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"Payne to the Max!"

Graphics 7/10
The graphics where not much better than the original, the grenade explosion and muzzle flashes however look amazing in this one. This one is even more noirish, it's ALWAYS raining and it makes new york look like hell. If you played the first one and didnt have a problem with the noir style and graphics, we'll skip this part.

Story 4/10
It's as if they really tried to make us believe the story is really deep and thought through, but it isn't. There are lots of plot holes and such. You'll be asking yourself: ''Ok.. Why did he all of the sudden become the bad guy o_O?'' But I won't give away more than that. Anyways. I wasn't keen on the first ones story either so if you want plot, get something else than this.

Sound 6/10
Mmm.. I like the main theme. The music is pretty good, lots of classical instrument to make good music. Overall, the music is one of the 2 things thats really improved since max payne 2. The gun shots and sound effects are decent to good. What didnt made me give this a 8/10 is that when an enemy spots you, they always say ''It's payne!'' And ''You can't hide!'' or ''You can't hide from me!'' when i'm storming them! What i'm trying to say is, if i'm running at you, shooting you with a desert eagle, would you really say ''You can't hide forever'' ?!

Gameplay 9/10
The first games' nearly perfect action gameplay made even better! Before I explain bullettime 2.0, I'll tell you the weapon switch system. Your primary first shoots the gun you selected. Secondary either throws a molotov cocktail or a grenade or hits enemy with your primary weapon. Voila, perfect weapon system where you dont have to switch to grenade then switch back to Mp5. Now onto Bullettime 2.0, the other majorly improved thing since MP1. When going into bullettime, the enemys are moving slowly, while you are only semi-slow. The more you kill while in bullettime, the slower everything moves while you are still at a semi-slow speed! Also when reloading in bullettime, Max does this AWESOME spinning move! Other than that, theres also the dive thingie that max payne 1 had.

All in all, if youre a big fan of the first one you should buy it and hope for another kungfu mod. If youre not, just rent it. I completed it in 5 hours and i'm glad I rent it. (The game won't take you as long as MP1 to complete.)
The major (And probably only) flaws is its length and story.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/19/03

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