~ buttions and type in DemoRec (Name Of file). This will start to record your actions in the game. To stop the demo from recording. Press [Tab] or ~ button and type in stopdemo to stop the demo recording process.

    Contributed By: DarkNuke8.

  • Take control of spawned NPC

    This code lets you take control of the body of a spawned NPC. After you've spawned an NPC, type avatar <NAME OF NPC> in the console, replacing <NAME OF NPC> with the name of the npc you want to control, such as agp_characters.npc_soldier. For example:
    summon agp_characters.npc_soldier
    avatar agp_characters.npc_soldier And then you will be in the spawned character's body. You will be able to walk around, shoot, etc. If you have more than one spawned npc of the same type, you can take control of them, too, but it'll only let you avatar into two NPCs of the same type, for example, if you summon a bunch of OPFORs you can only avatar into two of them.
    NOTE: If you avatar into a Nurse or Virtual George, you will be stuck in the position with your arms out that the NPCs have when you first summon them, and if you try to walk you will hover as if you had mpcheat_ghost on (you can walk through walls and the ground).

    Contributed By: LAPD Ducky.

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