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Reviewed: 04/28/03 | Updated: 04/28/03

Aff Lead! Send in the Assault Lance!

Story 9/10
The story was pretty good. There was once two galactic nations long ago in 3020. The two leaders of both of them, the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance got married and made the Federated Commonwealth. Eventually, one of the leaders die and the other murdered. The Federated Commonwealth is given to Victor Davion. Victor, seeking more planets and land leads an assault force and wipes out an entire clan. While he's gone, his sister Katrina sneaks around and takes over the Lyran part of the kingdom. This splits almost everyone apart, leading into war. It's a time of suffering and bloodbath. But for you, its a time of great opportunity! You are a mercenary!

Replay 10/10
The replay in this game is pretty fun. You will find yourself going through it again on a different side of the war! It's always nice to try new mechs. There is also a Multi player-Online feature, which is free. You can play missions or just duke it out.

Game play 9/10
The game play isn't as slow as previous MechWarrior games. You are given 6 mechs at the beginning with a few weapons already on them. As you progress, it gets tougher and you need to upgrade your team of pilots and mechs. Some of the gameplay is seriously off balance. There is the Atlas, a 100 ton monster with the best armor in the game! But a few well placed shots will take it down. In the old days, you needed 3 mechs to take it on! The big mechs in this game are slow as before, hold huge weapons but go down WAY too fast. In the story mode, you get bigger mechs when you win a mission and they aren't destroyed OR you buy them when available. There are A LOT of weapons of course. A mech has a possibility for almost infinite combinations of weapons on it. The campaign mode could have been better, it seemed short. It was still fun though. Hopefully there will be more tanks and planes in the next game, but that might just be the battletech in me talking :).

Sound 10/10
The sound was really good. Every weapon fires off with a different sound. The lazers go ZAPP!! and the Ballistic weapons go BOOM! Missiles zoom by as you fire off artillery support. You can hear the crunching sound as your mech stomps through the snow or the gas explosions when your mech destroys an enemy vehicle. Even your mech's internal computer will warn you when your heat gauge gets too high after firing many lasers. It really draws you into the battle!

Graphics 10/10
The graphics are beautiful. You can set it to 4 different features: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra High. I go to Internet Cafes to play on Ultra high, it just looks SO good. PC graphics at its best. You can see the bullets flying at you! Of course, your computer may not be able to hand these super-graphics so you may have to set it to low or medium.

Buy this game. Don't hesitate to run down to Gamestop and buy it right now. You will love it, trust me. It's one of those games that you feel satisfied with.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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