Review by tribemaker

Reviewed: 01/05/06

An outstanding game, barely held back

The Movies is a game where the title says it all. It is a micromanagement game where you make money by making movies. Now that does sound shallow, but it isn't even from the point when you first put the game in. You are sucked in a world where stars want a raise to go with a new trailer, where you are worried your horror movie won't be done before the war comes and people will lose interest in horror movies, where you hope that the stressed actor wont need to be sent to the bar to cool down before. Still sound boring? I thought not.


How can I put how great this is in words? I'll try. It is outstanding in almost every way. At the start you are worried about getting your studio up and running. Getting a half experienced actor to star in a movie so it looks like he knows what he's doing to the audience. As time rolls by and your actors get better you'll have to worry about many even deeper aspects. About how people are tired of the same sets and actors in every movie, how stars drive up the charts, so they want a bigger trailor, a raise in salary, and an entourage to assist them. It is as deep as it sounds. the movie making process is as follows: First, you have writers write a script or make one yourself. The custom script writing is limited and hard to connect scenes,which is why this has A 9, then you cast it, choosing a director, actor or actors for the lead role, extras for those parts in a movie that aren't important enough for an actor, and a crew to operate te equipment. Then you shoot the movie, taking time according to how many scenes, how many different sets on that movie=walk, you get it. Then you release it, then you get a summary on how well your actors and crew did, and reviews on it. Then you watch the money roll in until it gets old and people stop watching it. In summary, deep deep deep.


Good, detailed, but not that special. The reason it got this good is that when you zoom, you get amazing detail of everything as it all gets close and you feel like you are there walking with everyone going about your business.


Excellent sound. You are listening to a radio station that plays music that changes over the years and a DJ who changes as years fly too and gives you the news and just says things that are funny or authentic to a real radio DJ in between songs janter. The only problem is, the actors speak in a gibberish that is similar to what people speak on The Sims, if you are familiar.


Perfect, even deleting buildings is easy and fun when you know how to do it. What more can I say?


Awesome game, the flaws you can get past and the game is worth buying the newer PC required to play it just to get the chance of a lifetime that is only rewarded to you by playing it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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