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    Mod Installing Guide by some name

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 03/13/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (Thanks a lot to GTAVicer9 For re-formatting the Guide)
         Installing Mods in GTA: VC
              The Official Guide
                 Version 2.0
    /                                           \
    |    ....::: Table of Contents :::....      |
    /                                           \
    |   1.     Introduction                     |
    |           				    |
    |   2.     GTA: VC Installation Guide       |
    |    2.1.  Intro 			    |
    |    2.2.  Installation Guide               |
    |					    |
    |   3.     Installing VCM Mods		    |
    |    3.1   Intro			    |
    |    3.2.  Tips				    |
    |    3.3.  The Step-By-Step Tutorial	    |
    |					    |
    |   4.     Installing IMG Mods		    |
    |    4.1.  Intro			    |
    |    4.2.  Tips				    |
    |    4.3.  The Step-By-Step Tutorial	    |
    |    					    |
    |   5.     Installing Other Types Of Mods   |
    |					    |
    |   6.     Installing Multi Theft Auto	    |
    |    6.1.  Intro			    |
    |    6.2.  Installation Guide		    |
    |   					    |
    |   7.     How Mods To Help You In Missions |
    |    7.1.  Intro			    |
    |    7.2.  Examples  			    |
    |					    |
    |   8.     Copyright Information	    |
    |   9.     Contributions & Contacts	    |
    |  10.     End	Note 			    |
    Guide Notes:
    - I do not know how to do ASCII art, so if you would like to help out
      and make out for this guide, please email me.
    - You can also find any section you want by pressing Ctrl+F and typing
      in the required field.
    (1) Introduction
    What Is A Mod?
    A mod is the short term for modification. There are endless amount of mods for
    GTA: Vice City. Once you finish the game, you feel bored and have nothing else
    to do, so modding is the best option for killing the Vice City bordom. Modding
    is very simple, its just replacing a file/s or is as simple as clicking a
    Modding is very popular for Vice City, and Vice City would'nt be quite as funn
    without the mods.
    What Will You Learn?
    In this guide, you will be learning how to install modifications and aslo
    what they do to make the game more fun and realistic.
    What Types Of Mods Are There?
    * VCM Mods
    * IMG Mods
    * File Replacement mods
    * Automatic, button click installing mods
    * Skins
    * Patches
    These are the types of mods you can find, but there are also many more.
    Skins are amazingly simple to install, just put them in the vice city skins
    folder and go to Options > Player Skin Setup, and select your new skin. Patches
    fix certain errors in your game and also do many other things.
    What are some errors you may encounter when using a mod?
    Well, the most common error you might get is the 'Unhandled Exception' error.
    I basically call it the UE. When the error occurs, the game freezes. You get a
    very dull and annoying noise from the computer, telling you its occured.
    When you ALT-TAB out to see what the error is, you find that there is an extra
    window named 'Unhandled Exception' in the bottom start bar, which states there
    has been an error at address..., and so on.
    (2) GTA: VC Installation Guide
    (2.1.) Intro
    Installing GTA:VC is fairly easy, just clicking on a few buttons and
    waiting for it to install. If your opinion is different and you
    are having problems installing this game then this is the guide for
    (2.2.) Installation Guide
    1. Buy the Game, do NOT download it. I cannot stress this enough, people.
    2. Insert the 'Install Disc', run setup.
    3. Fill in all the details and the things asked.
    4. Agree to the terms and conditions.
    5. Start the installation, the installation takes on average about five
       minutes. I can assure you it does not take hours and hours like some
       other games do.
    6. In the middle of the installation you will be asked to insert the
       disc with the audio files in, thats the 'Play Disc', so eject the
       current disc and insert the other one.
    7. When the installation finishes, go to Start > Programs > Rockstar
       Games > Play GTA:Vice City.
    Thats it! Congratulations, you have installed Vice City.
    (2.3.) Frequently occured errors and questions
    Q. How can I play GTA Vice City without the disc? Is it possible?
    A. It's possible.
       Unfortunately, I can't put it in the guide, so go Google it or something.
