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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CMoriarty

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            ##!!#                    Before the days of Simon...
            ##!####     ...Trevor held the family whip...
       ##!!!#   #!!!#         ...and took on Dracula in the name of the Belmonts...
       ##!!!#   #!!!#
       ##!!!#   #!!!#                                                 ##
       ##!!!#   #!!!#          ##    ##                              #!!#
       ##!!!#    ####   ##### #!!# ##!#  ###  ##    ## #####  ## ##  #### #####
       ##!!!#  ##!!!## #!!!!##!!!!##!!###!!!##!!# ##!!#!!!!## ###!!# #!!##!!!!##
       ##!!!#  #!!##!##!!##!!##!!###!!##!!##!##!# #!!##!!##!##!!!#!!##!!##!!##!#
       ##!!!#   ####!##!!######!!# #!!##!###!##!# #!!# ####!##!!##!!##!!# ####!#
       ##!!!#  #!!!#!# ##!!## #!!# #!!##!!!!!##!!#!!# #!!!#!##!!##!!##!!##!!!#!#
       ##!!!# ##!!##!# ####!!##!!# #!!##!#### ##!#!!# #!!##!##!!##!!##!!##!!##!#
       ##!!!# ##!!##!##!!###!##!!# #!!##!!##!###!#!## #!!##!##!!##!!##!!##!!##!#
       ##!!!#  #!!!!!###!!!!!###!!##!!###!!!## #!!!#  #!!!!!##!!##!!##!!##!!!!!#
       ##!!!#   ######  #####  ########  ###   #####   ###### ###### #### ######
       ##!!!#    ####
       ##!!!#   #!!!#  o#@@*#@#*@@#o
       ##!!!#   #!!!#    %@  @  @%      |~~\ |~~\  /\  /~~|   ||    /\  //~~\
       ##!!!#   #!!!#    %@  @  @%      |   ||__/ /__\|   |   ||   /__\  `--.
        ###!!####!!!#    %@  @  @%      |__/ |  \/    \\__ \_/ |__/    \ \__/
         #####!!###      %@  @  @%
             #!#         %@  @  @%              /~~|   ||~~\/~~\|~~
            ##!!#        %@  @  @%             |   |   ||__/`--.|--
             #!#         %@  @  @%              \__ \_/ |  \\__/|__
             ###         %@  @  @%
              #        O###########O
                 A Comprehensive FAQ/Walkthrough for the NES Smash Hit
                                                    | By Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty)
                                                    | E-Mail:   cmoriarty311@cs.com
                                                    | Date:         August 08, 2002
                                                    | Version:                FINAL
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    I.)........... | Legal Disclaimer
    II.).......... | Versions of the Guide
    III.)......... | Introduction
    IV.).......... | Storyline/Plot
    V.)........... | Characters
    VI.).......... | Controls
    VII.)......... | Game Physics and Mechanics (Battles and Movement, et cetera)
    VIII.)........ | WALKTHROUGH
    IX.).......... | Game Ending (SPOILERS!)
    X.)........... | Your Aresenal
    XI.).......... | Enemies
    XII.)......... | Bosses
    XIII.)........ | Secrets
    XIV.)......... | General FAQ
    XV.).......... | In Closing
    XVI.)......... | About the Author
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    ------------------S E C T I O N   T W O   -   V E R S I O N S------------------
    This version of the guide currently the last and final version of this FAQ, 
    aptly named VERSION FINAL!
    Version Information:
    Version: FINAL
    Date: August 08, 2002
    Percent Complete: 100%
    Version Entails: Everything is complete. Hence, I've made this the FINAL 
    version of this FAQ!
    Version: 0.1
    Date: August 06, 2002
    Percent Complete: 40%
    Version Entails: Everything up to and past the Pirate Ship stage... no enemy 
    appendix yet.
    ------------S E C T I O N   T H R E E   -   I N T R O D U C T I O N------------
    In the history of videogames, there are few series one can mention that are 
    more famous than the Castlevania series. Much like the Mario series, the Mega 
    Man series and the Dragon Warrior series, the Castlevania series is often 
    considered an "epic" series of awesome games, by the most casual gamers, and 
    the most hardcore. Castlevania III is the third Castlevania game on the NES, 
    and the final one as well. 
    Released in 1990, Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse takes place approximately 
    100 years before Castlevania and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, which took 
    place within two years of each other, according to Castlevania timelines. In 
    both Castlevania and Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, you, as the player, played 
    as Simon Belmont, a member of the proud Belmont family lineage of vampire 
    hunters. Twice Simon defeated Dracula, and one hundred years of peace and 
    prosperity ruled the surrounding lands. However, after a century, Dracula's 
    castle mysteriously returns, directly outside of the Belmont hometown, 
    Warakiya. Simon's descendant, Trevor, now holds the famous Vampire Slayer (the 
    whip of the Belmonts), and it's his job to do away with Dracula, and not only 
    save his hometown of Warakiya, but Transylvania as a whole.
    Along your quest, you'll come along three companions, which you can take with 
    you or leave behind. Each has a special ability and prowess, et cetera, which 
    you may find useful in your journey. Then again, maybe you won't...
    In anycase, welcome, one and all, to my walkthrough for Castlevania III: 
    Dracula's Curse, on the NES Nintendo Entertainment System. This FAQ/Walkthrough 
    will be quite helpful on your quest in defeating Castlevania III: Dracula's 
    Curse. I guarantee you that it's the most complete and comprehensive resource 
    on Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse that you'll find anywhere on the Internet, 
    period. For that matter, anywhere, really. In anycase... enjoy.
    -Colin Moriarty (cmoriarty311@cs.com)
    -----------S E C T I O N   F O U R   -   S T O R Y L I N E / P L O T-----------
    This short part of the FAQ/Walkthrough is the storyline of the FAQ. I explained 
    quite a bit of it in the introduction, so I've simply dedicated this section of 
    the FAQ to the storyline as seen in the instruction manual that came with the 
    game. So the following "storyline" is copyrighted (c) 1990 to Konami, all 
    rights reserved. These are their words, NOT MINE!
    --Begin Story--
    It's a cursed world we live in (thanks to Drac!)
    The time is 100 years before Simon Belmont's birth. The moon burns red overhead 
    and black clouds loom large on the horizon. All is still and quiet. Only the 
    call of a distant crow stirs the cold night air. Suddenly, thunder roars out of 
    the Morbid Mountains and into the village of Warakiya. Like the yell of an 
    angry giant, the terrible sound shakes homes and shops as if they were sapling 
    But no one blinks an eye. The village is dead calm. For all the people have
    fled after receiving warnings from the Great Beyond that Count Dracula has
    assembled a mighty army of evil, and they're poised to march up from the 
    Valley of Graveyards to bury mankind in a Tomb of Terror. Unfortunately, 
    there's no corner on Earth that won't be gobbled up by this bloodthirsty 
    legion of Swamp Dragons, Slasher Skeletons and Forces of the Undead.
    The last line of defense is you, Trevor Belmont - the forefather of Simon
    Belmont and the origin of the Belmont Warlord Chromosomes. But your chances 
    are slimmer than Jim. In fact, the only real edge you have over this fang
    sharpened freak is your power to transform into three different partner
    spirits: Grant DaNasty, the ferocious Ghost Pirate. Sypha, the Mystic Warlord.
    And Alucard, Dracula's forgotten son. Each of these spirits will confront you
    as you fight through 17 possible levels of never-ending fright, including the 
    Haunted Ship of Fools, the Clock Tower of Untimely Death and Curse Castle. You
    must also possess the strength to wield the mighty Battle Axe and Mystic Whip,
    which were given to you by the Poltergeist King.
    So go forth young Trevor into the cold black night, where death lurks around
    every corner and evil lingers on every stone. And remember, if your courage
    and cunning are any less than magnificent or if you fail to choose the correct
    Paths of Fate, you'll be banished to the world of the undead, and zombies will
    rule until the end of time.
    --End Story--
    Again, the "storyline" above is NOT MINE, nor is it IN MY WORDS! It's directly 
    from the instruction manual that came with Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, 
    and is copyrighted (c) 1990 to Konami.
    ---------------S E C T I O N   F I V E   -   C H A R A C T E R S---------------
    More so then in most NES games, the characters in Castlevania III: Dracula's 
    Curse are quite important. Why is this? Well, more so then any reason, the 
    characters in this game are important primarily because you have the option to 
    play as four of them. Yes, Dracula is an enemy, but he's also a boss. So look 
    for him in the boss section. Instead, consult this section of my 
    FAQ/Walkthrough for information on the four playable characters in the game - 
    Trevor, Grant, Sypha and Alucard.
    For those of you who noticed that I also have a Character FAQ for Castlevania 
    III: Dracula's Curse on GameFAQs, all of this information comes directly from 
    it. Call it laziness, but why write the character information over again when 
    it's already written in my Character FAQ? If the information here on the 
    characters isn't enough, please feel free to consult my Character FAQ, also 
    found on GameFAQs. If you clicked on this from GameFAQs, click back on your 
    browser and click on the Character FAQ by CMoriarty (that's me). If you saved 
    it to your PC or whatever and are no reading this, the following URL is where 
    it's located:
    And now... let me introduce the four characters. In each character's section, 
    you'll find information on the character, as well as a bio, strengths, 
    weaknesses, et cetera, for each. Enjoy.
    * * * * * *   * * * * * * *
    T R E V O R   B E L M O N T
    * * * * * *   * * * * * * *
    Trevor Belmont is the best overall character to use in the game, and is your 
    base character, meaning that you'll not only start every game with him, but 
    that you will also have him at your disposal for the entire length of the game, 
    regardless of which path you chose to take ultimately.
    As the earlier Belmont in the NES Castlevania series, Trevor's ancestors 
    spawned the mighty Simon Belmont, who battled valiantly in Castlevania and 
    Castlevania II: Simon's Quest. As was Simon's main weapon, Trevor's main weapon 
    is also the whip, which the Belmont family dubbed The Vampire Killer. The 
    strength of the Vampire Killer, as well as its length and reach, can be 
    upgraded twice from its base strength, by picking up whip upgrades littered 
    throughout the lands of Warakiya and within and around Dracula's evil castle. 
    Trevor, as does all of the clan of the Belmonts, can also use special weapons 
    galore, called Warakiya weapons in Castlevania III. The Dagger, Axe, Holy 
    Water, Stop Watch and Boomerang are all at Trevor's disposal. But let's take a 
    closer look.
    -NAME: Trevor Belmont
    -FROM: Warakiya Village
    -OCCUPATION: Vampire Hunter
    -PRIMARY WEAPON: Whip (The Vampire Killer)
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): Dagger, Axe, Holy Water, Stop Watch, Boomerang
    -STRENGTH: Best (1)
    -DEFENSE: Best (1)
    -JUMPING: Worst (4)
    -OVERALL: Best (1)
    Trevor is the character any normal Castlevania III player is going to want to 
    use for either a majority of the game or for the whole game. His strengths far 
    outweight his weaknesses, and he has the most range with his weapons, as well 
    as the most versatility. In addition, he can take the most damage from enemies, 
    making the other three characters in the game true novelty characters compared 
    to the ultimate and superior Trevor Belmont. Think long and hard before you 
    pass up using Trevor Belmont, especially if it's your first play through the 
    game. Leave the other characters for the experienced players, and those who 
    want a real challenge. If you're new to the game, or to the series, Trevor is 
    definitely your character of choice by far.
    + Most attack power
    + Best defense power
    + Most versatility in weaponry
    + Longest attack range
    - Hard to control Trevor midair
    - Weakest jump
    - Worst movement and mobility (slow)
    - Makes the other characters look so much weaker than they actually are
    For the regular ole Castlevania III player, who has no or little experience in 
    the game. When most people realize how strong Trevor is in comparison to the 
    other three characters in the game, they'll most likely sway towards using 
    Trevor. It's not that the other characters are necessarily weak, but that 
    Trevor is inherently strong, and with good reason. He's a Belmont. =)
    * * * * *   * * * * * * * 
    G R A N T   D A N A S T Y
    * * * * *   * * * * * * *
    Grant DaNasty (also known in some circles as Dynasty) is a mysterious 
    character. You first meet him in Dracula's clocktower, and fight him in a boss 
    battle, as an evil and possessed demon. When you slay him, finally, you find 
    out that he's only Grant DaNasty, a pirate/treasure hunter who was possessed by 
    Dracula and turned into an ugly, green monster when he was caught exploring the 
    Transylvanian region, and brought in to protect the clock tower.
    Naturally, it's your option to take Grant with you, and since he's always the 
    first character you come across (as you -have- to come to the clock tower to 
    proceed in the game), it's always in lue of you to take him with you. He's not 
    the strongest or most useful special character in the game, but some people 
    might prefer some of his special skills. He can only use his hand dagger, which 
    is weak and has little range, and the only special weapon he can use is the 
    throwing dagger. However, Grant's strength is in his incredible jumping 
    ability, as well as the fact that he has Ninja Gaiden-like abilities... he can 
    actually grip onto walls and ceilings, and SCALE them. There are some items in 
    the game that can only be gotten by Grant's special abilities, so keep that in 
    -NAME: Grant DaNasty
    -FROM: Unknown (speculation: pirate ship, port town)
    -OCCUPATION: Pirate/Treasure Hunter
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): Dagger (different from his primary weapon)
    -STRENGTH: Below Average (3)
    -DEFENSE: Below Average (3)
    -SPECIAL WEAPON USE: Below Average (3)
    -JUMPING: Best (1)
    -OVERALL: Average (2)
    All in all, Grant has his strengths and his weaknesses, but the run-of-the-mill 
    Castlevania III player is going to pick him up and then immidiately discard him 
    once he or she sees a "cooler" character, like Sypha or Alucard. Grant is worth 
    a try, and you should try him out to see if you really like him right after you 
    acquire him, in the Clock Tower. This is a place where you can try out and let 
    him show off his inherent skills more than anywhere in the game, and see if 
    he's really worth your time or not. More importantly, see if he matches your 
    playing style, because his control is loose... too loose for some.
