Review by d0x

Reviewed: 10/17/03

Bullet Time 2.0 finnaly arrives!

The original Max Payne has to be one of my all time favorite games, yea its short, the plot is rehashed, the dialog drippy, but it’s just so damn cinematic I can never get enough, in fact I still play it and its many mods to this very day. Now comes Max Payne 2, I haven’t hyped myself up for a game in years but I couldn’t help myself with this one. While im coming away from my experience feeling something is missing, in all honesty there are far more pieces to the puzzle.


Max Payne 2 is everything the original was and then some, overall the graphics in terms of textures and models aren’t that much improved, id say tweaked but nothing to call mom about. The major upgrade to the graphics comes in the form of the Havok physics engine, no longer do your enemies just slump down and become inactive avatars, now they have ragdoll physics which improves upon the original system in ways you can’t imagine. Also improved in this version is interactivity with the environment, lots of things can be moved, shot, blown up, and destroyed, if you shoot someone into a bunch of barrels not only will they fall over but your now helpless victim will slump over the objects in a lifeless gruesome sort of way just begging for you to ::ahem:: help them off with a few more bullets.

I didn’t think this game was going to run well on my system, its not that I don’t have decent specs, its just recent games have made incredible use of the new dx9 cards, they really crave the memory and speed, something which my geforce 3 does not have, but to my surprise the game runs smooth as a baby’s bottom, Remedy did a great job.


Good ol James Mcaffery reprises his role as Max Payne, some of you will remember him from TV’s “Viper”, you know the show about the car? Well if you don’t remember he’s the same guy who did the voice of Max Payne in the 1st, and it’s nice that he’s back because even though due to the dialog he may not seem so, he is in reality a fairly good actor.

The music is just like the original, love it or hate it, it has the same feel so take that as you will. The sound effects in terms of bullets and their various surface noises’ are well done, and sound even better in Bullet Time.

Game play

Now I have a problem, like I said before I LOVE Max Payne 1, so it’s a no brainer I should love part 2 even more right? Well yes and no, while I love the control and graphic tweaks, what I don’t like is Bullet Time 2.0, my big problem is speed, it’s to damn fast! I want Max to slow to a snails pace as in the 1st game, instead in part 2 he starts off at just about full speed, he does slow down the more guys you combo kill but it just doesn’t feel right to me, perhaps the mod community will answer my prayers with a good Bullet Time 1.0 mod, then ill be giddy with excitement over this game. It’s really a matter of preference, I don’t hate the new system, but to me it’s not exactly a step up, more of a step to the side. Aside from that pretty much everything in terms of mission structure remains intact, which is a good thing because it was after fun, although a tad on the short side.


Same show here, they have made some tweaks for Bullet Time 2.0, for some at 1st it might seem a little weird, even more so if your like me and have been controlling Max a certain way to 2 years but you get used to it. The addition I really like is the secondary attack, now you can throw grenades, cocktails, or hit people with the butt of your gun by hitting F instead of switching your weapon.


It’s really worth a look if you’re an action fan, it’s a great game with some minor flaws, of course you might not agree with me on what those flaws are, like I said it’s a matter of preference.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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