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    Ghost World Guide by Marshall_X

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    Grand Theft Auto Vice City - 
    The Ghost World Guide
    By Marshall_X
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    3.The Ghost World
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    This Guide Will Guide You To Guide The Ghost World or
    Blue Hell Locations In Vice City.
    In Ghost world, many things are Invisible, you will see people
    and vehicles moving in the air.
    There are 2 ways to see it
    -----Below ground or water level as Graphics Glitch
    -----And Little Above ground or water level as graphics glitch.
    3.The Ghost World/
    I Will Take You To Ghost World OR Underworld Or Blue hell whatever
    u would call it.
    Below Are The Locations Of All Ghost World's As Per My Research.
    i)The WK Chariot Hotel
    ii)Apartment 3C
    iii)The Pole Position Club
    iv)Triangle Of Ocean Beach
    v)Rocket Launcher Ghost World Seeing
    vi)Diaz Is Invisible
    vii)Ghost Walls
    viii)Ghost headquarters.
    ix)One Bonus
    Letís Begin the Hunt
    i)The WK Chariot Hotel
    Get A Helicopter(Preferably The Sea Sparrow).You Can get it Behind Diaz's
    Mansion after you find 80 hidden packages.
    Fly To The WK Chariot hotel, its east of the Malibu club's parking
    lot(very easy to spot).Ride to the front door until you are below the
    Front porch. Start flying up slowly, you will find that you can go through
    the ceiling, because it isnít solid. Dont hit the invisible walls, or your
    helicopter will start to get on fire. Type "aspirine" to recover it.
    You will enter into Ghost world Now. Try to go down below land level
    and out of the hotel, and now you can fly below the city. Having an awesome
    look at Our Motherland from below the City
    Try to fly beneath the surface of the land or water and over the featureless
    gray stuff below or you'll wreck or end up back over the land or water.
    Keep going forward to the Ocean, you will see amazing things like,
    A Man With cement shoes under the water, a sunken ship(I Guess itís the one
    blown up in "Bomb Da Base" In GTA III. Submarine etc, you can
    go through all of them, because nothing is solid. But beware,
    the Rocks are Solid.
    In the type of ghost world that truly seems like one, you experience more of
    an absence of the graphics and audio with Tommy above ground or water level.
    You might mainly or only hear the footsteps of those nearby, or the music of 
    the indoor setting you used to get there. Use your Radar to navigate Tommy to
    get around using the roads if he has Stuck in.
    If you want to leave the Ghost world, Get in a place that loads an interior 
    such as North Point Mall or Pole Position Club.
    ii)Apartment 3c
    Most probably, the easiest way to get to the Ghost world(Underworld).
    This building is situated on the East island, Southern end,3rd Block
    From East and then 2nd Block up and on the South side of the Block.
    A 2nd story apartment that's totally blacked out.
    (Thanks To Glenster)
    Go to the lamp on the N side of the bed and start jumping up and down on it.
    Tommy's head will stick out of the ceiling, then have him jump out
    of the building. Use the radar and navigate Tommy to the roads, and then
    you are in Ghost World now.
    Now, with this way you can go to the Mitch Biker Bar and get to its inside,
    After you go to the west island by bridge and keep going east and east and 
    east and you will see a Stunt Jump. Leave it, you will see some stairs
    leading to a Shack over the building, The Bar's to a little
    opposite to the stairs.
    Get inside it, as it is the most beautifully decorated interior of vice city.
    iii)The Pole Position Club
    This is one of the ways to go to Ghost World with a PCJ 600.
    Pole position club is the club in which you drop the Colonelís 
    daughter in  "The Party" mission(The 2nd Mission).
    This will only work after you have Bought the strip club. Ride to the open
    door of the Club and Bail out just as it is about to enter the door, and
    the bike will go all the way to the end of the hallway. Go after it
    and let the Graphics load, Ride the bike back to from where
    you entered into the Club and into the Ghost world.
    You can see the interior of the club from outside and also hear music
    wherever Tommy goes.
    To leave the Ghost World, enter a place that Leads to the load of interior
    such as North Point Mall or this Strip Club itself. Go into it and everything
    will be Normal.
    iv)The Ocean Beach Triangle
    To the Northeastern part of Apartment 3c,is a light green Triangle
    of Grass. Ride there with PCJ 600 and you will start to sink through the
    After Some time you will go through Ghost world and then 
    End Up Back on road.
    v)Rocket Launcher Ghost World Seeing
    The easiest way to see the most little sections of the city as a graphics
    glitch is to use the Rocket Launcher to look through many of the walls.
