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    Training Guide by Bloviator

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 03/24/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    9C#M###;           EMMMMC  0M9   .sMMMNNMMG  MM    bM5  ZMMMMMMMM  tMMMMNN#NMZx
    Game: America's Army
    Platform(s): PC
    Author: Bloviator
    Contact: aapmcm2 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Guide Type: Training Guide
    Guide version: 1.3
    Last Updated: 3/24/08
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    Note 3:  
    America's Army has undergone a number of upgrades, alterations and patches 
    since its creation. While some of these were minor (bug-fixes, new maps), 
    others made significant changes to the game. I'd like to make very clear the 
    following fact:
              |                                                      |
              | This guide is written for Version 2.7.0 (Overmatch). |
    Some of the training missions described within this guide do not exist in 
    earlier versions. Others have been changed for Overmatch from their earlier 
    forms. Still others may be removed in newer updates. As such, if you intend to 
    use this guide to its full extent, you must be running America's Army version 
    2.7.0 (or higher, once applicable). That said, I am more or less done with this 
    guide. I regret to say that I will most likely not be updating it to encompass 
    new missions created beyond version 2.7.0.
    The main point here, however, is that this guide can only be considered 
    completely applicable for version 2.7.0. So please do not e-mail me a question 
    about something from previous versions. I will be equally unable to answer 
    questions about newer versions, unless the material in question is unchanged. I 
    apologize for the inconvenience.
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    ****************************** C O N T E N T S ********************************
    Locating specific sections in this guide may take unnecessary or undesirable 
    amounts of time. To facilitate this, I've made shortcuts for each sub-section 
    in the guide. On the right of each section in the contents, there will be a 
    small code in brackets. Press Ctrl F, and copy this code (brackets included) 
    into the find menu. Press "find" twice to be instantly taken to the desired 
                                 - Table of Contents -
    I-     Legal..............................................[10-LEG]
    II-    Introduction.......................................[20-INT]
    III-   Training Missions..................................[30-TRA]
               1.  Introduction...............................[31-INT]
               2.  Basic Combat Training......................[32-BCT]
                      A. Basic Rifle Marksmanship.............[32-BRM]
                      B. Eagle Tower..........................[32-EAG]
                      C. Weapons Familiarization..............[32-WPF]
                      D. MOUT Shoothouse......................[32-MSH]
               3.  Airborne School............................[33-AIR]
                      A. 250' Tower...........................[33-250]
                      B. Live Jump............................[33-LIV]
               4.  Medic Training.............................[34-MED]
                      A. Airway Management....................[34-MAM]
                      B. Control Bleeding.....................[34-MCB]
                      C. Treat Shock..........................[34-MTS]
                      D. Field Training.......................[34-MFT]
               5.  Advanced Marksmanship......................[35-AMS]
                      A. M-24.................................[35-M24]
                      B. M-82.................................[35-M82]
               6.  Special Forces Training....................[36-SFT]
                      A. Camp MacKall.........................[36-CMK]
                      B. SF Escape and Evade..................[36-E&E]
               7.  Advanced Individual Training...............[37-AIT]
                      A. HMMWV Driver.........................[37-HVD]
                      B. CROWS Gunner.........................[37-CRG]
                      C. Javelin Training.....................[37-JAV]
               8.  Data Table.................................[38-DAT]
    IV-    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)...................[40-FAQ]
    V-     Guide Information..................................[50-GUI]
               1.  Contributions and Contact..................[51-CAC]
               2.  Revision/Update History....................[52-RUH]
               3.  Coming Soon................................[53-COS]
               4.  Credits....................................[54-CRE]
               5.  Random Statistics (of this guide)..........[55-RST]
               6.  Other Works by the Author..................[56-OTH]
    VI-    Closing Statement..................................[60-CLO]
    ********************************** L E G A L **********************************
    This guide is copyrighted by Harold Palms as of the years 2006-2008. It is 
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    within this guide apply only to trained military personnel and should not be 
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    responsible or liable for anything that may happen as a result of reading this 
    Copyright (C) 2006-2008 by Harold Palms
    *************************** I N T R O D U C T I O N ***************************
    Hello there dear reader. My name is Bloviator, and it is my pleasure to guide 
    you through the training missions for America's Army. AA is notorious for 
    being a difficult game, and especially a so-called "n00b-killer." Bunny-
    hopping, rocket-jumping, dolphin-diving, n00b-tubing and similar strategies 
    from other games will not get you anywhere in this one. Do not be fooled; 
    Although it is an FPS, AA is not even close to Unreal Tournament. However, the 
    training missions within the game should help you on your way up the steep 
    learning curve. Still, many players need a little extra help or advice 
    regarding the training, or the strategies contained therein. I've provided my 
    services to inform you about and help you with the training missions in 
    America's Army. Though I have written numerous guides, help files, tips, and 
    walkthroughs, this is only the third that I have chosen to submit to an online 
    database. As you can probably tell, my guide is rather large given the narrow 
    subject material it covers. Despite my name, I try to bloviate as little as 
    possible, but to still present as much information as I can. As you read 
    through this guide, you will find just how in-depth some of my explanations can 
    be. This guide should help you complete all of the training missions in the 
    game, and clear up any uncertainties about them. While this doesn't guarantee 
    that you'll be a killing machine by the end, completing the training should 
    give you at least a foothold online. I've made an effort to present all the 
    information I can, while still giving you the opportunity to do practically 
    anything in this amazing game. I hope reading this guide allows you to enjoy 
    America's Army to its fullest. It's certainly been a pleasure for me.
    ********************** T R A I N I N G   M I S S I O N S **********************
    - Introduction -
    In this section, which makes up the bulk of this guide, I will go over each 
    training mission in depth. I will provide you, the reader, with all the 
    information needed to easily pass this training mission. I will also describe 
    how to apply the concepts learned within the mission to regular gameplay. For 
    each mission, I will list the following information:
    Mission Group: The name of the group that the mission is in (e.g. Basic Combat 
    Mission Name: The name of the mission. Please note that the game is 
                  inconsistent in its naming schemes, and the word "training" is 
                  often omitted where implied.
    Location: The location of the training exercise
    Prerequisite: What other training mission must be completed before you may 
                  attempt this one
    Description: A short description of the mission or mission group 
    Difficulty: How difficult it is to complete this mission. This will be on a 
                scale of:
                *      Very Easy
                **     Easy
                ***    Medium
                ****   Hard
                *****  Very Hard
    Equipment: What equipment (weapons, weapon systems, etc.) will be used in this 
    Objectives: A list of the mission objectives
    Strategy: A comprehensive look at how to best complete this mission. I will 
              walk the reader through each section of the mission (if applicable) 
              and give instructions throughout. 
    Any other issues you may have will, and should be addressed in the Frequently 
    Asked Questions (FAQ) section of this guide.
    - Basic Combat Training -
    Basic Combat training is exactly what its name suggests: Basic training for how 
    to engage in combat. Completion of BCT is required to play all of the game's 
    missions, and is also a prerequisite of additional training groups. You cannot 
    play on normal online servers if you have not completed BCT, and you cannot 
    engage in more complex training (and subsequently, advanced levels) until you 
    complete BCT. Essentially, BCT is all but required to play any of America's 
    - Basic Rifle Marksmanship -
    Mission Group:   Basic Combat Training
    Mission Name:    Basic Rifle Marksmanship
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    None
    Description:     In this first BCT training mission, you will practice firing 
                     an M16(A2), the staple weapon of the US Army. You will have 
                     opportunities to practice freely, and will then have to 
                     qualify with a record shoot from a number of different 
                     stances. In all, you will fire 40 rounds for qualification at 
                     40 targets. If you hit 22 or less targets, you fail training 
                     and must retry it. If you get between 23 and 29 hits, you are 
                     qualified as a Marksman, and can move on. Getting 30 to 35 
                     hits will qualify you as a Sharpshooter. If you want to become 
                     sniper qualified (unlock Advanced Marksmanship training), you 
                     must hit 36-40 targets(qualify as Expert). 
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       M16A2
    Objectives:      A: Pick Up Ammunition
                     B: Practice Fire
                     C: Record Fire
    As the mission begins, you're being briefed by an officer as to what you're 
    going to do. When he's complete, follow his directions and head North to 
    objective A. Here you can pick up your M16A2 at the table. However, the officer 
    in charge won't let you have it until you show him that you can handle it. Each 
    of the commands he asks you to do will have a corresponding key. Your game will 
    tell you which key it is, but (in general) I won't use key names, since many 
    people (myself included) rebind their keys. Instead, I'll use function names. 