    + Ability to grapple to walls and ceilings
    + Only player able to change directions of a jump while airborne
    + Farthest jumping ability
    + Fastest moving character/agile
    - Fairly weak offensively
    - Fairly weak defensively
    - Terrible attack range
    - Low weapon versatility
    Grant may seem kind of useless, and well, he kind of is. But if you're looking 
    for a good challenge, or the character Castlevania III players choose least to 
    play as, give Grant a try.  He's really not too bad-a character, and his 
    quickness, agility, jumping prowess, and ability to grapple has its advantages 
    for your trip throught Transylvania.
    * * * * *   * * * * * * * * *
    S Y P H A   B E L E N A D E S
    * * * * *   * * * * * * * * *
    To clear up ANY controversy, before I even start to write Sypha's section of 
    this FAQ, Sypha is NOT, and I repeat is NOT a woman. He is a man. Straight out 
    male, pure and simple. Not only does the game itself call him a man ("Take HIM 
    with you?") but the only evidence to back up the Sypha could be a woman is his 
    woman-like appearance. Fact of the matter is, Konami designed him as a man, and 
    a man he is. Now that I've gotten that out of my system. Oh, and although the 
    game does call him Syfa, it's a simple case of poor translation. Everyone 
    agrees that it's actually spelt Sypha.
    In anycase, Sypha was on his own quest to fight Dracula when he was caught by 
    one of Dracula's henchman, the Hammer Cyclops, and made into a statue. When 
    Trevor fights and defeats this Hammer Cyclops (if you choose to take a certain 
    path that is...), Sypha is freed and he offers to go with you on your quest. 
    While it's up to you if you want to take him with you or not, keep in mind 
    Sypha's entire game can be made or broken by what he has equipped. His staff is 
    more of a novelty item than a weapon... having him equipped with a magical 
    spell and plenty of hearts at all times is most certainly a must. He can't 
    throw himself around in a physical battle like the other three characters in 
    the game can.
    -NAME: Sypha Belnades
    -FROM: Unknown (speculation: the netherworld)
    -OCCUPATION: Magician
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): Magic Spells: Fire, Ice, Lightning
    -STRENGTH: Worst (4)
    -DEFENSE: Worst (4)
    -SPECIAL WEAPON USE: Average (2)
    -MOBILITY AND MOVEMENT: Below Average (3)
    -JUMPING: Average (2)
    -OVERALL: Worst (4)
    From the stats above, it seems Sypha is the worst overall character... and 
    there's no denying or avoiding that he truly is. His weakness really does lie 
    in the fact that he is a sitting duck if you don't have a magic spell equipped 
    on him. Without one, you'll be using his wooden staff to be fending off 
    Dracula's minions. But don't sleep on my man Sypha... he's still got his 
    advantages, including UBER strong spells, and some average movement and jumping 
    + Powerful spells
    - Very weak offensively
    - Very weak defensively
    - Weak attack range
    - Slow movement/lacks agility
    - Poor jumping ability
    As you can see from reading above, Sypha is all around weak, and probably the 
    weakest character in the game by far. While I only suggest that experienced 
    Castlevania III players attempt to really use Sypha with regularity, most new 
    players to the game will insist on using him because he's cool looking, and he 
    can use spells. But heed my warnings; try Grant and Alucard before you really 
    give Sypha a try. Otherwise, he's going to seem weak and useless, when he has 
    an enormous amount of ability, if you just give him to an experienced player 
    who won't get him killed in two seconds.
    * * * * * * *   * * * * * 
    A L U C A R D   T E P E S
    * * * * * * *   * * * * *
    Alucard... oh Alucard... you are an underachiever. Alucard, for those of you 
    who don't know, is Dracula's son. His blood, however, is half vampire, half 
    human, as his mother was a human being who Dracula fell in love with. Alucard, 
    if you examine the name, is Dracula spelt backwards.
    Dracula and Alucard worked as a team, until Alucard realized that Dracula was 
    hurting people for no reason. Alucard decides to escape the grip of his 
    controlling father, and find someone who can help him overthrow his evil 
    father. When you fight Alucard, you might think you're fighting Dracula... they 
    fight similarly, and look nearly identical. However, after you defeat him, 
    he'll identify himself as Alucard, Dracula's son, and tell you he was testing 
    you. With his special abilities and marginal attack power, Alucard is worth 
    fighting with and bringing with you, although his control is stiff and he can 
    be difficult to get used to. Not only can Alucard fight from the greatest 
    distance with use of his fireball attack, but he can turn into a bat and fly 
    great distances in the air in his bat form... making him invaluable at certain, 
    more difficult and frustrating junctures in the game.
    -NAME: Alucard Tepes
    -FROM: Underworld
    -OCCUPATION: Dracula's son
    -PRIMARY WEAPON: Fireballs
    -OTHER WEAPON(S): None
    -STRENGTH: Average (2)
    -DEFENSE: Average (2)
    -SPECIAL WEAPON USE: Worst (4)
    -JUMPING: Below Average (3)
    -OVERALL: Below Average (3)
    By looking at the stats above, and then seeing who Alucard is, you'd probably 
    think to yourself... "wow, isn't this guy supposed to be the son of Dracula? He 
    should be a BIT stronger than he is... and certainly stronger than a human, 
    like Trevor Belmont." And you're right, but of course, you're using logic, and 
    logic has never held up in the world of videogames, with rare exceptions, now 
    has it? However, he has a strong command on the second spot in both offense and 
    defense, the ability to turn into a bat, and a long-distance attack that can 
    piss off any enemy... and it surely does.
    + Average strength
    + Average defense
    + Long-distance attack
    + Able to turn into a bat
    - Slow moving/no agility
    - Poor jumping ability
    From above, you can see that Alucard is so average and run-of-the-mill that 
    there isn't any weaknesses or strengths to speak of with him, hardly. He's just 
    kind of "there" although he should be stronger... he is the friggin' son of 
    Count Dracula, I don't care if he's half human or not! Oh well, he's badass 
    nasty in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night on the Playstation, isn't he? So I 
    guess that makes up for it. Oh, and play that friggin' game if you haven't... 
    it's SO GOOD... even better than this killer game. VAMPIRE KILLER GAME! Mwa-ha 
    ------------------S E C T I O N   S I X   -   C O N T R O L S------------------
    The controls for the game are quite elementary indeed. In anycase, for those of 
    you who don't know what an NES controller looks like (why the hell would you 
    playing this [or should I say "how"] if you're not familiar with the NES 
    controller?), here's one, in some shitty ASCII art:
                               |                                 |
                               |   _                Nintendo     |
                               | _| |_                           |
              [D-Pad] -------->||_ 0 _| SELECT START    A    B   |
                               |  |_|    [  ]   [  ]    o    o   |
                               |                       o o  o o  |
    Now, for the button controls...
    The D-Pad (or directional pad, if you're not into the whole brevity thing) 
    moves your character left and right, up and down stairs, and controls which 
    direction you face and jump. An elementary button, it shouldn't be too hard to 
    grasp what it does. =) Oh, and pressing down on the D-Pad will make your 
    character crouch (or duck, whatever). Very useful indeed.
    Select has a few functions in the pregame areas of the game, but most vitally, 
    the select button allows you to switch between Trevor Belmont and your spirit 
    guide (if you have one) at any time. Just hit the button and you'll turn into 
    your spirit guide, and vice-versa.
    The start button's use is obvious, and almost the same in every video game 
    every created - press the start button to select certain pregame options, and 
    press start to pause your game.
    A Button:
    Press the A button to jump. Using the D-Pad while jumping will control which 
    way you jump. If you're using Alucard, pressing up and A at the same time will 
    turn Alucard into a Bat. You can remain a Bat until all of the hearts in your 
    heart reserves are spent. If you're Grant, press A to jump, and then over on 
    the D-Pad to cling to walls and ceilings.
    B Button:
    The B button's function is to attack. Press B along to use the regular attack 
    of any character. Keep in mind that you can attack while crouching and jumping. 
    Pressing up and B at the same time will allow Trevor and Grant to use their 
    Warakiya Weapons (such as the Dagger and Axe, et cetera), and will allow Sypha 
    to use any spell she has equipped on her at a certain time.
    ------------S E C T I O N   S E V E N   -   G A M E   P H Y S I C S------------
    I throw this very short section in most of my FAQs here at GameFAQs to simply 
    (and shortly) explain how the game works. Castlevania games (with the exception 
    of the two on the Nintendo64, which were crappy overall) play almost 
    identically to each other. With the exception of the two on the Nintendo64 that 
    I mentioned before (which were 3D platformers), the rest of the Castlevania 
    games are 2D side-scrollers. The newer Castlevania games, like Symphony of the 
    Night on the Playstation and both Castlevania titles on the Game Boy Advance 
    take the 2D side-scroller to the next level by making them non-linear 
    action/RPG titles, but Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, and most other 
    Castlevania games play identical to each other.
    Side-scrolling, in essence, is only being able to move left or right, up or 
    down, but not OVER... if you follow what I'm saying. Hell, you know what 2D is, 
    correct? And better yet, you know what 2D gaming is. So take those two, combine 
    what I just said, and voila, you have yourself Castlevania III: Dracula's 
    -------------S E C T I O N   E I G H T   -   W A L K T H R O U G H-------------
    Welcome to the walkthrough section of my FAQ/Walkthrough for Castlevania III: 
    Dracula's Curse. The beauty of this game lies in the semi non-linear nature of 
    it. That is, you can often pick which way you want to go, which allows you to 
    skip over entire stages, and forces you to play other. Because of this, I've 
    decided to write the walkthrough section in order of stage number. You can find 
    the stage number on the top of the screen, which allows you to follow the 
    walkthrough easily. So if you skip a stage, go to a certain stage, et cetera, 
    and you need help on that stage, simply look for the stage number on the 
    walkthrough that corresponds with the stage number on your screen.
    Before the walkthrough, however, some items that you'll find in the game that 
    you need to know (as far as weapons go, see the Your Aresenal section of this 
    *Heart* - The heart is a basic Castlevania item. You can get these by getting 
    them out of candles and torches, and enemies sometimes drop them when they are 
    defeated. With hearts, you are able to use your special weapons, or let Alucard 
    fly longer. A small heart is worth one heart, a big heart is worth five.
    *Whip Upgrade* - The whip upgrade is for use by both Trevor and Alucard. When 
    found and picked up, Trevor's whip gets longer and stronger, and Alucard can 
    shoot more fireballs. Both can pick up a maximum of two upgrades each to be at 
    full and maximum strength.
    *Money Bags* - Money Bags' use are simply to add to your points total. When 
    your points totals reach certain levels, you are given an extra life. Their use 
    is small, but good in the long run.
    *Golden Bottle* - These rare items, when picked up, makes the character you are 
    using invisible for a short amount of time. This means no enemy and no attack 
    can harm the person while the Golden Bottle is still in effect, but that 
    doesn't mean you can fall into holes and chasms and survive...
    *Rosary Cross* - These rare items (but not quite as rare as the Golden Bottle), 
    when picked up, instantly dissolve any enemy on the screen, leaving the screen 
    empty of enemy influence. Extremely useful, but usually found in the most 
    useless of places.
    *Wolf Leg* - These pieces of meat are only found in secret walls and blocks, 
    that you have to whip, smash and slash at to get. They are useful however, and 
    found on almost every stage at least once. They refill a good amount of your 
    health meter when eaten.
    *II and III Blocks* - These rare blocks, when found, allow the user to use his 
    special weapon twice in a row or three times in a row, instead of having to 
    wait until the weapon leaves the screen to fire again. They are often found in 
    blocks and walls, and sometimes enemies drop them as well.
    *1-UP* - These rare items are only found in candles and walls/blocks. When 
    grabbed, they naturally give your character or character team an extra life, 
    which, of course, is uber-useful.
    The game itself doesn't really need a step-by-step walkthrough, so this 
    section, instead, entails "tips" for each stage, each marked by an asterik (*). 
    These "tips" tell you certain things you should know about each stage. Followed 
    by the tips for a particular stage, there will be no boss strategies. What is 
    the use of boss strategies, when I've not only made a seperate FAQ (which can 
    be found on GameFAQs) on the bosses, but there is also a boss section to this 
    FAQ. For those reasons combined, the walkthrough contains only stage strategies 
    and tips. For boss and mini-boss strategies, please consult the boss section of 
    this FAQ/Walkthrough.
    So, here we go.
    TIP - Enter HELP ME as your name at the beginning of the game. Doing so will 
    allow you to start with 10 lives, which could make your quest a whole lot 
    I. Stage One - Warakiya Village
    *After Trevor finishes praying in the beginning of the game, you can control 
    him. Gain knowledge on the simple controls, and then head eastward. Before you 
    reach the first door, you should have gotten both whip upgrades (hence a full 
    strength whip), some hearts and a Dagger. Not a bad start to this fairly easy 
    *When you enter the Cathedral area at the beginning of the stage, keep an eye 
    out for Bats. You should be able to see them sitting there, but they can sneak 
    up on you if you don't have your eyes peeled for them. And bare in mind, when 
    you get too close to them, they quit just sitting there and fly at you. At that 
    point, whip them and move on.
