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    Boss FAQ by MMonet

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    Super Contra Boss Walkthrough
    By Monica Monet
    Version 1.0, Feb 07, 2001
    Nothing ruins a vacation like an alien armada showing up and 
    subjugating the Earth.  And nobody knows that better than our friends, 
    those Stallone/ Shwartzeneggar love children; Mad Dog and S-   No 
    sooner had they driven back the mutant hordes of Red Falcoln and 
    settled back for some R&R, than who should be creeping around Earth's 
    backdoor, but Red Falcon's second in command, Jaggar Freud.  And boy 
    does he have a score to settle with the human race!
    I fondly recall being a little girl and running around the house 
    doing a victory dance after performing open heart-surgery on Red Falcon 
    in the original Contra, many moons ago.  My Mom thought  I needed 
    Ritalin, but she didn't know what it was like to fight tooth and nail 
    through jungles and battlestations, struggling against the odds to save 
    the planet!  
    I wasn't aware there was a NES sequel until a month ago when I 
    found a copy of Super C at the local thrift store.  I was even more 
    shocked to discover it was EVEN BETTER than the original!  I can't 
    recall another NES game that controls as well as Super C.  With two 
    buttons and a directional pad you can make Keanu Reeves acrobatics in 
    the Matrix looks like a drunken stupor.  Dodging bullets is possible 
    AND fun!  The graphics are impressive as well, with bosses that are 
    huge and intimidating (Although never really all that hard compared to 
    the levels that precede them.)  The sound...well, that's the game's 
    only fault, and not all that much of a problem since you'll be too busy 
    trying to stay alive to notice. Some screams of pain and death rattles 
    from the enemy would have been a nice touch, though.  And I really 
    loved the opening music from the first game, but it's silence at the 
    start screen here.  Bummer.
    Basic Gun-  This is the gun you start with, and altogether not a bad 
    R-Rapid Fire- This speeds up your repeat rate a wee bit.  You'll barely 
    notice the difference though.
    M-Machine Gun Grrrrrrr....absolutely badasses!  The Machine gun is 
    power!  It's the second best weapon in the game, firing an endless 
    stream of rounds and making short work of just about anything.
    F-Flame-thrower- More like fireballs, this isn't a bad gun.  The power 
    is low, but it does have a nice spread, as the one huge fireball 
    explodes in 4 directions when it hits something.  Another bonus is that 
    you can fire it into solid ceilings and floors and hit enemies above 
    and below you.
    L-Laser- <Cough>  um...you'd be better off fighting the alien legions 
    with a badminton set.  This gun fires a fuzzy stream of...energy?  
    pocket lint?...something.  The laser in Contra 1 was a kick ass widow 
    maker.  The only benefit to its drooling idiot cousin is that it hits 
    an enemy and keeps going, continuing to hit critters as it goes.  
    However, its such a thin stream that aiming it is difficult, and rapid 
    firing reduces its range.  Stick with your basic gun if you see this 
    S-Spread Gun-  Conan, What is good in life?  "To crush your enemies and 
    see them driven before you."  That's the spread gun.  The weapon to end 
    all weapons.  If it was real, NATO would have rules against it.  The 
    spread gun turns you into a running, jumping windmill of death.  Firing 
    in 5 directions like a fan, it's powerful, and inflicts max damage with 
    max coverage.  Thankfully this gun is plentiful throughout the game.
    Neutron Bomb-The Unmarked Eagle will destroy every enemy on the screen, 
    bullets included.
    Invincibility-  The flashing eagle will give you invincibility for a 
    short time, but I've only seen this at one point in the game, and it's 
    basically used as a trick to make you rush ahead and fall in some pits.
    Strategy.  Get the spread gun.  Keep the spread gun.  Don't die.  Easy, 
    huh?  Seriously, the biggest key to mastering this game is simply to 
    learn the levels.  When you know  what to expect, what gun to use and 
    when to get in position to use it, you will become all but  invincible.  
    The biggest threat to you will almost always be the red soldiers, the 
    snipers.  They will show up and fire a bullet at you at all the worst 
    times forcing you to panic and zig when you want to zag...usually right 
    into a bullet.  After a while, losing a life and the gun you've worked 
    so hard to keep is worse than losing ten lives.
    Start the game by pushing Up Down Left Right B A start at the title 
    screen.  This will net you 10 lives which you will most definitely 
    need!  This game is a walk in the park.  Central park at 2 AM, naked.  
    Level 1- Cityscape
    Boss- Helicopter
    	If you managed to keep your callused hands on that spread gun, 
    then you're in for a cake walk.  If not, it's still not much trouble, 
    but you'll have to work a little longer.  As soon as the boss music 
    starts, run to the left, face right, and start jumping and firing  
    straight up.  As the whirlybird enters the screen you'll be firing on 
    it's 4 gun turrets.  Occasionally you may have to drop the gun low and 
    take out a soldier that comes running at you from the right.  But with 
    some luck you can destroy the turrets before they fire a shot.  Next a 
    gaping hole will open in the helicopter.  Jump up and continually 
    unload your weapon into it.  If the helicopter makes it to the right 
    side of the screen, jump into the trench and fire straight up to take 
    out the soldiers who jump out the back.  As soon as they stop running 
    out, go back to hitting the core of the ship.  Shortly, all that'll be 
    left is a nice big fire ball.  
    Level 2- Military Complex
    Boss- Tank
    	This is a tough boss, no matter what gun you have.  There are two 
    snipers and a turret, and they're all firing at you with limited space 
    to run.  If you have the spread gun, it'll help a lot.  But no matter 
    what you're using, the key is to dodge and concentrate your fire.  Take 
    out the bad guys one at a time, first the left then the right, leaving 
    just the guy at the turret in the center.  It's a lot easier to hit him 
    when you're not dodging three sets of bullet trained right on your 
    noggin.  Soon thereafter you can watch it go boom and smile.