    Anyway, the officer will ask you to unsling your rifle. Once you've done that, 
    he'll tell you to switch to semi-automatic mode. Do so. He will then ask you 
    how to clear a jam. Hit the clear jam button to show him. The officer will give 
    you a magazine and tell you to go. You should head Northwest to lane 4, where 
    the first officer will be waiting. Approach him and press use to talk with him. 
    After a short explanation, he will allow you to fire your first 20 round 
    magazine at the targets in front of you (from a prone position). All you have 
    to do is expend all the ammunition, so this is a good time to get acquainted 
    with your weapon. Once you've used up the first magazine, you will have to 
    reload, and then fire off another one from a crouched position. You can also 
    experiment with your ironsights and alternate fire modes (burst) at this time. 
    Just be sure you don't shoot outside of your lane. 
    Once you've used up both magazines, your record/qualifying shoot will begin. 
    You will fire 20 rounds from a prone supported position, 10 from a prone 
    unsupported position, and 10 from a crouching position. You need 23/40 hits 
    total to pass (You need 30 to be a sharpshooter and 36 to be an expert - These 
    are for Advanced Marksmanship training). Although the numbers may seem easy at 
    first, don't play this like any other FPS. Take your time for each shot, and 
    use the ironsights constantly. Watch your breathing cycle and try to hit the 
    shot right at the apex of your scope waiver. Note that the first 20 shots will 
    be very accurate, the next 10 slightly less accurate, and the last 10 not very 
    accurate (in terms of waiver/wobble). If there was a standing 10 shots, you 
    would be very inaccurate at long range. Still, this training is not very 
    difficult, and you should be able to complete it with ease. I'd recommend going 
    back and going for higher marks, as this is a prerequisite of Advanced 
    Marksmanship training.
    - Eagle Tower -
    Mission Group:   Basic Combat Training
    Mission Name:    Eagle Tower
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    Rifle (BRM) Qualification
    Description:     Whereas the first BCT mission was a training exercise for 
                     firing and weapon handling, the second mission, Eagle Tower, 
                     tests movement and maneuvering skills. This mission will not 
                     merely teach you how to move around, but how to approach and 
                     effectively surpass the numerous physical obstacles that one 
                     will face throughout the game. However, this training is quite 
                     easy, and (unlike previous versions) has no qualifying round.
    Difficulty:      *
    Equipment:       None
    Objectives:      A: Obstacle Area
                     B: Rope Bridges
                     C: Cargo Net Descent 
                     D: Ladder Climb
                     E: Rope Rappel
    The drill instructor will introduce you to the course and what you will be 
    doing. After he's done, just follow him and his instructions, and you should be 
    able to get through the course without difficulty. At each area, the game will 
    tell you what button to press to navigate the obstacles. I'll just describe 
    what you're up against. You will have to crouch, jump, crawl, climb, and 
    sidestep through the first obstacles. After that, head up the ladder and across 
    the rope bridge. Walk up to the ledge with the cargo net, face away from it, 
    and back down over the edge. Sprint towards the arrow and the next instructor. 
    Follow his directions to the next ladder, which goes all the way to the top of 
    Eagle Tower. Once there, face the edge with the rappel line, turn 180 degrees 
    around, and back down off the edge. Once this is done, you should have 
    completed the course.
    - Weapons Familiarization -
    Mission Group:   Basic Combat Training
    Mission Name:    Weapons Familiarization
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    Eagle Tower
    Description:     Although the first BCT mission should have trained you in the 
                     use of the M16A2 rifle, you are not combat ready yet.         
                     America's Army features a wide array of weaponry and, unlike 
                     many games, each weapon handles very differently from the 
                     others. As such, you must become familiar with all the weapons 
                     in the game, not merely the common ones. Your team's success 
                     may very well rest in your skill with a weapon which you do 
                     not usually wield. This mission will familiarize you with 5 
                     new weapons, each with a practice and qualifying round. 
                     However, there are still additional weapons for which you must
                     receive training (and some for which you will never receive 
    Difficulty:      ***
    Equipment:       M9 (9mm) Pistol, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). M203 
                     Grenade Launcher, AT4 Anti-Armor Rocket, Bunker Defeat 
                     Munition (BDM) 
    Objectives:      A: M9 Range
                     B: M249 Range
                     C: Explosive Weapons Range
    After the drill sergeant gives you some introductory information (and 
    warnings), head West to the first firing station. Be aware that you cannot 
    leave the marked path for more than 10 seconds, or you will have to restart the 
    training. Once you reach the first instructor, he will brief you on the M9 
    pistol. One this is complete, pick up the weapon. You can practice fire with 
    your first two (15 round) clips. After you've expended all this ammunition, 
    your test/qualification will begin. You must hit 10 out of 15 targets with one 
    clip of ammo (15 rounds). This is very similar to the M16 range, except that, 
    as you will notice, the M9 has significant wobble. Crouching is strongly 
    recommended, as are the iron-sights. Once you've qualified, you may move north 
    to the next station. 
    Here, you will be briefed on the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW). Again, you 
    will have a free-fire period (100 rounds), followed by a qualification period 
    (50 rounds). As the on-screen hints suggest, the M249 is very difficult to 
    handle accurately without being prone, supported (bipod) and using short bursts 
    rather than continuous fire. The iron-sights are also recommended. During the 
    qualification round, you must hit 6 out of 18 targets with your 50 round clip. 
    Once again, after you complete this qualification, move north to the next 
    At the third (and final) station, you will practice and qualify with three 
    different weapons. However, they are linked in commonality by their nature; 
    They are all explosive weapons. 
    First up, you will use the M203 grenade launcher. The M203 is actually an 
    attachment that hooks on below the barrel of either an M16 or M4. In this case, 
    and M16. You will have to switch to it by pressing the same key that you used 
    to set up the M249's bipod. Experiment with the M203 (trajectory, range, etc.). 
    You have 10 rounds to practice with. Also note that the M203 has no iron-sights 
    and must be manually reloaded after each shot. Once you expend the 10 practice 
    rounds, you must qualify. You have to hit the target under the n-shaped frame 
    with one round (you have three rounds to use). Once you've completed this 
    qualification, you will move on to the AT4 practice round. 
    Here, you're given 2 practice rounds and 1 qualifying round. Your target is a 
    tank, which looks like a rusted piece of metal far out down range. You can 
    experiment with the scope's range adjustment, but this is not recommended. Also 
    note that you must discard (not reload) each tube after firing. Once you 
    qualify with this weapon, you will move on to the final explosive weapon, the 
    Again, you're given 2 practice shots and 1 qualifying one. The BDM handles very 
    similarly to the AT4, but is different in its uses and effects. Your target is 
    the bunker far downrange. On this particular station, you only need to pass 2 
    out of the 3 explosive weapons tests to earn station qualification. Once this 
    is complete, you should have all three station qualifications. If not, you've 
    failed, and must restart the mission.
    - MOUT (Shoothouse) -
    Mission Group:   Basic Combat Training
    Mission Name:    MOUT (Shoothouse)
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    Weapons Familiarization
    Description:     The previous three BCT missions taught you how to move and 
                     shoot. The final exercise will test you combining these two 
                     skills, by making you run through a shoothouse. You will have 
                     to have speed, accuracy, and discretion to make it through the 
                     shoothouse and pass the final BCT mission.
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       M9 (9mm) Pistol, M4A1, Flashbang Grenade, Night Vision Goggles
    Objectives:      [not listed] Achieve a "Go" on the shoothouse (10,000 or more
    The instructors for this mission will explain the basics of how the shoothouse 
    operates. When you're ready, pick up either the M9 or the M4A1 (you can't have 
    both) from the table. Make sure you also pick up the weapon's ammunition, as 
    well as the three flashbang grenades. When prompted, enter the shoothouse. In 
    each room, there will be a set number of enemy (OPFOR) pop-ups and friendly 
    pop-ups. You must hit all the OPFOR pop-ups (or as many as possible) within 3 
    seconds. Avoid friendly fire at all costs. Once the 3 seconds is up (or if you 
    hit all the OPFORs in under 3 seconds), proceed to the next door. There 
    will be one pop-up as you approach the door. Its status (OPFOR vs. 
    friendly) is random, so be careful. This general process continues for each 
    room, eventually leading you to the top of the shoothouse and your score. Your 
    score is based on the number of OPFOR hit, your target discretion (negative 
    points for friendlies hit), your accuracy, and your overall time (the faster 
    the better). You must surpass 10,000 points to pass this level. Here are a few 
    pointers to note:
    -The night vision goggles (NVG) should be used in the one darkened room.
    -Flashbang grenades will freeze the 3 second timer for a few extra seconds. 