    *Once outside after the Cathedral area, at the end of this section before going 
    back down the stairs, you'll see a candle on top of a platform that you simply 
    can't reach. Unless you started the game with Grant (which you can, by entering 
    a certain code [see the secrets section]), you can't reach it. So just ignore 
    *Right after you descend the stairs from the thing I just mentioned above, 
    you'll come across a split in your path. Both of these paths are lined with 
    switch floors, which when jumped upon, will turn upside down, sending you into 
    the chasms below. Make sure to take the top path, as the bottom path leads no 
    where but to a dead end. And this part also has some Medusa Heads for you to 
    contend with. DO NOT JUMP. That's what they want you to do. Just use some 
    strategic whipwork and you won't have to jump over the Medusa Heads as they fly 
    at you.
    *In the part following the doorway out of the last part, you'll come across 
    masses of Zombies that randomly come out of the ground. And randomly is the key 
    word, so keep an eye out for them! While they are incredibly weak, they can 
    come up right underneath you if you don't keep moving and whipping as you head 
    rightward. And at the end of this stretch, before the stairs leading down, 
    you'll come across a Rosary Cross in one of the candles. This is your first 
    encounter with the powerful item, which automatically kills all onscreen 
    enemies with one fowl swoop.
    *Once down the stairs, you can go back down to the main level via a set of some 
    platforms. However, you might notice an open area to the left of the platforms. 
    On the ground level, whip the bottom platform to the left, which will break the 
    leftmost of the two blocks, revealing a five heart piece. Jump to your left and 
    approach the lefthand side wall. Smash the bottom two blocks on the wall to 
    reveal a Wolf Leg, which will heal your energy meter.
    *As you head right from the Wolf Leg, you'll have your first encounter with two 
    incredibly annoying Castlevania enemies, that are in every Castlevania game, 
    unfortunately. Igors (the small bouncy creatures) and Skull Pillars (the odd 
    creatures that shoot fireballs at you) are two enemies you need to learn to 
    deal with on a regular basis. With this in mind, slay the enemies (keeping in 
    mind the great jumping power of the Igors and the fact that you can whip the 
    fireballs the Skull Pillars at you), and make your way right through the door, 
    and right to the first boss in the game.
    *Fight the Skeleton Knight, and grab the red orb when he's defeated.
    II. Stage Two - The Clock Tower
    *The clocktower is a pretty long stage. Just to get this out of the way so I 
    don't have to explain it at all - When jumping and running around this stage, 
    bare in mind that you'll be jumping on a lot of rotors and gears. These rotors 
    and gears rotate, naturally, so you have to be sharp and keep moving, so that 
    the rotors and gears don't rotate in such a way that they either crush you, or 
    better yet, drop you into a ditch or chasm. If you need to take your time but a 
    rotor or gear is rotating you into a ditch, chasm, et cetera, or about to crush 
    you, just jump back onto the top of the gear. It's simple, really.
    *Another note about the gears and rotors... the spoke-things that stick out of 
    them, they do NOT hold you up from falling into a pit, so don't think you can 
    lean on them. Play as if they aren't even there.
    *At the beginning of the stage, for an easy five hearts, go to your right and 
    jump over the small chasm. Then, bash the bottom two blocks on the righthand 
    wall there and a five heart piece will be there, waiting for you.
    *You'll encounter them early on in the stage, but you'll see them later on in 
    the stage too - the yellow-red spikes you come across... DO NOT TOUCH THEM OR 
    FALL ON THEM. If you do, they will kill you instantly. Just a friendly reminder 
    for you.
    *When you get to the pendulum section of the stage, go to the left platform and 
    time your jumps so you land atop the pendulum. Then, simply jump from platform 
    to pendulum to platform to pendulum, and so on and so forth. The area is a lot 
    easier then it looks, it just takes patience. Timing the second of the two 
    pendulum jumps is vital, however, because unlike the first jump, where there is 
    a floor underneath you, there is nothing underneath you here but a deep, dark 
    chasm. So be weary of that, and time your jumps properly. And the entire 
    rotation factor that you need to worry about with the gears and rotors in this 
    here clocktower don't apply to the pendulums... so no matter where you're 
    standing on them, you won't get knocked off.
    *Right after the doorway into the next section from the pendulum area, drop 
    down the stairs, and face the left wall. Destroy the two bottom blocks in the 
    wall for another easy five heart piece.
    *The horizontally spinning yellow and dark brown rotors and gears that you can 
    stand on like platforms DO NOT spin you off of them, even if they are spinning. 
    It's the physics of the game. So unlike the gray vertical spinning rotors and 
    gears, these lighter colored, horizontal counterparts give you nothing to worry 
    about. Stand atop them as if they were a regular floor or platform.
    *After going through another door, walk right across a gray gear and to the 
    righthand wall. Stand atop the one block platform attached to the righthand 
    wall and break the two blocks there to find a II Piece.
    *Although you have two bottom-to-top sections in the stage with Medusa Heads 
    flying about, the second of the two, the one you encounter right before the 
    boss fight in the stage, is by far the hardest. I can't tell you much here 
    except to be very patient, and fend off or avoid the Medusa Heads at all costs, 
    as they can equal your ultimate demise if you aren't careful!
    *After coming up the stairs from the treacherous section I described below, 
    face the righthand wall and smash the two lowest blocks on it to get a Wolf 
    Leg! This will be very helpful in restoring your energy right before the 
    stage's boss fight!
    *Fight Monster Grant, grab the red orb after he's defeated, and then choose to 
    take him with you or leave him behind. There's no reason not to take him at 
    this point, however.
    *Surprisingly, after he is defeated, the clocktower starts to crumble, and you 
    now have to work your way back out of it. So you're basically traversing the 
    clocktower in the reverse order, which, in all honesty, is slightly harder. In 
    anycase, use Grant to get through the stage quickly. After you come out of your 
    first doorway, heading left, use Grant to climb onto the bottom of the platform 
    above him and work his way to the top of. Slashing the righthand side wall from 
    the top of this otherwise unreachable platform will result in you finding a 1-
    III. Stage Three (Part One) - The Mad Forest
    *If you opt to not take the route to the clocktower, and get Grant, you'll end 
    up here... this is a far easier stage than the clocktower, however, so if you 
    know you don't want the services of Grant, don't bother going there. Come here 
    *In the very beginning of the stage, you'll encounter some spiked smashing 
    devices that, if you touch the spikes at the bottom, or if they smash you or 
    touch you in any way, you will die instantly. So time your walks so that you 
    walk under them when they are going up, and before they come back smashing down 
    on top of you. Another way to easily avoid them is to jump on top of them, 
    where you are completely safe. While you'll miss out on all of the goodies in 
    the candles in between each smasher, you can jump from smasher to smasher like 
    they were regular platforms, and get to the other side easily and safely.
    *After the smashers are done (or you're done with the smashers, whatever), 
    you'll come across your first Ghosts. These enemies aren't hard, but appear out 
    of thin air. For this reason, and this reason alone, be very, very careful with 
    them. They can literally appear out of nowhere.
    *As you come up the first set of stairs in the stage, you have to go left, but 
    you can jump across a huge chasm and go to the right. Don't bother, however. 
    Especially not with Trevor. Not only is there nothing over there, but only 
    Alucard (with his flying ability) and Grant (with his jumping ability) can 
    actually reach that void platform. So seriously, don't waste your time.
    *About midway through the stage, you'll come across a forested area. You'll see 
    sets of eyes peering out at you from the trees, before Owls soon-thereafter 
    appear and swoop at you. They are one hit kills, but there is a nice strategy 
    to defeating them without having to time your whip to hit them when they swoop 
    at you. About two or three Owls into this area, you'll come across a torch. 
    Within the torch is the strongest weapon in the game, the Boomerang. Use the 
    immense power of the Boomerang, combined with your incredible timing abilities, 
    to kill two and three Owls at the same time, by chucking the Boomerang before 
    the Owls come out of the trees, and hitting and killing them when they do come 
    out, on the Boomerang's return trip. It makes your life a whole lot easier, 
    trust me.
    After the Owl section, you'll come across a red skeleton. These are Blood 
    Skeletons, staples of the Castlevania series. This is basically a reminder that 
    there is NO WAY to kill them. Whipping them will only dismember them (and 
    therefore, disable them), for just a few moments, so you can get past them and 
    move on. Then, they come back together again, and resume their previous 
    *After the Igor/Skull Pillar section, you go all the way right and down some 
    stairs. The door to the right of this screen ends the stage. before going 
    through it, go from the platform that the stairs lead down to to the platform 
    right below it, to your right. Then, face left and kneel down. Whip at the 
    lefthand platform that you were just on, and a Wolf Leg will fall to the ground 
    below. Grab it to refill your health, and then go right, through the door, and 
    out of this stage.
    IV. Stage Three (Part Two) - The Mad Forest continued...
    *You get to this stage (3-03) by either completeing the Mad Forest and picking 
    this stage, or by coming back out of the Clocktower and picking this stage. 
    Either way, it's a continuation of the Mad Forest that some of you were just at 
    *In the beginning of the stage, you'll come across a plethora of floating pink 
    creatures, and terrestrial pink creatures, called Pink Balloons. When you 
    strike them enough times, they spout little spores, and then the spores 
    disappear soon thereafter. Get across this area quickly, and carefully, 
    avoiding as many encounters with these pesky enemies as you possibly can.
    *As you come down the stairs from the Pink Balloon fiasco, you'll see a door to 
    your left. Patrolling the area below your platform is a Whip Skeleton. Time 
    your jump so you don't hit into him or get whipped by him. When you land on the 
    ground, whip and kill him right away, and then head left into the next (final) 
    area of the stage.
    *For the rest of the stage you will encounter Spiders that come from the skies 
    above on webs, and shoot smaller Spiders at you, before retreating back up 
    their web and out of sight. You can kill these Spiders, but bare in mind that 
    given enough time, another Spider will come back in the same exact position 
    that the one previously was chillin' at. As far as them shooting Spiders at 
    you, they shoot them RIGHT at you, so keep moving and there's a good chance 
    that the Spider will miss you completely.
    *Fight the Cyclops, grab the red orb, and opt to take Sypha with you or not... 
    although you should. She's uber-useful.
    V. Stage Four - Swamplands
    *In this area, at the very beginning, you'll have to cross a swamp over a 
    series of platforms. All while you are doing this, Bullfrogs will be jumping up 
    at you from the swamp below, and this can get very, very pesky. DON'T LET THEM 
    GANG UP ON YOU! If you do, it could mean certain disaster for you. Whip them as 
    they come up to keep them in check. If you do get knocked into or jump into the 
    swamp below, do not stay still! If you stay stagnant in the swamp for too long, 
    you will get sucked under and die. You move slower in the swamp, and have to 
    jump to actually move, so bare that in mind as well.
    *As you go down the first set of stairs, a swamp will be below you. Swamp 
    Creatures and Bullfrogs will be coming out of it. You can ignore it all 
    together and go through the righthand door and into the next area, or you can 
    traverse the swamp heading to your left, where you'll come across a wall. Smash 
    up the wall to find a Wolf Leg to heal you up a bit if you need it. You might 
    want to ignore it all together, however... going into the swamp and fighting 
    off all of those enemies might hurt you more then the Wolf Leg could recover. 
    Know when to say no, in otherwords.
    *In the next, long swamp segment, take the platforms going over the swamp to 
    make your life easier. Thankfully, you don't have to worry about Bullfrogs in 
    this swamp area, only Swamp Creatures. A primary concern, too, should be the 
    Bats that are flying all about. These annoying bastards can basically sneak up 
    on you and knock you into the swamp, or into a Swamp Creature, or whatever. 
    Jump over them, duck under them, or whip them and kill them. Whatever you go, 
    keep an eye out for them and don't let them hit into you. They come from both 
    *As you come down the final set of stairs, beware that you don't grab the Stop 
    Watch from the candle there! You should have a Boomerang from the candles 
    above, so that'll do just fine... be careful of that!
    *Fight the Vampire Bat, grab the red orb, and get the hell out of here. =D
    VI. Stage Four A - The Ghost Ship
    *As you start out on the Ghost Ship, head right to the first staircase. You'll 
    notice a platform with a lantern on the other side - unless you have Grant and 
    ARE Grant, do not attempt to jump across the chasm to the other side. It's 
    useless, you'll just fall into the chasm and die. Just a friendly reminder. =)
    *You'll come across a shitload of Ghost Pirates on this stage (which is 
    natural, isn't it... this IS a ghost ship). What does this mean? Well, they 
    only take one hit to kill, sure, but be weary! They weild swords and know how 
    to use them. So time your attacks on them so you're attacking them while 
    they're parrying. Otherwise, they'll impale you with their sword and damage 
    you. Just another friendly reminder from your neighborhood FAQ writer.
    *As you come to the first door in the depths of the pirate ship, you'll see a 
    platform above you, much like the one we saw in the Clocktower. Again, as it 
    was then, only Grant or Alucard can get there... by way of flight (with 
    Alucard), or ceiling and wall scaling (as with Grant). What will you find in 
    the lantern up there? A 1-UP!
    *As you continue on your excursion through the pirate ship, you'll eventually 
    come across some "different looking" platforms, green in color. These are 
    "crumbling platforms" which crumble, the longer you stand on them. If you stand 
    on them long enough, they will fall out from under your feet, and you will fall 
    with them. So don't spend too much time on them! Instead, run or jump along 
    them, using them only briefly as so not to damage them in any way.
    *When you get to the end of the second part, before going up some stairs to the 
    deck above, whip the righthand side wall to get a Wolf Leg to heal up your 
    health meter!
