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"A shorth, worthwhile experience worth taking."

Max Payne 2 is a worthwhile game worth purchasing even though it is surprisingly short. Thankfully, this ''lacking volume'' is made up for thanks to the sheer quality of the game. It is extremely polished and only has a very, very rare clipping problem.

Plot: 10/10-The plot in Max Payne is intriguing and deep. It's been called by some as ''a film-noir love story''. Mona Sax plays Max's love interest and Max and Mona seem destined for each other. The story is presented in two ways, being the cut scenes, and in comic book style where you see voiceover's for each panel. The art is cool, and extremely enjoyable.

Graphics: 10/10-The graphics have improved considerably since the first Max Payne was released. Shadows are complex and realistic. Texture detail is especially astounding. The character models for the most part, are convincingly real, however, the graphics look so good, it's easier to pick more unrealistic things, such as abnormally shaped rag doll physics. Gun recoil, shells, and physics are extremely cool and really are eye-candy.

Gameplay: 9/10-Gameplay is very fun and enjoyable. It is also extremely addictive. Bullet time is especially cool. However, it's been slightly altered since Max Payne 1. In this new perception of time, called ''Bullet Time 2.0'', Max actually goes much faster while his environment slows down. As Max eliminates more enemies, Max becomes faster and faster, and everything around him becomes slower and slower. If it wasn't for this cool feature, Max Payne 2 would be a somewhat boring game.

It's worth noting that gameplay is moderately repetitive at times, and the game is a little too short. (But unlike some games, it isn't filled up with ''fillers'' or worthless elements that are often unnecessary and make a game too long.) Max Payne also offers much more re playability than most games, especially thanks to ''Dead Man Walking'' mode, where you play as Max and try to survive hoards of enemies as long as possible before getting dying. Kind of like a ''Survivor'' mode I might say.

Sound: 10/10-The audio is amazingly well done. The intro theme is especially dramatic. There isn't too much music scores in the game, but when you hear them, they are often very moving and fun to listen to. Sound effects are realistic, and the voice actors perform amazingly well.

Conclusion: All and all, Max Payne 2 is a very good, polished game well worth the purchase.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/16/03

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