    They are recommended for the larger rooms, but you can use them anywhere. Be 
    sure to avoid wasting time (pull out the grenade before you enter the room you 
    intend to use it in) and avoid blinding yourself.
    -Single fire is recommended, auto is not.
    -The scoring system weights your score based on what weapon you use (the M9 is 
    not a worse choice then the M4A1 because their scores are weighted).
    -Hitting a friendly will drop your score a full 1,000 points. That is a large 
    amount of points to lose, and will very often break a "go" run.
    -Be wary of friendlies who are in poses that suggest they have a weapon. Look 
    closely and learn to recognize and distinguish your targets.
    Once you make a 10,000 points or higher "go" run, you have completed the 
    mission, and all BCT. Congratulations. You can now go online, or continue with 
    more advanced or specialized training.
    - Airborne School -
    Airborne School will train and prepare you to perform tactical paradrops into 
    enemy territory. Certain maps (e.g. JRTC Farm Raid) require one team to spawn 
    inside of a plane, from which they will drop to the landing zone and the rest 
    of the map. In addition to this skill, completion of Airborne School is 
    required to play Ranger maps and to undertake Special Forces training.
    - 250' Tower -
    Mission Group:   Airborne School
    Mission Name:    250' Jump Tower
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    BCT
    Description:     In this, the first of two airborne training missions, you will 
                     undergo a practice drop from the top of a 250 foot tower. 
                     This will teach you the basics of how to operate and maneuver 
                     your parachute for safe and accurate landings.
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       Parachute
    Objectives:      [not listed] Complete a Parachute Landing Fall (PLF)
    The instructor will start off by briefing you on the basics of how to operate 
    your parachute. The onscreen tips should supplement the material he's giving 
    you. After a few moments, you will be hooked up to the 250' tower parachute 
    apparatus. You will slowly be lifted up to the 250 foot mark as the instructor 
    continues to give you instructions. Again, the game will provide you with tips 
    that should clarify what the instructor is saying. After a brief pause at the 
    top, you will be released, and fall towards the ground. Although the game tells 
    you how to steer, it is not advised in this exercise. What's important is that 
    you develop a sense for when to flare (use key) your parachute. Flare too early 
    and the 'chute will collapse. Flare too late and you'll hit the ground...hard. 
    In repeated attempts at this mission, you may want to practice flaring your 
    parachute at different times. When you do make a successful jump, be sure to 
    look how far off the ground you were when you flared, so that you get a good 
    sense of distance for future jumps. If your PLF was successful and correct, you 
    will pass the mission.
    - Live Jump -
    Mission Group:   Airborne School
    Mission Name:    Live Jump Qualification
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    250' Tower
    Description:     In the second of the two airborne training missions, you will 
                     put to the test what you learned in the previous exercise. 
                     Here, you will perform a night drop out of a plane, and 
                     attempt to perform a correct parachute landing fall (PLF) 
                     within the target circle.
    Difficulty:      ***
    Equipment:       Parachute
    Objectives:      [not listed] Complete a PLF within the marked target circle
    The previous mission should have trained you in when and how to flare your 
    parachute. This mission will test your ability to both flare and steer 
    effectively. You will begin in a plane flying towards the target area. Your 
    instructor will tell you to stand by (yellow) and then to go (green). You will 
    be automatically forced out of the plane's doors and into the air. After a 
    brief moment of no visibility, you should be able to make out a series of 
    arrows pointing towards a large circle drawn on the ground. Green smoke is 
    pouring out of the center of this circle. In case you haven't guessed, that 
    circle is your target. Like before, you can use the move keys (assuming you 
    haven't re-bound them, W, A, S, D) to steer, and the use key to flare your 
    'chute. You shouldn't have to steer much side to side, but you will have to 
    adjust your fall forwards and backwards. Note that it's easier to maneuver and 
    judge your fall if you wait halfway to begin pushing forwards, rather than 
    pushing forwards immediately, and then trying to move backwards towards the 
    target. Experiment with your flight trajectory until you're satisfied, then 
    remember to flare at the right time. I've found that you shouldn't have to 
    touch any keys for the first few seconds of falling, then you have to make some 
    changes, and then as you near the ground, make minor adjustments and flare your 
    'chute. Assuming you landed safely (PLF) within the target circle, you will 
    have completed the mission. Congratulations, you are now airborne qualified. 
    You can now undertake any of the game's Ranger missions, and you have now 
    unlocked access to Special Forces training.
    - Medic Training -
    Medic training will, as the name implies, train you to become a combat medic. 
    The first three missions will teach you basic medical information and how to 
    effectively deal with/treat the most common cases you will encounter as a 
    medic. The final training mission will test your ability to demonstrate what 
    you learned in the classroom. Although no maps require you to have completed 
    medic training, all the maps do allow for medic position(s) on each team. In 
    being a combat medic, you can both help your team (keep wounded men from dying) 
    and help yourself (aiding someone else gives you a small amount of experience).
    In the first three missions, you will have to listen to a lecturer, then take a 
    test on the material they covered. You must pass (a 70% or higher) to move on 
    to the next mission. Be aware that I will not list the test answers in this 
    guide. Please see the FAQ for more information.
    - Airway Management -
    Mission Group:   Medic Training
    Mission Name:    Airway Management
    Location:        Brooke Army Medical Center
    Prerequisite:    BCT
    Description:     In the first of four medic training missions, you will learn 
                     the basics of combat medicine at the Brooke Army Medical 
                     Center. The mission will involve a free-roam period, a lecture 
                     period, and a test period. If you pay attention to the 
                     lecturer, you should have little difficulty passing the test 
                     at the end.
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       None
    Objectives:      [not listed] Pass the airway management test
    As you begin the mission, you are welcome to roam around the center. You can 
    talk to a few people and look around, but most of the doors are locked, and 
    there isn't much to do. When you're ready to move on, head left from your 
    starting point, past the receptionist, and down the hall. Look for an open room 
    on your right labeled "Airway Management C-1." Enter the room. You may talk to 
    some of the other soldiers there for a moment.
    On request of your instructor, take a seat. The instructor will lecture on the 
    basics of airway management. Do not get up during the lecture, or you may be 
    reprimanded (or, if you continue, fail the mission) When they are complete, you 
    will be allowed to open the test in front of you ("Casualty Evaluation and 
    Airway Management"), and take it. The questions are relatively simple, and 
    should be very easy if you paid attention. Note that there is no time limit on 
    the test. When complete, stand up and talk to the instructor to receive your 
    - Control Bleeding -
    Mission Group:   Medic Training
    Mission Name:    Control Bleeding
    Location:        Brooke Army Medical Center
    Prerequisite:    Airway Management
    Description:     "Control Bleeding" is the second of four medic training 
                     missions. Here, you will continue your education of how to 
                     practice basic combat medicine at the Brooke Army Medical 
                     Center. As before, there will be a free-roam period, a lecture 
                     period, and a test period. 
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       None
    Objectives:      [not listed] Pass the control bleeding test
    As was the situation in the first mission, you are free to roam around as you 
    please. When you're satisfied, head back towards the receptionist's desk and 
    enter the room nearby labeled "Control Bleeding C-2." Just like before, you 
    will enter the room, talk to some soldiers, sit down, listen to the lecture and 
    then take a test about controlling bleeding. The protocol is the same as the 
    first mission. There isn't much to say here, just pay attention, and if you 
    need to, take notes. Once you pass the test, you can move on to the next 
    - Treat Shock -
    Mission Group:   Medic Training
    Mission Name:    Treat For Shock
    Location:        Brooke Army Medical Center
    Prerequisite:    Control Bleeding
    Description:     The third and final lecture at the Brooke Army Medical Center 
                     is how to "Treat Shock." The process will remain basically the 
                     same as the first two missions. There will be a free-roam 
                     period, a lecture period, and a test period. 
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       None
    Objectives:      [not listed] Pass the treat shock test
    Yet again, you will start off in free-roam mode at the Brooke Army Medical 
    Center. You know the drill. When you're ready, head down the hallway you 
    haven't been through before, taking a look at the CPR training going on. Once 
    you reach the "Treating Shock C-3" room, go through the drill, and sit down. As 
    was the case before, listen to the lecturer, and take the "Treating For Shock" 
    test at the end. Assuming you pass, you are on your way to the final training 
    mission to become a combat medic.
    - Field Training -
    Mission Group:   Medic Training
    Mission Name:    Field Training Exercise
    Location:        Brooke Army Medical Center
    Prerequisite:    Treat Shock
    Description:     Unlike the previous three missions, you will not have to sit 
                     down and listen to a lecture for this mission. Instead, you 
                     will put the skills you learned in those previous missions to
                     the test. In this mission, you must locate and treat the 
                     injuries of three wounded soldiers in a timely fashion and in
                     order according to need.