    Q. I get an unfinished setup error after the setup!
    A. This problem occurs sometimes. Just ignore the error.
    It should say something like: 'The installation is not finished - setup
    At the same time you will also get an error saying: 'Warning - The wrong
       is in the drive'.
       Ignore these errors and try to start the game. If the game does not start or
    another error appears then I am not the person to ask. Perhaps try
       after cleaning the disc.
    Q. What the heck? Audio Files Disc?
    A. This means you did not read the installation guide at all or did not
       read it completely. The audio disc means the PLAY disc, keep this in
    Q. I have downloaded GTA: Vice City. Are there any downfalls?
    A. Yes:
       1. No radio stations
       2. No proper mods
       3. Sometimes you lose the ability to use trainers
       4. Cheats may not work
       5. The game will keep freezing
       6. Won't have access to all features
       7. May not let you save your game
          Many, many more...
       Seriously if you are thinking of dowloading this game from a filesharing
       network or anywhere else then please think again, the law is now after
       anyone who downloads music or software for free illegally.
       My reccomendation is to buy the game, you will get more features
       and the game will run properly.
    (3) Installing VCM Mods
    (3.1.) Intro
    VCM mod installing is the easiest way of installing vehicle and other
    types of mods, because all you do is move the mod to a specific
    folder, go to the manager and click on install, it couldn't be simpler.
    There are some drawbacks, but not many.
    Make sure you have the DMagic Wheel Mod and it is already installed.
    It should already come with the tool, but if it isnt there then
    download the mod at another website or go to
    The DMagic Wheel Mod is important for downloading VCM vehicle mods,
    if you do not have it, then you will experience errors and unhandled
    (3.2.) Tips
    - If you have a problem like an unhandled exception in the game,
      and you know you have properly installed the DMagic Wheel Mod then the
      mod you are trying to install is probably corrupted. Try find the manual
      install of the mod and use the IMG Tool for manual installation.
    - If you know how to use both tools but prefer using the VCM Manager
      then simply turn the DFF and TXD files into one VCM file. You can do
      that by using the VCM Packager found at www.codenamevice.co.uk or some
      other GTA website based on Vice City.
    - Installing while the game is running will not work. Close or
      quit the game before you install the mods.
    You can contribute tips for this guide by sending me an email, please tell
    me which tool the tips is for or if it's for both tools.
    All sensible and correct contributions will be added to this guide.
    (3.3.) The Step-By-Step Tutorial
    1. First, download the file.
    2. When finished downloading, start the setup and install the manager.
    3. Then (in the programs menu) click the 'Mod Manager'.
    4. When you have clicked it you will be asked to show the destination of
       the Vice City folder, which is: C: Program files > Rockstar Games > Grand
       Theft Auto: Vice City, by default.
    5. When you have done so, the manager will show up and you are now ready to
       install your mods. If you still don't know where to go to download mods then
       Google 'Vice City Mods', and find some mods you like.
       REMEMBER: You can only install mods that are in VCM format with this manager,
    if you have downloaded a mod in a TXD or DFF format then download IMG Tool
       for Vice City.
    6. When you have downloaded a mod you want to install, extract the mod into:
       C: Program Files > VCMM > Mods > vcm, by default.
    7. If you extracted it properly then the mod should show up on the manager and
       all you have to do is click the mod, and click install.
    If you get an Unhandled Exception then it means that you didn't install
       Wheel Mod or the mod does not suit the Original Vehicle.
    The VCM Manager can only install vehicle mods and very   |
    little else. If you want to install other types of mods  |
    then use the IMG Tutorial further down. 		 |
    (4) Installing IMG mods
    (4.1) [Intro]
    Installing IMG Mods is a bit more difficult, but not by much.
    You may encounter some errors while trying to delete or replace
    the original files, though. With the IMG Tool you can mod all the
    models and characters and vehicles and many more.
    To install vehicles with IMG Tool is just simply deleting the original
    two files and adding the two moded files.
    You may rename the files names to replace a different vehicle, but I would
    reccommend using the normal replacement.
    (4.2) Tips
    - Do not try to install mods in while the game is running, you will get an
      error and there might be some accidental changes done to gta.img. Make sure
      you quit the game first.