    Level 3- In the Jungle
    Boss- Robot Wall
    	The ground rumbles, the earth shakes, and up from the rubble 
    rises... a big wall with an eye.  Yeah, it looks like HAL, and it's got 
    the same love of humanity.  This is a tough boss. It's got 4 homing 
    turrets that revolve around the center eye, the vulnerable point. The 
    key to this boss is not to panic.  If you stand just below and to the 
    left of the eye and continually fire up you'll avoid most of the fire.  
    HOWEVER, a lot of bullets will come close- damn close- and scare you 
    into jumping...right into another bullet.  This is one smart boss, and 
    its weapons will work together to kill you.  Work on destroying the 
    turrets so you can toast the eye with impunity.  The spread gun is 
    best, as usual, although the machine gun works great here too.  Even 
    the laser can be useful, since your targets are large and easy to hit.
    Level 4- Alien Hangar
    Boss- Laser Chandelier 
    	This is a well designed boss!  Hanging from the ceiling, this 
    robot moves back and forth across the screen, whilst the 8 vertical 
    lasers fire down at you in sequence from right to left, then left to 
    right.  Each individual laser must be destroyed to defeat this beast.  
    As soon as you arrive, run to the right side and fire into the right 
    most laser, jumping straight up to maximize impact.  Don't hang around 
    too long, as the first laser will fire pretty quick.  As soon as it 
    fires, continue working on it, then move on to the next in sequence.  
    After the lasers complete a rotation, run to the opposite side of the 
    screen and begin working there, otherwise the weapon will corner you.  
    Repeat this until the robot is just a big fireball.  
    Level 5- Mountain
    Boss- Skull Ship
    	Okay, welcome to Hell.  This is the hardest boss in the game.  No 
    matter what gun you have, your hardened vet is in for a battle.  The 
    ship floats in, looking like an HR Geiger UFO.  The glowing orb at the 
    center is its vulnerable spot, but you'll have to worry about the pods 
    on either side that release crawling, ankle-biting skulls and the 
    cannon on the bottom that fires homing spike balls. Fun!  The Spread 
    Gun or Flame thrower will make life easier, taking out some of the 
    small creatures and hitting the epicenter.  However, the only real 
    strategy is to continually jump and fire into its gut to maximize 
    damage and hits.  By jumping and occasionally clearing the ground of 
    pests, you might make it through without a scratch.  
    Level 6- Bug Hunt
    Boss- Xenomorph 1 & 2
    	Two bosses?  Oh, great googlimooglie!  Don't worry, though, 
    despite this hellish level, these guys are pussycats.  The first form 
    consists of four alien heads at the top-center of the screen and a 
    couple of homing-spike shooters at the top corners.  Stick to the 
    bottom center and let the spikes wander into your line of fire, then 
    immediately run up and unload into the alien face.  Stay to the center, 
    and the bullets from the face won't touch you.  When you see the homing 
    spikes reform, head back to the bottom and let them wander into their 
    doom again.  Repeat.  It should only take 2 or three cycles to waste 
    Xeno 1.  
    	Xeno 2 is even easier.  One huge head crawls out of the center 
    and shoots large fireballs at you.  These can be shot and destroyed, so 
    just stick to the center of the screen and unload.  Occasionally an 
    alien worm will wander out and snake around you, but just ignore it, it 
    won't actually attack.  The only problem it presents is that it can 
    prevent you from hitting the fireballs.  Move out of the way of the 
    fire if you must, then go back to blasting the head once the worm is 
    out of your line of fire.  You'll be done before you see the worm a 
    third time.  Yawn.  Somebody bring me my bunny slippers...
    Level 7- Alien Underground
    Boss- Jaggar Freud 
    	This is a moderately tough boss.  Jaggar is a huge skeleton with 
    horns.  The horns are at the left and right tops of the screen and drip 
    venomous blood, which takes on a life of its own on the ground and 
    races after you.  His gut will fire huge fireballs right at you.  First 
    blast the horns until they stop dripping their mutant slime, pausing to 
    shoot the fireballs and avoid the slime from the opposite horn.  Next 
    blow his gut away by standing in the center and shooting up.  Once his 
    gut his gone, Mr. Skull Head will start to shoot three homing spikes at 
    you, spread gun style.  Stay in the center shooting up.  You'll 
    instantly destroy the center spike, and then just jump over the other 
    two as they pass.  He'll go down soon quickly.  You can pretty much 
    beat him with any gun, although the Flame thrower is very effective.  
    Level 8 Final
    Boss- Red Falcon Revisited
    	You'd think a major badass like Red Falcon would be moderately 
    difficult.  You'd think he'd at least try!  I mean, his heart put up 
    more of a fight in Contra 1!  Sigh. Well, even if you arrive here with 
    one life, have no fear.  Run to the far left whilst RF rises from the 
    ground.  The rocks that are being thrown about will kill you.  As soon 
    as he settles, run right up to his feet...or whatever they are... and 
    unload diagonal-right.  Little critters will fall from the ceiling and 
    you MIGHT have to shoot up at one occasionally.  RF will spit lasers at 
    you, but they'll pass harmlessly overhead, so just ignore them.  He'll 
    be gone in about 20 seconds.  Mmmm.  That was a nice nap!  
    Sit back and relax, you're now treated to credits and a nice view of 
    your bastard friend in the helicopter flying you off into the sunset.  
    It's even got multiple scrolling backgrounds!  Only the best for a 
    seasoned warrior like yourself!

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