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       Medic kit
    Objectives:      [not listed] Treat the wounds of all three men quickly and in 
                     the order according to severity
    After the instructor gives you some basic information, you should hear an 
    explosion and two radio calls for a medic. Quickly run down the path towards 
    the calls. When you arrive, you should see a flaming vehicle and three soldiers 
    (they might not all be visible from where you're standing). In order to pass 
    this test, you must treat all three quickly, and in order according to need 
    (the most heavily wounded first). As soon as you reach this area, head forwards 
    (west) past the flaming vehicle. You should see the most seriously wounded man 
    (Donny) laying facedown behind a tree. Treat his wounds by targeting him and 
    holding the use key. Once that's complete. Head southwest to the other soldier 
    (Walter) laying down. Treat his wounds before heading northeast to the final 
    soldier (Jeffrey) who is propped up against a tree. If you treat the wounds of 
    all three men quickly, and in this order, you will pass the test. 
    Congratulations, you're now qualified as a combat medic.
    - Advanced Marksmanship -
    If you qualified as an "Expert" on the rifle range (BCT-Basic Rifle 
    Marksmanship), you will be qualified to enter advanced marksmanship training. 
    Here, you will train to become an expert sniper. You will become comfortable 
    and capable with the game's two most common sniper rifles: the M-24 and M-82. 
    No maps require that you be sniper qualified, but without this training, you 
    cannot apply for an "S" or "B" slot on your team, and can only use a sniper 
    rifle if you pick it up off the ground (e.g. if one of your snipers dies).
    - M-24 -
    Mission Group:   Advanced Marksmanship
    Mission Name:    M24 Rifle Qualification
    Location:        Ft. Bragg, NC
    Prerequisite:    "Expert" qualification on BCT-BRM
    Description:     In this, the first of two sniper training missions, you will 
                     practice and qualify with the M-24 SWS. It is extremely 
                     powerful and accurate, and is a very deadly weapon when used 
                     correctly. The M-24 comes equipped with a telescopic sight and 
                     a bipod, both of which you will need if you hope to qualify 
                     and move on to the next training mission.
    Difficulty:      **
    Equipment:       M24
    Objectives:      [not listed] Qualify with the M24 SWS
    After your instructor gives you some basic starting information, you are free 
    to practice with the M24. There are a number of red target plates far 
    downrange, which you can practice fire on. One of the men scouting will tell 
    you if you hit your target. Take this time to become fully acquainted with the 
    M24, as you will need to be very accurate. As usual, laying prone, supported 
    (with the bipod) and using the scope are all but necessary if you want to have 
    a hope of hitting your target. Especially more so than with the M16 or any 
    other weapon you've trained with, familiarize yourself with the M24's scope 
    wobble. At extreme distances, your target will be only a minute image in your 
    scope, and the slightest waiver in your aim may cause you to miss. During this 
    period, you are free to fire (except out of the range). Your qualification 
    round will begin as soon as you expend all your ammunition (4 5 round 
    magazines) or leave the firing station. 
    Once your test begins, you must hit the single white target downrange. You have 
    as much time as you need, but you only have one shot. As was the case when 
    practicing, go prone, set up the bipod, and look through the scope. Line up 
    your crosshairs on the target so that you are perfectly aligned when you reach 
    the top (or bottom) of your breathing cycle. Wait a few cycles if necessary, 
    and fire when the time is right. If you hit the target, you're moving on to the 
    next mission. If not, you'll have to restart this one. It's as simple as that.
    - M-82 -
    Mission Group:   Advanced Marksmanship
    Mission Name:    M82 Rifle Qualification
    Location:        Ft. Bragg, NC
    Prerequisite:    M-24
    Description:     The second mission for Advanced Marksmanship training will 
                     once again train and test you in the use of a powerful sniper 
                     rifle. However, this time, you will be using the M82 Barrett. 
                     Although in reality, the M82 is a completely different weapon 
                     used for entirely different situations, in America's Army, you 
                     will use it relatively the same as you would the M24. Like the 
                     first mission, this training will involve a practice round 
                     followed by a qualification shot.
    Difficulty:      ***
    Equipment:       M82A1
    Objectives:      [not listed] Qualify with the M82 rifle
    This mission is very similar to the M24's training mission, except for the 
    weapon you're using and the target you're firing at. As the mission begins, 
    your instructor will tell you a little about the rifle and let you practice 
    fire at targets downrange. Like the M24, the M82 has a bipod and scope which 
    are both necessary to effective use of the weapon. Just as you did in the 
    previous training, practice hitting the targets out in the field. You should 
    notice that the main difference between the M82 and the M24 is the M82's severe 
    kickback. However, since a true sniper is "one shot, one kill," this should not 
    be an issue. When you're ready to qualify, either expend all ammunition (1 10 
    round magazine), or walk out of the firing station. 
    For your qualification round, you will once again have as much time as you need 
    to hit a single target with a single shot. However, in this mission, you will 
    be using the Barrett in its most realistic application in the whole game: 
    destroying unexploded ordinance. Look around the firing range through your 
    scope and you should come across the unexploded mortar shell which your 
    instructor mentioned. Use the same strategies as with the M24 to line up and 
    prepare your shot. You should aim for the white tail of the shell. As before, 
    if you hit, you pass, if you miss, you fail. Assuming you do hit, 
    congratulations, you are now sniper qualified.
    - Special Forces Training -
    The special forces encompasses elite teams of soldiers who are highly trained 
    to take on some of the most difficult challenges ever faced by US troops. They 
    are extremely well qualified in every respect, and capable of taking on very 
    difficult missions. In America's Army, an entire sub-section of maps (around 15 
    maps) can only be played by those who are SF qualified. The requirements for 
    this qualification are to have at least 15 honor, and to have completed SF 
    training. Some of the game's greatest maps are SF only, and that alone 
    should motivate you to attempt these missions.
    - Camp MacKall -
    Mission Group:   Special Forces Training
    Mission Name:    Camp MacKall SF Introduction
    Location:        Ft. Bragg, NC
    Prerequisite:    Airborne School
    Description:     This mission will introduce you to 7 special forces soldiers 
                     and give you a general sense of what the special forces do. In 
                     addition, you will learn about US and OPFOR weapons, vehicles, 
                     and aircraft (including helicopters). You will then be tested 
                     on this material.
    Difficulty:      ***
    Equipment:       None
    Objectives:      [not listed] Speak to all 8 SF team members
                     [not listed] Pass the weapon/vehicle/aircraft identification 
    When you start the mission, the special forces officer in front of you will 
    introduce you to the special forces and give you some background information. 
    Once he's done talking, you must speak with (listen to) each of the 7 
    additional SF team members standing in the area in front of you. Like the first 
    man, they will all provide you with information about themselves and the 
    special forces. When you're done with all this, you are instructed to report to 
    the classroom. Follow your compass southwest there or wait a while and be 
    transported there (and reprimanded). 
    In this classroom, you will listen to a lecture in relatively the same format 
    as the first three medic classes. Like those missions, you will be informed, 
    then tested. However, there are a few differences. First off, the subject 
    matter of this information is US and OPFOR weapons, vehicles, and aircraft. 
    Secondly, the test is in a slightly different format. The test is timed, and 
    you will have 15 seconds to look at each slide and 15 seconds to answer each 
    question. There are a total of 15 questions, and you must get 11 or more 
    correct in order to pass the test. There isn't much more to say, except pay 
    attention to the lecture, and be familiar with the game (playing online may 
    help your familiarization somewhat), and you should be able to pass. Once 
    you've passed, you are now qualified to move on to the most difficult and time 
    consuming training mission in America's Army. Good luck.
    - SF Escape and Evade -
    Mission Group:   Special Forces Training
    Mission Name:    SF Escape and Evade
    Location:        Ft. Bragg, NC
    Prerequisite:    Camp MacKall
    Description:     In this mission, you will be dropped off, via helicopter, in a 
                     large wooded area/forest. Your objective is to reach all three 
                     checkpoints and the end of the course without being spotted by 
                     the numerous guards, sentries, and other lookouts. This is a 
                     very lengthy mission, and a true test of stealth, patience, 
                     and skill.
    Difficulty:      *****
    Equipment:       Binoculars (SF variant)
    Objectives:      A: [reach] Checkpoint A
                     B: [reach] Checkpoint B
                     C: [reach] Checkpoint C
                     [not listed] Use the truck to signal for extraction 
    The mission begins with you riding in a helicopter en route to the drop zone. 