    - If you cannot delete, add or do anything in the IMG Tool, then go to
      Properties, and uncheck 'Read Only'. Then it should work properly.
    - You can add new DFF and TXD files into the gta.img without replacement, but
      can only add four until the game freezes.  (Thanks to spaceeinstein.)
    (4.3) The Step-By-Step Tutorial
    NOTE: I will be using yankee.dff and yankee.txd several times in
    this tutorial, only as an example.
    1. First, download the file
    2. When finished downloading, extract the folder to a place you wish.
    3. Then open up the IMG Tool and go to 'file' and 'open':
       C: Program files > Rockstar games > GTA VC > models > gta3.img
    4. When you have done that, lots of files in TXD and DFF format will appear.
       You are now ready to install your mods.
    5. Just to check, open up your folder and there should be at least two files
       that are DFF and TXD. If there is only one file in the format of VCM then you
       have to use the Mod Manager to install that mod.
    6. In the IMG tool go to 'Edit' then 'Find' and find the name of the vehicle you
       want to replace.
    IMG Tool mods have the same name of the original designs and can only be
       to the ones that have the same name.
       Ex. If you downloaded a mod saying 'yankee.dff' and 'yankee.txd' then
       it means that the mod replaces the Yankee only.)
    7. First I suggest you find the yankee.dff, so go to 'Edit' and 'Find' and find
       'yankee.dff' and delete it. Do the same to yankee.txd.
    8. Now is the main part. Go to 'Commands' and then 'Add' and find the mod file
    DFF format (yankee.dff) and click 'Open'. If you have done this properly it
       be added in the long list of files.
    9. Do the same with the mod file in TXD format and now all you have to do is go
       'Commands' and 'Rebuild Archive'.
    Done! Now do that with the rest of your mods!
    (5) Installing other types of mods
    Not all mods require just IMG & VCM Tools to install them.
    There are many mods like the replacement of the main.scm that you have to
    Before you start installing and replacing, I have written a list of improtant
    and hints. Please read them.
    - Always (and I mean always) BACK UP something that you are going to replace,
      for example just create a folder named 'Backed Up Files' and put the backed
      up files there. You need to back the files up if something goes wrong or the
      mod is corrupted.
    - Main.scm modding will need a new game to play the mods. If you have a mod that
    replaced the main.scm with another then you should and would need to start a
     game to use the mod.
    - If you need help in installing some types of mods then please
    email me at wickedwhizz@hotmail.com and ask the question. Be sure to include
      words "GTA: Vice City" in your subject line.
    (6) Installing MTA
    (6.1.) Intro
    I took some tips for installing from the Multi Theft Auto website,
    since I do not know much about installing MTA myself. Please
    note that I do not give technical support on installing MTA so
    please do not email me asking for help in installing it.
    Please also note that 'Codename Blue' is about to come out. Codename Blue
    is said to be much a much better mutiplayer GTA program. It is easier to
    use, and it also allows mods. It is also said to be less glitchy.
    I would wait for Code-Blue to come out instead of just using this laggy and
    glitchy normal MTA.
    (6.2.) Installation Guide
    1.  Make sure you have installed GTA VC on your PC, remove all installed
        or maybe even mods (I'm not quite sure).
    2.  Go to the website www.mtavc.com and click on 'Downloads' in the navigation
    3.  Go to 'Releases' and then to 'MTA:VC 0.2', download from one of the link
    4.  After download, click on the EXE file and go through the setup, read all
    the stuff
        and install MTA VC.
    5.  After you have completely installed MTA VC then go to the website
    and search for the All-Seeing Eye. Download by clicking from a mirror of
    your choice.
    6.  Install All-Seeing Eye
    7.  Go to Filter > Configure Games..., seach Multi Theft Auto, check the box
    visible in
        filter list and fill in the program location.
    8.  Find Multi Theft Auto and press F5, select a server, double click on the
    9.  The client will start connecting to the server, this is your first time so
    click the        disconnect button and and fill in a nickname and press connect
    10. Always start game from the button in All-Seeing Eye, not from the start
        Start a new game and wait for it to load.
