Review by ultimatenatonst

Reviewed: 08/19/07

Awesome Game!

I am a big fan of simulation games, and when the movies came out I got it straight away, and it was amazing. I never new movie making could be so great and interresting! well, here is my review:

Gameplay -

The Movies. You begin with a large plot of land, next to a road, you automatically start in the 1920's and you then build various buildings/sets to create your own movies, or you can get scriptwriters to write a script and use there movies! You get to change the actors names and appearance, and when they get a bit old looking, you can give them plastic surgery. The same can be done with directors. Watch as your ratings and money increases, and see if you can get awards at the award cerramony! As the years go on, the better technology gets, and soon enough you go from early black & white movies, to full colour motion pictures.

Graphics -

Set the graphics setting to best, and they look awesome for a simulation game, the actors, directors, extras, random people look great. The buildings look amazing. The Terrain Looks good, The various plants and ornaments are good, and the movies and effects are awesome! So overall great graphics!

Sound/Music -

Music & Sound, There is lots of it in this game! There is a Radio station playing throughout the whole game. The Radio host changes at various points, and real world events get announced, eg. WW1 WW2. There is also lots of sound. From the director yelling " Action" & " Cut" to the sound of cars driving past, the sound is great!

So Overall its a great game. If you like Simulation games, I suggest getting it, it lasts for days! I once played this game all night, it really is addictive, and it is fun creating movies, editing them, releasing them, getting reviews, and then watching the money come flooding in!

The Moves - 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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