    Listen to the man giving you instructions, as much of what he says will help 
    you complete your mission and keep from failing. After a few cutscenes and more 
    instructions, you will be dropped off at one end of this "course." Once you 
    pass the instructor here, no one should make visual contact with you for a long 
    time. Note that you have no weapon, only binoculars (SF variant). In this 
    walkthrough, I will...well...walk you through each step of this mission.
    From your drop zone, head west, then south, through the canyon. Here, you 
    should be able to notice a scout up on the hills around you. Familiarize 
    yourself with his view distance and how stealthy you must be to avoid being 
    seen. When you come to a fork in the road, head right (west). Move towards the 
    rock and trees through which you should see light shining. As you near this 
    area, stay to the left of the rock, and turn southwest into the small crevice 
    between two hills. From here, checkpoint A should be a straight shot southwest. 
    Go there, but not too quickly, as stealth is still essential. As you descend 
    the hill towards checkpoint A, I would recommend going very slowly (prone 
    crawl) as there is an enemy scout quite close by. Once you reach checkpoint A, 
    it's on to checkpoint B. Be aware that if you are spotted, you will now return 
    to checkpoint A, instead of restarting the mission.
    From checkpoint A, you should see a bridge and guard tower in front of you. If 
    you attempt to cross the bridge, no matter how slowly, you will be spotted. 
    Instead, head down into the ravine below the bridge and head northwest, then 
    west through this canyon. You will have to go up a large rock slab (like a 
    ramp). At the fork here, continue south, rather than northwest. Soon, you 
    should come to a fork where, to the east, you can see the guard tower you just 
    went around. Don't go that way though. From here, continue south through the 
    canyon. Up ahead, you should be able to spot another guard tower's light 
    shining through the trees. As you pass southeast through this canyon, stay 
    pressed up against the left wall at all times. The enemy has a guard on a tower 
    with a light, and a scout with binoculars. Prone, slow crawling, is highly 
    advised here. Once you clear this area, continue south along the path. In a 
    short while, you will come across another narrow ravine/canyon, this time, with 
    raised paths on either side. Stay prone and slowly crawl through the middle 
    path (not elevated). Be wary of enemy scouts and the guard tower to the 
    northwest. Once you pass through this area, you should see a guard tower off in 
    the distance (southwest). This means that you are quite close to checkpoint B, 
    which should be a few hundred feet in front of you. Move towards it, and you're 
    on to the final leg of this mission. Like before, your progress up to this 
    point is saved, so if you are spotted, you will return to this place, rather 
    than the beginning or checkpoint A.
    From here, head southwest towards the light of the guard tower. As you 
    approach, drop to a crawl, and move up towards the large rocks between you and 
    the tower. Get as close to the tower as you can without being seen (stay 
    pressed up against the rocks/ledge to your left). Like other guard towers up to 
    this point, this one has a light which shifts around to a number of different 
    positions. However, this time, the light's position will be critical to your 
    success. Wait until the light is in the position where it shines far behind you 
    and crawl as fast as you can southwest. When you pass the area, the boulder 
    behind you should shield you from the spotlight. Remain wary, however, of the 
    guard on the ridge to the northwest/west. Ahead of you, to the south, is a 
    small encampment, another guard tower, and a bridge. As was the case before, 
    using the bridge is a sure way to get caught. Instead, head down the side of 
    the embankment, and head west through this stream/brook. After a while down 
    this path, carefully make your way up the rocks to the southwest. At the top, 
    look straight ahead (southwest) and you should see a truck and another hut with 
    an instructor sitting down. Like at the beginning of this mission, he can see 
    you, and you won't be "spotted." However, be careful to avoid the numerous 
    guards and scouts that are behind you (east). Most of them will not be looking 
    in your direction, but will be listening in your direction. Make sure that you 
    do not make too much noise here, as you make your way towards the truck. As you 
    near it, you will reach objective C. Now all you have to do is use the truck to 
    signal for extraction. Simply approach the driver's side and "use/action" on 
    the truck to complete this mission. Congratulations, you have completed the 
    most difficult training mission in America's Army, and are now Special Forces 
    qualified (you must have 15 or more honor to play SF only maps though).
    - Advanced Individual Training -
    New to America's Army Overmatch (2.7), Advance Individual Training (AIT) offers 
    three additional training missions intended to prepare the player for some of 
    the new features of Overmatch. Although the missions are not required by any 
    map or class slot, they are highly recommended if you intend to play the new 
    missions. For example, you do not have to undergo AIT, but if you can't drive 
    the Humvee or can't use the javelin, you will be undermining the effectiveness 
    of your own team. Also note that the first HMMWV and the Javelin training 
    missions require only BCT as a prerequisite. Thus, assuming you've completed 
    BCT, you may attempt either the HMMWV Driver training or the Javelin training 
    first. However, you must complete the HMMWV Driver training before you can 
    undertake the CROWS Gunnery Training.
    - HMMWV Driver -
    Mission Group:   Advanced Individual Training
    Mission Name:    HMMWV Driver Training
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    BCT 
    Description:     In this mission, you will learn the basics of operating and 
                     driving a HMMWV, otherwise known as a "Humvee." You will 
                     navigate through an obstacle/training course which will test 
                     your ability to use all of the HMMWV's features and abilities. 
                     Consider this mission to be the vehicular equivalent of BCT - 
                     Eagle Tower.
    Difficulty:      ***
    Equipment:       HMMWV
    Objectives:      A: Checkpoint 1
                     B: Checkpoint 2
                     C: Checkpoint 3
                     D: Finish
    Once the mission begins, you are told to move to and talk with your instructor. 
    Do so, and he will tell you to drive the HMMWV. Approach the HMMWV and 
    "action/use" on the door to enter. Once inside, follow the onscreen prompts to 
    do the following (in this order): Fasten seatbelt, start the engine (you must 
    look at the steering wheel when you press action/use), use mirrors, shift 
    gears. After this, the instructor will tell you to accelerate and steer the 
    HMMWV. As you begin the training course, he will also tell you that you can 
    switch between high and low gears if you need greater torque (using the 
    "alternate fire" key). 
    For the rest of this mission, you must simply navigate the course, following 
    all arrows and signs. You will pass through 3 checkpoints before being routed 
    back to your starting position. As you make numerous twists and turns, it would 
    be very confusing to list full instructions here. Anyway, for the most part, it 
    is very easy to tell where the path is and where you're supposed to go. The 
    challenge of the mission (which isn't much) lies in effectively and safely 
    navigating this path. The most important thing to be careful of is that you 
    don't get stuck in a position where you cannot extricate the vehicle, as you 
    will have to restart the mission. However, make sure you try both forwards and 
    reverse, and high and low gears before you give up. Anyway, just follow the 
    path and keep on it, and you should complete the  mission before you know it. 
    Now you can move on to the CROWS Gunnery training.
    - CROWS Gunner -
    Mission Group:   Advanced Individual Training
    Mission Name:    CROWS Gunnery Training
    Location:        Ft. Benning, GA
    Prerequisite:    HMMWV Driver Training
    Description:     If HMMWV Driver training was the equivalent of Eagle Tower, 
                     CROWS Gunnery training is probably the automotive version of 
                     Basic Rifle Marksmanship. In this mission, you will man the 
                     CROWS atop a HMMWV. You will practice aiming and firing the 
                     weapon system while your instructor drives the vehicle along a
                     pre-set path.
    Difficulty:      ***
    Equipment:       HMMWV, CROWS .50 Caliber
    Objectives:      [not listed] Pass the gunnery firing test
    Just like the previous mission, start off by walking forward and talking to 
    your instructor. This time, however, he will drive, and you will gun. When 
    prompted, enter the driver-side rear door of the HMMWV. Once inside, buckle 
    your seatbelt, and "use" the display in front of you. This will start an 
    explanatory video about the CROWS. You may skip this if you like, but it is 
    quite informative. After the video has finished (or you skip it), you will be 
    taken to the CROWS camera, and have control of the system. You will also find 
    yourself right outside the gunnery range. As your instructor drives you up to 
    the firing position, try to get acquainted with all the information on your 
    screen. When you reach the firing line, you are free to fire at the targets 
    before you. The CROWS is able to fire, lase target (to determine range) and 
    zoom (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x). Familiarize yourself with each of these features. 
    Once all the targets have been neutralized, you will move on to the qualifying 
    range. Here, your instructor will drive slowly along the path while you fire at 
    9 targets at varying positions along the way. If you hit enough by the end, you 
    will have passed the mission, and are now CROWS qualified.
