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"I seemingly simple game made a bit to complicated."

The movies is one of those games you pick up, immediately think what it is and get something totally different. Is this bad? Not really but it has some bad qualities.

Story: Its 1920 you are the head of a new movie studio. You have 400k in your pocket and a big empty lot. Oh, and 4 rival movie companies to contend with. You need to build your lot, get your crew, stars and buildings together and slowly word your way to the top. A classic story of the underdog, since all the other companies have much more money and prestige. This is a great element of the game And I have no problems with the story. But, with nothing extra to add I won't get a 10. but its close.
Final score: 9/10

Gameplay: Here is where the bad manifests its ugly head. You start with 400K. in about 20 years in the game you will have 1,000,000. AT THE START OF THE GAME ALL RIVAL COMPANIES HAVE AROUND 700K TO 1,000,000 DOLLARS!!!!!! They all have better stars, movies and lots. No matter how hard you try for the first 20-30 years you will be in last place. and, when new companies come around you will fall to 6th and 7th. Well anyway, most of the rest of the gamplay is good. actors are fun to have around. you pay them, and as the act or direct more, the become better at what they do. And as they get more famous the want more money, servants and better movies to act in. pretty basic. For the movies themselves, they are cool. You start off black and white with wound cameras. as time goes on you get better and better technology, sets and costumes. Now you have 2 ways of writing scripts. Auto and manual. Auto is when you hire script writers, pick a genre, and they write for you. you just cast and shoot. simple and effective. Manual is a bit diffrent. you must control EVERY ASPECT OF THE MOVIE!!!! It is very tedious, difficult and pointless, unless you want to show your movie online. Otherwise manual is a wast of time. trust me. It is a shame but the gameplay is a bit choppy. I wish it was better but it isnt. So It gets a bad score.
Score: 4/10

Sound: There are 2 ways to go. first you can add your own music and then it gets a ten since its your music. If you stick with the original sound track, it is still great. basic stuff here folks, think The Sims buy mode here. the voices, effects andmusic are top notch, crisp and clear,easy to here and distinguished. Good voices, nice effects, Good score.
Score: 8/10

Graphics: Not much to say here. The Sms 2 with some fine tuning. and in a different internet review I did I gave the Sims 2 graphics a 7. So I give this an 8.5 I wont go into much detail since its not necessary. Just check out the screenshots from gamespot.
Score: 8.5

Extras: Ok this is for all the little quirks this game has.
-A sandbox mode
-Your actors can become stressed out and develop drink and food addictions from over eating or drinking.
-There is a rehab.
-Anybody can do anything. Janitors can act, actors can clean, Extras can direct while the director is repairing the set. You decide.
-The odd messages you get when your actors are going to the bathroom. I wont list them. just hover over their portrait when they are in the bathroom.
-Acadamy awards
-Rival companys

-Rival companys so uber they cant be over taken
-Rival actors that cant be overtaken
-whiny actors
-Low capital(money rating)
-overall frustration
P.S no Im not whining and im not bad at the game. I beat the game in first with ultima actors and movies. IN THE BEGINNING you cant overtake anybody AND new companys easily overtake you. It is very discouraging

Good story
Bad gameplay
Some cool quirks, good and bad
Sound, graphics and everything else good

Buy or Rent?

I say shell out the 50 bucks play this until your bored and shelf it until you feel like making a movie for old times sake. Its a good game so buy it.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/02/06

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