    *Ghosts are crawling all over the Ghost Ship... NOT Ghost Pirates (although 
    they too), but regular Ghosts. They are in abundance, so just a quick reminder 
    to not let them sneak up on you, or worse yet, gang up on you. If either of 
    those things happen, it can mean certain doom for you.
    *When you get to the point in the ship where you have to jump from platform to 
    platform, be careful, and time your jumps very carefully. Don't only allow for 
    the jump you're making at first, but figure out the rest of the jumps in the 
    jumping sequence before jumping, and killing yourself. Just be patient and time 
    your jumps so that you get over successfully, without killing yourself right 
    off the bat.
    *This is the first stage in the game with a mini-boss. The mini-boss is easy, 
    however - Medusa. For information on her, consult the boss section of the 
    *In the section after Medusa, go all the way right until you can't anymore, and 
    then go back up the stairs so that you'd be heading left again. However, jump 
    right across the chasm (on the top platform) and approach the righthand wall. 
    Whip the wall to reveal a Wolf Leg, which you are probably in desperate need of 
    at this point.
    *When you get to the point at the top of the ship where you have to jump on 
    this odd looking platforms, do so carefully. When you jump on them, tip them to 
    make it so you can jump off of them and continue on your quest. They work like 
    a see-saw... just use logic to successfully get over them and continue on your 
    *You'll have your first encounter at the end of the stage with Crows, the 
    pesky-as-hell creatures that can easily knock you into pits and do some serious 
    damage if you aren't careful. Make sure to whip them when they swoop so that 
    they don't knock into you. When they DO knock into you, however, they dissolve, 
    so you won't have to deal with that particular Crow again.
    *Fight the duo-boss enemy here of Cyclops and Mummies, grab the red orb, and 
    move on...
    VII. Stage Five - The Castle Subterrain
    *The first enemy you'll come across in this stage (and for a vast majority of 
    your time on this stage) are Eyeballs. These creatures are easy to kill, but 
    make sure to never walk underneath them. They have these annoying poisonous 
    fire drops that they drop from underneath them on the ground below, making them 
    quite annoying themselves. Make sure to kill them before they damage you.
    *This stage has drops falling from the ceiling. These drops not only damage you 
    if they hit you, but they also disintegrate the blocks below you, with the 
    potential (over time) to make gapping holes in the ground which you can fall 
    into. Sometimes (actually, most of the time), these drops are meant to 
    eventually create passages for you, so you can get to some secret goodies and 
    easier pathways through the stage. While I'm not going to take the time to 
    point all of the times you should wait for the ground to disintegrate 
    underneath you to get to goodies, always opt to take the passageway that's 
    harder to get to, especially on this board. It can lead to extra goodies and 
    easier routes through an otherwise treacherous board.
    *There are two other enemies you'll find on this stage that you should be extra 
    weary of - Mummies and Firemen. The Mummies aren't just THERE so to speak. 
    Instead, they appear out of these lightning bolts, and often flank you from 
    either side. So be weary of them, and the bandages they shoot at you often! The 
    Firemen on the otherhand are slow moving humanoid creatures that are on fire 
    (hence the name). They don't shoot anything at you, but what you need to worry 
    about with these guys is the fact that as they walk they leave flames behind 
    them... these flames can damage you the same as if you were to touch or walk 
    into a Fireman. So again, be very careful with these guys. 
    *As with other stages we've come to, there are certain platforms and the like 
    that you'll notice that Trevor and Sypha can't get to. These passages can only 
    be gotten to by flying (with Alucard) or wall-climbing (with Grant). Don't try 
    to make any of these jumps with Sypha or Trevor, or you WILL die!
    *As we saw in abundance in the Clocktower stage, keep an eye out for spikes 
    here... and just like in the Mad Forest and Swamp stages, spike traps and 
    whatnot are also found here, so be quite weary of them! They can do massive 
    damage, and some can even kill you in one hit!
    *Sparks are another new enemy that we'll find in this stage. Similar to the 
    ones you'd find in Super Mario Bros. 2 and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the 
    Past, these sparks move around platforms and staircases, and can't be killed by 
    any means... the only thing you can do is avoid them. So do just that, avoid 
    them. Don't let them hit you, or you will be damaged, and of course, they have 
    the potential to knock you into surrounding pits, holes and chasms.
    *Fight Alucard, grab the red orb, and opt to take him with you or leave him 
    VII. Stage Five A - Red Tower
    *As you begin this stage, you'll come across some more of these platforms that 
    turn around and dump you into the chasms and holes below them if you jump on 
    them. However, these platforms are now also covered in spikes, making them 
    twice as dangerous. Coupled with these platforms throughout the stage are Skull 
    Pillars that will shoot fireballs at you, like they often do. Make sure to whip 
    the crap out of the fireballs they shoot at you, because the idea here (if 
    you're the videogame programmers), is to get you to jump to avoid the 
    fireballs, therefore landing on these spiked turnover platforms, and fall into 
    the abyss below. Avoid doing that. Be careful!
    *The first upward sequence in the Red Tower has you climbing up endless sets of 
    ladders while Flying Shield Skeletons come at you from all sides. These parts 
    can be very frustrating, because it's hard to predict how and where these 
    flying enemies will swoop. Because of this, have that whip of your ready to 
    kill these foes at the earliest possible convenience for you. They can really 
    be a damper on this stage, so just be patient, be careful, and be agressive, 
    while still knowing your limits. Oh, and when you come out of that first upward 
    area and fight an Axe Knight before the first door in the Red Tower, whip the 
    block above the door to get a Wolf Leg, which you'll probably be in great need 
    of by this point in the stage. And it's still early!
    *As with Stage 5, this stage has the same Sparks that you can't kill... you can 
    only avoid. So as I warned you earlier and will warn you again, be careful of 
    these annoying enemies, and avoid them at all costs!
    *There is a part about midway through this stage where you're climbing up the 
    tower some more. You'll fight two Knights on two different platforms, one on 
    top of the other... then, when they're both defeated, the screen starts to move 
    downward manually, in parts, every few seconds. You'll see it (because the 
    screen will go down), and you'll hear it (with a loud "boom). In anycase, you 
    have to keep moving, jumping from platform to platform, climbing various 
    staircases, and killing Knights as you go. This part can be very treacherous, 
    and not so much with the enemies (Knights are easy to kill), but instead, it's 
    because you have to move fast. If the screen "passes" you (in otherwords, if it 
    engulfes you as you go up), you are dead. And you can't fall back down past the 
    screen! It's considered a hole, even if there was once a platform. If you can't 
    see it anymore because the screen's moved up, then it's no longer there. 
    Period. No ifs ands or buts! So basically, with this part, be quick, tenacious, 
    and patient!
    *Fight Frankenstein, grab the red orb, and move on.
    VIII. Stage Six - The Castle Subterrain
    *From the outset of the stage's beginning, as you head leftward, you'll be in a 
    hazardous area, that'll take great patience, and a whole lot of skill and luck 
    to get past. You have to jump from moving platform to moving platform over 
    water. That's not exactly the tricky part however (even though that in itself 
    can be hard)... the difficult part, my friends, is jumping from platform to 
    platform and STAYING ON these platforms while Fishmen are jumping out of the 
    water from underneath you, and Bats are flying at you from both the left and 
    the right. That, my friends, is the hard part. The Stop Watch you get in the 
    beginning of the stage is actually quite vital. An otherwise useless item for 
    Trevor to have, this item can freeze enemies in place, making your trip across 
    the water here a lot easier than it would be if the enemies were all over the 
    place. So use it! I'd tell you to pass up the Stop Watch every other time you 
    encounter it in the game but here, so make sure to pick it up. You have to head 
    left across the water along these moving platforms, then up the stairs, and 
    rightward along more moving platforms, and then up the stairs to the next area. 
    Oh, but on the way rightward, make sure that you duck under the ceiling rocks 
    when you're on the moving platform, or you WILL get knocked into the water 
    below, and die.
    *If you're having problems with the above area in the beginning of the stage, 
    bare in mind that Alucard's ability to turn into a bat and fly is quite useful 
    here. You can pass by the entire room by flying up to the stairs and going into 
    the next area. Neat, eh?
    *After the first part, before the first door, you'll get attacked by an endless 
    amount of Mummies. Your best bet is to get damaged and run through them (using 
    the invisibility that damage provides you for a moment or two), and run 
    leftward to the door and into the next area.
    *On the second part of the stage where you need to use moving platforms, make 
    sure to duck under the various ceiling rocks that can knock you into the deep, 
    dark chasms below. You'll see candles scattered about as you go. Ignore them 
    unless you're skilled enough to get them. They're out of the way for a reason - 
    to try to make you jump, miss the platform on your way down, and fall into the 
    chasm below. Oh, and also, beware of the spikes lining parts of the ceilings. 
    Don't jump into them, or it'll mean certain death for you! Ah yes, and also, on 
    the stairs from the platform (after the floating platform takes you rightward), 
    take the stairs down to the lower platform. Trying to jump it will net you in 
    the pits below. =D At the top of the platforms before going up into the next 
    area, you can find a Wolf Leg in the rocks to your left...
    *Fight Frankenstein, grab the red orb, and move on to the next stage.
    IX. Stage Six (A) - Walkway to the Castle
    *From the outset of the stage, watch out for the numerous Igors coming at you. 
    Those bouncy bastards are just as annoying as ever, and they're coming at you 
    quickly. So be careful!
    *The second part of the stage is a stream made by a waterfall. You have to walk 
    through the water here, with the currents pushing against you in both 
    directions (depending on where in the water you are). To make matters worse, 
    Crows are above swooping down on you, and Fishmen are coming at you from all 
    sides, and in great numbers. So here, you'll have to keep an eye on the sky, 
    and an eye on the water you're in. And be weary that the water changes 
    direction as you pass the waterfall in the middle of this little stream we're 
    in. Don't let the water current push you or pull you to the sides of this area, 
    however, or you'll be washed down another waterfall, and, inevitably, to your 
    death. The little alcove at the end of this part, below the door, can only be 
    gotten to by Alucard (by flying), or Grant (by climbing). If you don't have 
    Alucard or Grant, don't attempt it, because it's not gonna happen.
    *The third part of this stage is straight forward enough, but quite 
    treacherous. Take your time with all of the enemies, and notice that Bats will 
    fly at you every so often from both sides of the screen, even while your 
    engaging other enemies in battle. Keep an eye out for them, because they'll try 
    to distract you (and will sometimes succeed)... you'll get hit quite a bit down 
    here because of this. The Bats combined with the sheer amount of enemies makes 
    this part a crapfest, but oh well. At the end of the third area, by the door, 
    whip the block above the door for a much needed Wolf Leg to heal your wounds.
    *The final stretch of the stage before the boss offers you quite a bit. As you 
    run rightward along the orange platforms, it'll start to crumble underneath 
    you. Make sure to keep going right while avoiding or killing the Crows that are 
    flying all about. After that ordeal, jump rightward from platform to platform 
    while killing the numerous Fishmen jumping up from underneath you. While not 
    all of them will jump correctly to be able to land on a platform, they can 
    still damage you, and more importantly, knock you backwards from a jump into 
    the water below, or knock you off of a platform into the water below. Either 
    one will kill you instantly, naturally. So be careful here, and take your time!
    *Fight the Water Serpents, grab the red orb, and move on.
    X. Stage Six (B) - The Castle Water System
    *After you defeat the first Skeleton Knight in the very beginning part of the 
    stage, there is a jump that is quite annoying and treacherous. It's a jump far 
    to your left, and up high. To jump this properly, make sure to be on the 
    complete edge of the platform you're on, and jump leftward. You should get it 
    in the first try if you're far enough to your left on the platform. It's just a 
    big jump, that's why I mention it.
    *In the beginning of the stage, you'll come across more water with Fishmen 
    jumping out of it. As I've said before, make sure that you time your jumps 
    properly, allowing the Fishmen to jump ahead of you if you see their shadows in 
    the waters below. They can be quite annoying, so as always, be careful.
    *Throught out the stage, you'll meet a lot of a new type of enemy you've yet to 
    encounter on your journey - Snake Skeletons. You'll know exactly what I'm 
    talking about when you see one. These guys come out from various blocks 
    (usually before doors), and go up and down, shooting random fireballs at you. 
    The only vulnerable part of their bodies are their heads (skull), so aim your 
    whip at that part and whip away. When he shoots a fireball at you, dodge it if 
    you can, although if you're whip is right on the money, you can whip it out of 
    the air. And when these Snake Skeletons are defeated, they leave you goodies... 
    in a vast quantity! One goodie for each segment of his body! =D
    *It's interesting... the boss battle on this stage takes place in two parts. 
    You fight the Skeleton Dragon one time in his first lair. Take away half of his 
    energy, and he'll go crazy. He'll escape through the roof of the room, creating 
    a waterfall in the lair you're in, and then you can leave to your right. As you 
    head right, the waterfall through the hole in the ceiling will make the water 
    rise as you go. What does this mean? Well this means you have to get to your 
    right, jumping from platform to platform (some of them crumbling under your 
    feet), while avoiding and killing slews of Bats and Fishmen. All the while, the 
    water level is rising, and rising. When you get to the end of this area, you 
    can go up the stairs to the next area, or you can continue right. Only go right 
    if you know that you're gonna be quick enough to get back to the stairs before 
    the water rises too much. To your right, up a set of stairs, and in the blocks 
    of the wall, you will find a 1-UP when you smash the blocks there with your 
    whip. Then go back left and up the stairs, and approach the boss' lair for the 
    second and decisive battle with the Skeleton Dragon.
