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"Still find myself coming back to this game"

I had first read about the movies in a preview from EGM I believe, and since then this game has been part of my gaming life. It came out to some disappointment like many Lionhead games due to all of Peter's too good to be true promises that he has a tendency to make. Nonetheless I still bought the game and every few months or so I come back to it for its addicting fun.

Graphics- The first thing you notice about the game are the graphics, which although nothing special, even for the time, have aged well. Everything is smooth and the movies you make look great with the different time period effects. Character animations are top of the line and look very fluid and lifelike, adding in some realism to an otherwise silly game.

Interface- The menus are simple enough to navigate and there are no real issues here. Solid all around. Plenty of charts to help you manage your finances, star moods, and movie info. One neat thing with movie reviews is that The Hollywood Reporter has given its name to the game, adding in some realism to the reviews.

Sound- The sound for this game is really nice, with the background music being pleasant and unobtrusive. The radio DJs add a nice bit of period ambiance that break up the monotony. On extended plays, however, the music might begin to feel like it is droning on and on, which can become annoying.

Gameplay- Obviously the gameplay is the main offering of the Movies, and once you get into it offer addictive fun. You run a movie studio from the opening of it, producing movies, hiring directors, actors and actresses, extras, and other staff essential to the running of a movie studio. Managing your finances while building new sets and studio buildings is a fun challenge, and creating the movies can be a great personal triumph once you unlock the custom script office. There are a few other tasks needed to be done, like managing your stars wants and needs (which at times can be extremely frustrating), and competing for awards. While producing a movie you must keep some things in mind, like how often the set or sets have been used lately, what genres are currently popular, star power, and star experience. You can write a wonderful script but have the movie pulled down and make less with bad choices. After a while though, the difficulty seems to go away when you know how to make good movie after good movie.

Now that we are removed from the initial hype, I can say that, while flawed in some aspects, The Movies can be a fun time waster that will keep you coming back for more and more.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/10/12

Game Release: The Movies (US, 11/08/05)

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