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"This game is better than most peoples voice acting."

I got The Movies after hearing about it in a magazine and a week after I bought it another game I wanted came out. I regretted buying it and placed it on the shelf for months. I recently found it, made a few movies with a friend, and liked it a lot.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are above average and are by no means bad, but they just are not astonishing. The faces look more than slightly realistic and the buildings look as they should. My only complaints are the hair and the effects while filming a movie.

Sound: 9/10
The sound effects such as those produced when you build something or move it are great and really add to the experience. The music never gets old even though it repeats about 4 songs. Again my only complaints are the sound effects while filming they sound unrealistic and flat.

Game play: 9.5/10
The management part of the game is quite enjoyable and is most of what keeps you playing in between movies. It is most fun when playing with someone else as then you can brainstorm and make better movies, plus you have more variety in your voice acting. Speaking of the voice acting, I would like to say that everyone I know who has played the game has never done decent voice acting.

On the movie making side you can choose from a number of sets, each most suited for a specific genre, with each having scenes, which you can use. Most scenes are editable such as changing the mood of two arguing people and changing the reaction to a marriage proposal. This adds some variety. My qualms here are that that the number of scenes are sort of low and that I can never find the one I need to make that perfect movie. Plus when you start the game you cannot automatically make a movie you have to start a game and even if you do sandbox with a lot already built you may not have the right sets or actors. Actually starting to make a movie as you envisioned it takes at least 10 minutes if not more.

Replay Value: 10/10
The voice recording in the game can provide endless laughs the “The Movies Online” service lets you see other peoples works and if they are popular look what made them so great and improve your own films. You can even put your own films. The replay value here is awesome to the max and I don't ever think I'll be deleting this one.

Overall: 9/10
Despite its flaws The Movies is a great game that may keep you up for hours at night trying to make the most emotional romance or the most hilarious comedy you can. The graphics are forgivable, sound is for the most part great, the game play is fun and the movie maker is well done, and the game has almost endless replay value. A job well done by Lionhead I believe.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/13/07

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