Review by spyguy14

Reviewed: 10/20/03

Here comes the payne!

Max Payne came in 2001, I hadn't really hear about until it came on the consoles. I got max Payne on the ps2 and I was blown away. The gameplay was awesome. The story was very fresh.But,the graphics weren't as great as the other versions though(PC and Xbox). But I didn't care, the gameplay was kick ass. The bullet time was cool, yet sort of gimmicky(I used the bullet dodge more). Now 2 years and a couple new video cards later. I now own Max Payne 2. I was so excited to play this game. Bring the Payne(so many puns were used in every other reviews), read my review, and buy it (or skip reading).

This game looks so realistic, I was in awe. The characters have improved vastly. The heads don't look glued on anymore. There are now a lot of new facial expressions(smiles, serious, dead). Max lost his trademark ''I've constipation look''. The stages look very detailed and interactive. Nearly everything can be knocked downed, opened, or toyed with. Lighting has improved also. It's not so dark anymore, like the first one. All the new graphical features can be customized before playing the game. Hopefully, you got a good video card and the latest version of Direct X.

Wow it sound so clear. Everything from gunshots to ricocheting bullets to the voice acting. The original voice actor who played Max Payne(James McCaffery) is back with more voice talent. The acting is so believable and very movie like, unlike other games, where it sounds cheesy. The sound effects are pretty cool, too. Like if someone is talking to you, and you face away from them, the volume of their voices like soften when you walk away from them. Gunshots are sound very real, like the bullets that fly across from you. You can hear the bullets zing away from you. Very Cool.

Beautiful, just beautiful. It's more of the first, but even better. For those who don't know what Max Payne is like, here is what it is like. You play in a third person perspective, get some guns, shoot at the bad guys. But there is more to it than it seems. Other than running and gunning, the bad guys are smarter than the first game. For example, If you hear enemies talking in another room, and shoot a bullet. There's a chance they heard it and one guy can check in the other room where you are in. If one finds you, they will mention you are near and they can start a shootout if you walk in that room. Also, if you start shooting at them, they will look for cover. The bullet time(the cool skill that made the first game memorable) has returned. You will probably have to use it more in this one now unlike the first one, because the enemies are smarter. There are more guns now, guns like AK-47 and the new sniper rifle. But there are no grenade launchers,now.
This game is too good.

It's pretty short, but there are new modes to choose. You can go to the harder difficulties or try the ''Dead-man walking'' mode. It's basically an endurance mode. Once the mods will come out, it will be really cool.

Final Score:9/10

Awesome game, just great.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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