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    Walkthrough by DBisciglia

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    Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 11:51:54 -0500
    1. How to Play
    2. Level 1
    3. Level 2
    4. Level 3
    5. Level 4
    6. Level 5
    7. Level 6A
    8. Level 6B
    9. Boss Strategies
    10. Secret Treasures
    11. Killing the count and his ghost
    12. Credits/Warranty Stuff
    A   Controling Simon Belmondo (Yes, it is Belmondo, not Belmont!)
    Up - Press with B to fire a special weapon or walk up a staircase
    Left - Walk left or down a staircase
    Right - Walk Right or up a staircase
    Down - Duck or walk down a staircase
    A - Jump, press with left or right to jump that direction
    B - Attack or Fire special weapon (see UP)
    B   Whipping
    	To execute use of the whip correctly, always whip the enemy when it's
    the maximum distance away from you.  Also, Jumping and Whipping on the way
    back down will save time.  There are 3 whips: Leather, Chain, and Long Chain.
    Leather is short and wimpy.  Chain is short and Strong.  Long Chain is twice
    as long as Chain and just as strong.  You get these by obtaining Whip Ups (D
    shaped objects.)
    C   Candles/Standing Torches
    	At the beginning, you'll notice torches sitting there.  Try whipping
    one, and something appears out of it.  It may be a Whip Up, a heart, a large
    heart, a money bag, or a special weapon.  Also, inside the castle, candles
    rest on the walls.  Whip them to recieve special items.
    D   Items
    Hearts/Big Hearts - Weapon fuel.  Big hearts give you 5 hearts.
    Whip Up - Upgrades Whip one level.
    Money bag - Gives you 100, 200, 400, 500, or 700 points
    Secret Treasure - Gives you 1000, 2000, or 3000 points  NOT FOUND IN CANDLES
    Special Weapons - See Below
    E   Special Weapons
    Dagger - Same strength as Leather Whip, fast, thrown.  Cost: 1H
    Throwing Axe - Same strength as Chain, Curves upward.  Cost: 1H
    Holy Water - When thrown, explodes into flame.  Cost: 1H
    Banshee Boomerang - Same stregnth as Chain, returns to you.  Cost: 1H
    Mystery Clock - Stops time for 3 clock ticks.  Cost: 5H
    	You can only throw one at a time.  However, some things leave behind
    II or III Items, which allow 2 or 3 to be thrown at a time.  This works
    wonders with Holy Water and the Banshee Boomerang.
    F   Energy
    Stages 1 and 2 - Enemies deal 2 damage to your energy each hit
    Stages 3 and *4* - Enemies deal 3 damage to your energy each hit
    Stages 5 and 6 - Enemies deal 4 damage to your health each hit
    * Once you kill the 1st dragon on level 3, enemies do 4 damage
    	Damage dealt to bosses
    Big Bat - 2 energy each hit	   Frankenstien - 1 energy each hit
    Medusa - 1-2 energy each hit	   Death(Reaper) - 1 energy each hit
    Mummies - 1/2 energy each hit	   Count/Ghost - 1 energy each FACE hit
    2.	LEVEL 1: The first floor of the Castlevania
    	First thing, whip all the torches, and get a full whip.  Now enter
    the castle.  Kill everything you see, and whip all the candles.  After awhile
    you'll get Holy Water.  Use it to kill the dogs before they get to you.  When
    you reach the door, go back down the stairs.  Kill the Ghouls with your Holy
    Water.  You may hit two, three, or even four in a row.  Do this until you
    have about 40,000 points, and go through the door.  Kill the bats, and notice
    the large thing blocking your passage.  Whip the bottom two blocks for a full
    energy chicken.  Eat it, and go left down the stairs.  Kill the fish, and
    avoid the clock: keep the Water.  Now climb back up on the other side, and
    your past the blockade.  Move on toward the end and kill Big Bat.
    3.	LEVEL 2: The Evil Tower
    	Kill the guards, and look out for the bat at the top of the stairs.
    Get the boomerang, and go up the stairs.  Ignore the guard moving back and
    forth on the low blocks, and continue westward.  Get the candles, and avoid
    the medusa heads.  Now get the dagger, and go up the stairs at the end.  This
    room is challenging.  avoid getting hit by medusas, or you'll fall and die.
    There is a chicken on the two free standing blocks by the far left wall.  Get
    it, and move back to the left.  Keep going, and be careful on the moving
    blocks.  Now continue through the door.  This room is again difficult.  Get
    another chicken on the second row of blocks right where you come in.  On the
    plunger things, wait till they're a centimeter above your head, and run
    through to the between spot.  Repeat 2x.  Now, avoid the bat, and kill the
    Machine Dragons.  The metallic sound they make usually means you aren't doing
    damage.  Remember this for future enemies/bosses.  Now, go upstairs, and kill
    4.	LEVEL 3: Top of tower 1
    	Kill the monkey dudes as they jump down, and get the chicken in the
    second pair of blocks, and continue upstairs.  Still have that Holy Water?
    Use it to kill lower enemies.  Kill all the skeletons/Crows, and go right.
    Get past the medusa heads, and get the boomerang on the other side.  Go up,
    and head way right.  Keep on going right, masacring anything in your way.
    Continue, until you hit the door.  Get the dagger, and kill the Mummues.
