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Rockstar and Remedy promised that Max Payne 2 will be great.
Well, THEY ARE RIGHT! With a new plot, weapons and characters, this game will be one of the most anticipated game ever!

PLOT 8/10
The story continues from the ending of Max Payne. The new story really fits into this sequel. It gets more interesting because it has graphic novels that makes the game even more cool. Did I say that Max Payne 2 is a love story? YES, It’s a love story. I’m not much of a fan of love stories. One problem is that the game is very, very short. You can finish it in just about 5-7 hours.

The Graphics look much better than the original. The environments are huge and very detailed. The character’s expressions represent their emotions and feelings. The guns have improved, it looks like the army’s guns. The character’s movements are one of the best I’ve ever seen! They move just like us. Some graphics and textures are still the same. The game is always at night, so it makes New York very scary. One great thing is that Max Payne 2 uses HAVOK physics for ragdolls. And one kinda bad thing, the lip snynching only move up and down and sometimes doesn’t move.
So ill give it a 9.

SOUND 10/10
They changed the sounds…and it sounded a lot better! The gun sounds are now more realistic. The environment sounded like a beautiful humming bird. When I’m inside my house I turn the volume to max cause the raining sounds are like real. The character’s voices are truly amazing, its like they are really talking to me. Wherever you shoot the sounds will be different, for example if you shoot through a wood it really sounds like the wood is breaking. It also uses EAX and Dolby 5.1 surround sound.

The gameplay hasn’t much improved. There is a new Bullettime, its called Bullettime 2.0. (WOW!) It makes you move faster when killing enemies, the more enemies you kill the faster you go. The gun’s accuracy are still the same. You can still shoot even if you’re proning after the shoot dodge. It has a new mode called “Dead Man Walking” Enemies keep respawning until you die.

The game is pretty cool, but it gets boring sometimes, when you keep replaying the level and had memorize the scenes. No secret levels or something. But it has many Easter Eggs.

If you don’t like games with short stories, rent this.
If you don’t care about the story and just want action, buy this game, it’ really worth the money.


Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/29/03

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