Additional ManagamentJohn Butrovich
Additional ManagementDavid Seeholzer
Additional Sound EditingTish Eastman
Additional Sound EditingEric Johnson
Additional Sound EditingBryan Watkins
Additional Sound Effects and EditingBrent Houston
ArtJohn Brophy
ArtGregg Daly
ArtChris Demers
ArtBrian Heins
ArtBrent Houston
ArtCraig Marschke
ArtRod Parong
ArtChris Tamburrino
ArtJason Tull
Art Department ManagerChris Tamburrino
Associate ProducerBarry Feather
Audio DirectorRussell Brower
Casting and Dialogue EditingBig Fat Kitty LLC
Casting and Dialogue EditingBill Black
Character AnimationRod Parong
Character AnimationDiego Torroija
Chief Operating Officer, House of MovesMatthew Lawrence
Cinematic SequencesGwen Ballantyne
Cinematic SequencesJohn Brophy
Cinematic SequencesGregg Daly
Cinematic SequencesDavid Durand
Cinematic SequencesBrian Heins
Design DirectionJohn Garcia
Dialogue DirectionRussell Brower
Drums and Percussion (Music)Jerry Marotta
Duduk, Bansuri, Arghul, and Ney (Music)Papa Gynoo
Executive in Charge of Production, Motion CaptureTom Tolles
Executive ProducerJohn Garcias
Executive Producer, Motion CaptureJarrod Phillips
Guitar (Music)Daniel Gilbert
Lead Motion Capture ArtistJennifer Becherer
Lead Motion Capture ArtistGarry Gray
Lead ProgrammerMark Davis
Lead ProgrammerKyle Freeman
Lead ProgrammerEric Milota
Lead ProgrammerKent Simon
Level Creation DirectionDavid Durand
Level Creative DirectionGwen Ballantyne
Mission DesignJason Alejandre
Mission DesignBrian Bekian
Mission DesignJohn Brophy
Mission DesignGregg Daly
Mission DesignChris Demers
Mission DesignBrent Houston
Mission DesignAndy Kipling
Mission DesignCraig Marschke
Mission DesignJason Tull
Motion Capture Artist/Video AssistantHumphrey Olivieri
Motion Capture DirectorJohnny Ravena
Motion Capture PerformersUlises Gerardo
Motion Capture PerformersBrent Houston
Motion Capture Production ManagerChris Bellaci
Motion Capture Technical SupervisorDennis Hauck
Motion Capture Video AssistantDerrick Guidry
MusicRussell Brower
MusicRon Fish
Novaworld TeamMichael Drannikov
Novaworld TeamLucas McGregor
Novaworld TeamJim Ratcliff
Novaworld TeamChris Tearpark
ProducerWes Eckhart
Production AssistantAnthony Jimenez
Production AssistantJoel Taubel
Production CoordinatorGreta Anderson
Programming TeamTony Caton
Programming TeamPat Griffith
Programming TeamDave King
Programming TeamMark Maestas
Programming TeamTrevor Walker
Recording and MixingTodd Voz
Sound DesignPaul Fox
Stage ManagerScott Webster
Synthesizers and Electronics (Music)Russell Brower
Synthesizers and Electronics (Music)Ron Fish
Vocal Solo (Music)S.A.F.
VoicesGwen Ballantyne
VoicesKeith Bauer
VoicesMatt Botsford
VoicesRussell Brower
VoicesJackson Daniel
VoicesPaul Fox
VoicesRichard George
VoicesSteve Kramer
VoicesJason Monroe
VoicesCW4 Todd Moorehead
VoicesTony Oliver
VoicesKent Simon
VoicesJohn Smallberries
VoicesMark Stevens
VoicesTerry Stone
VoicesJim Taggart
VoicesChris Tamburrino
VoicesCW3 Jamie Tardif
VoicesJoel Taubel
VoicesHelen Wek
VoicesJohnny Yeiser


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