Review by MKfan001

Reviewed: 06/10/08

Great sequel to an already good series

When Max Payne 1 first came out it revolutionized the shooting genre with style, pizzazz, and bullet-time. People had been wanting a sequel for a while, well now we finally have one, is it good? Let's find out shall we?

Story-It is, simply put, amazing, it's full of action, drama, comedy,deception, plot twists, and romance. A lot of people say that it's full of plot holes, if you'd take the time to read the graphic novel scenes and watch the cutscenes it would make perfect sense, it is a little confusing at first but it all unfolds at the end. It also has a poetic feel to it. It feels like your reading a comic, watching a movie, and playing a game all at once. Great Story

Graphics-if it's for Xbox and PC they are incredible, Max Payne's face has changed, he no longer has the constipated grimace from the first one, he actually looks like he's troubled and in deep emotional pain, Mona looks great too. The graphic novel scenes are back and look better than ever,this game tries to be more film-noirish because it's ALWAYS raining and has a dark and depressing feel to it. Max even calls it Noir-York-City. The backgrounds look so real you'll think they are for a second. The bullets and weapons look so incredibly lifelike you'll think that the developers are trained experts.

Gameplay-Remember Bullet-Time from the first one? It's back,and better than ever, on this one you don't do bullet-time in slow-motion until you shoot a bunch of people then the game gets slower making it easier for you to pump some lead into the baddies, Max does a cool Matrix 360 spin move on here it's very useful. Also on here after you dive you can stay on the ground while shooting, you have to shootdodge and bullet-time a lot on this one, the first one it wasn't used much unless you wanted to show-off, on this one it's best if you do it a lot or else you'll be dead(this will happen a lot).On here you save anytime you want(unlike the first one for PS2)but it's rather annoying when you forget to save for three worlds and die then you have to start three worlds back. The weapons are good on this one as well, there are plenty and will never get tired of using them, I personally loved using the Dual Desert Eagles and wiped everybody out with them.

Sound-Sound is amazing, the theme song is different, being replaced with a cello, it's more dramatic and depressing. James Mccaffery is back as Max Payne and he's phenomenal, Max sounds better this time with more emotion and not sounding like a zombie all of the time like on the first one. The bad guys will occasionally get into a humorous conversation.

Control-Controls are pretty easy once you get the hang of them, at first it can be really hard getting used to them, but if you've played the first one than you'll be used to them, a couple of controls have changed but that is it. No gripes here either.

Replay Value-Amazingly High, you run and shoot people and collect ammo, that may sound repetitive to you, trust me it's not, this game feels new no matter how much you play it due to the great gameplay.

Buy or Rent?
I suggest you buy this game,it would better if you got this for PC or Xbox, but PS2 is good too. This is isn't better than Max Payne 1,but still amazing.

Story- 9/10


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (US, 10/14/03)

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