    XI. Stage Seven - Underneath the Castle
    *This stage is interesting. It seems pretty run of the mill, except for having 
    to wait for blocks to disintegrate with the drops of "something" coming from 
    above you can move on, but we've seen that before. You'll basically have to sit 
    through a few screens of that, waiting for blocks to disintegrate and what have 
    you. Most of the time, you'll see that a few Igors are trapped in the blocks, 
    and will be freed when the blocks around them are dissolved. Because of this, 
    try whipping them or using your special weapon (you should get an Axe in the 
    beginning of the stage) to slay them and do away with them before they have the 
    opportunity to be freed. Other than that, there will be a screen that has you 
    wait for blocks to fall to the ground, to make the ground high enough for you 
    to jump to the platform with the stairs and proceed onto the next area. If you 
    happen to have Alucard as your partner on this stage, you're in luck, because 
    you can skip this entire part by turning him into a Bat and flying to the 
    stairs, instead of waiting for all of the blocks to accumulate.
    *Fight the mini-boss (Bat) and go through the door into the next area.
    *This area is interesting. Like the last area, you have to wait for blocks to 
    fall down so you can get above. The catch is... above is very, very, very high 
    above, and you have to last here a very, very long time to truly get to the top 
    and move on. There's not much of a tip I can give you here, except to watch for 
    the pattern of how the blocks fall from above, and time your movements 
    accordingly. Do bare in mind that midway through the falling sequence, the 
    sequence in which the blocks fall suddenly changes. So allow yourself to change 
    accordingly. Not doing so can lead to a certain death for Trevor and partner. 
    When you [finally] get to the top of this area, jump leftward to the platform 
    with the stairs on it (making sure no falling blocks knock you backwards, or 
    more importantly, downward), and go up the stairs.
    *The rest of the stage is up to you, really. If you die, bare in mind that you 
    have to do the whole block sequence again, and that'd suck, so be extra careful 
    *Fight the Mummies/Hammer Cyclops/Gargoyle trio, grab the red orb, and move on.
    XII. Stage Seven A - Entering the Castle
    *At the beginning of this stage, you'll come across some moving platforms going 
    up and down that you need to use to get over the various holes and chasms and 
    work your way rightward. The first of these platform jumps is elementary, but 
    do be weary of the second jump, which consists of a series of four moving 
    platforms in unison to get over the large hole. When the first platform comes 
    down, jump on it as soon as you can, so it's as high as it could possibly be. 
    Doing that will let the other platforms be high enough so you can get safely 
    across without not having a platform to jump on (which will happen if you wait 
    too long to jump on the first platform). It's all about proper timing and good 
    planning. Naturally, this whole part can be flown over by Alucard in his bat 
    form, so having him for your spirit helper here is a plus, naturally.
    *After the previous part I just talked about, you'll have your first run in 
    with the enemy Chimera. These enemies fly in and drop Igors all over the place. 
    While you'll only find them in limited numbers here, you'll find that they are 
    quite annoying, and that they keep on coming. Make sure to not let the Igor 
    number get too out of control, or it can mean certain doom for you! You know 
    how annoying they get!
    *You'll find more of those seesaw-like platforms on this stage about midway 
    through, just like we found on the Ghost Ship. Jump from seesaw to platform to 
    seesaw to platform, et cetera. When you get to the final platform, however, and 
    have to jump to a seesaw, that jump is long and treacherous. Make sure you are 
    on the very edge of the platform, so that you can't be on the edge anymore (or 
    you'd fall in the chasm below), and then jump to safely land on the seesaw 
    across the way, so that you can go through the door and safely resume your 
    voyage. If you're not on the very edge of the platform when you jump, you WILL 
    miss the seesaw, fall into the holes below, and have to start over again from a 
    ways back. Save yourself the trouble and do it right the first time.
    *As the stage winds to a close, you'll be on a bridge, which isn't the problem. 
    The problem is the amount of Blood Skeletons that are on the bridge (weilding 
    whips), and Crows above the bridge, that can be a duo which can equal some 
    problems. Speed through this area as quickly as possible to avoid any problems 
    with the two foes that patrol the bridge.
    *The final area of the stage is an area where the screen is scrolling down, and 
    you have to traverse a bunch of crumbling platforms safely to get to the 
    platform with the stairs on it, and then work your way down the stairs. Since 
    the platforms crumble if you stand on them for too long, make sure to keep 
    jumping up and down, to avoid any crumble of the platform (or even cracking 
    them) whatsoever... a very good idea if you want to get out of this stage 
    alive. When you get to the final platform, simply go down the stairs, and 
    you're safe.
    *Fight the Mummy/Hammer Cyclops/Gargoyle trio, grab the red orb, and get the 
    hell out of this stage. =D
    XIII. Stage Eight - Inside the Castle
    *Just a side note - anyone who's played the original Castlevania on the NES 
    will recognize this stage instantly. While it's not IDENTICAL to the first 
    stage in the original Castlevania, they are pretty damn close in resemblance. 
    Even the music and enemy types (at least with the Bats and slews of Zombies) in 
    the beginning of the stage are the same. A pretty neat tidbit that I thought 
    I'd share with you, being that I'm such a nice guy.
    *Other than a little nostalgia that this stage might bring a few of you, the 
    stage is incredibly straight forward and needs little to no explanation. 
    Seriously. It's quite simple. This is, however, the first stage where all 
    enemies will start dealing you four bars of damage for each time they hit 
    you... unlike the three we were previously getting, and the two we were at the 
    beginning of the game. It was always weird, and always something I wondered 
    about... how come Bats in the beginning of the game give you two bars of 
    damage, and later in the game, they give you four bars of damage? What makes 
    them so much stronger later in the game? It's mind-boggling.
    *The only part of this stage worth mentioning is the very end, before the boss 
    BOSS! And as you go rightward, and the blocks start disappearing behind you, 
    make haste and run! Grab what hearts you can out of the candles as you go (and 
    avoid getting any of the weapons from the candles you might encounter, as the 
    Boomerang is a MUST for the boss fight ahead.) When you encounter a Knight on 
    the crumbling bridge, toss a Boomerang at him and whip him to do away with him 
    quickly, and keep running. The bridge disappears behind you quickly, and any 
    amount of stoppage could cause you to fall with the bridge, and die... and then 
    start all over again. And that'd suck.
    *Fight Death (the Grim Reaper) with the BOOMERANG (for ease), grab the red orb, 
    and move on. We're almost to Dracula!
    XIV. Stage Nine - Climbing the Castle
    *In the beginning of the stage, as you come up a flight of stairs, you'll 
    notice a platform to your left (far up and out) with a candle above it. You 
    can't get there as Trevor or Sypha, so don't attempt it. If you really need to 
    get up there, a good, solid jump with Grant, or turning into a Bat with Alucard 
    is the only way to get up there. Just to let you know, as I have throughout the 
    game, to save you from dying needlessly.
    *As you head right from the place that I mentioned above, you'll come across 
    the annoying Chimera-Igor combonation that I mentioned in the walkthrough two 
    stages ago. This time, you'll have to deal with them to the full extent, 
    unfortunately. They come in DROVES (massive, massive droves), and you'll have 
    to deal with the bit by bit. Walk a bit, turn around or forward and hack and 
    kill any Igors that have managed to come down from the flying Chimeras above. 
    You'll be fighting a shitload of them, so be patient, and don't let ANY of them 
    off. Kill them ALL (or they'll chase you endlessly until you kill them, 
    damaging you in the process). When you finally get far enough to the right (so 
    you can see the stairs, around there), they'll stop coming... but bare in mind 
    any Igors you didn't kill will still be in hot pursuit of you. See why I told 
    you to kill them when you had the chance?
    *You'll come across more of those spike crushers and spiked line thingies (but 
    for the last time, believe me) about midway through the stage. Don't fear them 
    though, attack them as we did the last time... (well not literally attack)... 
    jump on top of them or run under them quickly to get by them without a hitch. 
    Trust me, they look a lot harder than they really are. You and me both know 
    this. =D
    *This next part is probably the worst it's going to get for you in the game. As 
    you climb sets of stairs, Skull Pillars are firing on you from all sides, and 
    Flying Shield Skeletons are all about, making matters worse for you. We've been 
    in this kind of situation before (think back about four or five stages), but 
    not quite to this extent, and certainly not to this difficulty level. This part 
    takes patience, practice, and a whole lot of skill (and a little luck too). 
    There's not a whole lot of information or tips I can give you on this part. You 
    really just have to give it a go and be patient. This is where the ten lives 
    you get from the HELP ME code come in real handy. This part more than any other 
    part in the game.
    *Don't worry. The worst isn't over yet. You'll come across another one of those 
    downward scrolling parts, which forces you to keep jumping upward in a quick 
    pace, so that the screen doesn't pass you, and therefore engulf you and kill 
    you. Who the hell would want that to happen? The last time we had to do a part 
    like this, we fought Knights on our way up. This time, we have the sword-
    weilding Skeleton Knights and platform revolving Sparks to deal with. Make sure 
    to lag far enough behind so that the enemies don't appear right on top of you 
    (and therefore damage you), but don't lag too far back where you can't catch up 
    to the pace of the moving screen, and die... there's not much else to say here. 
    But don't worry, a harder part's to come.
    *In this final part (basically) before the boss, this is the most frustrating 
    part of the stage. You'll be in a water system, and all around you are Crows 
    swooping down on you and Fishmen coming in and out of the water, shooting 
    fireballs at you and the like. There's not much strategy here, it's all luck. 
    Kill the Crows as soon as they swoop at you, and keep an eye on the shadows of 
    the Fishmen in the water, killing them before they come out of the water or run 
    into you. You cannot afford to sustain any damage here (both because there's so 
    many enemies that four hits will do you in, and the fact that the hardest boss 
    in the game is ahead) so be very careful. Having Alucard at this point in the 
    game is CLUTCH, by the way, because he can fly around and above all of the 
    hazards and straight to the staircase in the upper lefthand corner, allowing 
    you easy passage out of this pain-in-the-ass area of Dracula's castle.
    *Fight the Clone (Doppleganger) enemy (he's a hard one, so be patient!), and 
    move on to the final stage in the game!
    XV. Stage Ten - This Is It...
    *This short (but oddly difficult) stage leads to Dracula. Be prepared!
    *As you begin the stage, watch out for the slightly-camouflaged Crows coming at 
    you, which are hard to see because of the dark night sky in the background.
    *As you proceed through the stage, you'll come to a clock-tower-esque area, 
    which is another of these automatic scrolling areas. This time, it's scrolling 
    downward. Work your way downward along with the screen, not getting too far 
    ahead of yourself. Avoid the Medusa Heads coming at you (coming at you in pairs 
    of two, this time around), and keep going downward. When you get towards the 
    end of the area, the platforms you are on start crumbling, so start jumping up 
    and down to avoid them crumbling under your feet, and you falling into the 
    abyss below. Be patient here, and avoid the Medusa Heads at all costs!
    *In the small part right after the Clocktower part, you have to fight off Bats 
    and two Skull Pillars... it's not all that hard except the Bats, because they 
    fly in from all directions and make fighting the Skull Pillars difficult. Don't 
    turn your back on the Skull Pillars however, or their fireballs will hurt 
    you... turn around quickly (if necessary) to kill the Bat coming at you, then 
    immediately turn back around and concentrate on the Skull Pillar. The Skull 
    Pillar guarding the door there has crumbling blocks in front of him. Underneath 
    the crumbling blocks are spikes... so there might as well be a pit there. 
    Either way, you die if you touch them. To get through the Bone Pillar (barring 
    you have more than four energy bars in your meter), jump into him, getting 
    damaged. Used the temporary invisibility provided by this collision to go 
    through the Skull Pillar and through the door, to the next area.
    *On the final stretch of the stage, you have to jump from moving pendulum to 
    moving pendulum. To make matters worse, you're doing this over a huge open 
    abyss, and there are Bats flying at you from all sides. Make sure to take your 
    time here... there's not much else that can be said. When you get past this 
    part, you're essentially at Dracula's room.
    *From this area, climb the stairs and grab the goodies out of the candles 
    there. Then, get ready to fight all three forms of Dracula. If you manage to 
    defeat Dracula (which most people don't, believe it or not), enjoy a well 
    deserved ending sequence!
    -------------------S E C T I O N   N I N E   -   E N D I N G-------------------
    Okay, enough of the Caps Lock key for now.
    There are indeed four different endings that you can get in the game. One for 
    Trevor alone, one for Trevor and Grant, one for Trevor and Sypha, and one for 
    Trevor and Alucard. On each of them, Trevor (and the person he's accompanying, 
    if any) stand on a cliff, at the edge of this cliff. Far off in the distance, 
    you can see Dracula's castle. With Count Dracula now defeated, the castle can 
    no longer sustain its incredible magical powers, and crumbles back into the 
    subterrain of Transylvania, gone for now...
    From there, each of the four endings has a different epilogue about Trevor, and 
    whoever is accompanying him. They then celebrate their victory, and some short 
    credits roll. From there, Konami thanks you for playing, and the game is 
    --------------S E C T I O N   T E N   -   Y O U R   A R S E N A L--------------
    This section of the FAQ/Walkthrough is dedicated to the weapons in the game. 
    I've taken the liberty of naming some of them myself (mainly Sypha's spells)... 
    but then again, who cares? It's not like anyone knows the real names for some 
    of this shit anyway. Typically, in this game, anyway, the weapons Trevor 
    Belmont use (other than his whip) are called Warakiya Weapons. Warakiya, 
    naturally, is the Belmont hometown, so the weapons are therefore aptly named.