    Hooray! You have been successfull in installing MTA VC!
    [Thanks to multitheftauto.com for the tips and stuff)
    (7)  How Mods To Help You In Missions
    (7.1) Intro
    Mods are not just for fun and getting rid of bordom when you finish the game.
    They are also helpful for some missions that you cannot finish. Lots of people
    complain about some hard missions in the game, such as 'The Driver'. As said
    these mods can be anything, any modification, so a trainers is also a mod.
    I will give you some examples of how you can use mods to
    help you in missions, but I put it more as cheating in missions.
    (7.2) Examples (1)
    For the first example, I am going to use The Driver. There are more than
    two ways of finishing it but I will just use these two ways anyway.
    For the first way, you will have to mod the Sentinel car, either change it's
    handling file or just simply install a *full* mod vehicle. What I mean by *full*
    is when the mods is completely different to the vehicle it is replacing. So the
    speed would be faster, the handling would be better and the looks and other
    will be different. That means the car will perform better.
    You can change the handling file of the Sentinel into the Cheetah one, which
    make the handling better and faster.
    SENTINEL  1400.0 2.0 4.9 1.6 0.0 0.2 -0.20 75  0.91 0.80 0.55 5
    165.0 24.0 R P 10.17 0.55 0 30.0  1.3  0.13 0.2  0.56 35000 0.27
    -0.15 0.5  0.3  8102  0  1
    CHEETAH 1400.0 2.0 4.9 1.6 0.0 0.2 -0.20 75  0.91 0.80 0.55 5
    230.0 30.0 R P 10.17 0.55 0 30.0  1.3  0.13 0.2  0.56 35000 0.27
     -0.15 0.5  0.3  8102  0  1
    The second way is much easier, all you have to do is use the 'COMEFLYWITHME'
    and drive carefully and simply along the checkpoints, never go too fast, or
    you'll loose control and fly away.
    Hilary is driven by a computer, and computers are quite dumb in gaming.
    Hilary will just keep going fast, loosing control and will keep crashing into
    buildings and the such.
    (7.2)  Examples (2)
    This example isn't actually modifying the game, but I think of it as modifying
    mission. It's kind of like natural cheating. First make sure you have bought the
    Hyman Condo.
    I am using the 'G Spotlight' mission as the example for this section. Go and
    the mission. Then do what the game says, go to the office and start your stunts.
    But wait, when you reach the building, accelerate towards the window but do not
    very fast, because you actually want to fall down to the ground.
    When you have fallen, go to the Hyman Condo and get the Maverick. When you have
    Maverick, just simply go to the pink markers and finish the mission.
    This is a very good technique for this mission and it does not involve any code
    (8) Copyright Information
    This guide is the property of Gamestudio.net.tf and I have given permission
    for GameFAQs and Spaceeinstein to host it on their site. If you think of hosting
    it on your site then please email me for permission. Although be aware, I will
    not allow all websites to host it.
    The following wesite have permission from me to host this guide.
    Other permitted sites (Accepted in Email request):
    If we do see this guide hosted anywhere without permission then we will
    remove this guide from all websites that we permitted and take copyright
    action, report you to your host.
    (9) Contributions & Contacts
    This FAQ was created and developed by me (Some Name).
    Thank you to gtavicer9 (aka GXice) for heavily updating this guide, it looks
    This guide was also contributed finely by Spaceeinstein, the senior GTA expert.
    Also thank you to Rockstar, for making such an excellent game.
    And to you too, the reader, for making this worth writing.
    Email: gtagamestudio@gmail.com or burntdesire@gmail.com
    - Vice City:   www.gamestudio.net.tf
    - San Andreas: www.gamestudiosanan.net.tf
    - I am currently on the process of merging the two websites together, I
    haven't finished yet, but it should be done in a few days:
    www.gamestudio.xmgfree.com (Its FireFox exclusive)
    (10)  End Note
    This guide is complete and finished, but there many still be updates.
    Exclusively for CjayC - GameFAQs, Gamestudio and Spaceeinstein's site.
    Thank you all for reading!!
    _________________________________________________                   _________
    						 \Take care, folks!/

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