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    Boss FAQ by Pegboy

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/11/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                --/      \_/\_
              /    ___        /
            /_    /_  \__    /
              /    /     \  / 
            /     |       \/ _____  ___    _  _____  _______   __
           |      |         |  _  ||   \  | ||___  ||____   \ /   \
           |/|   _\         | | | || |\ \ | |    | ||   __  / | |\ \
             /  \           | |_| || | \ \| |    | ||  |  \ \ |   _ \
             \   \/\_____   |_____||_|  \__/     |_||__|  |__||__| |_\
              \_         \________
                \____  ______/
    Contra Boss FAQ
    v. 1.1
    (C) Pegboy 2003
    All rights reserved
    This FAQ is copyright Pegboy (Derek Kader) 2003 and should not be copied, in 
    whole or in part, changed in any way, shape or form, stolen from, or any other 
    illegal crap that you might try to pull. If you'd like to use part of it or 
    post it on your website, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com. Also, if you see it on 
    any other site besides www.gamefaqs.com, e-mail me so I can take care of the 
    If you have anything to add, be it strategies, tips, tricks, or if you know 
    the real names of any bosses, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com. I will credit you 
    with the info in the next update. That being said, sit back, have a coke and 
    enjoy the guide!
                                 TABLE OF CONTENTS
    I.    Intro and Notes
    II.   Version History
    III.  Bosses
         | 1. Jungle Boss
         | 2. Base 1 Boss
         | 3. Waterfall Boss
         | 4. Base 2 Boss
         | 5. Ice Field Boss
         | 6. Energy Zone Boss
         | 7. Hangar Boss
         | 8. Red Falcon
    IV.   Credits and Legal Stuff
    This is not a walkthrough for Contra. However, it is a strategy guide on how 
    to defeat the eight bosses in the game. As I do not know the names of the 
    bosses (except for the boss in Alien's Lair), I will simply call them, for 
    example in Level 1, the Jungle, the Jungle Boss. Suits the purpose quite 
    nicely, doesn't it? So, don't expect a walkthrough for the game, this is 
    simply a Boss Strategy Guide.
    Why did I do a Boss FAQ for Contra. Two reasons. First, lack of a Boss FAQ on 
    this site, so I thought to myself, hey, why not? Second, Contra just rocks. 
    Period. A classic shoot'em up style game, Contra was originally in arcades all 
    over. When Konami realized what a big hit it had become, they decided to 
    release it on the NES. I just had to contribute something towards this awesome 
    game, and, as there was a lack of an FAQ like this, I wrote one.
    V. 1.0 - First version of the guide, if you couldn't guess. Why are you 
    reading the Version History section anyway? Get on to the guide!
    V. 1.1 (7/11/04) - Corrected some minor spelling errors.
    There are eight stages in Contra, with a boss at the end of each one. Hence, 
    there are eight bosses. Easy enough to figure out, so if you need help with 
    any of them, here it is. Feel free to skip down to the boss of your choice.
    Note, though, that each boss fight will be taken from the standpoint that you 
    have only the normal gun and that you are playing solo, just in case you have 
    to fight with the bare minimum.
                                    |Jungle Boss|
    The boss at the end of the Jungle stage is comprised of three main parts. It 
    is a big wall that blocks your path two the next level. It has two guns in the 
    middle of it that are constantly firing red plasma-like balls and a red target 
    at the bottom of it that does nothing, but acts more or less like a seal that 
    you have to break to defeat him. There is also a sniper sitting in the top of 
    it, partially covered up so it makes him harder to see.
    First, take out the sniper at the top of the tower. He's just a nuiscence and 
    is the easiest part to take out. Next, concentrate on the two plasma guns in 
    the center of the tower. Drop down to the small platform that is below the top 
    one and to the right. Stand on the far left of it and you should be out of 
    harm's way. Let loose a barage of bullets until the gun blows up. Repeat the 
    process for the second gun; you shouldn't have to move from your current 
    position. Then, fall to the platform that is below and two the right of the 
    one you are on and lay down. Continueously shoot at the final part, the red 
    flashing target until it is destroyed.