    The whip is Trevor's primary weapon. It comes in three forms. Weak, medium, and 
    strong. The state of your whip depends on the whip upgrades you pick up during 
    your quest. Usually, you'll find two whip upgrades (therefore making your whip 
    the strongest it can be) within 30 seconds of starting a stage. Without the 
    upgrades, your whip is weak and doesn't go very far. A full strength whip can 
    do quite a bit of damage, however. You can only whip directly in front of you, 
    so learning the crouch-and-whip and jump-and-whip will be vital to your success 
    in this game.
    The Staff is Sypha's primary weapon, and is incredibly weak. Being that Sypha 
    is primarily a character whom uses her magical spells and powers to get past 
    enemies, the Staff is really a last resort weapon, that does about half the 
    damage that a Whip does, although it sometimes seems to do even LESS damage 
    than that. When using Sypha, make sure you have a magic spell in your 
    inventory, and plenty of hearts. Trust me when I say that you don't want to be 
    relying on her Staff to be of much protection to you.
    The Fireball is the primary weapon of Alucard, son of Dracula. Half as strong 
    as the full strength whip, the Fireball doesn't seem to have much of an 
    advantage over the Whip, except for the fact that with the whip upgrades that 
    you'll find when you're Alucard, you can shoot two or three Fireballs at your 
    enemies, instead of shooting just one. The use of this is obvious, as you can 
    now damage an enemy three times, or, better yet, damage multiple enemies (on 
    multiple levels) at the same time! The downside is the Fireball is incredibly 
    slow to shoot... but it's long-range capabilities isn't anything to scoff at.
    The weakest of the five Warakiya Weapons Trevor had available to him, the 
    Dagger is just that - a dagger than can be chucked from Trevor straight across 
    the screen at his foe. It does approximately half of the damage that a full 
    strength whip can do to any enemy, although with some weaker enemies, like 
    Skeletons, one Dagger can do them in. The Dagger Doubles as Grant's main 
    weapon, although his Dagger isn't throwable... it's a short-range slashing 
    weapon that does about half the amount of damage that the Whip does to any 
    **** *****
    Holy Water is another Warakiya Weapon available as a secondary item to Trevor 
    Belmont. The Holy Water isn't a distance weapon, nor is it very strong. The 
    real use of the Holy Water is throwing it on the ground, allowing its mystical 
    powers to create a short-lived fire where it was thrown. Doing this in a 
    strategic manner nearly guarantees that you will damage (and sometimes kill) 
    any enemy that happens to walk over it. This is especially useful against 
    stationary items, like Dragon Pillars and Axe Knights. You'll see exactly what 
    I mean when you get it. Keep in mind that you can also drop the bottles onto 
    enemies below, and the bottle itself can damage any enemy it hits, although not 
    for very much.
    The Axe is a Warakiya Weapon that is available to use by both Trevor and Grant. 
    The Axe is a fairly strong weapon that does about the same damage as the full 
    strength whip does. The Axe is thrown into the air, into an arc. Especially 
    useful against airborne enemies, and enemies on platforms above you, the Axe is 
    thrown up, arcs, and then comes back down. The real beauty of the Axe is its 
    ability to damage multiple enemies with one Axe, as it arcs up and then comes 
    back down on even more enemies. The Axe is the second strongest special weapon 
    in the game for Trevor, and one that you'll want to have in your inventory 
    **** *****
    The Stop Watch is an entirely useless Warakiya weapon. The Stop Watch doesn't 
    have the capability to damage any enemy - instead, the Stop Watch literally 
    freezes time for a few seconds at a time, making all on-screen enemies freeze 
    in their tracks, which allows you to hack, slash, and whip at them over and 
    over again until they die, or until the time freeze is undone, and they are 
    once again able to move. It SOUNDS useful, but it really isn't. Freezing 
    enemies can sometimes make them harder to kill, or out of reach, or be frozen 
    in a really bad position. It's truly in your best interest to not have the Stop 
    Watch as your special weapon. It can't be used against bosses, and its effects 
    are weak and short-lasting. It was useful enough against Medusa in the original 
    Castlevania on the NES... but it's certainly not very useful on the bosses in 
    this game. Stay away from this one.
    The Boomerang is the cross-looking Warakiya weapon that is available to Trevor. 
    Coincidentally, some Castlevania players call the Boomerang the Cross, and 
    that's fine by me, but that's not the official name, nor a name that makes much 
    sense (it's not a cross, it looks more like a plus sign... and have you ever 
    thrown a plus sign, none-the-less one with boomerang characteristics?) In 
    anycase, the Boomerang is the strongest weapon in the game, stronger than even 
    Trevor's whip in its strongest form. Yeah, that's quite strong. Anywho, chuck 
    the Boomerang, and it goes clear across the screen, hitting any enemy in its 
    path. Then, it comes back to you, hitting any enemy in its path on the way 
    back. This is THE special weapon to have for Trevor, and one you strive to find 
    and keep throughout your quest through Transylvania. You don't have to catch 
    the Boomerang on the way back, you can duck under it or jump over it, allowing 
    it to hit enemies behind you as well. Catching the Boomerang actually has no 
    advantage whatsoever. It's not like you're saving a heart by catching it and 
    reusing it. It would make sense if that were the case, but alas, it isn't the 
    **** *****
    The Fire Spell is the weakest of Sypha's three spells. However, saying it's 
    "weak" isn't saying much - it's still an incredibly powerful spell to have for 
    Sypha. You'll have this one most often with Sypha, so you should be prepared to 
    use it properly. It has an attack range similar to that of Trevor's full 
    strength whip. When you get into range of an enemy, use it, and Sypha will lift 
    her cape, shooting a stream of fire at her enemy. Extremely useful, and quite 
    powerful But wait, my friends... she has even more powerful spells. But you 
    won't find them with quite the regularity that you find the Fire Spell... so 
    use it wisely, use it well.
    *** *****
    The Ice Spell is quite interesting. The second strongest of the three spells 
    Sypha has available to her in the game, Sypha can shoot the Ice Spell at the 
    enemy, which doesn't damage them, but temprarily freezes them in place, encased 
    in an icy shell! From there, she can run up to them and give them a smack with 
    her Staff to permenantly dispatch them from this world for good. The Ice Spell 
    is good indeed, but quite rare to find. You might prefer it over the more 
    common Fire Spell, so make sure to try this one out as well as the Fire Spell, 
    and see which one you DO prefer!
    ********* *****
    The Lightning Spell is the strongest of the three spells available for use by 
    Sypha throughout the game. Extremely, extremely rare to find, the Lightning 
    Spell is a diamond in the rough for you to find for Sypha. When found and used, 
    the Lightning Spell's powerful... well... power... is to shoot massive and 
    strong lightning bolts into three directions, practically decimating all 
    enemies it touches... and basically every enemy on the screen. Quite powerful 
    indeed. Make sure to keep an eye out for this one. This is one spell you do not 
    want to miss by any means.
    ----------------S E C T I O N   E L E V E N   -   E N E M I E S----------------
    This section of the FAQ/Walkthrough discusses each enemy in the game that's NOT 
    a boss briefly, with a simple description for each.
    (In Alphabetical Order, according to the names I give the enemies)
    *** ******
    These highly armored enemies are difficult to kill. They carry an endless 
    amount of axes, which they throw with great skill. While their axes can be 
    destroyed in midair, it's getting close enough to attack them that will prove 
    to be the real problem. Move in close and hack away for the easiest time 
    against these otherwise pesky foes.
    A weak Castlevania enemy, you'll find Bats on almost every stage. They fly from 
    out of nowhere, and cross the screen, looking to run into you. Can be 
    surprisingly annoying if you're not expecting them, or if you don't see them. 
    Otherwise, they're easy to kill.
    ***** ********
    These enemies are literally immortal. That is to say, no matter what you do to 
    them, they won't die. They can't. You can whip them, hack them, do whatever you 
    want. They'll only fall down, and then reassemble. With these red-tinted 
    Skeletons, your best bet is to strike them and temporarily disable them, and 
    the run past them, and out of harm's way, before they come back to life. And 
    sometimes, they weild whips, making them even more annoying! Even with a whip, 
    you can't kill 'em.
    Where there is a swamp, you'll usually find this enemy. They can live under the 
    swampy waters of any swamp terrain, waiting for their prey to come by. And when 
    they do, they jump out of the swamp with great force, flying at their enemy. Be 
    careful of these hopping enemies! They move fast, and damage nicely!
    Gratefully, you don't meet these creatures until very late in the game. These 
    enemies aren't anything you have to worry about, however. It's the fact that 
    they carry Igors in and drop them, and then fly away. You can kill a Chimera 
    while he carries an Igor, but that'll just make them drop the Igor sooner! A 
    very, very, very annoying enemy, that brings an even MORE annoying enemy into 
    the picture for you! Ugh!
    These annoying airborne enemies are tenacious indeed. They sit atop their perch 
    until their foe gets close enough. Then they go airborne, and try to swoop down 
    on their enemies, damaging them in the process. It's a mystery why they bother 
    damaging their enemies however, for when they run into their foe, they 
    themselves are killed instantly.
    An eerie enemy indeed, an eyeball is just that, an eye floating through the 
    air. How they stay airborne remains a mystery, but when they fly around, they 
    try to get above their enemy, where they secrete and drip a damaging poison 
    that can hurt even the most hardened foes, including you!
    Firemen are rare enemies to find indeed. They are corpses that are forever 
    engulfed in flames. Miserable by their eternal state, they endlessly chase 
    anyone who's around, trying to share their pain. Be careful not to walk behind 
    them! Wherever they walk, the ground temporarily blazes in fire before 
    eventually going out.
    Fishmen are another one of those Castlevania enemies that... well... you can't 
    have a Castlevania game without Fishmen. These water-dwelling enemies live in 
    the waterways surrounding Dracula's castle. They randomly hop out of the water 
    and can mysteriously shoot fireballs, even if they are water creatures. Be 
    careful around them! They are annoying, and come in great numbers most often.
    ****** ****** ********
    These incredibly annoying enemies dwell areas where you are climbing, jumping, 
    et cetera. They swoop in from both sides of the screen and swoop around 
    randomly as they head from right to left or left to right, trying to collide 
    with you. They are incredibly annoying, but weak to all weaponry. They are 
    often paired with Skull Pillars, so be careful of this treacherous duo!
    These enemies are interesting, because at first, you can't even see them. Only 
    as time goes on do they appear to the naked eye so you can attack and kill 
    them. But be aware! These floating aparitions are aggressive enemies, and will 
    ceaselessly go after you until one of you dies!
    ***** ******
    You first find these enemies on the Ghost Ship in Warakiya Bay. Mysteriously, 
    these enemies are headless. However, in one hand, they hold a sword, and in the 
    other, their heads! Mysterious, but cool indeed. They weild a sword which they 
    know how to use, so make sure to keep your distance. When they strike at you 
    with their sword, that's your cue to parry and then move in for the kill.
    ***** *****
    Straight out of the mansions of Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, the Green Slimes 
    are back in Dracula's Curse. These enemies bounce around, jump around, and 
    wreak havoc whereever they go. Their small size and active personality make 
    them difficult to strike with any weapon, therefore improving their rate of 
    hitting you before you hit them. Be careful around these guys.
    A very, very annoying enemy. Probably one of the most annoying enemies in the 
    Castlevania series, ever. These bouncy creatures can be quite ellusive, so make 
    sure to kill them as soon as you can. Otherwise, they'll bounce and move all 
    around, running into you and running back before you can hit them. You'll find 
    them quite formidable for their small size.
    A mindless member of Dracula's monster army, these armored enemies look more 
    difficult than they actually are. They simply patrol their platforms, and even 
    though they weild a weapon, they don't actually use it. Two hits of the whip 
    will do these enemies in quickly.
    ****** ****
    These run-of-the-mill Castlevania enemies can be surprisingly annoying. They 
    fly at you, but swirve up and down as they do, making them both hard to attack 
    and kill, and also hard to avoid. You'll find them in the most annoying of 
    places, making your trip through Warakiya and Dracula's castle that much 
    A weak form of the Mummy boss enemy, these mummies come in massive droves from 
    a mystical electrical force that appears randomly throughout Dracula's castle 
    and surrounding areas. When you are trapped between two Mummies, you're 
    basically done, because they'll shoot their ribbons at you endlessly as they 
    move in closer for the kill! Whip and run, that's the technique to use on these 
    These night-dwelling forest enemies are only found in one area in the game - 
    the Mad Forest. You can see their eyes gazing out at you from the trees before 
    they come out and swoop at you. Make sure to attack them before they start a 
    mad swooping spree. Once they go after you, they won't stop until they're dead!
    **** *******
    These odd enemies don't have the most freakish of names, but these enemies are 
    still formidable. Sometimes they're on the ground, other times they float 
    through the air, looking like jellyfish floating through the oceans... with 
    tentacles coming down from their body. And when struck, they explode into 
    pores! Be careful!
    The Skeleton is one of the weakest enemies in the game. These bag of bones walk 
    around with no real purpose... just kinda patrolling their domain, looking to 
    run into their foe (which is the only real way they can damage you._ Easy to 
    kill, easier to avoid.
    ***** ******
    A staple of the Castlevania series, Skull Pillars are those annoying enemies 
    with two faces, one on top of another, and each facing a different way. They'll 
    shoot streams of three fireballs at you. Fortunately, these fireballs can be 
    whipped out of the air, making them harmless. In this way, you can move in 
    closely to the Skull Pillar and kill it from up close.