    5.	LEVEL 4: Caves/Entering the Morgue
    	This levels pretty easy.  First, keep on going right, killing the
    annoying bats.  The moving floors are hard to stay on, so be careful.  Make
    sure to duck when the cave is really low and your on a moving floor.  Exit
    up the stairs at the end.  This part is slightly difficult.  Kill the monkeys
    as soon as the eagles drop them.  Continue right, killing those stupid monkey
    people until you reach a dragon.  Kill it, and move on through the door.  Now
    fight the next dragon, get the dagger, and get the chicken on the ledge he
    was attached to.  Keep moving, getting the candles, and kill the next dragon.
    Go kill Frankenstein and Igor.
    6.	LEVEL 5: The Morgue
    	This is really tough!  Kill the monkeys right off, and continue up
    and right.  The bone-throwing skeletons will screw you up if your not careful
    so be careful!  4 hits kill you here.  There's not really all that much I can
    tell you until you get to the place with the high candles.  Go all the way
    to the other side and whip the block for a chicken.  Continue, and go to the
    room with the 2 Axe Knights.  Walk toward the 1st one, and he'll disappear,
    walk toward the 2nd and he'll flash.  Now climb the stairs.  Now, for the
    next 2 Axe Knights, you'll have to kill them.  Attack them and there little
    axes.  Weapons bouce off their shields.  Go left, left, left until you get
    the boomerang, than up the stairs.  The next room is REALLY tough.  Kill the
    medusa heads THEN the axe knights.  Hold on to the boomerang!  When you get
    to Death, kill it (pun??) and move on.
    7.	LEVEL 6A: The bridge to Drac's Tower
    	This place took me forever to beat.  Listen carefully:  First, get 
    the candles at the start.  Now, jump and whip the first bat once and run past
    it.  Get the candles.  Second, let the 2nd Bat go right beneath the floor,
    then jump over it and continue on.  The next bat MAY hit you, but run past it
    too.  Use the Mystic Clock on the next bat and run as far as possible, and
    Jump whip and run by the fifth.  As long as you make it with 8 life to the
    Entrance, your fine.  I make it with 12-16.
    8.	LEVEL 6B: The entrance to the Count
    	Now kill the skeleton when it jumps at you.  Get the candles and go
    upstairs.  Freeze time and kill the first skeleton, then climb up and whip
    the second.  Run quickly and whip the 2nd eagle w/monkey.  You may get hit
    here, but quickly go down the stairs.  Now, wait for the eagles to drop the
    monkeys off the cliff, then quickly run up the stairs, and up the next flight
    of stairs.  Congrats, up these stairs and you're to Dracula!
    Big Bat
     Axes with a II are the key.  Get the II from the block and keep throwing
    axes, jumping if need be
     Holy Water with a III is the key.  Get the II from the previous room, and a
    III should appear from a candle in the next.  Keep throwing Holy Water, and
    she'll die in NO TIME FLAT!
     The dagger is nice.  Whip the right one about 8 times until the left one
    comes near you, then jump over it and whip both.  when they separate, whip 1
    until it dies, and throw daggers from a safe distance at the other.
    Frankenstein and Igor
     First, whip Igor so he pauses, then whip Frank 3 times and jump back.  When
    Igor jumps away, avoid the fireballs and whip him 4-6 times.  When Igor gets
    near you, chunk a dagger at him and continue whipping Frankie.  He'll die.
     Get the Boomerang!  Right before he appears, jump and throw a boomerang to
    your right.  It'll shave off 4 life from him!  Keep throwing boomerangs and
    kill his scythes.  One may give you a II, in which case you can chunk to your
    hearts content.  He'll die pretty quick.  Word of warning, I was stuck for
    2 MONTHS on this guy.
    Dragon Guys
     These aren't really bosses, but whip from a safe distance, and kill they're
    Stage 1:
    	1000pt coin bag.  Jump over the entrance to the castle
    	1000pt bag.  Whip a block in the underground room.  Kneel below it
    	400pt bag.  Whip the last block in the last row in the first room.
    	II.  Whip the block before the staircase by Big Bat.
    Stage 2:
    	2000pt crown.  Whip through the first wall and go into it.
    	2000pt treasure.  Stand for 4 seconds on the two raised blocks in R2
    	II.  Whip the last floor block in room before medusa.  Before stairs
    Stage 3:
    	1000pt bag.  Fall off the high blocks onto 4 blocks in R2.
    	1000pt bag.  Duck on 2 blocks above two unreachable blocks.
    Stage 4:
    	None that I've found
    Stage 5:
    	II.  On really high block wall close to where you start in R4.
    Stage 6:
    	None that I've found
    	People say you need the boomerang, but the whip is easier for me.
    First, get all candles but the last one on the left.  To hit Drac, wait for
    him to launch his Fireballs, then just as he does, jump over them and whip
    his head.  Takes time to master.  When you hit him the last time, go get the
    Holy Water out of that candle you saved.  On Drac, make sure to move if he's
    about to appear on you.  Anyhow, on the ghost that appears, use a Holy Water
    to freeze him in place, then jump and whip his head 3 or 4 times.  He's a
    wuss.  He took me awhile, though.
    This all came out of Dan Bisciglia's head in about 2 hours, so spare the
    insults about spelling mistakes.
    Copyright Dan Bisciglia, I guess
    DO NOT change this name, or you will be brutally beaten, well, maybe not, by
    Dan in his unending wrath.  I could care less if you changed it a little, but
    give credit to me.  If you think of something to add, tell me and I'll be
    overjoyed to add your name to the Credits, along with your email.
    EMAIL: dan11@rocketmail.com OR CVFreak@xoommail.com
    Mail me with Questions or praise, or even bashings, I LOVE EMAIL!

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