                                    |Base 1 Boss|
    Base 1 boss is composed of four targets that you need to destroy, and also two 
    guns that are optional to destroy but I strongly suggest you do. He is set up 
    like so:
                               | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| |
                               | |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| |
                               | |                 | |
                               | |_________________| |
                               | |  G   -\T/-   G  | |
                               | |_|_|_|_____|_|_|_| |
                               | |  T  __ T __  T  | |
                               | |                 | |
        KEY    |
    T = Target |
    G = Gun    |
    Go to the right or left and start shooting at a target. Avoid any shots that 
    might be a threat, as the two guns situated on both sides shoot three shots in 
    a spread gun-like manner. Whenver the first target blows up, destory the gun 
    that is sitting behind where it was. The guns only take a few shots to go 
    down. Whenever you have one of the sides shut down, head over to the opposite 
    side and do the same thing. When both sides have been taken out, destroy the 
    two targets in the center of the structure.
    When all four targets have been destroyed, an eye will appear in the empty 
    space near the top of the enemy. It will move back and forth quickly across 
    the area in which it is contained and it will shoot blue fire rings. The 
    rings can be destroyed with two shots. Constantly shoot at the eye and each 
    time a bullet comes in contact with it, it turns red briefly. As it gets wore 
    down, the rings come out faster and in more quantity. Continue until it is 
                                   |Waterfall Boss|
    This boss looks very much like your classic view of an alien, like in many 
    movies. He sits atop a mound of rocks and is blocking the entrance to the next 
    level. He is a huge green alien with red eyes and has arm-like, tentacle 
    extensions that come out from what appear to be arm sockets.
    His appendages will come out from his sockets at the beginning of the battle 
    and flail around wildly. They shoot small fireball rings out every so often. 
    Every once in a while his tentacles will stiffen up, giving you a free couple 
    of shots, but not usually enough time to destroy them. He is vulnerable in his 
    head/mouth area and you should concentrate there instead of his arms, because 
    it's not worth the time and effort to destroy them. He will shoot three 
    fire rings from his mouth in spread shot form so be careful. He can only be 
    hurt when his mouth is open, in the process of spitting out fire, so bascially 
    dodge his attacks until he is vulnerable and then attack. Repeat this several 
    times and he should go down without too much of a struggle. When he dies, his 
    head will explode and the entrance to the next level will open up.
                                    |Base 2 Boss|
    The Base 2 boss looks very similar to the Base 1 boss. It has three areas, a 
    bottom row containing three targets, a middle row with a gun, and a top row 
    that is empty until you destroy the three targets.
    There are platforms in the background between the three layers where normal 
    game enemy soldiers will come out and attack you. Ignore them for the most 
    part and turn your attention towards the center target. Destroy it while 
    avoiding shots from the gun behind it, and then take out the gun. Move to 
    either the right or left, taking out the target on there, then switch sides 
    and take out the other one. When all three targets have been destroyed, two 
    heads will appear in the empty space on the top row. These heads will shoot 
    bubbles, poison bubbles, I'm guessing, and they act much like homing missiles. 
    They will follow you around, and to get rid of them simply shoot them once. 
    The two heads will split into two more heads, making a total of four, and then 
    come back together. The heads are only vulnerable when they are together (when 
    there are two of them). During the time they are split into four, they will 
    appear holographic, continue to shoot the bubbles, and not be able to be hurt. 
    Shoot at either one of them when they are together until they are both done 
    with. You will have to jump around and move a lot to avoid the bubbles, and 
    this boss is aggrevating then most.
                                   |Ice Field Boss|
    The boss in the Ice Field resembles a small spaceship and is quite easy to 
    He will teleport around the screen every so often throughout the battle. Get 
    under him whenever he first teleports to a new area and fire away. He will 
    drop small fireballs and even smaller spaceships will come out from each of 
    his sides, land on the ground, and come rushing towards you. With a partner, 
    it's much easier because you can have one person take out the little ships and 
    have the other destroy the boss. Anways, all you have to do is stand under him 
    and shoot constantly and he will be defeated.
                                  |Energy Zone Boss|
    This boss is basically a giant robot, around four times your size. He is blue 
    and red, and will change colors throughout the fight as his energy goes 
    He will walk back and forth across the screen, stopping every once in a while 
    on either side. When he stops, he will jump up in the air, as many as one to 
    four or five times, and occasionally throw out a little spiked discus that 
    will land on the ground an come charging at you, much like the projectiles of 
    the Ice Field boss. The key to beating this guy is the timing of your jumps. 