    ******** ******
    These formidable foes are lightly armored Skeletons, weidling a sword. And they 
    know how to use it. While they only take two hits to kill, the fact that they 
    swing their sword around every so often means you have to often attack them 
    from a safe distance. That, or wait until they swing their sword, then move in 
    and strike quickly!
    ***** *********
    An enemy that looks a lot harder then he really is, Snake Skeletons randomly 
    (and quickly) appear out of various walls and blocks, almost always before 
    doorways. They are long in size and shoot fireballs, but the only vulnerable 
    part of their bodies are the head. Being that the head is the part closest to 
    you at all times, this doesn't exactly prove to be much of a problem. And hey, 
    when you defeat them, they drop craploads of goods.
    These enemies are another one of those pesky creatures that you can't kill, no 
    matter what you do, just like the Blood Skeletons. You'll find these guys 
    exclusively revolving around various platforms, trying to collide with you and 
    knock you off, et cetera. You can slow them down with a dowsing of Holy Water, 
    but avoid these guys at all costs. There's no killin' 'em.
    These enemies are elusive at first. But then they weave a web and come down 
    from above. This is when they're vulnerable to attack, but this is ALSO when 
    they attack you. How do they attack? By tossing little spiders your way. And 
    they are very accurate. So when they are around, keep moving so they can't 
    properly lock in on you!
    ***** ********
    A ghost of the swamp, these enemies literally rise up from the swamp, 
    surrounded by the mirky waters of their terrain. Although it's unclear what's 
    underneath all of the dirt and mirky water that surrounds their true body, one 
    thing is for certain - these enemies move quickly and are quite formidable. So 
    keep a look out for them. They literally appear out of no where.
    ******** ********
    The Throwing Skeleton is a smarter version of the Skeleton. These Skeletons 
    move quicker than their weaker counterparts, and can throw bones at you to 
    boot. These guys are especially annoying to fight when they're underneath or 
    above you, throwing bones at you from a safe distance.
    **** ********
    A Whip Skeleton is basically a Skeleton equipped with a whip. Slightly stronger 
    and faster than a regular Skeleton, these enemies attack just as Trevor Belmont 
    does... although the Whip Skeleton doesn't use the whip with nearly the skill 
    and prowess that Trevor does.
    The most brainless and simplistic enemy in the game, these enemies come out of 
    the ground and start walking towards you. They are easy to kill, but can 
    actually sneak up on you from underneath. When they are around, make sure to 
    tread carefully, or they'll come up from underneath you and actually damage 
    -----------------S E C T I O N   T W E L V E   -   B O S S E S-----------------
    Welcome to the bosses section of the guide. If you think this looks familiar, 
    you're right... it's pound for pound a copy and paste job from my Boss FAQ on 
    Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, also found at GameFAQs. You can see the Boss 
    FAQ in its entirety at the following URL:
    Some of you might think this technique to be cheap... easy KB or whatever. 
    Guess what? I don't care. Why the hell would I write the boss strategies for 
    the game over again when I already have them written on a seperate document. I 
    can plagerize my own work, thanks. =)
    -STAGE: 1 (ONE)
    -BOSS NAME: Skeleton Knight (Unofficial)
    -WEAPON(S): Sword
    -STRATEGY: The Skeleton Knight is the first boss character you fight in the 
    game, and is very, very simple to defeat. While the only candles you have in 
    the fight screen holds a heart (there's one candle), you don't need any 
    Warakiya weapons or hearts for this fight (although you should have an Axe or 
    Dagger, if you got them in the candles during the stage). There are two 
    platforms in the fight screen, and as the fight begins, the Skeleton Knight 
    comes from the left... so jump onto the right platform and crouch down. The 
    Skeleton Knight moves slow and has no attacks, other than swinging his sword, 
    and then walking slowly. As you're crouched down, start swinging that whip at 
    his head, over and over again. While you don't have to hit him in the head to 
    damage him, being on that platform will make you higher in the air than he is, 
    and crouching down is the only way you can hit him. Coincidentally, the head is 
    the only part of his body you can hit from there, if you follow what I'm 
    saying. Swing, swing, swing, and each hit of the whip will take two bars off of 
    his life meter. He'll be done in mere seconds with this technique, if you're 
    persistant with it, and do it correctly.
    -STAGE: 2 (TWO)
    -BOSS NAME: Grant DaNasty
    -WEAPONS: Daggers
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dagger
    -STRATEGY: Grant DaNasty isn't actually himself in this battle. He's a monster 
    version of himself, a pretty menacing looking green monster, reminding me a bit 
    of an alien. =) In anycase, he's still easy, but he has the use of Daggers in 
    the battle, identical to the Daggers you can use. That's all you really need to 
    be careful of in the battle. He can grip to walls and ceilings briefly, just 
    like Grant can when he's in his human form, staying true to form, so to speak. 
    But in anycase, get up close and start hacking with your Whip. If you want to 
    keep your distance, use the weak-but-still-potent Daggers from afar, to combat 
    his Daggers... fire versus fire, if you will. He's easy, and you get to use 
    Grant after you beat him (if you choose to)... which is always cool.
    -STAGE: 3 (THREE)
    -BOSS NAME: Hammer Cyclops
    -WEAPONS: Hammer
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dagger
    -STRATEGY: The Hammer Cyclops is an interesting enemy, and can be difficult if 
    you don't do something right at the outset of the battle. When the battle 
    begins, DO NOT DESTROY THE LOWER BLOCK ON THE LEFT, which can be destroyed to 
    reveal a five heart piece. Instead, jump up on it and stay there, and on the 
    platform left of it. Doing this, you'll be safe from the Hammer Cyclops 
    completly. When he walks towards you, whip at his head (the only weak spot on 
    his body to any attacks) and then jump to your left to the above platform, and 
    wait for him to walk away. Then repeat this process. If he runs towards you, 
    simply avoid him all together and again wait for him to walk away. If you're 
    fighting him on the ground, be weary of his hammer, which he smashes to the 
    ground quickly and accuratly if you happen to be in the way. And a cool little 
    trick - if you go into battle with him with the Dagger, try shooting it at his 
    head while the lightning in the background is going. If you do this right, the 
    Dagger will attract the lightning and do extra damage to him! It's a cool 
    trick, so you should really try it out if you have the patience. Otherwise, you 
    get Sypha if you want him at the end of the battle. And on we go.
    -STAGE: 4 (FOUR)
    -BOSS NAME: Vampire Bat
    -WEAPONS: None.
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Boomerang
    -STRATEGY: If for whatever reason you choose to go to this stage instead of 
    going to the Sypha stage (stage 3), you'll fight this boss at the end. The 
    Vampire Bat isn't your traditional Vampire Bat boss, as found in the original 
    Castlevania. He's actually quite simple. Everytime you hit the bat, it splits 
    into twos. So the first time you hit it, it'll split into two, then hitting 
    each of the splits will split them, and so on and so forth. Since they have no 
    weapons (like fireballs or anything), you should have no problems. There is a 
    Boomerang on this stage... if you've managed to keep it to this point in the 
    stage, use the Boomerang on the Bats too, and you can hit and kill multiple at 
    the same time. It's a real life saver, trust me. =) In anycase, you should 
    never have to fight here anyway, because, in all honesty, unless you're bored 
    and beat the game before, you should never choose this stage over the Sypha 
    stage, period. =)
    -STAGE: 4A (FOUR A)
    -BOSS NAME: Medusa (Mini-Boss)
    -WEAPONS: Bow and Arrow/Sonic Waves
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dagger
    -STRATEGY: Medusa is the mini-boss on the pirate ship. She's pretty difficult 
    this time around in comparison to her appearance in the original Castlevania... 
    'tis a beautiful thing. In anycase, she has two modes of attack. One, she 
    shoots Snakes out of her bow, a bow and arrow, if you will. When these strike 
    you, they do normal (but ample) damage to you. The other attack she has is this 
    sonic attack, that when she hits you, it turns you into stone. Naturally, this 
    fits in nicely with the myth of Medusa (you could never look at her eyes, or 
    you'd turn to stone). She's simple though. If you have a good amount of energy, 
    run up to her and whip away until she's defeated. If not, stay away and chuck 
    Daggers at her from afar, and take safety in the upper lefthand corner of the 
    room. While she can still hit you up there with the snakes from her bow, he 
    gives you a little more room to maneuver and jump, et cetera, making this fight 
    far easier.
    -STAGE: 4A (FOUR A)
    -BOSS NAME: Mummies/Hammer Cyclops
    -WEAPONS: Bandages/Hammer
    -STRATEGY: God, it seems like half of the game has been a reintroduction to the 
    original Castlevania boss enemies. First the Vampire Bat, then Medusa, now 
    Mummies. Well this boss fight is interesting, because it's basically two boss 
    fights in one. As you enter the boss lair, you'll notice two caskets, one on 
    either side. As the fight begins, a skull ghost will appear. You can't hurt 
    him, so don't bother. He'll go into the left casket and two Mummies will come 
    out. They move in opposite directions and shoot bandages. If your health is 
    high when you come into the battle, stand a bit to the right of the casket, and 
    as they come out, just whip whip whip! You can destroy the bandages that they 
    shoot at you with your whip as well, so keep that in mind. You can kill one, 
    which makes the fight much easier when it's one Mummy versus you. At that 
    point, just run up to the remaining bastard and stick a fork in him, 'cause 
    he's done! When he's defeated, the Skull Ghost comes back, this time going into 
    the righthand side casket. In this casket is a remake of the Hammer Cyclops we 
    fought earlier. A carbon copy, really. No harder or easier, same attacks, et 
    cetera. If you need a tip on him, see the strategy for him above, he was on 
    stage three, for reference. =)
    -STAGE: 5 (FIVE)
    -BOSS NAME: Alucard
    -WEAPONS: Fireballs
    -STRATEGY: Dracula had a son, if you didn't know. His name? Alucard. Cleverly, 
    Dracula spelt his name backwards and named his son friggin' Alucard. Oh the 
    originality! But that's not what this guide is for... this is a boss FAQ 
    damnit! Alucard's fight is easy, you can beat it easily without getting hit. As 
    the fight begins, Bats come out of the coffin in the middle of the room. You 
    can't damage them, they can't damage you, so no worries. In anycase, they fly 
    around and stop, and form up Alucard (who is a Dracula look alike, trust me). 
    He opens up his cape, shoots three fireballs, and turns back into a bat. That's 
    all he does. So this is what YOU do. When he appears, jump up and whip him in 
    his head (that's the only part of his body you can damage him), then whip at 
    his chest as he fires fireballs at you to destroy them, and then he'll turn 
    into bats and do this all over again. So keep repeating this process and he'll 
    be defeated before you know it. Then you can decide if you want to take him 
    with you or not, et cetera. Naturally, you should take him with you. He's the 
    best companion you can get, in my opinion, unless you're really skilled and can 
    use Sypha properly.
    -STAGE: 5A (FIVE A)
    -BOSS NAME: Frankenstein
    -WEAPONS: Falling Debris
    -STRATEGY: Like many other bosses we've come across in the game thusfar, 
    Frankenstein is another blast-from-the-past boss enemy from the original 
    Castlevania. Thankfully, however, Frankenstein is a little different in this 
    game then he was in the original version, and is a lot easier to defeat. As 
    Frankenstein enters into the room from the left, start jumping up and whipping 
    him in his head. It's his only weak point, and hence the only place you can 
    damage him. When you can get to his left, hit the first block platform with 
    your whip to reveal some meat, which you will probably need, as the stage 
    getting to him is pretty long and arduous. In anycase, Frankenstein has one 
    attack, and that is to stomp on the ground, which causes an earthquake. Through 
    this earthquake, debris falls from the ceiling, to damage you. Avoid it the 
    best you can, and bare in mind that you can use the platforms in the air all 
    over the room as protection from the debris by simply standing under them. If 
    you don't want to have to jump and whip to hit him, get on one of these 
    platforms and hack away at his head... just be careful that he doesn't run into 
    you. Also avoid his seldomly used attack, which is throwing a block (identical 
    to the ones that fall from the ceiling) at you. They're easily avoided, 
    however. The battle seems hard, but it's actually quite simple for this stage 
    in the game.
    -STAGE: 6 (SIX)
    -BOSS NAME: Frankenstein
    -WEAPONS: Falling Debris
    -STRATEGY: No, this isn't a damn typo. Frankenstein is the boss of this stage 
    too, so either path you take, you'll end up fighting him. Indeed, it's a lame 
    programmer's shortcut, but what are you going to do. If you need a strategy on 
    him, just look straight above to the previous boss. You'll find that it's also 
    Frankenstein, and that the strategy is the same for the most part. Just take 
    out the parts about the hidden meat in the destroyable block, and hiding under 
    platforms. Otherwise, you should be just fine. =)
    -STAGE: 6A (SIX A)
    -BOSS NAME: Water Serpents
    -WEAPONS: Fire Breath
    -STRATEGY: The Water Serpents can be a real pain in the ass if you don't really 
    analyze what they do, and act accordingly. The Water Serpents are a duo that 
    shoot out of the water in the lair and shoot their fire breath at you. The 
    thing is, one hit will basically kill you; not on the health meter, but one hit 
    will knock you into the water, and you'll be dead. The lair of these enemies is 
    three platforms suspended over the water that they dwell in. You have to 
    strategically place yourself and move around on the middle platform to avoid 
    their attacks while still being in a good attack position yourself. Don't 
    concern yourself with the other platforms in the lair, the middle one is the 
    longest, and hence the easiest to maneuver on. It's vital that you stay there, 
    in that case. Other than that, when they come out of the water, they do it in 
    different areas, randomly, and at different heights. If they come up right at 
    your feet, run to the other side of the platform, otherwise, they'll knock your 
    ass right into the water. Oh, and they're only vulnerable to attack in their 
    heads, like every other enemy in the game. =P Make sure to have the Axe in your 
    inventory when you go to fight, too. They're uber-useful to hit the Serpents 
    from a long distance away. What else is there to say? This battle can be 
    difficult, but be tenacious and weary, and take your time. There is no rush.