    - Javelin Training -
    Mission Group:   Advanced Individual Training 
    Mission Name:    Javelin Missile Qualification
    Location:        Forward Deployed Firebase
    Prerequisite:    BCT
    Description:     The Javelin, a new addition to America's Army Overmatch, is an
                     incredibly powerful and versatile weapon. However, to the 
                     inexperienced user, it is quite complex, confusing, and 
                     perhaps even overwhelming. This training mission will 
                     familiarize you with the use of the Javelin and the 
                     accompanying CLU. By the end, you should be able to take down 
                     tank after tank far out of the range of traditional explosive 
    Difficulty:      ****
    Equipment:       CLU, Javelin Tube
    Objectives:      [not listed] Qualify on the BST
                     [not listed] Qualify on the Javelin range
    From the start of the mission, go directly forward towards the tent in front of 
    you. Speak with Sergeant Wood (standing outside) to learn what you need to do. 
    For the sake of this walkthrough, I will assume that you will do both parts of 
    the mission (the practice is optional, the qualification is not). Anyway, from 
    here, enter the tent. Feel free to watch the informative video about the 
    Javelin, which is playing on the projector screen. When you're ready to move 
    on, talk to SFC Schaffer. 
    After some introductory information about the Javelin and CLU, you will be 
    instructed to pick up the Javelin tube. Do so. When prompted again, shoulder 
    the tube and pick up the CLU. Yet again, you will be told to take out the 
    javelin tube, then take out the CLU. After you deal with all this equipment 
    swapping, you will be instructed to look through the CLU. When you do, you will 
    see a virtual reality landscape provided by the Basic Skills Trainer (BST). Use 
    the assigned key to cycle through the vision modes, and you will notice (as SFC 
    Schaffer said) that the CLU supports 4x daytime zoom and 4x and 9x night vision 
    zoom. After looking through all these zoom modes, you will be instructed to 
    load the Javelin tube (reload key) and return to the CLU viewfinder. After a 
    short explanation about valid targets, you must lock onto the T-62 tank in the 
    middle of the area. As soon as you try to, however, you will have a missile 
    error. Use the fix jam key to re-seat the tube and fix the error. Return to 
    the viewfinder mode and re-acquire the tank. Use (hold) the alternate fire key 
    while keeping your aim steady over the tank for 2 seconds. The CLU will make a 
    repeated beeping tone while acquiring a lock. If it cannot lock on, a lower-
    pitch tone will sound twice. If it does lock on, a steady, higher-pitched sound 
    will be heard, and a box with crosshairs will appear around the target. Keep 
    the lock held down, the tank within the center of the screen, and, when 
    prompted, fire the missile. After another round of information from SFC 
    Schaffer, locate the new tank on a hill to the left. Switch your firing mode 
    from TOP to DIR (direct). Lock on to the tank, just like before, and fire. You 
    will now have to qualify with the BST.
    In this qualifying round, you must destroy all three tanks within 4 minutes. Do 
    not fire at the invalid targets, which are technicals (pick-up trucks). There 
    is one valid tank target to the left and two to the right. Use the skills you 
    developed while practicing with the BST to lock on to and destroy each tank. 
    You may have to wrestle with the aim a little bit to keep on target for the 
    full 2 seconds. When this is complete, you will be prompted to drop the Javelin 
    and CLU and talk to SSG Becker. Go to the other side of the tent and do so. He 
    will inform you of an opportunity to fire the Javelin on an actual range, 
    rather than just on the BST. 
    Once you arrive at the range, SSG Becker will give you some starting 
    information (which you can skip) and then set you loose on the course. The 
    basics of the qualification are as follows: There are 10 valid targets (tanks) 
    and numerous invalid targets (technicals) on the course. There are 5 stations, 
    each with 2 Javelin tubes. At each station, 2 valid targets will be visible and 
    within range. You may visit the stations in any order, and use whatever firing 
    mode you wish (some targets may be easier if you use one over the other). You 
    should use both tubes to destroy both targets at each of the 5 stations. Thus, 
    by the end, you should have used all 10 tubes to destroy all 10 targets. This 
    will give you the "number of valid targets engaged", the "number of invalid 
    targets engaged" and the "number of Javelin tubes used" for your overall score. 
    The remainder of your points are calculated based on your time (you have 10 
    minutes for the whole qualification) and your accuracy. From playing this 
    mission a number of times, the targets always appear in the same positions, but 
    the order of the positions change each time you play. For clarification, I will 
    list all 10 targets. Just be aware that you will most likely face them in a 
    different order than they are listed here.
    (valid) target locations
    Target 1: far left
    Target 2: far right
    Target 3: far left
    Target 4: slightly right of the middle
    Target 5: far right
    Target 6: far right (may disappear behind the rocks for a few seconds)
    Target 7: slightly right of the far left (up on top of the cliff)
    Target 8: slightly right of the far left (up on top of the cliff - may 
              disappear behind a rock for a few seconds)
    Target 9: far right
    Target 10: slightly left of far right (under the bridge)
    Once you have used up all 10 tubes, your qualification will be over. You will 
    be able to look at a scoreboard of your results (like in BCT - MOUT 
    (shoothouse)) and then save, retry, etc. Congratulations, you've completed 
    Advanced Individual Training. Assuming you've been following this guide, and 
    doing the training missions in this order, you are now complete with all 
    training in America's Army. Now get online and start playing!
    - Data Table -
    This data table will recap the basic information for all of the training 
    missions. Due to formatting issues, the mission groups had to be abbreviated as 
    BCT - Basic Combat Training
    AS - Airborne School
    MT - Medic Training
    AM - Advanced Marksmanship [Training]
    SFT - Special Forces Training
    AIT - Advanced Individual Training
    | Group |          Mission         | Difficulty |        Prerequisite         |
    | BCT   | Basic Rifle Marksmanship | **         | None                        |
    | BCT   | Eagle Tower              | *          | BCT-BRM                     |
    | BCT   | Weapons Familiarization  | ***        | BCT-Eagle Tower             |
    | BCT   | MOUT (shoothouse)        | **         | BCT-Weapons Familiarization |
    | AS    | 250' Tower               | **         | Basic Combat Training       |
    | AS    | Live Jump                | ***        | AS-250' Tower               |
    | MT    | Airway Management        | **         | Basic Combat Training       |
    | MT    | Control Bleeding         | **         | MT-Airway Management        |
    | MT    | Treat Shock              | **         | MT-Control Bleeding         |
    | MT    | Field Training           | **         | MT-Treat Shock              |
    | AM    | M24                      | **         | 36+ targets on BCT-BRM      |
    | AM    | M82                      | ***        | AM-M24                      |
    | SFT   | Camp MacKall             | ***        | Airborne School             |
    | SFT   | SF Escape and Evade      | *****      | SF-Camp MacKall             |
    | AIT   | HMMWV Driver             | ***        | Basic Combat Training       |
    | AIT   | CROWS Gunner             | ***        | AIT - HMMWV Driver          |
    | AIT   | Javelin Training         | ****       | Basic Combat Training       |
    ******** F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S ( F A Q ) ********
    Many of these questions are not attributed to a specific author, since they've 
    been asked by a number of people on the message boards, or because I made them 
    up myself. So without further ado, the questions:
    Q: How do I pass _______ training mission?
    A: The entire above section (the majority of the guide) explains, in detail, 
    how to pass each training mission. Please look there first before asking any 
    questions. If uncertainties still remain, I will do what I can to clear up your 
    Q: What are the answers to the medic tests?
    A: In this guide, I will not disclose any information relating to the content 
    of the medic test (except for its subject, which is the name of the mission). 
    These missions are intended to not only prepare your in-game character for 
    medical qualification, but to train you as well. The material covered in the 
    lectures and on the tests is real, factual, accurate information about basic 
    field medicine. You may very well learn something important or useful from 
    these missions: something you could apply in the real world. While this in no 
    way gives you legal qualification to practice any form of medicine, the 
    information may serve you well at some point in time. Please note, as mentioned 
    in the legal statement, I do not in any way suggest or condone imitation of any 
    actions referenced in America's Army. Still, you can be aware of the usefulness 
    of the information presented within the medic training missions. The end result 
    of this (rant), is that the tests are meant for you to learn. Simply looking up 
    all the answers is not educational, nor is it moral. Therefore, I will not 
    describe or list the answers in this guide. I believe I have made this clear, 
    so please do not e-mail me asking about the answers to the medic tests. If you 
    insist on finding them, I'm sure other guides or websites will have this 
    information. This one, however, will not.
    Q: What is the key for ______? How do I perform _______ action?
    A: America's Army supports far more commands than the average FPS. In addition 
    to the movement, fire, and reload keys that are expected, this game has a 
    number of additional actions you can perform. Because there is a multitude of 
    commands, and because most people re-bind some, or all of their keys, it would 
    not make sense for me to list commands and their key strokes. The major 
    commands (movement and firing commands) will probably be the same for most 
    players, but the stance commands (jump/stand, crouch, prone, walk/run, lean 
    etc.) and weapon commands (use scope, enable attachment, attach suppressor, fix 
    jam, zero range, etc.) will most likely be quite different between players. 
