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"Short but Super Sweet"

If your like me when you picked up Max Payne you wet your pants when you shot a gangster in bullet time. You were completely taken in by the story of a cop on the run looking for vengeance. This is how I was for the game I thought was the best of all time. Then I heard the news of Max Payne 2 and I wet my pants(again). I didn't think remedy could pull off another great game with such an interesting story with the way the last one ended. Boy was I wrong.

Gameplay- Maxpayne 2 puts you in control of Max Payne once again. Except this time you will have the opportunity to play as Mona Sax. Both the characters play just as max did in the original. The controls are solid and have some improvements. The main one is now you have a designated button for nades and molotovs. So now there is no going through your inventory for a nade and getting killed in the process. Also now when you take a dive and land you can stay and shoot from the ground. I cannot stress how helpful this is when you realize that dive around the corner wasn't the smartest thing you've ever done. There is also a new and in my opinion approved bullet time mode. Now when you go into bullet time you start out going at a almost normal speed. The more people you kill the slower the enemies get. You really have to use it to get an understanding for how awesome it is.

Story- Wow!!! That is pretty much what I was thinking the entire time I was playing. I believe the story is just as good as the one in the first. It never drags and it puts you in some really beautiful situations(FUN HOUSE-You'll See). The charecter development is great but this time there is a whole lot more of in game movies instead of always being in a storyboard. But dont worry the storyboards are back and as beautiful as ever. The story gets really interesting when you play part from two different perspectives. You go through as Max then as Mona to see how the entire event unfolded. It was one of the most enjoyable levels I have ever played in a game.

Graphics/Physics- The graphics are nothing less than spectacular. The old constipated look is gone and there is a new face model for max. The enemie models are as detailed as the max in the first game. Mona is just pixilated beauty. So what I'm getting at is this game is beautiful.
As for the physics go, WOW! Max Payne runs on the Havoc engine which is pretty much what Half life 2 is. Almost everything is movable and this adds to the gameplay a whole lot. Throw a grenade and see boxes and bodies fly. See an explosive barrel, roll it at the enemies and shoot it to blow them up. I found myself just pushing things over for no reason just to see how they fell.

Overall- Max Payne 2 is a relatively short game. About 10 hours the first time through but trust me you will play it multiple times. I have played it 3 times through and am still not bored of a single level. This is a game that is easily worth 50 bucks and is the best sequel I have ever played. I hope this review helped in your decision to buy Max Payne 2 and I hope you like it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/27/03

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