    -STAGE: 6B (SIX B)
    -BOSS NAME: Skeleton Dragon (Both Appearances)
    -WEAPONS: His Body
    -STRATEGY: The Skeleton Dragon is a boss enemy that has no attacks, but can 
    still be quite potent. He is simply a long dragon skeleton that floats around 
    his lair, and goes after you. That's the catch with him, he actually goes after 
    you, goes around you and closes in. It's hard to really describe what he does 
    in detail, but you'll fully understand when you actually fight him. In anycase, 
    this fight happens in two parts. You fight the first half in one room and the 
    second half in another room. Don't worry, once you've halved his energy meter, 
    he escapes, and then you fight the OTHER half of the energy meter in the other 
    fight. In otherwords, it's not two full boss fights. In anycase, you have to 
    hit him in his head to damage him, and each his will shorten his body, making 
    him shorter, but slightly faster. It's a little give and take, you see. You 
    will get hit in both fights, it's a given, just make sure to put yourself on a 
    platform, in the middle, where you won't get hit into the water below. 'Cause 
    naturally, you'd die right away, and that always sucks.
    -STAGE: 7 (SEVEN)
    -BOSS NAME: Vampire Bat (Mini-Boss)
    -WEAPONS: None.
    -STRATEGY: Identical to the Vampire Bat boss we fought on stage four. If you 
    need a strategy, go there for it, so I don't have to retype it. He's only the 
    mini-boss here anyway, and is super easy to take down.
    -STAGE: 7 (SEVEN)
    -BOSS NAME: Mummies/Hammer Cyclops/Gargoyle
    -WEAPONS: Bandages/Hammer/Fireballs
    -STRATEGY: The main boss on stage seven is actually a trio. There are three 
    coffins in the room. The leftmost one is the one the Skull Ghost opens first, 
    in which are Mummies. We've fought these guys before. If you need a strategy 
    for them, see the stage 4A boss strategy. As far as the righthand coffin, that 
    holds the Hammer Cyclops, which we fought on stage three AND four, so see those 
    strategies if you need help. The middle coffin, however, holds a Gargoyle, a 
    new boss enemy indeed. The Gargoyle is huge, making him easy to hit. However, 
    he jumps around and shoots fireballs, and his massive body makes him very, very 
    difficult to avoid. Use his large massive body to your advantage, however, and 
    whip him as much as you can. When he jumps in the air and hovers for a second, 
    run underneath him, turn around, and repeat this process. It's that simple, and 
    the Gargoyle isn't hard using this technique, as long as you don't get 
    cornered. If you allow him to corner you, well... that's a whole 'nother story, 
    ain't it? If he does corner you, do anything you can (including running through 
    him) to get out of it. Surely you'll get damaged running through him, but he 
    will destroy you in a corner, like those cheesy kids at arcades that like to 
    Hadoken you in a corner over and over again... but I still beat them anyway. Go 
    -STAGE: 7A (SEVEN A)
    -BOSS NAME: Mummies/Hammer Cyclops/Gargoyle
    -WEAPONS: Bandages/Hammer/Fireballs
    -STRATEGY: Same as Stage 7's boss trio. So either path you take, you end up 
    fighting the same enemies. Ugh. In anycase, if you need help, see the above 
    description (for stage 7)...
    -STAGE: 8 (EIGHT)
    -BOSS NAME: Grim Reaper (First Form)
    -WEAPONS: Scythes
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Boomerang
    -STRATEGY: First and foremost, make SURE you get the Boomerang before you enter 
    this fight. It's in a candle before you get here, so there should be no excuse 
    for not having it. The fight with Grim Reaper is a hard one, and it's totally 
    an exchange of blows. You will get hit, but you have to outhit him, if you 
    understand what I'm saying. This isn't a battle of real skill, but of pure 
    quickness. As the Grim Reaper appears in the middle of the room in the air, 
    jump to the righthand side upper block, and toss a Boomerang at him. It'll hit 
    him once on the way there. Then jump, hit him with your whip, and land on the 
    ground. As the Boomerang comes back, it'll hit him again. After that, it's a 
    pure melee. He'll make scythes appear all over the room and they'll fly at you. 
    Destroy them if you can, or avoid them, whichever, and keep on whipping him and 
    throwing those Boomerangs. The quicker you beat him, the better... he's not 
    THAT hard, but he's a menacing guy to beat because he does so much damage to 
    you that FOUR HITS will do you in... plus, you have to save your energy for his 
    second form, which is much easier, but can still be a pain in the butt. So as 
    he floats around, throwing scythes, whip him and Boomerang him liberally, and 
    hopefully, he'll fall before you do. But then, he turns into something else...
    -STAGE: 8 (EIGHT)
    -BOSS NAME: Death Skull (Grim Reaper's second form)
    -WEAPONS: Scythes
    -STRATEGY: Okay, after the Grim Reaper dies, the screen turns black and this 
    HUGE skull appears on the screen. This is the Death Skull. He's really, really 
    easy, and there's no real excuse for you to get hit while you're fighting him. 
    He's vulnerable all over his form, and his form is HUGE, so flail that whip 
    around like you mean it, and you'll most certainly hit him. He is NOT 
    vulnerable to any sort of special weapon, including your Boomerang, so be weary 
    of that. Whip only, here. He can shoot one scythe at a time out of his mouth, 
    which is nothing; just whip it out of the air, to bring yourself out of harm's 
    way. The catch with the Death Skull is it can travel from one end of the screen 
    to another. That is to say, if it goes into the left of the screen, it comes 
    out of the right end of the screen to compensate, a lot like Pac Man, if my 
    analogy so fits. In anycase, you'll find in this fight that size doesn't always 
    matter. =) He is 20 times bigger than you, and you'll still whoop his butt... 
    trust me. There's nothing else to be said here, so sorry for the short 
    -STAGE: 9 (NINE)
    -BOSS NAME: Clone
    -WEAPONS: Whatever Weapon You Have
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Dirty Trick
    -STRATEGY: The Clone is basically like the clone in the original Mega Man... a 
    clone of you. The difference there is that he doesn't mimic everything you do. 
    Instead, he fights on his own, he's just a clone of whatever character you're 
    using (that means if you change into Alucard, so does he, Sypha, or Grant, the 
    same), and fights with whatever weaponry would be open to that particular 
    character. The catch is... well... the clone boss can be the hardest boss in 
    the game, that is unless you cheat a bit. There are two possible cheating 
    methods to use on the Clone. If you're not interested, then you'll have no 
    choice then to fight him like a man. But it's hard. The two cheating methods 
    are... pressing select often to switch between Trevor and your spirit guide. 
    When the spirit guide on the clone side comes up, switch back to Trevor. When 
    Trevor comes up, whip him and then quickly switch back. Repeat this process for 
    awhile and you'll chip away at the clone's energy until he's no more. The other 
    cheating method, which I claim to be founded by ME is the following glitch.
    Get the character onto the platform in the middle of the room. Then start 
    switching back and forth between Trevor and your other character. If you switch 
    at the right pace, which isn't too fast, but not too slow either, the character 
    will get caught in the black box underneath the platform, and unable to move. 
    Then you can just whip the crap out of the character until he's no more. Either 
    way, that's the end of the clone.
    -STAGE: 10 (TEN)
    -BOSS NAME: Count Dracula
    -WEAPONS: Fire, Disappearing
    -PRIMARY WEAKNESS: Whip/Boomerang
    -STRATEGY: There are a few forms of Dracula, but since the first form is 
    probably the hardest, I'll concentrate on it. As you walk into his lair, he 
    gets up from his relaxed position in his chair. Then, he casts two fire pillars 
    on either side of you so you can't move, and then a huge fire pillar shoots up 
    right in the middle of the two other pillars, damaging you. To avoid this, jump 
    out of the way of the original fire pillars before they get too tall to jump 
    over, then jump up and start whipping at his head and chuck some Boomerangs at 
    his head for good measure. It's not too hard, but it takes practice. 
    Frustratingly, if and when you die against him, you start like back in the 
    middle of the stage, which SUCKS. Try getting to him with perfect health. It's 
    vital that you have all of the health you can possibly have going into the 
    battle, to account for any mistakes you make.
    --------------S E C T I O N   T H I R T E E N   -   S E C R E T S--------------
    This section of my FAQ/Walkthrough shows you a few secrets for you to try your 
    hand at in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. There aren't that many, but they 
    are still quite worth trying your hand at.
    A commonly known secret, Wolf Legs (which heal your energy meter) can be found 
    within blocks throughout the game. Whip, slash, or bash various walls that may 
    seem suspicious to you to find these valuable items that will allow you to live 
    on. You can find other goodies in the walls too, including big hearts, and 
    II/III blocks.
    When you fight the Clone boss on stage nine, there is a way to trap him in the 
    floor and destroy him before he can ever get free to attack you. How exactly do 
    you do this? Well it's simple really, but doesn't really need to be repeated. 
    So, for more information on this, see the boss section, and read the Clone boss 
    description. That'll tell you completely how to defeat the Clone with very 
    little to no problem.
    One thing Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse has that kicks complete and total 
    ass is music. The music in this game, for MIDI format music, absolutely rocks. 
    So you want to listen to it? Cool beans. It's quite simple to be able to do 
    this, too. There's a FAQ by a dude named Ethereal that you can find at GameFAQs 
    at the following URL:
    Go there to discover for yourself the wonders of music in Castlevania III: 
    Dracula's Curse.
    To start the game with ten lives right off the bat, enter HELP ME as your 
    name... it's that simple!
    For a password compilation, by Redrum, which can be found on GameFAQs, please 
    consult the following URL:
    Usually in Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse, when you start the game from the 
    beginning, you have Trevor, and Trevor only. But there is a way to start with 
    any spirit in the game, along with Trevor, from the very beginning. How? It's 
    simple. Enter the following names at the beginning of the game for the 
    corresponding character you'd like to have...
    Fujimoto - Grant  
    Urata - Sypha 
    Okuda - Alucard
    ----------S E C T I O N   F O U R T E E N   -   G E N E R A L   F A Q----------
    This section of the guide is the "General FAQ", or just a few frequently asked 
    questions about Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. In past guides I've written, 
    the General FAQ can get to reach 40 and 50 questions... don't expect even 10% 
    of that here. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse doesn't leave a whole lot 
    1.) Q - Which character do you recommend using?
        A - You know, that's a tough question to answer. Hell, it doesn't even 
    really HAVE an answer. There are far too many factors to factor in on what 
    makes one character better than another. While I graded them in the Characters 
    section of this FAQ/Walkthrough, it's entirely impossible to tell you the best 
    character overall. I graded the characters in the Characters section based on 
    concrete things, such as jumping ability and strength. It's all about who you 
    are comfortable with, who you are good at using, and even more importantly, 
    what stage you happen to be on. While Trevor Belmont remains the strongest 
    overall character in the game, certain stages might command Alucard's ability 
    to turn into a bat and fly, Grant's ability to scale walls and ceilings, or 
    Sypha's incredibly powerful spellcasting ability. It truly is in the eye of the 
    beholder. Go with who you're comfortable with. That's your best bet.
    2.) Q - Do each of the four characters have individual endings?
        A - Yes, they do. There are a total of four different endings for you to 
    get in this game. For a description on each ending, please see the Ending 
    section of the FAQ/Walkthrough.
    ------------S E C T I O N   F I F T E E N   -   I N   C L O S I N G------------
    Well my friends, it's time to close this guide out! =) I hope you found it very 
    helpful... I very much enjoyed writing it. It was fun, as is the game, and I'm 
    sure that it was/is/will be enjoyable for you as well. And hey, if you have 
    game related questions, comments, suggestions - whatever, e-mail them my way, 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. And make sure to put Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (or 
    whatever game you're writing in on, I have twenty-five other guides), in the 
    header as the topic, so I know what the hell you're talking about. =) Take it 
    Thanks to Astroblue, fellow FAQ writer and good friend, for making my ASCII 
    I'd like to take this chance to thank a friend of mine, Devin Morgan, a fellow 
    FAQ writer on GameFAQs, for just being a good guy, a good friend, and someone I 
    can talk to about everything. Thanks Dev. Thanks should also go out to other 
    fellow FAQers, including Nemesis, flowerpot, MetroidMoo, AdrenalineSL, Psycho 
    Penguin, Meowthnum1, et cetera.
    ------S E C T I O N   S I X T E E N   -   A B O U T   T H E   A U T H O R------
    [accurate as of August 08, 2002]
    I'm a 17 year old, and graduated from high school in June of 2002. I live on 
    Long Island, in New York, about half an hour from New York City. I play ice 
    hockey, I worked at a deli, until recently, when I quit (^_^) and I love 
    videogames, especially RPGs. My favorite series for videogames include the 
    Final Fantasy series (excluding VIII), the Dragon Warrior/Quest series, the 
    Mega Man series, and the Tales series. I aspire to go to Northeastern 
    University in the fall of 2002 to study History and Law.
    This walkthrough is copyright (c) 2002 to Colin Moriarty (CMoriarty), e-mail 
    cmoriarty311@cs.com. All rights reserved. Completely unofficial - Castlevania 
    and all related items copyrighted 1990 to Konami Japan/US, all rights reserved!

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