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    Game Genie Codes by severedmagestic

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    Castlevania Game Genie Codes
    Author: severedmagestic<coldsoldier666@hotmail.com>
    Version: ???(updates will come as list expands)
    Copyright 2003 Corey Neal
    This is my third attempt at writing a FAQ and this time I came ready with TONS
    of Castlevania Custom patch codes, (The list took 3 years to accumulate) and 
    hopefully can help you in at least one way, The current list contains 88 codes
    and hopefully, more to come in the future!
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    First of all, I made ALL these codes all by MYSELF, if you found the same code
    as I did, then its not my fault, I dont have the time to go searching the web
    for game genie codes that may or not be there, I just don't have the time, 
    however, if you want to contribute codes so that I can include them in an
    update, knock yourself out, I will make sure you get full credit for them,
    the bigger the list, the better the list!
    Now that im done jabbering, lets get down to the codes.
    ----------------------------------The Codes-----------------------------------
    TOOPOT -Air walking, can't even enter castlevania  because you're too high off
    the ground and if you jump too high, you will die.
    NOTPOT -Can't walk, sometimes ice skating effect will take place.
    ILVEIN -Eco music, sounds like ballerina music.
    VVVPZL -CAN'T MOVE, try and see...
    GGVPZL -Game freezes when you get a power-up.
    GAPATT -Cant walk left or right, and stairs dont work.
    AAAATT -Music is more "flat" and sounds more arranged, and weird stuff happens
    when standing still, such as the bosses life metter decreasing and simon
    KAAATT -WEIRD stuff happens with little or no warning, music is same as it is
    with AAAATT.
    ZOZOUN -Strange code, game is unplayable but fun to watch, Simon scrolls
    through various parts of the game and keeps going thru doors, very strange,
    you have to see it for yourself.
    OOZOUN -same effect as ZOZOUN, but Simon gets stuck soon after the game 
    ZOZOON -going through doors messes the level layout up, and simon does his
    strange flickering bit.
    ZOOOON -A huge garbled wall is placed at the very beginning of level 1,
    making entering castlevania impossible, the clock doesnt work either.
    GAPITE -Invisible doors are placed and levels are cut up into smaller
    sections, you warp around to different parts of the level, and some parts
    of the level are mixed with other parts of the level, you cant get past
    level 3 because the last door doesn't work.
    VOXTEL -Looks like theres more time, I don't really know if there is, it
    looks like theres 1300 seconds on the clock.
    KLISTA -When in mid air, gravity will pull you down to the ground whether
    your on stairs or jumping, some candles look like monsters, and Simon
    KIISTO -When the game starts, it freezes.
    KAISTA -Some candles look like enemies.
    OLOSTO -Title screen is ruined and the status display banner is ruined too.
    LOSTIT -(MY PRIDE AND JOY!) Just run into a candle to collect the hearts
    or weapon it holds but you have to whip the candle in order to get a whip
    power-up, the best part about this code is........the same goes for enemies
    too!, basicly, if you touch an enemy or enemy projectile, you will collect
    a heart instead of getting injured!, No glitchy things happen at all, the
    only downside to this wonderful, wonderful, long awaited code is that if
    you touch a boss character, you'll absorb him too, making you have to wait
    till the timer runs out to try your hand at beating him again, other than
    that, this code has no flaws whatsoever!
    AGASSI -Some power-ups dissappear when they appear on screen.
    TYSONS -Music looses sync and tempo.
    SOAPON -Game freezes when it starts.
    PIPOPI -When at the end of a screen, whipping propels you away from it,
    candles will run away from you sometimes, and some times when whipping,
    the level will "move" (for lack of a better term).
    KONTSO -Candles run away from you, but after you enter castlevania, the
    game freezes.
    PIPIGE -Screen flickers and shakes mildly.
    SIPPEK -Stairs "dont work".
    SLAGSS -Makes Simon gray and luminessent green and some monsters have
    palette changes too, effect wears completely off after getting the lemonade.
    VOSTIT -ANYTHING that you can hit with your whip to kill, such as monsters
    and candles, die when they enter the screen, sadly, you do too if you jump,
    making the first level unbeatable.
    NOSOUL -When injured or temporarily invincible, stand still and you will
    be completely invincible forever as long as you DONT MOVE, moving causes
    the timer to rapidly decrease, lives to go away, and score to sky rocket,
    but go up a set of stairs while invincible or in "injured mode" and it will
    cause the level to garble, but the garbling isnt what you think it is....
    When the level garbles, it will cause the game to switch to a different
    level bank, basicly making you warp to another level!, just die a viola!
    Youre now in a new place. try this code at least once, but be warned,
    you usually wind up back at level 1, certain staricases take you to later
    levels, but almost all of them take you to level one, and the graphics are
    always garbled up pretty good, oh yea, if your game stops, or blacks out
    for like 3 seconds, don't worry, it either paused itself or its just acting
    like it froze, it comes back after a little while, if it doesnt unpause on
    its own, try to unpause it with yourself.