    Instead of listing keystrokes and causing confusion, here, and throughout the 
    guide, I will refer to the command name, rather than the key. For example, I 
    will mention that you should "attach your weapon's suppressor," rather than say 
    "Hit J" or "Hit L." Despite this, I will list all the commands and default 
    keystrokes here, for reference.
    These commands are ordered by function and arranged by Command, Default Key, 
    Type of action, and stance required to perform action. Please note that certain 
    keys have multiple applications depending on stance, but can only be changed 
    for all uses (not individually). "Movement" refers to actions involving 
    movement and observation, "Weapon" to weapons or weapon systems and "NCA/S" to 
    non-combat actions/settings. "HMMWV/CROWS" refers to actions performed while 
    driving a HMMWV or manning a CROWS. For this table, they are considered stances 
    (but not part of "any"). All noteworthy entries (and exceptions) are marked 
    with an asterisk (*) and commented on below.
    | Command                      | Def Key | Type          | Stance       |
    | Walk Forwards                | W       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Walk Backwards               | S       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Strafe Left                  | A       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Strafe Right                 | D       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Crawl Forwards               | W       | Movement      | Prone        |
    | Crawl Backwards              | S       | Movement      | Prone        |
    | Crawl Left                   | A       | Movement      | Prone        | 
    | Crawl Right                  | D       | Movement      | Prone        |
    | Sprint                       | Alt     | Movement      | Stand        |
    | Speed Toggle                 | LShift  | Movement      | Any          |
    | Lean Left                    | Q       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Lean Right                   | E       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Roll Left                    | Q       | Movement      | Prone        |
    | Roll Right                   | E       | Movement      | Prone        |
    | Mirror Left                  | Q       | Movement      | HMMWV        |
    | Mirror Right                 | E       | Movement      | HMMWV        |
    | Jump                         | Space   | Movement      | Stand        |
    | Stand                        | Space   | Movement      | Crouch/Prone |
    | Crouch                       | C       | Movement      | Stand/Prone  |
    | Prone                        | X       | Movement      | Stand/Crouch |
    | Turn Left                    | LArrow  | Movement      | Any          |
    | Turn Right                   | RArrow  | Movement      | Any          |
    | Look Up                      | UArrow  | Movement      | Any          |
    | Look Down                    | DArrow  | Movement      | Any          |
    | Center View                  | End     | Movement      | Any          |
    | Strafe Toggle                | Insert  | Movement      | Any          |
    | Primary Fire                 | LMB     | Weapon        | Any*         |
    | Alt-Fire                     | MMB     | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Hi-Low Gears                 | MMB     | Weapon        | HMMWV*       |
    | Target (Javelin)             | MMB     | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Ironsights/Scope             | RMB     | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Lase Target                  | RMB     | Weapon        | HMMWV(CROWS) |
    | CLU (Javelin)                | RMB     | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Zoom In (CROWS/SAI/Stryker)  | WHL UP  | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Zoom Out (CROWS/SAI/Stryker) | WHL DWN | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Shift Gears Up               | WHL UP  | Weapon        | HMMWV*       |
    | Shift Gears Down             | WHL DWN | Weapon        | HMMWV*       |
    | Increase Range (BDM/AT4/RPG) | WHL UP  | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Decrease Range (BDM/AT4/RPG) | WHL DWN | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Supported/Secondary Fire     | G       | Weapon        | Any*         |
    | Reload                       | R       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Fix Jam                      | J       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Zero Range                   | N       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Barrel Mod (Suppressor)      | L       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Drop Weapon                  | BKSPACE | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Sling/Unsling/Switch Weapons | 1       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Frag Grenade          | 2       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Smoke Grenade         | 3       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Flashbang Grenade     | 4       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Thermite Grenade      | 5       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Door Breacher         | 6       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Javelin Tube          | 7       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Select Pistol                | 8       | Weapon        | Any          |
    | Action (use, pick up, etc.)  | F       | NCA/S         | Any          |
    | Flare Parachute              | F       | NCA/S         | Parachuting  |
    | Select Binoculars/CLU        | B       | NCA/S         | Any          |
    | Select NVG/CLU View Mode     | V       | NCA/S         | Any          |
    | Fasten Seatbelt              | K       | NCA/S         | HMMWV        |
    | Toggle Objective Display     | ]       | NCA/S         | Any          |
    | Toggle SAI                   | [       | NCA/S         | Any          |
    | Toggle Fullscreen SAI        | F4      | NCA/S         | Any*         |
    | Toggle SAI Player Info       | Ctrl    | NCA/S         | Any          |
    | Chat                         | T       | Communication | Any          |
    | Team Chat                    | Y       | Communication | Any          |
    | Report Your Location         | U       | Communication | Any          |
    | Report Enemy Location        | Z       | Communication | Any          |
    | Call For Medic               | M       | Communication | Any          |
    | Set Squad Objective*         | O       | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo. Cycle                 | Tab     | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Hooah!               | H       | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Radio                | NUM 7   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Squad Radio          | NUM 9   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Global               | NUM 5   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Hand Signal          | NUM 0   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Whisper              | NUM 3   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: Shout                | NUM 1   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: North                | NUM 8   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: South                | NUM 2   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: East                 | NUM 6   | Communication | Any          |
    | Commo.: West                 | NUM 4   | Communication | Any          |
    | Menu                         | ESCAPE  | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Scoreboard                   | F1      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Weapon Class Select          | F2      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Team Select                  | F3      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Game Map                     | F4      | Game Options  | Any*         |
    | Vote Kick                    | F5      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Client Status (FPS/Network)  | F6      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Cancel Pending Connection    | F7      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Take Screenshot              | F8      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Adjust Gamma                 | F9      | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Adjust Brightness            | F10     | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Adjust Contrast              | F11     | Game Options  | Any          |
    | Admin Command Post           | F12     | Game Options  | Any          |
    *With certain weapons (e.g. BDM, AT4, RPG, Javelin), primary fire is not 
    possible from the prone position.
    *The Hi-Low Gears and Shift Up/Shift Down Commands can only be used when the 
    HMMWV is stationary (or moving very slowly). You cannot switch gears while at 
    high speed.
    *Some attachments (e.g. bipod) can only be used while prone. Others (e.g. M203) 
    can be used in all stances.
    *When you are alive, the map screen will show the fullscreen SAI. When you're 
    dead, it shows a static map. While alive, you can access the static map as 
    well, by going into one of the F1-F3 windows and switching over to the map. 
    *The "Set Squad Objective" command can only be used if you are a squad leader.
    Q: What's the point of doing these missions? What's in it for me?
    A: For the most part, America's Army is all but unplayable online without 
    training qualification. The new "Explore the Army - Play Now!" feature allows 
    users to play on a few popular maps with non-customized names and no stat-
    tracking. However, if you want any more than a taste of the AA experience, you 
    must play online on regular servers. However, this requires you to do training. 
    For more specific information (which training is required for each mission), 
    please see the next question.
    Q: What training do I need to do in order to do _______ training? What training 
    do I need to complete in order to play on ______ map?
