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    Endings FAQ by Evil-Chicken

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/20/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Written By: Evil-Chicken
    Version 1.3
    1. Introduction
    2. Possible Endings
    3. Ending Walkthroughs
    4. Conclusion/Credits/Updates/FAQ's
    	1. Introduction
    	First off, I just decided to write a guide to the endings because I 
    figure that it would be very useful to many people. In my own experience, when 
    i looked for information on endings, it was scattered and not completely 
    clear, so I thought that if I wrote an ending guide, people wouldn't have to 
    take the time and effort to figure search several different sources for the 
    same information. So, here it is, many people want to know ONLY how to get the 
    endings, but have to look through specific parts of walkthroughs and parts to 
    find what they're looking for. Not anymore, here is everything you know, in a 
    simple/small walkthrough that's easy to read and use. The reason I chose SH 
    2:RD is because its the first horror-survival game that I've really loved and 
    wanted to play over and over. The RE series is to action based and not enough 
    horror/story based. If I wanted an action game, I'd buy GTA3. SH 2:RD is 
    different because you can choose how hard the puzzles/enemies are. I think 
    this is a MAJOR plus to the games replay value and enjoyment overall. And 
    seeing is there is only 1 FAQ for the x-box version, (some people don't think 
    to check the PS2 section) I thought it didn't cover enough info on the 
    endings, and not clearly enough. So I'm going to elaborate them more clearly.
    2.Possible Endings
    	There are several factors that can go into what ending you receive. This 
    makes it hard to get the exact ending you want sometimes. With the exception 
    of the re-birth ending because you just have to find all the items for it. But 
    I will go into all of that in a bit. All of the endings are great, and in my 
    opinion, it's worth it to re-play the game over and over (with difficulty 
    adjustments to the puzzle/monster each time) to get all of the endings that 
    are possible. I will now go over what endings are possible to receive.
    	A. Maria Ending
    	B. In-Water Ending
    	C. Leave Ending
    	D. Rebirth Ending
    	E. Dog Ending
    	F. UFO Ending (Exclusive to X-Box)
    3.Ending Walkthroughs
    	Now its time to start on the actual walkthroughs for the endings (yay!), 
    I WILL NOT give away any part of what happens in the ending. I will just tell 
    you how to get them. K, here goes.
    	A. Maria Ending
    		In general, stay with Maria a lot, don't run ahead too much, walk 
    whenever possible (when with Maria). When your at the hospital, visit Maria 
    every time you pass the room. And when running towards the final boss, and 
    there is talking and voices in the background, do not listen to them. Run as 
    fast as you can, and get to the final boss without listening to all of it. 
    Finally, listen to the headphones to the headphones in the hotel. The basic 
    idea to get this ending is that you make James feel "attached" emotionally to 
    her. Another non-crucial tip, but just to help is after leaving the cell that 
    she is kept in (in the Labyrinth) re-enter it. One final tip, try not to let 
    Maria get hurt. Protect her with your life.
    	B. In-Water Ending
    		To get this ending, basically act like you don't really care if 
    your character dies. Don't spend much time with Maria. Don't visit Maria in 
    the hospital. Read the diary written by the little girl that you find on the 
    roof of the hospital. And when you encounter Angela with the knife, and you 
    agree to hold it for her, go into your inventory and examine it once or twice 
    during the course of your travels. Also, stay in red health. If you are hurt 
    and you don't heal yourself at all, and you do everything else mentioned 
    above, you should get this ending.
    	C. Leave Ending
    		With this ending, you do not want to become "attached" emotionally 
    to Maria, but you don't want to do the same steps as the In-Water ending. So, 
    when Maria is with you, always be running, don't care if she is caught up with 
    you or not. Never visit her in the hospital, and don't talk to her when she's 
    laying on the bed. Just leave her as soon as you get the chance. But the main 
    difference between this and the In-Water ending is that instead of staying 
    nearly dead, do the opposite. Try to stay in perfect health or close to that 
    whenever you have to resources to do that (on easier combat modes this isn't 
    hard at all). And when at the hospital, DO NOT read the diary on the ground, 
    just walk around for a second, then try to go through the door that you didn't 
    come onto the roof with. And another thing is, don't examine Angela's knife, 
    just let it sit in your inventory, don't give it a second thought.
    	D. Rebirth Ending
    		First off, you can only get this ending after you have beaten the 
    game once. It does not matter which ending you got on your first time through. 
    This one you don't really have to act a certain way to get the ending. 