    NNNEGA -Messes up the game really bad, (not permanently, thankfully) check
    it out for yourself at least once, very bizzare, you will die alot, even
    in the game demos!
    UNGAZA -Most of everything body is missing, and small hearts freeze the game.
    IEGAZA -Same as UNGAZA, but small hearts won't freeze the game.
    NNGAZA -Almost exactly as NNNEGA, but this code isn't even CLOSE to as 
    glitchy as NNNEGA is, theres actually music (though slow and sluggish)
    in this variation, consider this the "fixed" version of NNNEGA.
    NNGAZO -Makes the music all chimey and dingy, very annoying, some blocks
    are missing, you can mute the music for good by pausing the game.
    GAGAGAGA -Game freezes as soon as you hit the start button.
    GAGAGAZO -Game freezes as soon as the game begins.
    STOPEG -Stairs don't work.
    PNZOVT -???Walk through walls???
    TOTALL -Start the game and you get a huge single color screen, precious...
    TOPTEN -Glitchy code, big hearts and sometimes little hearts freeze and
    garble the game, monsters speed way up, theres no music and the timer 
    doesn't work.
    KILLOP -Kills the music for when you watch Simon walk to the gate.
    POPEPS -Music is much more arranged and sounds better.
    ZSIEAK -Sounds repeat over and over again, horribly annoying, and it
    sounds like its raining when you watch Simon walk to the gate.
    GAUGES -Gives the game an awesome new palette change, sadly, it goes away
    after you get a crucifix.
    GGUGES -Same as GAUGES, but the score sky rockets.
    TOSOUL -Go upstairs while in "injured mode" or while invincible and the 
    game will freeze.
    IGOPOP -You do the moonwalk if you try to walk backwards, it garbles the
    level up bad.
    PASOUT -You go straight down when you go down stairs, takes effect after
    you've exited the screen using a staircase, kinda like flying.
    PEAOKS -Simon misses stairs.
    SEPELT -Music is much louder and sounds much better.
    SINGLE -Messes the game up bad, loves to freeze too.
    ALASTA -Makes the courtyard one big wall with a hole in the top, keep
    jumping to get on top of the wall, you cant even enter castlevania with
    this code.
    SOSOUL -After being injured, the game blacks out for a second and comes
    back this same, but if you are standing on a staircase when you get injured,
    the game messes up and freezes.
    SOTAYL -Severely goofs up the music, I think its just way sped up, makes
    the sound effects sound different too.
    PISOUL -Jump and suffer the consequences....
    SALALE -Makes a small hole at the start of level one.
    INTUIT -Messes up the entrance to castlevania, messes up some of the colors
    on the satus display banner and puts some stuff under the floor.
    SEPELS -Won't let you start the game.
    ZXSOUL -Get hurt and the game freezes, theres a challenge for ya....
    POIEAG -Sounds are changed, when the game is paused it will make noises at
    you, and some of the notes in the sound track are changed, the high pitched
    squeals the game lets out are really annoying and hurt your ears.
    NINGLE -You get 1-ups like crazy, the palette is very different, the
    graphics are all garbled up (if they're even there), and the status display
    banner isnt visible, like playing blind.
    GEPETO -Makes level 1 unbeatable, the staircase to the ledge with the first 
    door on it doesn't connect to the ledge, instead you go up through a 
    garbled screen, then to the place with the water and the fishmen, you come
    up through the water and after you step onto the platform, you're stuck,
    none of the staircases work in this area and when you die, you have to
    reset because the game doesnt register the death and the clock can run
    out and you still wont restart a new life, theres weird music with this
    code, try it out at least once.
    PALETE -Makes a big screen of a single color.
    NAGETE -Game is really glitched up.
    GELLOO -Game freezes as soon as you turn it on.
    (These are all sound codes)
    GALETY -Sound is low on octaves.
    PIXETY -Sound is waaaaay out of tune.
    EGGETY -No bass.
    ITSETY -Sound effects are weird.
    ETYETY -All high pitched music is gone.
    PISETY -Some sound effects are echoesque.
    XLUETY -Music is very low pitched, and music is high and echoesque.
    YOUETY -Whip makes almost no noise.
    OOOETY -Music is sort of "remixed".
    EEEETY -Some of the tempo is replaced with high pitched beats.
    GEEETY -Music is reversed.
    ZOOETY -Kind of like OOOETY, but backwards, I guess.
    YYYETY -Soundtrack can't hit those really high notes.
    KIKETY -Bass weirds out after a little while.
    ISAETY -Music is strange.
    PILETY -Really messes up every sound.
    TALETY -Same effect PILETY has on music, and sound effects are weird.
    PALELS -Music has a weird snapping sound to it.
    PELELS -Music is REALLY slow.
    PEPELS -Music has blips in it.
    ZEZELS -Music is out of tune.
    Thats all I have right now, E-mail me if you have some codes you want to add
    to the list here, my E-mail is coldsoldier666@hotmail.com, Thanks for 
    reading! :)
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

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