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    Walkthrough by Jack Bando

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/21/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    A FAQ/walkthrough for Gamefaqs
    By: Matt Runnels
    Started Wednesday, 7/21/99
    Version 1.0
    This FAQ/walkthrough is for the game that started the Castlevania 
    series, Castlevania.
    In this FAQ/walkthrough you will find...
    1. Storyline
    2. Controls
    3. Items
    4. walkthrough
    5. Boss strategies
    1. Storyline- You are Simon Belmont, decendant of the Belmont clan. 
    Your family has the job of riding the world of Dracula every time he 
    appears. It's Simon's turn to enter...... Castlevania.
    2. controls
    A = jump
    B = whip
    up= walk up stairs
    left,right = move left,right(respectively)
    down = duck, wlak down the stairs
    up & B = use special weapon
    start = pause
    3. Items-
    II and III = throw 2 or 3 special weapons at the same time.
    whip = better whip.(only 3 whips, leather, chain, and super chain)
    money bag = points
    necklace = kills all enemies on-screen
    knife(1 heart)= throwing knife
    axe(1 heart) = throwing axe
    holy water(1 heart) = burns evil
    boomerang(1 heart) = attack and comes back
    stopwatch = (5 hearts) stops time shortly
    4. Walkthrough-(I will not say to grab candles or their contents)
    Stage 1-1 - First go inside the castle. Okay, the enemies in here are 
    ghosts and dogs. Use the whip on the ghosts. Walk past the first dog 
    then turn around and belt it. Then go through the door. Go to the wall 
    on the right and hit it for a pot roast. Now turn around and go down 
    the stairs.
    Stage 1-2 - Just keep running and jumping till you get to the stairs. 
    Ignore the fishmen. Go up the stairs. Go through the door.
    Stage 1-3 - Just keep whiping the ghosts till you get to stage 1-4
    Stage 1-4 - Whip the stairs for a II. Fight the Bat(see section five) 
    Stage 2-1 - Climb up the stairs and strike the wall to reveal a hole 
    your size. Go in and get the crown on the ground for 2K. Then, go make 
    the jumps and go in the door.
    Stage 2-2 - Watch out for the Medusa heads! Keep going till you reach 
    the stairs. Climb them and go right. Watch out! More heads! Before you 
    turn left hit the block near the knight for a II.
    Now go left till you reach the door.
    Stage 2-3 - Use the stopwatch on the spikes. Then go up the stairs and 
    go left till you touch the door.
    Stage 2-4 - Back away from the door. The satue in the bakground will 
    break revealing the MEDUSA(See section 5)
    Stage 3-1 - There's two new enemies, the apedog, and the eagle. Just 
    go left and let the apedog jump over you. Then turn around and whip 
    him. The second part of 3-1 is hard. Just use the stopwatch to pass up 
    the eagles. At the door is a skeleton under you. Just jump back a 
    platform and jump after you. He'll miss.
    Stage 3-2 - Medusa Heads! You know what to do. Climb the stairs and go 
    Stage 3-3 - Just kill the eagles and bonespitters till you get to 3-4
    Stage 3-4 - Hit the lowest block on the right for a pot roast. Fight 
    the Mummies(section 5
    Stage 4-1 - Just jumping. Duck when there are rocks above a jump.
    Stage 4-2 - Just hit the apedogs and run. Run past the bonedragon at 
    the door.
    Stage 4-3 - After you beat the first B. Dragon whip the blocks for a 
    pot roast.
    Stage 4-4 Fight FRANK. & APEDOG
    Stage 5-1 - There is a pot roast near the door  the end.
    Stage 5-2 - Watch out for red sketetons. The knights are tricky but 
    holy water flattens them.
    Stage 5-3 - Go up the stairs then watch out for the medusa heads and 
    Stage 5-4 Fight Death( See section 5)
    5. Boss strategies and weapons-
    THE BAT (stage 1-4)- Just hack and slash. Watch out for the fireballs.
    Knife- Good. Need jumping skill. ***
    Axe- One of the best. ****
    Holy water- NO!!! Can't hit him. No stars
    Boomerang- good, but can't have it in Level 1. No stars due to the 
    fact you cant have the boomerang.
    Stopwatch- If you freeze him just right it's the best weapon. *****
    MEDUSA( stage 2-4)- DOn't get trapped in the corners! Just use your 
    whip and your special weapon while aviding her projectiles.
    Knife- Good. ***
    Axe- Again, it's pretty good. ***1/2
    Holy water- NO! the fire won't hit her, only the bottle. *
    Boomerang- This is decent, but she'll move before the second hit. ****
    Stopwatch- The best. *****
    MUMMIES(Stage 3-4) - There's two of them! Just hit one and don't get 
    between them! jump over the bandage and beat them up.
    Knife- Getting better. ***1/2
    Axe- Getting worse. **1/2
    Holy Water - Throw it in front of them. **** 
    Boomerang- Good, Great if you hit both. ****1/2
    Stopwatch- Freeze them when they're near each other. *****  
    FRANKENSTIEN & APEDOG( Stage 4-4) This battle is very hard! Just hit 
    them 2-4 times from the start then jump to the left of the right 
    blocks. Whip away at Frankenstien while doddging Apedog's fireballs.
    Knife- Not any good in this fight. *
    Axe- Awful. 1/2
    Holy Water- Great! Corner Frank and whip it at him! ****
    Boomerang- Super! Corner him, throw it and whip him for mad damage! 
    Stopwatch- Too easy! Use it rihgt away and hit them both! *****
    DEATH(Stage 5-4) He's nearly impossible!!!! Mainly because you go 
    through a hard part before you get here. It takes four hits with a 
    full bar for you to die. Destroy the sickles and hit him until he 
    Knife- Decent *
    Axe - awful 1/2
    Holy water- a well placed shot will mess him up. 
    Boomerang - Pretty good.Helps bust up the sickles. ***1/2
    Stopwatch- freeze him just right for 3-5 hits.
    DRACULA- Okay final battle time! Save the fourth candle(Holy Water) 
    for later. There are many stratagies to fight Dracula. One is to hit 
    him from a distance, turn, run, turn, hit the middle fireball. The 
    other is wait till he's aiming his fireball. Hit him in the head then. 
    He'll aim too high. This is all you need to do to beat him
    Knife- Decent.  **
    Axe- You need good accuracy to succeed. **1/2
    Holy Water- CAN'T HIT HIM!!!!! No stars!
    Boomerang- Good. If you hit him from afar,you can hit the middle 
    Stopwatch- Innefective. No stars
    DRACULA'S GHOST- True, you decappitated DRACULA, but his ghost is 
    pretty mad!!!!! He spits the same fireball Dracula used. Just throw 
    Holy Water when he lands and he'll be frozen for a few seconds. Pound 
    him in the head.
    Knife-Decent. **
    Axe- Need accuracy. **1/2
    Holy Water- Freezes him for a few seconds. *****
    Boomerang- Aiming well makes it decent. ***
    Stopwatch- Inefective. No stars.
    YOU SAVED THE WORLD!!!!!!!(For now)
    Info in version 1.0 was found by me. E-mail Playnin3@aol.com to make 
    this FAQ better in any way.

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