    Equip Tommy with a Rocky and have him stand to the right side of the wall 
    you want to see through. Press RMB TO Equip the scope and then slowly turn 
    him towards the wall to see through.
    If you do this with Tommy standing on stuff on the N side of the counter of
    the Downtown Ammu-Nation and have him turn right to the wall and look up, you
    can see a secret picture of Ronald Reagan holding a gun and laughing with the
    Russian leader Gorbachev beside him looking scared.
    (Thanks To Glenster)
    vi)Diaz Is Invisible
    It's not a Ghost World find, But A Ghost(LOL!)
    During the CS To the Mission 'Supply and DemandĒ, look at the opening
    at the base of Diaz's shirt, Heís Invisible.
    Ghost In Ghost World..!!
    vii)Ghost Walls
    There's an Invisible wall partway back in the Little Alley on the N Side
    of The Ice Cream Factory. One more is behind the Large Shrub in the yard
    South of the Garage used in "COPLAND".
    garage is on the left side of the road that's the 3rd left N of the 
    Malibu Club. If you have Tommy walk into the shrub going W, he 
    hits an invisible wall yet can see through a small alley to the 
    street beyond it. Seen from the other side, the little alley has 
    a gray wall with blurry graffiti on it. 
    viii)Ghost headquarters
    The tower is On the upper part of the inside of the bend in the road
    that has a lot of billboards around it.
    Take a helicopter West over the Western section of the Starfish Island Bridge,
    before the Graphics are fully loaded for the Western Island, you can see
    A Skyscraper pointing out a bit North
    and looks like a vertical rectangle with a Narrow one on top of it.
    From this angle you can see that the only other thing sticking up from the 
    airport area is the tall radar tower. After the "Welcome to
    Vice City" screen is shown while the graphics load, The Skyscraper Has 
    Vanished. This Is The Ghost World's Secret Headquarters and it Vanishes when
    Tommy approaches it, Also the planes and helicopters fly near the Building
    are invisible,I mean if you fly your helicopter or sea skimmer right through
    the flying objects, you will see no one inside.
    That's why the Headquarters are situated near the Airport, where nothing 
    (solid)flies and no one can get close to it.
    ix)One Bonus-Girl PCJ Ghost
    Drive a PCJ 600 near a lady and type "HOPINGIRL" so that she gets on
    the Back.(Woah! If Cheats Were in Real Life).
    Reverse the bike into the beach and let some of Tommy's health Subside
    before accelerating Back to dry land. After that, whenever he will drive,
    The Bike will leave a Red Trail of Blood whenever you go, and you
    will hear some crunching sounds.
    If Tommy gets off the bike, he'll leave
    red footprints like he just walked through the blood of someone who 
    was recently killed.
    To get her off the bike, he has to either back the bike into the 
    water again or ram it into something. Then you'll see her get off the bike 
    and die again.
    This is the end of the guide. I hope you had enjoyed reading it and I hope 
    it will help you In Ghost hunting. Next Time I Will Be Back with More 
    Ghost World Finds.
    Thank you for reading.
    5. CONTACT ME      /
    Feel free to contact me (debabhik@hotmail.com) in any of the situations below:
    - If you see any fault of any kind (incorrect or incomplete information,
      spelling/grammar mistakes or other), please let me now so I can fix it.
    - If you want to contribute with useful information to improve the guide,don't
      hesitate in doing so. Full credit will be given to you if your contribution
      is accepted (don't forget to include a real name or alias so I can properly
      credit you). I will inform you if your contribution is accepted or not.
    - If you want to host this guide on your site/blog or other place, please ask
      me for permission first. See this as a simple precaution.I just want to keep
      track of who actually has permission to host my work, just in case someone
      forgets to credit me (intentionally or unintentionally).
    - Last but not least, if you have any doubts about a certain thing, you
      can also contact me. I promise to answer as soon as possible.
    I only accept emails written in English.
    6.Version History   /
    Version 1.0
    -Started The Guide
    -Added 8 Ghost Finds + One Bonus
    To Come
    Version 1.2
    -4 More Finds
    -Some Secrets And Myths Of VC
    -let me see what more
    7.Credits          /
    -CJayc(If You Donít Know He Is, Stop Using GamefAqs.com)
    - All My Fellow Readers
    -Mr. Glen T. Weinstein(Glenster)
    -I, Me And Myself
    ## If I forgot someone, please forgive me and contact me to add you. ##
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Bye LOLZ!
    Check My Other guide.
    Grand Theft Auto IV - Lost And Damned FAQ(PC,PS3,X360)
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