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"Ready... Action!"

The Movies, as you may have guessed, is a game about movies. More specifically, it is a game about making movies, from planning to shooting to reviews. Here's the review.
GRAPHICS: (8) The graphics are pretty standard for a tycoon game, but the real value is the ability to zoom in on the action, almost to ground level. This provides the sense of being there. There are no huge fire effects anywhere, which is predictable, but everything else is really worth it. The people get a white aura around them when you move over them that really looks cartoony, which is sort of what this game looks like, a cartoon with a few realistic twists put in here and there.

SOUND: (8) The sound is also pretty standard, from the ingame "elevator" music to the ingame blurb (think simlish) and the occasional voiceover. They're well done but just as well as any other game out there on the market.

GAMEPLAY: (9) The game is make up of two distinct game types: tycoon and movie making. They both work well, but the problem is they don't work together.
There is a noticible change in the flow when you, say, make your own movie from managing your empire. As you go along you can research new sets, costumes, and technology, but it all is standard for a tycoon or RTS.

TYCOON: (7) The game works WELL but the problem is this: IT IS INCREDIBLY STANDARD. There are very few surprises; build, research, make a movie, build, research, make a movie, wash, rinse, repeat. Another problem is your stars. They are incredibly needy and require so much baby sitting that it becomes annoying, to the point of just keeping them in the bar to keep them happy. Your buildings easily come into disrepair and constantly have to be tended to.

MOVIE MAKING: (10) The movie making works really well. There are close to 1000 scenes to choose from that work together well. You can add custom music, sound effects, and yes, even voiceovers! Every imaginible thing that could happen to a movie is doable in this game.

PREFORMANCE: (7) The game works well on my comp (1.25g ram and radeon 9550) but on the minimum, the game lags BAD. The minimum should almost be higher.

ONLINE COMMUNITY: (NA) I didn't rate this because it changes day by day. The internet works really well and is easy to set up. Most movies on the website are really well made and there are competitions on the website that are a blast. You can earn points by uploading videos and buy new sets and other items with them. It works really well and adds replay value.

OVERALL: (8) This game is a must-own for any RTS or tycoon fan that has a PC.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/20/06

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