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"Making Movies has never been easier!"

The movies is a tycoon game from “Lion Head Studios”. The basic Idea of the game is to run a movie studio and become the most successful movie maker around. I reckon any tycoon fan would enjoy this game. After you finish reading this review I recommend you go buy this game and play it immediately as it is just too good to be ignored.

Now lets move on to the gameplay. This game is very fun to play, but I guess it depends on the persons tastes. If you're into games like “The Sims” or “Rollercoaster Tycoon” then you'll love the movies. The game is actually pretty hard and takes a while to learn the basic things you need to know to play the game. Don't let this put you off though. The tutorial mode will guide you through everything that's needed. The control is similar to RCT or The Sims with a basic left and right mouse button technique and a use of the arrow keys to control the camera. If you play RCT or The Sims a lot, you're fingers will feel right at home while playing The Movies.

Let me take you through the story and basic object of the game. The year is 1920 (or something like that) and only a few (5) movie studios are around. People still aren't convinced that these so called “Movies” will last and the industry isn't exactly thriving. Your goal is to become the most popular studio around by creating movies and hiring stars.

The procedure of making movies goes as follows. First you make you hired script writers write a script (this will take some time), or alternatively make your own script using the “Advanced Movie Maker” tool. The script is then sent to the casting office where you assign the lead and supporting roles, director, movie crew and extras before shooting the movie with the sets you have bought and releasing it to the public.

The graphics in the game are average at best. They look blocky when editing up close, but when looking at them from afar they seem quite sharp character models. The scenery is also average.

The sound in this game is ok. There is a radio guy speaking and making announcements during the game. His hatred of movies will really tick you off. Luckily he can be disabled. The tutorial voice is droopy and boring, but it only lasts for the first few minutes. Apart from that all other dialog is gibberish. You can add dialog to the movies you make easily using a USB microphone and your mouth. The music in this game is cheerful yet repetitive and after a few hours of playing you'll want to turn it off.

This game doesn't get boring at all it is playable for as long as you wish and since it is just plain fun, the replayability is unlimited.

I'd recommend this game to any tycoon fan and even if you're not a fan, The Movies is still a game to check out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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