    I have compiled this information into a table. It is set up so that the first 
    column is "In order to play ______" and the second column is "you must complete 
    ________". Note that "Division," "Brigade," and similar terms are implied, and 
    therefore omitted, for the map names. Training missions will be prefaced with a 
    |               Mission                |              Prerequisite            |
    |--------------------- T R A I N I N G   M I S S I O N S ---------------------|
    | (T) BCT - Basic Rifle Marksmanship   | None                                 |
    | (T) BCT - Eagle Tower                | (T) BCT - Basic Rifle Marksmanship   | 
    | (T) BCT - US Weapons Familiarization | (T) BCT - Eagle Tower                |
    | (T) BCT - MOUT (shoothouse)          | (T) BCT - US Weapons Familiarization |
    | (T) AS - 250' Tower                  | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | (T) AS - Live Jump                   | (T) AS-250' Tower                    |
    | (T) MT - Airway Management           | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | (T) MT - Control Bleeding            | (T) MT-Airway Management             |
    | (T) MT - Treat Shock                 | (T) MT-Control Bleeding              |
    | (T) MT - Field Training              | (T) MT-Treat Shock                   |
    | (T) AM - M24                         | (T) BCT-BRM (36+ targets)            |
    | (T) AM - M82                         | (T) AM-M24                           |
    | (T) SFT - Camp MacKall               | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | (T) SFT - SF Escape and Evade        | (T) SF-Camp MacKall                  |
    | (T) AIT - HMMWV Driver               | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | (T) AIT - CROWS Gunner               | (T) AIT - HMMWV Driver               |
    | (T) AIT - Javelin Training           | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    |------------------------- I N F A N T R Y   M A P S -------------------------|
    | 172nd Infantry - Border              | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 172nd Infantry - Bridge              | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 172nd Infantry - Bridge SE           | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 172nd Infantry - Mountain Pass       | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 172nd Infantry - Mountain Pass SE    | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 172nd Infantry - Pipeline            | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 172nd Infantry - Urban Assault       | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 10th Mountain - Collapsed Tunnel     | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 10th Mountain - Headquarters Raid    | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 10th Mountain - Insurgent Camp       | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | 10th Mountain - Pipeline             | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    | Infantry Training - MOUT McKenna     | (T) Basic Combat Training            |
    |------------------ A I R B O R N E / R A N G E R   M A P S ------------------|
    | 75th Ranger - Dusk                   | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Interdiction           | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Mountain Ambush        | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Radio Tower            | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Steamroller            | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Swamp Raid             | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Weapons Cache          | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Weapons Cache SE       | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 75th Ranger - Woodland Outpost       | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 82nd Airborne - JRTC Farm Raid       | (T) Airborne School                  |
    | 82nd Airborne - FLS Assault          | (T) Airborne School                  |
    |------------------- S P E C I A L   F O R C E S   M A P S -------------------|
    | Special Forces - SF Arctic           | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Blizzard         | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Courtyard        | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF CSAR             | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Dockside         | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Extraction       | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Hospital         | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Oasis            | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF PCR              | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Pipeline         | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Recon            | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Sandstorm        | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Snake Plain      | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Taiga            | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Village          | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    | Special Forces - SF Water Treatment  | (T) Special Forces Training          |
    |                  Facility            |                                      |
    ********************** G U I D E   I N F O R M A T I O N **********************
    - Contributions and Contact -
    As you may notice, this guide is missing a few bits of data, and it not 
    entirely complete. Also, you've probably figured out that I like to be complete
    in my analysis of whatever I'm writing about. Meaningful and useful 
    contributions are welcome. Said (acceptable) contributions are as follows:
    -Specific Questions about a certain training mission or general questions about
    the missions overall
    -Anything that you think deserves to be in the FAQ section
    -Pointed out game-information errors (general errors or typos of mine about 
    the game)
    -Reader-submitted tips for completing a specific training mission. Perhaps 
    using a different method than I suggested.
    -Pointed out grammatical, spelling, or line formatting errors. Pointed out 
    typos as well.
    -Something that has been requested as a contribution in the guide
    -Anything else that you think would be a useful addition to this guide. Please
    use good judgment when deciding if your contribution is "useful."
    In addition, questions about anything in the guide, or anything else that 
    either wasn't clear, or wasn't addressed at all, are welcome. However, and let
    me make this clear...
    Army isn't running on your computer, or why the game freezes at a certain 
    When composing your e-mail, be thoughtful and courteous. I'm not expecting you
    to write a literary masterpiece, but some consideration and thought into 
    what you're writing would be appreciated. Here are some do's and don'ts:
    -Put "America's Army" or something similar somewhere in the subject line so 
    that I have a clue what you're asking about, and don't immediately delete your 
    -Use reasonably decent spelling, grammar, punctuation, English etc.
    -Describe your suggestion, question, submission, (etc.) carefully and clearly. 
    If I don't understand what you're saying, then it's unlikely that I will print 
    it in this guide.
    -Read the FAQ first, and make sure that your question hasn't already been 
    answered in one of those questions.
    -Use all caps to compose your message
    -Use terrible spelling or grammar to the point where I can't even understand 
    what you're trying to say.
    -E-mail me in any other language than English
    -Swear excessively, or write rude or demeaning things.
    -Write your email in code, 1337, or any other form of writing that will waste 
    my time
    -Send spam, hate mail, or anything that's either rude or irrelevant to 
    America's Army
    -Add me to your address book, buddy list, or any other form of contact/mailing
    -Attach a relevant screenshot as an attachment. If you need to show me a 
    picture as evidence or for whatever reason, use a free image hosting 
    website such as www.imageshack.us or www.geocities.com or 
    -Try to recruit me for your club/clan/organization/website/military
    Assuming your contribution is thoughtful and relevant, it will be added to the
    guide as soon as possible. You will be given complete recognition as to the 
    contribution, unless you state in your e-mail that you want anonymity. With a 
    few exceptions, your e-mail will remain mostly unaltered from the way it was 
    sent, so be aware that what you write will probably end up in this guide 
    almost exactly how you wrote it. However, I have the authority to change or 
    alter what you wrote, though I will only do this for clarification or 
    censorship purposes, and I will never claim credit for what someone else did.
    If you'd like to contact me, send an email to this address. Replace the "(at)"
    with an "@" and the "(dot)" with a "." (remove all quotation marks). This is 
    to avoid automatic spam bots and similar programs
    aapmcm2 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    - Revision/Update History -
    Version 1.0 - 10/22/06 - This is the first version of this guide. However, I 
    have pretty much written all of the information that it will most likely 
    contain. I've written out all the strategy and associated information for each
    training mission, created a number of data tables, and formulated a few FAQs. 
    All the other sections are also created and up to date.
    Version 1.1 - 10/23/06 - This is truly a minute update. Gamefaqs had some 
    issues on 10/22/06 with getting the guides to upload. As a result, I've just 
    made a few changes and submitted this guide as an update. As far as new 
    content, I added a note about the America's Army Community Union (AACU) and 
    added the guide's full url (which hopefully won't change).
    Version 1.2 - 10/26/06 - Very small update. I just fixed the typo involving the
    number for SF E&E. However, since this is probably the most looked at part of 
    the guide, I felt that it was important that it be fixed.
    Version 1.3 - 3/24/08 - Another small update. Only minor changes, such as 
    copyright information, made. A few typos also fixed. Although AA may continue 
    be updated and upgraded in the future, do not expect this guide to be notably 
    revised to include new or modified training missions. More or less, I've 
    finished with this guide and will not be returning to it except for similarly 
    minor updates. Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    - Coming Soon -
    This is most likely the final version of this guide (excluding minor updates).
    However, if significant content changes are made, they will most likely be in 
    these areas:
    -More detailed descriptions/explanations
    -Reader submitted strategies
    -More questions and answers for the FAQ
    -A variety of additional information (other stuff)
    - Credits -
    Thank you to all of these people/companies/websites:
    First and foremost, the brave men and women of the United States Military: 
    Those serving under the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, as well as the Coast
    Guard, National Guard and US Marshals. You have my utmost respect and gratitude
    for defending the United States of America and everything for which it stands. 
    Regardless of class, rank, or status, I know that each and every member of the 
    armed forces has contributed to the effort against the enemies of this country,
    both foreign and domestic, and for that, I thank you.
    The US Army and US Army Dev Team for putting support behind the creation of 
    America's Army.
    GameFAQs for hosting my guide, their wealth of information, boards, etc., and 
    their community reviews
    The other authors of GameFAQs' America's Army guides, for giving me 
    inspiration, good ideas, and letting me see what I was up against (friendly 
    STwomey, spambank, GamingHyena
    Gamespot for hosting my guide, their wealth of information, boards, etc. and 
    for their official and community reviews
    Michael Park, who pointed out a typo about the AM-M82's prerequisite, as well 
    suggested listing the command to flare one's parachute
    http://www.gamerstemple.com for hosting my guide
    http://www.supercheats.com for hosting my guide
    http://www.cheatchannel.com for hosting my guide 
    http://www.cheatbook.de for hosting my guide 
    http://dlh.net for hosting my guide
    You, the reader, for bothering to read through all this bloviation
    Without trying to be too arrogant, Myself, for writing this guide
    - Random Statistics -
    (of this guide)
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    - Other Works By The Author -
    You can view my contributions page at this site: 
    Currently, my works are as follows:
    Mafia (PC) - General FAQ/Walkthrough - 707kb - 
    The Godfather (PC) - Execution Styles Guide - 352kb -
    America's Army (PC) - Training Guide - 107kb - 
    Deus Ex (PC) - Review - 11kb - 
    - Closing Statement -
    Thanks for reading my guide. I hope it was as fun and informative for you as 
    it was for me. Regardless of what you learned or found, I'm pleased that you 
    took the time to take a look at my guide. Maybe you learned something. Maybe 
    you didn't. All I was trying to do while writing this, was get a half-decent 
    guide out there that would help someone else enjoy this game as much as I 
    Until next time,
    Copyright (C) 2006-2008 by Harold Palms

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