    Instead, you must find the 4 ritual items hidden throughout Silent Hill. If 
    you played the Sub-Quest, you know what one of the items is, because you are 
    sent to go get it. One tip before you start out on this. DO NOT get the dog 
    key. This will cause you to not get this ending. The items you are looking for 
    are the Book Of Lost memories (found in the newsstand outside of the Texxon 
    Gas Station.) The White Chrism (found in room 105 of the Blue Creek 
    Apartments, on the kitchen counter.) The Obsidian Chalice (In a display case 
    at the Silent Hill Historical Society.) And the Red Death (Dark Hotel, reading 
    room). Then just finish the game and the ending will be different.
    	E. Dog Ending
    		To get this ending, it takes beating the game 2-3 times. You have 
    2 choices for pre-quisits to get this ending. Either you; Get the Maria, In-
    Water, and Leave endings, or, you get the rebirth ending. So either way you 
    have to beat the game at least 2 times before you get this one. Anyways, first 
    you need to get the dog key. Get this after you've found Maria in the park, go 
    by the gas station, in between the gas station and the bowling alley, you will 
    find a chain link fence. There is a hole in this fence that you can go 
    through. On the other side of the fence, there is a doghouse. Look around by 
    the doghouse and you will find the dog key. Then after you listen to Mary's 
    voice (after watching the video tape). Go to the observation room (after 
    leaving the room with the video tape, just go right.) And use the dog key 
    there. When you go into that room, you will witness this ending.
    	F. UFO Ending
    ***NOTE***	Before you can attempt to get this ending, you must beat the Born 
    From a Wish mini-game with Maria, the blue gem will not appear unless this has 
    been done. (Thanks to an anonymous donor for e-mailing me this information)*** 
    This ending may only be received on a replay game. The first thing you need to 
    do is in the bathroom that you start in. Grab the blue gem. After you are 
    locked in the room in the hospital by Laura, and you fight the odd looking 
    monsters that hang from the ceiling, you watch a rather odd cut scene showing 
    the camera lowering through a vent or something with Maria calling your name. 
    After you start playing again, you are in a garden looking place. Use the blue 
    gem here and you can see UFO's in the sky, yippee. Then when on the dock where 
    you get in the boat. Go to the brown looking part of the dock/pier and use the 
    stone again, make sure to do this BEFORE you get in the boat. ooh, ahh, more 
    UFO's. Then finally, at the Lake View Hotel, when you reach room 312, use the 
    stone yet again. But this time instead of just seeing a UFO, the game will 
    end, and you will witness this exclusive ending.
    	Well that's my guide to the endings. You can now easily acquire them all 
    without having to read and scan and put together bits and pieces from other 
    walkthroughs, and you avoided the spoilers. You now know how to get the 
    endings, but you do not know what happens in them. This is the best way to 
    achieve them in my opinion. If I said something wrong or if your having 
    problems, e-mail me at kidwithnolife@hotmail.com
    	Hmm, who would I like to thank, who would I like to thank. Well Konami 
    for sure, for making the game. For Game FAQ's for inspiring me to write this 
    and publishing it. Lets see, who else.....hmm, one day ill think of someone, 
    hopefully. Oh wait, got someone, Miss Allie and Dark Schneider for the 
    locations of the 3 ritual items. That was a big help. Also thanks to CJ for 
    telling me about listening to the headphones for the Maria ending. Also big 
    thanks to CVXFREAK/ORCA782 for the location of the 4th ritual item. And thanks 
    to eesposi1@nycap.rr.com for alerting me that I had forgot to put down the 4th 
    ritual item. And thanks to a temporarily anonymous donor for the blue gem 
    info. ***To whoever you are, I've e-mailed you about getting credit, respond 
    w/the nickname you want me to insert here and ill give you the credit you 
    	March 13th-
    		     Wrote pretty much everything.
    	March 14th-
    		     Wrote everything else
           April 10th- Fixed a couple grammatical errors and started looking for 
    the answers to a question someone e-mailed me.
           April 14th- Fixed a few things wrong that I discovered because of people 
    e-mailing me.
           August 14th- Added the information about beating born from a wish to get 
    the blue gem in a replay game.
           August 15th- Fixed some random stuff.
    	Well, here's a question that many people have asked, but I've finally 
    got the answer thanks to an anonymous donor:
            "I restart my game, but the blue gem isn't there, what am I doing 
    wrong? Well, you must beat the Born from a wish Maria game first. After you 
    complete that the blue gem will appear in a replay maingame. Thank you again   
    for pointing this out
    	For whoever asked me about the 4th ritual item, I now have it, look at 
    the endings.
    	If anyone else has questions/comments on my FAQ, add me to your MSN 
    contact list (use my e-mail as the contact) or send an e-mail to 
    kidwithnolife@hotmail.com ... praise is appreciated as well ;) 

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