    When he walks across the screen towards you, you are forced to jump over him, 
    and if your timing's not right, you won't make it and you'll lose a life. 
    Wait until he's about a quarter to a half-inch away from you before you jump, 
    and you should land on the other side. When your not busy getting over him, 
    shoot him repeatedly. He will change color from blue to purple, purple to red, 
    and finally he will explode. The door will open up and you move on to the next 
                                    |Hangar Boss|
    This boss is composed of several parts. There is a target above the doorway 
    that leads to the next level, and from that door, regular soldier enemies keep 
    pouring out three at a time. Below the platform that you are on, there are two 
    guns that shoot a plasma ball up, it explodes in mid-air into three balls, and 
    they come raining down on you.
    If you're daring (i.e. you're using the Konami code), there is a very easy way 
    to defeat this boss. Simply run up to the doorway, angle your gun up, and 
    shoot away until the target explodes and the door opens. But, if not, you need 
    to first take out the two guns below. While dodging enemies coming from the 
    doorway, jump in the air and angle your gun down at the two guns and fire at 
    them until they are destroyed. This can be a long process, but stick with it. 
    When they are finally both done with, you can concentrate on shooting the 
    target until it explodes, opening the door and allowing you to pass into the 
    next level.
                                |Last Level Mini-Boss|
    Before you reach Red Falcon, there is a mini-boss that you must fight 
    somewhere in the middle of the level. He is a big, worm/alien head that stems 
    down from the top right hand corner of the screen. He is shooting about little 
    aliens from his mouth during the battle.
    There is a barrier of alien egg shells in front of him. Stand up against the 
    barrier and angle your gun towards him, then fire away. Just make sure that 
    you jump every once in a while to avoid the alien spawns and you should be 
    through with him in no time.
                                     |Red Falcon|
    The showdown with the final boss in the game is actually quite easy. Red 
    Falcon is a big, heart-looking organ that pumps out the little aliens that 
    you see during this stage. He has four pods, two below him and two above him, 
    that the aliens are popping out of.
    Stay to the far left when you enter the battle and take out the alien thing 
    below you. Staying to the left, lay down and shoot at the two pods on the 
    ground until you have destroy both of them, but be careful to pay attention to 
    the aliens coming from his top two pods. To avoid them, time your jumps when 
    they fall down from the ceiling. After the two bottom pods are gone, run up to
    him and do the same thing you did with mini-boss. The more plasma you pump 
    into him, the faster his beat gets. When he can take no more, he explodes and 
    your journey is over.
    Congradulations! You have beaten every boss in this timeless classic!
    Or better yet:
    A HERO.
    This FAQ is copyright Pegboy (Derek Kader) 2003 and should not be copied, in 
    whole or in part, changed in any way, shape or form, stolen from, or any other 
    illegal crap that you might try to pull. If you'd like to use part of it or 
    post it on your website, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com. Also, if you see it on 
    any other site besides www.gamefaqs.com, e-mail me so I can take care of the 
    If you have anything to add, be it strategies, tips, tricks, or if you know 
    the real names of any bosses, e-mail me at kader3@msn.com. I will credit you 
    with the info in the next update.
    If you know someone who needs or wants this guide, don't be a jerk. Give it to
    'em for free! Don't charge money for MY work!
    I would like to thank the following people/sites/corporations:
    GameFAQs - For hosting my FAQs and whatnot.
    CJayC - For posting my junk on his awesome site.
    Konami - For creating this awesome title, Contra.
    Nintendo - For releasing this game on their system, and for so many good 
    Also, anybody who helped me develop my writing ability or got me interested in 
    writing FAQs, guides, and reviews for games.
    Stolen property? If you find my guide on any sites other than www.gamefaqs.com 
    please report it to me immediately by e-mailing me at kader3@msn.com. Thanks 
    a bunch!
    As always, the newest version of this guide can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
    Please, feel free to enjoy this game and use this guide to your advantage (but 
    don't overdo it). Have fun playing Contra and have a great day!
    (C) Pegboy (Derek Kader) 2003

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