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"The power, the power!"

I got this game at my local Gamestop thinking "Teh schweet! I gots Teh Movies!" So I skipped merrily downtown back to my house and installed my new bad boy. I was surprised to learn it took three disks to install. I knew this was a winner. But, being the mobile person I am, I installed this on one of my three laptops and it took FOREVER! After it installed, I was excited that it took so long; I knew it meant this was a greatly detailed game.

So I started her (yes, video and computer games have genders.) up and started a new game. It didn't take long before I realized that the details were beyond my wildest dreams. They had everything from the actors wrinkles to erm.. their "chest" size. Which brings me to the gameplay. The gameplay is incredibly addictive, yet a tad repetitive, but that can be forgiven by the enormity of options. The tutorial for this game is incredibly helpful although the voice is annoying. I turned it off after the second day, it was that easy to pick up! At first, I thought you didn't actually make the movies, just tell other people to make 'em. Boy was I wrong! There are honestly thousands of movies you could make by your self and add sound effects and your own recorded voice, then share them online! Sweet! You can make movies from five different genres; Horror, Action, Romance, Comedy, and Sci-Fi. And depending on when you are and what's happening in the world at the time, different genres sell better or worse at the box office. You see, you start your new film company in 1920, just as movies were starting their early "no sound" era. As time goes by, different events happen (which are accurate with real history) such as people making the very first flight around the earth improved the ratings for my sci-fi and action movies. Also, when the 1930s depression kicked in, I was encouraged to make romance and comedy movies to get the masses mind of the hard times. It is a difficult order that you MUST keep in mind for success at the award presentations.

But, as with all games, there are a few flaws. Sigh, I know, they are no fun, but we all have to live with them! One of the flaws is that as you get a bunch of stars and actors, their needs become insanely hard to keep up with. Not a huge problem, but it still does deserve to be on this list. The final and biggest problem is that this game is HUGE. If you want to play this game with out any lag or slowdown, you will need a NASA supercomputer and the blood a virgin. When you first start out playing it, it doesn't seem so bad, but as you make a bunch of movies and when you fill up your lot with sets and decorations (which are required) the slow down becomes awful and you will be dealing with that 40% of your game time. That is what knocks it down 3 places.

If you were to come up to me and ask "So should I buy The Movies or not?" I would first ask "Ahhh!!! Who are you!?!?" Then I would laugh and remember that this is a hypothetical question and tell you "Yes, go out and buy this game!"

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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