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"Welcome to Noir York City"

Max Payne 2 is a sequel to the original Max Payne. Max Payne brought in with the grim noir world the innovational Bullet Time system, where you were able to slow down time in order to dodge bullets and shoot them more accurately. Max Payne was the first of it’s kind, but Max Payne 2 surpasses it with it’s new version of Bullet Time.



Max Payne 2 takes only about 6-8 hours to beat, but there is great replay value in it. Plus, I’m sure, there will be many mods in the future.

The game itself is probably a bit harder than that of the original. There are fewer pain killers and I think a lot more AI to blast. Bullet Time 2 is much more fast-paced than the original. It’s now much harder to dodge bullets. A cool new feature is the secondary attack command, which is basically being able to fire guns and throw a grenade at about the same time.


Another brilliant noir story! I must say, although I like the original’s a bit better… actually I’m kind of torn…

Anyway, I must say that this game’s story is just perfect to be immersed in. You’re back in the NYPD (thanks to Woden). You take up this normal crime case and eventually meet up with Mona Sax (you get to play as Mona and her cartwheels). It is, more or less, a love story, but still grim in atmosphere. You see many of the old characters again, a lot of nice plot twists, and the great poetic & cynical words of Max that we love him for.

It is almost, like in the original, as if you are watching a movie except you get to control the way Max kills.


Great (again) graphics! Each model seems to have received an equal amount of time of detailing.

The lighting is wonderful. Probably the best lighting I have seen in any game so far. There are shadows! SHADOWS OF THE BODIES THAT MOVE WITH EACH LIMB!


The sound is so real. The Max Payne games have notorious sound when it comes to bullets reaching their destination or objects crashing down.

Max Payne 2’s music surpasses the original by FAR (major emphasis)! There’s much more of it while you’re cacking people. The music also seems to be synchronized with the actions of Max Payne (and Mona). For example: When Max walks through the ladder a choir starts singing about Max has bad luck. (A stupid example? Well as long as you get my point, it’s alright.)

Other crap:The price seems at tad much. $50? Although I really loved playing it, it was quite pricey. $40 would have been mor

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/20/03

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