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"A real life action-packed movie at your finger tips!"

One word and one word only. Amazing. The gameplay for Max Payne 2 is simply astonishing. Veterans of the first installment utilized an ability called “Bullet Time.” In Max Payne 2, it takes bullet time to a whole different level. Now, not only can you slow down time, but also you can go deeper into time slow-down with every enemy you dispatch. While slowing down time, Max’s aim still remains at constant speed. Another innovative gimmick used is the ability to stay on the floor shooting. After Max has successfully completed a bullet dodge, if you continue to hold fire, he will persist to discharge bullets. Newcomers and veterans alone will find the gameplay tremendously fun. 10/10

As shown in the title itself “A Film Noir Love Story.” Max Payne 2 takes all the gritty operations of a cop taking on Noir New York. The game tells the story in comic boards between events. So no real story is told during actual gameplay. The story is very intriguing and appealing if understood. First time through, the story can leave many players scratching their heads. If you have never played the first Max Payne, the story can leave you utterly confused. Max Payne 2 however takes a turn that game-developers hardly dare to take on. Love. The love story actually works well here because it doesn’t consist of that lovely dovey stuff. It’s downright love, with an attitude. 7/10

WHOA! Prepare to be blown away by these graphics. The physics engine is an awesome effect that creates an art in defeating your enemies. You’ll literally want to kill enemies over and over, just to see them die/fall in different ways. From wobbling off buildings to cart wheeling in the air after getting blown up by a grenade. Everything in the whole environment is interactive. Sound is barely incorporated in the gameplay. Only during major events and minor battles will there be music. The game could’ve had more tracks, however it sounds wonderful when they are present. 9/10

Probably the main thing that kills the game. This game is very, very, very short! It can be easily beaten in one sitting. Most likely the first time through you’ll roughly spend at most 4~7 hours. Luckily for this game, the gameplay revives such things, but you probably wouldn’t want to spend a second run through. Hopefully in a few months, the modding community will boost the game up for a whole different experience. 5/10

Final Verdict
Fun. Very Fun. In my opinion that is the strongest aspect of a video game. Video games were invented so people can have fun. Many will argue that the game needs to be longer. It wouldn’t hurt if it was longer, but what matters is that you enjoyed your 4 or so hours of it. Many will argue that it needs a more compelling story. A story just adds to the atmosphere of the game. In most games it’s necessary for a story, but it just makes it more confusing in here. If you’re just looking for an awesome action movie that you can play, it’s right here. 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/23/03

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